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A party with a difference
Dog day afternoon – Holly and Rose find a pedigree chum.

“So where are we going Marco?”

“It’s not far now.” I said as we drove along the leafy country lanes outside Worcester. Rose was excited and probably a little nervous as I had promised her ‘something you have never seen or done before’ which given the range of her experience was hard for her to believe. Eventually the satnav directed me to a long driveway with an old Victorian house, shaded by deferential pines, at the end.

“C’mon, we are just in time.” I said as I parked my nonde Ford between a beautiful Maserati and a sleek Jaguar. Rose’s eyebrows went up a notch as she looked at them and went up even further when, after ringing the bell, the door opened. “Hi, I’m Steve; you must be Rose and Marco. Come in” He was tall and athletic looking, late 40’s with close cropped greying hair. He was wearing a dinner suit, white shirt, red bow tie and matching cummerbund and had an air of confidence about him, vaguely military somehow.

“Follow me,” he said “We are using the conservatory this evening” We followed him down the corridor, past a number of closed doors pausing at the only open one and putting his head inside shouted “Holly! Two glasses of Champagne please, our other guests have arrived” Before marching smartly further on leading us through a double door into a beautiful Victorian glasshouse. It would not have looked out of place in Kew Gardens and would once have held a collection of rare plants brought back from far flung places by its wealthy owner. Now all it contained was some solid looking chesterfields, the type that looked like they had been handed down through the generations and would be in the future. Looking rather out of place in the centre of the room was a low bench-come-couch, the sort of thing that you would find in a physiotherapists and underneath it was a low angled mirror, the etching ‘Nicolas shoes’ on the glass telling us where it came from.

As I looked around a tall girl in her early 20’s walked in carrying two glasses on a silver tray. She had dark brown shoulder length hair with wide red bands running through it, the depth of colour a counterpoint to her sparkling hazel eyes. She was wearing a black silk corset with a pleasing amount of her obviously ample bust oozing out over the top. Black lace tie sided panties and sheer hold up stockings emphasised the length of her legs, the stilettos shaping her thighs and ass in a most desirable way.

Steve introduced us to our fellow guests. James was tall and blonde, faded jeans and pale shirt, collar length hair and silver jewellery gave him the ‘surfer’ look, a strong counterpoint to the swarthy twins sitting opposite. They looked more Greek than Italian but they had the same heavy set appearance and hairy chests that you see all around the Med. George and Stavros were their names but I’m not sure – even now – which was which. I said that I was surprised that there were not more here and Steve said that he found that small groups worked best as ‘it gives everyone chance to get involved’ at which point he turned to Holly and said “My dear, I think it’s time we started. Would you fetch the shackles please?” I watched mesmerised by her long legs and shapely ass as she walked out of the room only to reappear moments later with her tray. Instead of Champagne this time there were a pair of antique silver handcuffs and a length of chain sitting on it. Steve took the tray off her and placed it in a side table and taking her hand led her over to the couch.

She sat daintily on it and swivelled so that she was sitting upright with her legs stretched out before her. Steve then motioned with his finger so that she was laying full length before taking her hands and stretching them out above her head. He walked around her as if making an inspection before gripping her ankles and pulling her further down the bench. Next he picked up the handcuffs and locked them around each wrist before attaching the chain to the central link and then clipping it to the bar that ran between the legs of the couch. He ran his hand along her body, over the soft swell of her breasts and down her leg and back again. “She’s beautiful isn’t she.” he said “She’s not 21 for a few weeks yet, a very precious object indeed...and getting more excited by the second aren’t you my dear because you know what is going to happen shortly...but maybe you would like us to help that excitement along...would anyone like to touch this beautiful body?” He looked around and smiled at us before tugging the zip of her corset down a few inches to expose more of her large breasts and a rapidly hardening nipple. The twins looked at each other and quickly moved towards the couch, one on each side of the helpless girl they pulled the zip lower before first fondling and squeezing her large breasts and then almost on cue they bent their heads and sucked a hard nipple into their eager mouths.

“Come on Marco!” Said Rose gleefully “Lets see what’s under these knickers!” She scurried around to one side of the girl while I stood at the other. She ran her hands along the inside of Holly’s thighs, feeling the lace of the stocking tops and the smooth flesh above before cupping the deep vee of her pussy. “Mmmm, she hot.” She said, as Holly arched her pelvis unto her hand. “It’s a bit like Christmas, you pull one side open and I’ll do the other!” She said as we took hold of the lace ribbon holding her knickers together. A gentle tug and they parted to reveal a smoothly shaved pussy, pink lips already beaded with moisture and a hard little clit standing proud from its hood. Rose trailed an elegantly manicured finger along her slit before putting it into her mouth and sucking theatrically.

“Can I have a taste?” Said a slow, deep voice. We looked up to find James standing at the end of the couch between Holly’s legs. He put a strong hand behind each of her knees and pushed back slightly causing them to spread wider before leaning forward and running his thick pink tongue between those lips. “Delicious.” He declared before going back in for more, from our angle we could see him circling her clit with the tip of his tongue before flicking deftly lower and deeper. “My turn now” said Rose as James pulled back a little. “Be my guest.” He said, “I love ladies that play together.” Rose and James swapped places and James and I held Holly’s legs up and apart. The Twins were now just playing with those lovely big boobs (DD? E?) And watching with interest as Rose clamped her mouth between the girl’s legs. Holly lay there with her arms stretched out above her, eyes closed and breathing deeply. I’m assured that Rose is an expert pussy licker and it didn’t take long before she had Holly moaning and writhing under her tongue.

I think we had all forgotten about Steve until he spoke with calm authority.
“That’s enough for now I think Rose; the idea was to get Holly excited enough for her arousal to be obvious. I think it’s time for us to move on a little.”
Turning towards the door he called out

“Amy! Can you bring Cerberus in please?”

We exchanged glances as Rose moved around to be beside me. I think she was the only one not to know what was going to happen next and she was about to speak when a tall smartly dressed lady about the same age as Steve came into the room. She was wearing a long wrap around skirt and a short sleeved blouse fitted under her curvaceous bosom. The black silk made her look undeniably elegant and its dull sheen matched that of the large black Doberman at her side. She was holding the dog with two fingers under its collar and we saw her arm tense as the dog saw the girl lying spread out before him and made to go towards her. She walked the dog forward and then made him stop and sit; his nose only inches away from Holly’s pussy.

There was a North-Eastern burr to her voice as she asked Holly “What would you like tonight Holly dear, how can Cerberus help you tonight? Or should I just let you go?”

“No Amy, please let him lick my pussy, please let him”

“You’re what?” Said Amy with a smile on her lips….”What do you want licked?”

“My pussy Amy, like always, my pussy, please let him lick my pussy”

“But dogs don’t like pussy’s dear, they chase them, I’d better take him back to his kennel.”

“My cunt!!!” she screamed, “Please please please let him lick my wet cunt!!!

With that Amy tapped the dog on the back of the head and he leaned his neck forward and ran his big wet tongue all over the exposed genitals, the size of his tongue meaning that he was licking from her tightly puckered asshole all the way past her hard little clit almost at the same time.

“Agggguuummmm….ohohoh!!!” She gasped as the dog licked and licked his hot tongue all over her pussy. Standing holding her legs James and I had the perfect view of her writhing under the dog’s assault, bucking her hips up to meet him as he slobbered all over her. The twins appeared, one next to me, one next to James and gently nudged us out of the way so they cold see better.

I went over and spoke to Steve.

“Where did you find her? And where did you find the dog?”

“The dog was easy, he has been licking and fucking Amy since it was a puppy, she has always loved dogs so we bought her favourite type and trained it. Holly was a happy accident, we recruited her as a groom and after a while we noticed that she was spending more and more time in the tack room. So we altered the angle of the CCTV and tried to catch her out. To be honest I suspected a boyfriend living rough in my hay loft.”

“But it wasn’t?”

“No, she came in from riding out and just stripped off her trousers, climbed up on a hay bale, spread her legs and invited the dog to lick her”

“That must have been quite a sight.”

“It was, she was barely 17 too and the moment I saw the tape I knew we were going to have some fun with her. Amy sat her down and played her one of the tapes after we had gotten bored with them, threatened to tell her parents and put it on the internet unless she did as she was told. At the time all the dog was doing was licking her but after Holly had seen the dog fucking Amy she was begging for her turn. She was a virgin at the time as well; she must be one of the few women ever to loose her virginity to a Doberman! We have managed to turn her into a complete slut, mine was the second cock she had and now she can’t get enough. She was disappointed when I told her that there were only four men coming tonight but another woman made it better. She loves Amy, loves nothing more than to lick Cerberus’ spunk out of Amy’s pussy.”

“Anyway, that was three years ago and we all seem happy with the arrangement, when the dog’s not fucking her I am and while she is on her hands and knees she may as well be licking Amy!”

“What about your wife? Is she happy with the arrangement?”

“Amy? She would rather have the dog too so she understands. Talking of which we had better move on, time is pressing”

We had almost forgotten the girl and the dog behind us, turning our attention back to the scene as Holly wailed through an orgasm. Rose turned to me with her eyes shining bright, deep spots of color sat on her cheeks as her excitement flushed through her. “Oh Marco, yes please, yes please!” She gasped.

“Later my dear, later.” smiled Steve. Turning to Amy he said “Shall we give him some encouragement? Perhaps it would be nice to show our guests your new lingerie too?” Amy nodded eagerly and quickly stripped off her blouse and skirt to reveal sheer stockings, suspenders with a deep waistband, a tiny thong and a bra that was a miracle of engineering as it held her ample bosom. She knelt down beside the dog and reached her hand between his legs, easily finding his semi hard cock. I few rubs of her experienced hand saw it growing and growing until it looked more like the sort of thing a horse would have rather than a dog.

Steve pulled the dog away from the girl and told the twins to turn her over so that her hips were resting on the edge of the couch. Amy’s rubbing had now produced a large thick cock and a mega excited dog. It needed no second bidding as he pulled it towards the prostrate girl, its front paws rested on her shoulders as Amy fed the first inch or so of its cock into Holly’s pussy. Once engaged the dog needed no help as it began to pump hard and fast into the girl, more and more of it’s cock disappearing inside with each thrust until it buried it’s knot inside her too causing her to wail and moan. Amy reached under the couch and pulled the mirror forward so that we cold clearly see the dogs cock thrusting in and out of Holly. She was gasping and moaning as her pussy was getting pummelled and she cried out as the dog’s hind legs began to quake and shiver as it came deep inside her. It momentarily slowed down and re-adjusted its grip, moving its long legs from her shoulders to around her waist before resuming its remorseless pumping.
It was quite a sight, the big black dog, its coat shining in the soft light almost covering the girl. The rubbing of the dogs legs had started to push her stockings down and there was white dog spunk running down her thigh into the stocking tops. Her black corset was twisted and almost off leaving one of her large breasts exposed. Her breathing was becoming more and more ragged as she gasped and groaned through another orgasm, pulling against the cuffs and chains holding her down onto the couch. Cerberus yelped and quivered again as he pumped yet more of his spunk into her, the overflow dripping out of her cunt onto the floor.

I hadn’t noticed Rose take a step back from the watching circle but when she spoke and I looked around she was naked save for the rings through her nipples and her ears.

“Please can I have a go with him, I have always wanted to be fucked by a dog, please let me, you can all fuck me afterwards but please let me have the dog...he looks so gorgeous, I have dreamt about this all my life, please let me!”

We all looked at her standing there, eyes glazed, playing with her clit and a look of pure lust on her face. “Well Rose,” said Steve “Since you ask so nicely how can we refuse?”

With Amy’s help he pulled the big black Doberman off Holly, doggie juice flooding out of her as his cock came out with a loud plop. Amy knelt down stroking him as he was obviously disappointed to be separated from his pleasure, his cock seemingly even longer than before. Steve unclipped the handcuffs from Holly’s wrists and as if by magic the swarthy twins appeared at his side and carried the shattered girl over to one of the long leather chesterfields close to the couch. They wasted no time in pulling her corset completely off so they could get at her big round tits. Sitting her between them they spread her legs wide apart over theirs, watching in fascination at the volume of juice running out of her.

Rose had already taken her place on the leather couch and Steve was standing between her legs with two stubby fingers in her wet pussy, twisting and thrusting them in and out. When he was coated with her juices he offered his hand to the dog who sniffed and then licked at them, his ears pricking up as he tried to move towards the source of the scent. Amy let him go and he immediately jumped onto Rose’s back, his cock finding its own was into her pussy with a few sharp urgent thrusts. He began fucking her like she was just another bitch on heat, which in many ways she was. I went to stand at the head of the couch so I could see her face. It was contorted in a mixture of agony and ecstasy as the long canine cock pumped into her, the smooth short hairs of the dog becoming soaked with sweat due to the effort of fucking the women and its harsh breath panting into her ear. She was clearly heading to a massive orgasm and the screams from her as she came almost put the big dog off his stride but he soon was pumping deep inside her too, even now there being enough to run out of her cunt and down her legs.

I looked at my fellow guests to see how they were enjoying the spectacle and could see they were otherwise occupied. James was watching intently although Amy sucking his long thick cock may have been a distraction! The twins had somehow stripped and were once more sucking Holly’s tits and fingering her pussy as she slowly wanked a dark cock in each hand. They were typically Greek, thick wiry hair covered their chests and became finer as it ran across their shoulders and back. As Rose groaned through another climax they said something to Holly and she slipped off the sofa and was down between them sucking one thick cock before moving across to the other. James also gasped and muttered to himself and I turned to see Amy daintily wiping a drop of his spunk from the corner of her mouth. His long cock lost none of its hardness and he was soon in position behind Holly, sliding his dick in where the dog had been recently.

Another explosion of noise indicated that Rose was enjoying the fucking from the Doberman who was at last showing signs of flagging, his thrusting becoming less urgent and his legs shaking with the effort of holding his large frame in position. He tensed and quivered one final time, making Rose’s head snap back as he spurted deep inside her before he slipped off and out of her to lie down by the couch licking his cock and balls. Rose just lay there, her breath deep and steady was the sweat ran down her body and the juice flowed out of her gaping cunt. Amy, ever the hostess, helped her up and then sat her in a chair before giving her a towel and another glass of Champagne. “Well done my dear, not many women are brave enough to do that...but they don’t know what they are missing do they? It’s fantastic!”

Rose could only nod and smile, too exhausted to talk for the moment. Steve hooked his fingers into Cerberus’s collar and led him out, patting and stroking him as he did so “Good dog, well done, hope you enjoyed that as much as they did, let’s get you some dinner now.” On the other side of the room James still had Holly impaled on his impressive cock while she sucked the twins in turn, her big tits hanging down, nipples almost touching the floor.

“Looks like it’s just us then.” Said Amy rubbing her hand across my groin. “I’m sure you are just as big as James and I could do with something like that now, watching Cerberus perform always turns me on more than you could imagine”

She unclipped her bra letting those impressive tits out and dragged me towards one of the other sofas. She slipped her thong off as she lay down and ran her finger through the wet lips of her pussy “C’mon Marco, stick it in me, when Steve comes back he’s going to fuck Rose, you may as well get started on me now and you can have Holly to finish.” Who was I to argue and after quickly shedding my clothes I was soon shagging her for all I was worth, her legs up over my shoulders making those big tits with their huge nipples bounce around mesmerizingly.

A groan behind me alerted me to the fact that Steve had returned and had bent Rose over the chair and was giving her the same treatment that I was giving Amy. Looking up I could see that Holly was now riding one of the twins, (Stavros?), her hands twisted into the thick hair of his chest while his big hands squeezed her boobs. George straddled them, standing so he could fuck her mouth while James sat watching and wanking, waiting his turn with one of the three women. I felt my balls tighten as Amy’s cunt gripped me as she tensed and then relaxed as her orgasm washed over her and I exploded into her. George was now wanking a heavy blast of creamy Greek spunk over Holly’s tits and Steve and Rose sounded like they were coming to the end of an exciting ride, Steve muttering obscenities as he emptied his balls deep inside her.

Looking around me at the sated bodies drenched with sweat and spunk I couldn’t help but wonder why the RSPCA have never thought of this as a fundraising event – and I still had Holly to look forward to yet!

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Great story line and I gave it a positive rating. But I too would like to see more detailed feelings by the females as they are getting fucked. Check out "Uncle's Little Blessing" by The SlutMan at for a great example.

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