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The front door opened and eleven year old Lisa Thomas walked into the hall
Twincest - Home Alone

By anon y mouse

The front door opened and eleven year old Lisa Thomas walked into the hall and slipped off her shiny black shoes and dumped school bag on the floor, her twin sister Katie, not one step behind her.

"Mum, we're home!" Lisa called out as her sister relieved herself of her own shoes and bag.

The two girls could have been the poster-children for identical twins. Both had the shoulder length chestnut coloured hair of their mother, and twinkling green eyes of their father. They both had sun kissed skin and were quite short for their age at only five four six.

"Mummy?" called out Katie, making her way into the lounge as Lisa headed for the dining room.

Lisa walked through the dining room into the kitchen and found what she was looking for, "She's left a note!" she said to her sister.

"What's it say?" asked Katie, quickly joining her sibling in front of the refrigerator.

"'Hey girls,'" Lisa read out, "Got emergency call at the clinic. I'll be back later in the evening. Love Mum. XXX, looks like it's just you and me sis."

Very slowly, Katie took Lisa's hand in her own and the two girl's fingers entwined together, holding onto each other tightly. A smile danced on Lisa's lips and she leant her forehead against Katie's, feeling her warm breath mix with her own.

Their lips pressed against each other gently at first, and then they pulled away and kissed each other again. Lisa's tongue was the first to slip from her mouth and brush along her sister's lips, parting them and seeking out Katie's.

As their tongues played with each other in their mouths, their hands grew livelier and more passionate. Katie released her grip on her sister's hands and held her face, pulling her in for a deeper embrace, her thumbs running across Lisa's soft cheeks.

Finally, the kiss broke and both girls were left panting for breath, "Let's go upstairs." said Lisa, and before Katie could respond, she was leading her by the hand out of the kitchen and up the stairs.


The twin's room had two single beds, though every night they would climb into the same one. The one on the right was the closet to the door, and it was that bed that Lisa pushed her sister onto, before straddling her lap and pulling her head up to kiss her some more.

Lisa ran her fingers through Katie's silky soft hair, kissing at her cheek and the curve of her neck. She let her hands drop and Lisa tugged at Katie's school sweater, pulling it up and over her head and throwing it on the floor. Katie did the same for her sister, and both girls felt a wave of heat wash over them from the other's body.

Gently pushing her down onto the bed, Lisa slowly unbuttoned her sister's shirt, kissing at the patches of skin as they were revealed. When all the buttons were undone, Lisa spread the shirt open and her sister's preteen chest came into view.

There were no breasts to speak of, not yet anyway, but her nipples were large and stiff. Katie let out a quiet moan as her sister rubbed at the hard nubs with her fingers, leaving Katie's body wiggling on the bed. She gasped when Lisa replaced her fingers with her lips, and she arched her back in an attempt to push more of her flesh into her sibling's wet mouth.

Lisa released her nipple with a loud pop, and slid down her sister's body, kissing and licking along the way. She unbuckled Katie's pleated skirt and tossed it aside. Slipping her fingers under the waistband of her white cotton panties, she pulled them down and off her legs, and added them to the growing clothes pile.

Katie felt her sister kiss and lick her way from the top of her knee high white socks, along her thighs to her warm sex. Lisa licked her sister's slit up and down, sucking Katie's pussy lips into her mouth, her cheeks puckering inward.

Very, very gently, Lisa slipped her index finger into her sister's wet hole, moving it in and out slowly. Katie groaned and her body writhed on the bed, her slim hips rocking up and down with the rhythm of her sibling's finger.

"Lisa," moaned Katie, "Two. Use two fingers."

The twin was happy to oblige, and as she added her forefinger, she felt her sister's tight inner muscles clamp down hard on the welcome intruders. Lisa sped up the pace, and used her free hand peel back the hood of Katie's erect clit before sucking it into her hungry mouth.

Katie screamed as she felt the pleasures of her pussy combine with the sensations coming from her clit. She groaned loudly as her round butt lifted off the bed, followed by the rest of her body, leaving just the top of her head and the tips of her tightly clenched toes touching the sheets.

"Lisa," panted Katie, grabbing her sister's hair and pulling her hard against her twitching pussy, "I... love you... so much..."

The horny girl bucked once, then twice as the powerful orgasm rushed throughout her body. Her right leg stiffened and stuck straight out in the air, causing Katie to lose her balance and fall to her side. Lisa watched with a smile as her sister's shaking body curled up into the foetal position, sweet gasps coming with every twitch.

She lay down behind her and wrapped her arms around Katie's quivering body, and moving her lips closer to her ear she whispered, "I love you too."

Katie turned to face her sister, and they kissed again, Katie tasting the sweetness of her pussy on her sister's tongue. She tried to roll Lisa onto her back, but instead she found herself being pushed back onto her's.

Lisa slid off the bed, and stood next to it, drinking in the sight of her sister with greedy eyes. Her body swaying to the beat in her mind, she unbuttoned her shirt and slipped it off, followed by her skirt and panties and climbed back onto the bed.

She pushed Laura's right leg to the side while lifting the left over her shoulder, gently lowering her heated snatch against her sister's. Realising her sister's intent, Katie pushed her body up to meet Lisa's, and the two girls mashed their hairless pussies together.

Having gotten hot with lust watching her sister squirm, Lisa was practically on the edge of release. But she pushed these feelings down, and ground herself against Katie, wanting nothing more than for them to climax as one.

Their clits throbbed together and Katie screamed out in passion, her second orgasm quickly building. She reached up and grabbed Lisa's soft butt cheeks and pulled her sister harder against herself. , feeling her hot, wet pussy tight against her own.

Lisa pulled the sock off of Katie's left foot, and sucked the tiny toes into her mouth, her tongue rolling around them, desperately trying to hold her orgasm at bay. Katie grabbed her sister's hands, the look in her face more than enough for Lisa to know how close she was.

Pulling her sister up off the bed, bringing them face to face, Lisa ground harder and harder on her sex, tears in her eyes at the promise of release, of the inevitable surge that was soon to wash though her body. Both girls leant back on their hands, moaning in unison with each breath.

"Girls," came a voice from the other side of their bedroom door, "How many times have I told you *not* to leave your bags in the hall-"

Katie saw their mother first, looking over her sister's shoulder as she opened their bedroom door. Lisa didn't look back, couldn't look back, but she heard her mother's voice cut of mid-sentence at the sight.

It was too late of course. Both girls were too far gone over the edge. With the eyes of the woman who gave birth to them watching, the twins erupted in climax, their spasming pussies soaking the crotch of its sister, their sweaty bodies writhing in ecstasy.

Thirty four year old Sarah Thomas could only stand in stunned silence as her daughters slumped onto the bed, Lisa's body still humping at the air as her sister pulled back. Their breathing was deep and laboured, and their young muscles twitched visibly.

Several minutes passed, and the twins breathing slowly returned to normal, before their mother finally spoke.

"Okay," she said, her voice shaking, "After you two have showered and cleaned yourselves up, I want you to come downstairs, and we are going to talk."

"Yes... Mummy," said Katie while her sister simply nodded.

Their mother left the room silently, and the two girls looked at each, both too tired to move, and both with tears running down their cheeks.


Sarah was leaning against the kitchen counter, staring out of the window. The microwave was humming away as it heated up the takeaway pizza she had picked up on her way home. She heard footsteps come down the stairs, and she turned as her daughters entered the kitchen.

They were dressed the same, as usual, in white tank tops and denim shorts. They were both barefoot, their hair was wet and their eyes were red and puffy. Sarah noticed all these things only after she noted they were holding hands.

Nobody said anything; there was just the sound of the microwave. Both girls were shaking slightly, and a lone tear slid down Katie's cheek. Sarah lowered herself to her knees and held out her arms, "Come here." she said softly.

Neither girl hesitated as they rushed into their mother's arms, fresh tears falling freely.

"We're so sorry mummy," Lisa managed to say between sobs; "We promise we'll never do it again."

"It's okay," their mother said, "I'm not angry."

Both girls leant away from their mother, looking up at her in confusion, "You're not?" asked Katie.

"No, I'm not. You two are getting to that age now," she said, "You’re curious about your bodies and how they're changing. And, I guess I'd rather have you two... explore with each other than some boy who winds up getting you pregnant."

"Really?" asked Lisa.

"Yes," replied their mother, wiping the tears from her daughter's eyes, "Look at it this way; you two love each other, don't you?" Both girls nodded vigorously, "Then what you're doing is simply a way of expressing that love, understand?"

"I think so." said Lisa, her sister nodding in agreement.

"Then, its okay," said Sarah, hugging her girls and planting kisses on their wet hair, "But, let's just keep this between the three of us. And try to keep it down in future. You two sound like a couple of newlywed elephants."

"We will." her girls giggled, their faces already looking happier.

The microwave pinged, and Sarah stood up. She went to walk to it. When Lisa pulled her mother's arm, bring the two face to face. She planted a big wet kiss on her mother's lips, before saying with the biggest smile, "We love you too, mummy."

The End.

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2011-05-11 06:01:48
awesome story wanna part 2

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2010-09-15 16:54:29
Great story:

As you suggested elsewhere, long paragraphs are hard to read on this site. They look OK in Microsoft. Like your short paras; once I got into the flow.

For the whiners about minor errors - get a grip. An editor would not pick up the height error. We are not working on Pulitzer prize material here.

If you like them young, see mine: fireengine8

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:l i dont know what 2 think? good story but it seems you rushed the end x

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two goofs 1) in the tag line it says TEEN MALE/TEEN FEMALE yet there was no male in the story 2) when describing them you say they are short for thier age onlyFIVE FOUR SIX what the hell is that keep better track of what you write and use an editor

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