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Julie stepped out of the cab, pulling her jacket tighter against the cold evening
The Club

By anon y mouse

Julie stepped out of the cab, pulling her jacket tighter against the cold evening wind. Her friend Sarah followed her, paying the twenty dollar tab.

"Well, this is it," said Sarah cheerfully, flicking a lock of brown hair from her face.

"Are you sure?" asked Julie, looking about nervously. Across the street from where the cab had dropped them off stood a large building, built of plain concrete block. The entire side was broken by only a single door, "It doesn't look like much of a club."

Sarah took her hand and led her across the street, Julie taking care not to stumble; she wasn't used to wearing high heels.

Julie adjusted her clothes as they got closer. She wore a simple white blouse and a dark, knee-length skirt with black stockings, her light brown hair tied neatly behind her.

"I'm not really sure about this," she said, "Can't we do this another night?"

"No, we can't," said Sarah, reaching for the door handle, "The pass I got you is only for tonight."

Sarah pulled the door open and led Julie into the dimly lit hallway behind. The walls were painted a dark shade of red. Bare bulbs pointed the way to a battered doorway, thumping bass notes echoed through the hall to the music.

A woman stood at the door, she was tall and muscular, wearing tight black jeans and a t-shirt. Julie felt herself turn red under her stare.

"Good evening Rocky," Sarah said to the woman.

"Evening Sarah," she said back, not taking her eyes off of Julie, "Who's your friend?"

"This is Julie," she replied, pushing Julie closer, "I've got her in tonight."

"Does Mistress know?"


Rocky nodded, not taking her eyes off Julie. She leant over and opened the door.

"Enjoy the show," she said with a smile.


Julie bit back a gasp as she looked around the room. There was a stage in the centre of the room, with an attached catwalk that led into the back. A nude Asian girl was dancing around the steel pole, a black thong in her teeth. There was a bar stretched out along the right hand wall, a number of women seated, sipping drinks.

Sarah led her to an empty table close to the stage. Julie hung her jacket over the back of the chair, more than a little aware of the people watching her.

A waitress came over to their table. Julie guessed she couldn't be any older than fifteen. She had long red hair pulled back in a pony tail and wore only a simple white apron that covered her crotch.

"Hey Sarah," she said with a smile, "What can I get ya?"

Sarah ordered the drinks for both of them, and the waitress left. Julie's eyes locked onto her exposed ass.

"See," said Sarah, watching her friend's gaze, "This place isn't so bad."

Julie turned back and stared into the table, "I'm really not sure about this."

"Relax. Everyone is here for the same reason's you are."

As their waitress came back with the drinks, Julie couldn't help ogling the girl's firm breasts as she leant over to place them on the table, a much older woman came up to them. Julie had to admit, she was very attractive—; long silver hair tied up in a bow, wearing a black dress that was cut in just the right places.

"So, you must be Julie," she said, extending her hand, "I'm Mistress."

"Pleasure to meet you," said Julie, trying to keep her nervousness out of her voice.

"Sarah tells me this is your first time at a place like this."

"Y-yeah," Julie said, "I'm not really sure what to expect."

"Oh don't worry," said Mistress, as lights began to flash on stage, "I'm sure you'll know what you want by the end of the night."

Claps and cheers came up from around the club as the first dancer walked on stage; the PA system announcing her as ‘Lioness’.

Julie let out a gasp as she looked at her. She couldn't have been older than ten or eleven, and wore a tight, leopard print dress. The lights pulsed on her dark skin, as she spun herself around the pole, letting the dress ride up over her hips, baring her bald sex to the crowd.

Julie took a sip of her drink and watched as the girl slipped the dress down off her chest, exposing her pointy nipples, leaving the dress around her waist. Glancing over at her friend, Julie saw Sarah was entranced, staring intently as the girl slid down the pole; her knees spread wide, and began humping her plump butt against the cool steel.

"Holy fuck," Sarah murmured, her hand slipping under the waistband of her jeans.

Julie scanned the room and saw many other women where in the midst of pleasuring themselves, and each other.

She turned her eyes back to the dancer, and watched as she bucked up and down. She was moaning in delight, as she pushed her sex against the poke, pinching and tweaking her nipples.

She suddenly flipped over, onto her back, and with her legs spread as wide as she could, she rubbed herself off, and her legs tensing through her climax, her squeals of delight temporarily blocking out the music.

As the girl lay on her back panting, Sarah, as well as a few other women, pulled notes from their pockets. They lent over the stage and rubbed them against her wet lips. They then slapped them against her thighs, and the notes stuck.

Eventually, the girl got up, blowing kisses to the crowd, before slinking off into the back.

"Well," said Sarah when the girl had gone, "What did you think?"

"I honestly don't know what to say," said Julie, "I mean she's so young..."

"Well yeah," said Sarah, "That's kinda the point."

Julie was about to say something else, when the PA came on again.

"And next up, everyone put your hands together for; Angelica"

The lights flashed on again, only this time they were a lot softer. The girl who came out was much younger than the one before, she looked not much over eight years old. She had golden blonde hair, which had been tied back in pigtails. She wore a typical schoolgirl's uniform; pleated skirt, white shirt with tie, knee high socks and shiny black shoes, the outfit was topped off with a set of furry white angel wings.

"Oh my god," Julie heard herself moan, not noticing the smirk she got from Sarah.

The girl swayed onto the stage, her hips swinging back and forth to the music, her skirt occasionally flipping up to expose the tiniest white g-string.

She slowly removed her shirt, undoing each button agonisingly slowly, letting the crowd get glimpses of her pale skin. She threw it into the crowd when it was done, and Julie silently cursed the woman who grabbed it.

Angelica spun around the pole, her skirt flipping up again. Julie was fascinated by her fluid movements, she moved around the circle so confidently for a child so young. The girl pulled at the little zip on her skirt, and bent forward as she pulled it down, her round ass facing out into the crowd. She kicked her leg out, and the red garment spun through the air, caught by one of the women at the bar.

Julie didn't notice when Sarah excused herself and got up from the table, she just watched mesmerised as Angelica continued to twirl around the pole, her too small underwear creeping down her body. Her panties finally slipped down her legs and she stepped one foot out of them.

As she looked up, she locked eyes with Julie, and the woman and girl stared at each other for what, to Julie, felt like an eternity. She walked to the edge of the stage, closest to Julie, and stuck her foot out, her white panties hanging off.

Julie willed her hand to stay steady as she reached out and plucked them off her foot. Angelica gave her the sweetest smile and cart wheeled backwards, landing perfectly against the pole.

She continued dancing, spreading her legs for the crowds enjoyment. Julie watched, enraptured by this girl, all the while her hands caressed the white panties in her hands.


Sarah sat back at their table as Angelica left the stage, smiling and giving little waves.

"Did I miss anything good?" she asked calmly, trying not to laugh and Julie's stunned expression.

"That girl is fantastic," said Julie quietly, still holding the girl's g-string.

"I'm glad you like her," said Sarah, "You even got yourself a nice souvenir."

Julie blushed as she realised she still held them, feeling the slight wetness on her fingers.

The PA system announced they would be a break for a while, so Sarah called one of the nude waitresses over and ordered a couple more drinks.

"How did you find out about this place?" asked Julie when their drinks arrived.

"Same way you did," replied Sarah, taking a sip, "A friend of mine told me about it."

They continued their conversation and Mistress walked over, a certain stride in her step.

"Sarah. Julie," she said, "The girls are ready for you now."

Sarah smiled and pulled Julie to her feet, "Great. Now comes the good part."

She led a puzzled Julie out through a side door, which led to a staircase. Upstairs, the club resembled a hotel, with corridors leading to numerous rooms.

Mistress led them down passed many rooms, the soft sounds of feminine moans emanating from within.

"Okay," she said, stopping in the hallway, "This is your room Sarah," she said, gesturing to a room on her right, "And this is your room Julie." gesturing to the room on her left, "Just remember, if they say stop, stop."

She left them with a smile and made her way back down the corridor.

"What the hell's going on?" asked Julie, her earlier nerves making showing again.

"Don't worry" said Sarah, pushing Julie towards the door, "Just enjoy yourself"


Julie entered the room tentatively. It was laid out quite simply. There was a large chair in one corner, and a double bed opposite. The ceiling was mirrored, and a soft light came from wall mounted torches.

Angelica was seated on the chair.

The girl got up and walked to Julie. She had changed from her previous outfit, now her hair hung loosely down her back, and she wore only a sheer black dress, her pale body practically shining underneath.

She took her hand and led her to the bed, crawling along it on her hands and knees. She crooked her finger at Julie, and the older woman followed her. She had Julie lie down on the bed, and stood over her. She danced to the imagined beat in her mind, offering Julie peeks up her black dress.

Now they were closer, Julie was able to drink in this girl's beauty. Her skin was smooth, and there was just the smallest amount of muscle definition on her body, due to night's dancing.

She pulled the dress up and over herself, and threw it behind her, continuing to sway her hips, back and forth.

She arched her back and flipped over, ending up on her stomach, her face pointing up Julie's skirt. Julie felt the girl's hands reach up and grabbed her panties, pulling them down off her legs.

"Oh my god," she moaned as she felt Angelica's fingers probe at her sex.

Julie grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled it up, Angelica smiled at the sight of Julie's trimmed sex. The first time she felt the girl's young mouth lower itself onto her aching sex; Julie bucked her hips of the bed, almost going over the edge right then and there.

But Angelica was gentle; she calmed Julie down by massaging her stomach before tackling her pussy once more.

Small fingers pushed into her hole, thrusting in and out with a slow pace. Julie had to beg the girl to go faster, as she thrust her hips against her hand.

Back and forth, in and out of Julie's pussy her fingers went with ease. Then she pulled them out and brought them up to her mouth, licking them hungrily, savouring it as though it was her last meal. Then she brought them to Julie's mouth, tracing them over her lips so she could taste herself. The flavour was sweet and musky and it drove her crazy with desire.

Julie grabbed the little girl and spun her round; bring her baby-bald sex to her face.

The smell of her cunt was incredibly intoxicating, and the softness of that hairless pussy against her mouth was almost enough to make Julie come again. Angelica's hips were bucking against her face as if she were fucking a cock.

The feeling of it was unreal. Her hands held Julie's in place while she feasted on her swiftly flowing juices. Julie could feel her getting closer; hear her moans getting louder and louder. Her head fell back, her mouth opened, her flat chest thrust forward 'and her thighs shook uncontrollably against Julie's face.

Angelica slid off Julie's body and lay on the bed, panting for breath. Julie looked up in the mirror, watching as Angelica slowly caressed her swollen sex with her fingers.

Julie pulled the girl closer to her, and slipped on her legs between the girls’s. Julie, on top, grinded against Angelica, their pussies pushing harder together; Angelica revelled at the feel of another hard, swollen clit rubbing against her own, and humped against her.

Their clits throbbed and Angelica moaned in ecstasy. Julie was basking in the feeling of hot girl flesh, and she reached down with her hand to cup Angelica's butt cheeks, pulling her harder against herself, feeling her stiff clit, her pussy wet and hot.

Julie trailed both her hands up Angelica's body, feeling her hard nipples. She massaged them as the two fucked. It felt so good Julie soon cried with happiness.

They moaned and screamed and climaxed and moaned and climaxed again, the mutual bliss driving them to impossible heights. Juices gushed and dripped from their cunts, like Overflowing rivers of pleasure as orgasm followed one another, each more intense than the last.

Julie slid off the young girl and slumped onto the bed, her breathing was hard and laboured. Looking up in the mirror she saw Angelica was the same, her tiny muscles twitching under her skin.

Angelica was the first to move, leaning over Julie's tired form and kissing her deeply, their tongues dancing around each other.

"Thank you," she said, her angelic voice sounding sweeter through her exhaustion, "That was exquisite. I hope we can do it again, soon."

Angelica slid off the bed, picking her dress up off the floor. Blowing Julie a final kiss, she left the room.


Sarah was waiting for her when she left the room. Julie couldn't help but notice her clothes where a little dishevelled, as well as the faint scratch marks on her arm.

"So," she asked, "What do you think of this place?"

"This club," said Julie, still a little out of breath, "is fucking amazing."

"I'm glad you think so. Here, Mistress asked me to give you this. You'll need it if you ever want to come back."

Sarah handed over a necklace. Hanging from the silver chain, was a gold Venus symbol. Inside the loop was a smaller symbol.

"Welcome to the 'Cunthia Club'" Sarah said with a smile.


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You sould make a BOYS ONLY club...

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Very well done. I am impressed. Outstanding story.

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I would not have believed I could get so wet reading about such things! More soon please!!! Wendy.


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