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she was my physics teacher and i had a crush towards her right since i came to India
Hello everyone!! This is a true first time experience for me.
I never thought it would happen ever in my life, but it did
happen... please read it from the start because i there are some
important things here and there.... have a happy time..

I am Kaushik, 20 years old now and this incident happened
when i was 17-18 years old. I am tall, about 6' and neither fat nor slim.
I came to India only when i was in 9th standard. From then till
12th std, it was Mrs Shanthini who took physics for me. She
was fat, short and had huge breasts, which you wont be able
to help but notice them when you look at her.. Since our school
insisted teachers on wearing sarees, we (particularly me) had
a good time watching the shape when she would write on the board
or when she sat opposite to us sending texts through her mobile.
I know nothing about these cups and all, so sorry..

I kept fantasising her whenever i felt like masturbating for
three years thinking of different positions. Whenever i got a
chance of looking at her, i never used to waste it. I puposely
went for extra classes after school, though she was surprised
why i would come since i was one among the five toppers of
my class. I would tell her that i couldnt understand this problem
or some concept and sit next to her having a good glimpse of her
cleavage, back and her arms.. This continued till 12th. I thought
to myself that i should have sex with her atleast once in my
life and i kept planning for it....for about 2 months..i was in
11th std then..

i went to her home one day as usual to clarify
my doubts in the subject. but she was busy in the kitchen. she asked
me to wait for 15 minutes. so i started playing with her 7 year old
son. we soon became good playmates and i just asked him if he would
do me a favour. he asked what it was and i said he just has to say
"mom! help me! i have been kidnapped. they have tied me. HEEELLLPPP!
mom!". he simply refused. i took the chocolate out of my pocket and
showed him. he started jumping for it. i told hm i would give it to
him only after he does what i said. he agreed and i recorded what he
said onto my mobile phone. then mrs shanthini came and i sat with her
clarifying my doubts. her son was studying in another school. her husband
passed away 2 years ago due to cardiac arrest. from then on she lived
with her parents. but she doesnt come to school in white saree or something
like that. she comes to school just like other teachers, without a kumkum
on forehead. but she wears all coloured sarees like others.

We had our revision tests going on then.. I decided to bring
the plan into action after i write my physics test. I had brought
a tape and a chocolate from my home and took some chlorophyll
soaked handkerchief which i got from chemistry lab convincing the
chemistry lab teacher that it was only for my project.

After writing my Physics test, it was 12:30
when i went to physics lab in order to discuss the answers
with her (as by my plan). When i went inside, she was alone doing
something with her mobile as usual.
i asked her why she was alone and she said, "all faculties have
meeting today since our principal is retiring today." When i asked
her why she didnt go, she said " i had to attend a call". She
said that we would discuss the paper later and said bye and wished
me all the best and left for a room inside the lab where they
keep their belongings. I just thought this is my chance to make
use of the plan..

When she went inside the room, i followed her inside and locked
the door behind me. she heard the sound and turned around and
asked me why i was here. She then looked at the lock and asked
me angrily as to why i locked the door.. i didnt pay any attention
to what she said. i just looked at all her assets, first her lips,
her saree and i kept moving forward while she was moving backward
shouting for help. i knew that there would be noone in the corridoor
because of the meeting. as she moved backwards, she accidentally
pushed down the things kept on the table to the floor. she said,
"what are you doing, kaushik ? ". i just gave a villainy smile
and went close to her and she started shouting for help again..
i pulled her towards me and kissed her for the first time in my

It was such a hot kiss that my dick was trying to break free
from the zippers.. i enjoyed every bit of her lips and never let it
go. she tried pushing me away but i just pushed her towards the wall,
and then put my lips against hers as she was trying to tell me something.
she started resisting by pushing me away but i just took out the tape that
i had brought with me and tied her hands. i then stopped kissing her. i
held my nose and took out that chlorophyll soaked hanky and placed it on
her nose. her voice started reducing gradually and so did her eyes. finally
she fell to the ground unconsciously and she lay there... i made it
comfortable for her since she was going to be my woman today, my fucking
woman. i knew she would come into consciousness only after an hour, so i
just sat there thinking of what to do next.

I placed my mobile in video mode and connected a charger to it so that
it wouldnt run out of charge. i placed it on a table that was kept near a
window. i kept my mobile in the direction of the sunlight so that it would
provide a natural lighting for the room and her body. i then placed my
handycam on the table just opposite to where she was lying. my parents
were out of town on a business trip so it was easy for me to bring them
all to school and since it was an examination day, there wont be any checking
at school. i then sat on the chair and was thinking how everything came true..
everything..right from how i used to fantasise, how i longed for touching her-..
but i was going to fuck her only after she regained consciousness.

I just then remembered that today she was going to be mine and for noone else.
i went close to her and then smelled through her hair. i kissed her on her
forehead, her cheeks, bit her lips slightly and then forced my tongue into
her mouth and tasting her tongue. i then moved slowly towards her neck, back
and then her navel kissing all the way. i then started pressing her big boobs
through her saree. i hadnt removed it yet. i could feel my 2 year long wish
getting fulfilled. i offered my thanks to the angels from the sky who made this
possible. i kissed her again for about 1 minute long which would have cost
atleast a 1000 calories. everything was being recorded both on the handycam and
my mobile phone. after that i turned them both off and waited for her to regain
consciousness. the time was 1:00 now. i then gave a missed call to my mobile
through her mobile so that i will send erotic messages to her every now and then.

it took about another 45 minutes for her to regain consciousness. when she
was almost coming back to life, i switched on my video camera and took my mobile
phone. when she was back to normal and shouting again, i slapped her and said,
"Talk to your son on the phone". But i actually was playing the recorded
voice of her son that i had already taken 2 months back (remember?). i told
her, "let me keep it in speaker mode". she listened and burst out crying and
cursing. i removed the tape on her hands, since i knew she wont do anything
to risk her son's life (thinking of this, i laughed to myself). she sat with her
back on the wall and her butt and palm of her legs on the ground withuout her
thighs touching the ground. she hid her head behind her legs and started crying.
she didnt notice the handycam nor the my mobile phone.

i took back the phone and placed it on the actual place and connected to charger
and switched it back to the video recording mode. when i was doing this, i felt
something touch my toes. when i turned around and looked down, i saw her kneeling
on the ground holding my toes begging me to leave her son alone, "please leave
my son alone. i will do anything you say" and she was crying again. i raised her
by her arm. she didnt look at me, instead was looking at the ground with tears
falling across her soft face. i pulled her towards me with such a force that her
boobs hit my chest hardly. i was fantasising the same thing for 3 years. i kissed
her taking her in for a shock. i didnt let her breathe. it lasted for about 1 minute.
she didnt resist it for her son's life. she was just showing an expression of
hatred. i carassed her back touching her blouse and the feeling of her black bra
outside the blouse. i then caught her butt and started feeling it. i put my hand
through her petticoat and then into her panty and felt her fleshy part.

i could feel her tears on my shirt. i removed my shirt and then put my hand
on her shoulders. i slowly undraped her saree. all she had on her body now was
her blouse with bra inside, petticoat with panty inside. i removed her blouse and
her black bra couldnt accomodate every muscle of her tits in it. her pink nipples
were patially out of the bra.. i licked it and then pulled down her bra. i savoured
every bit of her tit and kept pressing the other boob with my left hand. i bit
her nipple accidentally and she moaned. now i knew she was doing all this only for
her beloved son. i then undid the knot on her pettycoat and removed her panty .
i could see the pink vagina lips and the neatly trimmed hair. i made her lie on
the ground and then put my head in between her legs. she didnt resist anything.
she just lied on the floor as though i was her husband and she was my wife.

she begged asking me to stop doing such things to her but i paid no attention.
she said it was a sin doing this to teachers, that is their guru. on hearing this
only i got more excited and reached for her.
it looked so beautiful that i just put my tongue into it and started searching for
clittoris. the taste was so erotic that it would send anyone to heaven once they
just tasted it. i was concentrationg only on her clitoris. i was licking for about
5 minutes. she was moaning throughout my vagina licking session. she couldnt help
but moan. i knew she didnt enjoy even a single bit of it. she was moaning and giving
all those expressions just because her son's life was in danger. her face turned so
red that it looked like the arteries were going to burst any second. but i wouldnt
let her cum very soon. i repeated the same thing for about 3 more times and then
she begged, "please dont do this. i cant bear it. this is my first time (that i am
having an orgasm). please". this excited me even more. i put my one finger into her
asshole. but it wasnt easy. i slowly put it inside while she was screaming. outside
on the ground floor, there was a big applause. maybe some guest must have finished
his lecture. i continued my way through her butt hole and she screamed very loudly.
i just loved the way she screamed. so i repeated this. and finally i knew her body
couldnt take it for her first time. when i could see her body thudering with waves,
i just let her cum for the first time in her life. her cum sprout like a fountain
and blasted onto my face.

i then could see an expression of relief on her face. i let her rest for 1 minute
and then i turned her around, made her stand in doggy style and with one big thrust
i inserted my virgin dick into her pusyy. she let out a big scream because pussy was so
tight since her husband had never fucked her after their son's birth. i just hoped there
was noone in the corridor. she was crying again thinking of what she was doing. she was
doing it (unwillingly) with her own student. while she was thinking of all this, i was
fucking her like a dog fucking a bitch, so fast, so deep and so hard that she was hoping
this would never happen ever again in her life. she was moaning along with sadness filled
with it. when i felt like cumming, i stopped fucking and changed my position. i then made
her ride over me, facing me. first she resisted. she just sat over me doing nothing. i
spanked her butt and then she looked at me angrily but it soon turned into nothing as she
got reminded about her son. she looked away from me and started riding too slowly that i
got tired of it. i spanked her again and shouted "FASTER, you fucking moron". she paid
no attention to it. i knew she wouldnt listen to me. so i held her butt and started
fucking her hard. her boobs were jumping like a juggler's ball. i caught them both and
felt them moving under my palm. it was so hot and suddenly she started moaning. her body
turned red and she was moaning loudly. her vaginal muscles then tightened against my dick
and she squealed and sent out a big wave of orgasm. i could feel the liquid rush along my
dick. she then fell backwards exhausted with my dick still inside her vagina.

Now i changed my position to missionary style and fucked her for 10 minutes when i heard
the national anthem going on in the auditorium. i said, " shanthini, i am going to cum
inside you, my baby. i am going to spill everything inside you, everything...". she shouted,
" NOOOO!! dont. please dooonnntt ". but i couldnt change my mind. i could see my veins
almost going to burst and i let out everything into her with a big " AAh....Ah....AAAhh".
and i fell on top of her crushing her boobs against my chest with a kiss on her lips and
i laid my cheek against her cheeks. she then moved away from me and ran into the toilet in
the staff room to wash her off everything, including the sin she had made (she was a
strong beleiver of god). i woke up exhausted and switched off my handycam and mobile.
i could hear her crying in the bathroom. i dressed myself and threw her dress through the
hole on top of the door. she came out very fast since everyone would be back by now.

when she came out, the lab was full of teachers. she started seaching for me in the crowd
and when she spotted me, suddenly all the teachers went close to her asking why she didnt
come to the auditorium. when she tried to spot me again, i was close to her blowing air
into her ears. i asked her to meet me outside.

it was 6 30 now after all the commotions were over and i hid behind a bush outside my
school. when she came out i jumped out of the bush and walked along with her. she asked
me "where is my son?". i told her, "he is at your home ofcourse. why? where do you expect
him to be?". "WHAT?...". she called her home and inquired about her son. she came to know
that what i said was true and hung the phone. she then asked me, "whose voice was it on the
phone? " "your son's ofcourse" "but.. bastard, how dare yo-". i went close to her
and kissed her and said " nothing happened to your son. everything was a prank" and i went
on to tell her everything right from 9th std till my plan and everything. she said, "you
bastard.." and she was about to slap me when i took hold of her hand and said, "if you try
going to the police or saying this to someone or stop coming to school, i will have to put
these videos on the net where everyone would watch it, even your beware". she
was dumbstruck. i gave her a small kiss and a small spank on her butt and said, "bye".

the next day she got a message on her phone while she was at school. it read :
" are you ready again shanthini darling??
-Kaushik "

now thats another story...
pls comment about this story and tell me what you think.. i will post my next sexual encounter
with my math teacher Mrs T C Lakshmi.

Have a happy and safe sex!!!!

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2015-01-12 13:34:20
She was your teacher but good yaar

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2014-01-17 15:13:55
apne bhen ki fudhi fadh saale

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2014-01-04 12:49:16
Idiot!!!!!!! Rapist!!!! Such a basatard!!! I m sure ur mother must b a prostitue nd ur dad must b a rapist... Got it.

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2013-08-01 01:18:50
abe wo teacher thi teri biwi nahi aur tu unka student student hokar bhi blackmail kia galat baat hai.

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