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What happens after she's signed off for the night? This young woman takes matters into her own hands.
Michelle sat back after copy and pasting the last of their chat conversation to read over again, that last command hanging heavy in the air. She changed into her pjs as she thought about how she wanted to execute her orders, absently deciding on her silk bathrobe as sleepwear because she didn’t own a man’s button down like the one he pictured her in earlier. Silk against skin was a compromise she was willing to make instead of digging out a shirt with buttons- the most readily available being her uniform top. That was a fantasy for another time.

Yes, she would give him an account of just how wet he made her- it only seemed fair after the daylong foreplay with words they’d exchanged. She wondered, then, if he would share it with his wife, wondered just how telling an account of her masturbation would be to the both of them, and she wondered how she’d feel about all of this come morning.

Such thoughts didn’t stop her from getting comfortable in her desk chair once again, to take pleasure in his words from start to finish. As she read, absently her hand started etching out lazy circles along the side of her thigh where the robe didn’t quite reach. By the time Michelle had finished her reread, the warmth in her gut had already clenched, dampening the space hidden by black boy shorts. Sensitized by the words and by her own fingers’ gentle stroking, she was more than ready to find release. Checking the time made up Michelle’s mind for her; she would write just enough to have a good place to pick up from, then she would come back to her account after she finished.

Fun thought- that- but she did have the best of intentions. She was just too heated to wait. Focused on his last lines, she could hear his voice in her head, “Now, little girl, I am going to bed. You have your orders…cum soaked panties before bed.”

Michelle’s hands found their way into her hair, her nails brushing up her scalp into a stretch. When she brought her hands back down, she let them drag behind her neck and down, over her collar bone and down between her breasts to her belly, only touching skin where the silk had fallen open. Both hands lifted up cupping her breasts and easing the ache just enough. She ran her thumbs over her nipples, taking in the softness of the silk and the hardness of the buds.

The action brought to mind mention of other hardness covered by silk, and moaning softly under her breath, Michelle briefly considered moving things to the bed. She tossed the idea as quickly as it came; her little bell on a tether was in a tin next to her desk, in easy reach here, but so far away from the bed.

She slowly smoothed her hands down her stomach, closing her eyes to feel silk press against her, her hands moving down and around to go down her thighs. One hand made its way to the waistband of her boy-shorts, a single finger teasing the skin above her panties. Again, his words come to mind, prompting her to fetch her tether while she splayed the other in place, pressing and warming her lower stomach.

“I think you need to find your little bell on a tether…and slip it inside these black boy cuts…and let your hands roam…and explore till you've soaked these little panties with spent pleasures… wetting them with devilish hungers and satisfactions. He rises his head, kissing softly just above the waistband. Now I should probably slip away...before I'm tempted to kiss…the fabric itself.”

Michelle eased a hand under the weak elastic, giving herself a stroke. She was surprised at how wet she found herself to be already; she pulled back and tested her panties from the outside, and they too were damp. This proved to be a mistake in efforts—Michelle was dangling her tether from the finger of one hand, and using the other, she tried to twist the bell on. Coated by her wetness, her fingers were slick and ended up transferring that to the bell, making it damnably difficult to turn on.

Frustrated and wanting, Michelle gave a little laugh when she finally felt the intense vibration kick in. Rolling the bell in her palm, she gave it a squeeze, enjoying the change in sound before moving it to rest lightly against her center outside her panties. Sitting up straight, her thighs fell open, the tops of her feet resting against the carpet and toes touching under the chair. Pressing her hips forward for a better angle, the robe fell open on either side of her, and the cool chill of the air caused her to pet the exposed skin for warmth, easily drawing it up from the knot that was twisting in her womb.

She had started making little circles with the bell, but she was so very close and she wanted to feel those vibrations against her skin. Dropping the tether inside her boy-shorts, she used her other hand to position it from the outside. Just by shifting the tether a tiny bit, Michelle was taken off guard by her release.

Heat burst through her in a crashing wave, her head falling back as her muscles stopped following her conscious orders. Her hips rolled forward arching her back, as her prickling nerves curled her toes. One hand trembled with the effort to hold the bell in place, while the other clinched and unclenched her knee. Her breath shuddered out after a moment and she gasped; she hadn’t realized that she stopped breathing.

Desire still dancing under her skin, Michelle moved just enough to pull the bell from her panties, dragging it across her button accidentally. Her whole body seized up, hips and fingers jerking and her eyes going unfocused. The action caused her to drop the tether, the vibrating bell falling just past her entrance. Remembering to breath, Michelle sat up a bit and pulled her thighs to a more comfortable position, her pelvic muscles still giving slight jerks.

More aggressively this time, she grabbed the vibrator by the bell and made sure to keep it from dragging when she removed it. She relaxed back into the chair coming down from her high. With satisfaction she noted that she had indeed done just what was ordered, soaking her panties with spent desires before getting in bed.

Turning the bell off proved to be a difficult task. Not only was the bell slick, the tether and the hand used to retrieve it were all coated. Not thinking anything of it, Michelle popped the bell into her mouth and wiped her hands off on her robe. The strong vibrations made her teeth itch, but turning the bell off proved much easier afterwords. She tossed it on the desk, too languid to sit up that little extra needed to place the tether in its tin.

Melted into the chair, Michelle laid her head back breathing deeply and closed her robe over her still-too sensitive skin. She had an indescribable urge to say his name out loud, and was struck by how taboo that felt despite all of her other actions this night. Torn, thinking it would all make this seem perverse; she settled knowing no one would hear her. She whispered his name to the dark room. Her lips quirked at the sound and at the complete lack of guilt she felt for her actions. Instead, she felt a warm contentment mixed in with the lingering warmth of her settling desires.

Unsure of how much time had passed, Michelle was struck with how utterly exhausted she was in her newfound relaxation. A spark of guilt niggled at her when she looked at the keyboard. She did say she’d have her activities to him when he woke up. Pouting at the thought of his disappointment, Michelle set her alarm clock so she could type everything up in the morning.

Moving to crawl into bed, the changed position set off aftershocks of pleasure giving her goose bumps. Robe and all, she climbed up and settled the tired hitting her hard. Feeling around for an accessible corner of the blanket so that she could yoink it out from under her, Michelle wondered if his fetish for wet panties was tied to the need a woman feels when she’s wanting. Finally scooting and yanking paid off, and Michelle buried herself in the covers, cold now but still relaxed. She fell asleep surrounded by the smell of herself strong in the enclosed cocoon.

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2013-03-05 11:51:13
Need more detail duruing the masturbation.


2009-10-30 21:46:50
I really liked the perspective you used in this story keep it up,Good one

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2009-10-05 14:58:05
It seemed to lose itself within itself as it progressed. However clever cover of sublimation and pleasure.

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