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the first time i posted this it was mdawg13ta25 as my aim now its kingkid330 yahoo message me if you like it :)
Hi my name is lee and i am a boy that is by far out of the ordinary i live in a place called simlacon asia.I have dark brown eyes, light brown skin, I live in a fairly good placed neighborhood im one of the more rich people (well i was one of the more rich people). I have a 9 inch when im hard and dont let me forget to mention I weigh 232lbs. Yeah that is right you might wonder how a guy like me ends up writing something about having sex with girls when im only 13 weigh 232lbs and am very shy when it comes to ladies. Well Im going to be real with you guys it is possible you've just got to kick back relax shut the hell up and listen to this story. Now my 1st sexual experience was with my sister man could she suck a mean cock. She did it just like i alwayz liked it when i masterbated in my free time she'd start out by stroaking it a few times to make me hard and then she'd start to lick around the head of my penis one time i cummed at that point that was one of the most embarrassing memories i ever had. then she puts her mouth on it just a tiny bit and looks up at me innocently but i can feel her tounge licking my penis furiously and then she lick the little slit on my penis and starts thrusting her jaws up and down untill i cum. My sister just loved for me to play around with her ass i'd finger her ass and i'd end up me stickin my whole fist in her. I took my hand out and made her taste her own stinky self. Then i'd flicker my tounge in her ass and act as if i were eating her out but only.....through her ass. Then I would stick my 9 inch hard in her and if she wasnt screaming i'd pinch her boobs with my hands while sill entering her in and out and if she still wasnt screamin in enjoy ment i'd stick 4 fingers up her pussy. This continued untill she cummed and even sometimes when she still climaxes and i havent i'd make her climax again untill i have. This continued alot almost daily even though my siser was 16 and could beat me up i made her do it cause i didnt like the sound of me becoming one of those everyday boyz who jacks off everyday for sexual enjoyment i wanted to tell my friens i could get sex whenever i wanted. Most of my friends thought my actions against my sister were sick and disgusting and i just told them they were afraid to express their sexuality. But some of my frineds carried my ways on and fucked their own sisters someties my friends and theirs sisters would come over and we'd have orgies. Mom and Dad were almost never home so we had lotz of free time to fuck and sneak our frineds over. I thought i was gunna fuck my sister untill she moved a way untill on the day she had to leave for college on her last day home we had sex one last time for 3 hours straight we were so worked up into it we didnt even notice that my parents were throwing a surprise graduation party for my sister and they walked up into the room while we were stil having sex and i had just cummed on my sister face. At first everybody just gasped one of my sisters friends that didnt know about our sex together threw up in her graduation cake. After that incident my parents immediatley thought it was time they spent some time apart and ended up in divorce my sister left for college and i was forced to live with my mom who had a slight drinkin problem after discovering me and my sister out.

My mom hated me she was always drunk and she said alot of thingz she didnt mean she said: "itz your fault my husband left you and your damned sister i fucking hate you i sat in labor with you for 9 hours and this is how you repay me you stupid son of a bitch get out of here right now" I would alway leave anywayz to hang out with my new friends in my new neighbor hood. My neighbor hood was way to bad now that my mom got fired for excessive drug use and the abusive us of alchoal. and we got evicted from every apartment we went to untill we ended up into the gehtto. In the ghetto their was lots of prostitution and lotz of adult movie stores and lotz of other dirty thingz that a kid my age shouldnt be viewing but everybody was interested into making a quick buck and I still had some money saved up in my secret savings account from when we were rich. Plus their was no age limit on how old you were to drink drive etc. etc. The onlly good my mom was now was to cook wich was the only thing that brought her happeniess with me but i got sick of her wayz and soon left her house hold to become a pimp 15 yr old boy in my new neighborhood.

I wrote the previous sections of this story 6 years ago in 2004. Now I am 19 and 275lbs. My sister finally got home from college she went and became a doctor. Since she's a gynecologist we've started up our orgies again with the old kids from the neighborhood in simlacon asia. I'm here to tell you about how i enjoy eating wet pussy. I've grown from fucking my sister, and now I am fucking with people who have millions in their bank accounts.

Let me tell you about the Richardson family. I had never seen a phatter ass in my life. Like i said i was just living for free at my sisters mansion having orgies, but being a pimp with a 9 inch dick for so long made me feel the need to be useful. That is when i met Mrs. Richardson. I looked over into her yard and saw my neighbor screaming at her husband for not cleaning out the pool. I like a true pimp went over there and said hey I can clean this pool for a few bucks. She looked down at my pants noticed my bulge and quickly said yes. It wasn't even a full day when she called me over and said to get over and clean her pool. So I said to her if you want me to clean this pool your going to have to do something for me. I almost told her that she needed to work the streets like i would have said in my younger days, but this time I couldn't keep my dick out of my pants. She looked down at my fully erectc 9 inch asian cock and said I haven't sucked a young mans dick in a long time. You can come over any time you want to and swim if you let me suck and lick your big giant dick and balls.I looked at her and said MY BALLS TOO?!?!? She didn't even respond and before you know it her hands were on my dick and her mouth was sucking on my long shaft. I was just about to cum and then i realized i wanted to fuck that tight ass that i was fucking in my dreams the other night. I knew her husband was to high and mighty to lick a nice tight ass hole like that, so i decided to have a go.

She was so startled that she screamed really loud when I began licking her nice round tight little ass hole.Since she had made my dick hard and slick with her mouth, and I made her ass loose and wet with my tongue I decided to stick my niner in her small opening. As I mounted that fat ass in plain sight of all her neighbors I told her that if she ever wanted me to clean her pool again that she would have to let me fuck her asshole, and suck my cock. At first she said that their was no way I was going to be in charge of our fucking arrangements, but I pulled my cock out and she knew who was boss.

Wow that story was going nowhere, but let me tell you what just got me off. I had a nice image of my ex-girlfriend taking a shower while one of her best friends was sitting in a chair outside of the room. I told her this is our change and she looked at me weird. I pulled out my dick and without any bull shit she started sucking on it. I wish i could pull my dick out on anybody and just have them suck it like fucking crazy while somebody who would absolutely blow up at the thought of it is less than 20 feet away from you. Then I realized that my gf takes a long time to shower, and so I pushed her onto my bed and started fuckin her doggy style. She took it like a little bitch, but I still couldn't cum in real life. There was a missing element. So since it was my fucking imagination, I decided to take her back to the chair and have her deep throat my cock. Here is the kicker. I threw it all down her throat, and she couldn't take it. So I told her that if she pulled it out i would cum all over her and if my cum was on her we would be found out. So she had to keep her mouth shut and take my cock in and suck hard till i blew a load down her fucking throat. Well you know me I would rather my ex gf be in as much emotional pain as possible, so I made her pull my dick out of her mouth right as i was about to cum in real life. The thought of her gagging on my cock, and getting my dick all nice and wet was mind boggling, and i shot a big load all over her clothes. In real life i only shot a medium sized load it wasn't very exciting. Yeah so I came. Hope you didn't I'm sure this story made everybody just hate me a little bit more than usual. The point is i can sign off of this site with a happy dick. You on the other hand will probably have to reach a good part in another story to get off. I recommend everybody in the world getting off to their imagination its great.

In the end of that other story the asian guy died of perforated colon.He took a horse cock to the ass and it was too much for him. HAHA the funny thing is im black. If you read this you should look up the story life of a poor asian posted in 2004 by a 13 year old which was me before i could legally come here. It is posted above and quite frankly the worst story ever. I recently found this entertaining again, and maybe some more terrible stories with amazing comments about how terrible my writing is will come to follow in the future. See you fellow masturbaters later!!!!

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