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It was 30 minutes till shift change and 3 of the younger officers were joking around talking about their last fishing trip and their next trip as I was finishing changing into my uniform. It sounded like they had had fun fishing and splashing around in the water as they camped out. “Hey Jerry, mind if I tag along this weekend?” I called out. There was a pause then came my reply. “Sure Rick no problem old man.” Gus yelled back. I thanked them and headed off for roll call and my post later Todd came by with and gave me a note with what to bring. “Here old man we leave Friday after shift.” He said with a smile. I smiled Back thinking, “like I’ve never been camping.”
Friday came and we were ready, I had the beer, food, pole, sleeping bag and anything else I thought we needed. They checked out the back of the truck and nodded; guess me being 47 and the oldest of the group I didn’t know what to bring. Jerry was a black man, 29 stood 6-2 and weighed around 211 lbs and muscular. Todd was white 27, 5-10 and 196 lbs as Gus was Hispanic, 33, 5-9, 200 lbs with a temper at times. Hell these guys could take care of me if anything happened and it did but not what I had thought of.
We had driven well off the beaten path and found a nice clearing by the river outside of Brunswick to set up camp. When it was up we all took an early dip in the chilly water splashing and wrestling like a bunch of boys playing hooky. It was al fun until Jerry grabbed me from behind, one arm over my shoulder and across my chest while with the other hand he came up between my legs and grabbed my balls and cock. He held me tight as I struggled and yelled. “What the fuck?” “That’s it man…I m gonna fuck your ass and you’re gonna love it!” Jerry hissed as Todd and Gus grabbed my arms. I struggled to get free and Jerry pulled my trunks down. “Let me go you bastards!” I yelled struggling in the hip deep water.
In one massive hard thrust Jerry buried every inch of his black monstrous cock in my tight ass with his bulbous head ramming passed my ring and plunging deep into my ass. I screamed out in pain as he spread me wide and Jerry laughed as his balls banged into my butt. Gus and Todd were laughing at the pain in my face as Jerry started pumping his stiff hard dick in and out of me. “Damn he must be 12 or 14 inches long and thick!” I thought as he fucked me with his hot pipe almost pulling all the way out then slamming it back in. “Welcome to the fishing hole.” Todd laughed as he Gus held my arms tight.
My face contorted and I gasped for air as Jerry held fast to my hips and fucked me like a bitch. Slowly I started to relax and pushed back meeting his thrusts as I got hammered good; it had been a long time, a very long time since my wife had passed and she used to finger me while sucking me. “Hey the old man likes it.” Gus called out feeling the change in me and he was right, it felt good, erotic having a man’s cock up m ass. Jerry slowed and we all moved to the edge of the river where I was forced to my knees. Then I was introduced to Todd’s cock all 7 inches of cut white cock as he stuffed it into my mouth. Jerry continued to bang my ass as I gagged and choked on Todd’s meat. I tried to do what Luci had done to me and slowly started getting the hang of it because Todd started moaning.
Jerry was pumping away deep inside my ass when I felt stiffen and his cock jerk inside me then he unloaded his hot cum filling as I moaned around Todd’s cock. As soon as Jerry pulled out Gus stuffed his fat 8 inch Hispanic dick deep into my sore well lubed ass and I pushed back to meet him. He was fat and stretched my ass wide till I thought he would tear me open, but I want him all the way in me. Todd had set himself a good steady rhythm fucking my mouth as he held my head, all the fight had left me and I held onto Todd’s hips. “Damn, he is a bitch!” Jerry said listening to the slurpy moans that escaped my lips as I sucked hungrily. I could now see that 11 inch monster that had violated my ass and I wanted it in my mouth. Todd started to tense up and pulled out. “Not yet old man I want some of that sweet ass.” He said as I tried to hold him in my mouth. Jerry smiled and stepped up in front of me and I grabbed his dark meat and pulled him towards me. “Damn I was a bitch, a bitch in heat wanting these guys to fuck the hell out of me.” I thought as stuffed Jerry in my mouth.
Jerry grabbed the side of my head and started feeding me his beautiful cock. Gus’ fat cock filled my hole and he started and fucked me hard as Jerry forced his cock down my throat. It didn’t Gus long before blasted me full of his cum and then Todd took his place jamming his cock deep. He hammered away at me pulling his cock out and then slamming it back in as Jerry fucked my face. When Todd was ready to cum he pulled out and shot all over my ass then plunged back in. Jerry pulled out of my mouth and let go of me as Todd pulled out and walked away. I collapsed to the ground with a hard dick and a well used ass and mouth, I was sore and wanted more but all I could do was lay there after the best damn fuck I had ever known. After a little while we slipped back into the water and washed off then sat around a fire drinking and talking about what had just happened.
I confessed that I had loved it; “Damn boys I have never been with a man before and I loved the way you filled my ass and throat. Shit, I want more guys; I want you to fuck my brains out.” They smiled, “Wait till tonight!” Gus said laughing. That night they pulled out cuffs, whips, clamps and other toys and I became their bitch to do with as they pleased. I was tied over a log and sucked Gus’ fat cock as Todd whipped my ass. My hands were cuffed behind me and forced to lick Todd’s ass as I rode Jerry’s cock. Todd tied me to a tree and fucked me hard as he bit my shoulder. Gus pushed me on my back lifted my legs and drove his pipe deep. I moaned, groaned and begged for more and they gave me all they had. We fell asleep all tangled together and the next morning it started all over again. That was the best fishing trip I have ever been on.
To bad people get transferred, locked up, and move away. It’s been a long time since my buddies left but I have my dreams.

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You're on top of the game. Thanks for shignar.


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I got hot on that one for sure.....

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it was okay but too shot needs more detail but nice story line though =P

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