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The young girl squatted on her haunches, her short black skirt around her waist, her thong panties stuffed into her school bag. Her shoulder length hair drooped over her face and shoulders hiding it from the man in front of her.

A jet of pee erupted from her preteen pussy, hitting the floor and splashing her thin ankles. Pushing with her pelvic muscles, her sphincter opened and the head of a turd appeared.

She grunted slightly and smiled. The man was going to pay her £20 to video her as she peed and poohed.

Well worth it she thought. He had taken her behind the lock up garages and photoed and videoed her taking her panties off, then of her squatting.

He had gotten good close ups of her vagina – it was just starting to get hairs on the lips, and then her peeing.

As the poo appeared, he moved round the back and took close ups of the turd coming out of her ass and falling to the floor. He looked at the young girls ass, it was very pert – it made him hard, and he needed to come.

Eleasha pooed more, the brown logs making a small pile. He moved round her front again, she held her lips open for the last dribble of pee.

He handed her a couple of tissues and she stood. Holding the front of her skirt up with one hand, she wiped her ass and pussy. She then threw the dirty tissues to the ground by the pile she had left. Moving over to the man, he held the small screen so that she could see it.

He played the tape, she smiled as she saw herself defecate and pee. He was still hard and he rubbed his hand over his trousers. He unzipped them and fumbled about, he then pulled his erect cock out.

She gasped at the size of him. She had seen cocks before – her dads, but this was bigger. He rubbed his cock a few times and asked her to kiss the head, she leant forward and did so, running her hand around the shaft as she did so.

She knew what to do, as her daddy had taught her. She engulfed his cock head with her lips and sucked. Her tongue swirled around his penis, he grunted at the sensation.

Eleasha ran her hand up and down the shaft, she knew what was going to happen. His hand went behind the young girls head and held her head against his groin as his cock erupted sperm into her mouth.

She gagged as she felt the cum shoot into her mouth, cum dribbled from her lips as she struggled to swallow the sweet liquid.

She released him and gasped for air, he saw cum around her mouth and lips. He asked her to hold still whilst he photographed the sight.

Grasping his cock, he lifted the front of the girls skirt and wiped his cock clean on her pussy, leaving flecks of spunk over her crack. He made sure he was clean by then wiping it on her short skirt.

He put the camera away in his bag and pulled out his wallet. He handed her a crisp £20 note.

Thanks she said. And she started to walk away.

Wait! he asked, do you want to earn some more? He enquired.

Go on, she said.

I’ll give you a fiver now for you panties. He replied

Eleasha rummaged in her bag and bought out the thongs. Just to make sure he did want them, she raised her skirt and wiped her pussy with them, leaving the unmistakeable odour of female genital on them. She then handed them to him and took the £5 note with the other hand.

Same time next week he enquired.

Of course she smiled sweetly, and skipped away.

The following week, Eleasha was at the allotted spot on time. The man stood a few metres away, a small bag over his shoulder.

She smiled and walked down the path behind the garages. She stopped behind the garages and looked around, the man came around the corner.

He nodded towards an old wooden chair.

Sit on that he ordered.

Eleasha sat. Her thin legs together at the knees, her short school skirt barely covered her pert bottom. She wore flat black shoes and small white socks. She clasped together her hands on her lap, the bottom of her white shirt flapping in the warm breeze.

Her hair swirled around in the breeze and she smiled as the man got out his video camera.

She tightened inside. She had not been to the loo for a wee since lunch and she was bursting. She had resisted the temptation for a poo this morning, so both ends of her bowels were full.

He aimed the camera at her, and moved closer. He stopped and spoke.

Open your legs wide as I get closer. He said.

Lifting the camera back up he moved again.

Slowly the young girl opened her legs, exposing the white thong she was wearing. The skirt rode up and she thrust her genitals forward, the thong bulging with her pubis mons.

He licked his lips and smiled. He could see the indentation of her labia, and even the small bump of her clitoris in the screen. He began to get hard again.

She grimaced slightly. She wanted to pee and poo, but he still took video of her thong and legs.

Finally he stopped and put the camera down.

Do you want me to pee and poo yet, she enquired.

No, he replied, I have something else first, then you can do it

Ok she answered, wondering what he wanted.

He leant over his bag and pulled out what looked like a small pink sausage with a wire at one end connected to a little box.

Here, he said, put the pink end down your panties and then press the green button.

Eleasha took the object and did as she was told. The man videoed her as she placed the vibrator against her clitoris, snuggled into her pussy lips. She then pressed the green button.

She jumped as the vibrator hummed and moved against her sensitive spot. Her thighs widened and she pushed her groin forward, the vibrator outline visible in her panties.

Eleasha moaned as the vibrator sent wave after wave of pleasure through her, starting in her groin and coursing through her nerve endings.

Uh, oh, she groaned as another shock wave hit her. Her eyes were closed, then sprang wide as the vibrator hit her again with another pleasure wave.

The man focused his camera on her panties. A tiny wet spot had appeared.

Suddenly, Eleasha groaned loudly as piss erupted from her bladder. Her panties were soaked and pee dribbled to the ground.

The man kept videoing as the young girl peed herself. The back of her short skirt was soaked, as were her panties.

Her gush of pee stopped, she opened her eyes and looked down at her soaking panties. She arched her back and slid the wet thongs off, the vibrator falling to the floor.

Piss had dribbled down her legs and wet her socks, she lifted her legs one by one and discarded the panties.

Laying back in the chair she realised that her bowels were still full of poo. She couldn’t help but let out a wet fart. Quickly she shifted her position on the chair so her ass was over the edge and she opened her ass.

A huge turd stretched from her ass almost to the ground as she grunted with satisfaction.

The man noted that her asshole expanded quite a lot as she shat, he wondered if she took cock up the ass at such an early age.

He handed her some tissues and she wiped her ass, before sitting properly on the seat.

He had by now released his cock, it was sticking up in the air, and he moved towards the girl.

She opened her legs again, slumping forward on the chair so her preteen pussy was off the front.

He kneeled in front of the girl and aimed his erect cock at her vagina. Pulling her pussy lips apart, the head of his cock met her smooth skin and nestled in between her pussy lips.

Grasping her waist, he eased his cock into the willing girl. She moaned loudly as the huge member slid into her wet tunnel.
She had never experienced one as big as this. Even her daddies never looked this big.

Her vagina walls expanded as the cock found its way up her, the cockhead bumping her cervix.

The man smiled at her and thrust in and out, more paroxysms of shock coursed through her. She gasped as he thrust into her.

His cock built up, blood swelling it even bigger, filling the girls moist hole. Suddenly he came, spurt after spurt of sticky cum filling her preteen vagina.

He came harder than he had ever done so before. This girl was perfect, she was young, cute, pretty and best of all, she could fuck.

As he pulled out of her, his cum flowed out, dripping from her vagina round to her bum hole.

He pulled tissues from his pocket and wiped his cock before tucking it away in his pants. He then handed Eleasha some more and she wiped her pussy clean.

Once again he paid her £20 and a further £5 for her pissed panties. He tucked the wet trophy into his bag before turning and leaving her.

She sat for a few minutes, the cool evening air wafting her burning groin. Standing, she realised she was unsteady on her feet, her vagina felt sore, the wetness of her short skirt flapped against her bare bottom, her feet squished in her pissed socks.

She wandered home, wondering what would happen to her next.

Her father was waiting for her as she quietly closed the back door. He was sat in the lounge, a beer can in his hand, an empty at his feet.

Hello sweetie he said, Had a good day?

Hi dad. Eleasha replied, Yeah, great, you learn something new each day. She thought of all the naughty things she had done!

Give your old dad a cuddle, he smiled.

It wasn’t until Eleasha sat on her dad’s left leg that she remembered she had no panties on, and that her skirt was a little damp at the back.

He felt dampness seep from her skirt onto his leg. His right hand moved onto her right leg, feeling her knee.
What’s up with your skirt he said.

I got it a bit wet she said, not embellishing the details.

Oh, he replied, his hand travelling further up her thigh. He expected to meet a piece of material, as he had bought all of her thongs since she was 8 years old, he had not let her wear ‘big’ panties, but only thongs.

His wife, Eleasha’s mother, had given her elicit approval for her wearing of thongs, as she wore them as well.

He was surprised but not shocked to find his daughter bare under her short skirt. His fingers ran over her slit and dipped between the labia. He was surprised to find her vagina very wet and slippery.

What have you been up to he queried. I hope that’s your juice and not some boys he joked.

Eleasha’s mother came into the house. She was only marginally taller than Eleasha, and looked very similar with long brown hair, but her tits were obviously bigger, being 34C.

She wasn’t surprised to see her daughter sitting on her husbands lap, nor his hand up her skirt fingering her. They had a very open relationship and Jane wasn’t opposed to indulging in fun with her daughter and husband at the same time.

Hi mum, smiled Eleasha.

Hello dear said John, I was just asking Eleasha how her pussy came to be so wet and juicy. And without any panties as she came in!

Jane was interested. She had licked out her daughter on a few occasions, especially after her husband had come over it. She moved over to the couple and knelt in front of her daughter.

John’s finger was still embedded in Eleasha’s pussy, so Jane pulled it out and opened her daughters legs. Moving her head in for a look, she saw the unmistakable signs of her daughter having been fucked.

Her pussy was red and there was dried cum around her lips. Jane leant further in and sniffed.

Cum, she thought. She then licked over her daughters’ pussy.

Definitely cum. She thought again.
It looks as though our daughter is very juicy she said out loud, saving her daughter from any explaining, as she would quiz her later on.

John was hard at the thought of Eleasha being wet. He fingered her again, spreading the juice to his daughters ass. He poked her ass, pushing his finger to the second joint.

Eleasha moaned. She loved her daddy playing with her. Jane looked at John and unzipped his shorts, pulling his erect tool out. John swore as his wife sucked on his cock.

Move over facing your mum, he grunted at Eleasha.

Jane released his cock from her mouth and held it erect as John manoeuvred Eleasha over it.

He lowered his daughter gently onto his waiting cock. Jane nestled it between her spread butt cheeks as John held her round the waist. His cock pressed against her sphincter and gently opened it. The head popped in followed by 4 or 5 inches of stiff penis.

Eleasha gasped as her daddy went up her anus, Jane moved forward again and suckled on the girls preteen cunt as John moved his cock gently in the girls ass.

All of Eleasha’s senses went into overdrive, her ass being filled, her mum tonguing her pussy and clitoris sent spasms of pleasure through her body. If she tried to open her legs any wider she thought she would split in half.

Her daddy came in her bottom, thick ropes of cum filled her ass. Her mother had sucked out all the cum from earlier and licked her clit hard.

Eleasha came hard for the first time in her life. Pussy cum squirted from her vagina into her mothers mouth. Jane pulled away instinctively as Eleasha squirted.

A gush of girl cum splattered into her face soaking her hair and blouse.

Eleasha’s head lolled to one side, she was exhausted. John lifted her off his spent but erect dick, an audible plop as he took out his penis.

Eleasha’s ass gaped open, John placed her on the settee, her ass pushed forward. Jane went quickly to Eleasha’s open hole, which was now leaking John’s cum, and licked and sucked his cum out of the young girl.

When she finished, Jane looked up and smiled at her husband.

I have the feeling we have many years of fun and games coming our way.

John laughed, nodding his head and replied, I think you may just be right there!

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2013-08-07 10:10:49
was hire at friends party to suck cocks of cum and pee.19 guys use me,neverdrank so much pee in my life. seems ll wanted me to drink their pee instead of cum. made good money. enjoyed the cocks.

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Awful story! :'( i thought it was gonna be female on girl action only - since i found this in that section *sigh*

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i read the story and comments they reminded me of when i was 12 i would take off my knickers and make my brother 7 look at me pissing into an old tin jug i started sexual feelings for the first time doing this when i was 15 he never touched me but used to watchme rub myself untill i cum

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when i was 9 our gang 4 girls 3 boys had an old paint tin we watched each other piss in although one day it could be all dicks and fannys ther was no sex involved just who could piss the most

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