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This is my first story so please crateque but not to harshly. THis story is the first of many so tell me what u
think so i can fix it in the next one.!

I was firteen years over at my friend's house on a dull and rainy Sunday afternoon. Now me,
Joey(15), and his brother nicky(14) were the kind of friends who joked around with sex thoughts all the
time. Pretending to want eachother's dicks and that sort of thing. On this particular day I called nicky to see
if he and joey wanted to go bowling. Nicky said, "sure sounds cool", while joey as expected said that he'd
rather watch the redskins game. Nicky and I went anad had a great time even playing the stupid claw
games and winning some of those squishy rubber balls with the spikes on them.

When we got back to his house Joey still was happier hanging out alone by himself in his room, so Nicky and i went to the basement to play Halo. we played for probably 45 min before we started making jokes and suffing the rubber balls in our pants to pretend like we had monster sized packages. Along with the usual "give me ur dick" kind of jokes.

soon Nicky complained about where he was sitting because he couldn't see and moved next to me on the couch. And thats when things started to get good. I had one of the rubber balls in my hand and he said "u like having those balls in ur hands don't you" then i said, "no because their not the real thing!" we laughed and then Nick said " well lets fix that" and pulled down his pants leaving his boxers on. I said, "you really want me to touch ur dick!?" he said " yea" so i quickly grabbed it and then removed my hand. Then he did the same to me.

Again this happened. The next time still outside, then we went inside eachother's boxers' and grabbed the other's dick twice. I loved the feeling of his dick in my hand. It was soft and smooth aside from the hair at the base. I even liked how it pulsed in my hand as i quicky rubbed it before letting go.

I froze when Nicky said "suck my dick" I said "You First". I never thought that he would actually do it. These are the kids who trick others into doing something stupid first just to laugh at you and then not do it themselves.

The next thing i know nicky pulls my boxers down to my knees and starts sucking my dick!!!!!!!. I had always dreamed of getting a blowjob and fucking with boys and girls, though i didn't and don't consider myself gay. The feeling was intense as his mouth came down on my ready cock. the inside of his mouth was wet and warm, all around better than i had dreamed. The feeling I got as he slowly sucked on it, pulling it in and out, even moving it side to side in his mouth as his tounge played with my pee hole. I couldn't believe i didn't cum from him just taking it in. It felt like half an hour, reality 20 seconds, and then he lifted his head and said "ur turn".

Nick pulled his underwear open to reveal a hot 6 1/2 incher. I myself was just 6 inches and had never seen a guys cock face to face. I had to have it. I went down on him and could barely get half of it in my mouth his dick was so wide! I expected it to taste wierd or bad, but it was more like kissing your shoulder after getting out of the shower. I even sort of liked his precum that started just barely dripping out. His scent was intoxicating. I loved having his boner in my mouth. It overwhelmed me to such an extent that I forgot that I needed to come up.

I bobbed up and down slowly for about the same amount of time as him before coming up. Then Nicky got inbetween my legs and said "i want ur balls!" And i was happy to give them to him. I thought that the blowjob was better but it still wasn't bad. Then again it was my turn. I switched spots with him and began to suck on his balls. I thought the little hairs he had would be gross but i didn't even notice them. The musky smell and good taste wiped my mind as i worked. i knew what i was doing and to who, but didn't care.

Soon i came up and we went back to our game for a few minutes before we went through the whole thing AGAIN!!!!!!!! He and I were both much better the second time. All of a sudden it had been half an hour and i needed to go home. It really was perfect timing because just as we had our pants back on Joey came down to hang with us. I walked up stairs so Joey would follow, then said i forgot my wallet and went back down. Nicky didnn't even seem phased. I had to wonder if he had done this with anyone else, and if so WHO?

I was trembling as I forced him to promise not to tell anyone. and he agreed and i left.the second i was home i ran up to my bathroom and finished my self off still shaky.Rimming was the idea we couldn't do because there were others in the house and so that among other things were saved for next time! When I made him promise we said it was a one time thing that we'ld pretend never happen... but when i got home i couldn't wait for another chance to finish what i started.

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2016-02-09 03:33:32
Good read and had that happened to me and now I like having to suck cocks on young boys 12 and up most of them can shoot a good load of cum I really like to eat it once in awhile I let them suck me and then I will lick thier ass and fuck them. But rather just suck cocks and cum.

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2015-08-17 05:38:55
Wow loved this

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2014-02-19 11:16:20
brings back memorys as kids we went into a field and sucked each other s dicks then we got two girls involved thats another story email me your storys

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2012-06-12 07:58:34
my first black dick was in an adult movie.he took out his big dick,i started sucking it. felt smooth going down my throat, he cum so hard and so much, i could not belive how much i enjoy his cock.


2012-04-13 18:31:59
Brings back memories. The whole you do it for 20sec I do it for 20sec thing is spot on lol

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