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An accident certainly improved my sex life.
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Foot Through The Wall

I had lived in that apartment house for several years and seen the tenants come and go. There were only two apartments upstairs and two on the first floor. I lived on the right on the first floor and was also the building manager. I pay half of the rent and all of the utilities. For that I got to shovel the snow, mow the lawn, show the empty apartments, and take complaints. From there I simply called a plumber, electrician, or the owner herself to fix anything major. Lucky me.

When a pretty young schoolteacher moved in next door to me I was quite pleased. She was a gym teacher and she coached the girl’s sports like basketball, field hockey, and cheerleading.

For about a week I had heard some rather loud and unusual noises coming from her apartment, so one day I knocked on her door. She answered it in a tiny robe and I apologized for interrupting her shower. She laughed and said that she always practices in the nude. That made me smile and she clarified that too say that she always practices in the house nude. I mentioned the noise and she said that she was sorry but that she was having difficulty making a certain tumbling move. Of course I offered to help her with it and she just smiled knowing that I just wanted to see her naked. That was certainly true.

She was pretty quiet for a few days and then all of a sudden all hell broke loose, literally. Her music was loud, she was doing a lot of stomping, and then her foot came through the wall. My wallpaper tore, the plaster pulverized, and the lathe boards splintered. Even a picture frame fell off the wall. There on my side of the wall was a bare foot with red painted toenails pointing to the ceiling.

She was calling out for my help so using my passkey I entered her apartment. I found her totally naked as she had said, standing on her head against the wall, with one foot through the wall. I looked at her wonderfully toned body, her big firm breasts that were actually defying gravity, and then right down into the most beautiful pussy that I had ever seen. It was fully open, quite moist, and there was a whole pink universe down in there that I wanted to explore. She had sparse light blonde hairs surrounding the entrance to heaven. She certainly was a natural blonde.

As I stood there mesmerized she asked me to help her get her foot out of the wall because the splintered wood was preventing her from withdrawing her foot.

I told her that I would need to take some pictures of the damages for the insurance claim. She smiled upside down at me and said that I only wanted the nude pictures of her to jerk off too. She had insulted me. She was perfectly correct but still, she had insulted me. So I turned around and left. In my apartment I took pictures of her foot and tickled her a little. Soon she was begging me to come back over and take all of the pictures that I though the insurance company would want. I smiled to myself and went back over again.

She was not bleeding and she was not in any real pain so I took my time. About a hundred pictures later I was pushing her coaching magazines into the wall along her skin to hold the splinters away. They were acting like the barbs on a fishhook. Once I had everything in place I helped her get her foot out of the hole. I had her remain still on the floor as I checked her for damage. Other than her pride she seemed fine. Then of course I asked her what she was up to. She tried to explain it in pieces and demonstrated it to me in pieces. I immediately realized the problem…her apartment was too short. She was trying to do about five feet more routine than she had space for. I told her that my apartment would be better for her, that it was laid out differently, and that I had more room than she needed.

She put on her tiny robe and followed me over to my apartment. Once she looked my place over she smiled knowing that I was right. She looked at the camera in my hands and told me that a few more pictures of her nude couldn’t hurt. She removed her robe and helped me move the furniture out of her way and then she told me where to stand so that I wouldn’t get hit. She got ready and then she went for it. She was very impressive. She should have been in the Olympics. She told me that she had tried out but about thirty girls in the country were better than she was. Damn only thirty girls in this country were better than she was. She sure looked good to me. Well as they say those that can…do, and those that can’t…teach.

After making three perfect tumbling runs through my apartment she was happy to sit down and drink a Gatorade as we talked. She did not bother to put on the tiny robe either. She asked me what I had planned on doing with the hole in the wall. When I said that I wanted to spy on her through it she laughed and said, okay. Soon I was talking about a doggy door maybe big enough for her to crawl through and into my bed. She said that she didn’t need a doggy door to do that. Then she got down on her hands and knees and crawled into my bedroom and up onto my bed. She was in the doggy position when she turned her head toward me and started barking like a puppy in a very cute little girl voice.

I undressed and crawled up behind her. My cock slipped into that wet pink tunnel of hers easily. I grabbed her hips and started thrusting. She told me to go faster and lock my doggy knot in her because she was almost there. It seems that doing her routine nude for me had gotten her just as excited as it had me. In no time at all we were both in our climaxes and crying out our praises to God and to one another.

As we lay there afterwards pretending that my knot was stuck in her, she said that she would like a doggy door. So would I. In fact after I installed it we sort of took turns crawling through it and into one another’s beds.

That school year flew by all to quickly and she received a better offer at another school and kissed me goodbye.

The owner came by unexpectedly to check out the empty apartment to see if it needed any improvements. She had me do a walk through with her to take notes. She stopped and stared at the doggy door for almost a full minute. The she said, “My granddaughter had only good things to say about that door…and about you too. She hated to move on but it was a great opportunity for her. She asked me to take care of you in her absence.”

I looked at her. She was a fine looking lady. I had never really noticed it before. I asked, “Can you crawl?”

She said, “Yes, but my boobs might drag on the floor. They aren’t as firm as they used to be.”

I grabbed my crotch and said, “I might be firm enough for both of us.”

She replied, “That’s what I’m counting on.”

I watched as she undressed. Her belly was somewhat rounded and her big breasts sat on the slight bulge. They were elongated like a bowling pin and the entire end was one huge areola with a pretty thick nipple sticking out of it. She got down on her hands and knees before the open door and then lowered her breasts until her nipples brushed along the carpet. Then she crawled through the doggy door slowly so that I could checkout her ass and her dripping pussy lips.

When she turned around to see if I was following her I was already naked and crawling behind her. I pretended to lower myself to drag my cock on the floor but at full erection I could hardly pry it away from my belly button.

She giggled like her granddaughter did whenever I stuck my nose in her butt as she crawled.

I followed her right into my bedroom and up onto the bed. She felt different from her granddaughter but still just as nice to make love too.

I asked her if she would come to my bed every night and she just smiled as she that I should come to her bed every night. She further said that we should cover up the doggy door and rent out both apartments.

She said that we should invite her granddaughter to come stay with us for holidays. Granny liked the thought of sharing me with her granddaughter and I liked the thought of fucking them both. Besides I knew that her granddaughter went both ways…that’s why she coached the girl’s sports and practiced at home in the nude. She had often entertained a girl and then crawled into bed with me just to brag about it.

The End
Foot Through The Wall
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