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Warning - The following story contains 'male-dog sex', 'male-female incest sex'. If any of these things offend you, or if any of these things are illegal to read about in your area, please close this file now.
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I hope this story brings you pleasure. It was a pleasure to write.

This is a true story; and it is being written by my 18yr old cousin.
It started when I was eleven.

Buster, Bec's & Me

Hi my name is Mark; I am 13 yrs old, 5'7" & 150lbs. I am well built in the nether region having a 7-1/2" cut cock, with a large mushroom head. I got teased a lot at school by my size.

It started one day during school holidays, I was sunbathing in our backyard by the pool, when my mother said that she was going shopping and did I want to come. I told no thanks I'll stay here. My mum then told me that my sister was next door with her friend. She also said to me, wish you would get some swim trunks on, you are getting a big boy. I said yeh ok Mum, see you later.

My parents were naturists before I was born, and continued to be so until my sister Becky was about four. When at home none of us wore any clothes. I liked being naked so much that even when my parents started dressing around us I remained naked. My mum was always telling me to put clothes on, because of my sister. Bec's said its ok mum I don't mind. I noticed several times, Bec's was looking at me when she thought I wasn't looking.

So it was that I was swimming and sunbathing in the buff. I was lying on the lounger with my legs either side of it, with my eyes closed, soaking up the sun, and having sexy thoughts, when I felt something wet on my cock. I looked up and there was our dog buster, a German Sheppard/Rotti cross, nuzzling into my crotch. I pushed his head away, but seconds later he was doing it again. Then he swiped his tongue the full length of my cock, I went to push him away again but he swiped his tongue up my cock again. It really felt nice, so I let him carry on licking. My cock got really hard with his licking. He then began to push his tongue between my bum cheeks. I lifted my legs up & pulled my cheeks apart so that he could have better access. I was in seventh heaven.

I was getting more and more turned on by his licking. I rolled over so that I was on my hands and knees, so that buster could have even better access to my hole. He was licking me with more and more fervour, gradually getting his tongue further and further up me. I was delirious with the pleasure that I was getting. Then all of a sudden Buster stopped licking me. I looked around, just as he jumped on my back. I looked through my legs and saw his huge pink cock. Then I felt him stabbing at my bum, I tried to move but Buster locked his legs around my hips and kept humping me. Seconds later his cock found its mark and he rammed his cock straight into my hole. I screamed with the pain, but buster just kept humping me. After a few minutes the pain subsided and I started to enjoy the feeling of his cock fucking me. I then felt something banging against my hole; I did not know what it was. At that time I did not know about a dog's anatomy. I felt this thing popping in and out of my arsehole. It then went in again as Buster pushed, but did not come out. I just felt this feeling of being full and this lump swelling in my arse. I tried to pull Buster off of me but he was stuck fast. I thought, oh my god, I'm going to be stuck like this and have to go to hospital with a dog's cock stuck in me.

Buster then done the weirdest thing, he cocked his leg over my bum and twisted, so that we were arse to arse, It hurt like hell when he twisted. He started shooting his cum deep into me. We stayed like this for ten minutes until his lump shrank allowing him to slip out, with a plop. As his cock came out it was followed by a torrent of dog cum. Buster retreated to the edge of the patio and started licking his cock clean. I just fell flat onto my belly exhausted.

I was pulled to my senses when I heard Bec's say "That was awesome".

I rolled over on to my back and said to her, "How long you been there".

She said "Long enough".

I then told her, please, don't say anything to anyone. She said she wouldn't if she could have a lick of my thing. It was then that I realised that I still had a stonking hard on. I said to her no it's wrong. I couldn't see her very well as she was standing with the sun behind her and I was squinting. She then came and stood beside me with her hands on her hips and legs apart, saying it was alright for Buster to lick me, no matter I'll tell mum. It was then that I notice that Bec's too was in the nude and I had a close up view of her little pussy. I hadn't seen Bec's in the nude for a couple of years. I said ok as long as you don't tell Mum.

With that Bec's dropped to her knees and took my cock in her hands. My cock twitched as she touched it, then lowering her face she poked out her tongue and licked it like an ice cream. My cock once again twitched as Bec's opened her mouth and slipped it in. She was slurping on my cock as I felt it getting harder, and I felt it touching the back of her throat. I could feel my balls tightening and new I was about to cum. I told Bec that I was about to cum and she'd better stop, but it just seemed to spur her on, then just as I was about to cum, I pulled her head right down so that he nose was in my pubes, my cock slipped down her throat and I erupted sending the first shots of my cum right down her throat. I pulled her off of my cock as I spurted more cum over her face. Bec licked her lips saying mmmmmmmmm. We both jumped into the pool to clean off.

It was a few weeks after, that incident, when both Bec's and I were naked by the pool. Our Mum called us to come in and get dressed so that we could go to Grandpa's, as he wasn't well and she had to do some shopping for him.

Bec said, "Oh mum, do we have to, it's so boring there as there is nothing to do."

Mum said that she couldn't leave us alone.

I said its ok mum I will look after us".

I think she thought about it for a few minutes before saying "Ok. There is food in the fridge, if you need anything go and see Maria next door".

Both Bec and I looked at each other and mouthed "Yes".

About 30 minutes later mum called out that she was going, and for us to be good.

Both Bec and I called out "Ok see you later". I was sitting on the edge of the pool and Bec's was in the water. She swam over to me and stood between my legs, she then bobbed her head down and took my cock into her mouth and started sucking on it. I got a hard on immediately.

After a few minutes Bec stopped sucking, looked me in the eye and said, "Will you do me like Buster did you".

I told her no we can't.

Then she hit me with it saying, "If you don't I'll tell mum about you and Buster".

I told her that was not fair.

The brazen little hussy said "well you got a choice".

I told her it would probably hurt her.

But she just said, "Don't care, wanna try it so I can feel what its like."

I thought to myself I hadn't got much choice.

I dropped into the water, put my fingers between her legs and started playing with her little pussy. I said "Well if you want me to do you then you had better get out". With that I turned her around pushing my cock between her legs and pushed her towards the step. We both got out of the pool and I told Bec to get on her hands and knees so that I can do her. Bec's got on her knees, and I got behind her. I dribbled some spit down the crack of her arse, then spat in my hand and rubbed it on my cock. I rubbed my cock up the crack of her arse then back down to her pussy lips and pushed. My cock slipped into her with so much ease, I could hardly believe it. I started pounding Bec's pussy slamming my cock right in. My balls were tightening up and I knew I was about to blow my lot. I then tensed pulled her hips right into my groin, said "Oh Fuck, I'm coming", then felt my cock explode shooting my cum into Bec. I collapsed on to her back then flopped sideways pulling my deflating cock from her pussy.

Bec's said "That was fantastic, the real thing is much better".

I said "What do you mean Bec's; the real thing is much better"

Bec's then told me that about six months ago, she was around with Megan in their Garage helping her sort it out when they came across this rubber shaped thingy. They did not know what it was at first until Megan saw a drawing on the side of the box that it was in. Bec's said it showed the rubber thingy being inserted in a pussy. Megan said that she wanted to try it and would Bec's do it. Bec said she would. So Megan took her knickers off and lay on the floor. Bec said she tried to insert the thing into Megan but it wouldn't go. She then had an idea; she dribbled saliva onto Megan's pussy and licked the end of the thingy then tried again. This time it slipped in about two inches, and came up against something. Megan told Bec's to push, as she did so Megan screamed and said "No take it out it hurts".

Bec then said that she pulled her knickers of and lay down and asked Megan to do her. Megan did the same thing as Bec's had done on her; dribbling saliva and wetting the end, then inserted it. Bec's said she felt it up against something in her pussy and told Megan to pull out a bit then push it in hard. This Megan did. Bec's also screamed but told Megan to keep pushing. The thing then finally went in the full six
inches, and Bec's told Megan to leave it there. After a few minutes Bec's said that the pain died away and it started feeling good. She then asked Megan to move it in and out, this Megan did. After a few minutes Bec said her body shook, and then when Megan pulled the thingy out, it was covered in blood. She then told Megan that she was going home.

When Bec's got home, she said she went straight to the bathroom and sat on the toilet and peed, and she said blood came away. When she had finished she put some toilet tissues in her clean knickers so she would not get blood on those, then rinsed her other knickers out. Bec then said that she went back to Megan's house and the next time she checked her knickers there wasn't any blood. The following day Bec went over to Megan's house, and she said Megan was looking really happy with herself. Bec's asked her why she was so happy. Megan then told Bec's that later the previous evening she went back to the garage and got the thingy and took it up to her bedroom. That night when she went to bed, she took it into the bathroom; she put the seat lid down
straddled the toilet, and put the thingy in her pussy; she then grabbed the towel and put it in her mouth. Putting the bottom of the thingy onto the toilet seat she slowly lowered herself down until she felt the resistance that she had earlier felt. Megan then said that she let her weight fall right down forcing the thingy right in. She
screamed as it went right in, but as she was biting on the towel no one heard. Megan said that she left it in her until the pain went away, then pulled it out and blood dripped out of her pussy. Just the same as Bec had told her what happened to her.

I said to Bec's "You'll a little minx, so that is why it didn't hurt you".

Bec's then said that they had being doing each other since, at least once a week sometimes more.


I have some more to tell, if any readers would like to hear more. Email me your comments.

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mbm, very good. would love to here more

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Proper nouns (like people's names or 'I') should always be capitalized.
Becky's nickname should be 'Bec' or 'Becs', but not 'Bec's'. The apostrophe 's' turns it into a possessive noun. Learn how to use quotation marks properly. Sometimes you use them and sometimes you don't. Proof-read your stuff BEFORE submitting and you should be able to catch and correct most of your mistakes.

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If that's a true story, I'm a fucking piccalo player.


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way good. get the dog to fuck your sister

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