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My son's lesbian friend comes over to visit
My name is Susan Walker and I am 40 years old and extremely beautiful. I weigh about 110 pounds and have the perfect bikini body with a tight, shapely ass, a flat stomach and just the right size pair of tits for my petite frame. My tits are still firm as a couple of grapefruit and their nipples are always hard. I love showing them off, so I seldom wear a bra. I think the last time I put one on was when we had to go to a funeral about a year ago. However, I decided at the last minute not to. I just wore a black women's business suit jacket and the matching skirt.

After the funeral service was over, everyone went outside to place flowers on the casket sitting over the grave. When I took my turn to put flowers on it, I leaned way over and everyone's eyes immediately went to my beautiful naked breasts hanging down inside my business suit top. The people behind me got a great view also when they watched my short skirt rise up and expose the bottom of my naked ass cheeks. Even funerals can be fun sometimes! I just love the looks I get when I go grocery shopping wearing just a tank top and a pair of shorts. The cool air in the store makes my nipples perk up even more and they try to push their way through the thin material that restrains them.

As I push my shopping cart around the store, my tits jiggle slightly and I frequently whip my long blonde hair around in the air. If I notice a nice looking man, or a beautiful girl watching me, I smile at them as I lick my lips over and over. Yes, I like women too. I especially like young girls in their early twenties with perfect bodies and hair. I have met more girls in the grocery store than anywhere else. All I do is get really close to them and start a conversation. After a couple of minutes, I decide whether or not I want to invite the girl over for a couple of drinks.

Once they accept, I take a quick glance around the store, then take hold of their wrist and guide their hand underneath my tank top so they can get a preview of what is coming up later. They always show up at my house promptly on the day and time I give them. Sometimes they even bring their girlfriends and we have a threesome! Anyway, I am in the kitchen getting lemonade and vodka drinks for my twenty one year old daughter and myself. My husband is upstairs taking a nap, and my twenty two year old son, Tommy, should be arriving home from college for spring break at any time.

Suddenly, I hear a car coming up our long driveway and run to the living room to see who it is. Oh! It's Tommy! I open the front door and run out to has car. Outside in the bright sunlight we immediately embrace and begin to passionately kiss each other. Tommy slides his hands down my back, runs them underneath the fabric of my bikini bottoms and starts squeezing the cheeks of my ass while we stick our tongues in each others mouths.

After a couple of minutes my son leans back a little and says "Mom, you and Krissy can kiss better than any of those girls at the college!" Just then I hear someone yelling "Hi Tommy! Hi Tommy and Susan!" I look across the street and see my neighbor Monica watching us while she waters her flowers with a garden hose. She has a fantastic body and I go over to her house regularly to have sex with her. I yell at Monica "My son Tommy is home from college for two weeks!"

Monica replies "Tommy! My husband is out of town all week visiting his parents! Make sure you come over to have coffee with me if you have time! I have some new bikini swimsuits I want to model for you!" Tommy waves at her, then suddenly reaches around behind me and unties my bikini top. I immediately put my arms across my breasts so he can't pull it off, but he gives the top a big yank and throws it on the hood of his car.

He loves looking at my naked body, but forcefully stripping my bikini top off outside in public is going to far! Just then a car going down the road slows down and the horn beeps. I look towards that direction and see it is a car full of good looking young men, so I wave to them.

Then, I put my hands on my hips and sternly say to my son "Jesus Christ Tommy, can't you wait until later tonight to get me naked? Your father is upstairs taking a nap, but he may have gotten out of bed and might be in the living room watching us!" I lean over the hood of the car to get my bikini top and Tommy steps behind me and pulls my bikini bottoms down to my ankles. To avoid tripping, I step out of them and start running towards the front porch. My son quickly catches up to me and puts his arms around my waist. He pulls me back against his muscular, naked chest then moves both his hands up and grabs my naked tits.

As I struggle to break free of his embrace, I scream at him "Tommy! Behave yourself!" Then I say "If you let go of me now, I will let you do anything you want to me inside our house." My son releases his grip from my breasts and I run into the house then walk over to the big picture window. I look up and down the road to see if there are any more neighbors that have just seen my son strip me naked in the driveway. Luckily, the only person I see is Monica.

As I have been looking out the picture window, my son has taken off his shorts and is now completely naked. He steps behind me, runs his arms around to the front of me and grabs my tits with both hands. He pulls me back against his chest while he moves his hard cock up and down between my ass cheeks. I struggle to get away from him, but he pushes me up against the picture window. I look across the street and see Monica is looking directly at me with a big smile on her face.

After a few seconds, Tommy forces me to turn around, and he guides me over to the couch. Then, he forces me to bend over, so I extend my arms and place my hands on the cushions to support myself. I look over my shoulder through the picture window and see that Monica is still watching us. She can see in our living room perfectly because we have a skylight we open during the day and it floods the room with a bright white light.

Tommy has positioned his cock at the entrance to my pussy and is ready penetrate me at any second. I say to him "Jesus Christ Tommy, you can't fuck me here in the living room with the neighbors watching!" My son thrusts his hips forward and his hard cock slides inside me about three or four inches. Oh my God it feels wonderful inside me! He then grabs my hips with both of his hand and begins to fuck the hell out of me.

Jesus Christ does he have a big cock! We measured it once and it is ten inches long, but I think it may have grown since he went off to college! Being treated like a cheap slut by my son really turns me on, but I don't want him to know that, so I look over my shoulder at him and say "Stop fucking me right now you mother fucker!"

Then I say "Your father may come downstairs at any moment and see you ramming your big hard cock into my tight little pussy! Stop fucking me right this moment before we get caught!" My son then pushes my head down and slaps my naked white ass over and over again. Slap, slap, slap. I shout at my son "Stop slapping me you fucking bastard! How am I going to explain to your father how I got red hand prints on my ass!"

My son responds by grabbing my long blonde hair and yanks my head back while he continues thrusting his cock into me over and over. I just love it when he forcefully pulls on my hair, but I say to him "Let go of my hair you son of a bitch!" Suddenly, he lets go of my hair and pulls his cock out of me. I think he is done with me, but he grabs my shoulders and makes me stand up. Then, he pushes me across the room to the picture window. I look outside and see Monica and another one of my girlfriend neighbors, Michelle, standing in the street intently watching us. They wave to me and smile, so I wave back to them.

Tommy immediately forces me up against the picture window and my tits compress against the glass and bulge out the sides of me. Then, he shoves his cock back into me, grabs my hips and starts fucking me again. Monica and Michelle just stand there in the street and watch as my son fucks the hell out of me for the next five minutes.

Just then, I hear the patio door open, and I struggle to turn my head around to see who it is. Thank God it is not my husband! It is my daughter Krissy, and she is probably just going to get a glass of lemonade from the kitchen, then go back out to the pool area. She walks towards the refrigerator, but suddenly looks over towards the living room and sees Tommy fucking me up against the living room picture window. She so excited seeing her brother again that she runs over to us and begins kissing him. Tommy stops fucking me, but keeps his cock all the way inside my pussy while he and his sister passionately kiss each other.

I look out the picture window and see that Monica must have run inside her house to get her camera, because she is taking pictures and video of what is going on in our living room. I look over my shoulder at my kids and see Tommy has slid his right hand under Krissy's bikini bottoms and is caressing her naked ass cheeks. After a minute, Krissy stands back while her brother places his hands back on my hips and goes back to ramming his cock in and out of me. In and out, in and out he keeps ramming his cock into my tight, little pussy.

After a couple of minutes he says to Krissy "Get down on your knees next to me because I am going to shoot my load in your face!" My daughter immediately strips off her bikini and gets down like her brother told her. Tommy fucks me for a few more seconds, then pulls his cock out of me and aims it at his sister's face. Suddenly, a huge stream of sperm shoots out of him and hits her right in the eyes. She starts blinking to get her vision back, then Tommy shoots another big load right into her open mouth.

She swallows a couple of times then reaches out, grabs her brother's cock and pulls him closer to her. She opens her mouth wide and forces his cock all the way down her throat. She keeps it inside of her for a few seconds, then backs her head away slowly. Krissy then says "Mom! Did you see that? I had Tommy's cock all the way inside my mouth just like you!" I tell my daughter that I am proud of her, then I look back through the picture window and see Monica and Michelle walking towards Monica's front porch. They almost get to the porch, then suddenly stop, put their arms around each other and start kissing!

I watch them intently while they run their hands all over each others sexy bodies. Suddenly, Monica unties Michelle's bikini top and yanks it off her! Then, Monica holds the top over her head as Michelle starts jumping up to get it back. I am enjoying watching Michelle's firm twenty one year old breasts bounce around in the daylight, especially knowing that I have flicked my tongue around those hard nipples of hers on plenty of occasions. After a few seconds, Monica throws the bikini top back to Michelle and she casually pulls it over her breasts and turns around for Monica to tie the strings together.

I run to the open front door and say "Monica! I want a copy of that video you just made of Tommy and myself when I come over for coffee at the regular time next week! Also, put your camera on your tripod and make a video of you and Michelle having fun this afternoon, just like you did when I was over your house last week! My husband really enjoyed it!" Monica yells back "I will turn on the video camera for you, but I don't think the video of Michelle and I will be as good as the one I took of you, Tommy and Krissy! Your tits looked so sexy squashed up against the picture window glass while your son fucked you from behind!"

Suddenly, I hear a phone ring upstairs. My husband answers it and I can hear him talking. My kids and I quickly put our clothes back on and go to the kitchen for some refreshments. My husband comes downstairs after a few minutes, gives his son a big hug, then explains he has to go out on a job and will be back in a few days. He gives Krissy and I a quick kiss, then walks to the garage. I look at my son, smile and say "Guess what Tommy? Looks like you have to sleep with me tonight! That will be your punishment for almost getting us caught fucking in the living room." Krissy then says "Oh Mom! I wanted Tommy to sleep with me the next time he comes home! It's not fair!"

Tommy says "Krissy, I made this friend at college, and she just happens to live a few blocks away. She is really pretty, but she is a lesbian. I told her about you and Mom and she wants to meet you both. In otherwards, she wants to have sex with you and Mom. I will call her up and invite her over to spend the night with you." Krissy gets terribly excited and begs her brother to call her. My son gets on the phone and calls his friend Carol. She accepts the invitation and is looking forward to spending the night with Krissy. I tell Tommy that I want to talk to Carol for a minute so he hands the phone to me.

I invite Carol for dinner and ask her if fresh ground steak burgers with homemade potato salad is okay. She says that sounds great, then I tell her to make sure she brings over her bikini, but she does not have to wear it if she does not want to. She laughs, then says she will be here at six o'clock sharp. I hang up the phone, then tell the kids to get out of the kitchen and have fun swimming while I make the potato salad.

At exactly six o'clock I have all celery, onions and bell pepper cut up for the potato salad. In a few minutes I will be able to chop the potatoes into sections after they cool down a little bit more. Suddenly, the doorbell rings and I walk through the living room to see who is there. I open the door and I see the most beautiful twenty one year old female I have ever seen in my life. Jesus Christ, she must be close to six feet tall and her body is absolutely perfect! Her huge tits have nipples that are poking through the fabric of her sheer blouse and her skirt must be the shortest one I have ever seen!

I reach out my hand to shake hers, but she puts her arms around me and gives me the best kiss from a woman I have ever had in my life! After the kiss, I feel a little unsteady on my feet, but manage to lead her into the kitchen to make her a lemonade and vodka drink. I open the freezer, get some ice cubes to put in the glass, then pour the lemonade into it. Then, I hand the ice cold glass to her and she takes a swallow while staring directly at my pussy. She says "Oh, this tastes good Mrs Walker, and I bet you do too!"

Then, she steps closer to me and leans down to kiss me. Our lips touch, then our tongues start playing with each other. After a few seconds we break our kiss, then she places her glass on the kitchen table and pulls two different colored bikinis from her purse. She holds them up and asks me which one I like best. I tell her the black one matches her long hair and I bet it will look good on her. She asks me "Is it okay Mrs Walker if I change into it here, or do you want me to go upstairs?" I tell her "Oh no, please feel free to change here. Tommy and Krissy are out by the pool and my husband is away on business."

As I grab my glass to put some more ice cubes I notice that I am trembling with excitement to see what Carol looks like in the nude. Carol looks me directly in the eyes as she slowly unbuttons her blouse and pulls it down off her shoulders. Jesus Christ what a magnificent pair of tits she has! I can't stop looking at them! They are big and firm and her dark brown, hard nipples must be sticking straight out about half an inch. I tell her "Oh Carol, you have gorgeous breasts! I don't think I have seen a pair that are so perfect as yours!"

She replies "Would you like to touch them?" I immediately sit my lemonade drink on the kitchen counter and walk over towards her. I stop about a foot from her, then reach up with both hands, quickly give them a feel, then start to turn around. Carol immediately reaches down, grabs my left wrist and says "Mrs Walker, don't be shy!" Then, she raises my arm and places my hand back on her breast. She says "Please spend a minute or so touching them. It feels so nice having a beautiful woman squeeze them and pinch the nipples." I am thrilled to please her, so I put both my hands back on her tits and start playing with them. I look up at her while I am gently pinching her nipples and we begin to passionately kiss each other. After a couple of minutes, I break the kiss, reluctantly release her gorgeous breasts and walk back to the kitchen counter to get my lemonade.

I take a drink from my glass and watch as Carol puts her thumbs inside of her skirt and pushes it down. Jesus Christ, she is so physically fit that I can see every muscle in her body expand and contract as she steps out of her skirt. After she places her skirt on the kitchen table, I can't help myself from staring directly at her pussy for a few seconds. It is beautiful! She must have just shaved it this morning because it is so smooth! I just want to get on my knees and bury my face between her legs, but she does not ask if I want to.

Anyway, I can't stand here and stare at her like this, so I put my drink down and start chopping up the potatoes. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see her naked body approaching behind me and she puts her arms around my waist. She whispers in my ear "Mrs Walker, is there anything you would like me to do for you?"

I can feel her naked hard nipples poking me in the back as she slowly moves her naked pussy back and forth against my bikini clad ass cheeks. I am trembling with excitement and unable to speak as she moves her hands up under my bikini top so she can feel my naked hard nipples. I continue chopping the potatoes as she removes her hands from my breasts and unties the strings holding my bikini top together. She starts pulling it down, so I relax my arms for a second to let her take it off me, then go back to chopping the potatoes.

Carol takes my bikini top and throws it on the kitchen table, then puts her hands back on my tits and begins gently caressing them while she leans over me and kisses my neck. She is breathing heavily and after a few seconds, she pushes my bikini bottoms down to the floor. I step out of them, then Carol gets down to her knees behind me, picks them up and throws them onto the kitchen table.

Then, she starts running her hands up and down my smooth shaven legs. She looks up at me and says "Mrs Walker, your legs are the most shapely ones I have ever put my hands on! They are so smooth and you have a nice tan!" I tell her "Thank you," then she grasps both my ass cheeks and pulls them apart. She says "Oh Mrs Walker, your ass looks so inviting! May I stick my tongue in it?"

Without waiting for a reply, Carol presses her face against my asshole and rams her tongue in it. Jesus Christ, her tongue is fucking long and I can feel it flick around inside me. I start moaning softly as she continues licking my ass for the next few minutes.

Suddenly, I realize that I had meant to go down to the liquor store for some more vodka earlier, but had forgotten. I say to her "Carol, we are out of Vodka and we have to go down to the liquor store to buy some more. We have the whole night ahead of us, and I want all of us to get really loaded tonight and do kinky things to each other. I will even jack off my son in front of you if you want, but right now, get your blouse and skirt on and let's go down to the liquor store."

Then I say "I want to get video of us shopping in the nude. I will tell my daughter to come with us to take the movie while you and I have fun walking around naked." She immediately stops pulls her tongue out of my ass and stands up next to me. She says "Oh Mrs Walker, I have always wanted to do something like that, but I could never get anyone to go with me!"

I shout out the kitchen window "Krissy, come in here and meet Carol!" Within a few seconds the sliding door to the patio opens and Carol and I watch as Krissy strips out of her wet bikini and throws it over the back of a patio chair. Krissy steps into the kitchen, closes the patio door, then walks over to Carol. They give each other a quick kiss, then Carol takes hold of Krissy's hand and looks her up and down. She says "Oh Krissy, I have been wanting to meet you for such a long time. Your brother is right, you do have a fantastic body and I love your smooth, shaven pussy."

I tell Krissy to run upstairs, get dressed and bring her video camera with her because she is going to take a movie of Carol and myself at the liquor store. Within a couple of minutes, Krissy is back in the kitchen and Carol has put her blouse and skirt on. I do not to put any clothes on because I will just have to take them off again when we get to the store. We walk out to the garage, get in my Cadillac and we speed down to the liquor store and park right outside the entrance.

I hesitate for a second about getting out of the car and going in the store because it is broad daylight, and there a lot of cars in the parking lot. But, the girls are really excited about our "adventure," so I can't let them down. I take a deep breath, then open the car door and get out. Carol and Krissy have already jumped out of the car on the passenger side and are excitedly stripping naked in the bright sunlight while traffic flows back and forth on the busy street in front of the liquor store.

Krissy opens the liquor store entrance door open for Carol and myself, then lets go of it and turns on her video camera. She starts capturing Carol and I holding hands walking naked to the Vodka department. We spend a few minutes selecting which brand to purchase while about six or seven lucky male shoppers gather around us. I am fucking horny as hell walking around naked in a liquor store while people watch me, so I put my arms around Carol and begin to kiss her. While we are kissing, we run our hands all over each others naked bodies. We are really putting on a show for the customers and more of them have come over to watch us in action.

After a few seconds, without warning, Carol drops to her knees and buries her face in my pussy. Krissy steps a little closer to get better video of me grabbing the back of Carol's head and force her face harder against me while I look into the camera and smile. After a couple of minutes, I feel a strong orgasm building up in me and I scream loudly "Jesus Fucking Christ!," then my whole body shudders and I feel unsteady on my feet. Carol immediately stands up and puts an arm around me.

After a few seconds I regain my composure, then all three of us walk over to the checkout counter. I put the half gallon of vodka on the counter top and the cute girls says to me "Should I just add this to your account Mrs Walker?" I say "Yes please," then we run out of the store and hop back into my car. We begin to laugh as I pull out of the store parking lot and head back to our house. I look in my rear view mirror and see about a dozen customers standing in the parking lot watching us drive away.

Within a couple of minutes we are parked in my driveway and all three of us naked girls get out and walk to the front porch. I look over my shoulder across the street and I see activity on the front porch of Monica's house, but I can't quite make it out, so I stop and shade my eyes from the setting sun with my hand so I can see better. Jesus Christ! Monica and Michelle are completely naked in a sixty nine position on Monica's front porch! I yell over at them "Hey you two across the street! What are you doing having sex on the front porch while people are driving by!"

Monica lifts her head up from Michelle's pussy and yells "We watched the video of your son fucking you against the picture window! We got so fucking horny we decided to give each other orgasms on my front porch while people drive by and watch us!"

I yell back at them "Are you getting this on video, because I want a copy of it!"

Monica replies "Of course I am, now let me get back to licking this twenty one year old girls pussy so we can make a great video for you!"

My daughter and Carol have already gone inside the house and are sitting on the couch watching the action across the street. I make my way to the kitchen and mix up a big batch of lemonade and vodka drinks, with plenty of ice cubes. As I pour ourselves fresh glasses of lemonade, I glance over at my daughter and her new friend Carol. They really like each other and are passionately kissing while they run their hand all over each others naked bodies.

Within a couple of minutes, Carol is on her knees in front of Krissy feverishly licking her pussy up and down. I bring the girls a couple of drinks and set them down on the coffee table. Carol stops licking Krissy's pussy for a few seconds to take a couple of large swallows of lemonade, then she buries her face back between her legs. I sit down in a comfortable chair next to the couch and alternate between watching the live sex show across the street and the one right next to me. After a while Krissy's moaning is making me fucking horny again, so I get down on the carpet behind Carol, push her white ass cheeks apart and begin licking her asshole.

Just then, my son Tommy walks into the living room and asks if he should turn on the grill and start cooking the burgers. I stop licking Carol's asshole then say "Jesus Christ, were having so much fun I almost forgot about dinner." I tell Tommy to get the burgers out of the refrigerator and start cooking them while I get the patio table ready. I give Carol one last kiss on her ass, then get to my feet.

For the fifteen minutes or so, the three of us naked girls sit around the patio table enjoying our drinks while we watch my son grilling the hamburgers. When they are done, I get up to get the potato salad, then bring it back to the table. We are having great conversation and are enjoying looking at each others naked bodies. After about an hour I say "Well, it is getting late. Let's go inside and watch television for a while before we go to pair off and go upstairs to go to bed."

I tell Krissy to get her video camera, mount it on a tripod in the corner of the living room pointed at the couch and leave it running. She does as I say and soon we are all comfortably nude watching a lesbian DVD movie. Carol is sitting in the big chair with her legs spread wide apart while my daughter Krissy sits on the floor in front of her. Carol keeps both of her hands on Krissy's head and gently moves it back and forth against her pussy while she has casual conversation with Tommy and myself.

After a few minutes Carol blurts out "So, Mrs Walker, I hear that you like to suck your son's cock!" Even though I have been making out with my son on the couch and stroking his cock up and down, I did not think that she would bring up the subject. Carol then says "I would really like to see you suck Tommy's big cock. Will you please do that for me? If you suck his cock, I will do anything you want me to." As she talks, I notice she is pulling my daughters head harder against her pussy. My daughter smiles and me and says "Go ahead Mom! Suck Tommy's cock while we watch!"

I say "Well, okay Carol. Krissy, get up and position the video camera so we have a good shot of this."

Krissy immediately gets up and adjusts the video camera so it will take a better view of what is happening on the couch. She then sits back down on the carpet in front of Carol, and Carol leans forward and begins fondling Krissy's cute little tits. I have this idea to make this a really good porno film, so I tell Tommy we are going to act for the camera. I am going to play an innocent housewife, while her son is begging her to let him see her breasts for the first time.

I get up from the couch and tell Tommy that we have to go upstairs and put some clothes on before we begin the first scene of the movie. I tell him to put on a shirt and shorts, and when I get to my bedroom, I select a sheer white blouse, some modest dark blue panties and matching color skirt. Within seconds my son and I are back sitting on the couch and Tommy says to me "Mom, I have not done much acting. What do you want me to do?" I tell him "Well, remember that time when you asked me to show you how to kiss?"

He replies "I remember that like it was yesterday! After we were kissing for a while, you took off your blouse and let me play with your tits while you jacked me off for the first time!"

I say "Well, we are going to do the same thing right after I make us some fresh drinks." I make a couple of trips back and forth from the kitchen to get all four of us fresh lemonade and vodka drinks, then I sit back down on the couch next to my son. Okay Tommy, now get up off the couch and go to the front door. Wait a couple of seconds, then come back to the couch and begin acting. Krissy jumps up and makes a couple of adjustments to the video camera, then walks over to me and gets on her knees between my legs.

She raises up and leans forward to kiss me. We spend a minute passionately tongue kissing, then she leans back and says "Mom, this is going to be a really great video! I can't wait to watch it again later!" She moves over in front of Carol, then Tommy slowly walks into frame and sits down next to me on the couch. He says "Mom, I was out with a girl, and she says that I don't know how to kiss properly. Will you show me how to kiss the right way?"

I tell him "Oh Tommy, I can't teach you how to kiss like that! I am your mother and you will probably tell all your friends that you and I french kiss everyday!"

Tommy says "What is french kissing Mom?" I reply "Oh Jesus Christ Tommy, I will show you how to kiss if you don't tell all your friends. This will have to be a secret between you and me!"

We start kissing for a while, then Tommy says "Mom, I have never seen a real pair of women's tits before. Would you please open your blouse for just a second so I can see what they look like?" I reply "Tommy, first it was kissing, now you want to look at my tits! Well, okay, but just one quick look at them!" I unbutton my blouse and flash my braless tits at Tommy, then begin to button it back up. Tommy grabs my wrist and pleads with me to have another look at them. I think to myself that this is really innocent enough, so I open the blouse while he stares at my beautiful breasts and their hard nipples.

My son asks me "Mom, can I touch them? Just for a second! Please let me touch them! If you let me, I will do anything you want for the next week!" I say "Well, okay, but promise you will never tell anybody about this!" I pull the blouse completely off me and throw it on the floor, then lean back in the couch and tell Tommy to go ahead and feel them as much as he wants. He awkwardly reaches over and begins caressing them, so I tell him it would be better of he got between my legs. He gets off the couch and positions himself between my legs, then leans forward and begins to suck on one, then the other. I tell him "Oh Tommy, you are a fast learner! Keep doing that to your Mommy!"

After a couple of minutes he is running his hands up and down my smooth, shaven legs while he continues sucking on my breasts and gently biting their hard nipples. I am getting extremely horny and should stop this activity, but I am enjoying myself too much. My skirt has moved up quite a way over the past couple of minutes, and my panties are clearly visible. Tommy suddenly stops and says "Mom, I have never seen a woman's pussy in real life. Can I pull down your skirt and panties so I can see yours?" I respond to him "Well, okay, but you are never to tell any one about this!"

Tommy immediately unzips my skirt and pulls it down, then yanks my panties off. He says "Oh Mom, your pussy does not have any hair on it! It looks so smooth! Can I touch it Mom? Please! Please let me touch your pussy!" I tell him "Oh Tommy, you might as well. You have touched all the rest of me. Go ahead and touch it if you want to." My son immediately starts running his hands all over my pussy for a few seconds, then moves his hands underneath me, grabs my ass cheeks and buries his face between my legs.

My hips involuntarily start bucking up and down into his face as he feverishly licks my pussy and jams his tongue inside me. I am getting horny as hell and try to push him away from me, but he continues fucking me with his tongue. After a couple of minutes he stops and says "Oh Mom, your pussy tastes so fucking good! I want to put my cock in it! Please Mom, let me put my cock in your pussy! Just this one time! I promise I will never tell anyone! Please Mom, just let me push it in a little bit!"

I tell him "Well, okay, just this one time, but remember your promised never to tell anyone, and you will never ask me again to let you put your cock inside me!" My son quickly stands up and pulls his shorts off. I take a look at my son's cock and think to myself "Oh my God, I have never seen a cock this big before!"

I sit up straight on the couch and grasp it. Jesus Christ, it must be at least ten inches long, and my fingers will not even go around it! I stroke it a few times and it is getting harder and longer! I tell him "Jesus Christ Tommy, you have big cock here son! I don't think it will fit in my mouth or my pussy!" Tommy says "Oh Mom, see if it will fit in your mouth! You don't have to put the whole thing in, just see of you can get the head of it past your lips!"

I reply "Well, okay, I will try!" I open my mouth as far as I can then guide my son's cock into it. Jesus Christ it is fucking big! It pushes against my lips, then pops in. Suddenly, Tommy grabs the back of my head with both hands and pulls it forward. His cock hits the back of my throat and starts going down it. I begin to gag and push him away from me." I say "Damn you Tommy! Don't ever do that again! It has been awhile since I learned how control my gag reflex and breath through my nose! Now, get down on your knees in front of me and let's see if your big cock will fit into my tight, little pussy!"

Tommy apologizes for being so rough with me, then gets on his knees. I move as far forward on the couch as I possibly can get and spread my legs apart as far as they will go. We both look down between our legs as I grasp his huge cock and position it at the entrance to my pussy. I can feel Tommy's cock pulsate in my hand as I move it to the right spot, then tell him to thrust his hips forward just a little bit. I remove my hand, and we both keep looking down between our legs. My pussy lips start to separate and my son's cock slowly begins to work it's way inside me.

I tell him to move his hips slowly forward so we can watch his cock sliding into me. After about five or six inches of it are in me, Tommy says that he thinks he can't go any further. I am trembling with excitement about having the biggest cock I have ever seen slowly disappearing inside me, so I tell him to withdraw it most of the way out, then start pushing it back in again. He does as I ask and after pushing harder, he gets all but about two inches inside me. He says "Well, that is all I think you can take today Mom. Can we try this again tomorrow?" I tell him "No! Pull it back out all the way and then push it back in again! I am sure I can get all ten inches inside me this time!"

My son pulls his cock all the way out of me and rubs the head of it and down my pussy. Jesus Christ that feels good having his cock slide up and down my clit! I want to do this over and over again, but I can't let him know! I will just let him wonder for the next few days, then I want to fuck my son again, and again, and again. My son starts again pushing his cock into me, and this time it is sliding into me more easily. With about two inches to go, I tell him to give it one more big thrust. He grabs my ass cheeks and shoves it in all the way. I look down and see that his cock is completely buried all the way in my pussy! Jesus Christ I feel fucking wonderful!

I start to passionately kiss my son while he begins to ram his cock in and out of me. After about five minutes, sweat is dripping off him and he says "Mom, I am going to shoot a big load of sperm! Can I shoot it inside you? Please Mom, let me shoot my sperm inside your pussy!" I tell him "Tommy, that would be incest! You can't do that! When you are ready, just stand up and shoot it into my mouth!" Within a few seconds he stands up and I grab his cock to guide it into my mouth. I can feel his cock jerk violently and a huge amount of sperm fills my mouth.

I swallow over and over, but his sperm keeps coming so I have to pull my head backwards. His cock pops out of me, then he ejaculates again! His sperm splashes all over my face and it begins to drip off my chin onto my tits. Jesus Christ, I never seen anything like this in my entire life! He must have had a quart of sperm inside him! All of a sudden Krissy and Carol get to their feet and give Tommy and myself a "standing ovation." The clap their hands together and whistle loudly, then reach over to Tommy and myself to shake our hands. Carol says "Mrs Walker, that was the best porn movie I think I have ever seen in my entire life! It was fantastic!"

Now that we have completed the video, Krissy gets to her feet and goes over to get the video camera. She walks back to Carol, grabs her by the wrist and tells her to come up to her bedroom. She says "I want you to watch how I make a DVD Movie, then we will get into bed and watch it together." Moments later, I get up and turn off the television. I stand completely naked in front of my son sitting on the couch, put my hands on my hips and say "Tommy, you did an excellent job of acting tonight! That video we made was just like the first time we had sex together! Now, let's go up to bed!"

Early in the morning, about eight o'clock, I open my eyes and see my son on top of me. His cock in going in and out of my pussy very slowly. I thank him for not fucking me so fast and urge him to continue to slowly fuck me as long as he wants. Suddenly, my daughter and Carol appear in the doorway and ask if they can sit down next to me because they have something they want to talk about. I tell them it is okay, so they walk hand in hand over to the bed and watch as Tommy slowly pushes his cock into me, then pulls it back out again. Over and over during the next ten minutes while I talk with my daughter and Carol, he slowly keeps fucking me. He is such a wonderful son! I love him!

After a while, I can tell Carol is extremely turned on but watching the live fuck session in front of her, so she lays down next to us and pulls Krissy over between her legs. Krissy immediate starts licking her pussy, then Carol looks over at me and says "Mrs Walker, I have never had a cock in my pussy before, but I have always wanted to try one." While my son is supporting himself on his elbows and slowly fucking me, I ask her if she would like Tommy to be her first one. I don't know why I said that because Tommy is doing such a great job right now fucking me and I do not want share him with anyone.

He keeps pushing his ten inch cock all the way inside my pussy, then pulls it back all the way out. He waits for a second, then slowly pushes it all the way back in until it will not go any further. I am in fucking heaven! But, something inside me says that I want to help her, so I push my son off me and tell them all to take a shower together and meet me at the pool in thirty minutes.

After they leave my bedroom, I feel so worthless with a void feeling between my legs. Damn, I want my son's cock back in me as soon as possible. After I take a cold shower, I feel a lot better and walk naked down the stairs and out to the pool area. The children are all nude and splashing around in the morning sun enjoying themselves.

Carols sees me and swims to the edge of the pool towards me. She gets out of the pool dripping wet and stands up. Jesus Christ, her body is so fantastic it is hard to describe. The water droplets cascade down her and drip onto the patio floor. It seems like I am in a dream and have never got out of bed when she drops to her knees in front of me and starts licking my pussy. I grab a hold of the back of her head and force it harder into me while Krissy and Tommy swim to the edge of the pool and watch. After a couple of minutes she looks up at me and says "I talked with Tommy last night and he is willing to be my first
one! Krissy already has the video camera set up and we will
start first by you laying down on the beach blanket while I
lick your pussy. Is that okay with you Mrs Walker?"

I tell her "Of course it is okay honey!." As I get up to walk over to the blanket, my daughter gets out of the pool and turns on the video camera.

Carol immediately gets between my legs and starts licking my pussy lips. Jesus Christ her tongue feel good running up and down my pussy! Krissy then lays down next to me and her brother immediately gets out of the pool, positions his cock at her pussy entrance then pushes forward. His cock pops in and he starts fucking her right next to Carol and myself. I tell them "Stop what you are doing right now! Tommy, pull your cock out of your sister this second!" They both do what I say and then I tell them "Tommy, you friend Carol wants you to have your cock to be the first one in her pussy! She has never had one in her before, and she wants you to be the first one. You can fuck your sister anytime you want, but right now, I want you to fuck your friend Carol."

Tommy says "But Mom, I told her last night when I was drunk that I would fuck her! I changed my mind because she just as tall as I am! I can't fuck a girl that is six feet tall! Her pussy must be as big as a garage door. I would rather fuck you or my sister any day, than to fuck a lesbian amazon woman!" Carol gets up on her hands and knees lays down next to me. She is crying and tears are streaming down her face. She says "I knew this would happen! The first time I want a cock, in me and I get turned down! I am so big and ugly that nobody wants to fuck me!"

I look over at Tommy and say "Jesus Christ Tommy! I bet Carol has the finest pussy you will ever sink your cock into! If you do not fuck Carol right now, I will never ever let you fuck me again, and I am not kidding Tommy! Now, get over here and fuck her!"

Tommy reluctantly moves over and positions himself on top of Carol. She is still crying while Tommy aims his cock into her pussy and pushes against her pussy lips. He pushes and pushes but his cock won't go into her. Tommy says "Jesus Christ Mom, her pussy is so fucking tight, I can't get my cock inside her!" I reach over to get the tanning oil next to me, take the top off it and push the bottle into Carol's pussy. I squeeze the bottle until it is empty, then tell Tommy to try again.

Carols reaches between her legs, grabs Tommy's cock and positions it to enter her pussy. Krissy and I watch as Tommy's cock slowly pushes Carols pussy lips apart, then starts going in. After a few seconds he gets about four or five inches into her. Suddenly, Carol screams for him to back it out, then try again. Tommy immediately pulls his cock all the way out of her, then slowly pushes it back in again. They do this over and over again until I can see his ten inch cock buried all the way inside her.

He looks over at me and says "Mom, I can feel every muscle in her pussy contracting around my cock. I have never felt a pussy feel so good in my life!" Then, I look at Carol and she smiles. I am so happy for her! She is enjoying herself immensely knowing that her pussy feels wonderful to Tommy! Tommy starts fucking Carol faster and faster. Pretty soon he is fucking the hell out of her! I can see that she is enjoying herself immensely, but she is just laying there silently. So, I tell her to make it more exciting for the man, you have to moan and talk dirty to him while he is fucking you.

Carol immediately begins to moan loudly and shouts at Tommy to keep ramming his cock into her. After a couple of minutes Carol's eyes roll back in her head, and she is silent. Tommy keeps fucking her motionless body, so I order him to get off her. He ignores me and continues ramming his cock in and out of her. I say "Jesus Christ Tommy, can't you see she has passed out? Get the fuck off her! She has had enough for her first time!"

My son suddenly stops, raises up and shoots a load of sperm all over Carol's stomach and tits. Jesus Christ, he must have ejaculated a quart of sperm all over her beautiful, muscular body!

I panic a little bit, but notice Carol is still breathing. In a few seconds she opens her eyes, looks at me and says "I just had a dream about having the best orgasm of my life! Your son Tommy fucked the hell out of me until I passed out!" I say to her "Carol, that was not a dream honey! My son Tommy just fucked the hell out of you, and you loved it! Turns out you are not a lesbian after all. You love men just as equally as women. You are welcome to stay here at our house as long as you want."

Carol says "I want to stay tonight if I can sleep with Tommy!" I tell her "Okay, but we have to go up to the liquor store today!" We all laugh then jump into the pool.


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