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Chapter 4

“Yeah, it’s the fuel pump,” Grandpa Max said, pulling his head out from under the hood of the rustbucket and wiping his hands on the nearest rag.

“How long will it take this time grandpa?” Ben asked, glancing past his grandfather at the shadowed depths of the RV’s engine compartment.

“If they have a replacement pump,” Grandpa Max with a gesture toward the parts store, “I can have it fixed in a couple hours. If not than I’ll have to see if I can fix this one or find a spare in one of those junk RV’s over in the junk yard and that could take the rest of the day or longer.”

“Do you kids think you can keep out of trouble long enough for me to do the job?”

“Sure we can,” Ben said, giving Gwen a quick seductive wink that made her giggle.

“Sorry kids but sex is out of the question if we’re spending time here in town,” Max pointed out, “There’s too good a chance that someone will see you and then we’re going to have all kinds of questions to deal with.”

“I guess you’re right grandpa,” Gwen said with a sigh. “At least they have a decent library here, I should be able to do some research on some new spells.”

“What about you Ben?” Grandpa Max asked his grandson, “what are your plans while I’m working on the rustbucket?”

“What else?” Ben said with a shrug, “I’m going to check out the video arcade, I saw a poster for the new Sumo Slammer arcade game so I want to check it out.”

“You would,” Max said with a sigh. “Well, if it will keep you busy and out of trouble I guess it’s worth it.”

“Thanks grandpa,” Ben said as he accept the money Max handed him. “Come on Gwen, I’ll race you.”

“No fair,” Gwen said when Ben took off across the street, “I’m not exactly in any shape to do any running right now thanks to you.”

“It’s not like you’re that big yet,” Ben smirked. “You can still run, just not as fast as I can.”

Ben was already across the street when he heard the sirens and the other sounds of the high speed chase headed their way. He turned back to grab Gwen’s hand and pull her out of the street just before the first motorcycle flashed past. The two of them watched from the safety of the sidewalk as three more motorcycles and six police cars rushed past them. “Alright,” Ben said after the last vehicle sped by, “it’s hero time.”

“Ben, grandpa told us to stay out of trouble,” Gwen reminded her cousin. “I don’t think he’d be happy with us getting involved with the police when he’s not around.”

“I don’t see him,” Ben said looking back at the rustbucket, “he must still be in the store. But I don’t think he’d have a problem with us getting involved, he’s never had a problem in the past.”

“Ok,” Gwen said with a sigh, “I don’t know why I’m even arguing with you, you’re going to do it anyway.”

“You got that right,” Ben said as he dialed up the alien he wanted on the Omnitrix. “Let’s see, for a high speed chase I should go with XLR8.” The activator popped up from the face of the watch and Ben slapped it down. He felt the energy surge through his body and felt his body shifting into his alien form.

The shift ended and Ben blinked his four eyes and muttered, “Stupid watch, I wanted XLR8, not Four Arms. Now I’ll never be able to catch up with them.”

“I can take care of that,” Gwen said, adjusting her Lucky Girl mask and pulling her spell book out of her pocket.

“I thought your flight spell wasn’t strong enough to lift someone as large as me,” Ben said in Four Arms deep baritone.

“It isn’t,” Gwen admitted, “but by combining it with a levitation spell I can make you weightless and then carry you along for the ride.”

“Go for it,” Ben said with a nod, Gwen was already casting the first spell before Ben opened his mouth. When Gwen reached the final word of the spell Ben felt his feet leave the ground and his four arms waved wildly as he tried to find his balance.

Gwen finished the second spell and grabbed Ben under his top set of arms as she took off after the fleeing motorcycles. “Calm down Ben,” she said as she gained enough height to see the chase, “you may be weightless but if you keep flailing your arms around like that I won’t be able to hold on to you.”

“Right,” Ben said, holding his arms still as he focused on the hot pursuit with al four of his eyes. “You see the girl in front? Does she look familiar?”

“Yeah, she looks familiar,” Gwen agreed, “but how do you know she’s a girl?”

“I don’t know,” Ben admitted thoughtfully, “something about her’s familiar. I’ve, got it. Gwen, you remember Joey? That biker gang leader we ran into last summer?”

“You mean the girl who became a cyborg when Vilgax’s damaged probe bot merged with her.”

“That’s her,” Ben said. “The lead cyclist is wearing a body suit just like the one she had, and she moves just like Joey too.”

“I think you’re right,” Gwen said after observing the rider for a few more seconds, “but I thought she was still in jail.”

“I know,” Ben said with a shrug that almost pulled him lose from Gwen’s grip. “Maybe she pulled her poor little girl act and got a short term from the judge.”

“That sounds like something she’d try,” Gwen agreed. “She certainly hasn’t lost any of her skills. Look at the way she’s avoided the police while the rest of her gang has already been isolated and trapped.”

“I know, but it looks like one of the police cars in the chase is about to catch her,” Ben pointed out.

“He’s better than the other two drivers,” Ben said, “but I don’t think she has something else in mind the way she’s letting him come up beside her.”

“Did you see that?” Gwen asked a second later as the squad car veered out of control.

“I sure did,” Ben said, “she let the car pull up next to her and then reached out and slashed the front tire. Where did those claws come from?”

“I didn’t see them,” Gwen said, “do you think it’s possible that she melded with another probe?”

“No way,” Ben said, “if she had she wouldn’t be driving around on a motorcycle. Besides, what I could see of those claws they were crude compared to what Joey did with her cyborg body.”

“Maybe the merge left her with enough knowledge to construct some kind of exoskeleton with Earth technology,” Gwen said thoughtfully.

“I bet that’s it,” Ben agreed, “but we should have a chance to find out in a few minutes. There’s no way Joey can evade the last two cruisers much longer.”

“Don’t be so sure about that,” Gwen said when Joey increased her lead and then turned on to an access road when she was temporarily out of her pursuer’s sight. By the time the police cruisers reached the access road Joey was hidden by the rental sheds and the police officers never realized she was there as they rushed on down the main road.

“She’s good,” Ben admitted. “By the time the police realize their mistake she’ll be gone for sure. Looks like it’s our turn now.”

“Only if you saw where she went,” Gwen said as she looked over the empty lot.

“Third building on the right,” Ben said. “It’s one of the larger buildings and it has a skylight, just drop me through there and I’ll catch her by surprise.”

“I’ll drop you through the skylight,” Gwen said, “but we’ll catch her by surprise because I’m going to follow you in.”

“Ok,” Ben sighed, “just promise me that you’ll be careful.”

“I will be,” Gwen promised, “hold on I’m going to drop you.”

When Gwen cancelled the levitation spell on Ben the added weight dragged her down several inches before she managed to release her cousin right over the skylight. By the time Gwen followed Ben through the broken skylight Joey was recovering from her shock and was glaring at Four Arms.

“You again,” Joey growled at Ben. She’d removed her motorcycle helmet and Gwen recognized her face when the older girl turned to look at her when she landed on the cement floor. “Well this will be a quick fight, after all you promised your mom that you’d never hit a girl.”

“I did,” Ben agreed in Four Arm’s deep baritone, “but I finally learned, there’s a difference between a girl and a manipulative thief. Guess what you are.”

“I don’t have to guess,” Joey said with a toothy grin, “I know.” Even as she finished speaking Joey leaped forward faster than any normal human could and Ben heard a mechanical whine when she ejected the metal claws from her forearms and she took a swipe at Ben.

As fast as Joey was with her exoskeleton pushing her body beyond it’s normal limits Ben was even faster as Four Arms. He managed to evade Joey’s initial attack and used his lower arms to grab her wrists while his upper arms tore away the fabric oh her body suit so he could reach the metal and wires underneath.

“Stop, don’t do that,” Joey cried, trying to wrench her arms out of Ben’s grip. “Do you know how long it took me to make this rig?”

“No, but I’m sure you’ll have plenty of time to make another one while you’re in prison.”

Ben managed to pull out the power cord for Joey’s exoskeleton just as the older girl went to knee him in the groin and her leg froze in mid kick.

“Gwen, any idea how we’re going to hold Joey until the cops arrive?” Ben asked his cousin. “If we don’t do something she may be able to wriggle out of her broken exoskeleton and get away before the police get here.”

“I have an idea,” Gwen said, her voice took on the reverberating tone it usually on when she was casting a spell and every piece of cord, rope, and cable in the shed snaked its way across the cement floor until they reached Joey. In seconds Joey was spread eagled on her back with the cords wrapped around her ankles and wrists and tied them securely tot he shed’s support columns.

“That should hold her until the police arrive,” Gwen said with a satisfied nod. “No leverage, no escape. Even if she managed to repair her exoskeleton she wouldn’t have the leverage to escape before the police arrived.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” Ben said with a four armed shrug.

“Hold on,” Joey screamed, “you can’t leave me like this.”

“Don’t worry, the police will be here soon,” Ben said, “we’ll call them as soon as we leave and let them know where you are.”

“That’s not what I mean,” Joey said with a jerk of her head to toss her brown hair back from her face while she gave Ben and Gwen a nervous smile.

“What do you mean?” Gwen asked.

“Well, I expected to get caught sooner or later,” Joey admitted, “but the real reason I do things like this high speed chase is because I get off on the risk.”

“You don’t mean,” Gwen said hesitantly.

“I do mean,” Joey said. “I take all kinds of risks because it makes me horny as hell. Not that a kid like you would understand what I mean.”

“You’d be surprised what we understand about things like that,” Ben said, giving Gwen a quick wink. “But what does that have to do with us?”

“If you hadn’t caught me I’d be half way to my boyfriend’s apartment by now,” Joey said, “and once I got there I would have been riding his cock like there was no tomorrow.”

“So what does that have to do with us?” Gwen asked.

“Not you, him,” Joey said with a nod toward Four Arms. “I know you’re just a kid in your own body, but I figure a big guy like you are right now must have a good size cock in your pants there. How about giving me a great memory to take to prison?”

“I don’t know about this Ben,” Gwen said with a concerned frown. “You know Joey’s going to tell any story she thinks will give her an advantage.”

“I know that,” Ben said, “but I don’t think she’s telling a story this time. Take a good look at her breasts and you’ll see that her nipples are so hard and erect you can see them through her body suit. On top of that I can actually smell the juices flowing out from her pussy right now.”

“Maybe,” Gwen admitted reluctantly, “so what do you want to do about it?”

“Do you really need to ask?” Ben asked with a sly chuckle. Ben’s chuckle almost covered the sound of the Omnitrix counting down, but it couldn’t cover the red flash when Ben transformed into his normal body.

“Shit!” Joey groaned after the change, “so much for that idea. I guess I’m off to jail feeling hot, horny, and frustrated.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure,” Ben said, brushing his hair out of his eyes as he gave Joey and appreciative look. “I’m more developed than you’d expect for a boy my age. In fact, Gwen, why don’t you show her?”

“Ok,” Gwen said, “but if I’m going to show her I expect to join in.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Ben said as Gwen lifted the shirt of her costume to expose her swollen belly and tits.

“You’re pregnant,” Joey said in surprise. “Yours?”

“Our second,” Ben said proudly. “So now you know I can give you what you want. But I should warn you, I can tell that you’re fertile right now, if I fuck you there’s a good chance I’ll get you pregnant.”

“Good,” Joey said, “I never use protection, it’s just not the same without the risk. But you don’t need to worry about me, as often as I’ve fucked bareback between periods no one’s managed to knock me up yet.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure if I were you,” Gwen said.

“I’ll tell you what,” Joey said, “if I do get knocked up I’ll actually take the baby to term. I won’t be able to keep it because I’m sure I’ll still be in prison and they don’t let prisoners keep their babies after their born. But I won’t get an abortion. How does that sound? Will you fuck me now?”

“Maybe,” Ben said, giving Gwen a quick wink. “But if I do I’m not taking any chances, you’re staying tied up just like you are right now.”

“Whatever you want,” Joey said. “I’ll do whatever you say. Just fuck me, fuck me please before I go crazy with lust.”

“Say it again,” Gwen said, leaning close to Joey’s ear. “Let me hear you beg my cousin to fuck your pussy.”

“Fuck me,” Joey begged, “please fuck me.”

“How could I refuse a request like that?” Ben asked Gwen with a wide grin.

While Joey wiggled impatiently in her bonds Ben unzipped the older girls pants and pulled them down far enough to expose her shaved slit. “No panties?” he asked as he licked his lips.

“Never,” Joey said, “nothing comes between my pussy and my body suit. In fact if I thought I could get away with it nothing would come between my cunt and my bike.”

“What about between your tits and your body suit?” Gwen asked as she pulled the zipper down on the Joey’s top.

“Never,” Joey said as Gwen exposed her hard erect nipples. “I’m always naked under my body suit.

“So I see,” Gwen said, massaging Joey’s large tits, she couldn’t help but wonder how large Joey’s tits would get when her milk started coming in.

“What are you doing?” Joey asked, watching Gwen step back to remove her costume, including her powder blue panties and matching maternity bra.

“You heard me earlier,” Gwen said as she set her costume aside, “I told Ben that if I was going to show you proof of how sexually active we are then I’d be joining in. I hope you like the taste of pussy.”

“I do,” Joey admitted. “After nine months in a woman’s penitentiary I know how to eat another girl’s pussy. Good thing I like eating pussy almost as much as I enjoy a good hard cock between my legs.”

Once she was ready Gwen turned to see that Ben was as naked as she was and obviously just as ready with his six inch cock sticking out hard from his body. “Are you ready Joey?” Ben asked as he worked his way up between her spread legs until the tip of his cock kissed the moist lips of her slit.

“Do you really need to ask?” Joey asked, squeezing her pussy muscles so her juices flowed out to coat the head of Ben’s cock. “Fuck me kid, fuck me hard and knock me up if you can.”

While Ben slipped the head of his cock into Joey’s well lubricated pussy Gwen straddled the older girl’s face so she could watch her cousin fuck the girl at the same time that she ate Gwen’s red furred pregnant slit. Gwen let out a soft moan of pleasure as Joey brushed the tip of her tongue across her erect clit and gave her cousin a quick grin as he slid his cock into the girl’s tight cunt.

“I think Joey likes your cock Ben,” Gwen told her cousin. “She just stuck her tongue all the way up my pregnant pussy.”

“I can tell she likes it too,” Ben groaned, “her pussy is squeezing my cock so hard it’s a miracle I can move it. But it feels so fuckin good.”

“Here Ben, suck my tits,” Gwen said, “I could use a good milking after this.”

“Well I am thirsty,” Ben said with a chuckle as he leaned forward to lick Gwen’s swollen nipples before he sucked the left one into his mouth.

“Suck me Ben,” Gwen moaned, shivering at the double jolt of sexual energy as her cousin sucked the milk from her tits and the older girl ate her cunt. Even before Ben switched to her right nipple Gwen felt her first orgasm roll through her body to leave her gasping for breath and wanting more.

Gwen wasn’t the only one enjoying herself, Joey was shocked to realize just how good Ben was with his cock. In spite of his youth the boy seemed to know more tricks than any of her boyfriends and even though his cock was the smallest one she’d ever fucked she felt her first orgasm rushing out from her cunt after just a few strokes of Ben’s cock. As the first orgasm slammed through her body Joey stretched her neck as far as it would go and buried her face in Gwen’s crotch, sucking hard on the younger girl’s cunt and driving the pregnant redhead into her second orgasm.

“Oh God,” Gwen moaned as she came down from her second orgasm, she could already feel her body building toward another one. “Ben I hope you’re giving Joey a fuck to remember, because she really deserves it. She’s already given me two orgasms and I can already feel another one building up in my pussy.”

“I’m giving her everything I’ve got,” Ben said, pulling his mouth away from Gwen’s tit and licking the milk from his lips, “but I don’t think I can last much longer the way her cunt clamps around my cock when she cums. I think I can hold out long enough to give her one more orgasm, but I’ll probably shoot my load as soon as she cums.”

Even though she knew Ben wasn’t going to last much longer Joey was enjoying her fuck too much to slow down and she strained against her bonds until she gained enough slack to lift her ass off the concrete floor of the shed to meet Ben’s next stroke and she clamped her pussy muscles down hard around Ben’s cock, holding it tight in her belly as her whole body exploded with another orgasm.”

“I’m cumming,” Ben screamed as his balls pulled hard against the base of his shaft and he shot five wads of baby juice deep into Joey’s fertile body.

“Wow,” Ben said after he caught his breath, “that may not be the best fuck I ever had, but it was one of the best. What about you Gwen?”

“Three orgasms in one fuck?” Gwen said with a tired smile as she reluctantly pulled her pussy away from Joey’s lips and got to her feet, “one of the best fucks I ever had. What about you Joey, was that a fuck to remember?”

“Oh yeah,” Joey sighed, “I’m sure I’m going to remember this fuck for the rest of my life.”

“Especially when your belly starts swelling,” Gwen giggled.

“Oh come on,” Joey said, “you don’t really think I’m going to get knocked up from this do you?”

“I’ve learned the hard way that when Ben fucks a girl when she’s fertile he always knocks her up, always.”

“And if you don’t believe her now,” Ben added, “you will in a few weeks.”

“Really?” Joey said sarcastically. Now that Gwen wasn’t straddling her face the older girl had a clear view of Ben and what she was doing. She was surprised to realize that Ben wasn’t putting his clothes back on the way his cousin was, instead he had his face between her stretched legs and he was licking her clean.

“What are you doing?” Joey asked, enjoying the feel of Ben’s tongue as it reached just past her pussy lips.

“I’m cleaning you up,” Ben said, “it wouldn’t look good if the police gave you a strip search and found my cum dripping out of your freshly fucked pussy.”

“I wouldn’t worry about it,” Joey said. “They don’t have that many women of the force here so they can’t give me a strip search until they get me back to the station, and by then you cum should be absorbed. The police will never know that you fucked me, especially since I don’t plan to tell them about this.”

“If you say so,” Ben said, giving Joey’s pussy one more lick and teasing her still erect clit with the tip of his tongue before he zipped her pants back up and fastened the hook at the waist. Gwen zipped Joey’s top back up once she was dressed and looked around to make sure there were no clues left to what the three of them had done after Joey’s capture. By the time she finished Ben was dressed and ready to go.

“Don’t worry,” Ben said, “we’ll call the police as soon as we get out of here. All we’re going to say is that you’re here, we’ll leave it up to you to explain why it took us so long to contact them after we captured you.”

“Best reason of all, we had a long knock down drag out fight and it took you several minutes to take me down. Considering how much trouble I’ve been giving the police over the past couple months they won’t have any trouble believing that, and it will give me a chance to brag about how I almost took you down.”

“Works for me,” Gwen said with a shrug. “I’ll keep track of your case and once you get settled in I’ll send you an anonymous letter with an untraceable e-mail address so you know how to contact us. Let us know when your pregnancy is confirmed, ok?”

“If I’m pregnant I’ll let you know as soon as I do,” Joey promised. “Now get out of here, the sooner you call the police, the sooner I get out of this position.”

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