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Weekend Whore

My husband/pimp has rented me out for the weekend, to himself. I am to be his whore for the weekend, starting Friday at noon until Sunday at noon. He has instructed me that I will do things I have only fantasized about, and that I will be nastier and sluttier than I have ever been. My pussy is dripping just thinking about it. He knows how nasty I love to be.
Friday morning, I start getting ready for my weekend job. After a nice long shower, and shave, I put on my sluttiest makeup. I then put on my whore clothes, black corset and hose, red leather skirt, sheer red blouse and 6” red fuck me heels. He has packed the truck and we head off to parts unknown to me. Our first stop is a rest area. After sitting there watching for a few minutes, he escorts me to the men’s restroom. After seeing that it is empty, he has me get down on my knees and start giving him a blowjob. Soon a big man, probably a trucker, comes walking in and stops as soon as he sees us. My pimp tells him to wait just a minute and he can have his turn with me, at a cost. While my pussy juice is running down my legs, I hear my pimp tell him it is $20 for a blow job, $35 for a pussy fuck or $50 for my ass. The guy says he wants it all, and throws $150 down on the floor next to me. I start sucking my pimp’s cock hard; I can’t wait to be used by this stranger. Soon the cock in my mouth starts jerking and I feel hot cum shooting down my throat. I suck him dry, and he pulls out. He tells me to be a good whore, and entertain my next client. I look over, and the trucker has his cock out, ready for me. It is pretty big, and I can’t wait to feel it in all my holes. It is not even 2:00 yet, and I am getting ready to turn my trick for the day. The trucker sits down on the toilet, and I crawl over and start licking his hard cock. As I suck on that strange cock, I feel lube on the crack off my ass. I feel it run down, and feel fingers rub it around my ass, getting it ready for what will come soon. I deep throat the cock in my mouth and hear the trucker moan, and tell my pimp what a good whore I am. After a few minutes of cock sucking, the trucker tells me to stand up and sit on his cock. I waste no time doing as I am told, because by this time, my wet pussy is aching for something inside it. I face away from him, and slowly slide down his big cock. I squeeze his cock hard, and slowly start riding it, enjoying every inch of it. As I am fucking him slowly, he inserts a finger in my wet asshole. I fuck him a little harder, and tell him I like it in the ass. He soon has three fingers, buried in my asshole, while I am fucking him harder and faster. I beg him to please fuck my asshole, tell him that I need it in my ass, he paid for it. He pulls my pussy off his big hard cock and places the head at my waiting asshole. He slowly pushes me down on his cock. I feel it sliding deeper and deeper, filling me up. I can tell that I will be cumming soon, as he reaches around and starts playing with my clit. I start riding that cock deep in my ass, for all it’s worth, getting closer and closer to cumming. Just as I start to cum, so does the cock in my ass. I hear a click and realize that my pimp is taking pictures of me getting fucked in the ass in the men’s restroom of a rest area. Soon, the trucker starts moving around, and I stand up. I can feel the cum running out of my ass, down my legs. The trucker says thank you, zips up and leaves. My pimp says that I can clean up at the hotel, and we walk out a short time later. I can see the trucker talking to a group of guys as we walk out, and I know he is telling them what just happened. My pimp hands me several business cards and tell me to go give them to the guys. As I walk over to them, I see that the card says “Rest area Whore, here every 4th Saturday. Will do anything.”. I hand one to each of the guys sitting there, and turn to walk away. One of them reaches under my skirt and feels how wet my pussy and ass are. He tells me he will see my next time, as he pinches one of nipples. My pussy drips some more, as I walk to the truck. I doze most of the rest of the way.
We arrive at the motel, and my pimp goes in and gets the key. We go into our room and he tells me to clean up, nap and get ready for my night customers. He said he would back soon. I do as I am told, and lay down naked to take a nap. I am wakened when he opens the door. He comes over and puts a blindfold on me and tells me that he needs to get me ready for the night’s entertainment. I feel scarves being tied around my wrists and ankles. My pussy starts getting wet immediately. A pillow is put under by ass, I am sure for better access. Soon, a dildo is shoved in my pussy. I am told to keep it there, or else. Soon I hear a knock on the door, and then many voices as the door is opened and my customers walk in. I can’t tell how many there are, but it really doesn’t matter. I hear my pimp welcome them and tell them that I have been paid a very generous sum to be their completely submissive whore slut for the night. They can do anything they want to me until 8:00 AM. He tells them that there is a large selection of items on the table that they are welcome to use on me. Someone notices the dildo in my pussy and starts slowly pulling it out, and then ramming it deep back in. Soon, I feel someone climb on the bed, and I feel a thick cock at my lips. I start running my tongue up and down it, then slowly start sucking on it, loving the fact that I have no idea who the cock fucking my mouth belongs to. Soon, I feel someone spreading my legs as far as the scarves would allow, and rubbing my asshole. I feel a butt plug slowly start pushing my ass, while the other dildo is buried in my pussy and a big cock in fucking my mouth. I hear the familiar sound a lighter and know that I am going to get one of my biggest turn ons…hot wax. Soon I feel the first drip of hot wax hit my left nipple and I moan in pleasure. I feel it dripping on both nipples, and I almost cum. It continues to be dripped on my tits, slowly working downward towards my full pussy and ass. I feel the wax drip on my clit, just as I hear the clicking of a camera and again I almost cum. Soon the dildo in my pussy is taken out and a big cock replaces it. The cock in my mouth starts fucking my mouth faster and I feel the first spray of cum hit the back of my throat. I suck it harder, wanting every last drop of cum that I can get. I feel my nipples being pulled and pinched and I can’t stand it. I cum so hard on the cock deep in my pussy and the dildo in my ass comes right out. The cock in my pussy pulls out and I feel hot cum spraying over my tits and pussy. I love the feel of hot cum all over my tits. It makes me feel so nasty. As the night progresses, I am fucked in all holes more times than I can count. As the sun was coming up, I was told to straddle one big cock. As I started fucking it as deep as I could, there was another big cock rubbing at my lips. I start sucking it, enjoying fucking and sucking two big cocks, knowing there were at least several more men watching the sex show. I felt someone get on the bed behind me. Thinking I was going to get it in the ass again, I made sure that my ass was high enough for access. I was a little worried when I felt the second cock at my pussy instead of my ass. He slowly pushed it in my pussy, along side of the other one that was already filling my pussy. I started cumming immediately, while all three cocks continued to fuck my mouth and pussy. I soon felt cum spraying over me from the sides, and realized that the rest of the guys were jacking off and spraying their hot cum all over me. I felt like the nastiest whore around. The three cocks in my mouth and pussy started shooting their hot cum deep inside me, and I came again, so hard I almost passed out. Soon I heard them all getting dressed and leaving. My pimp leaned down and whispered…tomorrow you will fuck and suck anything that has a cock, and anywhere they want you to do it. I can hardly wait!

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2009-10-29 09:45:45
That was an amazing story. try yto be more desciptive of the actual sex, but "As the night progresses, I am fucked in all holes more times than I can count." was the sentence that pushed me over the edge. You ar a gifted writer. Use paragraphs next time for easier reading. Good job and keep it up!

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