My love jenny
Authors note: this maybe fiction but a lot of it is from my real life. You have to figure out what is real what is not.

My name is Carl I want to relate the story of my love jenny. I was kind of young 15yrs. Old, when I meet jenny at a party.

It all started when I was walking down the main drag in Ogden and met this guy named Jeff.
He had the hood open on his car so I stopped to help after we got his car going, he asked if I wanted to go to a party I said sure lets go .

Now I should describe my self 5’8” big guy about 250lb. I looked older then I am most people think that I am 18 when they meet me. So we showed up at his apartment where I met his sister jenny. Jenny was amazing 19years old 5’7” slim but not to skinny, nice boobs big b-cup or small c nice tight ass.

The party was very noisy so jenny and I went into the kitchen because we could not stand the music any more. We talked for hours until most every one had left and she said she was tired, she asked if I was going to spend the night on the couch. Sure, I replied so we went into the front room and she said shit frank is here. Frank??? I asked.

She said frank try to get in my room and sleep with me I hate him. He is always trying to sneak peeks at me and touch me. Therefore, I told her I would sleep out side her door so he can’t get in. She said the door opens in. the only way it would work is if you sleep on the in side of my room in front of the door.

I told her ok I would wait out side well you get ready for bed when you’re in ready yell and I will come in.
I waited about 5 minutes when she said ok come in. So I went in and laid down in front of the door, and fell a sleep.

I was a sleep for a while when all of a sudden she was shaking me and said wakeup Carl I have to go to the bathroom come on move I gotta go. As I sat up my face ran right in her boobs. I said sorry and moved away from the door. When she came back I was facing away from the door with my hand over my red face, she got in to bed and said ok you can look now. So I laid back down staring at the ceiling.
She turned and looked at me and said how do they compare? I said compare?? Compare to what.
Other Brest you have had your face in she said. I told her I don’t know I have never felt real boobs before. She asked are you a virgin to.

Yes, I told her some what embarrassed. She started to giggle and said it is ok I like you any way.
So we went back to sleep for a wile when we got up she said I have to go to the store you want to come?
Sure lets go when we got there she ran in wile I waited I was listening to the radio when she got back to the car she wanted to know what I was listening to I told her it was swing . She said oh man I love this I have never heard music like this before its great what other music do you like to listen to?

I said if you take me home, I will get my tapes and we can see what you like? So we were off and back to her apartment with in an hour. We went to her room and started to listen to my music when her brother came in the room and asked hay Carl when did you get here. That’s when jenny piped up and said he slept in my room last night. Jeff said oh-oh ok Carl can you give me a hand with getting the stuff for the party to night. Ok I said I looked at jenny and told her we will be back in a little bit and we left.

When me and Jeff got out to his car he look at me and asked did you fuck my sister ?
I told him no man I just slept in front of her door so frank could not get in her room she don’t like him you know. Jeff said I know he is always trying to get a fill of her. Then he asked if I liked jenny? I told him ya I think I really do liker her a lot.

So he told me if you sleep with her you better use this I don’t want her pregnant then handed me a little squire packet . I looked at it and ask what this? He looked at me like I am an idiot and said it is a condom you. Then stopped talking for a second then asked are you a virgin? I turned red and said ya I am why? He said its ok man every one is a virgin once. You put the condom on your dick before you have sex Ok, and then left it at that. We cared a lot of beer and booze in side. I went back into jenny’s room and we listen to my music until, people started to show up for the party than some one said turn on the music jenny went and got my tapes and said this is a great tape listen to this and put in my tape of swing music. The music started every one was silent for a moment then they all started complaining. we heard thing like that’s offal, o my god what is that shit turn it off. So jenny put in another tape and said this one would be a great one to slow dance to then hit play, when the music started I knew what it was immediately.

IRONBUTTERFLY IN-A-GADDA-DA-VIDA then she got up and took my hand and we started to dance for a couple of minutes, all of a sudden the music stopped we looked over as frank took the tape out then tossed it down the hall then every one started to laugh jenny got mad and FUCK YOU ALL !!!!
She took my hand then picked up the tape case and we went down the hall to her room when we got into her room she slammed the door and started to cry. Therefore, I went over to her and put my arms around her in a big hug and told her its ok, then walk us to the bed and we sat down. I told her don’t cry we can go to a movie or just sit here in your room and listen to the tapes by our selves? She said Carl you would sit here with me instead of being at the party with all those pretty girls out there? So I cradled my hands on her face and told her baby you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, I would love to sit with you and listen to music for the rest of my life then I kissed her.

Just then, there was a knock at the door jenny said go away I don’t want to talk to anyone, we heard come on jenny its Jeff let me in she said no go away. I told her I will go talk to him she nodded her head yes so I got up and went to the door. Hay jeff lets talk a minute so we went into the hall where I told him jenny is very upset about every one laughing at us because of the music she would like us to be left a lone for awhile. He said ya I figured that so everyone is going down the hall to Chad’s place if she wants you both can come down there in awhile if she calms down ok. Maybe later I said.

I went back in to jenny room and told her everyone is going to Chad’s and will leave us alone ok so don’t cry any more please. She looked at me and asks will you dance with me? You bet I said any time you want. She got up and put in iron butterfly again. We didn’t really dance just held each other and swayed from side to side with her head on my shoulder. While I whispered I could stay like this forever, then she looked up and kissed me right on the lips then said make love to me carl I want you to stay with me tonight.

I was very nervous because I never even kiss a girl before this , so we slowly made are way to the bed kissing again us rubbing each other softly all over our bodies for awhile then she stopped kissing me and sat back then took off her shirt . Looked at her and said we don’t have to do this we can just cuddle for to night. She said no I want you to make love to me! What could I do but start making out again, I took off her bra then kissed my way down to her breasts then kissing and sucking her nipples. She started to cry out, ooh yes that fills really good keep sucking my nipples I love it. She sopped me and said lets get naked and make love, fuck me carl fuck me right now! I told her it might hurt when it go’s in. you better be on top I don’t want it to hurt any more then it has to, so I laid down on my back . She reached over to her nightstand drawer then said now I know way I bought these when we went to the store, I wanted to sleep with you sense last night. She took out a condom and put it on my 6” dick then straddled my waist. Then reached down and took hold of my dick and lined it up with her pussy then slowly lowered her hips until the head was inside her. She said oh it fills so big going in, she slid it in about an inch when it hit her hymen she took a deep breath and dropped her body all the way down then screamed in pain OH MY GOD IT HURTS! I grabbed her hips to hold her sill until the pain eased up, after a couple of minutes, she started to moan OH IT FIILS SO GOOD INSIDE OF ME! Then she began moving her hips back and forth slowly. I moved my hand from her hips up to her tits then squeezed them gently while she moves up and down on my dick moaning OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD! I THINK IM GOOOOINNNG TOOO CUUUUMMMMMMM! She was shaking violently then clasp onto my chest. That’s when I yelled I’M CUMMMINNNG TOO! Then I exploded filling the condom. We both fell a sleep for about an hour, I woke up and kissed her and keep kissing her for a few minutes until she woke up and said that was amazing! You were great but I am a little sore. So she got off me that’s when I saw the blood are you ok? She looked down and said I told you I was a virgin, I will go clean up while you take off that condom all right. She went to the bathroom, she came back and lay down beside me then we fell into a deep sleep.

We woke up to her brother knocking on the door .he was saying jenny- jenny you awake. She looked at the door and said ya give us a minute and we will be out. So we got dressed and went out into the other room where her brother was he look at me and said carl can my sister and me talk for a minute? I told him ya I gatta get going any way I turned to jenny, and said I will get my stuff and leave so I got my shoes on wrote my number down on a slip of paper walked out to where jeff and jenny sat . I went up to jenny bent down and kissed her and told her to call me later I stood and went to the front door turned looked at them both and said I would like to come back, then I left to walk home.

That night jenny called and we talked for about an hour she said jeff wasn’t happy about us having sex last night but he under stands it is my life and I will see whom I want ,where and when I want. I told her I like you a lot and I would like to keep seeing you if that is ok with you and jeff, he is your brother I wouldn’t want to come between the two of you. She started crying and then told me he is my brother and I love him but I want to see you again how about you come by Friday about 5:00 and we will all talk it over. I said yes I will be there.

All weak I was afraid jeff won’t let me see jenny any more. Friday came I took the bus down town then walked to there apartment. I got there about four thirty ,jenny was just getting out of her car when I walk up and said hi baby. She turned looked at me, a big smile on her face then she gave me a kiss and a big hug.
She said jeff should be home in a little bit let go in and wait for him. He showed up around 4:45 he said your early carl. I said it didn’t take as long to get here as I thought. I started to say some thing when jeff stopped me. Jeff said I have thought about it all week I really don’t think you to have known each other long enough to be having sex but I can see you both like each other very much so the only thing I can say is always use condoms. Jenny looked at him and said thank jeff I love you bro. I told jeff I am glad because if you didn’t want me to see her I would have left and not came back even though it would have crush me. Jeff said I wouldn’t do that to jenny she really like you ,ok you two lest go party.

So we all went to someone’s apartment where the party was that weekend. Jenny went off to talk with her friends, me and jeff went to the liquor table and got a drink , jeff introduced me to many people as jenny boyfriend. Jenny came over and took my hand and said come meet my friends. Every thing was going fine until frank showed up jenny was nervous when frank came over to her, he was drunk (let me tell you about frank he was 6’3 about 260 all muscle) he grabbed jenny arm and she said let go. I want you now! He said to her Jenny screamed LET GO OF ME YOU BASTERD. that’s when I stood in front of him and said let go of my girl friend before I have to kick your ass. He looked down at me and started to laugh then said little man you had better get out of my face before I smash you like a bug. I looked up at him and said you my beat my ass but I guaranty before I’m done you wont walk out of here on your own I will smash your fucking knee then let see you play ball. Just then jeff and a few other grabbed frank, and said you and jenny go home we will keep frank here.

Jenny and I left and went to there apartment, when we got in she said I was so scared I thought he was going to kill you. I said I will protect you even if I had to die to do it. Are you ok now that we are back here. She said I’m ok and that was so brave of you to protect me from him. I want to thank you by sucking your dick. I told her you don’t have to. She said I want to let go to my room.

We went into her room we stood by her bed and undressed each other then she pushed me back onto the bed and got on her knees in front of me. she took hold of my dick and started stroking it then licked the head for a while she opened her mouth and put it in, she was sucking and bobbing her head up and down. I was telling her ob baby that fill great oh god I’m not going to last long you had better stop or I’m going to cum in your mouth. She looked up at me with a smile and said go ahead I want to taste your cum. So she went back to sucking and bobbing her head it was not very long and I started to moan, OH BABY OH BABY YOUR MOUTH FILLS SO GOOD I AM GOOOOOOINNNNG TO CUUUUM. Then I blasted a full load down her throat she swallowed all of it then licked her lips and said carl you taste delicious! From the moment she said I could cum in her mouth she keep her eyes on mine the whole time.

Jenny laid down beside me. After I got my breath back, I said baby let me return the favor by eating your pussy. She started to giggle and said oh please do I would love to have your tongue in my hole.
She laid back, I moved over got between her legs and began kissing then licking she was beginning to moan
Mmmmm god yes that fills gooood! By now, I was tonguing her clit she was thrusting her hip in my face. I sucked on her clit for maybe a minute that’s when she started shaking and thrashing around and yelling as loud as she could. OH GOD I’M CUMMING then it happened she sprayed my face in cum. it had to be cum it didn’t taste or smell like pee, besides its thicker then pee and tasted sweet and delicious. Pulled my face away it was dripping with her come. She looked at me and said come up here I want a kiss. I crawled up by her and we began to kiss she held my face looked me in the eyes and said oh my I have never cum like that before, now I want you to fuck me till I pass out!

I reached in to her nightstand and got a condom out and put it on then moved between her legs again kneeling this time, and slid my cock into her hole. I pushed it in nice and slow until I was in to my balls.
We went at it slow and easy for a while in and out in and out, we were both panting and moaning. Then she yelled FASTER GO FASTER I’M ALL MOST THERE JUST ABOUT THERE. Oh god me too I’m goanna cum too then we both exploded, me filling the rubber she was spraying me with her cum we both clasped panting. I went up and lay down beside her, putting my arms around her and holding her tight to my chest, I told her baby, you are amazing. I could lay here with you for the rest of my life, and would be this happy forever.

We went on seeing each other almost every weekend and having lots of sex in her room and out side it. Sometimes we were very drunk and I don’t remember every thing we did. It went on like that until just after my 16th birthday about a week before my senior year of high school was to start. I was extremely happy I had my driver’s license I wanted to drive jenny to the movies or just up the canyon to make out. I was very excited to see jenny and give her the good news. When I showed up, I found her talking to her friends and waited for her to notice me when she looked at me she ran over and gave me a hug. I told her I have big news, me too she said. I asked if I can go first she nodded yes, lets go out side. So we went out in the hall. I handed her my license and said look baby I got my license she looked at it and her face went white then she said oh on I for got I have papers to do sorry bye then she ran off. I went in side and found jeff her brother I asked jeff what up with jenny I told her some big news then she ran off? He said she has been very distracted lately give her until next week then call her ok man see you later.

I waited tell the next Friday to call but never got a hold of her I couldn’t make the party that week; I tried calling every day but no answer. The weekend finely came I went to the party and found one of jenny’s friends and asked her have you seen jenny, she looked at me and said jenny and jeff are gone she got pregnant and would not say who the father was, then dropped out of school and they left and went back east some where. So I left and never went back to another party.

It took a lone time to push jenny back in my mind I would say forget her, But I could not forget jenny ever, all I could do is bury my self in school then work. For many years, I didn’t even think of jenny or her baby.

To be continued

This is my first story I would like to know what you think.


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2015-04-04 03:27:25
I had a similar experience........took me 10 years to get her back. So I cant believe its all fiction. NEVER give up until your both too old to have children

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2014-03-04 02:20:39
It was a good story like evryone says. But th grammar and the wordy was horrible. And how is he going into his senior year when he's only 16? Tht makes noo sense. When ur 15/16 ur in grade 10 then 16/17 is grade 11 the 17/18 is grade 12. So i'm not sure where u went too school but wherever it was u were in the wrong grade or somthing.

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2011-07-10 19:12:48
wait a minute...
why can't you write? :o

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2009-11-24 18:55:08
i liked the plot but the wording spelling and grammer was off if you fix that though it would be really good

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2009-10-08 16:50:21
good story but poor spelling and grammer

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