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An E-novel: A story of a woman submissive to her own
An E-novel: A story of a woman submissive to her own
desires. (M+/F, exh, d/s, inc, mast, oral, anal, bd,
beast, orgy) (Note: This is a long, sensual story,
there are 7 more parts for a total of 12 parts)


Part Five

Chapter Twenty Three

When Harry woke up he looked at the alarm and saw that
he had three minutes before it would go off, mumbling a
few choice words he cut it off and rolled out of bed
and went to the toilet. He finished and went to the
kitchen turning on the coffee pot; he returned to the
bedroom and checked on Julie.

She was half covered by the sheet but he could see she
had the gold chain on her nipples. They were red and
swollen also extended from the partial restriction of
blood or maybe Jimmy was abusing them. He wondered
about that, he knew Julie enjoyed a little pain like
spanking and having her nipples pinched and maybe she
was letting Jimmy do it to her but he would let her

He shook her shoulder and as she awoke he pulled the
sheet down and leaned to kiss her good morning as she
rolled to her back. After kissing her lips he said time
to get up sweetheart and looked directly at the chain
and touched it so she would know he saw it.

"Toilet is free baby, I'm going to the shower, coffee
pot is on."

"Leave it running I'm right behind you."

Julie stretched like a cat waking up, she felt good
even without a lot of sleep and hungry. She looked at
the chain on her nipples and knew she would have to
tell Harry now, obviously he had seen it.

She could have kicked herself for not removing it last
night she was quickly getting used to wearing it but
her nipples were very sensitive this morning from it.
She got up and went to the toilet quickly and then
straight to the shower crowding in with Harry. He had
soap or shampoo in his hair plus running down his face
but she kissed him and rubbed his chest with her tits.

"Wow sweetheart, taking advantage of a man with soap in
his eyes isn't fair, I want to feast on that lovely
body and then I'll wash your back and front for another

"You got a deal mister. And I have a surprise to show
you but I think you already seen it."

Harry rinsed the soap from his hair and face and looked
at her. "Yeah tell me about it, it was a surprise
alright. I wasn't sure I was seeing right."

"Jimmy gave it to me a few nights ago, he ordered it as
a gift, I'm not sure if the gift is for me or him but
it looks cute. I told him that he should have talked to
you first but I appreciated it and would wear it if you
were ok with that. What should I tell him this morning,
he will be a little embarrassed to face you."

Harry looked at it without soap this time fingering it
and pulling on it making her nipples stretch. "Oh my,
that makes me tingle don't pull it, I don't want to get
horny and have to go to work."

"Well I was having second thoughts about you wearing it
but if it makes you horny then I am all for it. Tell
him that it is ok. But no tattoos or rings in your
nipples that is only for me."

"Only for you, don't I have any thing to say about

"Of course not, didn't you read the marriage license?
It plainly said your body belongs to me to use any way
I wish."

"No wonder you have been using it all these years I
thought I was seducing you every night but I'm just a
piece of property!"

"You're a piece all right, a hot piece. Turn around and
let me wash that lovely ass and back. By the way thanks
for last night, I was horny as hell for you and you
must have read it on my face."

"Wasn't your face I read it on, about three feet

They washed each other and Julie shampooed her hair and
rinsed it after he got out. Then she washed her cunt
making sure it was clean and well rinsed before getting
out of the shower. She wrapped a towel around her body
and one around her hair and went out on her way to
Jimmy's room as Harry was dressing. She hurried and
woke him up telling him that it was time to get up. He
was still naked and sat up looking at her and said good

Julie quickly told him about the Harry seeing the chain
and what she told him about it, then what Harry had
said. Opening the towel and exposing her breasts she
told him to take it off and he could put it back when
they left for school. He fumbled with it a second and
then got it off and lay it on the night stand, leaning
to her as she held the towel open he tenderly kissed
each nipple and licked each.

"Oh Jimmy don't do that to me, I will be wanting you
all day."

But she didn't close the towel as he continued to kiss
and lick finally stopping and smiled at her.

"I'll finish when we get home from school so they will
be stiff and big for the pictures."

Julie whimpered and turned almost running from his room
closing the towel as she went. She quickly got
breakfast and as Jimmy came out of the shower and Harry
was heading to the kitchen she told them to come to the
table. They ate hurriedly and mostly in silence as each
thought about their duties for the day. The guys
cleared the table and got the dishes in the washer
while Julie went to the bath and started drying her
hair and getting ready for work. Harry brought her some
more coffee and then shaved as she was doing her small
amount of makeup.

The doorbell rang and Harry started for it but Jimmy
beat him, opening the door for Emily and welcoming her.
Emily gave him a small hug and a kiss on the cheek and
turned to Harry doing the same but the kiss was a
little longer and closer to the mouth.

"My, you smell good Harry, what shaving lotion is

"I have no idea, ask Julie she buys it for me. I don't
read the label just splash it on and go."

"Is she in the bathroom? I came to steal some coffee to
get my eyes opened."

"Help yourself, I'll tell her you are here."

Harry went to the bathroom and told Julie that it was
Emily and he was leaving for work. He pulled the towel
open at the top and it fell away from her breasts but
her back against the vanity stool held it in place. He
got to one knee and kissed her lips and then kissed her
nipples. Julie arched her back so he could get to them
and murmured to herself a series of ohs. He jumped up
and saying it is hard to leave that, went out of the
door meeting Emily coming in and said to Jimmy come
outside I need to speak to you for a moment.

"Yes sir." Jimmy replied.

Emily walked to the bathroom door and seeing Julie bare
breasted and darkening her eyelids she stopped and
leaned on the door frame.

"Damn girl, don't you ever wear any clothes or is that
for me?"

"Emily there isn't any use for clothes around here
someone keeps tearing them off me and abusing my body.
It used to be just Harry but now friends drop by drink
my coffee, flirt and kiss my husband, seduce my son and
ravage me. Come in and shut the door, Jimmy doesn't
need to hear us or see your sexy legs, he had a boner
from you and Sarah yesterday and I know you will sneak
in there and kiss him just to see it."

"Too late I already kissed both your men." Emily said
as she shut the door.

"Maybe that's the reason my towel got ripped open, I
thought it was my charm and beauty."

Julie got up and tossed the towel over the stool back
and walked towards the closet.

"Julie, aren't you going to give your best friend a
good morning kiss,"

"Can I trust you to keep your hands to yourself."


Julie smiled and walked to Emily who set the cup on the
vanity and reached one hand to Julie's left breast and
the other to her cunt cupping both and rubbing. They
kissed passionately and Julie leaned away looking in
Emily's dancing eyes and said; "That's mean of you, you
know that I will be horny all day and won't have any
relief until tonight. No don't, don't finger me, oh
Emily why do you treat me like this? You say you love
me and then treat me like a slut, knowing that I love
you and will let you do anything. Why are you going to
make me suffer all day?"

"Because you are so beautiful and when I think about
making love to you I am horny all day so it's only fair
that you suffer with me. Every time you sit on that
lovely cunt think about me thinking about you."

"Don't talk like that we are getting way to serious
about each other. It worries me some times that we love
each other so deeply, does it worry you also?"

"It makes me happy when I think about our love for each
other. But yes we shouldn't be so serious but I can't
help the way I feel about you and I want you to know
how I feel. But we need to keep it light hearted or
someone will see the love in our eyes or is that just
passion in yours?"

"Right now it's a whole lot of both, please take your
finger out of me. It feels wonderful but we have to go
to work and I don't want to sit all day in a cum slick

Emily smiled and they kissed and disengaged, Julie got
a cloth and washed her cunt and then started getting
dressed. They talked as she was dressing and then went
out to the bedroom and Julie grabbed her bag and other
stuff and they went to the kitchen turning off
everything as they went. Julie asked where Jimmy was
and Emily said Harry took him outside. They said see
you later and were out the door and going for the car.

"Is everything okay baby? Did Dad talk to you?"

"Yes everything is fine, he just said not to get
carried away and remember that you were also my mother
and he would kill me slowly it I hurt you. I think he
meant it too."

Julie smiled, Harry had a way of making his point
without getting up tight about it but it was serious.
They arrived at school and said see you this afternoon
and went their separate ways into the building.
Entering the front entry Julie responded to several
hellos and good mornings from students and saw Mel
close to the door to the office, he was looking at her
and for the first time she saw the adoration in his

She approached him and said good morning Mel and his
face brighten so she asked if he had enjoyed his three
day holiday and he nodded as he held the door for her.
She thanked him and said have a good day and entered
the office pausing to look back at the counter swinging
gate and he was standing looking at her. She looked and
saw Mrs. Lucas and Darlene watching and smiling.

"Stand there a moment Julie, and let the poor boy have
his moment of heaven."

"Oh Mrs. Lucas, that is embarrassing, what would Mr.
Hale think it he saw me letting a student look me

"Just stand there girl, besides Charlie would
understand he loses his train of thought whenever you
come in sight just like Mel does. Come on in now he
needs to go to class. As soon as you are out of sight
he will tear out running down the hall."

"Darlene she is teasing me isn't she?"

"Afraid not Julie, we've been watching all this for
months now. You are just too innocent and trusting to
notice that you could turn this place upside down if
you wanted to."

"Oh I can't believe either of you, I'm going to work in
my cubby hole of a office before my head swells up. I
will be busy as I need to work on the presentation for
Mr. Hale but if you need my help just yell out."

Julie headed for her office but as she walked behind
the counter to her office she glanced to the windowed
front and saw Mel running to the hallway. Mrs. Lucas
said, "We told you didn't we?"

Julie shook her head and went to work. She was busy
working as she wanted to finish the reports as soon as
possible but was aware that the coaches came in for
their morning coffee and staring session but she didn't
have time to put on a show for them but did pull her
dress above her knees so they wouldn't get discouraged.

The head coach came to her door and said good morning
asking if Jimmy was ready for practice tomorrow. He
told her that they wouldn't work out today just a few
pointers about hitting and defense but tomorrow would
start back practice after school and he would bring
Jimmy home each day a little after five. Julie stood up
so he could get a good look at her and thanked him for
being so considerate.

She was just about through with the data entry but
stopped and looked up the number of the company that
had supplied the software program she was using and
called asking for the salesman that serviced the
account. She explained what the board wanted to help in
the decision of purchasing additional software for
other schools and asked if he could provide any
assistance in making up a presentation.

Of course, as she had determined, he not only would
provide assistance he would supply any thing she needed
immediately to make the presentation professional and
perhaps she could also recommend that they consider his
company as sole provider.

Julie assured him she could recommend their service if
they could help with this presentation. She said she
would go to the board office and look at the available
facilities and call him tomorrow with a list of things
she would need. He agreed and she told him she had to
go and he hastily said we must go to lunch as he owned
her a visit and a lunch. She said she would be in

Julie called the school board office and talked to the
only person she knew there a young lady in charge of
Media Facilities and told her what was asked of her by
the board through Mr. Hale and could she show her the
room and what was available for a presentation.

She responded yes and asked when could she come and
Julie said she would leave in twenty minutes so they
could finish before lunch time and she wouldn't have to
miss her lunch hour. The young lady thanked her and
said to ask for Sherry when she got there.

Julie decided she needed to take care of that and
finish the data entry later, like tomorrow, so she went
to Mrs. Lucas and explained what she was going to do as
she knew that she actually ran this office and when she
said good the sooner we get that out of the way the
sooner Charlie can relax. She asked was he up tight
about it and she said yes but he's trying to hide it so
they won't know how out of date he is on new methods of
progress tracking and reporting, you are his only hope.

Julie went to Mr. Hale's door and asked if he was busy.
He said never to busy for you Julie, come in. She
explained what she wanted to do about checking the
board room and Sherry was waiting for her to come. She
wouldn't get back before lunch most likely as it was a
hour and fifteen minutes drive to go and come but she
could work after lunch if he thought if was necessary.

He said, after shutting the door and closing the blinds
that checking the facilities was a good and necessary
plan and she shouldn't worry about finishing the report
it could wait until tomorrow or end of the week due to
the holiday. If she needed help he could find some for
her, just get the presentation done and ready as he
wanted to respond to Mr. Coan as soon as possible. He
approached Julie and took her hand saying how much he
appreciated her being so prompt in starting on this and
that he would be in her debt forever.

Julie thanked him and turned saying she would go
immediately and let him know what she was able to find.
He walked with her to the door and put his hand on her
waist resting on her hip. Julie knew she was going to
get a pass thrown at her and moved a little closer to
him than normal.

He paused at the door putting one hand on the knob
leaving the other on her hip, she turned to face him
and the hand was now on her ass, she wondered if he
could feel her bare butt as the thong didn't cover any
of that. Feeling a little pressure from his hand she
took a small step towards him looking at him and
smiling as he continued to heap praises on her. He said
you are so great that I just want to give you a big

"Well could anybody see such inappropriate behavior
between employee and employee, Mr. Hale?"

"Not a soul, Julie."

Julie continued to smile and said you are such a nice
man Mr. Hale, she lifted her arms and put her hands on
his shoulder and leaned into his body. He froze for a
second and then putting both arms around her one high,
one low on her ass again, he hugged her against his
body and then began to kiss her neck smelling the
clean, slightly perfumed aroma of her womanly body and
feeling her breasts against his chest and then her
stomach and hips against his as she gave him full
contact of herself.

"Mr. Hale, please don't make a mark on my neck, if
feels good but someone would notice."

Julie twisted her head around and kissed his cheek but
didn't try to disengage her body, as she kept her head
facing him he lifted his head and their lips were very
close together. He moved his slightly towards hers. She
started to say as she stared at his lips, "Mr. Hale we
mustn't let this go to far I don't think..." But his
lips covered hers and he was very passionately kissing
the lips he had been dreaming about for months.

Julie let him kiss her and then she begin to kiss back
opening her mouth slightly and moving her lips around
on his, finally he came up for air as in his excitement
he forgot to breathe, "It would be... appropriate if we
kissed... each other," she finished seemingly to be at
a loss of words.

They stood embraced and looked at each other then he
released her and stepped back.

"Julie, I lost control, this is my fault, and I hope
you can forgive me again. But I have dreamed of holding
you and kissing you and I just lost control."

Julie put her hand on his mouth and smiled at him.

"Don't talk now. No harm Mr. Hale, we must guard
against this kind of personal conduct on school
property, our personal attraction to each other must
not be allowed to manifest itself here. I will go now
please don't give it a second thought, and Mr. Hale
stay in here for a while, your excitement is showing
very plainly. If it helps any at all I enjoyed it very
much. Gone now, bye."

Julie opened the door smiling at him and left him
standing dumbfounded.

She went to her office and gathered her stuff and as
she went out she said see you later to Mrs. Lucas and
Darlene hurrying to her car. The ride to the county
seat was uneventful and she smiled as she felt her
nipples begin to relax slightly. She remembered then
that she had not worn her chain it was still on Jimmy's
night stand. She considered going to get it but thought
that is silly. She smiled again as she remembered Mr.
Hale's kiss and his passionate eyes and the stiffening
cock rising against her stomach, she whispered to
herself, I think I will.

At the school board building she met Sherry and they
looked over the board meeting room and Sherry showed
her the over head projector that they normally used for
presentations and which was about all that they had.
They talked for a while and Julie asked some questions
about the board members and was told by Sherry that the
men usually were cautious and didn't say much or ask
many questions but the two ladies were educators and
wanted details with cause and effect plus costs. They
would be weighing the benefits of any project against
the cost and if there were any hidden costs above the

Julie thanked her and promised she would get back in
touch once she developed a plan and knew what approach
she would take and then left for the parking lot and
her ride back. She checked her time and realized that
she could get back to school in time for lunch and
wouldn't have to fix a sandwich and she needed some
food as she was concerned about her continued loss of

She was making good time when she saw a small shop
sitting alone with a sign saying Inventory Sale it was
called the Saucy Lady. On a whim she pulled in and
hurried inside thankful that there weren't any other

A young girl about twenty was sitting at the counter
looking bored, but brighten when she saw Julie. Julie
asked if they had any bikinis on sale and the girl said
sure tons of them in her size as most of her customers
were a bit larger. They went to the back of the shop
and on a table were laid out regular, mini, micro, and
some you could barely see. Julie said she would like to
look a little and the girl said let me help you and you
can try some on if necessary what are you looking for?

Julie couldn't help but blush as she said something
very sexy with not much coverage and that wouldn't make
large tan lines. The girl smiled and said wait there
are some under the counter that might just be what you
are looking for. You look like a size small as you want
them to be very tight but some are string tied or have
adjustable straps, we might need to mix sizes as your
top is larger than a small can handle.

She slid open a door and pulled out a box with what
looked like a few scraps of cloth but close examination
confirmed that they were indeed bikinis if you used the
word loosely. She set it on the table and smiled at
Julie saying she wore them and loved them and her
husband did also.

Fifteen minutes later Julie had picked six, two for
herself and two each for Emily and Sarah. They were all
different colors and all small and she hoped would at
least cover her cunt but wasn't sure. As she hesitated
looking them over she asked how much they were.

"The girl said you should try one on, they will fit I'm
sure, Julie responded how much for all six. Try one on
and if it fits and you like it we can work out a
discount, was the response. Julie looked at her they
stared at each other for a few seconds and the girl
said softly, please.

Julie looked at the bikini in her hand and asked do you
have a dressing room? Smiling she showed her to a small
enclosure with a fabric curtain and asked did she want
her to hold some of them, Julie gave her five and took
one inside. She lay her bag down started to close the
curtain but looked at the girl standing there and
instead begin to remove her blouse as they looked at
each other.

The blouse gone she removed her bra and hanging it on
the hook without taking her eyes off the girl she
unbuttoned the skirt on the side and slipped it down
her legs stepping out and hanging it also. She ran her
fingers around the thong and hooked them in the strap
and slowly pulled it down to her cunt, she paused as if
uncertain if she should and then removed it.

Julie straighten, looking at the girl as she reached
for the bikini and said to her, could you help me with
the top? The girl came inside and putting the other
bikinis down she took the top from Julie and looked at
her breasts for a long time then said you are the most
beautiful woman I have ever seen. I am sorry for
staring but I can't help it.

Julie smiled at her and said thank you, I love
compliments it makes me feel good that you admire my
body, are you bisexual? Oh no, was the embarrassed
reply then slyly, are you? Julie responded with a
smile, I don't know never did any thing like this
before but I felt you wanted me to and I suddenly
wanted to, for you. Then she said maybe you should put
it on me before someone comes in.

"Is it okay if I touch you? I mean you wouldn't be

"No, I mean yes, I'm sorry I'm confused. It's okay it
you touch me I won't be offended."

The girl opened the top and let Julie slide her arms in
then adjusted it over her breasts and when Julie turned
she fastened the back hook and slid her fingers under
the straps easing them over her shoulders. Julie turned
to face her and the fingers went under the straps again
and smoothed them down to her breasts pausing where
they bulged away from her chest as the girl looked at

"Go ahead I would like to know what it feels like, it's
ok I'm breathing faster but not fainting... yet."

The girl giggled and said, me to. She ran her fingers
down and as they rubbed over Julie's nipples both of
them gasped for breath and laughed nervously. Reaching
the bottom she removed her fingers and just stood
looking at Julie's breasts stretching the top.

"God, you were made for this. That is magnificent!"

"You made my nipples stick out, god no wonder some
girls are lesbians, this is to much excitement to
stand, give me that bottom and let me try it quickly.
You're making me dizzy."

"May I help? I will hold it for you, I promise not to

Julie looked at her as she kneeled before her. "You
promise? You are only going to look? That's bad enough
to kill me but only if you just look at it, I'm afraid
of what might happen if you touch me... there."

The girl nodded looking into Julie eyes. Julie slowly
raised one high heeled foot and as the knee bent it
touched the girl's cheek she was so close. She placed
the bottom over the shoe and up to Julie's knee and
looked at her cunt as Julie slowly replaced her foot
and raised the other having to bend the knee outward to
get it high and go in the bottom giving her a long and
perfect look at her revealed cunt and the shaved
surface around it. Julie lowered her foot and whimpered
as she saw the girl lean forward slightly.

"You promised you wouldn't. Don't take advantage of me,
don't seduce me, don't make me want... it."

The girl looked up at Julie and said, "I'm sorry. You
are so beautiful and I want to kiss you so bad and I
think you want me to but I promised and you trusted me
so I won't but if you ever think that you might like to
try call me, please?"

Julie nodded as she pulled the bottom up then asked did
she have a mirror were she could look at herself and
she said right behind you. Getting up she looked at
Julie's ass as she turned and looked at the bikini in
the mirror and saw a sexy hot slut looking back at her.

"Oh god it's showing everything I've got, my nipples
are sticking out a mile and you can see the outline of
my slit, I could never wear this in public. I would be
raped in two minutes."

"If you want it I will throw in a matching wrap to wear
when not in the water, free."

"You are determined to sell me this sexy bit of cloth
aren't you."

"Yes, I want you to have it. You are the only person
that I have seen that really looked terrific in one
that is why I can't sell them most women can't do them
justice. Take it please."

"Ok, I'll take it."

"Which one do you want?"

"Actually I want all six, if the price is right. I have
two friends that I want to surprise with two a piece
and a cover up."

"Wow, that is going to be something to see, I bet. Do
they look as good as you do? Do you want me to help you
get dressed?"

"Yes they look as good as me and no I don't need any
help. Hold on and I will give you this one."

"Ok, I'll put them in three different sacks and a cover
wrap for each. Come up when ever you are ready. My god
you are beautiful naked, can I watch for just another

Julie tossed her the bottom and top and smiled at her
then nodded. "This is awful we don't even know each
others name, I am Julie what's yours?"

"Jane, just plain old Jane."

"You're not plain, Jane. You are very attractive don't
knock yourself."

Julie stood before Jane naked and felt a little
uncomfortable, as she was used to others being naked
not just looking at her nakedness. She said oh what the
hell, and stepped to Jane and put her arms around her
and kissed her on the mouth. Jane was startled and
dropped the bikinis but was glad when she felt Julie's
breasts and hard nipples pressing against hers.

She immediately put her arms around Julie and one hand
went to her ass gripping it. They kissed and rubbed
against each other for a good minute and then broke
away slowly. But Jane kept her hands on Julie and slid
the other down to her ass cheeks and rubbed both.

Julie looked at her saying, "I'm sorry but I wanted to
kiss you and was afraid we wouldn't ever get the
opportunity again. I'm not sure why but I am attracted
to you."

"Me too. You are so beautiful for one thing and also
you are completely natural and at ease standing naked,
it makes you even more beautiful because you are so
free and unburdened by social taboos."

"Thank you, that is nice of you to say. I would like to
see you naked also. But I don't have time now and it
would be risky since a customer might walk in and find
us both naked and like this."

"Yes but if you want to come late, I could meet you
here and not have the store open. You could shop if you
wanted to and we could go in the back storeroom and
leave the lights off up here. No one would ever know."

"Give me your phone number just in case, but what about
your husband wouldn't he wonder why you opened up for
one customer?"

"He works in the oil field near the border and only
comes home on week ends, I am bored sick all week."

Julie said maybe we could get together some evening but
I have to think about it. I'm new at this, I might
embarrass you and get cold feet or something. I'm
really confused just talking about it. They looked at
each other for a little and then Jane leaned and kissed
Julie's lips squeezing her ass.

She leaned back and looked Julie in the eye and said
please let me kiss you, down there, just so you will
know how it feels and then you will be better prepared
to decided. Julie feinted shock and as she hesitated
Jane reached one hand up her body and cupped her
breast. Julie closed her eyes as the fingers sought her
nipple and rolled it squeezing just a little.

"Oh Jane, that's unfair. You are making me hot, you
shouldn't do this to me. I don't have any clothes on
and you are playing with me, taking advantage of me,
you are making me want your lips on me, please stop
before it's to late. I don't have will power to fight

"Let me kiss you Julie, down there. Sit on the bench
and spread your legs for me so I can love you. Then you
will know what love between women is like and if you
don't ever want it again just don't call me, but if you
do then I am ready anytime. I want you, please give me

Julie was holding Jane by the shoulders and she feinted
a shudder and nodded her head and slumped down on the
wooden bench used for holding clothes as they were
tried on. Jane immediately went to her knees between
her legs spreading them wide apart and quickly applied
her lips to Julie's cunt with her tongue going in the
slit seeking the cunt opening.

Within seconds she had Julie's legs over her shoulders
and her tongue as deep as it could reach and both hands
busy, one on Julie's breasts and the other at her cunt
with the thumb rubbing her clit. Julie cried out as she
felt her stomach explode when she came but Jane didn't
stop licking or sucking. Finally Julie pushed her away
from her cunt and saw her eyes looking crazy with lust.

"No more please Jane, I can't take anymore. I'm sorry,
so sorry, I never dreamed it would be like this. I
don't know what to do now, I hate not doing you but I
didn't realize it would be so emotional. I never felt
like this when my husband does it, please forgive me I
never should have undressed and let you believe that we
could make love to each other. I thought, I'm not sure
what I thought, but I never thought it would be like
this, forgive me please!"

Jane began to get herself under control. She got up and
helped Julie to her feet and held her as Julie wobbled.

"It's okay Julie, I didn't realize that you would get
so emotional either. I should be more sorry than you, I
just wanted to love you and maybe you would like the
feeling and we could get together some time and really
enjoy each other. I didn't know that you are so
sensitive and your feelings run so close to the
surface. I really thought that we would try it and talk
about how it felt as we went along. You know, do you
like it when I lick you there? Is it better when I rub
your clit, does it hurt when I suck it? And we could
see if maybe you would want to explore farther some
other time."

"Please don't talk about it, it makes my stomach hurt,
I can still feel your tongue in me. I'm sorry can I go

"Yes, let me help you, here put your thong on, wait! I
need to get some tissue and wipe you clean."

Jane hurried to the restroom and returned with toilet
paper and cleaned Julie and then helped into her thong
and the rest of her clothes. Julie said thank you for
being so understanding, bye. Jane said, don't you want
the bikinis they look great on you. Come to the counter
and let me get the bags and the cover-ups.

At the counter as Jane sorted them, two bikinis and one
cover up in each of three bags, looking anxiously at
Julie who was fumbling in her handbag, Julie asked how
much for all six? Jane put the three bags in a larger
bag and thrust them to Julie.

"They are a gift for you, free no attachments, no
promises asked. Just please come back if you can stand
to look at me after what I put you through."

"Jane! I can't just take these! I am going to give them
to my friends as gifts. Let me pay you. You have
already given me the cover-ups, tell me how much for
the other four. You are running a business you can't
just give your stuff away!"

"Yes I can! Besides it will never sell, only young
girls would buy them and their parents won't let them
so they are useless from a business stand point."

"But you could write them off as a business expense or
stolen and get a tax break."

"Yes, but I would rather give them to you. If any one
asks just tell them where you got them. And promise
me... no, no promises, just come back sometimes and
look at the other clothes I carry, you would look great
in all of them."

"But I don't have anything to give you in return."

"If you must give me something, then just let me kiss
your lips, the ones on your face,,, one time and I
won't touch your breasts, ok?"

Julie nodded and leaned over the counter and they
kissed , lips lingering on each others and partially
breaking away but then moving and kissing in a
different section.

"God, Julie, you are a fantastic woman. I think I could
kiss you forever. Your lips are so soft yet firm and

"Don't talk like that, please. It's hard enough to say
goodbye without you making it worse."

"Julie did you enjoy me kissing you before, you know,
down there?"

"You know I did. There's no way I could hide that."

"I'm glad, will you think about it, what I said?"

"Yes, it will be hard not to think about it."

"Take this card please, call anytime you want to."

"Ok, thank you, I've got to go now. Bye."

"Bye, see you again, I hope."

Julie gathered up her package and went to door and as
she went out she stopped and looked at Jane for a long
moment then smiled and waved. She was in her car and
back on the street before she let out a long breath and
thought my god that girl is hot! She may not be
bisexual but she sure knows what to do to a girl I
don't think I ever came so fast in my life.

Julie looked at the clock and realized that those
purchases took longer than she thought they would and
now she would have to hurry to get to school for lunch.
She drove a little faster than she normally would and
pulling into the school parking knew she was only five
minutes late. She grabbed her bag from the other bags
and hurried to the lunch room, she was surprised to see
Emily and Sarah coming from classrooms and walking
towards her talking a mile a minute.

They saw her and hurried up to her as she reached the
lunchroom door. They exchanged greetings and as they
were inside and everyone could see them they said kiss,
kiss instead of actually doing it. Julie told them she
had a surprise for them and they could have it now but
must go to the bathroom to look at it. Also they had to
wear it Friday for the cook out.

She gave them the bags and then heard Mr. Hale call her
name, he and Mrs. Lucas were sitting at a table in the
corner. He yelled come and sit with us,, all of you.
Emily mumbled oh great!" But Julie just smiled and
waved as she nodded her head.

After they got their trays and were served they went to
the long table and Mr. Hale patted the seat next to him
and told Julie to sit there, Mrs. Lucas was sitting
across from him other wise he would prefer she sit
there so he could look at her without having to turn
his head.

Emily and Sarah placed their trays down and said they
needed to wash their hands and went to the restroom
with their bags. Julie slid onto the cafeteria stool
and her knee hit Mr. Hale's leg but he didn't move it
so she let it stay there for a few seconds as she
placed her bag on the floor and arranged her
silverware. She rubbed it along his leg as she turned
to face the table.

She tried to eat and tell what she had found at the
board of education and that it was not a very inspiring
setup with just a overhead projector and she would look
for something that would be more compelling.

Suddenly they heard shrieks of laughter from the
restroom and it startled Mr. Hale as he half rose from
the table. Julie put her hand on his arm and said it's
just Emily and Sarah and they must be sharing a good

"Well, I hope they will repeat it, I could use a good
joke." said Mrs. Lucas.

"You would be shocked most likely, but they won't
repeat it out here where the students can see."

They chatted and ate, Emily and Sarah came in from the
restroom and sat listening as Julie finished her report
to Mr. Hale. He also asked the teachers how things were
in their classes and it they had any problems that he
could help with. Both assured him that everything was
under control and they were preparing for the finals
which would be coming up soon and that at this point it
appeared that all students would be passing for the
year unless there was some surprise failures on finals.

Mrs. Lucas said she had to go relieve Darlene so she
could eat lunch and she left, it was apparent that Mr.
Hale wasn't going to leave as long as they were there.
Several other teachers were coming and going and all
spoke to the group at the table.

Finally Julie realized that she wasn't going to get to
talk with Emily and Sarah alone so she said that she
needed to get home and wash clothes from the weekend.
She asked Mr. Hale if he could spare five minutes to
talk and he said sure, that he would go to the office
and she could come there whenever she finished eating
as he had some paperwork to finish.

He left and Julie said to Sarah that she was going to
mention to him about finding an assignment for her for
next year if she wanted her to.

"Oh yes Julie, please. I want to stay here mostly
because of you and Emily, but also because it gives me
a year of experience and will look good on my record.
And I am finally enjoying life, thanks to you two. I
will do anything to get to stay."

"Well you might have to do anything if there isn't an
opening. Would you consider seducing an old man as a
bit of insurance?" Julie whispered to her.

"Oh my god, you are kidding me aren't you? No you're
not, you're serious I can see it in your eyes."

Emily whispered also. "Yes she would, if she makes a
fuss we can tie her up and carry her to a motel for
him. You will do it Sarah!"

"Just think about it, maybe it won't come to that but
we need to face reality before it hits us in the face.
Anyway I will try to sell him on the merits of having
you around even if just for an assistance to the
basketball couch, that should increase the interest in
turn out for tryouts."

They took a few minutes to talk about the bikinis and
asked where she found them and did she expect them to
wear them Friday really? Was she going to wear one, was
it like theirs, was she crazy? Suddenly Emily said that
they had to go, class would start in five minutes.

All three jumped up and took their trays to the window
and parted each going to their room. Julie, of course,
went to the office and met Darlene going to lunch. She
talked with Mrs. Lucas for a short time then decided to
tell her about Sarah and was surprised that she was in
complete agreement that they needed to retain her.

"Julie if you will turn on that charm that you don't
realize you have, Charlie will never say no to you
about anything. He worships the ground you walk on,
partly because he is smart enough to know that he will
never find another person as good as you are in the job
you're doing and any other position you fill. And also
because he is in love with you."

"Mrs. Lucas! Don't say such a thing Mr. Hale is a
married man and I am a married women!"

"Sorry dear, you miss understand. I don't mean love
like breaking up your home and marrying each other or
slipping around in motels for a hour on the sheets. I
mean love like you can do no wrong in his eyes, love
like knowing that he can trust you to all ways do
what's right for the school and that you would never
betray or lead him the wrong way and you are all ways
truthful even if it means disagreeing with him."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I jumped to conclusions, I thought you
meant he was lusting after me."

"Well he may do that also, and he might give his right
arm to get you in a motel room for an hour, but he
isn't stupid enough to let it effect his judgment. You
give him a little freedom to flirt with you and maybe a
peck on the cheek and Sarah's secure. I'll also back
you up with a few words of praise on her."

"Oh thank you Mrs. Lucas, if you do that I think he
will try harder as he values your advice very highly."

"Go charm the old goat, and Julie, don't be offended by
this, but show him a little leg above the knee. Old men
need to retain the idea that women are attracted to
them just like young ones. It won't hurt you and it
will do him a lot of good! Darlene and I noticed that
after talking with you his disposition is so much more
cheerful. Do it for me, Darlene and Sarah."

Julie smiled at her and took a deep breath and went to
Mr. Hale's office door, tapping lightly. She heard him
call out , come on in Julie. She thought to herself
that he had been watching all the time.

"Thank you Mr. Hale for saving time for me. I won't
take much of your time I just want to ask you to
consider something as you plan for next year."

"Julie, I will always have time for you, but first let
me ask you how do you feel about the presentation. Are
you confident or do you have doubts. I want us to look
good in the eyes of the board and not like we are
trying to sell them something."

"I agree Mr. Hale. I think we need to present them with
the program as it is, point out the value it presents
to us and then the potential it can have if used
properly and faithfully by the other schools but not
recommend either that they should or should not
implement it county wide."

"Great, we are on the same page then. I always know
that I can trust your judgment. I will leave it up to
you just keep me informed. Now sit here and I will pull
up a chair so we don't feel like boss and employee and
tell me what's on your mind."

Julie turned her chair to face where he indicated he
would sit and pulled it closer to his as he sat down.
She also made sure her dress was well above her knees.
To her surprise he walked to the door and locked it and
made certain that the blind was drawn closed and
returned to the chair and sat down.

Julie took a deep breath and began telling him that she
and Emily by chance had invited Sarah to sit with them
in the lounge and discovered that she was a very
likable person but felt like an outsider as she had no
friends and since then they had discovered that she was
a great teacher. Julie told him that Sarah was fearful
that she would not be needed next year as he might not
have an opening.

"And Mr. Hale," here Julie emphasized her point by
leaning forward and placing her hand on his leg, "it
would be terrible for the school to lose such a
talented young teacher. She loves teaching and even my
son, Jimmy, says she makes Literature interesting and
he isn't known for loving either English or Lit. I have
checked the record and find all the students in her
classes have shown improvement not large amounts but
steady improvements in their grades since she came

"By George, Julie, that's amazing. As you know I try to
find time to sit in on classes just to see what we are
doing and each time I have sat in that class I find
myself coming away excited about it. But I thought
maybe it was just because she has such a bright and
interesting mannerism that appealed to me, a old man,
but you have just told me it must be appealing to her
students also.

"Now you see why I think so much of you, none of the
other teachers have mentioned any thing like this to me
about anything anytime. I have to fly in the dark most
of the time and agonize over whether I'm going the
right way or not. But you are able and interested
enough to stand up and say here's what I see and what I
think, use it if you want to."

"Thank you Mr. Hale, but stop calling yourself an old
man, you have so much to offer and I don't like to hear
that from you."

"Oh but Julie, when I look at you, so vibrant so much
alive and so beautiful, I feel like a sad old man."

"Stop that, how can you be sad, there are so many
things that still are available to you and how can you
feel old when you just this morning sent a thrill
though my body, that didn't seem old to me. Plus the
budge in your pants was immediate not at all an old sad
man reaction. Forgive me for bringing it up but it's
hard to forget something like that."

"Thank you, you are always building me up, making me
feel powerful and filling me with confidence. Sometimes
I actually fantasize that you and I will be making love
soon, that you really care for me not just as a
employer but as a man and that you are holding yourself
in check and someday, someday you will give in and we
can love each other. Foolishness it may be but it keeps
me going."

"Promise me one thing Mr. Hale. Promise me that you
will sit down with Sarah and give her a chance to open
up to you and keep an open mind so you will see how
good a person and teacher she is, before you commit to
any other course. Promise me that and I will be in your
debt and if you wish to explore our relationship
further I will not resist."

Charlie Hale could not believe his ears, he felt like
he was treading on dangerous ground by telling Julie
how he desired her and she was telling him he could
fulfill that desire. His eyes were bright and shining
and he was so excited that he couldn't remain seated.
He leaped to his feet and grabbed Julie's hand pulling
her to her feet before him.

"You have my promise and I will try to do it today if
she has time after school but if not as soon as
possible, I will be in touch with you after I see what
decision is necessary and where I can make changes to
work this out." He pulled Julie to him and was going to
kiss her but she put her hand on his chest and held him
back. Her lower body was against his but she held her
torso and head back.

"Mr. Hale please understand that I am not requiring you
to keep Sarah at all costs. I simply am asking you to
take a good long look and listen to her and you then
decide what action is best for the school. I am not
trading for Sarah's job. Do you understand?"

"I'm not sure, Julie. Maybe I am confused by what you
mean by explore our relationship. I must have read that
the wrong way."

"Mr. Hale, I am led to believe that you wish to make
our relationship closer, that we would be more than
friends that we would be lovers, that we would engage
in sex with each other. If I am wrong I apologize."

Julie paused looking at him and waiting for a response.

"No, you are not wrong Julie, that is what I dream
would happen."

"Then I am saying that with your promise I am promising
that if you wish to explore advancing our relationship
I am agreeable. If you set up a private conference at
an agreeable time and at a acceptable location, I will
agree. If you make an advance, as you are doing now, I
will not resist.

"If you remove my clothing I will not resist. If you
desire to engage in sexual intercourse, I will not
resist you, I will give my body to you for sexual usage
and return passion for passion. If we then desire to
explore future relationships it will be by mutual
consent or never again. Is that agreeable?"

"Yes, my god, Julie I can't believe this. I'm so
excited that I may die right here."

Julie laughed. "Please wait until I am gone. It would
be terribly hard to explain why you died with a hard on
if we were only discussing a presentation."

"May I kiss you, if we need a reason then just to seal
a bargain."

"Yes kiss me and let me go before we lose our minds and
start now."

Julie leaned into him and they kissed, another like
this morning full of passion and Julie put her hands on
his shoulders and rubbed her breasts slightly across
his chest. She broke away and said I must go now and be
a housewife until we can be more.

He let her go reluctantly and watched as she unlocked
the door and looked at him before whispering tomorrow.
And then she was gone. He went behind his desk and sat
down still breathing hard and just sat staring at the
wall. Suddenly he broken into a smile and pounded on
his knee with his fist, Christmas was coming early this

Julie went by Mrs. Lucas and whispered that he promised
to speak to Sarah and evaluate her and see if she was
interested in staying for next year, then Julie said,
"Yeaah!" and waved as she headed for the door. But she
rushed down the hall to Sarah's room and peeped in the
glass and saw her standing in front of the class
reading from a book of poetry.

She tapped and Sarah walked to the door still reading
and opened it . Pausing she looked and saw Julie and
smiled. Julie hurriedly whispered to her that Mr. Hale
would contact her about a meeting and be ready and
willing. Sarah's face lit up and she whispered back oh
god thank you, Julie said got to run bye and she left
hurrying to the parking lot for her car and headed

By the time she reached home she knew every thing she
needed to do and right away went to it. She started a
load of clothes washing, there seemed to always be
washing to do, and quickly got food out to thaw for
dinner, she changed her clothes putting on just a robe
as she would shower right before the bus came.

She didn't know if she should get any clothes out but
doubted if Jimmy would want her to wear any clothes,
she remembered his words naked and spread so clothes
were out of the question. But she did get her bikini
out of the bag and removed the tags laying it on the
bed, maybe they would do her a favor.

Julie went back to the kitchen and prepared herself a
cup of coffee from that left over from this morning and
sat at the counter sipping on it. Also she remembered
the encounter with Jane and how her teasing had got
turned around on her and she wound up being the one who
was almost out of control. Although some of it was
acting like a virgin lesbian she knew that the climax
gave away her true feelings.

As she remembered Jane's lips on her she was getting
excited, and also Charlie kissing her and how eager he
was. She trembled remembering that she had told him,
not just hinted, that he could fuck her. And she knew
it wouldn't be long before he made the arrangements and
had her naked and in bed. She wondered if he would be
romantic and find a nice safe place not some cheap
motel away from town. Would it be loving and kissing
and exploring her body or would he just jump her and
fuck a minute and be finished. She hoped not the

As she thought about letting another man fuck her she
felt a little strange, a little perverse, but she
rationalized it by thinking if Harry could make her
fuck Jimmy and encourage her to engage in lesbian sex;
and Jimmy would trade her cunt to David then she could
fuck who ever she wanted to without any guilty
feelings. All she had to do was be careful and cautious
in who she picked and for sure she wasn't going to pick
up strangers in bars. There were two many to choose
from that she didn't have to be desperate. And if she
could advance herself in doing so why not?

Julie shook her head as she was getting more excited as
she thought about those things, her nipples were hard
and almost throbbing and her clit was rubbing her hood
covering wanting her to spread her legs and let it
free. She glanced anxiously at the clock saw that she
needed to start getting ready as she needed to touch up
her shaved cunt and fix her hair after showering. She
decided that a oil bath would be better, then her skin
would be moist and shiny.

She got up and went to the bathroom and turned on the
tub to draw the water and poured some bath oil in it.
She got her razor and shaving cream then stripped naked
and applied the cream to her cunt and shaved it
carefully. As she washed away the cream, she cut the
tub off and let it sit to cool a little, she saw her
clit protruding slightly from her slit as it sat at the
top of it.

Julie rubbed it and sighed, oh how she needed to be
fucked she had been hot all day it seemed and Jane had
only given her short relief, Charlie had build it right
back up. Now the thought of David and the pictures! She
realized she had got back to where she started.
Pictures and movies, older men and boys more than she
could remember, women, and now back to young boys and
older men and pictures and no doubt there would be

Yes, she knew in her heart that the posing today would
only be the start, they would want more, pictures of
her with cocks in her cunt, in her mouth and most
likely both at the same time. They would use sex
against her and she would let them, not because she was
weak but because that was what she wanted, to be used,
displayed, exhibited, and made to perform sex acts
while being photographed and watched by others waiting
to fuck her also.

Julie slid in the tub and rubbed her body with the bath
oil water and played with her cunt and breasts. She was
fast getting to the point that she could cum just by
inserting a finger in her cunt but she wanted to wait
for a young cock to plow into her.


Harry's day wasn't going well at all, he had thought it
would be a piece of cake as he had been told that he
was needed to check Mrs. Ramsey's cooling unit and she
always wanted him and nobody else. But he knew that
there's was nothing wrong with her unit, she just
wanted him to screw her, just as last time not quite
two months ago. He had been going to her house for over
a year now to check her unit and it always was the
same, they ended up in her bed.

Today he had planned on sending his crew to the school
to do a few odd things and clean up the cooling tower
and he would check her unit and maybe it would need a
little gas which he could top off in about ten minutes.
And he did the first item, but Mr. Grey said they
needed to discuss the work schedule for the next few
weeks and they went in the office but the phone rang
and it was a personal call so Harry wandered over to
the coffee pot while Mr. Grey took care of it.

Heather saw him, she was a young girl that they had
hired and had to train about six months ago. She had
got married at seventeen to a football player that was
slated to be the most sought after player in that area
and was assured a scholarship to many colleges and he
did get them and went away to college and football.
Heather had to stay home with her parents and finish
high school but went to him as soon as she graduated.

The second year was going to be his year to become a
starter and he made it but in the second game he got
rolled up on by a big lineman and snapped his ankle, he
never was able to play another game and limped badly
even after the college had numerous surgeries done and
a year of rehabilitation. He was dropped from the
program but still had his scholarship for three more

He never attended another class finally was kicked out
and they came back home where he got sullen and mean
treating her like dirt and slapping her around. The
police got him trying to rob the bank for whiskey money
because the idiot buddy he got to help him forgot to
put gas in the car and they had to stop two blocks from
the bank and tried to pay for the gas with a hundred
dollar bill with blue ink all over it.

Heather got a divorce, they didn't have any thing so
she was out of luck. Her former father in law helped
her get a car and Mr. Grey offered her a job, he didn't
need any help but was planning on expanding some day
and that was his excuse. Heather was grateful for the
job and to get out of that marriage, but she wanted a
man and needed one.

She fell in love with Harry. Not mushy school girl
stuff, she would walk a mile just to see him and if he
had to work around the shop she would take every excuse
she could think of just to get to speak to him. Harry
was always polite and he would talk to her and explain
why they did things different ways and she would stand
looking at him enthralled.

Harry never made a pass at her or a suggestive remark
like some of the guys did ,she always took it good
natured, and that made her want him even worse. She
would ask him if he needed her to get him something
when she went to the bank with the deposits and to get
items from the supply store, he always said no and she
always brought him a coke or cookies for his break.
Harry took a lot of ribbing from the guys he worked
with but he never took advantage of Heather.

Today she ran back to him and said she baked some
cookies and please come and try some and tell her if
they were any good. Harry said okay and took his coffee
up front where her desk was and set at the side and ate
three cookies with his coffee and telling her they were
wonderful because they really were.

As Heather talked to him and handled some papers on her
desk Harry kept looking to see if Mr. Grey was finished
on the phone as he wanted to get over to Mrs. Ramsey's
and see what she would do today to entice him into the
house. Also what she would wear or almost wear, boy
that woman was hot!

Heather noticed he was acting nervous and while he was
listening and responding to her his attention was on
what Mr. Grey was doing.

"Harry is something wrong? You seem to be in a hurry.
Am I keeping you from something important?"

"Oh no, Heather. I apologize, I was in a hurry to get
this little job finished and over to the school job and
make sure everything is perfect as we have inspection
this afternoon. But Mr. Grey said we needed to go over
the schedule but we did that last Monday and so that
means something has changed and I wonder what it is and
how it will affect my crew. I don't want you thinking
that I was ignoring you, please forgive me."

"Harry you don't need to apologize to me. I understand.
Don't say that I told you but there is a problem and it
will require some changes in the company that will
effect all of us. Mr. Grey will tell you himself. He
has been almost crazy all last week trying to get
things worked out and I think he must have come to some
decision over the week end. Just listen and give it
some thought before you respond and talk to me first.
That will make more sense after he tells you."

Harry looked at Heather, confused, he wondered what she
had to do with any changes and why should he talk to
her before he responded. What response could he have
except yes sir, there wasn't another HVAC company in
town and he was making good money here. Heather was
looking straight in his eyes and she smiled and
whispered , it could be wonderful for both of us. She
slid her hand over and touched his and squeezed it
softly and then returned it to her keyboard.

"Harry, I'm finally off the phone come on in and lets'
get this show on the road."

Harry started to get up and heard Heather whisper
promise Harry, he said sure Heather and went to Mr.
Grey's office shutting the door behind himself. Mr.
Grey smiled at Harry and immediately begin to talk.

"Harry first I need to tell you how much I appreciate
the great job you are doing over at the school, we are
a week ahead of schedule and the contractor has nothing
but praise for the job you have done and that he is now
ahead of his schedule and in line for a bonus if he
finishes ahead of time. We don't have a bonus in our
contract with him but he has said that we will be his
sub contractor of choice from now on. That means we
will get a lot more jobs in the future."

"But there is another kink that is causing us to have
to make some changes. Ralph has been feeling bad for a
few weeks almost a month. He finally was convinced by
his wife to go have a checkup and they got all the
results in last week and he has a aorta that is
partially blocked and will have to go to the hospital
for a stint and will be in bed for a few days and have
to take life easier, for a while anyway. I need you to
go over there and take charge of the job and get it
rolling and stay with it until I can get someone to
relieve you. If I can."

"Wait before you answer, it's gets worse. The factory
annex is going to last a long time, some times all we
will need is a manager or maybe a clerk to take calls
and have records ready for inspection at all times.
Some times we will be going all out to complete certain
phases and then maybe a week might pass before we need
a crew there again. But someone has to be there all the
time with the crew chief ready to go anytime it is
necessary and call in a crew when they are needed."

"What I plan to do is rent a office trailer and place
it on site. I have asked Heather if she would go and
man that office and keep the records and field phone
calls. I hope you will agree to go as manager and stay
until we can get the original work finished and then be
available to return whenever needed and take a crew
when work is ready. I will bring Mrs. Grey back in here
until Heather can return to this office. We will have
to put you in a motel and you will have to eat out at
company expense. Think about it and talk to your wife,
unfortunately we won't be able to let anyone take their

"Are you going to hire someone for crew chief here or
promote from within?"

"To begin with I will become crew chief until we learn
what Ralph's status is and then decide. By the way if
you accept the manager position you will go on straight
salary with what you make now, plus forty dollars a
week raise."

"Would I take my crew or the crew that is there now?"

"What is your opinion? You know most of the guys better
than me."

"Doesn't really matter as far as the work goes. But it
would be fairer to all the guys if we rotated them so
that no one is away from home more than anyone else so
I would say stick with the schedule we already have."

"Ok, sounds alright to me. So you think it over and
tell me if you want it, the promotion. But I need you
to go up there tomorrow and check everything out. But
you can take time to put a lot of thought into this, I
know this will work a hardship on you and your family,
but it is out of our control."

"Ok, I will. I am going to Mrs. Ramsey's and then over
to the school for the inspection at two and plan to be
back here before five but not much before, I'll see you
then. I will talk to my crew but not about the
promotion just that I will be running to Salina
tomorrow and often for a while."

"Good, see you around five, and thanks Harry."

Harry went out to the front and asked Heather did she
have Mrs. Ramsey's number. She said yes and spun her
Rolodex, finding the number she dialed it and handed
the phone to Harry.

"Hello Mrs. Ramsey. This is Harry Cole at Greys HIVAC,
I'm sorry but I got tied up at the shop and now I'm a
little late but I'm free now if you are available but
if you have plans I can reschedule or send someone else
later. Yes Ma'am, I can be there in about twenty five
minutes, ok I will get my test equipment and be right
over, are you sure that I won't be holding you up from
something important, sometimes it takes a little time
to check all the system, but most likely you just need
a little topping off and it will be fine. Yes, I'm
leaving in about five minutes. Thank you. Bye."

Harry placed the phone in Heather's hand and she made
sure to touch his hand before taking it from him. She
looked at Mr. Grey's door and seeing it closed she
whispered , "Harry I've got to talk to you before you
go to the school job. It's important but I don't want
any one to know about it, us talking."

Harry thought a minute and said, "I'm going to the job
as soon as I finish at Mrs. Ramsey's but that won't be
until eleven, can you get away around that time. We
could talk and have lunch at some place."

"Yes, a lot of days I go to lunch at eleven so Mr. Grey
can cover the office and then he can go at twelve.
Where is a good place? Wait, I know. The best place to
talk is at my trailer, I can pick us up some sandwiches
and a drink at the Quik Mart, would you want some
chips? Is that okay?"

"Well, sure that would be okay, you live in the trailer
park over by the foundry don't you?"

"Yes straight down the street and to the left where it
ends, third trailer on the right, lot forty one."

"Okay, gotta go now, see you later."

"Bye Harry and thanks."

Harry hurried to his truck and checked to make sure
every thing was on it and left going to Mrs. Ramsey's
but he wondered why Heather wanted to talk she knew as
much as he did about what was happening. He couldn't
help but smile as he had known for a long time what she
really wanted and one of these days he might just give
it to her.

He was thinking also about what the changes meant when
suddenly he thought about Mr. Grey saying 'as manager'
and the raise his second one in a week! But the idea of
manager made him believe that maybe this might be
permanent and he would be more than a crew chief. But
he would just have to go along and see what happened.

He had reached Mrs. Ramsey's house and almost had went
by before he realized it but managed to slow down and
wheel in her drive. Parking the truck he got his
testing gear and headed for the door. Just as he was
about to ring the bell the door was opened and she
stood there, he almost lost his breath at the vision
she presented.

Mrs. Ramsey was a tall slim and very beautiful woman,
she was dressed in a flowing transparent something. The
kind of things you see in movies, not something that
anyone would wear to do housework that's for sure.
Underneath she had a half bra and a pair of bikini
panties, light blue and they were very visible through
the white, well it was a dressing gown Harry guessed.

"Mrs. Ramsey! You startled me I was just about to ring
the bell. You look lovely today, how are you doing?"

"I am fine Harry, I think we know one another well
enough to go by first names, don't you? Please call me
Laurie. Come in. It's getting hot out there already

"Yes it is. I wasn't sure if you were alone and didn't
want to appear to familiar in case you had visitors,
Laurie. It is good to see you again. What seems to be
wrong with your AC?"

"Well it doesn't seem to cool as well as it should and
I wanted you to check it out. But it might just be me
that is hot but if I wear regular clothing I almost
sweat just sitting so I have been dressing lightly and
taking a lot of showers waiting for you."

"Sorry, I have been out of town all week, and didn't
know you had called until yesterday."

"Have you been on vacation?"

"No, working. We are putting a larger unit in the
middle school near Willow and we worked six days and
just got it finished Saturday. First let me check your
thermostat and make sure it is working properly."

"Ok, I was just going to get myself a cola would you
like one?"

"That would be nice, thank you."

"Come to the sitting room when you are finished
checking and it will waiting for you."

Harry put his thermometer near an outlet and began to
look at the settings on the program and five minutes
later he knew that there was nothing wrong with the
cooling unit as it was cool in the house and the
thermometer read the same as settings, in fact as he
checked the unit stopped running proving that it was
reading the temperature and maintaining it.

He put the equipment away but left the top of the tool
caddy open. He went to the sitting room and Laurie was
all ready there with colas and some cheese and
crackers. The sitting room was not near the walls with
windows so they were secure from any one seeing them
and Harry wasn't surprised as this was the room she
always invited him into. Laurie was sitting on the love
seat and she had placed his cola on the glass top table
so that he would have to sit beside her or move it all
which would have been rude.

Sitting down Harry looked at her legs crossed at the
knee and the dressing gown split showing all of her
legs from her hip to her feet, on which she had a pair
of transparent heels. Everything about her clothing
seemed to shout money. Her hair and make up were
perfect and her toes protruding from the heels were
manicured and the nails were painted with a light rose
polish. But that was the way she always looked.

Harry decided that no way was she going to get angry
and throw him out so he would get down to what she
really wanted and not waste time checking the cooling

"Laurie, your thermostat checks out ok and the program
is right and the house is cool. I can check your unit
but I don't think it really needs it. There wasn't
anything wrong with it was there? Don't be embarrassed
if you are just lonely and wanted me to come over and
visit for I look forward to seeing you. But if I am
wrong just tell me and I will check it out or leave
which ever you prefer."

"No Harry, don't leave please. You're right there is
nothing wrong with the air. I just wanted you to come
by and I didn't know any way to get you here other than
say the house wasn't cool enough . I remember the last
time you were here and it was so wonderful, can you
forgive me?"

Laurie had slid over closer to Harry and put her hand
on his knee and rubbed her leg against his looking into
his eyes.

"Of course I will, I remember last time also and how
great you are, pardon the language but you were so hot
that I almost melted and I was hoping that you might
like to repeat that meeting."

"Oh yes, very much."

"I'm sorry that I am in my work clothes, must not be
very handsome looking, but couldn't very well come in
my Sunday best to fix a cooling unit."

"It's not the way that you dress Harry. It's the way
you handle everything. You make things look so easy and
they are for you, even the way you handle my body when
we were making love, like it belonged to you and it was
only for you to use any way you wanted to.

"I climaxed so many times that I was afraid I would
pass out from exhaustion. I've being wanting you to
take me again ever since. Harry why didn't you call me?
I would have met you any where at anytime. I'm so
lonely, all the men I know are so in to themselves and
all they can talk about is money and golf and all they
want is to cum in you and go home."

"Don't talk about it, you will get emotional, don't
even think about it. I'm here and we both want the same
thing so let's not waste time. Let's go to your bedroom
and let me undress you I can almost see that sexy body
but I want to hold it and feel it getting hot with
lust. Bring your cola we are going to need some thing
to drink in a few minutes."

Laurie wasted no time, jumping up she grabbed her cola
with one hand and Harry's outstretched hand with the
other and they went to her bedroom. She was already
feeling dizzy from excitement and no sex for more than
a week. Harry placed his cola and hers on the bedside
table and immediately removed her gown and then her
half bra and the wisp of panties she had on.

She stood before him naked and trembling hoping he
approved of her nakedness. When he began to undress she
helped him with his shirt and when he loosen his belt
and un zipped his pants she went down on her knees and
loosen his shoes helping remove them and the socks.
When Harry took down his pants he also got the shorts
at the same time and Laurie was struck on her forehead
by his stiff cock swinging up as the shorts released

Laurie grasped Harry's cock in her hand and felt of it,
rubbing it with her fingers and slowly moving her mouth
towards it.

"Stand up, you can do that later, we will have plenty
of time."

Laurie obeyed and when she stood in front of him
tearing her eyes away from his cock to his face, he
opened his arms and held them out to her and she walked
into them and against his body as he closed them about
her and pulled her tightly to him, nakedness against

Harry kissed her and fondled her body, rubbing ,
squeezing, pinching nipples, fingers seeking out
crevices and cracks until Laurie was shaking and
pushing her body against him as she returned his kisses
with a open mouth and active tongue.

Harry moved her to the bed and they fell across it
squirming until they were in the middle and then he
rose above her and placed his cock at her cunt entrance
moving just a little to cause the head to wiggle in her
slit at the opening.

Laurie grasped in delight and moved her hands down to
fit him in her but he caught her wrists and raised both
above her head stretching them against the bed. He
spread his legs making her spread also, she thought so
he could enter fully but he just continued to tease her
cunt with his hot cock head.

Laurie moaned in frustration and begged him with her
eyes but Harry smiled at her and continued to tease.
She knew what he wanted her to do and she did it!

"Oh Harry, your cock is wonderful, please fuck me, I
have been hot and hurting waiting for you, please don't
make me wait any longer. Put it in me before I go

Harry gave her an inch and as she bowed up towards his
body he gave her the rest in a hard plunge that slammed
his pelvis against hers causing her to grunt and then a
long low growl issued from her mouth and throat as she
felt his hot length fill her. She lay still and Harry
slowly released her wrists and settled down on her body
with his mouth claiming her neck for kissing.

Laurie wrapped her arms around him and they lay smashed
against each other enjoying the feel of cock encased in
cunt. The only movement was Harry's lips and tongue on
her neck and the only sound was her small voice mewing
like a kitten. Suddenly she stiffened and cried out oh
my god, as a climax rushed through her and then she
frantically tried to hump against his weight for
stimulation of a cock moving in her cunt.

Harry continued to lie there and kiss her neck until
she had shuddered and shook though the climax and
finally lay still with only her hands caressing his
back and sliding down to rub his ass cheeks. Then he
raised from her wet and reddening neck and as she
smiled at him he kissed her lips.

"Oh Harry, you are so wonderful. Only you can make me
cum like that. I needed it so badly. I wanted to cum
with you but if I can't when you do that's ok, you have
completely drained me and I am satisfied and want to
give you satisfaction now ."

"I don't think you are drained at all, you hot slut.
Let's see shall we?"

Harry begin to move in and out of her wet and slurping
cunt and as she smiled at him he began to lengthen the
stroke and pick up speed and her smile turned into a
mouth opened in surprise as she became aware that she
was fast approaching a second strong cum. For two
minutes Harry fucked her hard and fast and she was
responding and meeting his thrusts and then she and he
hit the detonation button at the same time and both
tried to drown the other in cum.

Harry rolled over and turned Laurie towards him and
they lay facing each other and smiling their
satisfaction while touching, kissing, and murmuring how
great each was, they rested. After about five minutes
Harry began to feel his cock start to extend back to
it's excited length inside her and she felt it also and
murmured oh my god, this is wonderful. Kissing him with
renewed vigor Laurie began to rotate her hips slightly
pressing into to his groin to stimulate the growing and
hardening cock embedded deep in her cunt.

"Want to try for a third helping Laurie?"

"Yes oh yes, you are magical, you are going to kill me.
But I don't care go ahead and fuck me to death."

Harry tried his best but after ten minutes of steady
fucking he knew she wasn't going to die as she was
giving as much as she was getting so he released his
straining to keep from cumming and let her have his
second load and although she had experienced and
squealed through about three small cums she responded
to his stiffening and jerking cock and came with him.
As they lay entwined and exhausted Harry's cock slipped
out of her wet cunt and she could feel cum from both of
them soaking the bed.

Harry glanced at his watch and saw that he had to get
going to meet Heather for lunch. He slowly began to
disengage himself from their entangled state and kissed
her before getting up and she placed her hand on his
hip to stop him.

"Harry do you have to go? I would love for you to stay.
You wanted me to kiss him but I didn't get a chance. We
could eat a sandwich and then I could love you with my
mouth for a while, I really would like to but we never
seem to have time. Could you call and make up an excuse
for why you aren't quite finished and that you will
have lunch before returning to the shop?"

"My fault Laurie, I got carried away. You are to
beautiful. I can't keep my mind off loving your
beautiful body long enough to remember every thing I
would like to do with you,"

"Oh that's so sweet of you. You are so wonderful. I
will give you a rain check, any time you want just call
and I will be waiting for you with wet hot lips."

"Damn, can't beat a offer like that. Can I take a quick
shower? Got to get the sweet smell of your perfume off
me before I go back to the office, Mr. Grey would know
immediately that is wasn't shaving lotion."

Laurie nodded and as he got up and went to the bathroom
she rolled out of bed and looked at the wet sheet and
thought she hadn't cum that much before. But she
conceded with a smile that she had never been fucked
like that before either. She went to the bathroom and
entered the toilet to let the cum drain from her very
full cavity, hearing the shower running she smiled and
thought how good it would be if she could get Harry to
visit on a regular basis. Sometimes maybe even a
weekend, if she could live through a weekend like this.
She flushed and went out to the shower and saw he was
just about finished.

"Harry, I need to rinse off also. Could you wash my
back while you in there?"

"Sure jump in, I've got to hurry got to grab a bite and
go to Willow Bend for a inspection so hurry."

She got in the shower and being careful not to wet her
hair she rubbed against him and turned her back for him
to wash. When Harry finished scrubbing her back he
turned her around and did the front also and when he
got down to her cunt slit he dropped the cloth on the
shower floor and ran his finger into her slit and she
gasped and shook as he rubbed up and down.

"Laurie, I believe you could go again but I really
don't have time, maybe if I leave you hot you will be
inclined to call before you get pass the point of no

"Don't talk like that unless you really intend to come
when I call. And there's no reason that you couldn't
call me, I wouldn't turn you away unless there was a
house full of visitors and I don't have many. Don't
tease me. If you want to fuck me again I'm ready, I'm
always ready for you."

"Sorry it's just that you are so sexy and beautiful,
and here you are naked, I can't control myself. I have
to get dressed and out of here while I still have some
measure of control. I will have a notation made on your
file that your until had a small leak and was repaired
at no charge under your service contract."

"Ok, don't forget to call. I want you to come and
collect the debt I owe you."

Harry nodded and stepped out of the shower, grabbing a
towel and drying off fast he headed for the bedroom to
find his clothes. Dressing quickly he was almost
finished when Laurie came in the bedroom still naked
and her skin shining from the bath. She sat on the edge
of the bed and watched him finish tying his shoes. He
hurried to her and bent to give her a good by kiss.

She took his hand on put it on her breast and when the
kiss was over she rubbed his arm as he caressed her
nipple and looked at him. Harry broke away and said he
could find his way out. She nodded but followed him to
the hall way where he left the tool caddy and watched
as he went to the door and left. She immediately sunk
to the floor and inserted her finger in her cunt as
deep as she could get it and closed her eyes as she
worked it in and out, remembering.

Harry drove away from Laurie's house just as he did
each time he had come to check out a non existent
problem. Both pleased and worried. Pleased that she was
so eager to share herself but worrying about how far
this might lead. He sensed she was wanting more than a
occasional fuck and also he didn't know anything about

Harry checked the time and saw he was ok as he was
close to the trailer park and besides Heather had to
stop for the sandwiches. Again he wondered why she
wanted to talk to him before he decided, if she was
going to go what difference did that have on his
decision. Harry was aware that Heather had a crush on
him, after all she was always doing little things for
him and all the guys saw it even if she did try to make
it look innocent but that didn't add up to her making
her decision based on his or vice versa .

Well, guess he would know soon. Harry pulled over when
he saw the Quik Mart that she was going to stop at and
went in, he found that they made their own sandwiches
and asked for two ham and cheese plus one tuna salad,
two drinks, and a huge bag of BBQ chips. Harry had
noticed that Heather often ate tuna salad sandwiches
and these were large with generous amounts of tuna
salad, plus they toasted the bread.

Just as he was paying, Heather came flying in the
parking lot and she saw the company truck immediately.
As she was getting out of the car she had a relieved
smile on her face, she was afraid that he wouldn't be
at her trailer when she got there. Harry made it to the
door just as she did and told her he was a little early
so he stopped. He told her what he had and asked if it
was ok, she said that's wonderful and took the bag of
sandwiches and told him to follow her.

They drove to the trailer park and straight to her lot,
parking and going inside after she unlocked the door.
She told him to put the stuff on the table and sit down
she would get them a napkin and fix everything. Harry
looked around the trailer and saw that every thing was
clean and neat even if it was older and cheaper than
you would find in a home.

He knew that it was the best she could afford and she
kept it looking nice and homey. They ate and the
sandwiches were good and Harry was hungry and thirsty
he remembered he never did drink that cola at Laurie's,
it was left on the bed side table.

"Harry, isn't this great! This is so much fun, why are
you smiling? You think I'm crazy don't you? Harry, I
don't have much fun and no friends so it's fun for me
just to do anything. Don't make fun of me."

"Heather, I'm not smiling at you, I'm smiling with you.
You have such a bubbling personality that you make
every thing fun. You brighten up every place you go, I
can't understand why you don't have friends you are the
perfect friend that any one could want."

"Thank you Harry, you are always so nice and you say
things that make me feel good. I know sometimes that
you are lying like when you say how nice I look when I
get to work and I've got bags under my eyes. But I love
to hear them and it makes me feel good."

"Heather, you should be ashamed, I never lie, never in
my life have I told a single little lie. So if I say
you look nice then you look nice and you can take that
to the bank."

"Oh, it's dangerous being around you, one bolt of
lightening would get me too.'

They both laughed. Harry changed the subject and told
her what Mr. Grey had talked to about, Ralph's heart
attack, the changes, the unforeseen reports, and the
need for him and her to go and work there for an
extended length of time. Then he asked what she knew
and when she had learned it.

"Mr. Grey called me Sunday and asked if I could come in
and do a small job for him after lunch that he would
pay me for four hours but it wouldn't take more than
one. I needed the money so I was quick to agree,
besides I wasn't doing anything. When I got there he
asked me put some instruction papers in a notebook
binder and print some labels for each section.

"It didn't take much more than fifteen minutes and when
I took it to him he said just lay it on the corner of
the desk. I asked what did he want me to do next and he
said that's it, sit down I need to tell you something
and ask you something."

Heather took a swallow of drink and continued as Harry
was finishing his last sandwich: "I sat down and he
told me the same things you just told me and asked if I
would consider going and doing the reports and files
and payroll and share with you in making sure we were
in compliance on all the requirements. He said all of
these were above the contract and we would be paid
extra for cost over runs and changes, the company would
get paid. He offered me a raise of a dollar an hour. I
asked him how I would be able to find a place to live
for a short time at a reasonable price and he said not
to worry that the company would provide room and meals
at no cost for you and me. He said you would find us a
place to live and we would have maid service and eat
out all expenses paid."

Heather's eyes were shining and she placed her hand on
Harry's arm leaning closer to him across the table.
"Harry, I was so excited, more money, no house work,
and we would be living together like husband... you
know like family and..."

"Wait Heather stop, wait! I think you misunderstood Mr.
Grey. You see he meant..."

Heather's face fell like death had hit her with a
double bit axe. She rose from the table so quickly she
overturned the chair she was sitting in and ran to the
bedroom shutting the door and sat on the bed with a
ashen face and slowly crumpled over to muffle her sobs
in the pillow.

"Heather, come back. Heather... Heather! Heather?"

Harry wolfed down the last bite and took a big drink of
his cola, he couldn't believe that she was that naive
to believe that Mr. Grey would set them up in a
situation like that. Damn, now what was he suppose to
say to her? He got up and when to the bedroom door.

"Heather, come here and talk to me. Heather, I'm coming
in, we can straighten this out, it's no big deal it's
just a small misunderstanding, I coming in."

Harry opened the door and saw her with her face in the
pillow and her body jerking with her sobbing. He went
and sat beside her and rubbed her shoulder and back.
They stayed like that for about three minutes. Harry
was thinking maybe she had calmed down a little and he
started talking to her.

"Heather, come on, sit up and talk to me I'm your
friend don't be afraid of me, you know that I would
never do anything to hurt you or humiliate you. Come on
, please."

Harry put his hand under her face which was wet with
tears and the other around her back to her shoulder and
lifted her. Pulling her to his chest and then pulling
her hands away from her face he cuddled her and rubbed
her back.

"Talk to me Heather, ok."

Heather put her arms around his upper chest and lay her
head on the front of his chest. Sniffing she tried to
talk and finally got her voice going.

"I'm such an idiot, I'm ashamed at how stupid I am. I
should have thought about it and I would have known
that it wasn't the way I wanted it to be. I was so
excited that I just didn't think, all I did was dream
at how wonderful it would be... I just... I'm just
stupid, stupid... STUPID!"

"Heather, you're not..."

"Yes I am, stupid! Now I've ruined everything, now you
know how I feel about you, now you know how much I want
you. A stupid bitch, that's all I am just a stupid
little bitch."

"Heather, stop that! You're going to make me mad,
you're not stupid and it any one said that you were I
would punch him in the nose. I can't punch you but I
can spank your butt so stop it, right now!"

Heather raised her head and through wet eyes looked at
Harry. She saw that he was not smiling, it wasn't a
joke, he was serious.

"Really Harry, would you really punch someone over me?"

"Of course, I think a lot of you, Heather. I wouldn't
stand for people making fun of you or hurting you."

Heather smiled and hugged him tighter.

"Heather, do you feel better now? Can we talk?"

She nodded.

"I just need to know one thing. Would you have gone if
it was like you thought it was, would you have lived
with me?"

She nodded but wouldn't look up. "I wanted to so badly
that I couldn't think of anything else."

"I don't understand, I know we are friends, close
friends, but I never realized that you thought about
things like that, you never let on that you, you know
wanted to go to bed, that is what you're saying isn't
it or am I totally confused?"

Heather hugged him even harder and buried her face in
his chest like she was trying to hide.

"Heather, I need to know, is it? Talk to me."

After a long silence she finally answered in a small
voice hardly able to be heard. "Yes, that's what I
want. I'm sorry Harry. You are so nice to me please
don't stop being my friend. I was hoping some day that
you would ask me, but I was never going to tell you how
much I wanted you to make love to me. But all I could
think of Sunday and today was how it was going to be,
sleeping together, being naked together, kissing,
touching, and giving you my body over and over. Oh god,
I wish I could die!"

Harry was sincerely touched. He was full of pride of
course, like any man it swelled his ego to think that a
woman wanted him to take her. But also he was aware
that Heather was hurting inside, not only because she
felt foolish but because she was lonely, alone, and no
one to love or love her back.

Harry pulled his handkerchief and gave it to her to
wipe her eyes. As she did he reached and started
unbuttoning her blouse. Heather didn't notice what he
was doing on the first button but when he reached the
second she looked down at his hand and then up to his
face in surprise. She continued to look at him as he
started on the third one.

"Is this ok? Just nod if it is."

Heather nodded and looked down as he finished and then
pulled her blouse off her shoulders and down exposing
her bra and breasts that were beginning to rise and
fall as she breathed rapidly. Harry stood up and held
out his hand, she placed hers in his and he pulled her
to her feet. She looked into his eyes as he unbuttoned
the skirt and slipped it down her hips and then hooking
her panties with his thumbs took them down also.

Harry did the last button on her blouse and stepped
close to her, she lifted her head automatically and he
kissed her as he unsnapped her bra and stepping back
pulled the blouse free from her arms letting her bra
fall freely to the floor on its own. Then he kissed her

Heather stood before him naked with her skirt, blouse,
panties, and bra laying around her feet, her skin was
covered in goose bumps and her legs were trembling. She
was moving her lips on his trying to get all the
sensations that she had been wanting for so long. Harry
ran his hand over her back and down to her ass cheeks
feeling her skin and the muscular tone of her body and
also feeling her tremble beneath them. He knew for sure
that she would let him do anything he wanted to.

"Heather, I want to make love to you, are you on the

"No, but it's alright if I get caught and am pregnant I
will have your baby and never tell a soul."

"No you won't, that's no way to start a relationship.
Promise me you won't lock the door and call the police
while I go to the truck and get a condom."

"I promise, Harry, I would never lock you out. Leave
the door open if you want."

"That was a joke Heather, I know you wouldn't, you're
to nice."

Harry released her and went outside, he knew that there
was a box of condoms in the glove compartment. Every
body in the crew knew they were there and available for
anyone to use if the opportunity presented it's self.
While he was gone Heather ran to the bathroom almost
tripping over the skirt around her ankles. She quickly
washed her face and tried to comb her hair wishing she
had time to apply fresh makeup. But heard Harry return
and shut the door locking it.

Harry passed the bathroom on his way to the bedroom and
saw her rinsing her mouth with mouthwash. He stopped
and went in putting his hand on her back taking the
mouthwash and putting some in his mouth swirling it
around before spitting it out in the sink.

"Come on."

Heather followed him still in her low heels but unaware
that she still had them on. When they reached the bed
Harry made her sit on the side and he stood in front of
her moving close and put her hands on his belt. Heather
began unfastening it as he removed his shirt. He helped
her get the pants and shorts down and as she exposed
his cock she was locked on it with her eyes.

Harry quickly bent and untied his shoes removing them
and the socks quickly followed by the pants and shorts
and then he stood again and moved back close to her.
Heather's hand automatically came up and cradled the
stiffening cock as she rubbed his leg with the other.

"That feels so good, to good, I can't take much of
that. Kiss it quick so we can lay together and make

Without even thinking Heather kissed the end of his
head and it was warm against her lips so she kissed it
again and then let a little of the head slip into her

"No Heather, I can't let you do that I would cum in
your mouth in an instant. If you want to I will let you
next time, if you want it another time, some other day.
Lay on the bed sweetheart, I've got to have you now."

Heather scrambled on to the bed as Harry rolled the
condom on his rock hard cock, she had really turned him
on. Maybe it was her innocence or could it be just
because she wanted him but something was feeding his
ego and that was feeding his hormones and he was ready
and she was also. Heather's heart was beating so fast
she was almost hyperventilating and she could only
focus on one thing and it was bobbing up and down as
Harry crawled on the bed and between her legs which
magically had spread themselves wide apart to welcome

When Harry centered his cock in her cuntal opening and
slowly pushed forward Heather closed her eyes and a
long moaning sigh issued from her open mouth. She was
wet with anticipation and he had no trouble continuing
into her cunt until he hit the very bottom, but it was
tight like a strong hand gripping him proving to him
that it had not been used very much in her life time
plus it was hot.

Harry knew this would work against him as far as having
staying power so he rolled to the side taking her with
him and planting his cock deep in her he stayed
motionless and began to kiss her lips and rub her
breasts. This was more than Heather could take as the
feel of his cock deep in her cunt filling it was just
about to push her climax over the top and now his lips
on hers plus his hand on her breast was the bell ringer
and she gasped though her open mouth as she began to
spurt her cream onto his swelling cock.

"Oh god, Harry, yes, yes, ohhhh it's so wonderful.
Ooooohhhhh, I love it! Love me, love me... I love you,
Ohhh yes, I love you."

Harry rubbed her nipples as he rubbed her breasts and
she gasped louder. He couldn't kiss her, she wouldn't
hold still and she was babbling constantly about love
him please love her and he wasn't sure what she meant,
if she meant fuck he intended to do that but if she
meant just love he would have to be careful she was to
quick and eager to grab onto the least indication that
he wanted her for more than sex.

In a way he felt sorry for her, she needed a good man
but he couldn't be that man but he sure could provide
all the fucking she could handle. So he set out to do
just that and just as she was beginning to slow down
and settle down a little he starting pumping into her
cunt slowly at first and then faster and faster.

Heather's eyes flew open when she felt his cock slide
outward and then plunge back into her depths and she
began to grunt with each thrust as she had never had a
cock that large and that hard in her before. She
couldn't believe how good it felt to be totally under a
man's control, totally stuffed with cock, and loving it
so much she would do anything to keep it that way.

"Fuck with me baby, come on Heather fuck with me, slam
on my cock and fuck on it."

She gave it all her effort and was slamming against him
as he plowed into her cunt and pulling back and
slamming forward again, and she was cumming almost
constantly, grunting , whining, whimpering, mewing,
groaning as her cunt began to ache, and getting dizzy.
Harry could feel the end coming for him also, the pace
wouldn't allow much of this but he didn't want to slow
down it was to good and he loved to watch her as she
was almost dying trying to get and give all that she
could of something she had longed for a long time.

Finally it came to a end and she could feel Harry's
cock jerking inside her and he was no longer pumping
but stiff and buried deep in her cunt as his cock
filled the condom. Heather could have almost cried as
she wanted to fill the cum spurting into her bare cunt
to make her a total woman, but she was satisfied and as
he began to relax she snuggled against his chest and
kissed where ever her lips could find skin, chin, lips,
neck it didn't matter. She kept her cunt tight against
his crotch holding his cock in her as long as possible.

Harry kissed Heather back and rubbed, caressing her
breast and nipple, he stole some glances at her body
and it was as good as he had thought it was, her
breasts were not huge but they were well formed and her
ass was firm and rounded and felt good to his hand. She
certainly gave herself totally and she was a good
lover, a week in a motel with her next door would not
be a large burden but he would have to guard against
her showing her willingness to fuck him. He stole a
glance at his watch and saw that he needed to be on his
way as it was getting close to noon.

"Heather, sugar, that was wonderful. I hope that I
didn't take advantage of you in a time when you were
vulnerable. Do you feel guilty?"

"No Harry, I feel good for the first time in a long
time. You didn't take advantage of me I wanted you as
bad as you wanted me maybe more."

"This is a horrible thing to say but we need to get
going. At least I do. I've got to drive over to the
school and check on the inspection. If all goes well we
should be back before closing but I need to know
something and we can't talk there. Are you going to
change your mind about working at the new project or
will you go and stay in a motel with six guys? And
maybe a few days alone?"

"If you are going to be there I will."

"Heather, you know I am married. I can't commit any
thing to you other than quick sex when we can find time
and opportunity, make sure that is what you want and
nothing more before you decide."

"I want anything that I can get, I'm not getting
anything now so quick sex with you is like heaven, I'm
in love with you but I won't cause you any problems. I
want to go and be there so if there is a opportunity I
am available."

Harry looked at her and believed her, he knew she would
keep her word if he kept her happy and satisfied. He
disengaged himself and went to the bathroom cleaning up
and disposing of the condom and told Heather that he
would see her this afternoon when they were finished
with the inspection. Heather went to bathroom after he
left and repaired her makeup and dressed herself after
cleaning and then she also returned to work, a much
happier girl.


Charlie Hale could hardly wait for the bell that would
signal classes to change and he was walking to the door
of the literature room when it sounded and he went in
and stood by the door as the students rushed out. Sarah
saw him and walked to him and they exchanged greetings
and talked about how the students were progressing
until the last one left. Charlie then asked Sarah if
she could come to his office after classes were over
for the day and discuss the future. Of course Sarah
answered yes.

Charlie went back to his office in high spirits, he was
already thinking about where he could arrange a couple
of hours of time that would not create a feeling of
cheapness but was close and private. He knew what his
decision would be already, first because he was aware
that Sarah Bell was a quality teacher and second the
teacher she was filling in for had already informed him
she would not return but not to process retirement
papers as she was on medical leave and every month she
remained on the roster added to her retirement pension.
So he had intended to approach Sarah before the end of
school year and ask her to stay and she would be added
at the beginning of the new term.

Sarah was excited as she went to the teacher's lounge
she just had to tell Emily, she was also amazed at how
Julie could arrange things without any apparent effort.
All she had to do was hint and people would do it. She
also was reminded of Julie's words to her. Well,
seducing Mr. Hale wouldn't be that bad and no worse
than she had done for that butt hole, well she didn't
really seduce anyone just went along for the ride and
it could be a nice ride.

She saw Emily going in the lounge as she turned the
corner and hurried to catch up. She went straight to
the restroom but there were about five already there so
she went out and got a cola, counting the people coming
out and wondering were Emily was.

The third person out was Emily and she came straight to
Sarah and said she was bursting so she had to yell
woman on fire to break in line. She took Sarah's cola
and took a long drink before giving it back to her.
Sarah pulled her over into the corner and told her
about Mr. Hale coming to her room and she was going to
meet with him in his office after the last bell.

"Julie doesn't waste any time does she Emily?"

"No she doesn't and she gets results also, so it's up
to you now, she has given you a leg up. Do you remember
what she told you to do? And are you prepared to do it
and go all the way if necessary? You have to have your
mind made up before you go in there."

"Emily! We can't have sex in his office?"

"No, idiot. I'm talking about setting the stage for sex
later, letting him know that you wouldn't scream if he
touched you a little more personal than shaking hands.
You know, show some leg and if he compliments you give
him a hug, turn on that innocent little girl, with the
big tits that don't realize she is hot, personality.
And if he offers you a job next year, jump him like he
just gave you a Corvette for your birthday and smother
him in kisses and plaster that hot body on him."

"Wow, that sounds like something Julie would do, I'm
not sure I'm smooth enough to carry it off like she
can. But if you think that is what I need to do, I will
try, I need the job and I want to stay here. Oh, I need
to go to the restroom so bad I can't think, I'll be
right back."

Emily smiled and thought to herself that Sarah knew
what to do and she knew how to do it, she was good at
the innocent little girl thing. She had fooled both her
and Julie until she told the story of her self and the
cabin at the lake. That girl is not so innocent, she's
had more men than I have. I'm the innocent one or maybe
the stupid one. She turned up Sarah's drink and drank
it down then remembered it was Sarah's and started
fumbling for money to get her another but didn't have
any as she didn't bring her hand bag it was locked in
her desk.

When Sarah returned she explained that she had drank
all the cola and didn't have any money to get her one.
Sarah said that's ok, I don't need any more. Emily told
her that they only had one more class to go before
final bell and she needed to delay going to the office
until the teachers had cleared out some. She said to
come to the lounge and we will wait together and I will
get you a cola and we can talk. They touched each
other's arm and went to their rooms.

When the final bell sounded and all the students
cleared the halls, they met in the lounge and talked
about the Friday cook out as they shared another cola.

"Emily, Julie must have paid a good deal of money for
those bikinis if she got two for her self that would be
six and you know they had to be at least thirty dollars
a piece and then there was the cover up. She must have
spent at least two hundred dollars. Should we offer to
pay her?"

"Can't, she said they were gifts, you can't offer to
pay for a gift. I don't know what we can do. I'll try
to find out where she got them and we can check to see
if the price was unreasonable, but even if it is what
can we do? She said we had to wear them Friday night
are you going to? We don't have a lot of choice do we?"

"I'm going to see if she has hers on, if she does then
I will because if you and she wear yours then nobody is
going to be looking at me anyway."

"Stop knocking yourself, I told you I was going to
spank your ass if you keep doing that."

"Can you come by this afternoon, or should I tell you
how ugly my legs are, do I have enough demerits to get
a spanking this afternoon?"

Emily grinned at her: "Sarah, what are we going to do
with you? Are you joking but slyly telling me you are

"Yeah, I'm sorry, that was uncalled for. But I can't
help it, you woke up a sleeping monster and she won't
go back to sleep, plus I'm excited about Mr. Hale and
the possible job and that makes it worse. I won't be
able to go to sleep tonight whether he offers a job or
just feels me out as a prospect."

"Have you talked to the apartment super about the cook

"No, haven't had time but I will talk to him today.
I'll call you as soon as I get approval or if they say
no way."

"I can do better than that, I will pick up some items I
need at the vegetable market and then come to your
place, you and Charlie should be drained by then and we
can try on our bikinis and ask before I spank your

"Oh Emily, thank you. But you don't have to come I
won't die, just wish I was dead.."

"It's not all for you, I would enjoy it also you know."

"I'll make sure you enjoy it. But I know you are doing
it for me and that makes me love you more each day,
nobody ever cared whether I was suffering or being
satisfied before."

"We've killed enough time, put a light dab of perfume
on and go beam at Mr. Hale and try to sit so that he
can see your legs and breath deep like you were excited
so he can watch those tits rise and fall."

They both laughed and parted. Sarah going to the office
and Emily heading for the parking lot. When Sarah
reached the office Charlie Hale was waiting at the

"Sorry, Mr. Hale, I had to check the girl's restroom
and make sure no one had an emergency and missed the
bus and then check the lounge and Mrs. Johnson and I
were gabbing in the hall. I hope you weren't in a hurry
to get away."

"No, no, I had some things to check also. I'm glad that
the building is cleared out so we can take our time and
get to know each other. Sit here and I'll sit here.
This is a friendly meeting and we don't need a desk
between us. First let me tell you how please and how
fortunate I am that you were available and came to work
here after we lost poor Eloise's service when she fell.
I have been following your progress and you are doing a
magnificent job having to adapt to a lesson plan all
ready in progress. And all the feed back that I get
from fellow teachers and students is positive so just
relax and tell me about your plans for the future."

Sarah slid forward in her chair causing her skirt to
ride up her legs and leaned towards him with a smile
and shining eyes.

"Mr. Hale, you can't realize how wonderful it makes me
feel to hear that from you. I must admit that I have
been a little concerned about my future. As you know
this is my first teaching job but if I could have
picked any place in the world to start I would never
find one as perfect as this school.

"All the teachers are so super and take their
responsibilities seriously, the students are great, and
you have a wonderful gift of motivating people and then
stepping back and letting them do their best. I have
enjoyed the few months I have been here. I am just now
finding time to relax a little and I have made two
friends, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Cole, and that helps me
to start a social life here.

"This may not be the time to say this but Mr. Hale, I
want and hope that you can find a position for me next
year. I want so very much to be a part of this system
as I can gain experience that will make me a better
teacher. My major is Lit. and English and my minor was
in History, I know you have good solid people in those
positions but I will do anything if you want me and if
I have a opportunity to fill a teaching position in the

Sarah remained leaning towards him to show interest and
also to show him her cleavage as Emily and Julie had
advised her to. She noticed that he was taking
advantage of the opportunities.

"Well, Mrs. Bell..."

"Please call me Sarah when we are away from the
students, I feel close to you."

"Well Sarah, it's to early to know for certain if
Eloise is going to be back by fall or if she will want
to. But I will give her time to make that decision and
I don't know if there is any other position that will
be open but I will give you my promise that I will do
all within my power to find a way to keep you on staff
if there isn't a teaching spot open. That is all I can
do at this point, but feel assured that I want you to
be a part of this team.

"That's all I can expect you to do, Mr. Hale. Forgive
me for sounding like a teenage girl but it makes me
feel so much better to know that a man of your
experience feels that I have ability. I will be forever
grateful to you for the encouraging words. Was there
any thing else you wished me to do or tell me?"

"No, that is all, I just wanted to make sure that you
wished to stay before the time came that a decision had
to be made. If you are in a hurry you may go or if not
we could just chat and get to know one another better.
Unfortunately we haven't had a opportunity to do that
and it is a shame for I make it a rule to try and be a
friend to my fellow teachers."

"I would love that, I really don't know much about any
one here and nothing about you at all. Could we get
something to drink I am really thirsty? Would it be all
right if I ran to the lounge and got a cola and brought
you one?"

"Why don't we go together? There isn't anyone around
and we can talk on the way there and back. The cola is
on me."

So they strolled down the hall with him plying her with
questions and Sarah realized he was trying to find out
where she lived so she just told him. Then he was
working towards her friendship with Emily and Julie and
she decided that was a good time to move closer as
Julie seemed to be his weakness.

"Oh, Mr. Hale, that is the most amazing thing. I had
seen Emily around and saw that she was very much
admired by the students but never had a time that I
could talk to her. I had heard about the work that
Julie did but never saw her until one day they were
sitting in the lounge laughing and sharing something.

"There wasn't a empty place except at their table and I
didn't want to intrude but they waved me over and told
me to sit down with them and then they included me in
their conversation like they had always known me and I
was a good friend. Well, I was hooked I wanted to be
around them and share in their fun but didn't know how
to but they were so sensitive that they must have
realized that I was starving for friendship and they
asked me it I wanted to go shopping with them on

"So not only do I have two friends but they included me
in a cookout and I met the families and they are all so
nice and well I just love them all to death. Both Julie
and Emily speak so highly of you and the way you can
keep everything under control but still be a friend and
that makes everyone feel like we are really all

Sarah had stopped walking and facing him she had moved
closer and laid her hand on his arm at the biceps and
she would squeeze it and rub as she talked.

Charlie was in heaven! He was still high just thinking
about getting Julie naked and his cock in her and now
here was another pretty young girl just adoring him and
he felt like he could also charm her and have her
whimpering for his manhood to please her. At this
moment he was convinced that he could have any woman
that he wanted, all he had to do was take her and make
her his!

He took Sarah's hand and led her on to the lounge and
got them a cola from the machine and they started back
up the hall. He was telling her about all the
responsibilities that came with being a principal and
how much less stress there was in being a teacher and
sometimes he wished he still just taught a class and
not have to worry about all the classes.

Reaching the office, going inside and shutting the door
he listened as Sarah finished telling him about some
exceptional students she had in Literature. Sarah stood
as close as she could so he could look at her cleavage
and didn't move or seem to notice when he would lay his
hand on her shoulder. There was a long silence as they
were out of things to say about school when she

"Oh Mr. Hale, I am babbling on and on, I am keeping you
from ending your day and going home for a nice dinner
and deserved rest. I am so sorry. I will leave so you
can also, but I feel so relaxed around you that I
forgot everything except how much I enjoy your

"That's quite alright, I feel the same about you.
Perhaps we could continue this conversation sometimes
away from school."

"That would be very nice."

"Suppose that we check our schedules for next week and
see if we have a free evening for dinner and maybe a
cocktail afterwards?"

"You mean like a date? Oh I know it wouldn't be a date,
but wow, that would be super, I haven't been out to
eat, except fast food, in so long I'm not sure I even
know how to act anymore."

"Of course we would have to be careful and not let
rumors get started, and it would have to be a secret
known only by us. Do you agree?"

"Yes of course. I agree that no one should know and I
am available any time except Fridays, just let me know
when. I'm excited Mr. Hale. Now I don't want to go
home, just stay and talk but I must there are clothes
to wash and stuff like that."

"Very well, Sarah could you give me your phone number?
It would be better if I called you than approached you
here on campus."

"Of course, I will write it for you."

Sarah went behind his desk and wrote her number on a
telephone call note pad. She wrote slowly while bending
over the desk so he could check her out. When she was
finished she ripped it off and brought it around the
desk and handed it to him.

"I don't have a answering machine so if I don't answer
just call later. I am usually inside working on the
next day's lesson around seven and of course at six I
usually eat so you should be able to get me then. Mr.
Hale this has a been a wonderful time together, I am so
glad you took time to talk and I am so looking forward
to hearing from you about the coming year. I better go
now but could... would you... think it absolutely awful
of me if I showed my appreciation to you? I would like
to hug you."

"I would like that also Sarah."

Sarah walked to him and as he put his arms around her
she slid her body against him and put both arms around
his neck and hugged him tightly against her uplifted
breasts and leaned back as she had seen Julie do at
Henry's and let her stomach, hips, and cunt press into
his crotch area. Charlie had a boner in his pants and
she could feel it against her lower stomach and he knew
she could feel it because she shifted her hips to rub
against it. Sarah closed her eyes and gave a small

"Oh Mr. Hale, I shouldn't have done this, it's been a
long time since anyone has held me in their arms and
you are so strong against me. Please forgive me but I
want to enjoy it just a moment longer. Please?"

"Of course Sarah, it's perfectly alright. There's
nothing wrong with a show of affection between two
friends, just relax."

Charlie moved his hands lower until one was in the
small of her back and the other was resting on the
rising portion of her ass cheeks and pulled her a
little tighter against his surging cock.

Sarah moaned deep in her throat and responded by
shifting her hips against his stiffness. She let her
head fall back a little farther and his lips descended
against hers and she left her mouth slightly open in
case he wanted to invade it with his tongue which was
only a few seconds delay in claiming that opening.
Sarah kissed him back and suddenly felt the passion
rising in her body, what had been an act was becoming
real desire in her and it surprised her. She broke away
and looked at his eyes seeing a fire she never had saw
there before.

"Oh god, Mr. Hale, I shouldn't be doing this, but I
want to so badly. It feels so good and you are so viral
and manly. Oh my, I can feel the heat from your... your
penis... and it is setting me on fire. Please make me
leave, before... before it's to late."

"Do you want it Sarah, do you want me to make love to
you, do you want to feel it inside you?"

"Oh yes, but we can't, not here, not now, I don't have
any protection. But I want it, kiss me again. Please.
Kiss me and make me go home, I don't have enough will
power to resist you now. You can take me if you want
me, I want you to. Please."

"Can you wait for a couple of days until I can make
arrangements for a place for us to be together?"

"Yes anything you want. But you don't have to arrange a
place we can use mine anytime you want me."

Charlie kissed Sarah again and she let him, still
rubbing her cuntal area on his hard cock. Finally he
eased off and moved back from her looking into her eyes
and seeing that she was indeed looking like a woman
that wanted to be fucked. He knew he better not pass up
this opportunity, it might never come again.

"What about eight Wednesday?"

"Yes, that's fine. Charlie. Can you bring the condoms?
We'll need some for protection."

"Yes, of course. Sarah come by the office tomorrow
before you go home if you would like."

Sarah smiled and rising on her toes kissed him on the
lips almost breaking it but then with renewed passion
as she placed her hand on his cock in his pants and
felt of it bringing a groan from Charlie. Now he didn't
want to wait for Wednesday but without a condom there
wasn't much other choice.

"Can I do this again tomorrow? Is that why you will let
me come if I want to, you know I will want to."

"You're driving me crazy Sarah. We won't make it until
tomorrow if you keep that up."

"I'll be home alone tonight at eight, if you can get

"I'll be there at eight, what's your apartment number?"

"Second floor, two zero two. God I can't wait."

They kissed a few more times and Sarah felt his cock
jerking and knew he was soiling his shorts and pants
and he didn't seem to mind as he just kept on kissing
her and rubbing her ass. Finally she realized that time
was getting short and she broke away and said see you
at eight and left, looking back at the door she saw a
big wet spot on his pants and smiled at him. She
hurried to her car and headed home. Charlie went to his
desk got his gym shorts from the bottom drawer and then
sat down and just relived the two episodes of the day
and just shook his head.

Chapter Twenty four

Julie kept trying not to touch herself but she was
aching, her breasts felt swollen and her nipples were
no longer tingling they hurt like a new mother's when
filled with milk and ready to expel it at the slightest
touch. She would try to wash around them and her clit
rubbing the bath oil into her skin but always would rub
them and then gasp in desperation.

Finally she just gave up and let two fingers slide into
her cunt, her thumb on the clit, and the other hand
rubbing and squeezing her breasts until she reached
climax and shuddered though it to the small
satisfaction that self pleasure brings.

She lay in the tub relaxing and returning to a almost
normal state and then slowly removed her fingers
sighing. After ten minutes she decided that she had
better get out and check the time which she did after
letting the tub drain and blotting her skin with a
towel. She was surprised that time was close for the
arrival of the bus and she had better get ready.

She looked through her closet until she found the thigh
length terry cloth robe that Harry had bought for her
to wear around the house but later he got her the short
one of thin material so she would always be on display.
She got one of the new bikinis that Jane had given her
and put it on, then the robe. Inspecting herself in the
mirror she liked the way the black bikini contrasted
with the white robe and her tan skin, it made her tan
look even darker.

She tried several different ways of wearing it, the
robe in a V down to the belt and then V again to her
knees where it ended, open half way all the way from
shoulders to bottom, and then completely open with her
hands on her hips or just by her side. She decided it
really didn't matter all looked good but that she
needed a pair of heels with small straps and as high as
she had. She had lots of strap heels which were high
because they made her legs and ass look great.

She got a pair and put them on. Checking herself out
she was surprised at how good she really looked but she
wondered if she could wear the bikini to a pool where
there were other people and remove the robe without
them calling the police and having her arrested for
indecent exposure.

Pulling the robe open she looked closely at her mirror
image, her nipples and the dark tan area around them
were covered but only just covered and then the bikini
flared out and covered her breast to the bottom leaving
the inside and outside of each in view the straps were
small and there wasn't anything else.

The bikini bottom was as bad, it really was a thong and
barely covered her cunt with the slit outlined in what
is called a camel toe and thin straps around her waist
and down the back between her ass cheeks widening just
enough to cover her anal opening.

But she didn't have a choice unless Emily and Sarah
refused to wear theirs. She couldn't back out on them.
But the cover-up would help a little, she got it and
placed it around her waist and felt a little better
about walking around with that on. But now she noticed
that every time she took a step in those heels her tits
bounced and swayed, they looked great standing or
sitting but she would have to take them off when
walking around the pool. Ooooh, bet they got raped
before the burgers were finished cooking.

Just then Julie heard the bus groaning up the street
and she went to the window and saw it pulling up. She
unlocked the door and went back to the bathroom and
started brushing her hair, applying some mink oil to it
making it shine she continued to brush and arrange it.

"Mom, where are you?"

"In the bathroom sweetheart, come on back."

Jimmy entered and stopped, looking at her in the robe
with the belt fastened and pulled together he thought
she was naked underneath it.

"Wow, you look great! David is getting his camera and a
hand held light and will be here shortly."

"Do you want something to eat? There are some apples
and bananas on the counter or I can fix you a

"I will take a banana, want some? Are you ready for the

"No, but you could warm me some coffee. I need to put
on some lipstick. Baby could you do me a favor and take
some pictures of me in a bikini? I would like to have
some printed just to keep, not many just a few and make
two copies."

"Sure which bikini are you going to wear?"

"I have a new one. It is really revealing and I can't
wear it anywhere but I would like to have some pictures
of it just to look at when I get old and fat."

Julie turned to him and opened the robe revealing the
little black nothing. Jimmy just stared for a long
moment. He looked at her and then to her face and back
to her body.

"Is it to revealing, baby? Should I take it off? Is it
vulgar, does it make me look like a slut?"

"Mom, it's beautiful! We will need to take more than a
few. I want one to keep for myself. And it will be a
special warm up to the other pictures, wow that is

"Get your banana and warm up my coffee, I will out in a
minute, baby. Thanks for the compliment."

Jimmy walked to her and as she looked at him with eyes
shining with her need, he reached and touched her
nipples poking against the thin material and rubbed
them lightly.

"Oh god, don't do that, you will make me horny baby."
But she didn't move to stop him.

"That's what we want, you sexy and ready for a cock.
You are always sexy whether you are fully dressed or
naked but we want you hot and ready to fuck so that it
will show in the pictures. Spread your legs and let me
rub your cunt and clit."

"No baby, please don't, you know how horny I get when
you play with me down there. It is torture when you
play with me and I can't have you right then . And we
will have to wait until the pictures are finished and
you print them out and then it will be time to
straighten up and start dinner and I will be in

"No you won't. While I am working on the pictures you
will be getting what you are hot for. You know that.
You are just pretending to have forgotten. What will
you be doing while I am downloading the pictures and
printing the bikini one for you? Tell me what you will
be doing."

"Oh baby, please don't make... oh my god, you're doing
it to me." Julie had spread her legs even as she was
telling him not to play with her cunt. "Oh baby, it
feels so good... yes... yes! Harder! I'll be fucking
David, no he will be fucking me. Ohhh, please stop, I
can't stand it!"

"Are you ready to be fucked? Do you want David's cock
in you giving you his cum and making you cum?"

"Oh yes I'm ready baby, can you fuck me now, I need

"No you have to wait until the pictures are finished
and then you can have David. Tell me you want him and
I'll get your coffee."

"I want him, I want David to fuck me. Don't take a lot
of pictures, don't make me wait a long time. Let him
have me and then take all the pictures you want."

"You have to wait. Pictures are first then when we are
finished you and David can make love as much as you
want. Ok? I'm off to the kitchen come when you finish."

Jimmy moved back from Julie and saw that look in her
eyes that she got when she really was hot and wanting
to be fucked. As he went out the door he looked back at
her standing with her robe held open and her legs still
spread. In the kitchen he poured some coffee in the cup
on the counter and put it in the microwave for a minute
to get hot.

As he ate the banana he also emptied the coffee maker
and filled it half full and a like amount of coffee and
started it making. He wished that he had time to strip
her and take her over the coffee table from behind but
he had to see this through, she certainly was ready and
posing naked for the pictures would get her even
hotter. He wanted this to be a little special for her
so she would be willing to pose later in more sexy
poses and look forward to the reward that came later.

Julie emerged from the bedroom, she had tied the robe
but it wasn't really tight and he could see her tits
moving inside the robe as she walked. She went to the
barstool he waved her to and sat on it and he sat the
coffee cup in front of her then made her turn with her
side to the counter and cross her legs. The robe fell
open revealing her legs and a glimpse of the black
bikini bottom and he pulled her robe open at the top
until the inside of her breasts were visible.

"The first picture will be like that and then we will
reveal a little more until the robe is completely
removed. I am going to change into some shorts will be
right back."

As he went towards his room, Jimmy said that David was
wheeling in the driveway and he went to the door and
motioned for him to come inside and left the door
cracked. Julie felt her heart beat a little faster as
she checked herself and realized that she was showing a
lot and David would see it all when he walked in the
door. Not the way a mother should be displayed to her
son's friend. But he was going to see all of her
shortly so it didn't really matter.

She almost could hear Jimmy's voice again saying,
'naked with legs spread showing your cunt' and she
trembled as she knew it was time now and she wanted it,
she wasn't just paying off Jimmy's debt she really
wanted to pose naked, sexy, nasty, and not hold back
anything, she missed being displayed and used by men,
women, and boys.

The front door swung open and David appeared, he had a
backpack and was carrying a tripod. He saw her
immediately and stopped dead still for a few seconds
then closed the door and locked it. Julie felt like she
was locked also as she looked at him looking at her, no
words would pass her lips as she saw his eyes devouring
her near naked body.

"Hello Mrs. Cole, how are you today?"

"I'm fine David how are you?"

"Ok, it feels good in here, it's really hot outside,
riding over I could feel cool with the breeze from
pedaling fast but when I stopped the sweat started
popping out. You look very good today."

"Thank you, Jimmy is changing into some shorts, he will
be out in a second. Would you like a drink? We have
cola or tea and water. Come over and stand under this
vent it is cooler."

David came to her after setting down the tripod and
taking the backpack off and putting it on the floor.

"Maybe a cola would be good but I should wait a little
while I think."

Jimmy came in from his bedroom fastening his shorts and
walked over to Julie, David had stopped in front of her
and was enjoying the view. Julie was getting that funny
feeling like when she knew that someone was staring at
her and she fought the urge to bend over and flash her
tits or cross her legs and let him see her crotch.

"David, Mom wants us to take a few shots of her in a
new bikini and I thought maybe this would be a good
pose to start with. Step down a minute mom and let
David see the bikini and tell us what would be the best
way to show it off."

Julie took the hand Jimmy offered her and slid from the
stool causing the robe to flare open and expose her
lower body before falling back in place. Jimmy
positioned her in front of David and then opened the
robe by untying the sash and removed it from her
shoulders and arms. Julie stood in front of them
looking from one to the other as she felt her old
feelings of being completely controlled by others
taking over her will and waiting for them to tell her
what they wanted her to do.

"Well what do you think?"

"First I have to say oh my god, that is the most
beautiful sight I have ever seen. Mrs. Cole your tan is
fantastic, the black of the bikini sets it off
wonderfully and the white of the robe made it stand out
even better. Yes I agree a pose here at the counter is
great but we need to go outside for some. I noticed
that your house is the color of tan sand and we need to
utilize that as a background. Can we take shots on the
front or is there a place out back that would be good?"

"Sure just outside the backdoor and the sun should be
hitting the wall now. Take a look while I get your
camera out, do you need the tripod?"

"No hand held will be fine. We need a prop other than
the cup, get a bottle of nail polish and we will set it
up as if she is polishing her nails at the counter."

Jimmy went to the bathroom, David went to the back door
and outside, Julie stood as if she was rooted to that
spot, they were in charge all she had to do was what
ever they told her and she wanted it to get started
quickly. Jimmy returned and set the nail polish on the
counter and went to the backpack and got out the
camera. David returned from the back and he moved her
stool away from the counter and closer to the end.

Replacing the robe on her he tied the sash as she
watched and she trembled when he touched bare skin. He
offered his hand to Julie and helped her back up on the
stool and began to position her turned slightly away
from the counter. He placed her arm on the counter and
gave her the brush from the polish bottle to hold and
told her to hold the hand up from the wrist with the
brush pointed up.

David had left the robe sash loose and he pulled the
robe until it was just hanging on her shoulder and
opened the front by pulling it away from her body so at
a angle you could see her entire breast inside the robe
but leaving the other covered.

As Jimmy approached with the camera, David reached into
Julie's lap and pulled the bottom half of the robe
completely open baring her legs and stomach up to the
sash and tucking it in the stool so it would also show
her hip. Then he had her cross her leg and told her to
point her toes when they were ready to take the
picture. The remaining hand he placed on the edge of
the counter with the fingers separated and pointing up
so that it looked like she was waiting for them to dry.

David positioned Julie's head and face, stepping back
several times to check it and got it like he wanted.
While he was close to her he whispered to her that she
was beautiful causing her to smile back at him. When he
stepped back and Jimmy handed him the camera he looked
at Jimmy and said that's it don't you think, and Jimmy
nodded. David set the lens and told Julie to smile just
a little and took the shot quickly. He told Jimmy to
pull the robe down on each shoulder and when he did
that the flash exploded again. Julie was getting more
excited with each minute.

"How do I look guys, don't keep me in suspense."

"Relax a second mom, we will check these in the view
finder and let you see them."

Both of them nodded as they looked and then showed them
to her and Julie was amazed, they were so good, so
sexy, and looked like she was all alone and didn't have
to worry about her exposure.

"I can't believe that is me they look so much better
than I do."

"No they don't Mrs. Cole, you still look better than
the pictures. No camera can capture all your beauty.
One more then we will go outside for some full lengths.
Are you ok and comfortable?"

Julie nodded and returned to the position she was in
for the last one but Jimmy came up behind her and
pulled the robe open at her shoulders and down to her
waist baring all her shoulders and breasts covered by
the bikini top. As David focused and moved around for
the best angle Jimmy reached around her and grasped
both nipples between his thumb and forefinger squeezing
down and rolled them.

Julie gasped and looked at David, he was looking
through the view finder at her as she begin to squirm,
she wanted to tell Jimmy to stop but nothing came from
her lips except a low moan of desire. Jimmy released
her nipples and stepped away and David said wonderful
and took the shot.

Jimmy helped a dazed Julie down from the stool and gave
her a drink of coffee and then David showed her the
picture in the view finder. Julie could only say oh my
god, as she looked at herself, nipples poking at the
bikini top but the look on her face which was one of
complete lust was the shocking thing as it showed a
woman wanting to be fucked. And she knew that was
really her most of the time.

Jimmy and David were both telling her how hot she
looked and that was the best picture so far. Jimmy
kissed her lips and then David did also and she kissed
both back, David lingered a little and she opened her
mouth thinking he wanted to tongue her mouth and let
her suck it. Then they led her outside after taking the
polish brush from her, she had forgotten that she had

Julie was taken to the wall and pictures taken as they
posed her: with the robe partially open, completely
open, her holding it spread wide open, no robe, leaning
with her hands on the wall looking back with legs
spread, and then Jimmy removed her bikini top. More
shots with her close to wall so the coarse texture
would accent her smooth skin, with her nipple touching
the wall, and then Jimmy removed the bottom.

Julie was having a hard time as she was trembling,
Jimmy brought her a cola and she drank half of it
standing naked as he rubbed her breasts and squeezed
her nipples, then he and David kissed her and she began
to relax a little with the attention she was getting.

David spoke to Jimmy, " Let's move inside, set up the
tripod in the bedroom and the lamp and I will take a
couple more and we will come in."

Jimmy nodded ok and went inside. David moved a patio
chair over to Julie and asked her to put one foot on it
and bend over like she was fasting the strap. Julie
said ok, she knew he wanted to see her tits hanging
free with the aroused nipples sticking out and she
wanted to show him.

She put her foot in the chair and bent over twisting
her body so that her cunt was exposed and smiled for
him as he focused and took the picture. Without waiting
for instructions she straighten and keeping her cunt
facing him and her foot in the chair she placed her
hand on her cunt and split her fingers to each side of
her cunt and opened it slightly.

David just looked at her forgetting about taking
pictures, she put her other hand on her tit and rubbed
for him. Julie looked at him and marveled at how tall
and slim he was and his arms were long as Jimmy had
told her. She had heard that men with long arms and
fingers had long cocks, she wondered if he did. She was
looking at his face and at his crotch but couldn't see
any thing other than a budge, she surmised that he had
on a tight brief and it held it in.

"David take the picture and come here. This is for you

He came back to earth and quickly focused and took the
picture then he walked over to her. Julie waited until
he was close then she removed her hands from her cunt
and tit and placed them on his arm and shoulder pulling
him closer and kissed him. She broke the kiss and asked
him if he liked looking at her. David nodded.

"Are you going to make love to me when we finish?"

"I want to if it's alright with you."

"I want you to also David. I wish we were finished so
we could begin now. How many more pictures are you
going to take, the sooner we finish the more time we
will have to make love." Julie moved one hand down and
grasped his cock through his shorts and it was hard she
could feel the heat through his clothes.

"Oh, Mrs. Cole, we won't be much longer, I promise."

Julie took his hand and they went inside together. She
still didn't know how long he was but she knew he was
ready, almost as ready as she was. They went in Jimmy's
bedroom and he had the tripod up at the end of the bed
near a corner and the bed turned down. David gave him
the camera and he placed it on the tripod , David left
the room and Jimmy walked to Julie standing by the bed.

"Are you doing ok, mom? We have some fabulous pictures
and they are at a high resolution so they will be clear
and sharp."

"Yes I am ok, baby. But I want to get it over with, how
many more pictures do you want me to pose for?"

"Only about a dozen then I will go start the download
and you can relax and enjoy yourself."

Julie caught his double meaning but didn't let on that
she did. He asked her how did she do on her project and
she told him that there wasn't much to work with at the
school board and she would have to just do a overhead
projector presentation and it wouldn't be very
inspiring. He asked her what did she want to do and she
was telling him, when David returned, he had gone to
get her cola from outside, that she would like to do a
color slide presentation with some music. David gave
her the cola and as she drank some he asked what they
were talking about. Jimmy explained it to him as he was
getting Julie positioned on the bed removing her heels
and rubbing her feet as he listened.

David went behind the camera and asked her why she
didn't do a slide presentation from a DVD and run it on
a laptop to a large monitor. Julie answered that the
school didn't have a laptop or a monitor and neither
did the school board. David told her to pull her foot
up until it was as high as her knee and lay it slightly

Julie knew that her cunt was exposed but she did it
without thinking as he instructed Jimmy to bounce the
light off the ceiling and took the picture. They talked
about the presentation as she was moved around into
different positions, told to smile, to look sexy, and
occasionally Jimmy would rub her nipples keeping them
hard and sticking out.

Once as she lay propped on the pillows with her legs
spread, bent, and her body turned so the camera had a
great view of her naked body Jimmy came over and
pinched her nipples and he kept pinching hard. Julie
lay her head back and moaned and felt his finger rub
across her clit and she almost came but she didn't
protest just lay there and let him pinch one nipple and
rub her clit as it expanded and came out of her slit
looking like a baby's finger but not quite that long.

She heard David say god she's hot and she wanted to cry
out for them to fuck her before she went crazy. But she
managed to hang on and suddenly Jimmy quit and moved to
the light and David told her to hold that pose and she
heard the shutter click and him move and it clicked and
clicked getting closer and closer and she knew these
pictures were of her clit and she grew more excited and
it began to throb. Julie's mouth opened and she moaned
again low and husky and the shutter kept on clicking.

Finally they killed the light and they told her to
relax that it was finished. She lay flat and tried to
slow down her heart beat. She heard Jimmy say he would
take the backpack and the light and David could bring
the tripod.

Julie raised up and sat on the side of the bed
smoothing her hair and watching them. Jimmy came to her
and took her hand helping her to stand . He told her
she was magnificent and that these were the best
pictures he had ever seen and he was grateful that she
had agreed to pose for them. Telling her he would be
back for dinner he pulled her to him and kissed her,
unknown to her he motioned for David to come behind her
and he finished the kiss and turned her around and
David kissed her.

Julie accepted their kisses and then she felt Jimmy's
hands slide around her body and cup her breasts as
David kissed her. Julie's passion began to intensify
and she pulled David's head down hard to her lips and
opened her mouth and he got the message this time and
slid his tongue in her mouth and she sucked on it

Jimmy told David to get undressed and he pulled Julie
away from him against his body and one hand went to her
tits and the other to her cunt. Julie leaned back
against him letting him have her body to play with and
he whispered in her ear to watch and see what she was
going to have in her shortly.

David was undressing quickly and he got everything off
except his briefs and his socks and he did the socks
first and then stripped his briefs off. Julie was
amazed . His cock was about the size of a peeled banana
not extremely big but it was long and it was stiff and
it stood pointing upward almost touching his stomach it
was so stiff.

David looked at Julie and saw the lust in her eyes and
she held out her arms for him as Jimmy massaged her
tits and cunt. He walked to her and she pulled him
close and kissed him murmuring to him to kiss her.
Jimmy released her and told them he was going and
walked to the door looking back and seeing his mother
pressing her body against David rubbing her stomach
against his cock between their bodies and her breasts
against his chest, he felt a pang of jealousy but
continued on to his assignment.

Julie and David kissed and she put her hands on his ass
and pulled him tight against her and he was feeling of
her body all over. Julie broke the kissing off as she
could feel his cock throb each time his heart beat and
she didn't want him to come before getting in her cunt.
She led him to the bed and lay down pulling him on top
of her and opening her legs wide she took his hot long
cock in her hand and placed it at her cunt entrance.

"Give it to me lover. Slide it in slow and easy and let
me feel every inch of it going in. Fuck me and make me

David slowly began to lower into her cunt and Julie
grasped his face with both hands and pulled his lips to
hers and took his tongue into her mouth again sucking
it like a cock and whimpering as the cock nudged
against her womb and slid along it. She wondered if it
could enter the womb and was the opening big enough,
she had heard of that and that it would hurt but the
thrill was worth the pain. Now he was all in her and
she could feel it touching places that normally didn't
get touched and it was turning her on even more.

"Oh yes lover, you are all the way now I can feel your
balls on my ass, be slow and love me, kiss me and let
me suck your tongue the way I want to suck your cock
later, fuck me like you have been wanting to and like
I've been wanting you to."

"God, Mrs. Cole, you are wonderful, I never knew
fucking could be like this, you are so beautiful and
you are so hot!"

Julie clamped her lips on his and he slid his tongue in
her mouth immediately and as she sucked he began to
slowly fuck her cunt and she could feel every movement
as his head rubbed against her inner walls and womb.
After about the fourth stoke David gasped and stiffened
and his cock pumped cum into her splashing against her
womb and deep inside. Julie rotated her hips milking
his cock with her inner cunt muscles until he had no
more cum to give her and he collapsed slowly down
against her as she continued to suck his tongue.
Finally they both relaxed.

"I'm sorry I didn't intend to climax so soon I know you
are disappointed but it was to good."

"Don't worry David, I enjoyed it tremendously and it
was very good and now we can relax and build up for the
next one. You will be ready again very soon and we can
get to know each other while we are resting. You are a
very good lover and now that we have fucked for the
first time we can enjoy the next one even more. You do
want to fuck me again I hope."

"Yes but I never did it twice in a short time, does it
take much time to rest?"

"It won't take you long. I will get us a washcloth and
clean us a little and then we can lay here and talk and
play with each others body. Would you like that?"

"Yes, I would Mrs. Cole."

"David we just finished making love, fucking, I think
we could be a little less formal don't you? You can
call me Julie if you like or lover, sweetheart, honey
what ever seems to fit when we are alone. Ok?"

David nodded, he was in heaven, he thought she would
only allow him to fuck her because of Jimmy's lies
about the debt and payback for his many times fucking
David's mother but she was hot and wanting him. He was
shocked when she asked if he was going to fuck her and
that she wanted it and then she felt of his cock.

Julie had slid out of bed and holding her hand over her
cunt made it to the bathroom and sat on the toilet
letting as much cum drain out of her as possible. She
smiled as she recalled the feeling of his long cock
touching her. She was going to suck it and wanted to
find out if she could take all that length down her
throat, but she would have to be careful or he would
blast off quickly again if she used her throat
swallowing massage. She wiped as much as she could get
and then cleaned with a wash cloth and returned to the
bed with it.

David was laying waiting for her, his cock was small
and laying on his thigh joint and some cum had leaked
onto his leg. Julie sat on the bed with her leg bent so
he could look straight at her shaven cunt and cleaned
his leg and spend a good amount of time wiping his cock
and balls holding both in her hands and running her
fingers over them.

"You should go to the toilet now. Hurry, I will wait
for you here."

David did, he relieved himself trying to hurry before
she got tired of waiting. Returning to the bed Julie
had fixed the pillows so they could lay propped up and
when she held out her arms he climbed in and she slid
her leg under him and pulled him close to her body.

"Kiss me lover, and play with my breasts and nipples, I
love to have them played with. You can touch any thing
you want to on me or in me I am yours for a while. Take
me and use me for your pleasure."

They kissed and David rubbed Julie everywhere, he even
rubbed her ears but he was fascinated by her nipples
and cunt and one hand was always on one of them. Julie
murmured to him how great a lover he was and that he
knew how to make a woman happy with fore play as she
touched him and occasionally rubbed his cock to keep it

She stopped him and smiling slid down in the bed and
took his cock in her hand and rubbed it touching the
head with her finger until pre-cum begin to wet the
head as she smeared it. When it was wet and more was
showing in the little slit she shifted close and kissed
the head. She repeated this, looking at it as she felt
of it and kissing it again time after time.

Instead of kissing it she licked the head getting all
the pre-cum on her tongue and then placed her lips over
half the head and sucking slightly getting it out of
his cock which was nearly back to it greatest length
and growing fast and hard as steel. Julie glanced at
him and then let his cock slide into her mouth holding
it tight against the roof with her tongue and watching
his face as she took it all the way to the back of her

She waited a second breathing deeply and then tilted
her head and swallowed as she took the rest of it and
the head went down her throat. She stopped momentarily
as she wasn't sure she could take it all but there
wasn't any pain just the feeling of panic from having
her throat packed but then let the last few inches slid
in until her lips were against his groin and hair in
her nose.

Julie swallowed once and David moaned a pitiful sound
like he was dying, and so she began to ease back and
let his cock come up and out of her throat and finally
out of her mouth as she licked it.

"Are you ok? Did I cause you to strain something?"

"Oh no, Mrs... Julie... it just felt so good I thought
I was going to die from the pleasure."

Julie glanced at the clock it was four and she had to
get busy and this would be the last one for David. She
crawled back up and pulled him back over her leg and
holding his cock head at her cunt opening she slid her
arm under his neck and down his back and pressed her
hot body against his, her lips were just touching his
and she nibbled at them and he tickled her lips with
the tip of his tongue. Julie would giggle and kiss him
lightly and just flirt rubbing her tits against his
chest and rubbing his cock and balls. She kissed him
and then whispered to him.

"Lover, fuck me now. I want you to take me, not gently
and lovingly, but take me. Fuck me hard and as long as
you can, make me take all of your lovely cock in my
cunt and ram it to me. Make me moan and cum my love
juices all over your hard and hot cock until I pass
out. Be my lover!"

To magnify what she said Julie centered his cock at her
cunt and moved her hips forward and an inch went in her
and she sighed saying yes baby fuck me! David responded
by hunching his hips forward and slightly up and half
of his cock went in the hot cunt that was wet and slick
from her moisture and his remaining cum in it already.
Julie moaned at the entry and plastered her lips to his
and opened her mouth for his tongue which was already
pushing in.

David shifted on the bed to get better leverage and
hunched hard and sank his hard cock all the way in and
she felt it hit her womb and slide across the mouth and
all the way to the back of her cunt, he was in her
balls deep. Julie moaned even louder and gasped, oh yes
fuck me baby, fuck your slut, give me everything you

David fucked her as hard as he could, staying as deep
as he could pulling out two or three inches and ramming
back into her, Julie was moaning and talking into his
mouth as she sucked his tongue. David was fucking so
hard he was afraid that he would lose his hard on,
after a few minutes sweat began to form on his brow and
the soon all of his body was getting wet and Julie's
tits were wet from the sweat on his chest along with
her stomach and cunt. She broke the kiss and stiffened
leaning back and thrusting her self to him and crossing
her top leg over his and tighten the contact of their

"Fuck me, oh yes I'm cumming baby, fuck me you are so
good I wish we could fuck forever. OH FUCK MEEEE!"

David thought she would slow down after cumming and
maybe want to stop but she didn't, as soon as she began
to relax she returned to his mouth and pulled their
bodies against each other and both hands were grasping
and rubbing him all over and he could hear his cock
squishing in and out of her cunt. Suddenly he
understood that being fucked to death wasn't just a
joke it was a definite possibility.

So it was that he was some what relieved when he felt
his cock stiffening and the head swell and he was near
bursting his load in Julie's cunt. Julie felt it also
and she readied herself for the hot cum splashing
against her womb wall and she became even more active
humping against him again and then when he cried out as
the cum rushed from his balls to the head and spurted
into her she matched his climax with her own.

As they came together they clung together and continued
humping and pumping finally slowing to a grinding
against each other then just holding tightly and
finally relaxing and laying back after a dozen kisses
and looking at each other.

"David, you are fantastic! You made me feel great! Did
you enjoy it also?"

"Yes, Julie, you are the most beautiful woman in the
whole world and also the hottest. There was no way that
I could have dreamed that being with you like this
would be so wonderful."

"Have you been dreaming about me David? Dreaming that
you were fucking me?"

"For a long time and sometimes when I'm not asleep, I
would try to imagine how you looked naked but it never
was nearly as beautiful as you really are."

"Thank you lover, let's lay here and rest a few minutes
and then we have to get up. I will have to get dinner
ready and you need to go home your mother will be
wondering what you are doing. When will I be able to
get the photos?"

"I will have them finished tonight and will bring them
to you."

"That's not a good idea, no one must ever suspect that
those pictures exist."

"Then I can bring them to school tomorrow and give them
to you."

"Why don't we pick you up and you can ride to school
with us and we can leave them locked in the car."

"Ok. Can I make myself a copy of them?"

Julie knew he could make hundreds of copies and didn't
have to ask but she felt like he was being honest and
she liked that. "Yes but promise me you will never let
anyone see them."

"I promise, can I... can we... would you ever be
willing to let me, I mean us... make love like this

"David we need to think about this. It was wonderful,
you are a great lover but I am a married woman and I
must think of my commitments. Lets not make any plans
until we have time to think about all the ramifications
of any further actions, ok?"

"Ok, please remember that I want to, I respect you and
will not bug you about it but I will always want to and
hope that we can."

"That's sweet of you David, I will remember and we can
remember that we shared a wonderful time together and
maybe something can be worked out that we could again,
but we must be patient. Give me a kiss and let me go
clean up, do you need to shower before you dress?"

"Yes. I'm kind of sweaty."

"Would you like to shower with me, only shower no hanky

"Oh yes that would be great."

Julie rolled away from him letting his cock slip out of
her cunt. She took a quick look and saw that he was
half hard and still five inches long and she thought
that he was just like Harry and Jimmy, they could all
fuck for hours with the right encouragement. She wished
she had time to make sure and it would be great to feel
that head rubbing her womb again.

But she didn't have time and they got up and went to
Jimmy's bathroom both holding their privates to keep
cum from dripping. Julie sat on the toilet and let it
drain some while he stood in front of her because the
bathroom was small. She had grabbed the wash cloth in
the bedroom and motioned for him to step closer and she
wiped his cock and his sticky hand rubbing the head and
marveled that it began to grow in her hands.

"Shame on you David, you are trying to seduce me again
with your lovely cock. You are making it hard so that I
will want to feel it inside me again aren't you?"

"No it's doing that all by itself. I have no control
over it when I am around you." He was grinning as he
looked at her sitting on the toilet and hearing the
dripping just as if they did this all the time and he
wished they could. Suddenly a idea came to his mind.

"This presentation you are going to do, there is a way
that you could do it and make it very professional.
Would you like to hear it?"

"Yes I would, tell me while I get the shower going, you
can have the toilet if you need it."

David sat on the toilet to relieve himself as he didn't
want it splashing where she could hear it, didn't seem
proper for some silly reason. Julie turned the shower
on and pulled the showerhead down so her hair wouldn't
get wet. She stepped in after getting the temperature
adjusted and told him to come in. She said for him to
talk and she would wash his back and shoulders but
nothing else.

David told her that she could put the presentation on a
slide program in color and include pictures if she
liked adding music for a sound track. Then record it on
a DVD and play it on a lap top with one or more
monitors placed around the room. The speed could be
controlled, slow or fast or paused if additional
explanation was necessary. It could be divided into
chapters so that you could jump back and forth if
questions were asked about certain segments.

Julie was listening intently and she knew that this
would be a great improvement over a dull presentation
using a overhead projector and transparencies but there
was one big problem.

"Sounds good David, but the school nor the board has
the equipment to do any of that. And I haven't any
training in doing those kind of things."

"That's not a problem, I can do all that for you at
home. All I need is a good copy of the pages of
information you want to include plus any pictures you
pick out to use and I can scan them, develop the slide
presentation and burn it on a DVD.. We could take my
laptop to the board room and all we need are the
monitors to put on the show. Of course you would do the
presentation and explaining and I would run the DVD we
might need to practice it once so I know when to pause
and lower the volume so you could expound on certain
points. What do you think, is it worth a try.?"

"You have the equipment to do all that at your house?
How long would it take you to get it ready?"

"Yes, I have every thing except the monitors, we could
use regular ones from computers but it would be more
impressive to have some large ones with a high
resolution and good sound speakers. Preparing it
shouldn't take more than two afternoons, might be
possible to do it in one if we don't have baseball

Julie was thinking so hard about the possibilities that
she forgot about what she was washing and had washed
his back, shoulders, and ass cheeks and then turned him
around and washed his chest, stomach, and had his cock
in her hand rubbing the cloth around his head as she
skinned it back, that is until she heard him moan
softly. She was looking at his mouth as he talked but
now she looked at his eyes and saw bright shining lust,
she looked down at his cock in her hand and saw it had
grown and was stiffening rapidly.

"Oh god, I'm sorry David. I didn't realize what I was
doing, oh my, you are getting rock hard again and we
don't have time for me to give you relieve. I'm so
sorry I hope you understand. Please forgive me, I'll
make it up to you I promise."

Julie released his cock but it didn't fall it just
stuck out like a harpoon. She smiled at him and
shrugged her shoulders giving him the wash cloth and
the soap and turned her back to him. David soaped up
and applied the wash cloth to her shoulders and begin
to rub, he did her arms, down her back, and back up the
sides. Julie raised her arms as he neared her armpit
and he shifted to the side, his cock rubbed across her
ass and as he rubbed it would swing across her cheeks
and she felt her nipples stiffening.

When he changed hands to do the other side he shifted
again and his cock slid back across and nestled for a
moment in her rear cleavage, David reached around her
and begin to wash her breasts and hardening nipples and
he stepped closer and his hard cock entered her ass
crack and pushed against her anal opening. He swapped
hands to do the other breast and Julie fought the urge
to bend forward and give his cock access to her anally,
finally she could take it no longer and she grabbed his
hand and stopped him and said to him.

"David this isn't working, all we are doing is getting
horny and that isn't going to help either of us." She
turned to face him and his cock rubbed along her
stomach and rested in her navel, she looked down at it
sticking up towards her face and the head was red and
the veins were large. "Oh my god, David I'm sorry I
shouldn't have suggested bathing together. How are you
going to get home with that? Does it hurt?"

"A little it's never been like that, that hard before.
Will it go away?"

"Yes but it might take a while, it's all my fault. I
hate to sent you away like this but we have no choice,
I promise I will make it up to you, you can come...
come visit again and I will make sure you aren't in
this situation when you leave. Don't be angry with me,

"I'm not angry. I lo... like you to much to be angry.
Can I come tomorrow? I really would like to."

"But David you have baseball practice tomorrow,
remember? We will have to find a time when we are free.
And also I will bring home the material for you to look
at and see if you can make a slide presentation from it
that would make it look professional. So we will need
to get together but Harry and Jimmy will both be here,
I promise I will find a time soon, I promise."

"Sorry, I forgot about baseball. I'm not thinking to
clearly right now."

Julie giggled and said with a smile: "With a hard cock
like that you wouldn't be a man if you could think
about anything other than fucking. Let's get out and
dressed and you go home or get away from me so that
thing will return to normal."

"I may have to ride my bike around the block a few
times before going home."

"Fine just don't let the neighbors see it or you will
get raped before you get there and my reputation will
be ruined."

Julie cut the water off and got a towel to dry off with
and started on her breasts. David asked her if she
wanted him to dry her back and she said no way don't
touch me we're in enough trouble already. She finished
and handed him the towel opening the shower door and
stepping out of the tub. She rushed to the bedroom and
realized her robe was out side along with her bikini
and had to hurry to her bedroom closet and get some
shorts and a top. The top was tight and her nipples
looked like they were bullets sticking out of her
breasts maybe more like rockets ready to fire. She
moaned and stripped it off and grabbed a shirt that
would be loose enough to hide her excited state and was
going to put it on when David came in the room.

"I'm leaving now Jul... Mrs. Cole can I kiss you
goodbye?' His eyes were riveted to her breasts.

Julie smiled at him and held her arms out and he rushed
to her claiming her lips and making sure her breasts
were crushed to his chest. He held the kiss a long time
and she felt his tongue tip teasing her lips but she
wasn't about to open her mouth and get them started
down that road again. Finally she gently pushed him
away and said you better go David. He nodded and said
see you tomorrow, she said tomorrow morning. Don't
forget my pictures.

He left and she put her shirt on and rushed to the
kitchen. She put some coffee in her cup and got it in
the microwave to get hot and then half ran to the back
grabbing her robe and bikini, she wondered where her
heels were and remembered they were in Jimmy's room and
ran to get them. Putting everything away she thought
about what she could fix for dinner and decided that
bacon wrapped around franks with creamed potatoes,
limas, carrots, and rolls would easy and fast to fix.
She went to work and glancing at the clock she thought
she just might make it.

At that moment Jimmy was coming out of David's mother's
bedroom. He looked back at her lying naked on the bed
with her legs still spread and he knew she would stay
like that for she was expecting David to be home soon.
She knew he was at Jimmy's house but she thought he was
working on something electronic that had lost it's
program and Jimmy was downloading something on David's
computer and while it was working he had touched her
breasts and she couldn't stop him.

She never could stop David or Jimmy because she didn't
want to and when they both were in her she would beg
them to never stop. As soon as David came and saw her
like this he would also fuck her and then she would
call and order dinner. Tonight they would get Chinese,
she liked Chinese but didn't get it much as David
didn't like it a lot and she usually ordered whatever
he wanted. But at least twice a week she cooked so he
could get a balanced meal, boys need a balanced meal.
Jimmy was a good lover, David was also but the two of
them at the same time was fantastic but it wasn't going
to happen tonight, it was getting late and she knew
Jimmy had to be home when his dad got there.

Jimmy checked the computer and it only had two more
pictures to go. It had taken a long time because the
resolution was so high. He thought he would be home
before now and have time to make love to his mother
before dad got home but it didn't work out and when he
realized that he was stuck here he had two options
leave it downloading and go home or stay and fuck
David's mom. She seemed to expect it so he chose the

She was good, she was always willing, she was a true
submissive and would let him do any thing he wanted to
her as long as he was dominating. So he had learned to
just walk up to her and cup her breasts and start
playing with her and then tell her to take off her
clothes and get on her knees to kiss his cock. Today he
had put his belt around her neck and made her follow
him while he got a cola and some crackers and went to
the bedroom, sitting on the bed with her on her knees
between his thighs he fed her crackers and some cola.
Then she sucked him for a while and when David didn't
show he got her on the bed and fucked her for almost
half an hour before cumming in her.

He was dressed now and ready to go but didn't want to
leave until David got here and he got to see the
pictures. Just as the last one was finishing he heard
David at the door. He went to meet him and they looked
at each other and each knew that the other had been
successful. David whispered where's mom, and Jimmy told
him, he nodded when Jimmy said that she was waiting for
him. Jimmy asked how did it go and he answered great
man, you are a lucky sob.

David asked how the pictures looked and Jimmy answered
that he didn't know they were just finishing
downloading. David went to the bedroom and spoke to his
mom and rubbed her stomach, he noticed her nipples were
red from sucking and her ass was red from spanking so
he knew that Jimmy had her hot and ready and he would
have to fuck her soon or they would never get any

Returning to the computer room he found Jimmy checking
the finished photos and they were great. He could feel
his cock starting to harden just looking at Julie
standing before that wall in the sexy bikini. He didn't
want Jimmy to see the two he took outside showing her
cunt and her holding it open for him because he knew
that her eyes would give away how much she wanted to be

He told Jimmy that it was ten minutes to five and if he
didn't want to get in trouble with his dad they had
better stop and he needed to start the printer for the
bikini pictures as it would take a long time to print
them on quality photo paper.

Jimmy reluctantly nodded his head and stopped advancing
to the next photo and got up to leave. He told David
that he had not cleared the chip from the camera in
case they needed to download it again. David said he
would print the bikini photos and have them in the
morning when they picked him up and they could check
the others as they wanted to. Also he told Jimmy about
doing the presentation and discussing that was why he
was late and he asked if Jimmy would help him. Of
course Jimmy answered sure. Jimmy left for home and
David went to his mother's bedroom.


When Sarah drove in the parking lot of her apartment
Emily was sitting in her car waiting for her. They both
got out and ran towards the stairs meeting there.

"Have you been waiting long Emily? I'm sorry I didn't
think it would take that long, Mr. Hale went on and on
and on, I thought he would never get through."

"They say older men are like that they can fuck
forever, I don't know personally but if it takes that
long I will get Julie to set me up also, I would love

"Emily! We didn't have sex! He just talked and we
walked down to the lounge to get a cola!"

"Sure, I believe that, just like I believe your cheeks
are red from driving to fast."

"You're teasing me aren't you, you know we didn't have
sex at school."

"Relax Sarah, your eyes are excited so something good
must have happened, tell me."

"Emily, Julie is a miracle worker. He told me that he
wasn't sure if he would have an opening and wouldn't
know until just before the new school year started. But
he assured me that he wanted to keep me at the school
and would do all in his power to make a place for me.
He said not to worry, do you think that he is being
truthful or just trying to placate me?"

"Well, you said it, Julie is a miracle worker and if
she wants it he will move a mountain to get it, just to
please her. But you can help. Did you show him some leg
and a bit of those tits?"

They had reached the door of Sarah's apartment and she
was inserting her key in the lock. She looked at Emily
but decided to keep her secret meeting a secret for a
while any way. They went inside.

"Of course, I did just what you told me to do. Don't I

"Well, was he slobbering all over you, talk girl or
I'll beat it out of you."

"He certainly was interested and when I gave him my
number he got real close and his eyes were burning my

"He wanted your telephone number? That is interesting.
What are you going to do if he calls you?"

"I'm going to tell him to come over and fuck me to
death. What do you think I'm going to do, I'll play
innocent little Sarah and if he wants to come over and
talk I'll pretend that I think it's about school

"Atta girl, now I have confidence that you will get a
job offer. With Julie nudging him and you keeping him
thinking that he might get in your panties that job is
yours. Just keep working."

"What should I do if he wants sex before I get the

"Then you have to decide how bad you want to stay. Yes
and you're in, no and you're looking for another job.
Unfortunately it's that simple."

"Then I don't really have a choice do I? I've got to
stay! I can't leave you and Julie, you're all I have! I
can't go back to what I was suffering before I met you.
I just can't I would rather be dead."

Emily took Sarah in her arms. "Baby, don't think like
that, there are more than two choices. You could find a
job doing something else until another opening came
along or maybe just start a new career, you don't have
to leave. But be positive, you have a eighty percent
chance of winning now, and if you work it right you can
make it one hundred percent."

Sarah smiled at that. "Spoken like a true math teacher,
can't ignore the numbers can we?"

"Now you're teasing me, come on lets take care of the
business of arranging Friday's cook out. I need to get
home and get dinner started before five or the husband
might not reward with the gift of his body. Do you want
to come and have dinner with us."

I would love to but I've got papers to grade and need
to work on my final exams so I don't get behind. Can I
get a rain check?"

"Sure, come on and lets see if we have learned anything
watching Julie, and can charm a bunch of old folks."

"If we can't we need to become nuns because she will
never speak to us again." As they went out and checked
the pool area from the walkway she continued. "The man
sitting at the middle table with the couple, he is the
apartment manager and we need to talk to him. He is a
widower I think, maybe that will help but most of the
tenants are couples if you look around you can tell the
ones who don't have wives or husbands they kind of
stand out. But they all are very friendly and they wave
at me every time they see me."

Emily smiled as she thought bet I know why the men wave
and are so friendly, they walked down the stairs and
out to the pool area and looked at the grill and saw it
was a gas grill and fairly clean. They decided that it
would be ideal as there was plenty of room for a party
of twenty people and just the three of them would
hardly be noticed, except for the bikinis. They decided
that they needed to talk to the manager and walked to
the table where he sat. Everyone had stopped talking
and was watching them as they approached.

"Hello, Mrs. Bell how are you today? How was school?"

"Good afternoon Mr. Benson, I'm doing fine, everyone
this is my friend Mrs. Johnson, a teacher also. Do you
have time to talk a minute Mr. Benson?"

"Sure, not doing anything, have a seat and tell us
what's on your mind."

There were greetings all around and people as far away
as thirty feet being introduced and saying hello and
Emily was returning all greetings and smiling at them.
Finally they got seated and Sarah leaned forward to Mr.
Benson and began.

"Mr. Benson, Emily, myself and another friend Mrs. Cole
would like to have a cook out Friday after school and I
wanted to have it here and use the grill to make some
special hamburgers that we have a secret recipe for.
Also we would like to use the pool to cool off and just
lay in the sun and relax, you know listen to music and
just chill out after a hectic week. Would it be
possible for us to use the pool and grill, there would
only be the three of us and we won't take up much

"Of course it is alright. You are a resident and the
pool and all amenities are for you to use and your
friends are your guests, but it is nice of you to ask.
Sometimes some of us have a small get together but I'm
not aware of anything planned this Friday so it is
yours. The only thing we require is that there be no
private parties, in other words we will all be out here
or not if we don't want to. And the same goes for you
the pool is yours anytime you want and nothing else can
take away that right. But you weren't thinking of a
private party were you?"

"Oh no, we just wanted to make sure that we didn't
barge in if someone else was grilling or anything."

"Doesn't matter, if I was grilling and you came out to
grill then we would grill together it's for everyone.
We are all family."

"That's wonderful isn't it Emily?"

Emily thought to herself, that little conniving blonde,
she throws me the ball when she knows full well what
the next question should be, I should throw it right
back to her.

"Yes, it is wonderful, I like the sharing of things
rather than trying to schedule and plan ahead . But
there is one thing that worries me, sir, we want to get
a little sun and tan a bit as we are thinking about a
vacation when school is out for the summer and we wear
some,,, well, rather skimpy bikinis to get maximum
exposure when we are not around children and I wonder
if anyone would have a problem with that. We don't want
to offend anyone. But we don't want to have to contend
with large white area that will burn easy on vacation."

Sarah smiled and Emily kicked her foot under the table.

"Mrs. Er... Johnson, that is right isn't it?" Emily
nodded. "That shouldn't be a problem, we are all adults
here, in fact we have been adults a long time, and not
much shocks us any more. Anyone here see a problem with
having three beautiful girls in bikinis sunning and
swimming ?"

To Emily's and Sarah's surprise a group had gathered
around not real close but close enough to hear what was
being said. And all said no problem or words to that
effect, there were a few jokes about having to use CPR
on so and so for laughs. Then one of the ladies asked
what was special about the hamburgers.

Sarah answered that. "It's the sauce that we marinate
them in, the ingredients and method is a secret that we
have sworn never to divulge. But we will let you taste
them. We will cook some extras and everyone can try
them out. How many people live here Mr. Benson?"

Emily was about to stroke she knew that Sarah was
thinking of just a taste like a small half spoon full
but they were thinking of a hamburger. And that could
add up, for you needed something to go with it.

"Counting you and me, that would be thirty three plus
your two friends make thirty five. That's a lot of

A lady behind Emily said, "If they are nice enough to
cook hamburgers for everyone then we should pitch in
and furnish every thing else such as buns, drinks,
chips, beans, and plenty of dessert."

Emily said silently, god bless you lady and while
you're here hold this dizzy blonde while I kill her.

Mr. Benson spoke. "Great idea Mabel, sounds fair to me
why don't you co-ordinate the food and Leon you got
connections at the supply store you co-ordinate the
drinks and get them cool. Take up a collection for cash
and check how many want beer. Mrs. Bell all you need to
do is whip up the burgers and I will help you with the
grilling. Looks like your outing has turned into a
family reunion. Hope you aren't disappointed. Have we
ruined your plans if so we can call it off."

Sarah looked stunned so Emily jumped in. "Oh no, it
sounds like fun and the chance to eat different favors
of food is great. My potato salad tastes the same all
the time so it is great to get someone else's for a
change. Sir, Mr. Leon, could you get some wine I will
give you twenty dollars to pay for it, I can drink beer
but it will make you fat and I don't need to get any

Another man spoke up. " No little lady, you keep your
money I will get the wine do you like white, I'd bet
you do." Emily smiled at him and nodded adding and a
little sweet.

"Well, then I think everything is taken care of except
the time when do you want to start?" Mr. Benson asked

"Well let's start the swimming and sunning as soon as
we get home from school about three forty five and then
start cooking about five thirty and we should be eating
by six thirty. Don't you think?"

Some one piped up that they could start the drinking at
noon but Emily said no fair getting a head start you
have to wait for me.

Mr. Benson; "Ok that's it anybody run into trouble just
grab some help and work it out and everybody be here at
a little before four."

Emily and Sarah thanked everyone and said glad to meet
you and left going back up stairs. They didn't say a
word until they got in the apartment. Sarah shut the
door and turned back just as Emily turned to look at

"I goofed, I knew it right after I said it, but it was
to late. Thanks for coming to my rescue. Are you going
to kill me now or make me suffer for a long time?"

"It's okay sweetheart, in fact it might even be better
this way for now we won't feel like outsiders and
everyone is staring at us eating for they will be
eating also. But the amazing thing is how quickly they
jumped in and offered to help and maybe they thought we
didn't have enough sense to know you needed a caterer
for that many people but they didn't want to let us
down. Think of all the new friends you have made just
because of a hamburger."

"Yeah, if I can stay around you and Julie for a few
more months I will have more friends than I can
remember their names and more lovers than there are
days in the week, just for picking up your cast offs."

"What are you talking about, have you been sniffing
chalk dust again?"

"Come on now, don't pretend that you didn't see all
those men looking at you with that gleam in their eyes.
I bet them that have wives are ready to go to bed right
now, and the others are wondering how far it is to a
store that sells girly novels."

"I'm not even going to enter this conversation. We are
in a mess right now. It is close to five and there
isn't any dinner and we don't have time for any fun
together. We both have papers to grade and review our
lesson plan. What are we going to do?"

"If you don't know how am I suppose to?"

"You aren't a bit of help, let's see, suppose I call
Kurt and tell, ask him to meet us at a place we can get
served quickly like a buffet and if you are there he
will come willingly and won't beat me and make me sleep
the garage. So you got to go!"

"Ok, but I have to come home right after and get to
work, but to save you a beating I'll do it."

"God, you're all heart girl. Don't flash my man, I'll
scratch your eyes out. Where's the phone?"

Emily grabbed the phone from the counter and dialed
Kurt's office number, Sarah went to the bathroom and
checked her makeup. She applied a little lipstick and
returned in time to hear Emily say meet you there.
Emily turned and said if you had changed into something
more sexy than that I would have killed you. Have you
got on panties, don't go around my man without

"I've got on my thong, but it feels like no panties and
it makes me hot all day how do you wear it and not rape
some of those young studs? But I did pull it over to
the side just in case somehow a finger gets under my
dress, I don't want Kurt to punch a hole in them."

Emily couldn't help but smile this wasn't the same girl
who sobbed to her how lonely and lost she was, just a
few days ago. She was smiling and her face beamed, she
was full of fun and loved to be teased and to tease
back, she was going to be alright. Julie and she
wouldn't have a very hard time getting her going
socially with men it was obvious she would take the
jump herself and soon.

"We've got maybe fifteen minutes, at least we can try
on the bikinis and see what we're in for on Friday!"

They rushed to the bedroom and started undressing and
soon both were saying oh my god, merciful heaven, and
other exclamations. They stopped looking at themselves
in the mirror and looked at each other.

"Damn Sarah, you look like a ice cream cone, good
enough to lick slowly so it will last and last."

"You look even better than that Emily. I'm not sure we
won't get arrested though, there must be a law on
public nudity and I know we are going to break it. God,
Julie has outdone herself, she must be setting us up
for a joke. Do you think she will say she will be late
and for us to go ahead and start then she shows up in a
one piece?"

"No Julie wouldn't do that, I might but she wouldn't.
She must have some motive for this she knows things you
and I don't know exists. I could understand if we were
at the beach and didn't know a soul and wouldn't see
them again, we could pick up or let some one pick us up
for a quick love affair but here?"

"The cover up helps a little at least you can hardly
see my slit. But in the daylight it won't be as good as
in here."

"Yeah, but your tits don't have a thing to cover them
and over half of them are sticking out. My god it makes
your tits look even bigger than they are. I can see
your nipples almost as good as when you're naked.
You're going to get raped Friday. You better get on the
pill quick."

"Me what about you? You are showing as much as I am.
Your long torso makes the bikini bottom look like a
piece of floss and your back side has swallowed the
little strap and it looks like you are naked from the

"Get dressed we got to go. We'll kill her tomorrow and
burn her body along with these bits of cloth. Hurry.
I'm starving suddenly."

Chapter twenty five

Harry got back to the shop around four twenty followed
by his crew. He went inside and up to the front.
Heather was busy with a customer that was paying a bill
but she had been watching and saw the two trucks pull
in the drive and go to the back. She glanced at Harry
as he came up the hall and he waved at her and she
smiled and waved. She felt better as she was worrying
that he might regret his actions at lunch but now she
was ok as he acted as if nothing had happened but he
waved and smiled so she knew he was ok with their lunch
time quick fuck. She knew it wouldn't be possible but
she was ready for another.

Harry made a mental note to speak to her for he had to
make sure she was happy and he wanted to get closer to
her anyway. He went in Mr. Grey's small office and told
him the good news that they had passed inspections with
nothing to check and that the engineer in charge had
said it would be about two weeks before they were
needed again. He gave the hand signed inspection report
to Mr. Grey and said that a formal letter would be
sent. Mr. Grey shook his hand and said I owe you a

They talked for a few minutes about the factory job and
Harry said he would come by the office before he went
over there, that he had discussed the possible changes
with his crew and they understood that he was
considering it and they would take their assignments
from Mr. Grey when ever he was gone. Harry told him
about the problem at Mrs. Ramsey's and he didn't think
the leak was bad but he recharged her system and they
should carry it as under warranty. Mr. Grey said fine,
she sure is critical about that temperature is she hot
natured or something.

Harry couldn't help but smile. He told him that she
always was fully dressed liked she was going to church,
sometimes even with stockings on. If she dressed
casually in shorts like most folks she wouldn't be so

Mr. Grey said well she had plenty of money so if she
wanted to wear a coat and turned it to sixty degrees it
was alright with him. He knew she had a boyfriend, vice
president at the bank, and he thought maybe she was
having the hots for him. Harry laughed and shook his
head to show he had no idea.

"Well, Harry that's about all we can do today. Tell the
men to lock it up and everybody get out of here. You
don't have to come here tomorrow unless you have
something to tell me after you talk to Julie but as
soon as you know give me a call. I think you know that
I'm strung out here and I sure appreciate your help. Go

"Good night, Mr. Grey, if I don't get back before five
and I won't most likely, I will call you at home."

Harry left the office and walked towards Heather who
was working at her desk but he could see she was ready
to go, her handbag was on the desk. She usually did
that and at five she would go the time clock and then
try to time her departure to coincide with his and
engage in a few minutes of conversation. All the guys
knew this too and teased him about it.

"Heather, Mr. Grey said to lock it up."

"Ok Harry, do you have a minute to talk to me about

"Sure, at my truck ok?"

Harry went to the shop area and told the men to shut it
down and lock it up. That he wouldn't be in tomorrow
morning but he would see them sometime during the week.
They nodded and went to lock up, clock out and go home.
Harry checked a few things and when he saw Heather
coming to the clock he shouted at her to clock him out.
She smiled and waved ok. He waited for her at the door
and shut it after her checking the lock. They walked to
the truck.

"Will you be here tomorrow Harry?"

"No, I'm going straight over and check things out and
won't get back before five."

"Would you call me and let me know if you're going to
take the job? I need to know so I can tell Mr. Grey
that definitely I'm going or I changed my mind and
don't want to go. I owe him to tell him as soon as
possible because he has been so good to me."

"Heather, why would you change your mind? Think about
it a raise, chance to not have to clean house, no
cooking, and spare time to see different things."

"I want to be where you are Harry, if you don't go I
don't want to be over there all alone and no chance for
you come visit me, you know, if you ,, if you ,,, ever
want me again I want to be where you are."

"If I don't go you won't go, if I go you will also, is
that it?"

"Yes, I want to be where I am available for you anytime
you want me. I've got to Harry, I can't help it!"

"Ok, I'll call you as soon as I make up my mind but
look at it from my viewpoint, I really don't have a lot
of choice. This is a great opportunity for me and I
can't afford to turn it down. It will be a burden on my
family but Julie and Jimmy will understand and support
my decision so unless the job looks like a complete
trash job I've got to do it."

Heather smiled, she wanted more than any thing for him
to go, then she would have him all to herself and she
could be with him all day and all night.

"I've got to get home Heather, I'll call you tomorrow
if possible."

They said goodnight and they went home.

Julie had just about got dinner in shape when Jimmy
came home. She rushed about asking him how school was
and little things about his day because she didn't want
to ask about the pictures but she wanted to know how
they looked. Finally he told her that he got them
downloaded and looked at a few and they looked good but
didn't have time to see all of them. He also said that
David would print the ones she wanted and have them
when they picked him up tomorrow. Julie didn't respond.
Jimmy walked up to her back as she stood at the table
putting the silverware next to their plates and put his
arms around her from behind.

"The pictures will be great mom, if they aren't we will
delete them and make some more."

Julie trembled. She had been up tight since David left
and she wasn't sure why but even the mention of making
more made her tremble and excited her.

"Mom, did you enjoy making love with David? When I left
you looked like you wanted to, was it ok?"

Julie slumped back against him. She put her hands on
his and squeezed them.

"Baby, you know that you made me excited by playing
with me. You did it so I wouldn't back out at the last
moment. I wanted you but I knew that I had to let David
have me and if I was excited it would be better so I
should thank you for helping me get through it. Yes I
enjoyed it, David was nice and he tried real hard to
make it good for me. Let's not discuss it anymore, I
feel a little guilty right now."

Jimmy hugged her and kissed the back of her neck making
her shudder and he rubbed her stomach gently. Julie
knew he was trying to turn her on and thinking that he
had been looking at her naked, was horny plus knowing
David was fucking her she felt sorry for him.

She removed her hands from his and placed them on his
hips pulling him closer to her ass so she could rub it
on his cock. Jimmy's hands went under the shirt and
found her breasts cupping them and holding them up
until they almost came out of the shirt top. Soon his
fingers found her nipples and as she rubbed her ass
against him laying her head back on his shoulder and
sighing he rolled them around squeezing gently.

"Oh god baby, I want you so bad, do you want me
tonight? Are you sorry that you made me fuck with
David? I don't want you to hate me for it, please let
me make it up to you, anything you want tonight you can

"I will never hate you mom, you did it for me and that
makes me love you even more. But it's important that
you liked it so that next time I will know you are
enjoying being fucked by someone for me. Did you enjoy
being fucked by David?"

"Yes lover, I enjoyed it. I would do it again if you
want me to. As long as you love me and take me every
chance we get. Do you want me tonight? Do you want me
to come to you to be fucked?"

"Yes tonight and every night, come to my room naked and
hot and suck me till I'm hard for you."

"Thank you sweetheart, I wish we had time now, but dad
will be here shortly, let me check dinner. Ohhhh, god

Jimmy had pinched down on her nipples before releasing
them. Harry's horn blew as he pulled into the drive.
Julie rushed to the stove and started getting
everything ready to serve. Jimmy went to wash his hands
and life was returning to normal, except Julie's
nipples were throbbing with desire but maybe that was

When Harry came in the door he went straight to Julie
and took her in his arms kissing her lips with passion.
Julie looked at him as he finished the kiss and she
knew something was different about him. Not the kissing
or the passion but his eyes had a worried or thoughtful
look in them and they didn't twinkle with amusement
like normal times.

"Is everything alright Harry?"

"Not exactly baby, but it's a long story, let's start
eating and I will tell you all about it."

Harry went to wash up, Julie finished putting
everything on the table, Jimmy came in and helped her
with the drinks. Harry came out of the bathroom and
they all sat down and Julie served their plates and
then her own. Harry tasted the food and said it was
delicious as always and told Jimmy that they were lucky
men to have a beautiful woman who was also a great
cook. Jimmy agreed .

Harry told them about the news at work, Ralph's
blockage, the factory extension, and how he was
involved. He finished when they were almost finished
eating. "So tomorrow I have to go there and see what
needs to be done to stay on top of the job. Find myself
a room, maybe I can use Ralph's, get a trailer for an
office and a place to put it, find Heather a room but
all that doesn't have to be done tomorrow just get it
planned.. I will be home tomorrow night but I don't
know about the rest of the week."

"But the important thing is whether I want to take Mr.
Grey's offer of a manager's position or stay as I am
and let him find some one else. I need some input from
both of you, I need to know what you think about this
and how you feel."

"Harry, what do you want to do?"

"I want to make a decision that would be best for all
of us. The position is something I've always wanted but
this situation is unusual, the money will be nice but
being away from home will not be. I could only be home
late on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I either would
have to get up early Monday and go or go late Sunday
night. That I don't like!! It's not that I think you
guys couldn't cope I know you could it's just that I
would miss you like hell for five days! And it would be
boring sitting in a motel watching TV."

"I don't know what to say, Harry. This is a shock, I
knew that you would have to go but I thought it would
just be two weeks but this might go on for a while. How
long to complete the job, does anyone know?"

"Me neither, Dad, I'm stunned."

"Well, no, there hasn't been any word on how long it
might take maybe I can find out tomorrow if I can catch
the engineer on site."

Harry sat there thinking, Julie and Jimmy just sat
looking at him. Julie realized that he needed some help
and they weren't giving him very much.

"Baby, maybe we are trying to come to a decision
without enough information and no idea of what it will
be like, we are just guessing really. Why don't we wait
until you investigate tomorrow and then you can have a
better idea of what it going to be like. The crew
working there now has had a few days to see what it's
like and they can tell you if it's awfully boring or
what ever.

"My only thought at this moment is that I want whatever
you want, it is extremely important to me that you be
satisfied and happy and I would hate for you to turn
down something that you want and worked for just
because it causes a hardship on us. Jimmy and I can
cope with whatever it takes to make it work for all of
us. We depend on you a lot but if we have to we can do
a lot of things and make decisions that we have always
left up to you. Let's not rush and make a decision we
might regret later."

Harry looked at Julie and smiled the first real smile
since he got home. "Julie, Julie, Julie, no wonder I
love you so much, why didn't I think of that, that's
the sensible thing to do. I've been worrying all day
because I didn't know what all this move would require,
not realizing that I wouldn't know until I went over
there and saw it with my eyes. Worrying about the wrong
thing, the right thing is find out and then decide. Ok,
we'll talk again tomorrow but be thinking about all the
things that will be involved if I take the offer. Like,
Jimmy, all the chores we do together will be yours
alone. Julie you already do everything, I'm not much
help to you."

"You are a darn good bed partner, I'm going to miss

"Yeah, me too, baby."

Jimmy almost smiled but held back, his mind was working
at a hundred miles an hour. They sat there a few
minutes each thinking about the change and how it would
effect them.

"Baby, what is Heather going to do, she will be there
all alone? Not what work she will do, I understand
that, but what will she do when you guys want to sit
and bull shit or go to a bar and ogle the women?"

"Humm, I don't know hadn't thought about that. I guess
she could stay in her room and watch TV. Or maybe she
would want to shop, I don't know, what do you think?"

"Harry, you will be the boss of all them. If one of the
guys was taking a chance on getting in trouble like
drinking to much and jawing at strangers and trying to
pick up their wives, you would do something to get him
under control and see that he didn't get hurt. Well she
is working for you, so you will have to look out for
her also. See that she doesn't get in the wrong place
at the wrong time and that no one in the crew hits on
her or tries to get in her room when she is asleep, and
she can't shop for ever, she will be bored watching TV
every night all night."

"Hell baby, I can't baby-sit her every night. I don't
want a little sister following me around all the time
and you know I'm not about to go shopping for shoes."

"Oh Harry, you men are all alike, in case you haven't
noticed and I have only seen her once, she may act like
a little sister but her body is that of a full grown
woman. All I'm saying is that you need to get her a
room close to you so you can watch out for her and away
from the other guys so they won't be tempted to peek in
her window. You know they will."

"This job is losing it's appeal every minute. Not only
have I got to work like hell, I'm expected to know
every thing, and play nursemaid to a bunch of bored men
and protect a naive, what do you call them, ingenue?
But what worries me most is who is going to watch over
you and support you, you have extra burdens with this
presentation and Jimmy will be practicing and playing

"Don't worry Dad I will take care of mom, no one gets
close to her without my approval."

"Harry, don't worry. Just concentrate on what you have
to do. This is your chance and we all want it to work
for you. Jimmy and I will be fine. The presentation
will be ok. Jimmy told me that he and David could work
the presentation on a DVD and we could run it on his

"We talked to David and he said that it was a piece of
cake and he seemed excited to do it. I will start
putting it together and we will review it and change it
and make it look professional. I am excited also and a
little awed that Jimmy and David can do rather easy
what the whole school system can't."

They talked a few more minutes and then got up and
cleared the table and put every thing in the
dishwasher. Harry went to the bathroom for a shower and
Jimmy went in the living area to watch TV, he didn't
have any home work. Julie straighten up the kitchen and
wrote down the items she needed from the grocery store.

She kept thinking about this change in their lives and
she realized that if Harry took the promotion he would
be over in Gibson Bend for a long while and coming home
on the weekends. They would have to change this sex
routine that they had just got adjusted to for Harry
would have to have first priority when he was here.
Then she remembered the cook out on Friday and thought
maybe they would have to cancel or she would have to
cut it short and leave. Always problems.

Harry came to the door of the living room and motioned
for her to come, he only had a towel wrapped around his
waist and a big smile on his face. Julie went in the
bedroom and he was sitting on the bed, she sat beside

"Are you about finished in the kitchen baby. I have a
problem that I need help with."

Julie smiled and slid her hand over the towel feeling
his hard cock under it.

"I bet I know what it is. Yes, all I have left to do is
get everything ready for breakfast and that can be done
later. But I'm to tired to get undressed could you help

"That would be my pleasure, in fact I was hoping that
you would allow this fixer of air conditioners to
remove your garments and reveal the treasures hidden
there. But first go tell the TV watcher that we wish to
not be disturbed for the next three hours."

"Wow, that would be a greater pleasure than this lowly
wench could stand. Be right back."

Julie went in the living room and sat beside Jimmy and
told him that she and his dad were going to bed and
talk. He should not watch any thing that was rated
above PG 13 and to go to bed soon and rest. Jimmy
looked at her.


"I haven't forgotten baby, don't ask. Naked and hot."

Jimmy smiled and he turned the TV off. They both got up
and he went to his bedroom because he didn't want to
hear them making love, she went to the kitchen and got
a beer and a cola from the refrigerator and went to the
bedroom after turning out the lights except for the one
on the stove top. She went to the bedroom and shut the
door. Harry was waiting for her and her shirt and
shorts were off within ten seconds and he reached for
the tube of lube.


Sarah got back from dinner with Emily and Kurt at six
o'clock, the cafeteria was a good idea, it was fast and
she got some veggies which she didn't normally get
enough of fixing her own meals. She started on her
paper grading and when that was finished she checked
the lesson plan and then outlined the items she wanted
to cover tomorrow for each class. She read over the
lessons for each and thought about how to approach each
one so the slowest students could understand and the
best wouldn't get bored. She glanced at the clock and
it was seven thirty three. She jumped up and murmured
oh hell and ran to the bathroom for a shower.

After showering and drying off she stood at the sink
mirror and did her makeup which was mostly lipstick and
a little eye shadow. She was feeling hot and went and
turned down the AC, returning to the bathroom she got
some powder and dusted her body so she would have a
light scent of a rose. She had to decide on what she
was going to wear, somehow a gown didn't seem right,
shortie pj's neither, so she slipped on the thong Julie
gave her and a pair of shorts rolling up the legs so
they would show her legs.

Finally she selected a blouse with buttons down the
front and tied it at the bottom as high as she could so
her stomach would show and her ribs, the way she had
seen Julie do at the cook out. She was shaking slightly
and wondered what was wrong with her then she
remembered it had been a long time since she had been
in bed with a man.

She was brushing her hair when she heard a knock at the
door. The clock said it was five minutes before eight,
she smiled that was a good sign at least he was eager.
Suddenly she realized she didn't know if he was married
or whatever. She went to the door and looked out the
peephole and there stood Charlie Hale looking around
nervously. Opening the door she smiled and said come in
Mr. Hale it's good to see you again. They made small
talk as she locked the door and led him to the couch in
the living area.

Charlie sat down and she began to collect her books and
papers and put them in her attach?ase, explaining she
had just finished her grading and lesson plans. She
bent over the coffee table collecting the books and he
could see down the front of her shirt and those large
breasts were very visible. Charlie realized he didn't
have any idea how to talk to a young girl except about
work and they couldn't talk about that all night and it
wouldn't do much for getting her out of those clothes.

Sarah knew he was at a loss as he hadn't spoken much so
she would have to get the ice broken. She put her case
on chair and asked him if he wanted something to drink
and she named the things she had to serve. Charlie
thought that wine sounded good and maybe it would
loosen her up but it really was him that needed
loosening up. Sarah got two glasses and filled them
with the rose' wine she had and carried them to the
living room giving one to him and holding the other she
sat on the couch so close to him that her hip touched
his and offered a toast to a good day tomorrow.

"Are you comfortable Mr. Hale? Is it cool enough for
you, as you can see I dress as comfortable as possible
when at home."

"It's fine Sarah, this is a good wine. Please call me
Charlie while we are not at school."

"Oh may I? Charlie that is a strong name. I must
apologize Charlie, I am a little nervous and I tend to
talk a mile a minute when I'm nervous. Please forgive

"Why are you nervous Sarah? We are friends and while we
haven't had much time to get to know each we aren't
exactly completely strangers."

Sarah took a sip of her wine and holding it in her left
hand put her right hand on his leg and rubbed it just a
little. She looked his way but didn't turn her head
completely to face him and looked down at his chest.

"You see, well... it's been a long time since I have
been with a man and... and I-I am nervous. You might
not like me, Charlie, I might not be good for you, you
see I haven't had a lot of experience and I want to
please you, but... but you are so sophisticated...
and... I-I'm afraid that... that... you know."

Charlie was awestruck, here was this girl who he had
been agonizing about all evening, that he was afraid he
wouldn't be man enough to please her and fuck her as
long as she expected and she was telling him she was
afraid she might not know enough to please him. He must
be doing something right for fate was treating him like
a king today and he hoped it continued this way for a
long, long time.

"Sarah, Sarah, relax it's going to be alright. We are
just a little uptight because we haven't been this
close before but if we relax everything will be
alright. Here lets drink our wine and put the glasses
on the table and I will turn the lights down a little
and we will make it a little cozier and then we will
just take our time and find out what each of us enjoy."

They drank down the wine and he put the glasses on the
end table and turned out the lamp and went to the
kitchen and turned off that light also. The only light
left was from the bathroom and it didn't shine directly
in the living area. Charlie returned and when he sat
down he took her hand and pulled her to him, Sarah had
to turn her body and put her feet and legs on the couch
and then she was facing him and he kissed her for a
long time. Finally they broke away.

"Charlie, I'm embarrassed to ask but... but... did you
bring something... for me? You know... some... some

Charlie reached in his pants pocket and removed a
packet of condoms and placed them on the end table.
Sarah smiled at him and kissed him putting a little
more passion into this one. He pulled her against his
chest so he could feel her breasts against his chest
and then he was sure that she didn't have a bra on. God
this girl was hot for him. And he was hot for her, his
hands were all over her, feeling of every inch of her

Sarah broke the kiss and leaned back looking at him, as
he explored her. When his hands rubbed across her
breasts she whimpered and it wasn't acting, she wanted
to feel his hands on her naked breasts and she wanted
to be fucked again, she needed a man.

For what seemed to be forever he rubbed her breasts and
chest and stomach and back to her breasts as she looked
at him waiting, wanting. Finally his fingers fumbled at
the buttons and as he worked at them she untied the
shirt knot and let him expose her tits as he worked
down until all were open and he pulled the shirt away
from her and held it open.

"God Sarah, you are beautiful. I must kiss those they
are to beautiful to pass up, do you mind?"

Sarah took the shirt out of his hands and removed it
tossing it towards the coffee table, she raised up on
the couch until her nipples were level with his mouth
and putting her hands on his neck and back of his head
she leaned forward until her nipple touched his lips
and he kissed them, then he licked each one, and then
opened his lips and let the nipple in and sucked on it
gently. Sarah moaned loudly and rubbing his face said
to him , "Oh yes Charlie, that feels so good , god you
are wonderful kiss them lick them suck them they are

As Charlie was loving her breasts Sarah was unbuttoning
his shirt she pulled it from his pants and opened it
all the way to his sides, running her hands over his
chest she leaned forward and pushed her tit against his
mouth to get more inside and he opened wider and took
all he could. Sarah ran her hand down his chest and
over his belt to his cock, she whimpered when she felt
it for it was not long but was large and she wanted it
right then. She tried to undo his belt and but with one
hand it wasn't working.

"Charlie lets go to the bed room."

He looked at her and nodded and they got up from the
couch, Sarah grabbed the condoms for she knew they were
the last thing on his mind at that time, and they went
to her bed. Charlie was close behind her as she had his
hand and he was amazed at the beauty of her naked back
and the way her hips moved. Reaching the bed Sarah
turned to face him, removed his shirt and stepped into
his arms kissing his lips and rubbing her hot tits on
his chest.

As they explored each other's lips she was unfastening
his belt and then his pants, as the zipper came down so
did his pants and fell to the floor around his shoes,
keys and loose change clunking on the carpet. He had on
boxer shorts and Sarah's hand was inside them in a
flash and she was holding his cock jacking it gently.

Now it was Charlie's turn to moan and he was almost out
of his mind, no one had touched his cock in five years,
since his wife had passed away, and he had forgotten
the way it felt. But now he had a new experience, a
young beautiful girl had it in her hand and she wanted
it in her cunt.

Charlie realized he had to get her undressed and then
himself and he would have to stop her stroking to
accomplish that.

"Sarah let me remove your shorts and see you naked, you
are so beautiful."

Sarah released his cock and took his hands and placed
them on her shorts at the buttons. He began to fumble
with them and she thought he would never get them
undone and pulled down. His eyes widened when he saw
the black thong, he had heard about them and seen them
in store windows but never on a woman. He decided then
and there that they were about the sexiest thing he had
ever seen. But he didn't see them long as Sarah hooked
her thumbs in them and off they came, she stood before
him naked, waiting, as he looked and couldn't stop
looking .

Sarah stood and waited, Charlie stood and looked.

"Charlie, your pants, don't step on them and wrinkle
them." She was trying to remind him that he came to do
more than look. She turned and pulled the bed spread
down and bent over to get the sheet under the pillows
and pull it down and he had a great view of the most
beautiful ass he had ever seen. And there was a
completely shaven cunt exposed to his eyes along with a
cute little asshole. Suddenly he wanted all of them and
he sat down on the floor like a little boy and untied
his shoes pulling shoes, socks and pants off all at

When Sarah had the bed laid open she turned and Charlie
was getting up from the floor his clothes were strewn
about him. He looked all for the world like a young boy
about to get his first taste of sex from a older woman,
Sarah almost smiled as she thought she was about to
teach an old dog a new trick. She held out her hand to
him and he came eagerly, she put the hand he gave her
on one breast and reached for his shorts with her hands
unsnapping them and letting them fall to the floor. As
he felt of her breast and used the other hand on the
other, she again took his cock in her hand and held it
gently as she used the fingers of her free hand to rub
the firm head. She looked into his eyes as she caressed
it seeing them close as he enjoyed the feeling of her
smooth and warm hands on him.

Sarah felt his cock grow harder and knew they were on
dangerous ground and besides they were wasting time and
while it felt good to hold a man's cock again she
wanted to feel it in her cunt and if he was going to
cum she wanted it jerking inside her. She moved away to
the night stand where she had placed the condoms and
opened the packet removing one.

Charlie was ready and standing close to her with his
cock standing straight out so she rolled it on over the
head and all the way to his hair. Sarah moved onto the
bed and pulled him by the hand until he was on the bed
on his knees and his eyes glued on her cunt . She
opened her legs slowly letting him see all of her in
the dim light of the small bedside lamp and then took
the hand she held and placed it on her cunt.

Charlie had never done a lot of foreplay and wasn't
schooled in how to please a woman with his hand but he
knew it sure felt good and he rubbed it with his middle
finger slipping in her slit. Sarah gasped and stiffened
as she spread her legs wider and his middle finger was
getting wet now. Charlie extended his finger and it
slipped into Sarah's cunt about a inch and she hunched
against it.

"Oh god, Charlie, that's so good. Fuck me now please, I
want you so bad don't make me wait any longer."

Charlie didn't want to wait any longer either, he was
quick to get between Sarah's legs and in position and
wondered if he would have trouble getting it in her as
she didn't look very big in the slit area. But he
didn't have time to worry because as soon as he was
close Sarah's warm hand closed around his cock and
placed it right where it needed to be and she raised
her hips taking a good inch and one half in her. She
froze in that position and shuddered as she felt a cock
in her again after a long time without.

Charlie sank towards her body and more penetration was
made and he leaned down to kiss those sweet lips which
were parted and their eyes locked with each others.
Charlie felt something he had never experienced before,
something was grasping his cock and pulling at it, he
knew it was her cunt muscles milking him as he slowly
descended into her tight, hot, and very wet cunt.

When he reached her lips and they kissed, the last inch
slid in her and his balls nestled in her ass crack.
Sarah's hands reached and grasped his ass and pulled
him down with her as she settled back to the bed and
then she wrapped her legs around his and begin to
rotate her hips fucking him as he kissed her and he
knew it wasn't going to last long. His cock was harder
than he ever remembered it being and the cum in his
balls was churning to get into her.

"Sarah slow down, I can't last long like this."

"It's alright, fuck me and give your cum to me when you
want. We can do it again and again. I am ready to cum

Charlie had himself a hot woman and she could fuck all
night and the thought of doing it again and again was
more than he could take and his cock exploded and he
pumped his cum into the condom. Sarah moaned when she
felt the jerking of his cock in her, moaning because of
the joy of cumming from a man's cock and the sadness of
not be able to feel the cum splashing against her cunt
walls. She knew she would need to get pills as she
wasn't about to not fuck and wouldn't want a condom
stealing the feelings.

Charlie could feel her cunt milking at his cock as if
it wanted every last drop of cum in his balls. He knew
he had never had a cunt like this one, it was tight, it
felt like a glove around his cock, a glove that was a
size smaller than his cock and it was alive, moving,
demanding his all. Finally he could feel the stiffness
leaving his cock and he was sadden as he would have
loved to be able to keep pumping or rather letting her
pump him until she came again and again and was
completely sated.

Sarah slowed her hip movements and gently just squirmed
them against his pulling with her legs just a little to
keep the movement going. Soon they just lay together
kissing and holding each other but Charlie's weight was
crushing her and she had to move him by turning her
body until he and she lay on their sides facing. She
kept kissing his lips and cheeks with little small and
quick kisses and feeling of his body until he slipped
out of her cunt.

Sarah rose from their embrace and told him to move over
to the middle of the bed and she would be right back.
She went to the bathroom got a wash cloth and ran water
until it was hot. She washed herself and applied some
jelly to her cunt lips so they wouldn't get sticky from
her juice drying. Then she took the cloth and a tissue
back to the bed, Charlie was lying on his back and
watching for her and he wished that the lights were
brighter as her body was something to behold from the
back or front.

Sarah sat on the bed with one leg under her and removed
the condom from his limp cock and put it in the tissue
and then taking the warm cloth she cleaned his cock
being very gentle and wiping it several times as she
held it in her hand. She also wiped his balls and
Charlie was in heaven, not even his late wife had done
that for him.

Occasionally Sarah would see another drop of cum form
at his little slit and she would wipe it again. Finally
she folded the cloth and lay it on his stomach, sliding
up towards his head she gently traced her fingers over
his chest working her way down to his stomach and then
his thighs. She leaned over and kissed his chest and
then his little nipples as she continued to lightly
skim her fingers over his body and touching his cock

Charlie was in heaven. Never had he even dreamed that
anyone would be doing these things to and for him and
not only was she doing it she seemed to be enjoying it.
Sarah lay her head on his chest looking down his body
at his cock she was prepared to wait until he begin to
stiffen again. She realized that at Charlie's age that
wouldn't be quickly and maybe they should talk and do
something to move about or he might get relaxed and his
heart rate drop slowing down the recovery. She raised
her head and looked at him.

"Charlie do you like donuts and coffee?"

"Love them, not good for you but still sneak some every
once in a while."

"I don't have any donuts but I have coffee. There's a
shop about two blocks up the street, could you run and
get us some while I make the coffee?"

"Sure, be glad to."

"I can go with you if you want me to."

"No, you stay here, it won't take a minute. What kind
do you want?"

"One sugar coated, powered sugar sprinkled on, and one
glazed. I could eat a dozen but I'm to fat now."

"You're not fat, there's not an ounce of fat on you,
you are perfect just like this."

Sarah smiled, like everyone she loved to be
complimented. "When you say 'just like this' you are
referring to me being naked aren't you? Charlie, do you
like me like this?"

"Oh, I love you being naked and I love feeling your
body against mine. Can you stay this way until I get
back? I hate to leave and find you dressed on

"For you I will. I won't wear any clothes until you go
home, unless of course the building catches on fire.
Hurry, the bathroom is there in case you need it, don't
bother with all your clothes just what you need to be
decent. Leave the door unlocked and knock once and come
in when you get back."

Sarah went to the kitchenette and started getting the
coffee pot ready, Charlie came out in a few minutes

hastily stuffing his shirt in his pants and fasting his
belt holding his shoes in his hand. He slipped them on
and didn't bother to tie them and started towards the

"Be right back."

"Charlie, don't go like that." He mumbled, "Oh sorry,"
and walked to her and kissed her lips, starting for the
door again.

"Charlie, the kiss was great, but you don't have to
kiss me unless you want to, what I meant was don't go
like that you will get raped, your fly is open."

Charlie looked down and sure enough it was wide open
and his public hair could be seen. He quickly zipped it
up and looked at Sarah seeing her smiling. Charlie felt
like a fool and he grinned sheepishly and headed out
the apartment.

Sarah continued to get the coffee ready and when
finished she turned it on. Maybe the trip to the donut
shop would get him stirred up again and then it would
up to her talents while they were eating donuts and
drinking coffee. She wondered how far he would go,
would he like her to give him oral sex?

It had been a while since she had enjoyed that and she
would like to do it tonight, but all men loved oral sex
she reasoned so why not tonight? Also she hoped he
would get a little more aggressive but it might be to
early for that and she had to remember that he couldn't
cum five or six times like a woman so she would have to
chose and set priorities.

When the coffee was about half finished she poured two
cups and set them on the small table and got two salad
plates for the donuts with a fork if needed. She loved
hers with her fingers so she could lick them. Sarah
went to the bathroom and checked her self for leakage
and applied a dab of perfume on her breasts and cunt.
She returned to the living area and heard a knock and
Charlie came in the door with a sack and a big smile.

"Got back same day I left. Luckily there wasn't soul in
the place so it didn't take long."

He bought the sack to her at the table and she took it
and started putting them on the plates.

"I'm still nude Charlie did you notice?"

"Yes and thank god for the blessing."

"You have clothes on and that's not fair. So you can't
have a donut, coffee, or touch me with clothes on,
that's the rule."

Charlie grinned and was naked quick. He did take time
to put his pants on the couch along with his shirt. She
wondered how he felt going in public without his boxers
and no socks, he was eating it up she imagined,
everyone wants to be a kid again. She walked into his
arms and they kissed and she lightly rubbed her nipples
against his chest and realized they were stiff and hot.

They sat down at the table as close as the chairs could
get and ate on the donuts and drinking coffee with
Sarah feeding him some of hers and stealing some of his
on the way to his mouth. Charlie was still in heaven,
he was sure that he must have been killed on his way
home from school or he died in his sleep last night.
This couldn't be real but if it was a dream he sure
didn't want to wake up.

Sarah wanted to get him hot again as she was now; in
fact, she hadn't really cooled down any since this
afternoon in his office. She had a third of a sugar
coated donut left and she took it and rubbed some on
her lips, leaned to him and kissed him. He licked her
lips like a starving man. She rubbed the powdered sugar
on each nipple and smiling at him stood up pushing her
chair away with her legs and leaning forward so he
could kiss and lick her nipples. Charlie did, going a
little farther and sucking them also, she whimpered so
he would know she was enjoying it and hot for more.

Now came the test, holding the donut she went to her
knees beside his chair and took his cock in her hand
and held the head up rubbing the sugar on it. When she
had it covered, even skinning it back and rubbing some
on and behind the rim, she looked at it for a while and
then leaned down and kissed it. Sarah repeated the kiss
several times, on the tip and on the sides looking for
a brief moment and kissing, then she touched the tip of
her tongue to the tip of his cockhead and licked it by
fluttering her tongue across it.

Charlie groaned, sounding like he was in pain but she
licked around the head getting the sugar on her tongue
and transferring it to her mouth. His cock was
stiffening rapidly and swelling in her hand and the
head was getting larger and turning red with the
trapped blood in it. Sarah placed her lips over the
head and licked the underside and slipped her lips
further down until she had the head behind her teeth
and she tighten her mouth and sucked lightly.

As she continued to take more of his cock in her mouth,
Charlie was about to go crazy, he had never had anyone
do this for him and it was the greatest feeling in the
world. He had got a few blow jobs in his life but Sarah
wasn't giving him a blow job she was loving his cock.
Most of his had been with a prostitute after his wife
died and she did it for money not for his pleasure,
Sarah was loving his cock to bring him pleasure and she
wanted to do it, she was doing it for her own pleasure
also. That realization sent a surge of manliness
through him and his cock lurched in her mouth and
swelled even more.

Sarah thought she had gone to far and he was cumming
but only some pre-cum warmed her throat and she took
all she could into her mouth but it was so big that her
jaw began to hurt so she eased off and slowly removed
her mouth from it licking as it came out. When she had
only the head again in her mouth she sucked it and got
some more pre-cum and then kissed it as she removed it
giving the tip a last little lick with her tongue. She
looked up at him and saw a mixture of lust, passion and
love on his face.

"Thank you Charlie for letting me love your cock, I've
always wanted to do that but never felt like doing it
as strongly as with you."

Charlie couldn't believe his ears or his eyes, her face
was shining brightly and was flushed with passion, she
wanted him any way she could get him!

"Let's go to bed, I want to make love to you now!"

Sarah's face lit up even more, this was the first time
he had taken control! She rose to her feet as he did
from the chair and realizing she was holding a piece of
donut she put half in her mouth and gave the balance it
him. Looking straight into his eyes and still holding
his cock she took her cup and drank some coffee and
gave it to him to finish. Taking the cup back when he
finished she held on to his arm as they walked back to
the bedroom!

Reaching the bed she turned to Charlie and sat on the
bed as she reached for another condom and placed it on
his cock looking at it for a moment as she held his
balls in her hand, they were heavy. Sarah wasn't sure
how he wanted her so she looked at him and waited.

"Do you want what's in your hand, Sarah."


"Then lay down and let me have you, side by side. I
want to kiss you, feel your tits, and hold your ass in
my hand as I fuck you."

Sarah lay on the bed and moved to the middle, Charlie
slid in beside her and over her leg and when his cock
touched her cunt he kissed her and whispered to her to
put it in. Sarah grasped his cock and put it at the
entrance to her cunt and as he hunched forward she met
him moving her hips forward and encasing the large head
inside her cunt.

Sarah whimpered as he continued to move into her,
stretching her opening with his girth until he was all
the way against her. Then he began to kiss her lips,
eyes, cheek, and anyplace he could reach while his
bottom hand massaged her breast and his upper hand on
her ass squeezing her cheeks

and his cock pumping in and out of her cunt.

Sarah begin to moan and respond by fucking back and
soon they both were kissing, licking and feeling of the
other. Sarah came after about five minutes of steady
fucking, she humped and moaned and twisted though her
orgasm while Charlie steadily pumped away at her. He
was calm and determined, she was building to another
orgasm and gasping with passion. Twenty minutes after
they had coupled both were wet with sweat and Sarah was
building towards her fourth orgasm and they were making
squishing noises as she was wet and slick inside.

"Oh Charlie, you are wonderful, fuck me hard, slam in
me I am going to cum again!"

Charlie did his best, putting a little extra strength
into his hips but when she was slowing down her cries
as she came he slowed back down to a more sustainable
rate and continued to fuck into her . He had a nipple
in his fingers and rolled it back and forth and his
finger was moving up and down her ass crack which was
wet with sweat and slick. Occasionally his finger would
pass over her asshole and he was aware that she would
gasped each time he did and her eyes would burn into
his. But not tonight he thought, maybe next time when
she is this hot I will penetrate it, she will love it!

Sarah had lost track of time and how many times she had
climaxed, she didn't care, this was to good to think
about just keep on fucking. All she knew for sure was
that she was in heaven and this old man was fucking her
to death and she didn't care if he did. She could feel
the swollen head rubbing her cunt walls through the
condom and it was wonderful.

Just when Charlie thought he couldn't last any longer
and would have to quit without cumming, Sarah gasped
and clung to him and he knew she was ready to cum
again. He thought maybe he could fake it and stop when
she was finished so he slammed against her cunt, rolled
the nipple, and touched her asshole and as she rocketed
to her climax he began to grunt and gasp. To his
surprise his cock lurched and exploded jerking and
emptying his balls of the cum load stored there.

Sarah felt the jerking and the swollen head becoming
hard against her cunt walls and it was so snugly fitted
into her cunt that she could feel the cum moving to the
end of his cock from their storage. This extended her
climax as she fucked harder back at him and twisted so
fanatically that he could no longer kiss her. When they
both lay still breathing deep and wet from sweat
Charlie peeped at the clock and was proud to see they
had been steadily fucking for forty five minutes.

He closed his eyes and rested, Sarah was still as death
her body was tired and her cunt was sore but her mind
was still marveling at what she had just experienced.
She didn't think any one man had ever fucked her that
hard for that long before. Others had been with her all
night but not steady fucking! She smiled as she thought
maybe she had loosen a tiger and it was going to eat
her alive. As they lay relaxed and satisfied, both
drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Twenty Six

Julie lay on her stomach with a pillow under her hips,
she was trembling just a little as she waited for
Harry. He stood beside the bed smoothing lube on his
hard cock. She felt his weight as he kneeled beside her
and then his hand parted her ass cheeks and a finger
touched her asshole. It was covered with lube and
slowly he rubbed it around that tight opening and begin
to enter it just a little, she whimpered not from pain
or fear but from desire, wanting it to enter her ass
and give her pleasure. It did as Harry pushed it in a
couple of inches and then let it come out and gather
some more lube and then back in slowly, in effect it
was fucking her ass as it provided the slickness to
help her take his much large cock. And she loved it!

Harry grabbed the other pillow and raising Julie up he
placed it on the first one and when she laid back down
her ass was twice as high making her ass hole and cunt
extremely available and limiting her ability to avoid
anything that was done to her two holes. Julie lay with
her head on the bed feeling very vulnerable but that
only fueled her desire to be made to do things, she
spread her legs and could feel the cool air on her cunt
and asshole.

Harry positioned himself behind her and rubbed both of
her holes with his slick finger then inserted his cock
at her cunt and slowly pushed it in until he was in all
the way. Julie sighed with pleasure. Then she moaned as
she felt his thumb enter her asshole and go in until
his hand was pressed against her crack as tight as he
could get it. Harry began to fuck her cunt and after a
minute his thumb joined the cock and she was being
double fucked, one in as the other came out and then
reversal. Julie couldn't take this and she pushed up
with her hands to raise her head and shook it swirling
her hair and crying out to him.

"Yes baby, yes, fuck me oh my god fuck me. I can't
stand it! It's so good... I love it! I love you! I'm
cumming baby! fuck me hard!"

Harry knew she was cumming, he could feel her cunt
gripping his cock and she humped back to him arching
her back up and then down as her cunt muscles milked at
his cock. Normally he couldn't have taken much of that
but his day was busy and he wasn't extremely horny so
he could just keep on fucking until she passed out from
her passion.

They worked away on the bed with Julie being on the
receiving end of the climaxes until she was dizzy and
feeling faint, when suddenly Harry stopped and pulled
his cock from her cunt and his thumb from her asshole,
she groaned and wondered it he had cum and she hadn't
noticed. But just as quickly she felt the cock head at
her asshole and it slid in and continued to the entire
depth it could go and then the thumb went in her cunt
and rubbed along the sides moving in a circle.

She shook her head trying to revive herself but Harry
didn't give her any time to rest as he immediately
began to pump again in her two openings and his cock
was big in her ass and she was stuffed just like she
wanted to be.

For the next five minutes Julie tried hard to match his
movements but she was giving out as she had experienced
two massive cums from the cock fucking her ass and she
had moaned until her throat was dry and sounded hoarse.
Slowly she sank to the bed and laid her head down and
just let him pound away at her ass cheeks just as she
had done many years ago as men crowded around watching,
waiting their turn, and taking pictures. Julie sank
into a blissful zone of just being fucked and enjoying
the feelings.

Harry saw the look on her face, a slight smile with her
eyes closed and her mouth open and little mewing sounds
in her throat. He was always amazed at her capacity for
sex. She wanted it all the time and would let him fuck
her for hours on end, it he could, which most times he
couldn't outlast her. So now he knew that he could come
any time he wanted and she would be satisfied or if he
didn't she wouldn't notice or at least she never let on
that she did.

He sped up his fucking in her ass, it was looser now as
she was relaxed, and removed his thumb from her cunt as
his hand was beginning to tire. He slapped her butt on
the right side and she moaned but didn't move and he
continued to spank her on both ass cheeks and she
continued to smile and mew. This helped feed his ego
and his cock harden and after about a minute he came in
her ass and when he was finished he pulled out and
watched as her ass slowly closed back to the original

Harry went to the bathroom and cleaned up, returning
with a warm wet cloth and cleaned Julie as best he
could. He removed the pillows and turned her on her
back as she stirred and smiled at him saying thank you
baby. He kissed her. He reached for the beer that Julie
had brought him and took a long drink, it was a little
warmer than he liked but he was thirsty and it was just
about right to chug-a-lug. For a while he sat on the
bed rubbing Julie's arm, breasts, stomach, and her
cunt. She would murmur and smile. Finally she began to
revive and opened her eyes to see him sitting rubbing
her nipples.

"Did I go to sleep baby? I'm sorry. You do that to me,
nearly every time. Baby you are the greatest lover in
the world. I am the luckiest woman alive. Forgive me?"

"Nothing to forgive sweetheart, if you don't do it then
I would think that I wasn't a good lover any more."

Julie sat up, she still felt a little lightheaded and
her asshole was sensitive plus her butt was tender for
some reason but she knew she would be alright after a
little while. Harry handed her the cola and she took a
long drink it felt good to her throat. She slid down to
Harry and put her arms around him and leaned her head
on his back, reaching around and taking his cock in her
hand she rubbed it and ran her thumb over the head. She
whispered to him.

"Baby, did you cum? Are you satisfied? I didn't leave
you hanging did I?"

"Yes sweetheart I did and I am, but if you keep doing
that I will not be satisfied very long."

"Did you cum in my ass? I love for you to fuck my ass,
it feels so good to be stuffed full of your big cock.
Sometimes I get all horny just thinking about it."

"Are you horny now, sweetheart?"

"Not bad but I would love it if you want to make love
again, it doesn't take much to get me hot for you."

"Since you got my cock in your hand you know that I'm
getting hard just from you touching me. What if I lay
you down and start fucking you again, think that would
be acceptable or are we getting to old for that sort of

"If we are I will deny it, sometimes it's like we are
still on our honeymoon, I want you fucking me all the
time, but we aren't doing it as much as we did. There's
not time in the mornings any more and now we can't get
together at lunch so nights are all we have."

"Baby, you aren't suffering are you? I will make some
changes at work if you feel neglected. "

"No baby, it's just that I miss you, and I guess that
this new thing of you working out of town has me
worrying about the times when you aren't at home."

"Well if things get bad, we will talk about it and see
what needs to be done. But maybe it won't be bad,
remember Jimmy will be here and in an emergency I could
make the trip here and help out then run back."

"Oh, I forgot about Jimmy, we were so busy arranging
for David to do the presentation that we didn't have
time to... get together... today and he was down in the

"Then you need to go to him tonight and make it up for
him. Maybe you and he need to start fucking more than
just at night and that would help with your problem of
feeling like you need more sex."

Julie didn't respond she just sat and rubbed her face
on his back and rubbed her hand on his cock.

"Harry, sometimes Jimmy gets a little rough, he learned
from you that I like to be spanked a little and he does
it sometimes while he is making love to me. He asked me
if he could tie me and... make... love like that. I
told him that I would think about it. You know that we
have played around with light bondage but I don't think
he knows about it so I don't where he got the idea.
What do you think I should do?"

"The same as you do with me, if you would like it then
do it. If you wouldn't then don't. I don't think he
would hurt you he loves you to much for that . He is
like any other boy, wanting to experience everything
that adults do, boys trade info around and talk about
it, they want to try it out but most don't have the

"Then I guess I will allow it. Could you talk to him, I
have always had you to look after me and I don't have
the foggiest idea how it's done. Make sure he
understand that it can't be tight enough to hurt or
make a mark on me."

"Sure baby, I'll do that in the morning, I'll make sure
he knows that when you say stop or ease off that he
honors you. I'll be leaving from here and not go to the
office in the morning and I'll be home as soon as I
can, but I don't expect it to be by five but no later
than seven. Ok!"

"Ok, do you need to get some sleep, now? I need to get
ready for breakfast and you can sack out if you wish."

"Sounds great but first I've got a hot babe that I want
to take care of then she can work on breakfast."

Harry pushed Julie back on the bed and placed a pillow
under her head, she was smiling at him and holding his
cock with her hand and keeping her thumb active on his
cockhead. He knew she was going to keep him hard and
then fuck real slow until he came and she might not let
him off at that. Hell, he wasn't complaining.

When he crawled between her legs she was spread and
guided him into her cunt and put both hands on his ass
pulling him tight against her and begin to rotate her
hips and hump slightly. She looked at him and said ,
"Baby, you are so good, let me do the work and you hang
on. Ohh, that's delicious, it won't be long baby, I
will cum in a minute, it's just to good , I never get
enough of you and your cock."

Julie came soon it was a small but wonderful climax and
she continued to hold him kissing his lips and fucking
against him until he spurted his load in her. They
rested a second still joined together and Julie began
to rotate her hips slightly rubbing her hands on his
ass and thighs, Harry smiled at her and raised his
eyebrows. Julie just smiled back and pulled his lips
down to hers.

They continued for another twenty five minutes until
both were excited and got faster and faster and Harry
was slamming into her hard and she was meeting him
every thrust and both came, Julie a little ahead of
Harry. They collapsed on the bed and lay holding each
other breathing hard.

Julie giggled, Harry looked at her, she looked at him
and giggled again, he smiled wondering what was funny
at the moment.

"Little girl, what are you giggling about, what is so

"Oh sir, I was just thinking for a man that ravished a
innocent young girl anally you certainly recover fast
and didn't seem to be at all satisfied. I bet you are
already plotting on other things that you could do to
her tender body."

"Me, heavens no. I am the innocent one here, taken in
by trickery by a beautiful thing and made to perform
despicable acts to satisfy her. I would fall in her
trap again but I fear death."

Harry rolled to the side as his cock was about to slip
out and he glanced at the clock. Seeing it was five
minutes to ten he whispered to her that she was going
to be late for her other appointment or he could cancel
it for her. Julie looked at the clock and whispered
back she couldn't do that to him, how would you feel if
I did that to you? Harry whispered right now I would be
relieved. Julie slapped his ass lightly and said that's
not funny.

They got up and went to the bath room, Harry used the
toilet first while she brushed her hair and she went in
as he got in the shower. Julie spent a lot of time in
the toilet as she kept getting drainage from two places
and both were slick from lube. Finally she came out as
he was drying off and went to the mirror to look at her
butt as it was still tender. She turned and looked at
her reflection.

"Harry! My ass is red as a beet, what did you do to

"Nothing, must be from sitting so much at work."

"Liar, you spanked the hell out of me and I didn't get
to enjoy it. Jimmy will surely see that and he may want
to do it too!"

"Then you will get to enjoy it after all. All you have
to do is tell him spanking is off limits tonight or he
will have to be real light if you want it. Don't worry
so much just enjoy , enjoy whatever comes along."

Julie stepped in the shower and grabbed the body wash,
she was clean in no time and took the shower head and
directed it in her cunt holding the lips open to clean
it without a douse. Then it was a finger anally to
clean that orifice also. She was drying off and then
brushing her hair again and then out with a just a
towel wrapped around her. Harry was in the bed and
sprawled out in the middle, she went and kissed him and
muttered good night. She kissed him again and whispered
I love you. He smiled and she gather up the cola and
beer bottle and went to the kitchen shutting the door
to the bedroom.

After tossing the bottles in the trash she went to
Jimmy's door and rapped lightly and opened it and went
in. Jimmy was lying on the bed listening to the radio
with just a pair of shorts on.

"Sorry baby, I still have to get ready for breakfast. I
will be back in a moment and make it up to you."

"Do you need help, mom? I'm just laying here not doing
a thing."

"Sure if you want to."

Jimmy quickly got off the bed and they went back to the
kitchen, he asked if dad was asleep and she said no to
be quiet. She put the remaining coffee in a cup and put
it in the microwave to get hot. When it finished she
took a sip and got everything set for breakfast. Jimmy
was helping and when he wasn't busy he just looked at
Julie in her towel which exposed her long legs and when
she bent to get something from the bottom cabinets her
cunt was exposed briefly. Julie noticed him looking and
she smiled at him.

"Why are you staring at me, sweetheart?"

"Because I love looking at you. You are so beautiful. I
wish that towel would fall off."

"Well, it won't I tucked it in securely, if you want it
off you will have to come and take it off."

Jimmy smiled, he walked over to her as she waited, for
she knew he would take it off. He pulled the top of the
towel and it came loose and fell from her body. He held
it in his hands and looked at Julie standing naked ,
she placed her hands on his shoulders and rubbed,
moving her hands over his biceps and his chest muscles.
She realized that her baby was turning into quite a
man. Jimmy reached for Julie's nipples and caressed
them bring a sigh from her lips.

"Mom, these need their chain."

"Go get it lover, and put it on me and make me your sex
slave again."

Jimmy released her nipples and started for his bedroom,
he was going to put the towel on the counter but she
said to take it to his bed. Julie looked at the window
and saw the blinds were drawn and she was relieved. She
feared that one day they would get careless and get
caught by someone.

She finished getting the pan on the stove and was
getting the coffeepot loaded when Jimmy returned. When
she was finished she walked to him and stuck her tits
out for him with a smile. But to her surprise he leaned
forward and sucked her nipple in his mouth and sucked
it taking all of it and some of her breast in his
mouth. Julie moaned softly and took his face in her
hands kissing his forehead.

She whispered to him. "Oh yes lover, that is so good."

Jimmy moved to the other nipple and gave it the same
treatment. Then he put the chain on her nipples pulled
it tight and attached the weight. Stepping back he said
beautiful and rubbed her breasts and stomach. Julie was
heating up fast. Jimmy told her to spread her legs and
she did leaning back on the counter so that her cunt
was projected forward for his pleasure.

Jimmy put his hand on it and as she sighed looking at
him, he pulled on the chain straining her nipples down
and forward but instead of leaning forward to lighten
the strain Julie leaned back and as it pulled and stuck
her nipples she looked into Jimmy's eyes with her eyes
blazing with desire.

"You want your nipples hurt don't you."

"Yes, I want you to do anything to me that you wish. I
want to make it up to you for fucking David and liking
it this afternoon. Can we go to your bedroom and let me
suck you until you come in my mouth? I want to suck you
and feel you spurting down my throat. Please lover take
me like a dog would, on my hands and knees, I need

Jimmy inserted his finger in Julie's cunt and moved it
around as she gasped and groaned, he saw her breasts
and chest turning pink showing her desire and her eyes
were still filled with desire but now were hazy as she
began to feel the ache start. Jimmy took her arm and
turned her so that her stomach was against the counter
and felt of her ass cheeks and as his hand slid down
into her ass crack she opened her legs again wider than
before. He saw for the first time her cheeks were red
in blotches and he could see a hand print here and

"Some one has spanked your ass hard. Didn't they?"


"Did you like it?"


"Your ass is hot from the spanking, did you cum while
being spanked."

"Yes, I climaxed."

"Do you want to be spanked now?"

"No, it will hurt wait until it is well."

"Will you fuck me and David at the same time tomorrow,
if I wait to spank you."

"Yes, but you have practice tomorrow after school."

"Then the next time we can you will fuck for me and
David. Which do you want in your ass and which in your

Julie hung her head, she didn't want to answer that.
His hand was rubbing her asshole and she was hurting,
the hurting was for him to fuck her cunt but now she
wanted him in her ass and cunt. She wanted to cry out,
won't I ever get enough , how many times a day, how
many men and women are enough? Something in her had
been awakened and she was getting worse each day.

"Which do you want in cunt and ass?"

"I-I... Want... You... in my cunt and David can have my

"Both at the same time, a double fuck and you will beg
us for it. Say it so we have a promise."

"Please don't make me beg in front of David, I will beg
you and plead and ask for anything but don't make me
beg David to fuck my ass."

"Ok, just promise a double fuck, me in your cunt and
David in your ass. Say it for me."

"I will let you fuck my cunt and David fuck my ass, a
double fuck."

"Ok, it's a deal. Come on lets go to my room. Lover."

Jimmy took Julie's chain and they went to his bedroom
side by side but nearly every step caused the chain to
stick and pull her nipples. Jimmy threw back the covers
and then kissed Julie with passion and she melted into
his arms and rubbed her chained nipples against his

Breaking away he placed her hands on his shorts and she
removed them quickly and after he lifted his legs out
of them she tossed them on the bed and went to her
knees before his half hard cock and hastily took it in
her mouth sucking it hard enough to make him grunt.

He was quickly at his peak and wanted to get her on the
bed and bury his cock in her hot cunt for he had been
wanting it all day and seeing her naked posing for
pictures with her legs spread and her cunt half open
with the clit peeking out had made him want her

But he also remembered that she had asked to suck him
and take his cum in her mouth and he wanted to please
her so he held on as he could feel it building and it
wouldn't take long. He also remembered that she wanted
to be taken on her hands and knees 'like a dog would'.
Wondering if his suggestions earlier had made her want
to be fucked by a dog or was it just a expression, he
decided to explore it later. He could never be sure if
the suggestive comments he made when she was in the
throes of sexual climax were taking effect or if it
just worked out that way.

All he knew was that he suggested that she would like
to fucked by someone he brought to her and she did
obviously liking it. He suggested that she would like
to be fucked by more than one person at a time and she
had just agreed to a double fuck. Was she ready for the
next one, to be fucked by a group one after another
maybe as many as five or six. He would have to work on
that one slowly. But he was surprised that she said
like a dog would.

As Jimmy pondered these things Julie was sucking,
licking, and deep-throating his cock. He was enjoying
it and she was also. But Julie was to good at cock
sucking for him to last long when she wanted it to be
quick and soon Jimmy was stiff and leaning back as his
cock was spurting it's juice into her mouth. She
savored the taste and made a mental note of the
difference in taste of the three men she had as lovers.

After she had swallowed the male sperm she rose up and
kissed Jimmy and he put his tongue in her mouth and he
immediately tasted his cum also, it wasn't bad but he
could do without it.

They lay on the bed and touched, kissing, and feeling
for a while. Frequently Julie would check his cock and
twice she went down and sucked the drips that eased
from the tip, licking and kissing it. Jimmy was
recovering fast and as he grew in size and length she
held his cock in her hand caressing it.

"Baby, your cock feels so good, it is so full of energy
and strength, it feels so good in my hand, my mouth,
and even better in my cunt. Will you fuck me from
behind like you did when you tied me on the coffee
table? I still feel it pounding in me as I came, it was
so good and I want like that tonight."

"Yes, whenever you are ready and when you have it hard
enough. Do you want me to tie you? I have the strips in
the night stand, I could tie you on the bed with your
head on a pillow and your ass in the air and fuck you
like a dog would, would you like that?"

"Yes baby, please do it to me like that."

Julie felt his cock harden at the thought of him
getting to tie and fuck her again. And she wanted it
like that, for some reason she kept remembering her
dream of being helpless as the dog licked her and then
fucked her. It was just a dream but it excited her.
Jimmy twisted and reached into the drawer and removed
the strips laying them on the bed and she looked at
them remembering how she felt tied up and helpless as
he fucked her until she came so much she passed out.

Jimmy helped her to the edge of the bed and to her feet
and removed the chain. He took a strip and passed it
around her tit and pulled it tight and did the other
tit also and then around her neck and tied it lifting
her tits. Julie watched as he did this and felt her
tits swell and the nipples harden. He then replaced the
chain and pulled it tight so that it cut off some blood
circulation, Julie saw her tits turning red and her
nipples begin to throb.

Jimmy placed a pillow for her head and Julie got on the
bed and lay her face on it with her ass up and her
knees slightly spread, then she looked at him and
placed her hands behind her and crossed them to be
tied. Jimmy took another strip and tied her hands snug
but not enough to cut off her blood flow and he mounted
the bed and got in position behind her.

Jimmy took his cock and rubbed the head through her
slit and on her clit and Julie couldn't help but
whimper as desire flowed throughout her body.

"Yes lover, tease me and make me cum a little and then
fuck me like a dog, I can't stop you from doing
whatever you want to but please don't spank me my ass
is burning now. But anything else you want to do I will

Suddenly Jimmy had an idea! All the pictures he had
seen of dogs and women and the stories also had the dog
licking the woman until she was a quivering begging
slave wanting to be fucked by the dog's cock. So he
backed away from Julie and sat between her legs and
rubbed her slit and clit with his finger and she
sighed. After a few minutes he removed his finger and
leaned to her cunt and licked it with his broad tongue
from her clit to her ass.

Julie jerked when she felt his tongue and moaned loudly
when it passed over her asshole. Jimmy saw her body
quiver. He repeated the process and she moaned again
and on the third pass she pressed back against his
tongue. When he got to her asshole on the fourth pass
she pressed back again and then relaxed but he leaned
closer and used his tongue tip to swipe back and forth
on her anal opening. Julie almost screamed, a loud
squeaking noise came from her open mouth, and she felt
her clit getting wet from her cunt juices.

Jimmy placed his hand on her cunt the thumb rubbing her
clit and felt the juices covering it, so he placed his
hand to catch it in the palm rather than drip on the
bed. Jimmy went back to his task of licking her cunt
and stabbing her anal opening with his tongue. Julie
was twisting her face on the pillow, gasping, almost
crying with her need, and she was indeed quivering all

"Oh god baby, fuck me, I'm going to die from you
licking me. Please fuck me any where you want to."

"You want it to be like a dog fucking you, a dog always
licks your cunt until you are so hot you beg for his
cock. Would you take a dog on your back and let him
hunch until he finds your open cunt and rams his red
cock in you? Would you fuck for a dog if one was here?"

"Yes, I'm so hot I would take a dog for a lover, please
do me now, lover!"

Jimmy licked Julie again and she whimpered as she knew
what he was going to ask her next and there wasn't a
thing she could do, for she was tied up and helpless,
made to submit, just like she wanted to be. More
licking and tongue stabbing followed until finally she
said it without him asking.

"Yes, I want a dog to fuck me, if you have one bring
him to me. I will let him fuck me anytime that you want
me to. Please baby, fuck me or bring me a dog to fuck
me. I'm going crazy."

"Do you promise that you will let a dog fuck you and
cum in your cunt and take his knot inside you? If you
promise then I will get you one and we will train him
and you on how to fuck each other."

Julie groaned but her mind was visualizing a dog
mounted on her back and humping his cock in her cunt as
she had seen dogs do to each other and it excited her.
To cement his point Jimmy licked her cunt and ran his
tongue through her slit plunging it into her cunt
opening and then to her asshole and tried to worm it in
her ass. Julie moaned and tried to relax her ass to let
it in, she would let anything in her a this moment to
get some kind of relief. Tears of frustration were
wetting her pillow.

"Oh help me baby. I-I promise! I will let a dog fuck me
for you and I will let him cum in me and take his knot
in me. Help me baby."

Jimmy raised up and inserted his throbbing cock in her
cunt and she groaned in relief as he filled her. His
cock was hot and hard and felt so good sliding in and
he began to pump her from behind as fast as he could
and now he was glad she wanted to suck him and swallow
his cum so he wasn't so horny. Julie fucked back in
unison with his pumping and she gushed her climax
almost immediately but kept right on fucking as she
knew that a bigger and better one was coming soon.

Jimmy leaned over her back and put his arms around her
just above her hips like a dog's legs would be and
squeezed with them. He had felt her cumming and now she
was slick and wet and he could fuck her even faster and
he did. As he banged into her cunt he whispered to her.

"A dog would fuck you even faster that this, think
about it and visualize how it would look to have a big
dog on you fucking you until you couldn't possibly keep
from cumming again and again until you fell from
exhaustion. Tell me what you are going to do when I get
the dog for you."

"Oh lover, don't make me say it, just fuck me like this

"You must say it so you will know that you really want
to fuck a dog, tell me."

"I really want to have a dog fuck me. I will let him
get on me, on my back and put his cock in my cunt and
pump it into me. I will let him cum in me."

"And you will cum also for you love to be fucked by a
dog. You will want him to fuck you everyday and
sometimes more than once, for you will love to be stuck
on his knot and unable to get away until he releases
you, admit to that as you think about it."

"Oh baby, I'm cumming again, fuck me oh yes, yes, it's
so good, keep fucking me. Yes! Yes! I will cum for the
dog! I will beg to be fucked by the dog and beg for his
cum and beg for his knot to be in me and I will belong
to him until he is finished. Oh my! Another one, oh
yes. FUCK ME!!"

For the next twenty minutes Julie continued to climax
time after time and she blabbered on and on about how
she wanted to fuck a dog and take his cock and be
filled with his cum and have him claim her with his
knot. Slowly she sank towards the bed and no longer
could fuck back against Jimmy she just took his pumping
and kept on muttering as he whispered in her ear about
how great it would be to be fucked by a dog and to let
him watch her cum with the dog and take pictures of her
on her knees with a dog cock stuck in her cunt and a
dog on her back pumping her full with cum.

Jimmy reached his limit and his cock swelled and he
filled Julie's cunt with cum and he could no longer
fuck into her as he just stiffened and pulled her back
against his pelvis as he throbbed deep inside her cunt.
When he was finished he rolled Julie to her side and
lay behind her close against her ass and his cock still
in her cunt to plug the leak. They drifted into sleep.

Julie was back in her dream world, but it was a
confusing place there were men everywhere and no one
had on any clothes and all of the men had huge cocks
and they all dripped pre-cum. There were women there
also and they were naked and they went from man to man
sucking cocks and fucking some cocks. Julie wanted one
but every time she would walk up to one either a woman
or man would push her away and they would say no, you
haven't been certified.

She kept walking and wanting but even though she tried,
even some times to grab a cock when it was finished
with a blowjob or cunt fucking, it was the always the
same no, you haven't been certified. Finally she asked
a woman how to get certified and she said down the road
on the right, a big building.
Julie went down the road and on the way she saw Emily
and she was trying to get at a big cock on a man in a
tree but he kept on sitting on the limb saying
certified, certified. Emily saw Julie and ran to her
and asked if she knew how to get certified. Julie said
all she knew was it was down the road on the right.

They walked down the road a little way and people were
fucking every where, Emily said she didn't see nothing
lets make love under this tree but they couldn't as
neither had a cunt, there was no slit between their
legs! They both cried for a while when a woman can by
she smiled at them and said look at my new cunt and
spread her legs to show them a beautiful slit and held
it open for them to see.

Suddenly a man came from behind the tree and said I see
you are certified and picked her up and sat her on his
cock which seemed to extend into her cunt until they
could see the outline of the head stretching the skin
just below her navel. She began to bounce on it and cum
was running out of her and dripping on the ground.

Julie and Emily jumped up and started down the road at
a fast walk. They finally came to a large building on
the right and they ran to the door. When they opened it
there was only one woman in there and she was sitting
on a short stool and a dog was licking her cunt . She
had her eyes closed and she was grunting each time the
dog's tongue touched her cunt.

Julie and Emily watched a minute and finally Emily
asked can you tell us how to get certified? The woman
answered without opening her eyes through that door you
will see a bench to lay on, get on your stomach and
spread your legs, when you are ready push the button at
the end of the bench and a dog will come and fuck you.
After you have been fucked by twenty dogs three times a
piece you will be certified.

"But we can't," said Julie, "we don't have a slit, how
will the dog fuck us?"

"Look at my dog closely and you will see that you will
have when they are through with you. When they are you
can go out the left door back to where you were or the
right door for the dog world."

They looked at the licking dog finally looking under
his belly and saw his cock was like a small thin needle
with one edge very sharp edge. The woman said, "Some
are like that some are different so it will take all to
finish the job."

Julie asked how long it would take and would it hurt.

"No," said the woman. "You'll enjoy it so much you
won't mind the pain, it takes about three hours."

Julie looked at Emily and she said with a sudden smile,
"Let's do it!" and Julie nodded. But then she stopped
and said what's the difference between this world and
the dog world.

The woman said, "In this world you never can get enough
and must constantly be looking and fucking without any
satisfaction, in the dog world you're fucked by dogs
and will always be satisfied. They are there anytime
you want them, which will be all the time and they'll
lick you to climax and then fuck you to eight or ten
climaxes giving you their knot each time they mount
you. As soon as one is finished another will be
standing ready and will stay with you until you want to
be fucked again which will be immediately."

"But," said the woman. "Be warned that if you chose the
left door you'll never be allowed here again. If you
chose the right door you will never want to leave. Now
go I have told you all I can."

But Julie asked one last question, "If this is true,
why would anyone ever chose the left door?"

The woman just smiled.


Julie heard something and she didn't know what it was
but she struggled to move and check it out but she
couldn't something was holding her hands. She woke up
enough to realize that the something was Jimmy snoring
and his mouth was close to her ear and it sounded

His arm was across hers and his leg was over hers and
her hands were tied behind her and her tits were bound
and almost blue, cold as ice. She turned her head and
could see the clock radio and she gasped, it was one
forty two a m. She started shaking her shoulders to
wake him and called his name and finally she got a very
sleepy huh from him.

"Wake up Jimmy, we went to sleep and it's late, wake up
and help me get up. Hurry baby, hurry for god's sake
wake up and hurry."

Jimmy heard the alarm in her voice and sat up in bed
asking what was wrong, Julie answered that they went to
sleep and it was late she needed to go to the bathroom,
now. Jimmy rolled out of bed and pulled her up and
helped her get to her feet and began to help her to the
bathroom . She said you need to untie me I can't go
like this but he didn't respond and just kept on until
they got to the toilet where he turned her and eased
her down on the seat.

He shut the door and turned on the water to get it warm
while Julie finally gave up waiting and began to empty
her bladder. It was embarrassing to sit on the toilet
with the strong sound of water hitting water with some
one standing right next to you.

Jimmy got the cloth wet and washed his face and wetting
it again washed Julie's, when he finished she said baby
untie me, he put his finger to her lips as a signal to
not speak, she was confused. He warmed the cloth and
cleaned his cock and put the cloth back in the hot
water. Stepping to Julie he undid the chain from her
left nipple removed the weight from it and let it hang
from her right nipple. He reached behind her neck and
untied the cloth strip and removed it from her breasts
and laid it on the sink vanity.

Then he helped her to stand, she said baby I'm
dripping, but again he put a finger on her lips. He got
the cloth and washed her cunt and made her spread her
legs so that he could run his finger in her slit and
hold it open as he cleaned as far as he could. Then he
turned her and spread her cheeks cleaning her ass
crack. All in all Julie had to admit that he was doing
a good job but she was still confused, why didn't he
untie her so she could do this?

Jimmy turned her again and as she looked at him ,
wondering, he inserted his finger in her cunt as far as
he could get it and suddenly she understood, he wasn't
finished with her, he was going to fuck her again. He
moved his finger around in her cunt and in and out a
few times. She decided to try again and whispered,
"Baby, it's getting late," he removed his finger from
her cunt and placed it against her lips, rubbing them
and she could taste the mixture of her cunt and his

Finally she opened her mouth and sucked his finger
until it was clean. Jimmy removed his finger and placed
it back in her cunt and Julie sighed and closed her
eyes as he finger fucked her, when she began to breathe
heavily as she got hotter he removed his finger and
flushed the toilet and led her to the bedroom.

Julie was wide awake now and she was willing to be
fucked again but she would like to have her hands
untied. When they reached the bed he turned her to him
and removed the chain putting it and the weight on the
night stand. Then he helped her to lie down and got a
bottle from his drawer, it was some kind of lotion and
he squirted some on her breasts and massaged it in.

Immediately her breasts began to warm up and next he
did her stomach and then her cunt massaging it for a
long time. Now Julie was really getting hot and was
getting into the next good fuck as she could feel her
cunt getting moist.

Jimmy turned her over and untied her hands leaving the
cloth strip hanging on one wrist, applied lotion to her
ass cheeks and massaged it into her skin. Turning her
over to her back he massaged her arms and wrists with
the lotion and then did her breasts again with special
attention to her nipples.

Julie watched in amazement at the size of her nipples
tonight as he rolled them with his fingers. Then he
took the cloth and made a loop in the end and she gave
him her hand and he placed the loop over it and it was
loose. The other end he ran around the bed post and
back and then made a loop and she placed her hand in it
above her head. He adjusted it and she was tied to the
bed but could get away if she wished. She didn't wish.

Jimmy sucked her nipples and licked them, he kissed her
lips and fingered her cunt keeping her hot and
frequently bringing a whimper from her. Finally he
stood up from his kneeling position and she saw his
cock was hard and ready for her. Her eyes gleamed as
she looked at it and spread her legs for it.

"I'm going to fuck you now are you hot and ready to be

"Yes, I'm ready for you lover. You have me boiling."

"Then tell me what you want from now on."

Julie didn't hesitant this time she knew what he wanted
to hear and what she wanted.

"I want you to fuck me now, and then I will be ready
for you to bring me a dog to fuck me as you watch. I
will let the dog lick me, mount me and put his cock in
my cunt, take his knot to claim me as his and cum as he
fills me with his cum. I will do all this for you, my

"We will make a video of the dog fucking you so we can
watch it together as we fuck that would be good
wouldn't it?"

"Yes lover. When will you get a dog?"

"Soon maybe this week. That would be good the sooner
the better."

Jimmy was satisfied, it had worked out easier than he
had hoped for. He just had to keep her hot and horny
and he knew how but David would have to help him. He
moved to her head and let her suck his cock for a while
until she begin to squirm her legs and hips and then
her got between her legs and placed his cock in her wet
and hot cunt and began to fuck her and she in turn
fucked back humping up to meet his thrusts with her
hands tied to the bed post. They fucked for a long time
with Julie cumming twice and he finishing it off with
his last bit of sperm. Julie finally got to bed at
three thirty. She didn't dream.


Sarah woke with a start, she was used to sleeping alone
and it startled her to realize that someone was in bed
with her. Also it was somewhat unsettling that her
forehead was against a cheek and her tits were against
a chest, a arm was across her arm and down her back
with a hand on her ass. She slowly moved her head back
and saw it was Charlie, a smiling Charlie, he was sound
asleep. She smiled also as she remembered what he had
given her, in fact she could still feel it laying on
her thigh joint and pressed against her shaven slit but
it wasn't a rampant weapon now just a peaceful cock
soaking in a very full condom.

Her view of the clock was blocked by his head but she
managed to raise up far enough to see it and she almost
panicked when she saw it was a little after two in the
morning. They had been asleep for about two hours!
Sarah fought down the urge to wake him quick and get
him on his way home, that would seem like she was
ashamed and didn't want anyone to see him leaving. She
thought a while laying there, it crossed her mind that
it was very comforting to lay in his arms like this.
She would like to do this more often as she had
forgotten how nice it was to sleep with a man.

Sarah was tempted to try and slip out of bed and clean
both of them and play with his cock as he woke up, that
would be a new experience for him she was sure. Plus
she might just entice him to give her another cession
of love by cock . But she knew he would wake up as she
did, startled. Better to just lay here and go back to
sleep he could leave anytime he wanted to or call in
sick for both of them. Imagine Mrs. Lucas's face if he
did that!

Sarah slipped her head back to where it was and kissed
him softly on the cheek. She put her hand on his chest
and felt of him and down his rib cage, kissing very
gently. Charlie begin to stir and slowly he awoke and
opened his eyes just as she kissed the corner of his
mouth. He just looked at her for a moment and when she
moved to kiss him he turned his head and kissed her
back fully on the lips and it was a kiss with feelings.

"Good morning Charlie, I hope I didn't disturb you but
you were so peaceful that I just couldn't resist
kissing you. Did you rest well?"

"Yes I did. Did you? What time is it?"

"Yes I feel very good except a little cramped and I
think my left leg is completely dead. It's a little
after two not terribly late. Let me get up and get
blood back in my leg and I will get you a cup of
coffee. You just lay here and relax, we can enjoy our
coffee here in bed."

Charlie moved away from Sarah and off her leg and she
sat up rubbing it. Sliding to the bed side she put her
feet on the floor and felt her leg begin to tingle so
she knew it would be ok but she shouldn't try walking
this very minute. She glanced at him and he was
looking, staring actually, at her.

"Why are you looking at me like that Charlie? Am I a
mess, is my hair awful? As soon as I can walk I will
clean up."

"Sarah, I am looking at you because you are so
beautiful, you aren't even mussed up, I never seen
anyone look so good after going to sleep. You don't
dare do any thing to yourself , I would like to carry
this memory with me, you look like an angel."

"Oh my, don't stop now, keep on lying to me. I love it!
Thank you for being so sweet."

Sarah rose to her feet and walked to the bathroom very
slowly and being cautious she went to the toilet and
when finished she got a cloth and wet it with warm
water and cleaned her cunt. She went to the kitchen and
micro waved two cups of coffee and carried them to the
bed side table, Charlie had covered his cock with the
sheet. She fixed his pillow so he could sit against the
bed head and drink coffee and told him not to move she
would be right back.

She returned with the warm washcloth and pulled the
sheet off his cock and legs and sat down on the edge of
the bed. Grasping his cock she removed the sticky
condom and rolled it up in a tissue and dropped it in
the trash basket. Then Sarah proceeded to wash his cock
with the cloth and took a lot of time rubbing the head
and holding it up so she could wash the underside and
his balls. She could feel it beginning to increase in
size and knew if he wanted to they could have another
round of love.

Sarah wanted to! She had rediscovered just how good it
was to be fucking with someone who was interested in
giving as well as receiving satisfaction. She would
take all she could get. But she wanted him to take
charge and take her to that high, but she was willing
to help, so she continued in her role as a loving cock

Charlie was transported back to heaven, he couldn't
believe it, she was treating him and his cock like they
were royalty. He no longer cared what time it was, he
wasn't thinking about losing sleep, he just watched in
fascination as Sarah tenderly cleaned him.

"Oh Charlie, I'm sorry I forgot that you may need to go
to the bathroom. Hurry in there I will wait for you

Charlie did and Sarah fixed her pillow and sat on the
bed drinking coffee until he returned. After he got
back on the bed she snuggled close to him and they
talked for a while just sitting, sipping coffee and
occasionally touching but she finished her coffee and
placed the cup on the table.

Charlie gulped the last of his down and put his there
also and was telling her about his first year of
teaching in a rural area and how the boys in the twelve
grade were almost as old as he was and how hard it was
to motivate them. Sarah had leaned on him and he
slipped his arm around him and so she put her head on
his shoulder and chest and used her finger to trace
around his body.

Charlie felt like he was at home with her and he began
to rub her back and used his other hand to slide over
her face and then neck and then shoulders and then
chest until he was at her breasts and he was sliding
his hand over them and her nipples. Sarah had traced
all the way down and going around his cock and it was
rising up as it harden.

Then they kissed and Sarah giggled when they were
breathing again, Charlie smiled and asked her what was

"I was thinking about you motivating guys that were
possibly larger than you, how did you maintain

"Very carefully, very carefully."

Sarah giggled again; "Charlie, it's very late and we
have to be at school at eight, actually earlier, would
you like to stay here tonight and just run home and
change in the morning. I would love for you to stay if
you can."

"Are you going to be here?"

"Of course, where else would I be?"

"Then I would love to stay and hold you in my arms all
night, but we might not get to sleep much."

"I hope not. What time must you leave to have time to
get ready for work, we can set the clock, now."

"Hummm. Five o'clock and I can make it plus grab a bite
to eat."

Sarah crawled on him and leaned over and got the clock
and set it for five, her breasts were brushing against
his chest and stomach and her leg over his was touching
his cock which was rising fast. She set the clock back
on the table after turning on the alarm and as she
started to rise he wrapped his arms around her back and
waist and held her against himself and sought her lips
with his. She responded willing and they kissed for a
long time and Charlie was running his hands all over
her body.

When they broke finally, he could see the passion in
Sarah's eyes as she squirmed her body against him and
rubbed his cock with her leg.

"God, Sarah you drive me crazy, I can't get enough of
you, I am a blind fool, I never realized how beautiful
you are or how sexy you are, I want you now, I want to
make love to you!"

"Take me Charlie, just take me. Can't you see I want
you to make love to me, I want you to make... fuck me,
just take me!"

Charlie rolled over taking Sarah with him so that she
was lying on her back and he quickly was between her
legs even as she spread them and inserting his cock
into her cunt.

"Charlie! The condom, we must use a condom. Don't fuck
me without the condom."

Charlie hesitated his cock head was in her slit, she
didn't push him with her hands, she didn't squirm to
get out for under him, she hadn't denied him at all. He
knew then she would take his cock without the condom if
he just plunged on in, her eyes were passion filled as
she looked at him. She was simply leaving him in charge
all she did was remind him, Charlie found new respect
for Sarah as she wouldn't challenge his manhood she
appealed to his common sense.

"Yes, yes, I forgot. I told you that you drive me
crazy, I can't think of anything except making love to

Sarah smiled. Charlie reached to the table and got the
last condom and rising to his knees tore open the
wrapper and rolled it on his cock. He remembered when
he bought them that he thought a three pack was
unnecessary as he wouldn't get many chances to use them
and this was the last one.

"This is the last one."

"Do you think we might need some more Charlie?" Sarah
said with a smile.

"Would be nice wouldn't it."

Maybe we should try to make that one last a long time."

"Well, I could wash it out and use it again, I guess.
But we won't have much time if I keep on talking."

As Charlie leaned back down to Sarah she lifted her
legs and put them around his waist and locked them with
her ankles and he sank his cock in her wet aroused cunt
all the way to the bottom. Sarah sighed as he entered
and cooed when he fused his pelvis to hers. It felt so
good to Charlie that he just lay between Sarah's legs
and kissed her lips, cheeks, neck, and eyes delighting
in the freshness of her skin and sweet scent of her
hair and body.

Sarah kissed back and just lay there letting him have
her how ever he wished for she was getting what she
wanted a good stiff cock in her cunt and no hurrying,
no quick come from a half drunk freshman who just
wanted a piece. She realized that this was what she had
always wanted, to be the only thing that the man or men
or women and men desired at that moment, to be fucked
continuously or at least know that she would be fucked
again as soon as someone could recover and had the
desire to fuck her.

"Oh Charlie, you are so good. Just hold and kiss me
like this all night. Take me or hold me prisoner with
your cock in me, I don't care which."

"Sarah, I wish I could just lay here and kiss you all
night but I have to fuck you, I want to make you cum a
million times and then fill you with a condom full of

"Do it Charlie, what ever you want to do, do it. Fuck
me to death if you want to."

Charlie began to pull out and then slide back in, he
kept it slow because he knew this would have to last,
it was his last time tonight. He wouldn't be able to
cum again tonight he wouldn't have the energy. In fact
he might not be able to cum for a week, this was his
first time at multiple sex. It might also be his last
time anytime, she might feel different tomorrow in the
light of day when she thought of his wrinkled ball sack
and thinning hair on his head.

So Charlie and Sarah pleasured each other and
themselves because they both were content with what was
available to them now and neither wanted it to end
right now. Sarah came first and she shuddered though
her climax kissing him with wet sloppy kisses, she also
came again before Charlie begin to get faster and
finally his cock jerked and fed his cum into the
condom, Sarah flashed a quick climax that was weak just
as he was finishing.

They lay side by side holding one another and slipped
into a dreamless sleep before Charlie's cock slipped
from her cunt.

To be continued...


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