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I was a teenage lesbian
My first time…

My first time with a girl was a while ago, I was actually only 15, I had sex with a girl before I discovered boys….here’s how it happened

When I was 13/14 I started to get invited to the usual teenage parties. You know the sort of thing, your mate’s parents are persuaded by constant nagging for months on end to let you have the house for a night “Aw mum, it’s only me and the girls from school honest” and the moment they relent you start deciding which boys you can invite. It’s not that long ago but it seemed so much more innocent then, there was no chance of it being advertised on facebook for the whole city to gatecrash and you could keep it to more or less the people you wanted. Invites were a minefield though, you couldn’t ask the boy you fancied outright, and you had to get your mate to ask his mate even though your mate fancied someone else….but somehow it worked. Yes, some girls spent the whole night crying in the downstairs loo and others disappeared with boys down the garden/into the garage/spare bedroom to reappear later with the look on their faces that said ‘I’m a woman now’ while the boy gave his friends surreptitious high fives and didn’t speak to her again for the rest of the night.

Fun wasn’t it?

My best friend was Elizabeth (Beth) and she had an older sister called Helen. They were both cut from the same cloth - tall, long legged and shapely. Beth and I were both budding B cups when we started going to parties together and Helen was straining against a D. A year later we were much the same but Helen was a voluptuous E or F and naturally created lots of interest from the lads we knew. As I said, she was older but fairly quiet, studious and determined to get good grades and go to Uni. She had the usual gaggle of local lads chasing her but said that she wasn’t bothered about any of them and would slap their attentions away with a caustic wit. She was a bit of a heroine to some of us to be honest.

She was close to her sister and used to come to some of the parties with us, partly because she like to drink and dance (let’s not kid anyone here, there was always plenty of booze and the odd joint) and partly because Beth’s parents (and mine) were more inclined to let us go if Helen was there to ‘look after us’.

When we got to the party she would get a bottle of Cider and find a comfortable corner and spend the night taking the piss out of the horny hopefuls that would risk being filleted by her sharp tongue for a close look at her stunning cleavage. Oh, she didn’t want to be touched but she liked to tease and her low cut tops and short shirts were no doubt the stuff of a million adolescent fantasies. I often think back and wonder how many gallons of spunk were wanked over thoughts of her ripe body, how many palms itched to feel those stunning tits…

Anyway, after the parties I often used to stay at their house either sleeping in with Beth (that didn’t last long, we were too big to share a single bed) or on a camp bed in her room. Helen had the ‘middle’ bedroom and had a double bed, their parents having a bedroom on the floor above.

One warm night in early summer we snuck in late after a party, dragging an almost comatose Beth between us. She had spent the night chatting and dancing with Jason, one of the local ‘bad boys’ and he had given her some particularly strong skunk when they were outside ‘saying goodnight’. No doubt he thought it would ease his entry into her knickers but after a few moments she promptly threw up all over him instead! Me and one of the others cleaned her up as best be could while Helen ranted at Jason, called a taxi and then ranted at him some more. She even made him hand over what was left of the joint – quite a lot actually – before chasing him down the garden path to the amusement of his mates. When we got her home we made her drink some water before tucking her into bed with a strategically placed bucket beside her.

Helen made us both a mug of tea and we went and sat in the conservatory. I was a bit drunk but taking care of Beth had sobered me up a bit and despite it being almost 0200 I wasn’t really tired. We sipped our tea and laughed about the night, sure that Beth would be ok in the morning but wondering how Jason would ever face his mates again!

Helen pulled out the remains of Jason’s joint from her handbag and looked at me with one of her elegant eyebrows raised

“Ever tried this?”

I shook my head. “Smoked some fags but not that stuff”

“Good a time as any.” She said pulling out a lighter. She rolled the crumpled joint between her fingers, straightening it out before wafting the flame over the end. She inhaled gently, pulling the smoke into her mouth and lungs before letting it slowly out. “Pheew, that is strong, just take a very little into your mouth at first.”

My hand was shaking as I carefully took hold of the joint and I hesitatingly did as I was told and puffed a couple of times, blowing the smoke out fairly quickly. Helen laughed and said “Slowly, take a little back now you are used to it…that’s it…gently…” As I filled my lungs and felt my blood roaring through my head as the powerful drug kicked in. Helen took the rest of the joint off me as I tried to make my eyes focus and finished it with a couple of strong drags.

We both sat back into our chairs, eyes half closed as we felt the harsh kick of the skunk give way to a wonderful warm feeling, hands and feet gently tingling, my body felt like it was floating in a sensuous warm sea. “Mmmm, that’s nice stuff.” Said Helen. “It’s wasted on that little moron.”

She tilted her head to the side as if she was debating something in her mind and then she looked straight at me with a mischievous smile.

“You know something Jane? The only problem with skunk for me, one of the reasons I usually avoid it, is that it makes me unbearable horny”

With that she ran her right hand down her extravagant bosom and across her flat tummy to her short skirt, pushing the material down tight between her legs before squeezing them together, trapping her fingers between her thighs.
“Mmmmm, that feels nice!” she sighed. I could see her wrist moving as she ground her fingers deep between her legs. “Come on now Jane,” she said “don’t tell me that you never touch yourself when you think everyone is asleep. Tell me the truth, you do don’t you?” She was almost laughing was she said this, as if the whole idea of touching my most intimate part was no big deal, certainly nothing to hide….so I shyly nodded, my eyes looking anywhere but at hers. “Of course you do, we all do, particularly after drinking and now smoking…but I can’t do it while wearing these bloody things!” With that she hoisted herself to her feet and in the twinkling of an eye pushed the thick black tights and black knickers she had on down to her knees before flopping down once more into the chair to take them the rest of the way off. Her long legs looked pale in the soft light from the lamp and I found myself strangely disappointed that I couldn’t see the dark shadow of her pussy more clearly.

“Your turn.” She said, “C’mon, I won’t tell if you won’t..”

I really didn’t know what to do, obviously I had been masturbating for ages, sometimes thinking about boys, sometimes reading the porn mags my dad kept under the bed – they were on my mum’s side quite often too - sometimes just because it felt good but this was different. But something in her smile made me get to my feet – unsteadily -and pull my skirt up enough to pull my tights and knickers down before flopping back and kicking them off my feet.

She grinned at me before sucking two fingers into her mouth and then, pulling her skirt higher with her other hand, pushed them firmly down between her legs.

“Mmmmmm….shit that feels good.” She groaned, biting the corner of her lip. From my angle I could see her wrist move a little but not a lot more but I was fascinated, and truth be told, more sexually excited than I had ever been before in my young life. I let my hand drift down and was shocked at how wet I was, how hard my clit felt as I rubbed the tip of my finger over it. Helen was now moving her hand more vigorously and I could hear her breathing become shallower and much quicker. I could see that her eyes were locked on me, locked on my arm as it moved the wrist that moved my fingers that circled my clit. I felt that she could see it all and I knew it excited her. I spread my legs a little wider and began to move my arm more than I needed to, I wanted her to see what I was doing as much as she wanted to watch….neither of us could keep it up for long, she came first with a series of stuttering groans, I soon after, more quietly, shyly…but it was still the most intense orgasm I had ever had.

We sat in silence for a while, just enjoying the afterglow before Helen got up. She picked up her tights and hand bag and nodded to me to do the same. “C’mon, it’s late; we had best go to bed before we wake anyone up.” As we walked out of the conservatory she turned and kissed my forehead “Thanks, that was fun.” She said “Lets keep it as our little secret; maybe we can do it again sometime” I shyly nodded before scurrying up to my place on the camp bed in Beth’s room. My pussy was on fire. I ached to touch myself again but I was too scared of the creaking of the camp bed to do anything and eventually I fell into a restless sleep – but not before I was sure I had heard a groan through the ceiling from Helen’s room.

At breakfast we made gentle fun of Beth without letting her parents know too much and I left before lunchtime, the final goodbye from Helen being loaded with a quick conspirital wink. I could not wait to get home and once there wasted no time in stripping off my soggy knickers and bringing myself to another shattering orgasm. The next few days were spent in my room with my fingers busy between my legs, visions of Helen in my head, wondering/hoping that she was doing the same as me. I was so obsessed that I even sat in front of my wardrobe mirror, legs spread wide as I watched myself, pretending that I was either watching Helen or she was watching me. Things calmed down for the next week or so until Beth rang and asked if I was coming to Jill’s party the following weekend. I feigned indifference for as long as I could before asking if Helen was coming as well “Oh yes, I think so.” Said Beth, “After the last one I hope she is anyway, wouldn’t surprise me if Jason and his mob try to make some trouble – but Helen will sort them out!” Once more we agreed that I would stay over and I spent the next few days trembling in anticipation.

As usual Beth and I sneaked half a bottle of Vodka into her room to have while we got ready but this time, instead of dividing it equally, I made sure that hers was more Vodka & Coke and mine more Coke & Vodka. Helen joined us just before the taxi arrived and her raised eyebrow at the obviously tipsy Beth made me blush. Once there I had a few drinks, chatted to some boys, danced a little but all the time I was conscious of Beth, making sure she had a full glass as often as possible and of Helen, sitting in the corner as usual with her bottle of cider, teasing the boys, the girl they all wanted but none of them could have. Just after midnight the inevitable happened and Beth fell over. To be fair she had done well to last that long with the boys trying to get her drunk as well as me! Jason was there again and managed to get a good feel of her boobs as he helped her up while another one had a good look up her skirt as he picked up the broken glass. Helen was there in a couple of strides and shooed them away with a swift cuff around the ear before ringing for a taxi.

Once back into their house the routine was the same, put Beth to bed with a bucket beside her and then looked at each other expectantly. “Cup of tea before bed?” said Helen. I nodded enthusiastically and almost ran downstairs to get the kettle on. Helen went up to her room first and was waiting for me in the conservatory. She had a huge spliff in one hand and a lighter in the other, far more exciting than my two mugs of tea! She lit the spliff and took a heavy drag as I put down the mugs, passing it to me and then collapsing down into the nearest chair. I noticed that she had moved the chairs around so they were now facing each other a few feet apart and I sat down before filling my lungs with the thick smoke. We passed the joint to each other a few times until it was gone, by which time my head was swimming and the room was gently revolving. Helen also had a glazed look on her face but it wasn’t just the drug, it was a look I came to recognize quite easily in the future. It was a look of pure lust.

After a few mouthfuls of the hot sweet tea (funny how we all took sugar back then) the spinning stopped and I could just feel the lazy floating feeling once more. “God that stuff is good.” Said Helen “And you know how it makes me feel…shall we have a little play before we go to bed?” This time she pulled off her skirt as well as her tights and pants before flopping down again. She was now naked from the waist down and I could clearly see her pink slit peeking through her light blonde pubic hair. “Your turn Jane, don’t be shy.” she said She was already stroking her fingers through her pubes and into her pussy as I stripped in the same way, my darker hair hiding a little more than hers. Once more it was her burning gaze that excited me. I wasn’t thinking about having sex with another girl when I looked at Helen, I was just thinking about having sex with her, another human being, someone that I adored. For now I watched fascinated as she slipped two fingers deep inside her, pulling them out coated in her glistening juices before rubbing them in firm circles around her clit. I tried to copy her but I was still too tight and had to settle for stroking the juice from my sopping pussy all over my outer lips and my hard little clit. I was very excited once more and was close to cuming when again she beat me to it, gasping and moaning through her orgasm…I thought she would stop but she carried on, her fingers a blur between her legs, her left hand curling upwards to clamp onto one of her magnificent breasts, squeezing it through her t-shirt. I could hear the sloshing sound of a very wet pussy and I think it was that which sent me over the edge, the sound of her sex as much as the sight of it. I held back my own climax as long as I could, waiting until she was looking at me before some more vigorous rubbing of my clit sent me over the edge too….

When we had both recovered a little she stood up and walked over to me. At that point my heart was pounding so hard I thought my chest would explode, her every step becoming more exciting and more terrifying as she drew nearer…it was only a couple of steps but time stood still for me for all of them. “I’m going to bed.” Was all she said and once more bent down and kissed my forehead. Maybe something in my eyes betrayed me but as she looked down on me she bent her lips towards me once more and planted a soft kiss on my lips, her lips lingering that instant longer than mere friendship should dictate and hinting in my adolescent world of something more to come. I closed my eyes and tried to lock the memory of that kiss inside me so that I could keep it forever. When I opened my eyes she was gone, swallowed up by the darkness beyond the conservatory door. Despite my recent climax I was unbearably excited…my pussy ached and throbbed and I knew that in this state I could not possibly sleep. My fingers were soon busy again and I once more felt that surge of joy and abandon as my thighs shook uncontrollably through my orgasm. As I looked up I saw a change in the darkness by the conservatory door and thought I heard a creek on the stairs and I knew at once the Helen had been watching me.

I didn’t see her in the morning, just Beth with her aching head. All the moaning that she did about it cut no ice with me, nothing she was feeling could be close to the ache in my groin, the desperation for Helen’s touch. Fortunately the parties came thick and fast that year. The weather was good; we were young and felt invulnerable. Why not party? The next one was just a week away, a week I spent in feverish excitement. There was a constant dampness between my legs and my nipples seemed to be permanently firm and sensitive. My dreams we always the same, Helen Helen Helen, she was all I could think about....

Arriving at Beth’s place to get ready I pulled out a whole bottle of Vodka this time, determined that Beth would not even last until midnight and god bless her, she didn’t let me down, enthusiastically gulping down the first glass of almost neat spirit, barely coloured with coke. We talked about the party, the boys, the music and the clothes we would wear but all the time I was listening for Helen’s feet on the stairs. When she did come in, about 10 minuets after we had arranged to meet she stunned us into silence. Instead of the usual tights/skirt/top/jacket she was wearing a low shoes, a black knee length fitted skirt and a strapless corset in black silk with a deep red trim. She had added a short fine cardigan but frankly it did little to hide her magnificent cleavage! Her long blond hair and dark eye make up gave the whole outfit a gothic feel to it and she looked truly stunning and very grown up standing beside Beth and me.

Her parents made some comment about the ‘new’ Helen as the dropped us off at the party. They were going on to see some friends and were stopping over so we would have to get a taxi home as usual but would then have the house to ourselves. Helen cut quite a dramatic figure as we joined the party and it was funny to see so many guys with their tongues hanging out, shocked at the change in her. Diverting though all this was, I still had one thing on my mind and to that end I duly got Beth plastered in double quick time. I didn’t realise how pissed she was until I found her in the garage with Jason and one of his mates. Jason was fingering her pussy while his mate held her up by the tits. She was out cold and although I must admit that the scene was exciting it didn’t seem fair to let her loose her virginity while unconscious. I screamed at them to let her go and in seconds Helen was by my side helping me to straighten Beth’s clothing and drag her out of there. It was only just after eleven when we arrived home and as usual put Beth to bed. I made small talk about Jason and the party, anything really to distract me from the insane itch between my legs that was just begging for Helen’s touch.

Once we had her settled we walked slowly down the stairs, the tension between us growing with every step. I offered tea again but Helen sent me to get the rest of the Vodka form Beth’s room. She poured us a drink each and we went into the conservatory. It was a really warm night, the sort that we don’t seem to get any more; the very air seemed to be throbbing to the same rhythm as my pussy. As we sipped our drinks, chatting inanely, I didn’t once take my eyes off her or she off me. We finished our drinks and without a word Helen took our glasses and brought us a refill. “I’m afraid I have a confession to make Jane,” She said. “I thought I was being careful with the dope but I seem to have smoked it all. I’m still very horny though. Shall we pretend we have had a smoke?”

I just looked up dumbly at her and nodded

She smiled and tipped the remains of her drink down her throat in one gulp before putting the glass down and turning her back to me. “Can you help me with the zip please? It’s a new skirt and it keeps catching.’ My hand was shaking uncontrollably as I tugged the perfectly free zip down. She shook her hips and it fell to the floor leaving me looking at her curvaceous bottom. “No knickers.” She said “It spoilt the line.” Turning to face me she slid her hand between her legs before slowly moving it away “Had a trim too, feels very smooth and sexy.” She said as her newly bald pussy appeared a few inches from my face. “Would you like to feel?” Not waiting for my answer she reached down and grabbed my wrist, pushing my fingers firmly against her pussy. I spread my fingers out a little, thrilled to feel her wetness and heat and was rewarded with a sigh. For the next few seconds we both pretended that it was perfectly normal for her sister’s best friend to be touching her most intimate part before she started to lower herself down onto the rug, taking me with her. She kept hold of my wrist the whole way down and once seated she spread her legs wider. By know I was on my knees staring straight into the fabulous cleavage as she gently used my hand against her pussy. I curled my fingers inwards and speared deep inside her causing her to gasp and moan as I thrust firmly in and out before pulling it out to rub her soaking pussy even more firmly. As her gasps became even more frequent I bent my head and kissed the tops of those magnificent breasts, desperate for her to know that I wanted her and that she could do whatever she liked with me. Her fingers scrabbled at the side of her corset and found the zip and in an instant my mouth was glued to her huge left nipple. I was about to move on to the right one as her orgasm hit her almost causing her to pass out. God, it was wonderful!

When she had recovered a little she pulled us both to our feet and gently ushered us to her room. She must have spent half an hour once we were there just kissing, touching every part of my body except one as she slowly stripped my clothes off. I was so turned on that when she finally touched my clit I almost exploded, I thought my heart had stopped and my blood was flowing backwards it was that intense. During that night Helen and I learned things about our bodies and those of our lovers that we have never forgotten. I learned how much I love the taste of pussy, how I am more satisfied by sex with my own sex than sex with a man and that I’m not the only one!

It was wonderful and life changing and I’m so so glad it happened. For the record we spent the next few weeks together, endless days and night entwined exploring each others bodies. My hands and lips always seemed to taste of her, my lips were never far from her lips or her pussy………….and then, in September she went to uni. She came back at half term and told me about the love of her life, the (female) hockey captain from Leeds…we had one last night when she ‘tried to make it up to me’ by doing everything to me that she had learned from her new love. It was exciting and stimulating and I had orgasm after orgasm but it wasn’t the same. She didn’t love me.

As first times go it was very special though, and wherever Helen is now I hope she is having her pussy licked!!!

Oh, and by the way - Beth? She married Jason in the end and they now have two lovely daughters. Ahhh…

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