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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is based on the true first-time experience of a dear friend. She loved it so much that she begged me to submit it to XNXX, which I had never even heard of before. This is my first attempt at writing erotic fiction. Please help out a new writer by posting a constructive comment below.

As a result of writing this story, I've fallen in love with the 'bg' genre and would like to write about more true first-time 'bg' experiences. If you lost your virginity in a real-life 'bg' relationship, you can fill out an anonymous survey through the link in my profile. I can't promise to adapt all of your stories, but I'll do my best if you can take the time to give me something to work with.


First-Time Tales #1: Emily and Jason
By Missy Younglove

I first made love early on a fresh spring morning back in 1994. I was 11 years old and he was 12.

We were kind of a Mutt and Jeff pair. He was small, skinny and blond while I was tall, stocky, and dark. Even though he was a year older than me, he'd barely started puberty while I already had breasts the size of oranges and a fairly mature (and horny) vagina. I was already a good six inches taller than he was.

We were both pretty average-looking kids. Better-looking boys had shown an interest in me because my body was more mature than a lot of girls my age, but I liked Jason because he was funny and made me laugh a lot. We'd known each other for about a year and had just decided to go steady and prove our love by fucking.

We had fooled around a little bit, mostly in the weeks leading up to that. It started out as innocent stuff that gradually became less innocent. We usually played little games of keep-away while sitting on a bench or a couch. We'd take turns pretending to grab for an object while "accidentally" grabbing whatever we wanted on the other person's body. At first, we'd touch each other very tentatively, but that turned into full-out petting over the course of a few weeks when we could find enough privacy for it.

Eventually, we stopped all pretense of game-playing. We just found a private spot and kissed and petted like the lust-crazed kids we were. Fearing discovery, we'd always stayed fully clothed while slipping our hands underneath each other's clothing. He'd caress my breasts and dripping pussy while I mainly played with his hard little cock inside his loose boxers.

It didn't take me long to discover that our sessions would be over as soon as I felt his warm, watery fluid oozing into my fist. I learned to handle it very carefully until I'd gotten my own thrills. I don't think I ever really came from his awkward stroking, but I did get some nice little tingles and shivers out of it. Jason got his horny little nuts off every time, though.

We both had older siblings who'd already started having sex and loved it. We also knew of other kids in school who'd lost their virginity, so it was pretty much a no-brainer for us at that point. We decided to go steady on a Friday evening and to make love the following morning when everyone else was still in bed.

I was so excited that I didn't sleep a wink that night. I was so horny that I must have frigged myself a hundred times and had to put a towel underneath me to soak up the juices that were steadily flowing out of my pussy. Finally, at ten minutes before 6:00, I threw on a loose pair of shorts and a T-shirt with nothing on underneath, quietly snuck out of the house, and trotted eagerly around the block to where he lived.

I saw him perched nervously on an old tricycle near the side door to his garage and his face lit up with delight the moment he saw me. He hair was a tousled mess and he had circles under his eyes from his own sleepless night, but he couldn't have looked any better to me. I'm sure I was in a similar state, but he didn't seem to care one bit. We quietly went into the garage and he led me to a little fort he'd made amidst several stacks of boxes. The floor was padded with old moving blankets, but he'd thrown a clean beach towel over them. His pants were already tented out with his little boner.

I pulled him close and we kissed deeply. His hard-on went straight between my legs and rubbed against my crotch. We kissed and thrust against each other until our overheated young bodies needed too much air and we had to pull apart, gasping. I reached up and pulled my shirt off in one smooth motion. Tossing it aside, I stood there looking hotly at him. He was stunned, staring wide-eyed at my jiggling boobies for the very first time.

It made me feel good to be admired in such a way, but I didn't have the patience to let him stare very long. I grabbed his shirt and started to lift it off. He finally got the message and helped. Soon, I was staring at his bony, undeveloped chest and tiny nipples. I looked pointedly down at his tented pants until a blush spread from his face to his chest. He didn't hesitate long, though, and soon I was staring at the object I'd been wanting to see for so long.

It was circumcised and about three inches long, with a gentle upward curve. It was also hard, throbbing, and pointed almost straight up at my wondering eyes. The stalk was very pale, but the plump, mushroom-shaped head was a purplish pink. There was a tiny slit at the end that had pouted open to emit a tiny bead of clear fluid. His balls were pulled into a tight round sack that was a deep pink near the top, fading to pale white underneath. I could see the little ovals inside, kind of pulled forward and up rather than sitting at the bottom. They looked to be just a little larger than almonds. I watched the stalk bob in the air for several beats of his heart while my mouth watered and my pussy dripped at the sight of his perfect little organ.

Finally, I pulled my own shorts down to reveal my full, dark bush. My inner thighs were smeared with my juices, but my embarrassment was eased by his delighted gasp of appreciation.

My knees had grown weak, so I sat down on the towel with one knee in the air and patted the spot next to me. He sank down and I directed him to lie on his back in front of me so that I could look down on his beautiful little boyhood. The clear little droplet had moved to his hairless abdomen when his prick bounced against it, leaving just a slimy film at the tip which had become more red in color. Looking closely, I could just barely see the tiny blond fuzz that had sprouted on his pubic mound just above his balls. I could also see three blond strands growing from the bottom of his scrotum.

I took him in my fist and began to pump him gently, wanting to finally see what it looked like when he got off rather than just feel it on my hand. I wasn't aware at the time that boys' orgasms were any different from girls'. I knew that I could have several in a row, so why couldn't he?

My concentration was momentarily broken when I felt his cool fingers gently probing my vagina. I scooted my bottom a little bit to give him a better view of the aroused pinkness inside and heard him sigh appreciatively. I rubbed his bony chest with my free hand while I let my gaze wander between his crotch and his face. He was being gentle with my pussy and his fingers felt nice rubbing along the meaty ridge that housed my swollen clitoris. I knew that my vagina was drooling uncontrollably into his hand but he didn't seem to mind at all.

After about 20 or 30 seconds, his body started to jerk with the familiar agitation that signaled his approaching orgasm. I noted with interest that his ball sack was no longer round. It had flattened like a pancake near the base of his cock with his little balls nestling tightly against his stalk. When I looked back at his face, it had grown red and his eyes were wide and watery. He started to sit up and pull me down onto the blankets, obviously wanting to mount me right then and there, but I wanted to watch him come so I resisted. He finally laid back down with a look of disappointment as I continued to gently pump him.

I groaned and squirmed as I finally felt one of his fingers enter my love tunnel. I usually resisted his poking me there, but not this time. I clamped down tightly on his probing digit and enjoyed the feel of something hard inside my dripping channel. That seemed to set something off in him because his hips began to jerk upward in chaotic little thrusts and he started to whimper like an excited puppy.

Then I felt his free hand cover my fist and hold it tightly. His penis swelled, then began to throb strongly. Little droplets began to fly out of the slit in his cock and sprinkle his tummy faster than my eyes could see in the gloom of the garage. There must have been about 20 clear little puddles by the time his hand began to guide mine in a slow milking motion and I felt the familiar warm wetness of his oozing juices start to smear my palm. I was fascinated by the entire process and felt an urge to lick it all up but was afraid that it would taste like pee.

After that, he pulled his fingers away from my pussy and just sort of laid there with his eyes closed and a satisfied look on his face as his dick went soft and limp in my hand. When it finally became a slimy little noodle, I let go of it and dried my hand on the towel next to me. He may have been satisfied, but watching him get off had made me hornier than ever!

I moved my bottom down next to his, then leaned over him until my breasts were crushing my swollen nipples against his warm, skinny chest. More juices filled my pussy as sparks of pleasure shot down to it from my breasts. I pressed my lips to his and began to kiss him passionately. He didn't respond at first, but I was insistent. Finally, he let my tongue into his mouth and we began to French. That really seemed to perk him up and he began to fondle the sides of my breasts. I raised myself up onto my knees to give him better access, and he took a breast into each of his soft little hands and began to knead them thoroughly, pinching my nips delightfully between his thumb and forefingers.

I pulled my mouth away from his to gasp for air and looked down to see three inches of hard, throbbing boy meat pointing straight at me. I raised my eyes back to his and learned what pure, burning desire looked like. He must have seen the same thing in mine, because he rose up and pressed me back onto the towel. This time, I laid back willingly and even felt my knees rise and fall apart as my body instinctively prepared itself to receive him. The air felt cool and comforting against the swollen, overheated tissues of my vagina.

His excited little prick bounced and swayed as he moved between my upthrust knees. I watched as he sat back on his heels for a moment to gaze at the swollen, dripping vagina that was about to take his virginity. Meanwhile, I gazed hungrily at the proud young cock and tight little ball sack that were moments away from putting an end to my own life as a virgin.

Our eyes met once again, then he placed a hand flat on the towel beneath each of my armpits and stretched his lean body over mine with his arms outstretched so that we could both watch his penis home in on my waiting bullseye. Then I felt its burning touch as he brought it in contact with my clitoris. I gasped as my hips jerked upward to crush the throbbing erection against my wet pussy. He pressed back and we ground our inflamed crotches together, moaning and grunting with the new and wonderful sensations that were overloading our young brains. It only took a few moments for the head of his penis to find my gaping entrance and work its way inside. I clamped my cunt muscles down on it to trap it there, but he had no intention of pulling it out again. He thrust it home firmly and I felt a brief sting as he broke through my maidenhead and slid deeply into me with a loud, wet smacking noise. His arms gave out and he fell flat on top of me, driving me down into the mats and pressing himself even more deeply inside of me.

Neither of us moved for what seemed like a long time, but was probably just a minute. I reveled in the feeling of having a hard cock in me for the first time. Even though I was very wet, I could clearly feel its slender, curving form and the swollen tip at the end. I began to experimentally flex my cunt muscles around his cock and was delighted when he started to moan with pleasure. He was the perfect size for me, making me feel satisfyingly full but not painfully so. He had dropped his full weight onto me, but I felt no discomfort at all. I rubbed my hands down his smooth back and hairless buttocks, feeling very secure and content beneath him. The only awkward part was that his unkempt hair was right at the level of my mouth.

It began with a gentle screwing motion of his hips that sent sparks of pleasure from my clitty through the rest of my body. His bald pubic area rubbed warmly against my slimy clit ridge, sending me into girl heaven. His chin had been pressing into the top of one of my breasts, so he pulled himself up to hook it over my shoulder. Doing so caused his prick to angle downward so that the top ridge of his prick scraped warmly against my swollen and exposed clitty. That sent me into girl seventh heaven.

He then began to nail me with gentle vertical thrusts that quickly had me breathing hard and approaching my first penis-induced orgasm. My clitty felt like it was about to burst into flames and my nipples became hard little peas beneath his warm chest. I tried to hold back but it hit me like a sledge hammer. It was all I could do not to wake his whole family as my mouth opened in a silent scream and my pussy began to spasm wildly, chewing hard on his invading boy meat. He froze at the bottom of a thrust, apparently puzzled by the sudden tenseness in my body and the wild spasms he was feeling inside of me.

"I'm coming, I'm coming! Hold still," I managed to gasp through a mouthful of his hair. He heard and remained still while I blissfully came all over his hard little prick. The intense feelings had started in my overstimulated clitoris, then flared both outward to my nipples and inward to the depths of my vagina. It was the most powerful orgasm of my young life, made even more wonderful by having a nice hard boy cock to squeeze on while it happened.

"That feels good," I heard him whisper in my ear as my orgasm finally began to wane.

After a minute, I gave him a pat on his soft, boyish bottom and said "OK, go". He did so, with abandon. Getting milked by my spasming cunt must have gotten him pretty worked up, because there was no gentleness now. He began to fuck me with with boyish enthusiasm. Loud smacking and slurping noises began to echo in the garage as he slid his penis in and out of me at warp speed. It only took half a minute of that for me to have another orgasm. This one was just as intense but it hit me with no warning whatsoever. One moment, I was laying there enjoying the feel of his boy cock slamming into me, the next, I was bucking underneath him like a mad woman. I tried desperately to grab his butt and grind him down into me as I came all over him again, but he was too far gone in his own pleasure to even notice. My pussy just had to grasp at whatever it could each time it spasmed. His balls and my bottom were by then completely gooey from my thick orgasmic juices, making the noises of our fucking even louder.

Jason's breathing was harsh and hot against my neck as my bottom finally sank back down to the towel. His slender hips were going a mile a minute, driving his young meat in and out of me as hard and fast as he could go. I knew he was close to getting his little nuts off and was curious to see what it would feel like when it happened inside of me. It only took a few more frantic thrusts to find out.

He began to come in the middle of one of those rabbit thrusts. I heard him make a tiny "Nngh" sound in my ear, then his penis swelled as he was in the process of driving it home. It stayed thick as he made a couple more rapid thrusts. Then he began fucking me much more slowly and chaotically as his hips shook and spasmed. That lasted for about six or seven thrusts, then his body went limp as he pressed his prick as far into me as he could and held it there tightly. It swelled and strained in there for what seemed like a really long time, but was probably just 15 or 20 seconds. I did my best to try and feel his juices squirting into me, but I was already so unbelievably wet that I probably would have had a hard time feeling a grown-up cock shooting off in there.

I caressed him while he laid relaxed and satisfied on top of me. His limp little noodle finally fell out of me about a minute later. I quickly wiped my cunt with the towel, then tenderly and carefully wiped my thick, white juices off his loose little nut sack and limp red penis. It was hard to believe that soft little thing had just taken my virginity forever.


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Great and tender story. really enjoyed it.

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wow, you are a writer. I almost forgot about their ages. Your hot!

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my best bj story later receving my first cock in my cunt !!!

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So drawn to these first time stories. My first time: I was 18, he was 23, and it totally sucked.

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