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She was so pretty and sexy looking
Best Fuck Ever

I am 35 years old and have a really good wife and two adorable children. Tommy is 13 and Lisa is 11.
I work at a well known manufacturing plant as a Supervisor and don't work on weekends. My family and I
would normally host dinner parties, Sunday lunches, family picnics etc. You now the regular family
lifestyle that so many crave for. My sex life is actually on a high and since my wife is very good
in bed I don't really have any urges to go astray. It was now the big moment when our anniversary
arrived and we were hosting a dinner with family and friends. Now I had invited two of my male friends
to join us with their families and so all was going quite fine. At the dinner party as everyone is
busy talking and just having a good time, my two work friends and I went out onto the patio to have
a smoke and some beers. As things were getting interesting Tom then asked me " hey who is that hot
looking baby doll in the blue dress?" I told him it was my wife's niece. I was a bit shocked to
hear Tom talk of Sandy in such an erotic way. He was just bragging as to what he would do if he had
such a pretty girl to have some fun with.

Now for the first time I was thinking about what it would actually be like to have a pretty young
girl like Sandy for myself. As the night went on and dinner was over and now time for dessert and
games I was a bit tired and so went to freshen up in my own room. As I was going upstairs Sandy
followed me and I asked her where is she headed to? She told me that she just wants to look around
my huge 6 bedroom house and so I was fine with it. I went and took a shower and went back down to
join the fun. My wife asked me if I wanted anything and I was more thinking about what Tom was saying
earlier. As midnight drew closer some folks were making their way home some of the family would be
spending the night. We had three guest rooms and a pool house. When I made the check of
who would be staying I realized that Sandy and her mom Leera would be staying as well. For some
strange reason my wife wanted to let Leera and Sandy spend the night in the pool house while the rest
stay in the house. I was ok with it and so everything went well. Now with the mixture of alcohol
and feeling a bit horny I noticed that I was thinking of Sandy a lot, especially here naked body
and pretty face.

So all is set and everyone went to their rooms and retired for the night. At 12:35am my wife was
dead asleep and I was watching some TV. As I was relaxing I noticed a sound of footsteps outside.
My room lights were off and so I got up and walked towards my window a took a slight peep and noticed
a male figure approaching the pool house and so I got nervous and within seconds I saw Leera come out
and she and the man went into my flower garden. I was shocked and curious at the same time. Not as to
what they were doing in my garden but I wanted to know who the man was since Leera is married and her
husband Frank is out of town on business. So I went downstairs and opened my back door quietly and
walked slowly around the opposite side of the garden when I can hear faint sounds and as I got closer
I then realized that Leera was getting a full load of cock and very soon I then noticed that it
was "my friend" Tom pumping my sister-in-law pussy and I was so horny and was dripping in pre cum.
I wanted to come forward and bust them but I did not. As they fucked and sucked each other I slowly
backed away and went back into the house and fixed myself a drink. As I was doing so I was spooked out of
pants when I heard a knock on my back door. It was now 1:20am and when I peeped I saw Leera in her
green robe and I opened for her and she told me that she could not sleep and saw then lights come on
in the kitchen and so came across for a snack and drink. I was so nervous that I had to say something.

I said "Leera how are things with you and Frank?" She answered as if nothing just happened and so
I told her " Leera what’s up with you and Tom?" She quickly looked at me said "what are you talking
about?" I said " well I saw you and Tom in the flower garden a few minutes ago and by the way you smell
like sex". Leera was speechless and immediately responded in a begging way. She got nervous and asked
me not to tell anyone especially Frank and that she would do anything for me and so my mind went
thinking. I told Leera that what I want she might not afford. She asked me if I want sex and I told
her yes but not with her. She was puzzled and then she got the idea and she was not in favor when
she realized that I wanted to have sex with Sandy and not her. Leera mentioned that Sandy is just
13 and is a virgin and after a few minutes of not backing down I then told her well if I can't get
Sandy then I am going to tell and so Leera said ok and I should also know that Sandy has a crush on me
and has been telling Leera that she wants to marry me. I was happy to hear that and so Leera left
and went over to the pool house. It was now 2am and I then went across and then inside and locked
the door. To my surprise Sandy was up and looking lively and so I sat down and Leera told me to be
gentle and I assured that Sandy is in good hands. So Leera went outside and waited on my patio.

So now I got to Sandy and what she said next to me made me a happy man. Sandy said " I could not
wait for her to go". I asked her how come? And she told me that she was so over joyed when her mom
told her that I will be spending an hour with her and that she should do as I say. That is when I
realized that this young woman was really in love with me. So I took her hand and we went into the bedroom.
I was wearing a black boxer and brown t-shirt and Sandy had on the cutest little panty and short
t-shirt. I asked her if she ever had sex and it was a nervous "No". I told don't worry I will be gentle.
I then took my shirt off and then took her shirt off and I almost die when I saw her upper body.
It was so smooth and young. I massaged her small tits and she was loving it. My love meat was already
hard and bulging out and then I kneeled down between her legs since she was sitting on the edge of
the bed. I then proceed to remove her panties and boy oh boy it was like Christmas morning. I took
pleasure to unwrap my gift. She had small hairs around her mound and I started to sweat a bit from being
nervous and horny at the same time. I told her to lay down and relax and so I was going to suck her
virgin pussy. When my tongue made first contact with her pink pussy lips she jumped and soon told me
that my tongue was making her feel warm and sexy. She tasted so clean and delicious. For the first time
I was willing to suck and lick a pussy and swallow everything. I was in heaven and this young girl was
making my mind go into over drive. As I suck on her clit and pussy lips she was just moaning and crying out in
pleasure for me not to stop and so I was more than happy to please her.

I then moved up and got on top of her when I told her that I want her to suck my cock. One thing for
sure was that she was willing to do as I saw. I then layed down and my rock hard solid 7" of fuck meat
came to life and when Sandy held it with her soft warm hand it was pure magic. It was like the first time
I was having sex and I was loving every moment. She then started to stroke my cock slowly up and
down until my pre cum was just oozing out onto her hand. I then guided her head towards my cock and
she know exactly what to do and she took almost half my cock in her mouth. Now the rush from all
the excitement was making the moment so erotic and sexy. Her mouth was soft and she did a fairly
good job for her first blow. I then got up and layed her down gently and moved over her and whispered
soft in her ear " just relax and the pain will go quickly then you will experience a feeling that
will blow your mind".

I then positioned myself in line and I rubbed my cock head up and down her pussy a few times and
then I just pushed slowly and about 2 inches went in. Boy was her pussy tight but yet very wet and hot as
ever. I pulled out and teased her cunt for a few minutes then I just gave a slow powerful push and
then her hymen broke and she bit her lips and I can tell she was in pain but handled it like a pro.
For me I was being controlled by pure passion and my entire body was in ecstasy. Her pussy was clamping
around my cock and made it so tight. With every push and pull and I feel every inch of my cock making
contact with this hot young pussy. She the started to move with my thrusts and soon she was like an
animal and we started to fuck and boy it was great. After a few minutes she was just moaning and begging to
to fuck her pussy and then she burst into tears of pleasure and was having a very strong orgasm.
I knew because her grip around my back was so strong and then I felt my load building. I started to go
faster and the sound of her groans made me more horny and then suddenly I released a huge load
of hot cum up in her cunt. It felt great being able to cum deep in a tight pussy like Sandy. After
my cock went limp I pulled out and can clearly see my cum mixed with hers oozing out her vagina.
We cleaned up and Sandy told me that she wants us to do this again the following day. I told her we
will have to make proper arrangements for that to happen. As I came out the pool house Leera came
across and told me "I do hope you keep your end of the bargain or else I will tell your wife", I said
"agreed". I went in the house and took a shower and went to sleep with my wife fast asleep.

Next morning everyone was up and about and Leera and Sandy were very relaxed and then the announcement
came that all the ladies will be going shopping and then men can do what ever they want. I decided that I
will stay at home and get some rest also tend to my garden. So now it was just four men at home and
lucky me, Sandy stayed at home too. She then joined me in the garden and we fucked on the same spot
her mom got fucked the night before. So now every time we plan a get together, Tom has to be invited, Sandy and Leera and so everyone is happy. Well at least Leera, Tom, Sandy and myself.

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2011-09-23 20:36:56
This is great stuff. I am so wet now. Going and get my dog Will to lick my pussy and then have him fuck me with his love meat. I like you stories nice n slow.

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2010-08-31 13:11:48
putting fingers in my little pussy. Then he kissed down my belly and chest, to mypussy again, and then put his cock back at my entrance. He said Baby this is going to hurt you, then it's going to feel good. I said just put it in. He slowly stroked then hit my cherry, stopped, looked down at me, and said baby here we go, don't scream, just pinch my arm and bite your lip. Then he pushed through. I cried out, then he put one hand over my mouth and kept fucking me, but slowly. The pain got better. He was holding my little hips in his hands and helping me move back and forth, he was pulling me onto his cock, helping me fuck. Then we put the blanket on the ground, and he got on top of me, but held himself up with his arms so not to smash me. I had orgasm after orgasm, better than the ones I had with his fingers, better than when my friends and I would rub each others pussies. continued

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2010-08-31 13:05:40
Now, I was 10, going to be 11 the next day. The more he moved his cock right inside my pussy, the better it felt, and I wanted more of him inside me. He said he couldn't do that with me on top, because it would hurt. We slipped outside to the picnic table, he laid a blanket on there, and laid me on top of the table with my pussy at the edge. He bent over and started licking and sucking my little virgin pussy and I was bucking like wild. His big cock I could see in the moonlight and I said for him to please put it in my pussy. He stood next to me, and slowly put the tip in again, and I was bucking at him, wanting more. But he went really slow, then he just stopped. For some reason I was squeezing my little nipples when he would put his dick in me a little bit. He leaned down and lightly nibbled and sucked them, then kissed me for the first time ever on the lips. Took my breath away. I hungrily took his tongue and tongued him back, while at this time he was....cont

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2010-08-31 12:59:49
Then he unzipped his jeans, and took out his cock. I hadn't seen a cock in real life before and it scared me and fascinated me. I knew what it was because of talk at school and looking at my dad's hidden magazines. Uncle said he had a special birthday present for me. He had my pussy really wet, as I got VERY wet when he fondled me. He turned me around to face him, and then started rubbing his cock against my pussy. I loved how that felt! My hips just automatically moved back and forth when he touched me there, or when I thought about him touching me there. He put the tip of his big, hard cock in my pussy a little bit, and while it hurt, it felt sooo good too! more to follow

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2010-08-31 12:55:29
For my 11th birthday we were having a party at my aunt and uncle's house for me. They lived out in the country, had a creek for swimming, horses, and lots more room than we had in our city house. I stayed all night the night before, and as usual, stayed up to watch TV with my uncle. I only stayed there in the summer and on long weekends or school holidays because I had cousins my age and loved to be out in the country. On this night, my uncle was fingering me again, and I was feeling good and moving my hips back and forth....continued

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