A 3-day unforgettable weekend
This is a story of a weekend on a ranch and what happened there those 3 days.
My name is Jesse and I was invited to the ranch by my friend Steve. He and his
family had been invited by his wife Martha's long-time friend Danielle. She and
her husband own the ranch, a private property that includes housing for about
40 people and a river where there was fishing, tubing, kayaking, swimming, and just
hanging out. Steve told me that Danielle had invited about 30 people to stay for this
3-day weekend.

We arrived on Friday about mid day and were the 3rd group of families that had come.
They were still expecting 4 more families. Among those that had arrived I noticed a
good-looking young lady with about a 12 year old girl walking around. I also noticed about
4 male dogs of different sizes and saw that only one was on a leash. As one of the bigger
dogs came over to us my friend greeted it by name of Pago. My friend had brought their dog
Zorro and Steve told me Pago was always bothering Zorro. Danielle and her husband
George came out and greeted us. I was introduced to them and George immediately let us know
that none of the dogs bite and that they were all quite friendly. I was relieved. George
pointed at one of the dogs and told us he was legally blind but knew his way around. We were
introduced to Shannon and her 16 year old daughter Brianna. The mom and daughter were both really
cute and I got a nice smile from Shannon which I returned. I also said hi to Brianna and winked
at her which made her smile. We were shown to our room and we put our stuff away and went out to
the main house to mingle. I met a few other people that had arrived. One family had a really cute
16 year old with them. I winked at her also when I met her and she smiled shyly.

I petted Pago as he walked by me and 2 of the other dogs also came by which I petted as well. I
was convinced they were friendly. I got a hard-on as I petted the dogs. No one knew that I was
into bestiality and had let a stray dog fuck me when I was 14. It never made me gay or anything
but I never forgot that and let another stray dog fuck me when I was 16. I bought a dog of my own
when I was 21 which I have had for 5 years and he fucks me regularly.

My friend and I went down to the river and did some fishing. That was super. The water was so clear
you could see the fish: bass, garfish, catfish, carp, and bluegill sunfish. We were fishing mostly
for the large-mouth bass and caught plenty. Others had come down to the river by now. Among them
were Shannon and her daughter Brianna who was in a 2 piece bathing suit. Both looked good enough to eat.
I walked over to Shannon and said hi. I asked her if her husband was coming and she told me she has been
divorced for about a year. I apologized and she said she caught him cheating on her. I told her he
must've been an idiot to cheat on someone as fine as her. Shannon smiled and said "thanks". Then she
asked me if I was married and I said no. I told her I was a middle and high school coach of football,
basketball, softball, and bowling. She told me Brianna played softball and that maybe I could help or
give her some coaching tips. "Of course" I responded.

I saw Brianna climb out of a kayak on the river bank and walk towards us. "Brianna you remember Jesse
who we met up at the lodge"? "Oh yeah - hi". "He coaches softball and said he could give you some tips
if you wanted". Brianna's face lit up with a smile and said "I brought a couple of gloves if you want
to play catch later". "Sure - you just tell me when". She went back to the river and Shannon told me
she really plays hard but that she isn't one of the better players on the team and doesn't get to play
a whole lot. I asked Shannon if she wanted to go kayaking and she said yes so we each got a kayak and
she followed me as we went upstream. Once we got out of sight of the others I pulled up to the bank
and got out. Shannon followed suit. I lay on the grass and she laid next to me. "Would you think me
inappropriate if I told you I like you and would like to kiss you"? She said no so I pulled her to me
and planted a kiss on her lips. I slipped my tongue in her mouth as I felt her part her lips.

She did likewise and I kept the kiss going as I slowly laid her on the ground and laid on top of her. I am sure
she could feel my raging hard-on as I lay on her. "I want to fuck you Shannon". She got up and pulled off
her tank top and then her shorts and panties and laid back down. I took off my tee-shirt and bathing suit
and dove between her legs. I began eating her pussy with passion as I heard her moan like she hasn't had
sex since her husband divorced her. I slipped a finger in her cunt and began to finger-fuck her as I ate
her bringing her to a quick orgasm. I started pulling and licking on her clit and stuck 2 fingers in her
cunt fucking her at a rhythmic pace with my clit licking. Shannon came for a second time as I felt her arch
upward. As she was in the throes of her 2nd orgasm I got between her legs and shoved my raging hard-on
up her cunt with no mercy. She shrieked as I began to pound her cunt. "Oh my god - pleeeeeeaaaaase fuck me".

I kept pounding her and began roughly massaging her tits. I pulled on her nipples. She kept moaning and just as
I felt her reaching another orgasm I pulled out my dick and slammed it home as I shot my load in her cunt with her
spasms milking me completely. I kissed her and as we lay there a few minutes she said we should get back. We dressed,
got in the kayaks, and headed back. Brianna was waiting on the bank and her mom gave her a hug when she got to her
and they kissed on the lips.

"You really look happy mom. Did you have fun kayaking"? "Yeah honey I did". I then mentioned I was going to head
back to the cabins. Brianna quickly asked if I wanted to play catch with her now and I said "sure". Her mom told her
to go ahead that she was going to stay and chat with some of the ladies so Brianna and I walked back to the cabins.
Brianna then told me her mom divorced her dad when she was 10 cause she caught him cheating on her. She and her
mom actually became closer since then. My mind wandered as I wondered what she meant by "closer"! Brianna sure
looked good in her 2-piece swimsuit.

We got back to the cabins and Brianna said she was going to get a couple of gloves, a ball, and a bat so that maybe I
could hit her some grounders and fly balls after playing catch. Brianna had changed into some shorts but still looked good.
She had nice athletic legs. As we played catch I told her she had a good arm and made accurate throws. I then hit her some
grounders and noticed she was afraid to stay in front of the ball. I showed her how she had to try and stay in front of the ball
and hit some easy ones to her to give her some confidence. As she did better I hit them a bit harder and she was getting in
front of them. I walked over to her and told her she was doing great. She suddenly gave me a hug and pressed her young
body against mine which gave me a hard-on that I hoped she didn't notice.

I then asked her if she was a good hitter and she said not really. So I threw her a few balls and she swung
at them meekly. I walked over to her and as she held the bat I stood behind her and helped her to swing the
bat properly. My crotch was against her sweet ass and I got a hard-on again. Just as I was telling her to
step in as if she was going to swing at a ball with me helping her, My foot accidentally tripped her and we
fell to the ground. Because I was trying to keep her from falling, I fell back and she landed on top on me.
Her sweet crotch planted itself right between my legs. I instinctively gave a small thrust as I tried to get
up and wandered if she had felt my hard-on. We got up and surprisingly she gave me a quick kiss on the
lips and ran into the cabin. "Damn should I follow her"??

I hadn't seen anyone else around the cabins as it appeared everyone else was down by the river. I went into
the cabin where Brianna had gone and found her in the kitchen making a sandwich. "Hi - want one. I can make
you one if you want". "Sure - why not". She made a couple of sandwiches and we chatted as we ate them.
I washed mine down with a coke while she had a bottle of water.

"I don't mean to pry but do you miss your dad". "I did at first but not any more. We haven't heard from him since
my mom divorced him". I asked if she had a boyfriend and she said she didn't. I said a pretty girl like her should
have guys lining up to ask her out. She just smiled at me. Then she surprised me saying "I felt something hard
when we fell and I landed on you - did you have a hard-on"? I almost choked on my sandwich. Then I told her that
she was just as pretty as her mom and that "sorry" but yes I did actually get a hard-on. She said I needn't apologize
and surprised me more by asking me if I wanted to fuck her. I spit out the coke I had in my mouth. "Honey you have
a beautiful body and I would like nothing more than to eat your pussy and fuck you but your mom would kill me". "No
she wouldn't - she whispered to me that you had fucked her and that is why she looked so happy when you two got back f
rom kayaking. That is why she let me come alone with you back to the cabins".

I just looked at her. Then I stood up, walked over to her and picked her up in my arms. I carried her into one
of the rooms. She took her clothes off and I drooled at what I saw. I quickly undressed as well and she lay back on the bed.
I dove between her legs like I had done with her mom and began to eat her sweet pussy. Brianna moaned and arched her
pussy at my mouth. I sucked her clit and stuck a finger in her pussy which made her have an orgasm. I sucked her juices as
they leaked out of her pussy and kept licking her clit and finger-fucking her Brianna kept moaning and writhing. "Fuck me Jesse".
I got up and looked at her. I then laid on top of her as she spread her legs I drove my cock into her young cunt and realized
she was not a virgin. I kissed her on the lips and drove my tongue deep into her mouth pressing my body harder against her
as I fucked her delicious cunt. She was meeting my cock thrusts and tongue thrusts. I couldn't hold back any longer and shot
my load deep into her as I felt her spasm into another orgasm. She held me tightly as her spasms dwindled. I pulled out of her
and rolled over beside her. "Where did you learn to fuck like that young lady"? "My mom actually introduced me to sex when I
turned 12. She felt really bad and cried as she apologized. I told her it was ok because I loved her. She then took my cherry with
a strap-on dildo one night. I got to fuck her that way as well". "Wow would I love to see that"!

We got out of the bed and dressed just before we heard some cars pulling up. "People must be returning from the river".
I'll go over to the other cabin and you can wait here for your mom". I kissed her on the lips and left. Shannon passed by
me and we smiled at each other as I went to the other cabin.

As I walked back to the other cabin Pago walked over to me. I petted him and wondered where I could take him for a
quickie and how I could get away to try it. I sat on a bench outside my cabin with Pago sitting next to me as I kept petting
him. I got a hard-on thinking of the good fuck he could give me. It was getting late and my friend Steve came outside to let
me know he and the family were going to hit the sack. I went inside about 10 minutes later and saw that everyone at this
cabin had gone to sleep except me. I went back outside and noticed the lights in the other cabin were out. Pago was still
laying outside. I walked over to a dark corner with Pago following me. I decided I would see if I could get in that quickie. I
took my shorts and underwear off as Pago looked at me. I had a raging hard-on. Pago came up to me and sniffed at my
dick which made it bob up and down. He gave it a lick and I almost came on the spot. I quickly turned around and Pago
shoved his nose up my crack. I almost came again. I looked back and saw Pago's dick starting to show.

I quickly got down on my hands and knees and Pago began to lick my ass. I looked back and saw his cock hanging out.
My dick was bobbing up and down in anticipation. Pago then climbed up on my back with his front legs around my sides
and began to hump like crazy. I could feel his hot dick hitting my ass cheeks but I wanted him in me. I moved around to
help him find the target. He suddenly hit home and drove his dick inside my ass. I couldn't hold back and shot a load onto the ground.

Pago was humping like crazy and I started to push my ass back against him. I couldn't afford to let him knot with me so
when I felt him tighten his grip on me and felt his knot at the edge of my ass I quickly pulled forward. Pago slipped out
and shot precum on my ass and legs. I stayed put and Pago quickly mounted me again after giving my ass a few good
licks which had my dick bobbing up and down again. Pago struck home quickly this time and began to hump me hard. I
pushed back against him again as I shot another load onto the ground. As Pago kept up the furious humping I noticed
Zorro walking towards us. I quickly pulled away from Pago as he squirted more precum on me. I got up and immediately
put my underwear and pants back on. I started to walk back to the cabin with Pago and Zorro following me. I noticed both
Pago and Zorro had their dicks hanging out. I gave them both a quick rub on the head and went inside. I wish I would have
had more time to let Pago knot me and then let Zorro have a go at me as well but I had to plan it out better.


2009-10-11 17:28:16

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