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Last bit of this story - I'm bored with it now.
John and Amy’s life settled down into a ritual of frenzied fucking. John would normally do Amy in the evening when he got home from work, she would then walk around the house with no panties on, semen dribbling down her leg.

Occasionally if a friend came over she would put some pants on, but sometimes she would leave them off.

At the weekend, they fucked almost all day, their fucking outside of home reached new heights. John found new places to so it, in a field, in woods, the occasional clothes shop, they managed it in a swimming pool.

Laura hadn’t been round for a few weeks and John arranged another baby sitting evening.

Laura rolled up in shorts and a small t-shirt. No sooner was she through the door then she was naked on the settee and John was deep in her cunt fucking away, Amy managed to sit on Laura’s face, one girl licking out the other.

During the evening John managed two loads of cum in both girls, as well as spraying their faces with semen. Both girls performed with each other, licking out Johns cum.

When John came the second time in Laura, he got Amy to fist her. Amy slid her little hand up Laura’s tight twat, John taking pictures as they went along. Laura had a big orgasm, spraying juice over Amy's hand and arm, and dripping onto the floor.

John then got a tube of KY jelly and smeared a copious amount around both girls anus’s. He eased a finger into their anus, then two in. He spent a good ten minutes stretching the girls enough to accommodate his cock.

He entered his daughters anus first, to show Laura how easy it was, after a few minutes in Amy, he withdrew and entered Laura’s ass. Laura groaned as John went up her ass, the sensations were orgasmic and Laura came hard.

Amy was sat on the settee watching her dad and Laura, she had fingers in her twat and fingers in her ass and she was gently fucking herself.

Inside Laura, a small seed was growing, none of them realised it yet, but Laura had conceived by John.

Laura was staying the night again, and by 10pm all three were in bed. John ate out both girls in the night, Amy also sucked her dad off, cum filling her mouth.

The next morning John woke with another hard-on. He looked at the sleeping girls, deciding what he could do next. He went over to his wardrobe and took out a huge 36” double dildo and a strap-on.

Gently he woke up his daughter and handed her the double dong. Amy manoeuvred into position and smeared KY jelly on the end of the dong. She eased it into her twat then smeared KY onto the other end.

Laura was flat on her back with her legs apart. She was snoring gently, her nipples were erect from the cool air from the window, her pubic hair barely covering her plump red labia. Her clitoris was proud of her labia, Amy found an urge to suck on it.

Amy moved closer to Laura, the dong slid deeper into Amy as she did so, making her gasp. Amy was now less than 12” from Laura’s pussy, she placed the dong at Laura’s pussy and started to ease it gently in.

Amy had about 9” in her pussy, and she fed in about 10” into Laura. It was an unusual dong, in that it was filled with jelly that flowed within the dong as the vagina contracted around it.

Amy contracted her vagina, the jelly squeezed from her end of the dong into the end in Laura making it larger. If Laura then contracted her vagina the process started again and they could build up a rhythm.

Amy had to contract a few more times until Laura’s body reacted and started to contract.

Laura slowly woke as the dong stretched in her, her muscles were doing the rest.

John was over them taking pictures, as the 2 girls began to grunt and wriggle on the dong.

The two girls intertwined fingers, pulling each other closer, the dong sinking deeper into each girl. Amy’s uterus expanded and contracted so much the head of the dong entered her underdeveloped womb giving her the most intense orgasm she had ever had.

There was barely 6” of dong visible, most was in Laura, but over a foot was in Amy.

The girls exploded in a shower of cum and juice. Laura was rubbing her clit and cum, juice and pee squirted over Amy, who in turn pulled the dong out and squirted over Laura.

John then had the two girls get on their hands and knees with their asses facing each other and fed the dong back into them, he then proceeded to take more pictures and video as they fucked again.

As Amy then went to the toilet, John wanked off into Laura’s mouth, some of it missing and dribbling down her breasts.

That’s nice he said, you’ve got a good body

Thanks John she replied, Its great fun being round here with you and Amy.

Laura trotted off and got showered, as Amy walked naked into the room. She looked at her fathers limp penis, Have you spunked again? She queried.

Yes said John, In Laura’s mouth and over her titties.

Hmm she said dreamily and she started to stroke her dads cock. By the time Laura came back into the room from her shower, Amy was sucking her dads cock. Laura looked as the girl took the penis in her mouth, she glanced at Amy’s ass, and her hand went between the girls legs and found her pussy.

All too soon it was time for Laura to leave. John got Amy to give her the baby sitting money and a little present, Laura’s eyes widened as she opened the box. It was a 6 inch double vibrator.

Brilliant she said. I’ll use it every night.

Amy and Laura walked to Laura’s house where they said bye. As Amy walked home she passed Olivia’s house.

Olivia had seen her go past with Laura earlier and she was waiting for the girl on her return. Olivia had slipped on a summer dress, she had no underwear on at all, but she had taken the time to slip a butt plug in her anus and her duo balls in her vagina. She was now having difficulty in walking.

A week or so later, Laura woke up, she was feeling decidedly unwell, clutching her stomach she barely made it to the toilet before she threw up. As she was leaning over the toilet she stroked her stomach, she thought it felt tight and a little swollen.

Her mother made her stay off school the day and in bed. Laura didn’t mind but was pleased when her mother had to go out for a few hours. She retrieved the box Amy had given her and pulled out the vibrator.

Laura slipped off her PJ bottoms and lay there just with her top on. She switched the dildo on and ran it over her tummy and pussy slit. She moaned at the sensation and she opened her legs.

She slipped the large part into her pussy, the smaller slightly shorter one was buzzing against her anus. She licked the fingers on her free hand and smeared her ass with spit. Slowly she worked the thinned end into her anus and the thicker end further into her cunt.

She bucked and moaned as she came on the dildo. After she came she used her PJ bottoms to wipe her soaking pussy and anus and she put the dildo away. She put her PJs back on and fell asleep.

A few days later the same happened again, her mother was worried but thought it was a bug Laura had caught.

However, Laura had noticed her tummy was tighter and bigger, but didn’t think anything else about it.

The months passed quickly, Laura’s belly grew bigger, but she hid it by wearing larger clothes. Amy and her dad enjoyed an excellent sex life, living virtually as man and wife, John invested in a good resolution camera and video and built up a huge portfolio of pictures and video of his daughter.

They hadn’t seen much of Laura during the three months, but that was all going to change.

Laura’s mum was concerned, Laura was getting withdrawn, spending a lot of time in her room. Most strangely she hadn’t asked her for pantie pads for a few months.

Nicola confronted her daughter on her arrival home. All too soon it has denigrated into a shouting match and in a brief moment, Nicola pulled at Laura’s clothing ripping her shirt and exposing her rounded belly.

You little slut cried Nicola, who have you been fucking?

What do you mean cried Laura.

You’re pregnant, you’re only 13! Screamed her mother.

Someones fucked you and made you pregnant! Continued the tirade from Nicola.
I don’t have to tell you anything shouted Laura.

Well, you can pack your bags you little tart, and you can fuck off. Shouted Nicola.

Laura stormed upstairs and did exactly that. She packed everything she owned into 2 bags and came downstairs with them.

Nicola was there, her face like thunder.

Who is it she demanded.

If I knew I would never tell you replied Laura, you’ve had more men shag you than I’ve had hot dinners!

With that Laura opened the door and dragged her 2 bags onto the street.

Nicola slammed the door.

Laura was now in a predicament. She had actually fucked twice since the last time she went to Amy and John’s, but she was certain it was his.

Within 30 minutes she struggled upto John’s door.

The doorbell rang and John went to the door. He was surprised to see Laura, and even more surprised to see two bags behind her.

He then noticed a visible bump instead of her stomach.

I think you better come in he said.

Thanks mumbled Laura.

She sat in the lounge, John sat opposite.

My mums chucked me out, well, I didn’t really want to stay Laura said. And I think the baby is yours.

Ah said John, well I think you better have the spare room then. John stood and hugged the girl, then carried her bags to the room.

John broke the news to Amy when she got back from her friends. Amy seemed overjoyed that Laura would be staying with them.

Laura grew larger over the next couple of months and by nine months she had a rounded bump, she was also nearly 14. John also had a good series of photos and video of Laura getting bigger, a normal ritual was John spunking on her stomach and Laura and Amy rubbing it into her skin.

Amy had had only one more encounter with her teacher, when She and Olivia had walked back to Olivia’s house. Olivia had spent the day with a butt plug and duo balls.

Back at the house, she had sat down and raised her legs in the air whilst Amy pulled out the plug and balls, she had then dildoed her teacher in the arse and pussy to a screaming orgasm.

Olivia then sucked and licked on Amy’s pussy until the girl came in Olivia’s mouth.

One day John was suddenly made redundant from a company takeover. Because he had a good job, the payout was quite large.

He decided it was now time to move on from the industrial town they lived in. He began to search for a property near the seaside with a bit of land. He had done a photography course at college and was quite adept at photography.

He created a small studio in the spare room. A couple of Amy’s friends parents had asked them to photo their children – this time clothed and he had been paid fairly well for them.

On a couple of shoots, he had managed to get the girls to show a bit of leg or pantie, he especially liked the tight white pantie shots, where the panties were pulled tight over their pussy lips, creating a nice bulge or a camel toe shot.

He had rigged up a couple of web cams in the changing area and built up a nice set of video and stills of girls changing at his house.

One summer evening at a pre-arranged meeting with a girl and her mother, the mother asked for a couple of ‘glamour’ shots to be included, she would pay twice the normal amount.

The girl looked about 16 and John asked her mother her age. 14 replied the mother, nearly 15. But she’s got a cracking figure she added.

John looked at the mother, who blushed, he thought that she had another motive for the pictures, but didn’t ask.

He set up his equipment and took a number of clothed photo’s of the girl. She was very tall and quite attractive, certainly she didn’t look as young as 14.

The girls mother asked her to start removing her clothes, which she did quite seductively, John cracking off pictures all the time. John had a boner by the time she stripped to her panties and bra. They were very small and quite see-through. He did some close-ups between her legs and bent over, also of her face and chest.

He looked at her mother, she was sat on a chair and was flushed in the face, John saw why, she had her hand down her skirt and was masturbating herself. John wondered if the girl was really her daughter or her lover.

He took a few more shots and looked at the mother, Do you want anything else, he queried.

Yes, she gasped. Nude!

The girl looked at the woman and peeled off her bra and panties. She must be young John thought, her pussy was pink with very little hair. As he took more pictures, including a lot of close-ups, the woman rubbed her pussy harder, she was bare under her skirt.

Get her to pull her pussy wider, moaned the woman.

John did and got a couple of cracking shots looking into the girls cunt. He looked around and the woman had now stood, she had dropped her skirt and had her legs splayed wide and was forcefully fingering herself.

The girls eyes widened and she went over to the woman and dropped to her knees. The girl began to suck and lick the woman’s pussy. John was there with his camera and got a goodly number as the girl bought the woman to an orgasm.

The woman grabbed John and had his cock out before he knew what was happening. She sucked his cock as she was sucked, then got the girl to give John head as well.
The woman fingered the girl as she sucked John, he came splattering the girl and woman with spunk over their faces and breasts.

The woman pushed the girl back on the floor and licked the spunk off her as she fingered the girl to an orgasm. John even managed to get in on the act and fucked the woman from behind, then, what he wanted, he got to fuck the girl as the woman sat on the girls face.

Eventually they cleaned up, John and the woman exchanged numbers, she said it was good and she wouldn’t mind doing it again. John said they were moving but she was welcome at any time.

At school, he had finally got to meet Olivia at a parents evening and the two had hit it off fairly well, they had even had a date or two. Neither knew that the other was sexually involved with his daughter.

Soon John and Olivia were sexually involved with each other. John had Olivia dress up as a young girl, he had her keep her pussy shaven all the time, and she wore very small tight panties that accentuated her pussy lips.

They fucked most nights, occasionally John managed to snatch a quick fuck with his daughter, but it was difficult with Olivia around.

However, little did he know that Olivia was fucking Amy when he wasn’t around.

Soon John told the girls of his plans, they were both enthusiastic about the move. John had also consulted Olivia about the move, she had come up with a radical plan.

She suggested that she move with them and teach the girls. She had also thought that she could indulge in more of her fantasies at the same time.

Soon Olivia moved in, however, shortly after doing so, John came home early one day and found Olivia and Amy in a 69 in the bedroom, far from being mad, he quickly shed his clothes and proceeded to fuck the pair of them.

After that, there was no holding back either Olivia or John. Both Amy and Laura were regularly fucked by both of them, John investing in a nice strap-on for Olivia and smaller ones for Amy and Laura.

It became an open bed policy with anyone able to sleep with anyone else. However, Amy and Laura usually ended up together as did Olivia and John.

John had found an old farm house with a few acres, a couple of outbuildings and a wood. The price was reasonable and they soon moved.

He converted one outbuilding into a studio and developing room. He setup the changing room with some hidden cameras for candid shots.

He also bought some expensive photographic and video equipment and began making his own video’s, usually preteen with Olivia as the girl hungry older woman.

However, both adults agreed the girls schooling came first and Olivia registered to teach both girls at home during the day.

John however, did use the classroom as a setting for hardcore videos.

Soon Laura was ready to give birth, John had a midwife come round and Laura gave birth to a little girl. John and Olivia were over the moon as were the girls.

On the first night they all gathered round Laura’s bed as she breast fed the baby, John, Olivia and Amy then partaking of Laura’s milk.

Olivia soon got pregnant by John, producing another girl, and when Laura was 15 she produced a boy by John.

John eventually made Amy pregnant when she was 16 and she produced another girl.

Each of the girls was introduced to sex at a very young age and most had been fucked by John by the time they were 10.

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