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Cindy Ella looked at the full moon from her attic bedroom window
Cindy Ella (A Modern Fairy Tale)

By anon y mouse

Once upon a time…

Cindy Ella looked at the full moon from her attic bedroom window, took one last drag of her cigarette and flicked it down to the yard below. At eight years old, she knew the dangers of smoking but she also knew it didn’t matter in her particular case. Tonight she would be ending her life so long-term lung cancer was a moot point. She surveyed the dingy little room she lived in. More like a large closet, really.

A beat-up dresser, and old student desk and a creaky single-size bed (complete with broken slats). The one overhead light just added to the cheapness of the scene. Well, she thought, she certainly isn’t going to miss this. She sat on the musty mattress and pondered whether to leave a final note but decided not to. Anyone who would check out her life and surroundings would pretty much understand.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror above the dresser as if to say goodbye to herself on last time; a skinny little girl (she looked more like a boy, she thought) with a bad punk haircut, seriously sad eyes and a mouth that hadn’t smiled in years. “Well,” she braced, “I better get this over with. I’m sure I’m way too young to be feeling this bad.”

“Whooh!! You got that right!” A voice crackled from behind her.

Cindy whipped around in shock to see a woman sitting on her bed!

“Who the fuck are you!?! Get outta here!!”

“Hey. Hey!” the woman wagged her finger, “No foul language in anger. You’re too young for that. And I’m certainly capable of washing your damn mouth out with soap.”

Cindy wanted to run out of the room but couldn’t seem to move.

“Yeah, I did a little Blair Witch thing on ya there.” The woman said matter-of- factly, “Saves time. Hold’s you still so I can explain what this is all about without a lot of screaming and running away and convincing and stuff.” She clears her throat and announces, “I am your fairy godmother. Well, I’m a fairy godmother. There’s a few of us out there but -heaven knows- not enough. I’m here to help you with the current dilemma you’re going through and, quite frankly, I don’t have all night. So if you grasp the concept and promise not to scream and run and so on, nod your head and I’ll unfreeze you. Whaddya say? Do I get a nod?”

Thinking a minute, Cindy nodded cautiously and found she could move. She eyed the strange woman suspiciously. “You don’t look like a fairy godmother. Actually, you look like… well, like Susan Sarandon or something.” And she did.

“Yah?” she said proudly, “Thanks. I was aiming more for Toni Price, tho. I can be anybody! You know who I like to be? Mimi Rogers. The actress. OK so you don’t know her but she’s beautiful and she got these (holding her hands in front of her chest) huge knockers. Ample, I think is the word you’d use. It’s fun being her.”

Cindy began to think that maybe she got a broken Fairy Godmother and should request another. The woman seemed to be on caffeine high.

“Look, kid,” she eyed Cindy, “we’re not omnipotent. There are a lot of mixed- up kids out there thinking about biting the big one. Some of them we get to and some we don’t. Some of them help themselves or get help. And some just won’t take any help at all. Consider yourself lucky I was in the neighbourhood.”

Cindy couldn’t help but notice that the dress the woman wore kept changing colours every few minutes. “Um, listen, ‘Fairy Godmother’—”

“Oh, Stella, please.”

“Um, Stella. Are you trying to tell me you’re here because I want to kill myself? Is that right? You’re just like any other adult. You have no idea what I’ve been through.”

“Actually, I do. I got your file right here.” She taps her forehead. “Parents angry and arguing when you were 5, angrily divorcing when you were 6, both of them telling you they didn’t want you, both killed in a car crash that year, you were shunted off to that horrid orphanage, everyone there picking on you and one boy tried to rape you, palmed off as a ward to this freaky couple who live in this house (only because they get monetary compensation from the state), get put to work around here like a slave and closed-up in this crummy room. The nearby school you go to is upscale and your clothes are not so you are harassed by those snotty little rich bastards and made fun of by them because you are poor and look like a boy. How’m I doing?”

“The food,” I started to sob, “You forgot the food. This couple here, all they ever eat is tuna helper. Tuna helper! Nine different varieties, I’ve counted. Six months. Tuna Fuckin’ Helper”

Stella pursed her lips. “Okay, you get to cuss on that one. Look, I’m here because the file shows you’re really serious about this. I’ve met teenager’s angsting over life, alienation, divorces, pregnancies, you name it. But, damn, kid, you’re only eight years old! You don’t even have hair on your pussy and you’re serious about taking those sleeping pills you have in your hand.”

Cindy had forgotten she’d been holding the bottle all this time. She stole them from the downstairs medicine cabinet. Now she’d started to feel a kind of hope she had not known in her young years.

“You’re my Fairy Godmother, right? You can change this! You can change my life. You can put me somewhere where I …”

“Can be loved? I’m sorry, youngster, we don’t work that way. Hell, if we could do big things like that there’d be no wars or high-heels. No, we have to work more… internally.”

“What does that mean!? You’re no good to me! If life keeps going like this I don’t want to stay another day!” the young girl moaned with grief, “Please, go.”

As the little girl turned to cry, Stella decided to become Mimi Rogers and smiled at her large breasts. Then a box of Kleenex appeared which she handed to Cindy.

“Child, I liked that you said ‘please’. Y’know, I could show you what it’d be like if you were never born but that’s been done and I don’t think it would help in your case. I wonder if you’d like to see what your future would be, that is, if you didn’t off yourself tonight.”

Cindy sniffled, “You can do that? Wouldn’t it be the same stuff happening to me?”

“You never know. If you think you’re gonna be an ugly skinny boy all your life it might happen. Let’s find out. Are those idiots home?”

“They went to the supermarket. We’re out of Tuna Helper.”

“Sorry I asked.” Suddenly a lovely antique floor mirror appeared next to Stella. “This could get a little noisy. Stand in front of the mirror, girl.”

Cindy did so and saw an angry boyish girl of eight, whose lack of joy in her childhood reflected in her face.

Stella cracked her knuckles. “OK, let’s see, for the full effect you better take off your top. Oh, now you’re shy? I’m the one with the boobs, girl. Come on.”

Cindy pulled her shirt off and was not heartened by the skinny flat chest she saw in the reflection. She instinctively brought her arm up to cover her pale pink nipples.

“Age twelve!” Stella suddenly announced. Cindy yelled out in surprise, felt a surge rush through her body and she saw her nipples begin to move toward her in the mirror. Her form began to morph right in front of her eyes as her hips curved, her breasts swelled and her hair grew down to her shoulders in a matter of seconds. To her open-mouthed amazement she was now looking at herself at twelve years old and it looked pretty good!

“I got boobs!” Cindy exclaimed, grabbing her tiny tits in her palms. When Stella told her that pubic hair was probably also there, the girl tore off her pants and panties and turned to her yelling, “Look! I’ve got a bush!”

Fairy Godmother smiled approvingly. “It’s a sparse bush. But it looks lovely, dear.”

Cindy ran her hands over the contours of her form. She showed no embarrassment at feeling thru her pubic triangle in front of Stella, examining what was once a hairless slit. Must be chilly in here, Stella mused and Cindy delighted that the formerly pink circles on her chest were now pink nubs affected by the air. Our Fairy Godmother made a fanning motion to herself as she ogled the young girl’s backside and continued to admire her new found body.

“Not a skinny little girl anymore, but still a slip of a lassie. Let’s try… sixteen!” Stella called out.

Cindy hollered out again as a new wave of electricity surged through her and she watched her bush become fuller and darker; her body rise a little more in height and her boobs become …perfect! Her whole body seemed perfect. Her hair flowed softly to the small of her back and the lips on her face had thickened. In fact, as she peered closer to the mirror, she saw her whole face had blossomed with features she could only dare to hope for; full lips, soft high cheekbones and her plain nose had developed a delicate slope. She was lovely! She saw a tear run down her cheek and she tasted it. She had tasted her tears before but this one smacked of hope. Stella came to her side and put her arm around the girl’s shoulders. “Whaddya think?”

“I’m beautiful,” she smiled, “I can feel changes. The past is swirling into me. I’ve been thru a lot of changes but it doesn’t seem that bad. I fell in love a couple of times and I even got hurt but it’s okay now. I feel confident.” She touched her breasts lightly. “Ooh, I feel more than confident.”

Stella admired the girl’s extending nipples. “Obviously you’ve become sexually active by this age. Can you sense what you’ve been doing?”

Cindy closed her eyes and let vague memories catch up to her. School is good now. She made friends. Actual friends. And one of them became –becomes- her lover. It’s still vague, however. She became aware that her chest was heaving up and down. She felt a sexual fever running through her. It made it hard to concentrate on a face or a memory.

“Well you just want a gist of it, anyway. The future should be an open book, y’know. Too bad, what with you mouldering in the grave at this time.”

“What?!” Cindy turned around in shock.

“Don’t you remember?” Stella smiled, “The sleeping pills.”

Cindy smiled back, “Cut the crap, fairy godmother, you knew what you were doing all along.” She looked down at her teenage body and ran her hands over her hips. She knew her pussy was moist. She felt herself breathing harder. “I was scared for a second that this was, y'know, faked. But this feeling…naw, it’s real. Oooh, what’s happening?”

Suddenly Cindy felt her body vibrating. “It’s time to go back to your current age, child. These spells are expensive.” She heard Stella say as she watched herself devolve back into the sullen-looking eight-year-old that now stood in front of the mirror.

“Cool special effects’ huh?” Stella beamed.

Cindy stood naked and saw her slim hairless body again but whatever sadness she expected with returning to her state did not come. She seemed to bring back with her two things: a feeling of warm hope and quite frankly, a good amount of lust.

Stella knelt down in front of her. “Feeling a little horny now are we? That happens. It’ll dissipate after a few hours. For the older teens I usually take advantage of the situation. For someone your age—”

Before she could say more Cindy threw her arms around the woman and kissed her boldly, using the sexual knowledge she would soon lose and have to relearn later. The girl manoeuvred over Stella’s bended knee and began grinding her smooth pussy into her leg, making it slick with a creamy fragrant juice. Stella, surprised, finally broke the kiss, said what-the-hell and her Technicolor dress disappeared. Her, yes, ample boobs fell forward onto Cindy’s bare chest, feeling warm to the touch. Cindy’s eyes rolled back when this happened and she hunched her pelvis harder into flesh.

Stella saw that the girl was going thru passion overload. The statuesque woman picked the 8-year- old up in her arms and carried her to the dingy bed. When she laid her down it was a brass four-poster with a thick soft mattress. Cindy cooed as she settled into satin sheets. The sexual fever was building in her petite body and she watched in anticipation as Stella parted her small legs and snaked upward, brushing her heavy boobs over the child’s bare slit. She hovered her mouth over Cindy’s pink nipple, and let a small drop of cool drool land on it. The little girl shook at the sensation. She gasped loudly when lips followed.

It seemed like her little bud had become the centre of the erogenous universe, her nipples were so sensitive. She grabbed the Fairy Godmother’s head and pressed it firmly to her tiny breast as her bottom half rolled from side to side. When Stella’s finger went into her pussy she started cumming like a river fall. Afterwards the woman moved down to kiss Cindy’s pussy and found the bed half soaked. She lapped at the youngster’s liquid treasure box for at least four more orgasms, until she was sure that she had extinguished her sexual fire.

Stella watched her charge as she dreamily hugged her new pillow. Gone was the angry-young-girl look, her face glowed with fresh insight. She knew her memory about her sexual future would soon fade but the feeling that it could happen would remain and that would give her hope and confidence to get through the next rough year.

Cindy opened her eyes and smiled. “You’re not leaving are you?”

“Lot more work to be done out there, kid. Remember the future’s an open book. You still have to work for it.”

“I’ll remember”

“Tell you what. Keep the bed. I’ll write it off. And no more smoking. Goodnight, child.”

“Goodnight. You’ve earned your wings, Stella.”


2009-10-14 17:21:06
A fantastic tale, so very well told. sure hope there are at least three more parts!!!


2009-10-10 14:57:03
Great writing -- some good stuff. I loved the part about Tuna Helper :-)


2009-10-03 10:49:35
I think it would have been better with a slightly older main charactor

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