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What an afternoon in the woods and we had company!
My story continues in the woods where we are all having fun on a nude hike.

After we had been sitting for a few minutes I thought I could just hear the faint voices of some kids in the distance. Sure enough, from our vantage point at the top, I could just pick out the bobbing heads of some people coming up the path! I said shit. Kids, we gotta move! Bobby wanted his shorts but I told him we didn’t have time – just move quickly I said. There is a side trail that we’re going to turn onto and then, if we need to, we can put on our clothes. The side trail came up on the left and I led the kids down that direction. We were moving quickly but quietly as our bare feet generated no noise at all. Bobby and Susie asked what was down that way? I said there is a cemetery at the end of this trail.

What? The kids stopped and said they didn’t want to go to a cemetery! I teased them and said why are you afraid? Susie refused to admit any fear and Bobby just looked uncomfortable. Look kids, I’ve been there before. It’s not scary at all. It’s a very small cemetery and it’s in a clearing with lots of sunshine. It’s actually a very nice place! Ok, if you say so the kids said. They didn’t sound all that convinced. I just patted them gently on their naked little asses and urged them along. I no longer heard the other people so I told Bobby and Susie that we were safe now and there was no need to get dressed. But then they remembered I had told them we would do some practicing too. So they insisted we try. All right. So I shrugged off the back pack and handed them their clothes. They quickly donned them in less than 30 seconds. Good job kids! There’s no way anyone’s gonna sneak up on us and catch us naked! Satisfied, they pulled off their clothes again and handed them back to me. The trail was narrow at this point because not too many people took it to the cemetery. They tended to stick to the main trails. The kids giggled as branches and plants tickled their bodies as they brushed on by.

A little while later we came to a clearing that would lead to the cemetery. The kids stopped and waited for me to catch up. I said see kids – it’s nice and sunny. Doesn’t look that scary to me! There was no fence. Just a group of about 25 or so plots that someone was taking good care of. There were even brochures that talked about the people that were buried there. They gingerly picked their way around the plots peeking at the marker stones. Susie said she wasn’t sure we should be walking on the graves. Well Susie, if I were buried here, I would much rather a barefoot person walk on top of me than someone wearing shoes! The kids got a laugh out of that one. That helped to break the tension for them. We spent about ten minutes there and the kids were quickly getting bored. Ok kids, we have to go back the same way we came so let’s get started.

I’m thirsty Bobby said. I’d forgotten that I had water bottles in the back pack. So I gave them each a bottle and they drank thirstily. They handed me back their bottles and we started back down the path. Then I heard voices again! This time I quickly shrugged off the backpack, grabbed our clothes and told the kids to get dressed quickly! I didn’t notice right away, but in the rush Susie had ended up with Bobby’s shorts and Bobby with Susie’s! Then the other party came into view. There was a mother and her two pretty daughters. They looked to be about 10 or 11 years old. Very pretty but sadly wearing shoes. They saw us all barefoot and asked mom if they could go barefoot? Mom looked at us a bit strangely but refused to allow her daughters to go barefoot.

I extended my hand to her and introduced myself. She said her name was Mary as she took my hand and shook it. She asked why we were all barefoot. I said, well the best answer I can give you is to take off your shoes and see for yourself! She laughed at that. I said seriously, it’s a wonderful feeling! Well, I don’t know. Please mom! Her kids cried. She gave in that time and they excitedly took off their shoes and socks. Ahh, more beautiful barefoot girls! I would love to have stayed longer, but I wanted to get the kids moving. I knew we only had a certain amount of time before I had to have them home and I wanted to get in another lesson for them. Enjoy girls! I winked at the mother and then excused us. Her girls were giggling as they watched us go. It was then that I really noticed how tight Susie’s shorts were on Bobby! Geez – sure hope the mom didn’t notice!

After we were out of sight again, I told Bobby – you probably ought to get out of Susie’s shorts there bud! Bobby and Susie then laughed. They gladly took off their clothes again and I put all of our stuff back in the back pack. We made our way back to the main path and I took them a bit further until I found another side path I wanted to take them down. This was a much more secluded path that dead ended in a swampy area. This time I got in front of them and took some pictures of them in the front. They had such cute lovely bodies! I was going to enjoy these pictures for a long time! We came to the end of trail then and I announced that if they were interested, I thought this would be a good place to have another sex lesson. They were more than happy to learn!

What are we going to learn now Mr. Victor the kids asked excitedly. Well, how about some anal sex? Anal sex? How does that work? Well, it just means that a boy or man pushes his cock inside the other person’s asshole and fucks them just like he would if it were a pussy! The kids weren’t too sure about this. I said to Bobby – now you’ve enjoyed having my finger up your ass, right? Yeah, but it’s a lot smaller than your cock! I know Bobby, but you will be amazed to see how much a person’s ass hole can stretch. It’s kind of like a girls pussy – it can stretch a lot! So who wants to try it first? Susie raised her hand and said she would but she asked if Bobby could do her first since his cock was much smaller than mine.
I smiled and said, of course as long as Bobby wants to try it. Bobby said he would really like to try it! Ok, but first we have to get you nice and hard. Susie, do you have any ideas? She smiled broadly and nodded her pretty little head vigorously. We were on a narrow boardwalk and she knelt down in front of Bobby and grabbed his cute little cock and started stroking it. Soon, Bobby began to get hard and Susie began sucking him all the way into her mouth while she stroked his balls. She decided to try tickling his asshole as well to which Bobby responded with some delighted moans! Of course, I couldn’t help but get hard myself and just had to stroke in time with Susie’s motions on Bobby’s cock. Mmmm mmmm MMMMGH! What a hot fuckin’ site!

Unknown to any of us, we were being spied upon by the same family we had encountered earlier. Little did I know they had taken off all their clothes too and the girls were busy rubbing their naked pussies as they watched the hot action between Susie and Bobby. Mom was just as enthralled and had stripped naked herself and had two fingers busily fucking her pussy.

Meanwhile, Bobby was hard as a rock now and I told him I think you’re ready bud. Ok, Susie, let him go before he cums before he gets it in your ass! So Susie pulled off of Bobby’s cock. I told Susie to get on her hands and knees and for Bobby to get behind her. Ok Bobby, now take your cock and guide it toward that beautiful puckered asshole of Susie’s – that’s it! Right on target. Susie, do you feel Bobby’s cock? Yes, but I’m afraid it’s gonna hurt! Don’t worry darling, you just need to relax. It may hurt a bit at first, but you will get used to it quickly, I promise. Ok Bobby, now go ahead and try to push inside.

Bobby pushed firmly and at first he didn’t seem to be making headway, but then suddenly, his little stiff boy cock disappeared all the way inside! Susie let out a gasp as she felt Bobby’s hard pecker fill her rectum. I told Bobby to stop. This way Susie could get used to the feel and let her muscles relax some more. You OK Susie, I asked? She said yeah and it was starting to feel better now. Good! Ok Bobby, I think you can try fucking her now. Go ahead. Bobby began to thrust enthusiastically now and I watched in amazement as his little cock rammed Susie – in and out in and out! Susie was grunting with each of his thrusts and was starting to moan loudly. She reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit. Meanwhile, I was stroking my cock and enjoying the intense pleasure all around me.

Susie began to moan louder and said she was about to cum. Suddenly her whole body went stiff and she shuddered violently as a powerful orgasm raked her beautiful nude little body. Oh it was SO hot! Just then Bobby lost it too and he groaned loudly as his young body spasmed. He pulled out of Susie and sat down on the boardwalk. Susie sat down next to him. They were still breathing heavily and were covered in sweat. How did we do Mr. Victor Susie asked? Kids, that was a hot fucking sight to see! It was beautiful! Can’t you tell – see my rock hard cock? The kids giggled as they looked at my cock.

Susie then surprised me when she started to gently stroke my cock. Oh, her hands were like velvet! I couldn’t resist the urge this time. I had wanted to taste their sweaty bodies before and this time I leaned over while Susie was stroking me and licked her salty arm. Very tasty! She giggled as she felt my wet tongue licking her arm. That tickles she said. The next thing that happened just about gave me a heart attack!

I had both Bobby and Susie in front of me clearly in sight. So when I felt a pair of hands squeeze my ass from behind I just about jumped out of my skin! I said oh shit very loudly and spun around. My jaw dropped and my eyes bugged out when I beheld the incredible sight of Mary and her two daughters all completely nude! I was speechless. As my mind began to grasp at the details, I realized that they really were indeed completely nude and that maybe I wasn’t going to be missing out on the rest of my life as a free man after all. I then swallowed hard and began to admire Mary and her very lovely daughters. The girls were not much older than Susie and Bobby and their pussies were both still very naked with no hint of pubic hair yet. The older one was showing definite sighs of developing breasts but they were still very small. I also couldn’t help but notice that both girls were rubbing their pussies furiously as they stared at my very hard cock.

Mary apologized for grabbing my ass and sneaking up on us. She explained that it was pretty obvious that something was amiss when she and her daughters noticed the shorts Bobby and Susie were wearing. They suspected something was going on. So, Mary joined her daughters in taking off her shoes and socks as well so they could quietly follow us without being detected. Mary explained that they got close enough to watch but did not want to be obvious. When it was clear what I and the kids were doing, they decided to just watch and enjoy. When it looked like we were at a good breaking point, Mary explained, she decided to come up and see about joining in the fun.

Join in the fun – my mind was reeling. Did I just hear what I thought I heard? I answered with a stammer that it was ok that she had grabbed my ass – especially now that I’d heard the entire story! I complimented Mary on her very lovely daughters. She said I’m glad you like them – would you like to fuck them? I was shocked again and stood their speechless. It’s ok Victor, I can see that you like them and I know they like you! They have been having sex with each other all summer but they really want to know what it’s like to feel a cock in their pussies and up their asses! Oh my, can it get any better than this? Mary explained that she also liked kids and complimented Bobby on his performance a little earlier. Bobby blushed and said thank you. It was fun. I’m glad Bobby – how would you like to try sticking that hot little cock of yours up my ass? Wow – this was turning into a bona fide orgy in the woods!

For the next hour, there was a whole lotta fuckin’ going on! I had the sheer joy of fucking the 10 year old and her 11 year old sister in their pussies and their asses. Oh was I going to be sore after all this! Bobby got to feel Mary sucking on his cock and when he was good, hard and wet, Mary had him mount her like a dog and he fucked the crap out of her ass! It was a blissful afternoon. Eventually, it had to come to an end and I was afraid I was going to be late in getting Bobby and Susie back to their parents if I didn’t stop soon. I told Mary I really had to get my young friends home but I hoped that we could get together again soon!

Mary and her daughters were most agreeable to the idea of getting together again. Mary asked me if I had plans for dinner and I said I did not. So, I had an invitation to go over to Mary’s house for dinner and dessert! Wow, I didn’t know if I could take that much action in one day. Mary said, you know Victor, I rather enjoyed walking barefoot in these woods! We all laughed at that – never mind that we’d just had a mind blowing orgy! I watched in amazement as Mary and her two lovely daughters padded away on bare feet down the boardwalk with their lovely asses moving back and forth. I had no idea how far back they had stashed their clothes but I didn’t have time to wonder about it.

Bobby and Susie – we really need to get moving. Your parents are gonna kill me! With that we quickly strode back along the trails until we got close to the parking lot. I said hold up kids, time to get our clothes back on – AWWWWW! The kids moaned. Look guys, I would love nothing more than to stay naked, but you know we can’t. Reluctantly, we all got our bit of clothing back on and got into my car. They kids climbed into the back seat to strip again so they could put on their undergarments. I didn’t bother waiting for them to finish since I was cutting it close as it was. I didn’t even bother to put on my own t shirt. After a couple of minutes, I saw two pairs of bare feet being placed on the center armrest and I smiled and stroked their pretty feet. I looked in the rear view mirror and was shocked to see they were still quite naked!

Why aren’t you dressed yet? We like being naked in your car! They said. Well, I do enjoy it, but you are going to have to eventually get dressed! I admonished them. They promised they would once we got close to home. Before I knew it, they were both sound asleep. Oh man. As we got closer, I pulled over and got my camera out – a quick couple of shots of their darling naked bodies and then I woke them up. C’mon guys, get dressed – we’re almost home! They groggily sat up and pulled on their clothes. I stopped at Bobby’s house first and watch him as he walked barefoot up his driveway and waited until he got in the house. His mother waived at us so I drove off to Susie’s house. Same sequence and then I was alone. I was pooped. I knew I had a couple of hours before I had to get ready for my dinner date, so I went into my apartment and slumped onto my bed and feel fast asleep.

To be continued…

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2012-11-16 21:43:28
And another gay paedo strikes!

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2012-08-20 19:43:51
I love this series I'm a 14 yr old bisexual boy with a foot fetish and I like em young very hot

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2012-04-08 22:59:45
people admitting to fucking kids need arresting

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2011-09-08 22:14:55
Galaxy - my complaint and suggestion.

Please learn how to write quotes when you have them speaking. Your sentences run on and are gramatically incorrect.

The story is great.

For the guy who can't believe a mom talks about daughters having sex. You need a reality check. A lot of single mothers have to get a boyfriend or other male to show the daughers what a real cock looks like.

Had a neighbor invite me for dinner and ended up naked in bed with her eleven year old girl who had never touched a cock.
Made her my personal little cock sucker in a week and the mom helped.
Yes she is very normal, not some crazy bitch. If so many guys would not divorce good looking women, you would not see this.

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Its funny. Anonymous is complaining about readers and comments not having an ID. But he leaves his out.

You are as dumb as your comments.

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