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This is the third part in a series so if you don't read the other two you won't know what is going on. This part is longer than the other two and has more sex so I hope you enjoy.
Jimmy barely remembered anything after the unexpectedly rough, animalistic sex he had had with Brie. He vaguely remembered dragging the last few loads of wood in and a brief conversation with Ms. Orchard. But all that really stood out in his mind were flashes of his session with Brie and fantasies of what he planned to do with Nadia and Julie. Jimmy walked into his room, stripped to his boxers and practically collapsed into his bed. As he lay there he let his mind run away from him and his weariness flood over him, and soon fell into a deep restful sleep.

Jimmy woke with a start around two hours later still slightly disoriented by the unfamiliar surroundings. His body ached, but he felt refreshed and lie there for a moment with a smile on his face remembering his and Brie’s session in the shed, as the images flashed across his mind he began to feel a slight stirring in his boxers. He ignored it and stood up, pulling on his clothes he headed out the door. It would be a couple of hours before Nadia and Julie would come to his room so he decided to find Kaley.

They hadn’t talked since the night before and despite everything that had happened he couldn’t get the time they had spent together out of his mind. Even the kiss, chaste in any case and no more erotic than a handshake compared to what he had done with Brie and planned to do with Nadia and hopefully Julie tonight. Yet in spite of that he still couldn’t stop thinking about it.

He found her in the living area of the cabin; she looked up and smiled brightly when she saw him. “Hey Jimmy, I was hoping I would see you today” Jimmy smiled back “I was hoping to see you too” he said sincerely.

To his great embarrassment he had begun to feel nervous around Kaley and to his further humiliation he couldn’t decide whether to sit on the couch next to her, or if he should sit in the recliner. “Jesus” he thought. Here he fully planned to seduce two of the most beautiful girls he knew, with little doubt of at least partial success, yet Kaley reduced him to agonizing indecision about where to sit. He was met with an amused glance when he finally decided on the couch. “So what have you been up to today” he asked trying to cover his embarrassment. “Oh I just got my stuff settled in my and Brie’s room and then moved some food up from the basement.”

“That’s good; I was thinking we should get that done soon.” ‘Jesus Christ’ he thought, ‘I can’t even talk to her.’ Jimmy quickly glanced back at Kaley and noticed she once again looked amused by his awkwardness. “Fuck, I’m acting like a nervous twelve year old and she’s amused as hell at the whole fucking spectacle.”

Thankfully she had the tact to avoid mocking him for his nerves and replied “yep it definitely needed done”

Finally Jimmy, annoyed by the small talk and his humiliating nerves threw caution to the wind, leaned in and kissed Kaley. To his vast relief she happily accepted the kiss even opening her mouth when his tongue pressed to her lips. As his tongue met Kaley’s his hand found its way to her breast gently squeezing. He felt her moan slightly into his mouth but to his dismay she gently pushed him away. “Sorry big guy, but you’re gonna have to work a bit harder than that” leaning in she whispered into his ear, “But trust me I’m worth it.” With that she stood up gave Jimmy a quick peck on the lips before walking seductively away. “Fuck” was all Jimmy could say.

After Kaley left, he sat for a while thinking about what had just happened. Once again he was feeling sexually frustrated, despite the vigorous fucking of only a few hours before. It would still be a few hours before his plans with Nadia and Julie, so he decided he needed to find a way to take his mind off of his infuriating behavior around Kaley.

Jimmy decided to see if Ms. Orchard had anything that she needed done around the cabin. He walked to her room and knocked, when he got no response he opened the door a crack to see if she was asleep or just not in her room. However as the door opened Jimmy heard sounds made only by sexually aroused women, as he slowly poked his head in the room his eyes soon confirmed what his ears told him.

Ms. Orchard was masturbating in her bedroom!

He remembered the room next to hers had a connecting door and quickly made his way there. Jimmy moved quietly to the door separating the rooms he gently twisted the knob and opened the door just a crack, thinking the whole time he would soon be caught. He needn’t have worried though peering through the door; he looked directly over her bed, and could see that she was in her own world.

She lay on the bed wearing only a pair of bikini style panties and a tank top that had bunched to just beneath her small breasts. One hand rubbed her soaked pussy through her panties and the other seemingly roamed her body of its own accord, squeezing her tits, grasping at her thighs and joining her other hand in pleasuring her pussy.

The sight left Jimmy entranced, his hand found its way to his crotch where his cock strained painfully against his jeans. Still watching, Jimmy freed his rock hard cock and began to slowly stroke all the while taking in the mesmerizing sight of Ms. Orchard sliding her hand underneath her panties and rubbing her excited clit. Her pace quickened and her breath along with a small moan escaped her as she squeezed and pulled her nipple.

Jimmy began to quicken his own pace wishing he could go give the gorgeous cheerleading coach what she so obviously needed. Ms. Orchard clearly having thoughts similar to Jimmy’s finally pulled off her now nearly transparent panties and gave Jimmy his first view of her pussy. She was shaved clean, her clit had fully emerged from its hood and she was lightly rubbing it with circular motions while she slowly began to push two fingers into her vagina. For a moment after fully penetrating she let her pussy muscles contract around her fingers, and then began to quicken the pace, Jimmy wanting to cum himself as close to simultaneously with her as possible matched her. As she furiously fucked herself with two fingers, her other hand once again began roaming her body, clenching at her thighs, briefly toying with her erect nipples, then just as quickly returning to her clitoris.

Moans escaped her and gentle shudders of excitement raced through her body. As her hips began to buck against her fingers she pulled them away from her vagina and began furiously rubbing her clitoris, her other hand tightly clenched the sheet, her breath quickened to a jagged pace, her legs began kicking out and then clenching back in as her chest and hips alternated thrusting forward. Finally a loud moan tore from her lips and shudders ripped through her body, the pace of her hand on her clitoris dropped to a slow, gentle rub, shudders still occasionally coursing through her. Finally she lay back exhausted from the effort but thoroughly satisfied.

Watching this pushed Jimmy over the edge and cum burst out of him, not the thick ropes of before but a still considerable load blasted. His legs weakened and he sat against the wall to absorb what he’d just seen.

As soon as he had recovered enough to walk he left the room not wanting to risk getting caught spying. Walking into his room he decided on a shower to kill the last hour or so before Nadia and Julie were supposed to be arriving. Afterward, Jimmy grabbed a deck of cards and the booze and sat back to relax and recuperate.

Jimmy awoke with a start at the girls knocking on his door sometime later, he didn’t even realize he’d fallen asleep but knew it had done him a world of good. Opening the door Jimmy’s jaw nearly dropped, even his cock, which he’d feared left in a dormant state after Cumming explosively three times in less than eighteen hours twitched appreciatively.

Julie was wearing her cheerleading uniform, a black and red top with a picture of their school logo, a Senator (yes a Senator) that went to just above the belly button, and showed just a bit of cleavage though Julie’s undoubtedly showed more than most, and a short red and black skirt.

Nadia however had gone with more of a schoolgirl look She wore a pleated skirt that reached her knees, and a very tight, white polo shirt. The only thing missing in Jimmy’s mind were the knee high stockings.
At his almost lecherous inspection the girls blushed and laughed slightly “I figured since I wasn’t going to be able to wear it officially I might as well wear it now, right?.” “Absolutely,” Jimmy replied “I’m glad you did.”

“I’m sure you are but I’m not putting that thing on unless I have to perv so you’ll have to get your kicks from Julie.” Nadia said good naturedly.

Moving up next to Julie and putting an arm around her waist Jimmy said, “I’ll be sure to do that if you’re willing to oblige a perv such as myself.”

Laughing Julie pushed him away; Jimmy not missing a beat turned to Nadia and led her to a table he’d dragged in earlier with cups and cards already on it. “I guess I’ll need to soften you girls up with a pervert like me’s best friend” he said pulling a bottle of Captain’s out and pouring a generous portion for each of them. “I even found some mixers, whoever owns this Cabin and I are kindred spirits”

As he said this he handed each girl a drink and sat so at the table so that the girls would have to sit on either side of him. Jimmy briefly considered coming right out and suggesting a game of strip poker but quickly decided to sit back and let the girls lead him where they may, for a while at least “So, what kind of drinking games do you girls enjoy” he asked as they sat and took their first sips of the rum and cokes.

After a quick debate they settled on playing “up and down the river.” As the night progressed and the drinks flowed Nadia made it clear that she was on Jimmy’s side. “I’m bored with this game; let’s play something fun, like truth or dare.” Jimmy’s heart skipped a beat at this suggestion; this would be easier than he’d dared to hope. “No, I don’t want to play truth or dare” Julie said, brutally murdering Jimmy’s fondest dreams. “Let’s dance instead” she said proving herself to not be completely without a soul.

Julie stood and drunkenly pulled Jimmy to his feet. “I found a radio earlier” she told him stumbling slightly across the room and to turn a random crappy pop CD on, any thoughts Jimmy had of complaining about her atrocious taste in music quickly faded when Nadia pulled him over to her and began to grind against him. When Julie joined them and Jimmy found himself sandwiched between the two he discovered he could barely hear the music.

Feeling Julie’s tits pressed against his back and realizing that Nadia wanted this threesome to happen almost as much as he did, Jimmy decided to make his move. When a slower song came on Jimmy turned to Julie and pulled her closer so he could grind with her. Jimmy could hear Julie’s breath quicken somewhat at the erotic dancing, when Nadia came around behind her sandwiching Julie as they had just had Jimmy, he knew they had her. After a few moments of dancing Jimmy leaned in and kissed Julie, she responded passionately practically attacking his tongue when they probed her lips. Nadia standing behind her began to kiss Julie’s neck, at the contact Julie stiffened slightly but did nothing to stop it.

After making out for a while Jimmy steered the girls to his bed. He sat beside Julie not breaking the kiss and Nadia sat on the other end kissing her neck. They kept at this for about five minutes when Nadia pushed Julie to the bed breaking their kiss and began to kiss Julie on the mouth for the first time. Jimmy watched, enjoying the scene, he’d never seen to girls kissing this passionately before in real life.

Julie kissed back for a second and then pushed Nadia away “I really don’t think I can do this” she said. Jimmy had come too far to give up now, Nadia felt the same way “Why not?” she asked placing her hand on Julie’s knee “I can tell you want to, and I know you like sex, and you are always saying you want to try now things.” Julie didn’t have a good counter for this, and Jimmy could tell that her resistance was merely token, made only because she felt she should.

He decided to help her along and began kissing her on the neck, she moaned slightly at the contact but still pushed him away. “Jimmy hold on…wait…we really shouldn’t do this.” Jimmy stopped kissing her and leaned in to whisper in her ear even as Nadia rubbed slowly up her knee letting Jimmy take point. “Me and Nadia can make you feel pleasure you didn’t know was possible” Nadia’s hand moved further up her thigh; Julie did nothing to stop it. “I promise we’ll go slow and let you adjust; just go with it and tell us if you decide you want us to stop.” Jimmy again started kissing her neck, and Nadia’s hand was inching up her thigh even while she began to kiss and lick Julie’s stomach. Julie began to squirm with pleasure and embarrassment at the ministrations of the two horny teenagers and her resistance was all but gone. Though she had one last try in her “Hold on you guys I really ca-“she started, but Jimmy quickly stifled the objection with a passionate kiss at that the last of Julie’s resistance crumbled as Jimmy continued to kiss Julie his hands began to explore her body, running up her outer thigh and lightly squeezing her ass.

Nadia meanwhile had finally reached her hand inside of Julie’s skirt and now lightly played with her soaking pussy, making her want a closer look, she had seen Julie naked before but never the up close look she meant to have right now.

Nadia pulled off Julie’s skirt starting at her knees she kissed her way up her thighs lightly running her tongue along the skin, Julie’s breath quickened as Nadia came closer to her excited pussy. Nadia decided to punish her for her earlier resistance though and reluctantly passed her pussy over. She once again began kissing Julie’s waist, when Julie’s shirt began interfering with her progress she turned to Jimmy and pulled him away from Julie to passionately kiss him for a moment before pulling back, “wait here a sec.” Turning back to Julie she said “come here bitch I wanna get you naked.” Julie, seemingly over her initial nervs, grinned and happily obliged the blunt order by rising to her knees and hungrily meeting Nadia in a kiss broken only briefly to remove her shirt freeing her large braless breasts hanging in all the glories of youth with barely a visible sag despite their size.

Jimmy rose from the bed still watching the girls as they kissed and ran their hands across each other’s bodies, he quickly removed his clothes and then sliding behind Nadia kissed her neck as he reached down to undo her skirt then sliding a hand down to her quickly moistening thong with two fingers he gently rubbed her pussy in a circular motion. Jimmy’s other hand started undoing the buttons on Nadia’s shirt before pulling her hands away from Julies breast and ass, then having to stop them from immediately returning he slid her bra off as well. Taking a step back and grinning at the scene in front of him he dragged a chair over sat and stroked his cock while enjoying the view.

As the girls kiss continued they both grew more and more aroused, their kissing grew sloppy, and their hands ran frantically across each other’s bodies. Finally Nadia broke the kiss and pushed Julie to the bed and sucked a nipple into her mouth. Julie moaned softly and then gasped when Nadia made her way down her body to her pussy. Noticing that someone or to more accurately follow her thoughts something was missing looked at Jimmy and said “get that dick over here.”

Jimmy didn’t have to be told twice and hurried over, as soon as he got within arm’s length of Julie she grabbed his cock and pulled him closer. Jimmy stepped one leg over Julie on the bed, then squatting slightly lined himself up with her mouth but resisted when she tried to pull him closer “hold on a sec I want to try something” Jimmy squeezed her tits together and pulling her head up he began thrust into her tits but found that his dick only barely reached her lips, for perhaps the only time in recorded history Jimmy wished the girl’s tits were smaller. He still enjoyed the sensation however her tits lacked the warmth of a pussy, or mouth but they were soft and formed to his dick better, not as good as sex but still nice. As Jimmy thrusted Julie got an idea and stuck her tongue out and rolled it, the end of his thrust brought his cock along the length of her tongue to the entrance of the mouth, the extra, unexpected sensation caused Jimmy to shudder and finally he left the tits and brought his cock to the warmth of Julie’s mouth. Julie scooted up so she was against the headboard and could get a better angle on Jimmy’s dick. Julie wasn’t a slut but her cock-sucking skills were legend around the school. She expertly ran her tongue along the length of his shaft, and flicking the head while she used her hand to play with his balls.

Nadia meanwhile finally made her way to Julie’s pussy, when she got there she lifted her hips and slid Julie’s panties off. Kissing along Julie’s thighs and making her squirm Nadia brought her thumb to Julie’s clitoris and rubbed her nose along the slit then placed her mouth over Julie’s pussy ran her tongue along the length of it occasionally sliding it up into her vagina, all while rubbing her clit in a circular motion.

Jimmy pulled out of Julie’s mouth then climbed off the bed and pulled Nadia over to him he kissed her deeply for a moment then pushed her back, “she tastes good, go make her return the favor, I have to fuck her” Jimmy pulled Julie to him. Dropping to his knees he licked a couple times and rose to his feet. Jimmy draped one of Julie’s legs over his arm and slid his dick into Julie’s tight pussy, after letting the pussy reform around his dick Jimmy picked up her other leg, and began to thrust.

As Jimmy thrust Nadia straddled Julie’s face. Julie was unsure of what to do but let instinct guide her and hesitantly licked her first pussy. She was surprised to find it tasted somewhat different than her own juices but she liked it even preferring it to her own and enthusiastically continued.

Jimmy didn’t want to finish too soon so he pulled back, kneeled and placed Julie’s knees on his shoulders. Sliding two fingers into her pussy Jimmy began flicking her clit with his tongue. After a few moments feeling her hips begin to buck against his face he quickly speared his tongue into her tunnel and began hurriedly rubbing her clit with his thumb.

With a building pressure spreading through her Julie became almost frenzied in pleasuring Nadia. Spearing her tongue she let Nadia rock against her face and rub her own clit. With her own hands Julie used her thumb to rub against her sensitive asshole. Her other hand reached up to Nadia’s breasts, or joined her tongue at Nadia’s pussy then wet with her juices she let her suck them clean. Nadia began to feel a pressure building herself but she felt Julie gasp against her and begin to writhe against the bed. Frustrated she turned to Jimmy, forcibly pulling him away from Julie’s pussy and shoved his face into her own seeking release.

Jimmy barely even noticed the change he just went back to work, after flicking Nadia’s clit for a minute he quickly pulled back and held for back until she looked at him; “what the hell do you thi-.” Jimmy drove two fingers into her pussy, and his pinky into her asshole while quickly flicking her clit with his tongue. The sudden stimulation stole Nadia’s breath and drove her head into the bed, arching her back, and grabbing both breasts roughly in her hands she just squeezed. Julie had recovered and pulled a hand away to suck and flick on her nipples. Nadia’s hips bucked wildly, she threw her head back loudly moaning, Julie quickly began to kiss her to stifle the sound.

The orgasm coursed through Nadia, Julie also not fully recovered followed her down, still kissing her. Jimmy climbed back to the bed and sat against the head board, far from satisfied but patient enough to let them rest for a moment. After a moment of rest Julie was growing animated and talkative. “Oh my god I can’t believe I almost didn’t do this; that was the best sex I ever had.” As she spoke Julie straddled Jimmy squeezing his re-hardening dick between them.

She began to rock slightly rubbing his cock between his belly and her pussy making him gasp “well Nadia and me got off so I guess that means it’s your turn.” Jimmy was still unable to speak so he just nodded dumbly with a big stupid grin on his face. Julie scooted back while Jimmy lined his cock up then she quickly scooted forward taking his entire length at once making him gasp again. She began to rock back and forth, Jimmy grabbed her waist to help set the tempo and both were soon lost in the moment.
Nadia had also recovered from her explosive orgasm and sat next to Jimmy she absently fingered herself and began to kiss Jimmy, with her other hand she alternated between playing with Julie’s nipples and her own. the erotic frenzy of moments before had gone settling into a relaxed, yet enjoyable coupling the three teenagers had never experienced before. After a few minutes Nadia stopped kissing Jimmy and rose next to Julie, she kissed her for a few moments and fondled her breast while Julie returned the favor, then said “My turn, I haven’t had that cock all night.” Nadia helped Julie slide off of Jimmy then took Julie’s place while she did the same.

Jimmy grunted slightly when Nadia slid onto his cock her pussy was different then Julie’s or Brie’s, it was tighter then both taking a moment to slide into even with her weight helping. It also seemed warmer, all in all it was the best pussy Jimmy had ever been in so he relaxed and took on the same steady pace he had had with Julie.

After several minutes of steady rocking Jimmy knew he was getting close, “change positions, doggy style” was all he could say, he’d discovered that sex seemed to render him stupid, the male condition he supposed. Nadia seemed to understand though and situated herself face down towards Julie’s pussy and began licking while Jimmy slid his cock into her. Julie had been getting close to another orgasm while watching Jimmy fuck Nadia and the added help of Nadia’s tongue brought her close to the edge. Thrusting her hips against Nadia she held her head against her pussy as another orgasm began to wash over her.

Jimmy was also close, Nadia’s pussy so tight against his and watching her lick Julie put him on the edge. The way her face thrust against Julie’s pussy every time he thrust into her was the hottest thing he had ever seen. “Oh fuck, oh shit, oh fuck here it is” he yelled the end of a stroke burying him in her pussy. The orgasm was the most intense so far, far less cum but the sensations left him speechless.

The feeling of Jimmy’s cum shooting into her pushed Nadia over the edge “Fuck fuck fuck, ohhhmmmm” she yelled pushing her face back into Julie to muffle the yell, and the feeling of Nadia’s hot breath yelling into her pussy gave Julie another mini-orgasm.

Jimmy pulled out of Nadia and the three of them collapsed into a naked tangle of limbs. Jimmy fell almost instantly to sleep, as Nadia kissed Julie one last time and sleepily asked “so, did you enjoy?” “Mmm amazing” she answered already falling asleep.

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