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This is the last part of Silk's punishment. There is more to come of what happens before this but here is the last Part for now. Enjoy, comment and rate
As I said, there is more to come on this. This is the last part that begins with Anger. I will be adding all this in as the weeks go by so read, comment and rate. And about all enjoy. Please inform me of mistakes too...
Faith Michaels...

Since Silk went out with Becker of her own free will, slept with Jason and gave Donny a blowjob, which she purposely allowed Michael to catch her doing it just to prove she could have other men if she so choose, Michael felt that a punishment to strictly address this attitude was in order. Sending the other three away for the night Michael lined up something that he was sure would get Silk’s attention and make her never want another man again. He called her up and told her to come over.

Silk did as he ordered and showered. Once clean, she drove over to Michael’s house. He met her at the door as she walked in. Grabbing her up, he kissed her deeply then ordered her to strip and follow him on her knees.

Once naked, Silk followed Michael into his dungeon room, she crawled behind him and as they entered, she realized that they were not alone. On the bed lay a man, his cock erect and waiting. Silk had only moments to wonder at this sight.

"Up on the bed, whore, on your hands and knees over my guest," Michael told her with a swat to the ass with his crop.

”Yes Master,” she said as she hopped up on the bed and knelt over the man who she figured was a slave from the club.

Michael then thrust a dildo into her pussy, fucking her aggressively with it until she was dripping wet and panting.

"Suck his cock, whore." Michael ordered.

Without hesitation, she reached down and took his cock into her mouth and started to suck him into her throat. She then thrust her hips backward to meet Michael trying to show him her need. The pressure from being fucked so hard had her feeling that she would explode with in moments. She knew however that Michael had more in store for her and her pleasure and cumming might not be in the cards.

Soon she felt the drip of the cold lube as Michael dripped some on her ass, working some inside her ass also with his finger. Suddenly there was a second male behind her and with Michael’s instructions and assistance; he started to penetrate her ass slowly. Soon he was thrusting in and out of her ass with ease. This caused her to move her cunt and mouth also. The man getting sucked moaned from the delightful friction of the blowjob he was getting.

Slowly the other guy begin to fuck her ass deep and hard, as he did this Michael worked the dildo in and out of her pussy at a maddening pace. Silk wanted to explode but knew that Michael had to give her permission and she was pretty sure he would say no.

"Fuck her." He commanded them in a cold tone, "Fuck her hard!"

Soon they begin to coordinate a rhythm that had each of them feeling comfortable. As they move in and out of her cunt, mouth, and ass they felt her pressure build.

Soon Silk was panting very hard and Michael could see that she needed to cum. As he stoked her pussy with the dildo, he looked into her eyes deciding whether or not to let her cum.

Finally, "Fuck her harder! Make her cum." He said with a sadistic smile.

They tore at her with a force she had never felt before. Her mouth and ass were burning; she felt the spasms in her ass as the first onslaught of her orgasm began. Taking the cock out of her mouth, she begged Michael to stop for fear that she would pass out. He ignored her and laughed.

Her panting increased and goose bumps spread down her back. Suddenly she craved the taste of Michael, not this man in her mouth and when she looked up she could see that he knew exactly what she was thinking. He smiled at her.

"What is it you want, whore?"

"I want you Master no one else.” She begged.

”Do you think you deserve me?” He asked

Silk could not speak as she was panting to hard, her need so strong, and her lust is so overwhelming! The riding crop came down across her shoulders and she moaned. His guests stop their movements to stare as she finally lost it. Her body began to shake.

"Don’t stop! Keep fucking her!" Michael yelled as he thrust the dildo in her pussy even harder.

For a moment, they didn’t move, and then they went at her so hard and so deep that she screamed again with another orgasm. The crop came down on her shoulders again as she cried out in a multiple orgasm.

"Please Master."

"Please what?" He asks sadistically.

"Please stop. I can’t take no more,” She begged as she came down from her last orgasm.

“But your guests have not cum yet,” He told her in a mocking tone. “Don’t you want to please me?”

Looking him in the eye, she realized Michael was serious. Taking the cock below her back into her mouth, she put all her best efforts into sucking him.

As her ass begins to tighten again on the cock inside her, he tells them they may cum but that they have pull out and cum on her.

With his words, they begin! She can feel the heat of their throbbing cocks as they begin to work themselves to that point. The first pulls out of her mouth and cums on her face, chest and neck. Next the other one pulls out and let’s go on her ass, back, and thighs.

Then Michael slips the dildo out of her pussy and grabs her head, jerking her towards his open fly.

“Please let me taste you. I only want you Master," she begged.

“Prove it,” Michael growled.

He pulled her head hard, daring her to prove her words. Her mouth was open wide as he thrust his cock between her lips. Holding her by her hair, he thrust in and out of her mouth, fucking her mouth savagely. He allows her no other option other then to suck his cock.

"Such a good whore, such a wonderful slut," He tells her as he savagely fucks her mouth.

Soon Michael begins to cum in her mouth, feeding her just a little and then he pulled out and finished on her face.

Pushing her back onto the bed he orders "Fuck her with the dildo" and then he fell back in a chair to rest. She still had the power over him to make him weak in the knees.

Someone’s hand moved and Silk feels the dildo slide deep into her again. They begin to thrust it in and out of her. She can feel her orgasm approaching once more.

"Cum again my little whore, and don't stop until I tell you to" Michael tells her as he regains his strength.

As she cum again she flooded and soaked sheets below her. The force of her orgasm continued until she passed out. As she lay there in a pool of mixed cum, Michael took his guests to the bathroom to clean up. When they were done, he showed them out thanking them for their service.

Finally Michael returned to the room and took her to the bathroom to clean up. As he ran the bath he told her that she has pleased him and he is proud and that her punishment is finally over.

“What does this mean Master,” she asks unsure of what he is saying.

Michael waits till the water is run and gestures for her to get in before answering.

“It means,” Michael began as he bathed her, “That you are my slave again, my pet,” he kissed her, “It also means that you are forgiven.”

Watching her face, he considered explaining the reason for tonight to her. He knows she knows that it was for punishment, but he is not sure if she understands the reasons behind how he did it and why.

“Do you understand why I did what I did tonight Silk?” He asks.

“For punishment,” Silk answered.

Michael watched her face, “Well that was part of the reason but the main thing was so you will never want anyone else,” He told her.

Silk sighed and reached up, wrapping her arms around his neck she kissed him and said, “You’re the only one I wanted all along. Remember it was you who thought I cheated.”

Not wanting to fight about it anymore he reminded her, “It’s over now, plain and simple. No more about it.”

Silk decided to agree and let it go. She was enjoying Michael bathing her. She was also still in the mood. Since Michael was all she wanted, she still felt a need only Michael could take care of. This in mind she began to flirt.

Michael was fully dressed so she made little accidents to get his clothes wet. When he protested she would say sorry. When he complained too much finally she said, so take them off. When he gave in and removed his shirt she leaned up and wrapped her wet body around his and kissed him deeply.

Michael hadn’t caught on to her little game yet so he was getting annoyed that she was getting his clothes soaked. Even when she suggested he remove his clothing, he didn’t get that she was trying to seduce him. Finally when she kissed him, he got the hint.

As she kissed him she tried to pull him into the tub with her. When Michael resisted her, she leaned back and pouted.

“Is there something you’d like my pet?” Michael asked her catching onto her game.

Silk gave him a look at spoke pure sexual aggression, “You Master, Now!” Was all she said as she sat there waiting.

Michael smiled at this. Glad she still wanted him he thought about her blatant offer. He wanted her also, this spurred him into action. Standing up he grabbed a towel and motioned for her to stand. Silk stood and allowed him to dry her off. Once dry he left the bathroom gesturing for her to follow. Leading her to the bedroom he removed the rest of his clothing.

Once in the bedroom he pulled her to him and started kissing her deeply. Silk threw her arms around his neck in response. Michael’s desire was evident as he rubbed against her. Silk pulled up on his neck trying to rub her self against his erection. Finally he just picked up and wrapped her legs around his middle. His mind was running and he didn’t know how he wanted her, he only knew he had to have her.

Silk felt the same way, she just had to have him. She never wanted to let go. Holding tight she allowed his kiss to devour her totally. She could almost feel their souls become one.

Michael lowered them to the bed and as he did he slid inside her. Silk gasp and Michael worried she might be sore, “Are you okay,” he asked against her mouth.

“A little tender but its okay, my need for you over comes the pain,” She told him in a pant.

Her words affected him deeply. He lifted up off her a little to increase his thrusts. He wanted her to cum for him so he reached under her and thrust a finger up her ass. She dug her nails in to his shoulders to show her approval. This made his head swim; he lowered his head to bite at her neck also.

“Dig in,” He told her between bites in a ragged voice.

Silk lost control and exploded at the sound of his voice, “Michael,” she moaned.

Between the nails on his back, her moaning his name like that and the squeezing of her muscles was just enough to send Michael over the edge so with one last thrust he lost it deep inside her.

As he shot his last shots he looked down into her eyes. The love he saw mirrored in her eyes made him happy. He leaned down and caught her lips for another kiss. As he kissed her he rolled over with her so he wouldn’t put his weight on her body but could hold her close.

He just lay there and kissed her. Silk was worn out at this point but she couldn’t stop kissing. She also held tight to him. She didn’t want to ever let go.

As they kissed Michael thought, finally he slowed the kiss, “Silk I want to ask you something and if you feel it’s too much or too fast please tell me so.”

Silk leaned back a little to look in his eyes, “Ask me anything.”

Taking a deep breath he took her hand and linked it in his, “Will you marry me?”

Silk was dumbfounded. She didn’t expect him to ask that. She just sat there for over a minute trying to make sure she heard him correctly. Finally, “Yes,” was all she could say.

Michael had been holding his breath, when she just looked at him he thought she’d laugh or say no. When she said yes he felt like he exploded. He kissed her once again. This time he felt the soul connection.

Silk’s mind was swimming, Michael had just asked her to marry him. Even more, she accepted. She wasn’t sure why knowing she wasn’t ready to get married till after graduation but she knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Michael so the logical answer was yes.

Michael also couldn’t believe he had asked her to marry him but not for the same reason Silk had. He had planned to ask her this weekend when he took her to the cabin. After three weeks of fighting and two weeks of punishment and the one week they had been apart while he was with his family he felt that they needed some alone time together for just them. Michael already knew from the moment Silk accepted his collar, he wanted to be with her forever. That’s why he had planned a romantic weekend away, he was going to pop the question then, he even already bought her a ring.

The ring was actually purchased while he was home with his family. After a week apart he felt something was missing and knew that it was Silk. This prompted him to consider marriage to her so he went to the family jeweler and found the perfect ring. He had planned to ask her that night after he picked her up at the airport. The fight changed everything.

Later during the fight he almost blew it and told her he was planning to ask. Thank god he happened to be drunk and Silk was upset so only the other girls had even caught on. He was glad now that she never heard him.

As they lay there kissing more Silk had a few questions of her own, “Michael can I ask you a few things?”

“Of course little one,” Michael told her tenderly.

Silk though about which one to ask first, finally needing to know, “Did you sleep with Janey?”

Michael smile at the thought she might be jealous, “Would it matter?”

“Yes and no. No because it’s not like you didn’t have the right, but yes in a way too,” She said.

Michael could tell she didn’t like the idea that he might have so he told her the truth, “Silk while I actually attempted to sleep with her, it never happened.” At Silk’s surprised look he added, “There were several times she tried but I always thought of you and couldn’t. Only one night did she come close to succeeding.”

Silk wanted to know more so she asked, “Which night was that?”

Michael gave her a smile that she knew meant more, “That night we were all at the club. I guess I got too drunk, because I passed out while she was in the shower. I think she was rather pissed at me. I left the next morning before she woke.”

“Good I’m glad,” Silk replied with a smug look, “She wasn’t your type.”

Michael laughed, “Really and snippy little slaves who throw shots in my face are?”

“You started it Michael,” she told him, “You kept messing with me all night and then drug me through that shot on the table. I just felt the return favor was owed.”

Michael laughed again, “Yeah I guess I was due for something. I pushed you pretty far that night, but it’s not like you didn’t push back. Can I ask did you sleep with Jason that night?”

Silk looked in his eyes and saw hurt by the very idea so she wondered why he asked. “No Michael,” she told him softly, “I didn’t sleep with him till the night of that Frat party.”

Michael’s mind did the math and he realized she didn’t sleep with Jason till after that night he got out of control. Considering what happened, he actually understood why she did what she did and looking at it that way, she had not really cheated at all. Considering what he did to her that night in the dungeon, he was lucky she was here in his bed now at all so he told her so, “Silk about that night when I got out of control,” He started, “After what I did to you, I want you to know I don’t think of you being with Jason as cheating or a betrayal. What I did that night was totally wrong and I’m lucky to still have you.”

Silk felt the love and remorse in his voice. She wanted to reassure him, “Michael all is forgiven. I am sorry too for all that I did to provoke you.” Then being reminded of her second question, “That reminds me. Baron spoke of a punishment for what you did. Will he really punish you?”

Michael gave her a sad smile, “Yes he will.”

Silk gasped, the very thought of Michael being punished as she would be made her uneasy, “Why,” She asked first, the added, “How?”

Michael sighed, “I will be punished by Baron because of what I did to you. I should never have played with you so out of control and hurt you like I did. I crossed your limits and you were screaming red. I should have stopped. No, that’s not right, I should have never started,” He told her, “As to how, that has yet to be seen.”

Silk had to know, “Will it be like a whipping or something?”

“No I don’t think so or if it is, that will not be all. What I did is very wrong. I’m sure the punishment he has in mind will hurt me more then just a simple whipping,” He told her gravely.

As they lay there Silk thought about Michael being punished. Finally she said softly, “I don’t want you to be punished.”

With a finger under her chin, Michael lifted her face up to meet his, seeing tears in her eyes struck his heart stings, “Oh little one, don’t cry. I did wrong and I have to pay the piper.”

“But it was partly my fault too. Shouldn’t I be punished also,” She cried.

Michael was touched deeply by her thoughtfulness, “Silk I am touched that you would share in this with me, but understand, first off you have been punished already. Next, what I did to cause this has nothing to do with you. I knew better. No matter what you did I should have never done what I did. Do you understand this?”

Silk did understand but didn’t like it. She dropped her head for a moment then looked back up at him, “All because you lost control?” She questioned.

“Yes because I was drinking and lost control. Had I not been drinking I wouldn’t have lost control. See something you don’t know about me is that I used to be very out of control. When I started switch training, I was treated more as a Dom, then a slave. I let this go to my head and at this time I was also drinking quite a bit. One time I got into a pretty big mess with a slave and ending up in jail. Baron bailed me out because he knew I couldn’t call my parents. After that he took over my training and I made a promise to him that it would never happen again. He promised me the consequences would be ugly it if did. Now it has and I will pay the penalty,” He explained.

Silk was sick at the thought still, “But I didn’t get hurt and no one went to jail. All I ended up with were bruises,” she argued.

Michael sighed, “Silk it doesn’t matter how bad it was. What matters is that it happened again. I made a promise and I broke it. End of story. I will take whatever punishment Baron sees fit to dole out.”

Silk still didn’t like it but she knew she could do little to change it. Deep in her heart, she hoped Baron would forget. This in mind she settled back in to cuddling with Michael and soon fell asleep.

Michael watched her wrestle with the idea of his being punished. While he didn’t like it either, he knew he deserved it. What he did to Silk was horrid. He could have hurt her seriously and every time he thought of it, he felt sick. He would be glad to take any punishment Baron would offer.

Once Silk fell asleep, Michael got up and called Baron. It wasn’t late so he knew Baron would be up.

When Baron answered, Michael explained his reason for calling, “Silk and I were talking over everything and she brought up your promise to punish me.”

“Ah trying to get out of it are we Michael,” Baron laughed.

“No Sir, actually I was calling to remind you of it. What I did was wrong and I deserve whatever you have in mind. I was only calling to tell you that Silk is just sick over the idea,” Michael explained.

Baron thought on this and then said, “So what are you saying here Michael? Do you want me to administer it privately?”

It was Michael’s turn to think, “No I am not asking that. I think that she needs to see this, to understand that I did wrong and am taking responsibility for my actions. What I am asking is what you have in mind for said punishment.”

“Well I honestly think it should be two-fold,” Baron said thinking on it, “I think you should be whipped and not just in front of Silk but a whole party. My reason for this is two-fold also. I think it will do Silk good to see that you have to be held accountable for your actions and I think that other Doms need to see it also so they know everyone is accountable for what they do.”

Michael swallowed hard understanding completely, “And the second part?”

Baron gave an evil laugh that, “That part should be something that hits home to you in such a way to leave a lasting impression that a whipping lacks. What is it exactly that caused this fight between you and Silk,” Baron asked knowing the answer.

Michael sighed, “I thought she cheated on me, that she shared what was mine.”

“And this made you drink and loose control? This made you break your promise to me and your vow to your slave?” Baron prompted.

“Yes Sir,” was all Michael said.

Baron thought hard about this and soon he had the answer, “So I think the second part of this punishment is that you will share Silk.”

“What do you mean by this?” Michael asked not understanding.

“I have a feeling that now you would not share her. Am I right?” At Michael’s yes, he went on. “One night you will allow her to spend with me. You can trust me so you know she’s safe and you don’t risk losing her. We will cover the ground rules later and when this will happen, but now you know what your punishment will be.”

Michael was glad to know but didn’t like the second part. Here he had just mended things with Silk. He hadn’t planned on sharing her with anyone ever again. This included Alec. From this point on, except for oral, no one would ever touch Silk again. She was his and he wouldn’t share, but now he would have to once more. While he accepted his punishment knowing he deserved it totally, he didn’t like it.

Michael finally spoke, “As you request Sir,” not trusting himself to say more. He respected Baron too much to argue knowing he deserved it in spades.

He and Baron talked a bit more and then rang off. Michael went back to bed with a heavy heart. Pulling Silk close to cuddle, he thought to himself, never. Never will I share you again. With this thought in his mind, he fell asleep also.

Keep checking in for the rest of this story and check back to for Michael's punishment... I promise you'll love it...

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