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Young Cassie initiates another session with Mommy and Daddy so she can learn how to kiss like a Real Woman
It was a little more than two weeks later, after supper when they were watching “America’s Got Talent”. Cassy sat between her parents on the couch – her favorite spot. Daddy’s hand relaxed on her thigh, her head resting against Mommy’s breast since her mother’s arm lay around her shoulder. They watched an act of a couple on a hoop in the air, doing tricks together and mostly just kissing. They didn’t get votes to pass on to Las Vegas.
The 13-year-old looked at her mother suddenly and said, out of the blue, “Mommy, can I watch you and Daddy fuck again?”
Her parents chuckled, and Daddy squeezed her thigh gently. “Well, what brings this on, honey?” asked mother.
“Oh, you know I’m a Real Woman now, and I thought there’s probably a lot more I ought to learn. Those people on the trapeze seem real happy to just be kissing, and I know you and Daddy both like to kiss a lot, as much as you like fucks. I was just thinking that I don’t know which I like best ‘cause I haven’t done either one very much. Oh, you know that!” she said blushing and laid her head in Mommy’s lap, facing the TV so her mother wouldn’t see her redden. Daddy’s hand slipped over to her hip and pressed gently.
Mother bent to kiss her daughter’s hair. Daddy reached over to do the same and said, “You’re still young, honey, but already you’re learning so quickly. And you’re such a good student. If it’s okay with Mommy, then it’s okay with me.” She quickly said yes. Daddy said, “You could even tell us what you want to see more of, or what you want to practice more. After all, we’re your parents and we love you more than anyone else ever will.”
Mother added, “Would you like to learn more about kissing tonight?” Cassy flipped up quickly -- “YES!!” “Okay, after our shows are finished and we all get our showers and brush our teeth for bed, we’ll have ‘Cassy-school’, okay?” “YES!!”

They finished that show with a few tears in their eyes for the heartwarming story at the end, as always. Mother went to the kitchen to make popcorn, while Dad got Pepsi for all. “NCIS” was on next, and they all loved Abby, of course, but Cassy’s favorite was Denozio, handsome and always flirting with the women and who knew so many movie quotes just like Cassy. He was too cool for words!
It was Friday night and Cassy knew she wouldn’t be rushed off to bed, and since they said this was going to be ‘Cassy-school’ tonight, OH MAN! When “NCIS” finished, Mommy stood up and stretched, said, “I’m gonna go shower, people.” Daddy piped up with “Hey, I’ll come too!” Cassy’s eyes went wide and her jaw dropped, but she had nothing to say, she was too astonished just to think about Mommy and Daddy in the shower together, probably doing just what she and Mommy had done when they showered together on the third night when she became a Real Woman. In her speechlessness, she remembered Mommy telling her at that time that someday, Daddy might like to shower with her, too! That made her feel all warm inside, down below her stomach, like when Daddy’s hard cock was pushing inside her. In my cunt, Mommy had told her. Cassy loved these new words.
“Hey sweetie,” said Mommy, “while we’re getting our shower, why don’t you shower in the other one and brush your teeth?” Cassy agreed, of course, and Mommy said “put on whatever you want and go lay in our bed while you wait for us, then we’ll have Cassy-school, okay?” OH MY GOLLY! THIS IS GONNA BE SO TERRIFIC!
Cassy hit the shower scrubbing vigorously. She even ran her soapy finger in her butthole just like Mommy had done – just in case! She looked forward to kissing lessons. Oh -- what should I wear?! Now she had a real dilemma – a thought-problem, as Miss Evans at school might call it. Her English teacher, she remembered now as she scrubbed away, would say, “#1 – consider your options…#2 – be inventive with even more, whether they’re really possible or not… #3 – choose an option… #4 – imagine what it might take in real life to accomplish it… #5 – choose again: do it or not, and put everything you are and everything you know and everything you can get as resources into accomplishing it! She loved Miss Evans’ class, and she always felt special when Miss Evans would walk down the aisle in class and touch her head softly. And by this time, Cassy was brushing her teeth and running through her options of her thought-problem, which was now WHAT TO WEAR FOR MY KISSING LESSONS? Wow! What a thought!

Red robe? Nope, did that already. A dress? Maybe…but no, not when they said they’d meet me in their bed! Gosh, how stupid can I be? Options, that’s what Miss Evans says. Okay. Naked? Golly, I don’t think so, not for kissing lessons! Just my panties and bra? My PJs? Gosh, this is tough! I hope when I finish with Cassy-School this gets easier! Then she remembered an incident in Art class with Mr. Grimes. He’d stopped at her desk once and said, “Cassy, you are such a study in black and white.” The picture she was drawing was a colorful still-life of the fruit bowl, everybody was drawing this, and she responded, “But Mr. Grimes, my fruit bowl is full of yellows and oranges and reds!” He said, “Oh Cassy, I just meant that of everyone in the class right now, you’re the only one wearing only black and white.” It’s so stupid to misunderstand your teacher.
But things like that stick with you, for sure. I remember Daddy and Mommy saying how pretty I looked that day. That’s it. It’s settled. My white blouse with the long sleeves and the black jumper with the straps. My black pumps and the white socks. I’ll be so cute. It’s like my first-ever date, so I’m just dressing up in my neatest for a date, that’s the best way to learn all about kissing!
She finished her shower, blow-dried her hair and fixed it in pigtails like the picture of her on her tenth birthday, when Daddy said she was the cutest girl in the world. She dressed carefully to please Mommy and Daddy. She was glad that her A-cup bra fit her bumps so perfectly, and the new thin panties Mommy had bought for her after she became a Real Woman fit her tightly. Cassy walked down the hallway to her parents’ bedroom, the door was open and she could hear the shower still going. She chose to sit on the quilt chest at the foot of their bed, rather than lay on the bed waiting for them. Cassy crossed her leg at the knee and folded her hands in her lap, like a good girl.

The shower stopped, and five minutes later, her parents opened the bathroom door and came out hand-in-hand. Mommy in a blue satin teddy with matching panties, and Daddy in her mother’s red robe looking a little goofy. “Daddy, that’s Mommy’s robe!” said Cassy. “And am I not cute, too, just like Mommy?” he said grinning as he spun around. Mommy laughed, caught him on the spin and hugged him.
And then they closely noticed their young daughter, her outfit and her pigtails. “Oh my, Cassy,” said Mother, “you are so pretty!” And Daddy added, “Yes, dressed up and so pretty too!” Cassy blushed – “I thought if I was going to learn how to kiss like a Real Woman, I should dress properly, like on my first date ever. Am I?” And both of them gushed over her as they walked over and touched her hair and cheeks.
Mother said, “My pretty girl, Daddy and I will teach you some kissing, and then you can watch us fuck again, like you asked, okay?” and she said YES! They sat on either side of Cassy on the quilt chest. OH BOY, she thought and felt a little nervous.
Daddy said watch, honey, and he leaned over her and pulled Mother’s face to him in front of Cassy. Mother had her lips closed, and so did Daddy as they pressed lightly to each other for a few seconds. “That’s how you will start out, honey, just keep your lips closed, but relaxed, and press them lightly to the other person. Most people close their eyes so they’re not crosseyed looking so close at someone else, but it’s up to you. Some people say if you close your eyes, you notice everything else better. Now do that to Mommy first, and then to me.” And Cassy did just that, turning first to one and then to the other. She noticed instantly the different scent of Mommy and Daddy. “Now, baby, lick your lips to make them wet, and then let’s do it again.” She noticed a difference this time, but couldn’t describe it, it was just better. “Now,” said Mommy, “purse your lips together like this after you wet them, and then kiss us, but hold the kiss a little longer and move it around on my lips.” Cassy liked that better, especially because she noticed herself breathing while she did this. Then Daddy told her, “okay, this time open your mouth a little and poke your tongue out and we’ll do the same, and you can put your arms around whoever is kissing you, too. I think you’ll like this one more.” Daddy went first this time and Cassy felt his tongue touching hers, kind of rolling around on hers, and she decided right away she really liked the hug and Daddy’s tongue touching on hers, since her stomach lurched when he did that to her. She realized you had to tilt your head, too. When Daddy broke away, she realized she had been holding her breath and had to take a big gasp of air! WHEW! She turned to Mommy now and quickly gasped in air, tilted her head, opened her mouth a little and poked her tongue out. Mother was surprised to find her daughter’s tongue actively seeking hers, and began not only licking Cassy’s tongue with their lips melded, but also sucked it. Cassy quickly withdrew, surprised! Mother grinned and held her cheeks, said “Let Daddy do that, honey, and you can do that too. That’s the next lesson.” She’d felt her stomach, oops – my cunt! – lurch again. Daddy’s arms came around her and pulled her to him, she tilted her head and opened her lips a little and poked out her tongue. Daddy’s lips touched her wet tongue, sucked on it and she pulled her hands on the back of his head to her because it felt so good and she wanted more. Daddy’s tongue went deeper inside and Cassy even sucked on it this time. She felt his hand at the same time move to her bumps and rub her there. OH MY GOLLY! Then his mouth sucked on her upper lip, and her lower lip, and again his tongue went deep inside. GOLLY, IT FEELS LIKE DADDY’S EATING ME!

Daddy let her go and smiled. “You did good, baby, real good. Now do that to Mommy, too, she’ll like it.” And so the arms of Mommy and Cassy went around each other, their lips molded together as both kissed and sucked tongues, and Cassy tried her best to do like Daddy and eat Mommy. Cassy didn’t want to stop. Mommy’s hand did the same as Daddy’s had done, and she even unbuttoned two top buttons on the starched white blouse. Mommy moved her mouth down to Cassy’s neck, kissing her there and where the two buttons were undone. Cassy felt Daddy’s lips on the back of her neck, and his hands around on her stomach as Mommy continued to kiss just below her throat. At last, Mommy pulled away a little, after running her tongue clear up Cassy’s throat and over her lips again.
“Oh honey, you are so quick to learn at this!” said Mommy. “Look at Daddy’s lap. You’ve given him a boner with your good kissing!” Cassy looked and indeed the red robe was poked up there. Daddy said, “And look at Mommy’s titties. See how her nipples poke out? That’s from the terrific way you’re already so good at sucking her tongue when she kisses you.” At that, Cassy’s mother raised her arms over her head and stripped off her top, naked except for the thin panties. “Cassy, do to my nipples what you just did to my tongue.” And Cassy did, with even more delight since Mommy wanted her to do this for her. Daddy’s hand slipped inside the red robe as he watched. “Now, baby, do the same to Daddy’s cock. He’d like that.” And Daddy moved the red robe aside and there was his hard prick standing straight up for Cassy. She held it, her mouth over it and licked her lips, kissed it, ran her tongue around the top and then pretended it was Daddy’s tongue as she sucked on the end while Mommy caressed her neck and shoulders. Cassy heard Daddy’s soft moans and she was so happy that she could bring such pleasure to Daddy.

Mother gently lifted her daughter’s head, turned it and kissed her again. “Honey, what did you say you wanted to watch Daddy and me do tonight?” She wanted to hear her daughter say the words again. “I want to see you and Daddy give each other more fucks, Mommy. Miss Evans at school said you have to practice and pay attention if you want to get better at something.” “Okay, baby, but here’s another lesson about kissing first. You’re a Real Woman, and you made Daddy’s prick and my nipples hard too, just by your good kissing. You must remember that as a Real Woman who knows how to kiss properly, you turn on others when you do this. “Turn on” means you get them HOT inside and ready for things like more fucks, so you have to be careful who you kiss like this, okay?” And Cassy got it right away because she saw how easy it was now to make Mommy’s tips hard and Daddy’s cock stand up for her. “Okay, Mommy.” She knew that whenever she wanted, she knew now how to give Daddy an erection and make him “hot”, and that she could make Mommy ready for fucks.

“Cassy,” said Daddy, “it would be fun to fuck you again right now because you’ve made me so hot and horny with your kissing, but it’s Mommy’s turn. She’s hot and horny, too. But what you can help us with right now is if you’d just stand up and slowly take your clothes off. That will make me even hotter for Mommy.” “Yes, baby, do that for us,” said Mommy. “Do it slowly, like a Real Woman would, like you’re teasing.” Cassy thought this sounded like fun! Like a present unwrapping itself at Christmas for Mommy and Daddy, and then they’d be even happier and more horny for fucks. MAYBE I’LL EVEN GET ONE TONIGHT, TOO!
She stood, faced them, already two buttons undone on her pretty white blouse. She thought to herself…I’ll pretend I’m a grown-up woman and I want a lot of fucks. Cassy moved her feet apart, leaned first on one leg, then the other. Inspired now, she turned around and bent way over, lifted her dress up over her butt. She knew they were looking at her panties, and when she lowered them and turned around, Mommy’s hand was stroking Daddy’s cock and his hand was right between her legs. “Keep it up, honey, you’re doing good,” said Mommy. Slipping the black jumper straps off her shoulders and cupping her bumps, she remembered about kissing so she opened her mouth a little and slowly licked her lips wet. “Ooh, be a whore, baby,” said Daddy, and Cassy thought to herself she’d have to ask him later what that was. She did it again, since maybe that’s what whores do. She put her hands on her hips and pushed them outward toward Daddy as if she wanted fucks from him, and it brought a huge smile to him and Mommy both. Okay, time for clothes to come off, she thought, because she wanted to see them both take off everything and climb on the bed and make fucks like the last time. Cassy knew that made both of her parents so happy to do that, and now she knew ways to make them happy, too.

She pulled her shirttail out of the jumper, slowly unbuttoned the front and started humming to herself. With her bra showing, she dropped the jumper and stepped out of it. Cassy turned around again, suspecting they both liked seeing her butt since Daddy had such a good time kissing it and putting his tongue in it when she became a Real Woman. She bent over again, grabbed the sides of her panties and stripped them down. “Rub it in your pussy, honey, and toss it to us,” said her mother. Still bent over with her butt to them, she did as asked, turned around and threw her new panties to Mommy. Daddy reached for it, brought the colorful things to his nose and sniffed, ran his tongue over it, and then Mommy did too. “Ummm, honey, you are terrific,” she said and then wrapped Cassy’s panties around Daddy’s erection, jacking him off. Only in blouse and bra now, Cassy slowly stripped off the starched white blouse and threw it aside. She stepped forward and put her foot up on the quilt chest between her parents and boldly said to Daddy, “You can take my bra off and touch me.” Mother ran her hand up Cassy’s leg, while Daddy stood and stepped around her to open the clasp. The small bra fell forward off her as Daddy knelt and held her stomach as his mouth kissed all around her small tight butt. She heard Mommy tell Daddy, “oh honey, you turn me on so much,” and then pull him away from her to kiss his lips.
Cassy stood back now watching them kiss each other like they’d taught her. She watched her mother stand up and Daddy bend over to take off her panties and kiss her butt just like he did to her. Then before Cassy could do anything else, Daddy picked up Mommy and carried her to the bed, laid her down, took off his funny red robe and just jumped on her with both of his knees beside her face. Cassy moved to the side of the bed and saw Mommy had his cock in her mouth, Daddy going up and down, giving her fucks in her mouth.

She heard Mommy going OH OH OH like before and thought she was going to “go all the way”, which is what Mommy told her that “orgasm-thing” was. Cassy sat on the side of the bed near them. She was naked and so were they. Her hand went to her pussy and she squeezed her lips there, ran her hand in the wetness she found. That surprised her, and she brought it to her lips to taste it. Um, nice, she thought, but how strange that I get wet there! Now she heard Mommy saying, “Oh fuck me, baby, make me your whore!” There’s that word again, she thought. Maybe it means when you want a fuck. She watched Daddy slide down like he did that time before, and his stiff prick poked out. Mommy spread her legs real wide and then Daddy slid himself into her pink hole again. GOLLY, I LOVE WATCHING DADDY DO THIS FOR MOMMY! He laid on top of her and his hips went up and down and they both started going OH OH OH and UH UH UH and Cassy was squeezing her tips. It didn’t take long before both of them were having their orgasm. Cassy recognized this now and she was very happy for Mommy and Daddy because she knew that’s what they wanted. Mommy must be a good whore. She knew that Daddy was shooting his white come out of his prick right smack into Mommy’s cunt, and now Cassy knew what it felt like when he did that, because she was a Real Woman and had felt it too when Daddy exploded her volcano for her.

In a minute, when they quieted down, Daddy still had his prick inside Mommy and said, “Cassy, come lay beside Mommy.” She did happily, glad to be rubbing her arms right up against Mommy’s warm naked side with Daddy still right there on top of her. She hoped Daddy might slide over onto her and give her a fuck, too. “In a minute, honey, Daddy’s cock is going to go soft and just slide right out of me. When he does, you can put the whole thing in your mouth and suck on it and taste his come and my pussy-juice, if you want.” OH YES, she said. And he did slide over to her, his knees beside her head and his smaller, soft penis went entirely in his daughter’s mouth and she tasted everything and was so excited to get this special treat. When Daddy slipped it out, Cassy quickly asked, “Can I suck on your tentacles, too?” “Huh?” said Daddy. And then Mommy realized and said, “oh honey, she means your testicles!” And they had a good laugh as he moved into position over her and let his daughter’s mouth surround first one, then the other, tasting. “Suck softly, honey. If you do it hard like to our tongues, it hurts Daddy. The little balls inside are fragile, you have to be nice to them.”

And in a little bit, Mommy said, “While Daddy rests beside us, why don’t you kiss my cunt like you did my mouth, now that you know how to give Real Woman kisses?” And Cassy was thrilled as she slid over Mommy and pressed her lips to the puffy, reddened slit between her mother’s legs. She sucked and kissed, pushed her tongue in and went all around with it, and Mommy even began going OH OH OH like when she was being a whore for Daddy, and Cassy was surprised when Mommy pushed hard against her mouth and had one of her orgasms again! Cassy knew right away it was because she was using her tongue like they had taught her, and that she also was pretending that the little nub of skin at the top of Mommy’s cunt was another tongue and she was really sucking good on that thing! Golly, wouldn’t Shelly be amazed if she knew what fun this was!

And then suddenly Daddy was bending over Cassy’s back, behind her, and he was rubbing his big penis between her legs and she felt him slide it in her and she was so happy again she just shouted out OH DADDY FUCK ME DADDY I’LL BE YOUR WHORE, and both Mommy and Daddy were so surprised to hear this, but also so happy. Cassy’s butt was up in the air but her front part was down on Mommy’s titties now and Mommy was murmuring softly to her to “be Daddy’s good whore, baby, fuck him good, squeeze down on his cock inside you,” and Cassy did and Daddy grunted and groaned and pushed inside her while her head was buried in Mommy’s titties. Daddy’s hands came around front to her pussy and rubbed that little nub that she knew Mommy loved, too, and then in a minute another one of the volcanoes exploded inside her and she went almost blind with happiness and floating on the cloud and she even heard herself going UH UH UH and gasping for breath while Daddy pumped her full of his white come again and she could feel his stomach hitting against her butt every time she drove into Mommy’s stomach.

It took a few more minutes before everyone was breathing like normal human beings again, and then Daddy pulled out of Cassy’s cunt, rolled her gently beside her mother and he laid on the other side of her. They all struggled for regular breathing. Shortly, Cassy was the first to talk. “Daddy, what is a whore? You called Mommy that, and you said it when I was licking my lips. Is it a good thing or what?” And Mommy said, “honey, if you like fucking and having sex and taking your clothes off for somebody, you can be a whore. It just means you like doing this. It means you want to fuck and you like doing this.” Daddy added, “But some people say a whore is a Real Woman who wants money when she fucks somebody. Mommy and I don’t think that, and we hope you won’t either. It’s like she said – if you like fucking and being naked, you can call yourself a whore and be happy about it, proud about it, and the person you’re doing it with can call you a whore and it’s a word of respect for how good you are at this, okay?” Cassy thought a moment, and then asked, “I like it, so am I a good whore?” “Oh baby honey, you know how to kiss, you know how to eat me, you’re very good at fucking, of course you’re good at it!” said her mother, and Daddy chimed in, “And you know how to strip good enough to make my cock swell up, too!” They all laughed. Cassy said, “But I hear girls in the gym showers calling each other whores.” Daddy said, “They’re not Real Women, Cassy honey. It doesn’t count.”
Daddy said, “I’ll tell you what, darling. Next week or so, maybe on a Friday night again, you tell Mommy and me what you’d like to do or see, and we’ll try to make it happen for you. Okay?”
And Cassy grinned her biggest grin of the evening and licked her lips for about the hundredth time.

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