The kids come back at midnight!
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After I woke up from my nice little nap, I began to wonder if what had happened earlier had just been a dream or not. When I saw the dry cum on myself, I began to realize that it had been very real indeed! It had been so much fun having those two 9 year olds with me earlier. It was clear that we were destined to have a lot more fun! That assumed, of course, that someone didn’t find out and call the cops on me. It was a very dangerous game I was playing. But that was also the part that made it so damn exciting!
Then I heard that sweet young voice from Susie. She cleared her throat and then said sweetly: “Hi Mr. Victor!” I jumped a bit because once again she had surprised me and padded in on bare feet. I saw that she had changed out of her bikini and now had on a nice tight fitting pair of white shorts and a very tight t-shirt. Her tan legs and feet were an incredibly beautiful contrast to her white shorts. Her nipples were clearly protruding from the t-shirt. I licked my lips and said “Hi Susie! It’s so nice to see you again – you surprised me for the second time today!”
“I’m sorry, Mr. Victor!” No, it’s OK Susie. What brings you back again? She smiled and said that she only had a couple of minutes because her parents were taking the kids out to dinner. But she wanted to come by and tell me how much fun she had earlier. I was very pleased to hear this. Then she sent shivers down my spine when she asked me: “Mr. Victor – would it be OK if me and Bobby came over here tonight, like really late, after our parents have gone to bed?” My cock immediately started to twitch at the thought. Oh, of course Susie! You are welcome to come over here anytime you want to! I will leave my door unlocked – you just need to push it open when you get here.
“Yes!” she said as she clapped her hands together once in excitement. I can’t wait to learn some more about sex! Then she said she had to go and would see me later that night. I stared after her as she ran out of the room and up the stairs on pretty bare feet. Oh and that ass – it was to die for! I continued to stare at the steps Susie had just bounded up. My mind was in a fog and I was so excited I could hardly stand it! I really wanted to jerk myself off again like crazy, but knew I would need to save it for tonight’s fun! That’s when I realized I had been standing there in front of her totally naked again. She apparently didn’t seem to mind.
It was about 6 p.m. when Susie left, so I had time to fix myself some dinner and clean up the place a bit. Of course, I couldn’t stand to have to wait hours more for my two little waifs to come and play some more! It was tough to keep myself occupied, but I managed. About 10 p.m. I decided to go recline on my bed and read a favorite mystery novel – the latest Jason Bourne novel. I had taken a shower and cleaned myself thoroughly including a little ass reaming, just in case. Always feels nice to be clean and naked. I must have been a little tired, because the next thing I know I’m feeling something soft, warm and wet working up and down my hard cock!
My eyes snapped wide open and I gasped as I saw the gorgeous 9 year old neighbor girl totally nude and working on my hard cock! Standing in front of her was Bobby and he was stroking his own cock in time with Susie’s sucking of my cock. Oh man, this gets better all the time! The best thing is that it was my nighttime hardon and I knew I could last a lot longer than I could during the day. Plus I always had a nice boner while sleeping like most men. Aaaaahhhh, I sighed. Susie looked up at me then and smiled as she popped my cock out of her mouth! Hi Mr. Victor! Oh hi Susie. What a way to wake up! What time is it? I glanced over at my clock and saw that it was 12:15 in the morning! How long have you and Bobby been here? Just a few minutes Mr. Victor. We saw your light on through your window but it looked like you were sleeping. So we snuck in quietly. We saw your dick was really big and hard! So, we took off our clothes and decided to have some fun. Was that ok with you? I smiled weakly at her and said – oh yes my darling – anytime you want to have some fun with me, you are welcome to!
Once again I admired their young beautiful bodies. Bobby was very cute with a nice flat stomach, a beautiful little hardon with tight nut sacks and the cutest little ass you ever saw. His legs and feet were gorgeous too. Then there was Susie! She was the picture of perfection! Smooth, flawless skin. The pretties sexiest feet with a beautiful arch and spread toes. You could tell that she spent a lot of time barefoot. Lovely almost flat chest with little puffy nipples – just enough to suckle on. And another absolutely gorgeous little ass. And the smooth hairless pussy was to die for!
So kids, would you like to continue our lesson from earlier today, I asked? They both said yes excitedly! Good! Let’s see, Susie, why don’t you lay down on the bed here like you were before. I got up and Susie laid down on the end of the bed with her pretty legs and feet dangling off the end of the bed. Ok sweetie, now spread your legs a bit for us. Oh very nice! I was already starting to get that excited nervous feeling as I took in the stunning beauty of her nude body. Her spread legs and her virgin pussy were exposed to Bobby and me. I asked Bobby if he liked what he saw. He smiled shyly and said he did. I asked him if he remembered what I was doing to Susie earlier when her mother had called. He nodded his head yes. Before we get started, I know it might be hard to do, but you need to keep your voices as quiet as possible – I don’t want my landlord to think something is wrong down here! They both nodded that they understood.
Good. Now Bobby I want you to get down on your knees just like I was earlier and lick Susie’s hot pussy just like I did earlier today. Bobby eagerly got down on his knees as instructed and guided his mouth to Susie’s smooth hairless pussy lips. He gingerly stuck out his tongue and barely touched her cunt. Susie let out a little wimper and said Bobby that felt nice! Encouraged, Bobby planted his tongue on her cunt and started lapping her young cunt up and down as he had seen me do earlier. Susie spread her legs wider and exposed her beautiful little clit. Bobby took the hint and started licking her clit and even nibbled on it! Oh my – my cock was so hard watching these cute 9 year olds having at it! Susie was starting to moan now.
I leaned over and started nibbling on her small but hard nipples and that really got her going! While I suckled and nibbled on one nipple, my other hand with one finger and thumb firmly rubbed her other nipple. She was really getting into it now. Her eyes closed and her mouth was working wordlessly as she enjoyed the intense feelings of pleasure. Now Bobby, I think Susie is probably going to cum very soon, but don’t stop licking her until she tells you to – got it? Bobby looked up with his eyes as he continued to lick and he gently nodded his head without breaking his rhythm. Oh this was so erotic! I stood up and started to slowly stroke my own cock now watching these two. It was heavenly. Beautiful. Suddenly, Susie arched her lovely back and she came and she came hard! It was all I could do to keep myself from exploding. Bobby did as instructed and kept right on eating Susie’s pussy as she moaned loudly through her orgasm.
Susie struggled to keep herself from screaming out loud in her intense pleasure, so I offered her the side of my hand to bite down on. Instinctively, she knew what I was doing and clamped down on it as she moaned through her intense orgasm. Man, she bit hard! Her orgasm finally started to subside, and she released the bite on my hand. I pulled it away gingerly and saw the bite marks she had made! She told Bobby to stop and then she apologized to me for hurting my hand.
Susie, I said, it’s OK! That was an incredibly beautiful sight! She smiled contentedly and said it had felt so good! She then asked me if she could continue what she started earlier on my cock so I could feel good like she just had. I smiled at her knowing how badly I wanted her to do just that. But instead I told her I would like for you to work on Bobby first since he was the one who just finished eating your pussy. Eating my pussy she asked? Oh sorry, that’s another word for oral sex – when a guy licks a girl’s pussy, it’s sometimes called eating it. She giggled and said there are a lot of funny words for sex! Is there another word for when a girl sucks on a boy’s cock? Yes there is, I answered. Another term for it is giving a boy a blow job or giving head. Really, she asked? Yup. She giggled – that sounds funny! So, are you willing to give Bobby a blowjob then? She smiled and said yes as long as Bobby is ok with it!
Bobby piped up and said oh yes Susie, that would be awesome! His little cock was still hard as a rock. Ok Bobby, why don’t you switch places with Susie here on the bed. Susie stood up and I admired her beautiful tight little ass. Mmmm mmmm. Bobby then lay down in the same position with his bare legs and feet dangling off the edge of the bed. He asked me if he should spread his legs like Susie did. It’s up to you Bobby – just do whatever feels comfortable. He decided to just spread them a bit. I thought to myself if he likes anal penetrations like I do, he’ll be spreading his legs wider soon enough!
Ok Susie, I think you know what to do next! Susie quickly got down on her knees and immediately engulfed the entire length of Bobby’s cute little dick in her mouth. Bobby moaned as Susie went down on him. Do you like that Bobby? Of course I knew the answer but had to hear Bobby say the words anyway. He grinned from ear to ear and just smiled as he nodded his head. I stroked my cock as Susie licked and sucked Bobby’s cock. Mmmm that looks so nice Susie – you are a great little cock sucker! She looked up at me and smiled but not too long so she didn’t break her rhythm. I allowed her to do whatever she wanted and let them enjoy each other as I watched and continued to slowly stroke my cock. What an erotic site – a 9 year old girl sucking on a 9 year old boy’s cock. Two totally nude kids and they were my own private sex show! I walked around the end of the bed to admire Susie’s beautiful ass and admired the soles of her pretty bare feet. They were slightly dirty from being outside – perfect!
Bobby began to moan a little louder now so I told Susie to stop. I had another idea. The kids then looked at me expectantly wondering why I had asked them to stop. I asked both of them if they would like to actually try fucking? They asked what that was. I told them to say the word a couple of times. They both said fuck, fuck, fuck a few times. Their voices and that word sent more chills up and down my spine and kept my cock hard as a rock! That word means when a boy puts his hard cock in a girl’s pussy and moves in and out. That’s called fucking. It feels really really good! Oooh – that sounds like fun Susie said! Bobby didn’t seem so sure. Will it hurt he asked innocently? I smiled and said no Bobby not you anyway! Susie then looked at me and said what do you mean, Mr. Victor?
Well Susie, the very first time a girl gets fucked it might hurt at first. You see there is a thing called a hymen inside of your pussy. Until that hymen gets broken by someone fucking you, you are a virgin. Ooohhh she said. That’s what a virgin is! So, when Bobby pushes his cock inside of your pussy, it might hurt when he breaks your hymen. But the pain will only last for a little while and then it will feel really good! Would you like to try it? She thought about it for a moment and then said yes, she wanted to get fucked by Bobby! Excellent I said, my voice cracking with nervousness again as I continued to take these kids down the slippery slope of sexual awareness.
Bobby, would you like to try fucking your friend Susie here? There was no hesitation in his voice as he nodded his head yes! Very good I said. Now you two switch places. So Bobby got up and Susie took his place on the bed. Ok Susie, very nice. Now spread your legs wide. That’s it. Hold on Bobby, I’m going to grab something. I went into the bathroom and grabbed my trusty tube of KY Jelly. That always came in handy for my anal toys but now it was going to come in very handy for my young students! I explained to the two kids that this was something to help Bobby slide his cock into Susie’s pussy. It was a lubricant that helped make it more comfortable. I pushed out a small glob of it on my hand and let them touch it and feel it. Neat! Susie said. Ok Bobby, I’m going to squirt some of this on the end of your cock like this. I then closed my hand around his cock and rubbed in the lubricant thoroughly. He moaned in pleasure as my hand stroked his hard cock. I stopped quickly though – I wanted him to have his orgasm while he was inside of Susie.
OK Bobby, now guide your cock toward Susie’s pussy where you were licking earlier. That’s it. Susie, you can help point Bobby to your pussy hole. She reached out and guided Bobby’s cock toward the entrance of her pussy. OK, now I’m going to help out a little so that Susie’s pain does not last long. I positioned myself directly behind Bobby. My cock was so hard, I had to back up a bit to keep my cock from riding up his little ass! I placed my left hand on his left hip and my right hand on his right ass check. OK kids, here we go! I then firmly shoved Bobby’s ass forward and his cock went all the way in with one quick thrust. I heard Susie gasp out in pain and she cried out loudly! Oh crap I thought! I had forgotten to give her something to stifle her cries. I held Bobby in place and told him to be patient. We needed to give Susie some time to relax.
Susie, I said, it’s OK. Bobby is just going to stay right where he’s at until you get used to his cock inside of you, OK? She nodded at me through the tears in her eyes. Her pained face made me feel bad, but only briefly. Soon, she began to relax and said it’s starting to feel a little better now, Mr. Victor. That’s good Susie. OK Bobby, I’m going to help you move in and out of Susie slowly so she can continue to get used to you. Bobby nodded his head. I then placed both hands on his hips and pulled him back slowly and then pushed him back in slowly. Bobby, do you get the idea now? He nodded yes so I let him take over the rhythm, but I kept my right hand on his ass anyway. I’m not sure why I did that, but it felt right at the time.
By now Susie was starting to enjoy herself. She said oh Bobby that feels good! Oh yeah she said! She began to instinctively return his thrusts as he pushed forward on each stroke. Wow this was hot! While I kept one hand on Bobby’s cute little ass as he continued thrusting, I used my other hand to start rubbing Susie’s clit. Then she really started to moan! Then I got another naughty idea. This time I decided I wasn’t going to ask permission or give a warning either. I don’t know what came over me other than I knew I loved anal stimulation. So I stepped back while the kids continued to fuck. I grabbed my KY jelly and lubed up my right hand index finger with it. Without saying a word, I put my left hand back on Bobby’s tight little ass and quickly shoved my index finger up his ass! He gasped out in surprise and said what are you doing Mr. Victor? In spite of the surprise he had continued to thrust. I simply left my finger in his rectum. I told Bobby – this will help you to have a stronger orgasm. How does it feel? Bobby said it felt weird at first but he was starting to like it now. So I started to ream my finger in and out of his ass. He started to tense up and I could feel his rectal muscles tightening around my finger and I knew he was getting close. Suddenly Susie began to moan and thrash wildly as her own orgasm began in earnest. That sent Bobby over the edge and he came strongly. I could feel his prostrate pulsing as he humped through his dry orgasm. It was incredibly intense!
After that I pulled out my finger from Bobby’s ass and he pulled his cock out of Susie’s pussy. We were all a sweaty mess! The kids lay down next to each other on the bed as they relaxed and enjoyed their newfound sexual bliss. I felt some remorse and I told Bobby that I was sorry that I didn’t ask his permission before I stuck my finger up his ass. He said it was ok and that he actually kind of liked it! I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 2 a.m. Kids, I think I need to get you cleaned up a bit so you can go get some sleep in your own beds. I got some wipes I had and cleaned them both up. They seemed to enjoy the attention I paid to their sexual organs. There was some blood leaking out of Susie so I made sure to wipe that up. Susie realized she had not seen me cum yet and wanted to help me out. I told her that’s OK Susie. As much as I would like that, I think it will have to wait until next time – I don’t want your parents to notice you aren’t in your bed!
With that, I had them get dressed and patted them on the asses as I shooed them out the door. They waved at me again and once more I loved seeing their pretty bare feet as they walked up the stairs and headed outside for home. Since it was dark outside, I went up after them a bit and enjoyed the feel of the warm night air on my nude body. I was still hard as a rock and stroked myself a few times as I recounted the pleasant memories of the last couple of hours. I realized that I was outside and remembered how intense outdoor orgasms can be. So, I continued to stroke my cock and thought about what I had done to Bobby and slipped a finger up my own ass as I stroked and stroked. Then I came and I came hard! I watched my cum squirt out onto grass and felt my rectal muscles squeezing my finger. It was great! I then shook the end of my cock and pulled out my finger from my ass. I enjoyed the feel of the ground and steps under my bare feet as I went back inside.
Aaah what a night! I went back inside, closed the door and went to bed. I slept like a baby the rest of the night! To be continued…

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