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Ian gets more of his Mother

Chapter 5

“Teresa let me kiss you. I want your mouth now. Oh god fuck that’s so gorgeous. You taste and smell of me. I haven’t had a mouth to my cunt in years. Here give me that finger too. Oh yes Teresa you're so fucking dirty – just what I need. Darling let me look after you now please.”
“Yes my darling Jean I’ve wanted this for ages too. I just knew you would be very sexual and you are. Oh god you want to suck my nipples first. Sure. Here let me get this bra off. Yes Jean wonderful. Yes bite them hard I love the pain. Ouch that's good. Be brutal as you like Jean. Oh fuck yes you bite me well. I want you down there now please. Yes that's it right there. Start with your tongue on my lips. I’m a bit embarrassed about them Jean they hang down, but yes so sensitive. Oh I just love the way your tongue runs along up and down on both sides.
It’s a revelation to me. I just hadn’t realised how marvellous a woman could be. I just love these lips. I wish mine were that long hanging like fruit from her cunt. I could lick and suck them all day and Teresa seems to love it too. Pushing my tongue into her vagina to explore. It’s so wet and sloppy on my tongue and so ready.
“Jean you’re indulging me. I haven’t had a good suck from a woman in ages. You're a natural. What have you been doing all your life just with men and not sharing it out for us as well? Oh fuck my clit you darling. Fucking perfect. So delicate my darling. Just there on the edge.”
Thank god she loves it. Jesus I was worried I wouldn’t be good enough for her but she’s right there. And a lovely smell as well as soaking. I wonder? A finger back there like she did for me. Her delicious arsehole as well. This is so good. I could wank myself at the same time but not now. Let me get my beauty over the top like she did me.
“Jean you learn very quickly don’t you. I adore my arse being fingered like that. Your tongue is doing just right. I won’t last much longer like this. Yes just there. Don’t stop. Don’t stop will you Jean? Harder. Yes. Oh yes. Fuck I’m there. Oh fuck. Jesus Jean don’t stop I’m still cuming.”
Teresa slumped into the sofa, sodden with sweat from her cum, drips of perspiration running down between her breasts. Jean slowly withdrew her sopping mouth from Teresa’s wet cunt and just looked up endearingly at her new lover whose thighs were still wide apart. Saliva and moisture from Teresa coated her face and chin. She beamed in the glow of bringing off Teresa.
“Come up beside me darling Jean I want to kiss you now.”
Teresa tasted herself on Jean’s mouth to their delight.

I got home about 4pm to a note from Ian saying he would be late as he and a friend Stuart had gone into town to have some fun. I wondered what my 14 year old meant by that but settled down to a pot of tea thinking about the afternoon with my new lover Teresa. The phone rang and it was Tom, Ian’s ‘uncle’ and a friend of the family. He wasn’t really his uncle, just that he had been a very close friend of the family from Ian’s birth. Tom had heard about Alec leaving and wanted to come round to commiserate. I did wonder what that meant but agreed he could.
On his arrival I still was braless from my afternoon but had my usual stockings and heels. I had wondered why I had just put on some more lipstick when a loud knock gave me a jolt and I opened the door to some flowers and Tom.
Stepping in he gave me a cuddle which lasted longer than a commiserating one, but I yielded not knowing where the next would be coming from. He was the same age as Alec but in better condition and taller. His arms easily went round my shoulders as he pressed firmly against my free breasts covered only by my t-shirt. I felt a slight murmur from him below and withdrew so as not to give him too much encouragement. But I was flattered. He smelt ever so slightly of beer, saying he had the afternoon off from work, gone to the pub and thought about giving me a call and how would I feel about that. I replied that it was very kind of him to think of me.
He then said he had gone to the pub to get some courage up to call me. I asked why he needed that. He didn’t reply to that. I wondered.
My wondering was followed by an embarrassed silence on his part. He looked like he was unsure what to do with himself.
The answer came when his hand moved to my stockinged knee with my skirt just above. I said nothing and didn’t respond.
He took that as yes and started to rub his hand in widening circles round my knee with the emphasis on moving up my thigh rather than down my calf. I decided to wait and be passive. I don’t know why. My face didn’t convey acquiescence or agreement. His other hand grabbed my breast and pawed it quite aggressively. I was at once repelled yet fascinated by his raw need to have my body. I decided to let him do what he wanted. It had been wonderful with Teresa and a delight with Ian my son. Now I was experiencing something I had not been accustomed to since my late adolescence when boys tried to grab what they could.
Suddenly he stood up and pulled up my t-shirt above my breasts and began to maul them. Just as he pulled his zipper down on his trousers, his cock leapt out unimpeded by any pants. He pushed his cock hard against my face and mouth. I let him in my mouth. He held my hair in both hands at the back of my head and drew me in. I started gagging and he didn’t seem to care. Then I realised I could not remain entirely passive.
Bringing my hand to his cock at a partial withdrawal moment, I gripped his lower cock to have some control over his entry. Whilst doing this I heard a movement near the front door as it was being very quietly closed.
Ian was in the flat. Fuck will he come in? Feeling ashamed yet compromised I tried to stop Tom but he was too far gone. I had been silent since Tom’s arrival. I made a decision knowing that Ian was near the living room door.
Increasing my hand pace on his cock I slurped him. Tom gave a grunt and started to cum. I pulled out before he actually shot his load and it went all over my face. I tried to direct it away from me without success. Tom stood back looking slightly ashamed.
He had the grace to apologise for his behaviour. I heard Ian’s bedroom door shut quietly. Thank god they wouldn’t coincide, leaving me just with Ian to look after.
Tom unceremoniously let himself out as I stood up to look at myself in the mirror on the mantelpiece. Spunk was dripping off my chin and cheek onto my still uncovered breasts.
In the bathroom I stripped off my t-shirt and scrubbed off all the mess left by Tom. I felt very guilty. How could I explain to Ian how this had happened? I had let it happen too. My whole thoughts were with Ian. How is he feeling right now?
I just needed a change of t-shirt. The rest were still presentable. I decided not to wear a bra. Somehow I knew my way to his feelings was partly sexual.
His door was closed. We didn’t lock doors in our home. Should I knock first? Feeling very clear that Ian was my priority I opened the door silently. Ian was on his bed naked from the waist down wanking a hardon for all his worth. This was not what I expected. Ian stopped.
“Mum go away. Please go away.” That was not an option.
I went to his bedside and just pulled him to me hard against my chest and held him whilst he continued yelling at me to go.
I didn’t and he slowly calmed down sobbing now at what must have been for him a betrayal of him and maybe even his father. Gradually his sobbing stopped as I relaxed slightly my hold on him. I lay next to Ian on his bed, cradling his head on my shoulder. I actually wanted to tell him all about Teresa but knew that Tom was the bogy in the way that had to be dealt with. I decided to be bold – the only way.
“Ian how come you were wanking when I came in?” He didn’t immediately respond so I repeated myself.
“What I saw Mum, him in your mouth like that.”
“Then why were you so upset when I came in?”
“I wanted it Mum. I was jealous that's all.”
“Oh Ian my dear love. If you’d seen Tom earlier you wouldn’t have been jealous. He was just behaving like a prat who had too much to drink and let himself get selfish and thought he could take advantage of your father’s absence. I think he is a complete shit. I honestly don’t know how I can face him and Ellen again, but I suppose we will.
Here let’s get something to eat and cuddle on the sofa after. I promise I’ll look after you Ian.”
I gave Ian a strong hug but held back from kissing him fearing I still had Tom lurking on me.
We ate together almost in silence. I could tell he only had one thing on his mind and I was the means of ensuring it happened.
“Come Ian let me give you a small glass of wine. I’ll have a whisky. We need to talk.” Actually I realised that was the last thing he needed to do. His head was in his groin and wouldn’t be satisfied until I released him. Then I became conscious of something else. It hit me like a battering ram with a real force. I didn’t feel guilty about Ian and our sexual feelings for each other. Teresa had helped there by unfurling my confidence in myself and importantly my sexual self. I was a woman who could be in charge of her sexual life. Sheer delight at that thought.
“Come and cuddle me Ian. I want you close to me.”
Ian was still a little sheepish but I drew him close to my breasts so his head was resting on them very gently.
“You can feel them Ian. I would like you to. I have noticed for a long time now how you like to look at them particularly when I am not wearing a bra. Do you like them Ian?”
“Oh I love them Mum, so much, so much.” He then slowly placed his hand over my right breast, smoothing the t-shirt material to emphasise their shape. The effect was to highlight my nipple as it hardened to his stroking. He was so gentle in contrast to the clumsy Tom this afternoon. Ian was a natural.
“Can I take off your t-shirt Mum?”
“You do it Ian.”
He lifted it off and above my head. He stood in front of me utterly entranced at the sight of his Mother naked the waist with her short skirt, panties, stockings and belt. He looked and just smiled almost benignly at the huge step I had encouraged him to take. His pyjama trousers were sticking out at his groin. I think he was at the moment unaware of the effect I had on him. I chose to draw attention to the stiffness before me. I took a firm hold of his cock through his pants, slipping my hand in the open fly. I pressed firmly at the base ringing my hand round it to prevent him losing it.
“Ian sit on the sofa.”
We switched places and I got down on the floor and kneeled between his legs, undoing his pyjamas and drawing them down. His cock, cut for medical reasons in his early childhood, was a nice shape and for his age, a nice length to take into me. I stroked his thighs getting used to him and trying to get him to relax and not get tense. Not an easy task given how worked up he was.
I concentrated on his cock. It looked back at me. His eyes were intent on my face and mouth, silently begging me.
Moving forward I slid my tongue across the head of his cock, just licking around his little hole. Opening my mouth I slipped just the head into my mouth careful not to hurt him with my teeth. I closed my mouth and surrounded his cock with my lips. He was astonished at my action and looked like he could hardly believe it. But it was just too real for him. I knew he wouldn’t last. I took my hand and wrapped it round the lower part of his cock to stroke him to supplement my gentle mouth wrap.
Over he went, heaving at the enormity of it with his Mother and no doubt the first woman in his life who had done this.
Ian continued to shake and convulse as his spunk shot into my mouth. I would have liked to have shared it with him in a kiss, but that would have been too much to assume. So I swallowed.
Calming down he seemed in peace. I rose to be near him and cuddled him close.
I wanted to tell him about Teresa but wasn’t sure. I wanted him in my bed but didn’t want to get ahead of myself. I had to see how he would be in the morning. He was snoozing on my shoulder now. Carefully I woke him and took him to his bedroom and tucked him in. He looked so becalmed. I would wake him in the morning.
I took another whisky and then collapsed in bed too tired even to play with myself. I also speculated if Alec would ever reappear in my life, but just now I certainly didn’t need him. My life had taken a very full and horny turn, more than when he was around.

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