Mom and Dad teach girls the birds and bees!
“Gus?”, Dolores asked as I massaged her back in bed, ”Do you ever fantasize about…about…?”, she asked without finishing the question.

“Fantasize about what Love?”, I asked her while kneading her back.

“I dunno”, she answered, “It’s kind of embarrassing and….well never mind.”

“No Hun, go ahead and ask. Embarrassing is kinky and fun sometimes”, I said
Dolores just lay there silent for a few moments before continuing, “I was just wondering how a man feels when he has three beautiful daughters in the house like we do. I mean do you ever think about… know?”, she said referring to our three girls, Vicky, Donna, and Rachel ages eleven, nine, and seven respectively.

Catching her drift finally, I replied,” Well, to be honest, I admit that it’s kind of hard not to notice sometimes when they’re on the edge, like Vicky, of becoming young women instead of girls, if that’s what you mean.”

“Do you ever think to take the thought further though?”, my wife asked, “I mean…do you ever fantasize about them?”

“Do you ever fantasize about them?”, I countered with a question trying to buy time to think how I wanted to navigate this potential minefield. Dolores is still a vibrant and sexy female at age 33 even after having the three girls. She also has a vivid imagination, loves to role play, and is an angel in the house, but sometimes a real slut in bed. The perfect wife in other words and I loved her all the more for it. This line of thought, however, was a bit off the wall even for her when in her kinkiest moods.

Dolores sat up in bed and hugged her knees, her bare breasts against her legs.

“Sometimes”, she answered coyly with just a hint of a blush,” What about you?”

“I don’t think there’s a man out there that, if he’s honest, wouldn’t admit to thinking about how much fun it would be to slip her pajamas off and slide his cock deep inside a beautiful eleven year old girl”, I answered.

“Even if the eleven year old girl happens to be his daughter?”, Dolores asked.

“Especially, if the eleven year old girls happens to be his daughter?”, I answered,
“There’s just something special about the thought of ejaculating inside of this beautiful
innocent little person you helped to create”.

"They’re our girls Gus!," she gasped, "Our children... let’s get a grip here!"

"Well, after all, you started this discussion Dolores," I replied, I decided to answer her question straight up.

Yes, I have gotten to the fantasy stage about them!”, I continued as I stroked her legs,
“When you went to take care of your sister last March I printed off pictures of Vicky, Donna and Rachel in their swimsuits, laminated them, laid them on the bed, and masturbated over them! I imagined that I was covering their bodies with cum!

“Dear God!”, gasped Dolores and I noticed she was shivering a bit at the thought as well.

“You said you fantasize about them too”, I continued, “What’s your fantasy?

“No Gussy!. We’re getting out of control here. N…..N…..No.”, she stammered
“What do you imagine? Come on tell me!”, I demanded while sucking on a luscious big nipple.

“I pretend sometimes that we lure them into the bedroom, that we leave the door open for them, and then they…they…slip in quietly beside the bed to watch us fuck! I think about letting them see you pull your cock out of me and squirt your cum all over me!”, Dolores moaned.

“Then I need to tell you something else too”, I continued, “I actually crossed the line of fantasy into action while you were gone. One Friday evening Vicky was watching TV on the rug in the living room. It was well past her bedtime but it was Friday and not a school night so I let her stay up. She was wearing the short pajama top with those skimpy little panties so I could see all of her legs and part of her luscious tiny butt!,”

I groaned recalling the earlier image of the eleven year old child stretched out face down on the rug in front of the TV before me.

“What did you do!?”, Dolores asked apprehensively, her mind, after my audible groan, now open to thinking thoughts of God only knows what!

“Donna and Rachel were already in bed and Vicky was absorbed in the TV”, I continued, “So I took a big chance and opened my robe and masturbated while looking at her cute little backside! I was so turned on by the risk of her catching me that I actually slipped completely out of my robe and tossed it over the arm of the chair beside the sofa and sat there leaning back, buck naked! If she had turned around I wouldn’t have had time to cover up! I started masturbating again in earnest and after about two minutes I said to hell with it and I came! My God Dolores, I’ve never felt anything like it before! I shot five wads three feet into the air and they landed back on my chest and stomach and all over the carpet in front of me and on the sofa! The flow was enormous!”

“My God!......Oh My dear God! My baby…my baby! ” Dolores said in a hushed whisper,” Did she…..Did she realize…..Did she see…..know what happened?”

“No”, I replied, “I bit my lip and didn’t make a sound and she was really into her story anyway but I did lie there for at least a minute, half comatose, just gazing at her bottom while she just kept lazily raising one leg up and down ever so slowly while I massaged my cock using semen as a lubricant, there was plenty of it after all, and I was still hard and horny!” I was really turned on by the chance I was taking that she wouldn’t turn around and see….me….see me….well you know.”

“What happened next?”, Dolores asked anxiously.

“As the story was ending, I very gingerly stood up and slipped back into my robe but kept a close eye on Vicky every second, and the waiting for her to turn around, the hoping that she wouldn’t, and at the same time, the hoping that she would, for the few seconds that I was standing up to slip the robe back on, was an incredible arousal! I’d just got the robe tied back and had sat back down when she hopped up and ran back to give me a goodnight hug.

“She got as far as saying, “Thanks for letting me stay up late Daddy goodnig..… Ohhhh…Ugggh!”, before she planted each of her bare feet into two of the enormous, still warm, cum puddles I’d left congealing on the floor and when she slid into the sofa beside me to check out whatever on earth she had on her feet, her hand found yet another sticky puddle on the arm, this was my second wad I think and it was an enormous warm sticky puddle about six gooey inches across!”

“What did you do…say?”, my wife asked.

“Well first thing Vicky said disgustedly was, “Ugggh…. Daddy what is this?”

“I told her that I had just spilled some body lotion while watching TV and hadn’t cleaned it up yet”

“Quick thinking!”, my wife replied approvingly and with no small relief apparent in her voice, “You talked yourself out of that one…. but just barely.”

“Not completely though….”, I continued, “Vicky heard you get after me for wasting lotion and scolded me for wasting “lotion” too and then she hopped up again and scooped up as much as she could from the floor and sofa with her hands into an empty glass ash tray, sat back down, and said, “Daddy, it smells sooooo nice, just like cut grass, please rub it on my feet before I go to bed, like you do for Mom so we don’t waste it OK pleeeease?”

“Whooooooooo”, was something like the whistling sound Dolores made as she sucked in her breath, “So then what?”, Dolores now giggled softly at the thought of my discomfort.

“Not much choice at that point Dolores”, I replied, “I took the now full ash tray from her and began to massage my raw semen into her feet and calves. My cock was brick bat hard again of course! It took about ten minutes to get it all used up and I had to go part way up her inner and outer thighs to boot since there was so much of it. She just lay back on the arm of the couch and purred.”

“I can’t believe that you had an eleven year old girl, our daughter, in this kind of a position!”, Dolores exclaimed in a dreamy lustful tone.

“Mmmmmmm Daddy thank you….thank you…..thank you…..mmmmmmmm!,” Vicky purred on, “It feels so good and it smells soooooooooo nice!” as she stroked her legs approvingly and smelled her hands. “Do you have anymore Daddy so I can share with Donna? She asked.

I swallowed hard at that point and told her it was all used up but now she wanted to see the bottle and I told her, tongue in cheek that I’d love to show her “the bottle” but that I would have to get it filled up again first. She looked quizzically at me and then scampered around looking for the bottle and when she couldn’t find it, finally gave up and said, “Goodnight Daddy” but as I watched her precious eleven year old legs and feet pitter-patter swish swish their way to the hall, knowing they were saturated with my semen, she turned and said sweetly,” Daddy, I really do like that lotion, you won’t forget to get more soon for me will you?”

“No Sweetie”, I promise to fill up another bottle for you real real soon.”, I replied.

Vicky smiled sweetly and we both headed down the hallway together until she turned off at her and Donna’s room blowing me a sweet girlish kiss before she shut the door.

“Well, like I said before, my dick was now swollen brick bat hard again so I went to my bathroom and washed out a small lotion bottle, found a small funnel, and then remembering the excitement of the earlier risk peeled out of my robe again and went to hallway to the door of the girls room and heard them talking inside, Donna haven been awoken to hear Vicky’s tale of a wonderful massage and magic lotion. I began to masturbate once again to the sweet innocent wonderful sound of their voices, completely naked, with not so much as a towel, just outside their door and no hope whatsoever of covering up if one or the other popped out. I thought about Vicky’s bare feet in my lap and the fact that I had rubbed into her long shapely legs and tiny little feet the very juice that I squirted up into you eleven years ago to help create her. I knelt down onto the carpet, closed my eyes, and whispered aloud over and over again while masturbating to Vicky and Donna’s voices, “Daddy’s little Spermatozoa Angels!....Daddy’s little Spermatozoa Angels!,… Ohhhh Daddy’s little Spermatozoa Angels!... Spermatozoa Angels….. Spermatozoa Angels!….. Naked Spermatozoa Angels!.......bare legs, bare feet, tiny little rare bare breast buds,….my girls….my babies….. my naked baby girls I want to give my girls my raw fresh and soooooo nice smelling…..sperm…sperm….sperm….SPERM! and, then with a vision of Vicky Kaye, her bare legs, her bare feet, her tiny little toes and big brown eyes all running together into a single image in my minds eye, along with the breast buds I could only imagine and the pungent smell of fresh cut grass on my daughter’s sexy bare legs still fresh in my mind, I bit my lip again and ejaculated hard into the funnel another four or five times filling the bottle completely.

I went back to the bathroom and after wiping the outside of the bottle clean, capped it and, donning my robe once more, headed back down the hallway to the girl’s door. I tapped on the door lightly and Vicky said, “Come in Daddy”.

“Hi Sweetheart!”, I said as I entered the room, “I went back and found the lotion bottle under the couch and filled it up again for you to share with Donna”. Both girls were sitting on Donna’s bed with their legs curled beneath them. I handed the bottle of my still warm semen to Vicky and she immediately uncapped it and handed it to her nine year old sister to smell. “Ummmmm Daddy, it does smell nice just like Vicky said it did”, Donna exclaimed, “What is it called?”

“Amore Blanco”, I told her,” It means White Love in Italian”.

With the bottle uncapped and a such a large volume of semen having been massaged into Vicky’s legs, the air was absolutely pungent with the smell of “Amore Blanco”!

“Goodnight girls”, I said, “Give Daddy a kiss” as I bent over for each girl to give me a peck on the cheek. As Vicky kissed me I turned my head and made eye contact with her for several seconds and before gently reaching down and stroking her outer thigh one more time.

Donna cocked her head and Vicky asked quizzically, Daddy……?” as I massaged her leg for a bit longer than decency allowed. I left the room and closed the door behind me. I had resisted the urge to simply pop open my robe and masturbate in front of them just barely. I heard both girls giggle after I had left so figured no harm done. As I stood there listening to their girlish chatter my cock came back to full attention. Opening my bath robe one more time I thought about Donna this time and inaudibly mouthed the words, “Birth canal….birth canal…..cirth canal… baby… baby… baby…tight tiny little birth canals. Vicky and Donna, Donna and Vicky, Daddy wants to see your birth canals! Daddy wants to see your naked birth canals and naked breast buds!”

It did take a little longer this time but, when I finally was about to come, I realized I had no where to come to, so I simply aimed my cock at the carpet in front of the girl’s door and ejaculated a solid stream of semen two more times. I left a very large puddle in front of the door and thought about cleaning it up but then wondered if the girls would scold me in the morning for wasting more lotion when they stepped barefoot in it! So I left it there. You can still see a faint stain if you look close!”, I told Dolores.

I had reached the edge of Dolores’ vulva by now and began pushing the soft lips apart to insert my fingers inside her. Her genitals were literally soaking with her internal juices

"Sure you’re not thinking about my little escapade with Vicky in front of the TV?”, I continued, “We probably will want to spike their kool aid a little bit with some vodka to loosen them up first?, What do you think? Want to do it this Thursday?”

“DO what Gus?, Dolores asked with a note of alarm in her voice.

I proceeded to pull my wife’s panties off and down over her long and shapely legs as I spoke.

“We act out your fantasy!”, I said, “We make out a little in the living room, just enough to whet their curiosity, and then we lure then into our bedroom. You know what happens then…..! Right? We have sex in front of them! I massage you completely naked and eat your pussy. You play with my dick and balls and then suck me before I stick my cock up inside you and then pull out to cum all over your naked belly and tits while they watch!

Dolores was, at that very moment, imagining my fingers probing her daughter’s virginal vulva as she listened to me. In her mind’s eye, she could already see and hear the girl’s young delicate and tremulous voice protest, “No….no…not...right….not...right……no right…..p…p…p….please….Daddy…please….please…..NOOOOOOOO”, as Daddy continued to pull first her pajama top and then bottoms off.....

“When they just happen to “catch” us making out, we can tell them that they’re big girls now and….ready…. to….learn…. Some… real grown-up….. things!”, I said huskily between licks of her sopping wet pussy,” Maybe we can even play a few adult vids, or better yet maybe some raw clips from the web, and all watch together as a family to help get them used to the idea!”

“They’re our babies Gus! Our little baby girls! Ohhhhhh my dear God no…no…noooo…..pleeease…..noooo!” Dolores moaned as her own body, passion, and raw lust began to betray her common sense, with her no’s being a feeble attempt to not argue with me, but with herself, to will the idea of a young naked woman child to not be so erotic, to push it from her mind.

“Just imagine looking up into those big brown wide eyes while my cock is buried deep inside your pussy!”, I pressed on, “Just think how red they’ll be! I’ll pull out of their naked mommy and spray cum all over mommies’ naked belly! What will you think and feel when they look wide eyed at you from the side of the bed!”

Dolores had literally soaked the sheets at this point with pussy juice and was in no mood now for additional foreplay, all she wanted was my cock as far up her slippery cunt hole and as far as up it as she could get it.

“Cock Gus! Cock! I want cock in me now!” she hissed as she threw her legs akimbo.

My needs mirrored my wife’s lustful urges and pushing her back on the pillow I was stunned to see her lying there, legs spread wide

“Vicky Kaye’s vulva!”, I grunted, “I want to see Vicky’s naked vulva!”
“I want her to watch while I eat your pussy”, I continued

“No Gus No”, Dolores begged, “Not our babies, our beautiful naked baby girls Noooooo…”

“Yesss”, I hissed as I placed the head of my cock against the entrance of my wife’s most private part, “I want to see our babies’ pussies and their little breast buds.”

“Donna and Nikki too Dolores! Donna and Nikki too!” I exclaimed, referring to the precocious 9 and 7 year olds.

“Oh Gussie no….no…nooooo….! Not them too!”, she gasped as she considered the thought of all of her girls watching me shoot my semen all over her.

“Say it Dolores!” Gus demanded, “Say we do it this Wednesday!”

“No…Noooo……NOOOOOOOOOOOO!”, Dolores sobbed.

“Yesssss!”, I hissed as I thrust in and out of my wife,” This Wednesday…not…. school night….have….all night and long weekend…..too….free…for…. sexxxx….with children…..unhhhhhhhh!

“Sex with children Dolores! Sex with the girls! Say it Dolores, say sex with girls! Sex with our baby virgin girls! Aghhhhhhhhh”

“Sex with the girls!”, gasped Dolores, “Sex with Donna Daye, Vicky Kaye, and Rachel Raye!”

“Vicky Kaye Vicky Kaye Vicky Kaye!” I chanted our daughter’s beautiful names into my wife’s ear. “Virgin Vicky Kaye Virgin Donna Daye, Virgin Vicky Kaye Virgin Donna Daye!” “Our girls are virgins Dolores…..virgins beautiful little tight….virgins!”

Dolores’ eyes suddenly rolled upwards and out of sight revealing only their milky whites as she shuddered into an orgasm so violent she couldn’t even cry out. She thrust upwards to meet me and finally emitted a protracted low,


“Naked little virgins”, I continued, “Virgin little girls! I want more from Vicky! I massaged my semen into her but I want to see her naked, Donna too and Rachel!.

“Yesssss Gus! Yesssssssss!”, Dolores exclaimed,” We’ll get them naked before we start. Completely n….n….nnn….naked!”, she stammered as yet another orgasmic wave pulsed through her nude body.

“Will you do it Dolores?”, Gus asked, “ Will you help get our girls naked? They’ll go along with it easier if Mommy says it’s OK!”

”I’ll do it….oh dear God…..I’ll do it!”, sobbed Dolores overcome with both lust and shame knowing how wrong it was, but also knowing now how desperately her own body needed and wanted it!

“I’ll get them to undress in front of us, in the living room. I know how to talk to them! What to say to trick them into thinking that it’s OK to be….to get…. naked in front of us!”

“We’re going to rape them!”, Gus, “Dear God we’re going to r…r….rape them!”

“I want Vicky to hold your penis when you come on me!”, Dolores continued.

I had withdrawn my penis from my wife’s vagina, wishing to postpone for but yet a little while longer the loosing of the procreative fluids surging angrily through my reproductive system demanding release. I was moved with an incredible surge of love for the voluptuous female beside me, and gently brushed away the tears that were falling freely from her beautiful eyes and soaking the pillows.

“What will you say Dolores? What will you tell the girls to get them to…to…really do it!?” I asked Gus gently as I returned to stroking her inner thighs. I’ve never seen a naked preteen girl Dolores! Seven, Nine, eleven and completely naked, not even a hair band!

“A shiver ran through Dolores as she considered the enormity of me, and herself, at being so sexually aroused by our own precious girls, our own little princesses. In her mind’s eye she could see three nervous kids slowly, ever so slowly…., disrobing in turns, on the long sturdy coffee table turned into an improvised stage, faces and bodies beet red, and probably a few tears of embarrassment and shame rolling down a cheek every now and then while casting doubtful glances all about the room, expecting, hoping, praying, that one or the other of the “responsible” adults in the room would please come their senses, and to say “stop” as one by one their tiny garments fall to the floor. Dolores knew that once they started, once the first sock hit the floor, they would all be over the Rubicon and “stop” would never come until the raw spermatozoa flowed! Dolores began to shiver again as if chilling as she realized they were less than seventy two hours from rape and incest!

“Their legs Dolores, their legs and little feet are so beautiful”. I crooned softly.

“We’ll get them between us on the coach where we can hug and pet them”, Dolores went on, “We’ll tell them how beautiful they are and how very very much we love them. We’ll tell them then how very badly our bodies need to see their cute little bodies! We’ll tell them that we’re a family and that if they help Mommy and Daddy by getting undressed then Mommy and Daddy will…will… get undressed for them too, and share our bodies with them. We’ll tell them they can watch us do what married people do!”

I spread my wife’s long legs apart again and kneeling between them began to masturbate a cock that was literally running freely with pre-cum” This is what Vicky and Donna are going to see Thursday evening Dolores! I’m going to do this in front of them!” Masturbate in front of our naked virgin girls! You’re going to masturbate for them too….maybe on the living room sofa!”

I began to slide my cock along and between her pussy lips not actually entering her but rubbing the length of my dick against her clit.

“They’re so innocent and trusting. Think what a turn-on it will be to see their bare little pussies and breast buds! Just imagine their thoughts and the look on those sweet little wide-eyed faces when they see me shoot a huge load of juicy gooey white “lotion” all over their naked Mom and then massage it in!”

“Human sperm Dolores… human sperm…human spermatazoa in front of the girls…the girls. the girrrrls!…..unnnnnnnnnh”, I grunted and It was over in a few seconds as I released five huge streams across her tits and belly!

"Goodnight Hon, love you." I muttered, as we drifted into a post-coital sleep.

To be continued in Part 2 (on Wednesday evening).

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