When the world ends, all rules go out the window
"Hi, Mom!" Sarah shouted as she ran down the hall to the kitchen. The pretty ten-year-old wrapped her parent in a hug, snuggling tighter at warm return of her affection.

Bonnie wasn't Sarah's real mother or a truly adopting one, like she was also neither to the other preteen girl who lived with her. A disastrous series of comet strikes last year, followed by a plague maybe from something brought by those surprise interstellar missiles, left more orphans than might be adults to care for them. Bonnie had found her girls by accident, to bring them to the abandoned but fortified house she occupied soon after the world they knew came to an end. Bonnie didn't want the responsibility but she couldn't leave the starving children to fend for themselves. They might have soon died for any number of reasons had she passed them by in a world devastated and made primitive.

Shocked to see little Sarah fully nude, Bonnie pushed away to set her M16 rifle on the dining table. "Where are your clothes?" she demanded, peeling off her heavy-laden backpack. A day of foraging among the remains of their small rural town let Bonnie stuff the bag with cans of food. She and the girls could eat a few more days for the bounty she brought.

"In mine and Kelli's room," Sarah answered, bouncing with happiness. "Guess what? I had my first orgasm! I'm grown up now like you and Kelli!"

Bonnie first unbuckled and set aside her military-style web belt holding a bayonet for the rifle, two holstered handguns, and pouches of extra ammo. She then rubbed her tired eyes. Smoke from fires all over the planet, some maybe still burning after a year, had left the air sooty since soon after the comets. On humid summer days, Bonnie and the girls would have to wear goggles to keep their eyes from stinging too much. Sometimes they needed to also cover their faces with filter masks. Winters were better, for the cold made soot constantly drift from the sky, heaviest when it snowed. Sad, though, all that black carbon made the snow dirty gray instead of gleaming white like before the hits.

Kelli came from the hall.

"What the hell have you been doing with her?" Bonnie snarled at the older girl, who was twelve and also undressed.

"Girl stuff," Kelli answered with a shrug of one shoulder. The pretty long-haired blonde smirked and crossed her arms. The curl of her lip seemed to smear her otherwise baby-faced prettiness. "She fell asleep in the living room while we were reading those stupid books you force on us. I got bored so I went to play with myself in our room. Sarah came in a little later and caught me. When I educated her about what I was doing, she wanted to try it herself so I showed her how."

"You ought to see the things we found!" Sarah burst in her continued excitement. "They're cool!"

"Things?" Bonnie asked, her brow furrowed. "What things?"

"C'mon, I'll show you!"

In the girls' room, Sarah threw open a floral-print suitcase filled with sex toys and porn magazines. Kelli remained at the bedroom door, leaning against the frame with her arms still crossed. But her eyes looked less defiant.

"We found it under a bed this morning while exploring the neighborhood," the older girl explained. "I told Sarah we'd show you when you got home but I couldn't wait to try some things when she fell asleep. I guess the buzzing of that big red vibrator woke her up."

"You're not supposed to be going out on your own," Bonnie admonished. The thirty-year-old woman sighed deep. "It's dangerous. You don't know where someone or some animal is hiding."

"We go out anyway. It's boring to sit around until you get back from your trips."

"Too bad!"

Kelli shrugged.

"So, what else have you brought back?"

"Nothing. All the food is gone or rotten. Some houses stink so bad we can't go in. None of the clothes we find fit us or they smell bad, too. That suitcase is the first thing we decided was worth taking."

"Have you seen stuff like this?" Sarah asked, sifting the collection of anal plugs, dildos, packages of spare batteries, coils of rope, and a variety of other things used for fetish play. There were also two harnesses that could attach a dildo. The dozen-or-so mags, judging by their covers, were all of lesbian and the bondage variety.

"Yes, I've seen things like that," Bonnie confessed, her heart racing despite herself. "They're not for children."

"But I'm grown up now! Kelli said so!"

"Children aren't supposed..."

"All the cops are dead, Bonnie," Kelli interrupted, hands on her hips with her small developing breasts thrust out. "Those old laws don't mean shit any more. Kids can have sex now whenever they want and no one's around to arrest 'em for it."

"Did you touch her?" Bonnie growled. For an instant, an image of the two little girls lying nude together flashed through her mind. Her clit tingled for some seconds after she forced away the vision.

"Didn't lay a finger on her."

"I hope not. You didn't let her look at those magazines, either, did you?"


Bonnie started feeling genuine anger, in part because her clit now throbbed. The sight of Kelli standing nude and with boldness had further turned her on and, the more she noted of the twelve-year-old's body, the more she thought of that one time in college she balled another girl. They had seduced each other, and Darlene had revealed a smooth hairless pussy like Kelli's. Darlene shaved hers while Kelli was maybe still too young to yet be sprouting peachfuzz. Memories of the wonderful scent and softness that Bonnie would never forget had returned to the fore and they wouldn't go away no matter Bonnie's usual mental defenses. They also started taking a new aim.

"I want to see them," Sarah said. "Can I, Mom?"

"No!" Bonnie shouted, startling both girls. Then, more gently, "No, Sarah. None of those things are for children. Is this everything you first found in here?"

"Yeah. We put everything back when we heard you come home."

Bonnie had to pause after kneeling to close the suitcase and take it away. Scent of the girls' sexual heat during their illicit play reached Bonnie's nose, to make her clit throb deeper and harder. Bonnie hadn't been laid in over a year, but she always pushed away rising desires because her only recourse would be masturbation. Bonnie wasn't prudish and certainly not afraid of her slender but shapely body, but sex was low on her list of priorities when survival in a shattered but still-dangerous world had to remain at the top. So far, her best defenses continued to yield her nothing.

"What's wrong, Bonnie?" Kelli lilted. "See something you like? Bet you know how to use all those things, don't you? Gonna try 'em yourself after me and Sarah go to sleep?"

Bonnie wanted to smack Kelli's face but not only for the older preteen's insolence.

"Are you mad at me?" Sarah worried. "I just want to be grown up like you and Kelli."

"No, I'm not mad," Bonnie reassured, deciding to leave the suitcase alone for a while. She never before saw a bondage magazine but somehow gained new interest to look at one. But Kelli's snide knowing tone stopped Bonnie from taking for herself all those adult things to feed her unfamiliar but growing appetites. She feared being 'discovered', as it were, though bratty Kelli already had her pinned.

"Maybe she wants to get naked with us," Kelli ventured. "She hasn't told us to get dressed yet."

"Do you?" Sarah asked, bouncing on her toes.

"No," Bonnie denied, though Sarah had also attracted enough of her notice to keep her aroused. Not even Bonnie's guilt could stop the pulsing of her clit. "Get dressed now. Playtime is over for today."

Kelli moved aside when Bonnie stepped from the room. In the kitchen, Bonnie heard whispering but she couldn't tell what the girls said. Still aroused, she looked to see if one of them might be watching before she slid a firm hand over the crotch of her jeans. The caress felt wonderful, and Bonnie found her panties had become damp while she was with the girls. More guilt rose, because in back of her mind Bonnie knew the real reason she left the suitcase where it lay. Neither could she stop thinking of Darlene's delightful shaved pussy. Those long-ago memories soon morphed into wonders about the sweet sexes of the little girls who whispered together in the next room. Bonnie had never before wanted to touch underage girls like she had been fantasizing for several minutes, and that scared her. Still...
"Sarah's really upset," Kelli complained, entering the kitchen some minutes later while Bonnie stacked the cans of food she scavenged. The girl hadn't dressed as Bonnie told.

"She's too young to know what you showed her," Bonnie admonished. "So are you, by the way."

"I've been beating off since I was eight. I even took my own cherry with a small flashlight. There's nothing unhealthy about it."

"You're children! You should be playing with dolls, or reading so you have enough brains to stay alive if I get killed out there."

"We do enough of all that. Masturbation eases the boredom for me. Now for Sarah, too, I guess. When did you start fingering yourself?"

"That's none of your business," Bonnie snapped.

"Well," Kelli said, smiling, "the pussies are out of the bag. You have to go searching for food, so you can't really stop us."

"I can always take you with me."

"Yeah, right. We'd be something for you to worry about if you get jumped since you won't show us how to use guns until we're older. That's why you leave us home with the house locked up and behind those bars on the windows; that's why you chose this house in the first place. You want us safe so there's no way you'll change your set-up."

Bonnie ground her teeth, caught in a trap by the precocious twelve-year-old. "What's Sarah doing?" she worried, starting for the bedroom.

"Crying, last I saw" Kelli answered, moving to block the adult woman's path. "Thanks to you. She thinks she did something wrong and you're mad at her."

"You're not supposed to be doing things like that!"

"We've been over that, Bonnie. Now that Sarah's had her first orgasm there's nothing you can do to stop her from eventually touching herself again, especially at night. You can get rid of that bag of goodies but Sarah still has her hands and whatever else she dreams up."

"With your creative help, right?"

"If she asks."

"And how long until you're doing it for her?" Bonnie sneered despite the still-running images in her mind keeping her excited. "Or other things to her? That's child rape, you know."

"All those laws died the day the comets hit," Kelli countered, her face set. "And what--you never kissed a girl? You told us you never married and you're over thirty, right? You're not fat or ugly, so it sounds to me you like girls instead of men."

"My sex life..."

"You had one?"

"...was with boyfriends or guys I picked up for one-nighters."

"And never a girl?"

"Once, in college," Bonnie admitted. "But we were nineteen. You're twelve and Sarah is ten."

"Just numbers," Kelli dismissed. "Something tells me you're horny as hell right now. Wouldn't you just love doing a girl again? Was your girlfriend shaved down below, being nice and soft like I am? Were you, too, and are you now?"

"There's no way I'm going to fuck children!"

"Then come play with yourself while we do it, too. Us doing it all together will make Sarah feel better in every way. Without getting laid in so long, I bet you're dying to at least try out those toys."

Pulling at her short deep-reddish hair, Bonnie kept struggling against the aroused sexual hunger that wouldn't quit no matter how hard she tried distracting from her streaming snippets of fantasy. Both girls under her charge and protection were so very pretty: Kelli with long golden hair, creamy complexion, and a petite body like Darlene's. Hell, Kelli's babygirl face might be enough to get a gay man hard at sight of her.

Sarah, tall and thin, had shoulder-length dark hair and a facial beauty that might have made her a super model had the world survived as it used to be; everything of Sarah's visage came together with rare perfection of symmetry and smoothness of skin. Her body hadn't begun to bloom the impending fullness of her ultimate femininity, yet somehow her flat chest with small pink nipples appealed to Bonnie in a way the adult woman never before imagined. Both preteens had nicely-curved bottoms, completing them as flawless packages of youthful girlish beauty. Despite herself, the sex-starved adult woman started to hunger for sight of such lovely creatures enraptured in the throes of climax.

Kelli must have noted something in Bonnie's posture, for the girl walked away without another word.

Following into the bedroom, Bonnie found Sarah looking at one the lesbian magazines. Several more surrounded her. The still-nude little girl jumped off the bed, her eyes beginning to tear.

"Mom's going to play, too" Kelli announced. She bent for one of the vibrators from the case, looking over a shoulder to see if Bonnie noticed her ass and visible cleft.

"Are you, Mom?" Sarah asked, her eyes now hopeful.

"I guess," Bonnie said, climbing on the bed. Feeling like she was in a waking dream, she started thumbing through one of the magazines with the girls snuggled on each side of her.

The girls caressed themselves all over their own bodies while the trio looked through pictures of women having sex together. Bonnie had to explain to Sarah how women orally pleasure each other, while Kelli reassured the younger girl that having toys and fingers in both her pussy and ass wasn't painful. The whole time, Bonnie remained wildly excited.

When Sarah rose for more magazines, Bonnie got undressed. The warmth of Kelli's smooth velvety skin felt wonderful at Bonnie's arm. The younger girl, at Kelli's bidding, brought two more vibrators as well as all the mags.

"Nice tits you got, Bonnie," Kelli said. "Nowhere near as big as the women in the magazine, but perky. And you still shave your pussy, it seems. I bet you always had a whole bunch of guys and chicks wanting to fuck you."

Bonnie felt her face flush. Though she wouldn't masturbate and had no lovers, she kept herself as she had before the comets. For Bonnie, doing things as always helped keep at bay the full impact of the world's destruction.

The girls continued touching themselves and pinching their own nipples while they looked at pictures and Bonnie read aloud the stories in the magazines. Bonnie still wouldn't reach to her own pussy, for her being on edge felt too wonderful to end this soon. She decided to wait to cum only when the girls did, and several times she stopped them from climaxing until they could all do it together. The time wasn't yet ripe for them.

Bonnie had more questions to answer for Sarah as they looked through the bondage magazines. Some of the images had men, and their cumshots grossed out the younger girl. "He peed white on her!" Sarah grimaced the first time she saw a man's ejaculate. Still, the images of bound women held the little girl amazed, and she dashed her pussy fast with a small hand. Over and over, Bonnie had to stop the ten-year-old before she might climax. Kelli simply held close to Bonnie, stroking the adult woman's arm as she teased her own pussy with a vibrator set on low speed. The heat of both girls' bodies kept Bonnie almost frantic.

"You like the idea of being tied up, Sarah?" Kelli asked.

Sarah looked at Bonnie as if for approval before answering, "Yeah, I'd like to try it. Especially since whoever ties me up is the one who makes me cum since I can't do it myself. And having my nipples clothespinned sounds good, too, long as it doesn't hurt like you said it doesn't."

Kelli moved to the suitcase, then sat on the bed next to Sarah with a set of nipple clamps and a pair of handcuffs.

"Oh, no!" Bonnie breathed, slipping toward the empty side of the bed and pulling Sarah with her. "Not yet with those things, you two."

When Kelli settled on the opposite side of the younger girl, Bonnie abandoned any last bit of guilt she might have held. Snuggling close and lowering her head, she sucked one of Sarah's tiny pink nipples into her mouth. One light finger teased over Sarah's tummy, making the cooing ten-year-old twitch all over.

Kelli took Sarah's other nipple into her mouth, then began licking the small circle with her tongue when the bud came up erect. She pressed her pussy to Sarah's thigh, pulling the thin leg to spread the girl wider. Kelli's hips began rocking.

Bonnie did the same with Sarah's other leg, her needful pussy at last being soothed. She felt a climax begin to rise almost right away. Then, when Kelli slid two finger's into Sarah's small tight tunnel and started pistoning her hand, Bonnie began stirring the little girl's clit with a slow circling finger. She gasped, for not even Darlene's sex had felt so soft and smooth. In seconds, the three of them were breathing hard and deep. Sarah pressed into the two teasing mouths at her nipples.

Kelli came first, throwing back her head and bucking frantically against Sarah's thigh. Soon as Sarah arched her back and began to cum, Bonnie let happen her own release. Together, all three of them orgasmed hard and loud. The scent of musty female sexual pleasure filled the air.

"Oh, Mom!" Sarah breathed, rolling to give a tight hug. Seconds later, she started and looked down. "Oh, that feels good!"

Kelli had slid between the younger girl's thighs with her ass in the air, and begun eating Sarah's pussy. Greedy, Kelli's tongue flicked light and fast over Sarah's clit, making the little girl hold tighter to Bonnie and spread her legs wider. She trembled all over. Her juices sheened Kelli's face and chin.

Becoming excited like never before while she watched a moment, Bonnie kissed Sarah's forehead and slid away. In seconds, she was on her back with her head under Kelli's hips, pressing on the twelve-year-old's round little ass with one hand. Taking the hint, Kelli lowered and shuddered when Bonnie started kissing, tonguing, and suckling the soft folds she pressed tight to her mouth. Darlene hadn't been so soft as the young pussy at Bonnie's face that had yet to sprout its first hair. Kelli's love juices flowed all over Bonnie's cheeks and down her throat.

Both the girls climaxed again in minutes. Bonnie did, too, by her own hand while she kept at Kelli's soft sweet pussy. The woman and girls lay loosely together on the bed while they recovered.

"That was incredible!" Sarah almost shouted. "Can I do that too?"

"Sure," Kelli allowed, rising to straddle Sarah's face.

At the same time, Bonnie slid between Sarah's legs to at last taste and tease the pretty preteen's slit.

Sarah wiggled and writhed as she enjoyed Bonnie's more-experienced tongue and suckling lips on her small pussy. Slipping a finger into the short wet tunnel, Bonnie found Sarah no longer had a hymen. The digit slid the little girl's entire length with ease, so Bonnie finger-fucked her fast and far, keeping Sarah's engorged folds spread with two fingers of her other hand. Sarah climaxed again, then once more the instant Bonnie sucked the protruding little clit between her lips while still thrusting and circling her finger deep inside the slender ten-year-old.

Gripping Sarah's hair and pulling the younger girl's face tighter to herself, Kelli bucked hard as she, too, climaxed. The tightness of her hold and grinding pussy muffled little Sarah's squeals of pleasure.

"My head feels dizzy," Sarah breathed when Bonnie slid along her. The little girl smiled.

Kelli, not needing to recover long, slid between Bonnie's legs and began teasing the adult woman's pussy with light dashing fingers. Climaxing almost instantly, Bonnie held to Sarah so tight she didn't realize she was almost crushing the young girl. With her head at Bonnie's breast, Sarah sucked tight on the erect nipple while also pinching and rolling the other one between her small fingers. Bonnie's orgasm continued, to then intensify to an explosive grand finale when Kelli started what felt like her whole hand into the adult woman's soaked love tunnel.

"You're so pretty when you orgasm, mom!" Sarah said when Bonnie released her hold after winding down.

"So are you," Bonnie breathed, with a kiss to Sarah's forehead. Sweat beaded on her own.

"Your turn," Kelli said, sliding from the bed and motioning Sarah between Bonnie's legs.

The younger girl seemed to know by instinct how to pleasure a woman, although this was the first day Sarah tried it. Sarah's slow tongue felt velvety as is swirled all over Bonnie's slit and probed a little into the adult woman's flowing opening. Bonnie could only lie back with her eyes closed. She squeezed her smallish breasts together with the heels of her hands, her fingers pinching and tugging the nipples.

"Ooh, that's cold!" Sarah said, sounding annoyed.

"It'll warm up," Kelli said. She sat with her back to Bonnie, with one hand under Sarah's tummy to play with the younger girl's pussy. Her other, at Sarah's behind, held a long thin toy glistening with lubricant. "Just keep at Bonnie. See if you can get your whole hand up her."

Shuddering and rolling her hips, Sarah worked at fisting Bonnie's pussy while Kelli thrust the pink shaft in and out of the younger girl's curvy ass. Kelli's other hand rolled slow on Sarah's pussy, the wet sounds telling that Sarah was filled in front as was her back about to fully be. The sight added to Bonnie's excitement as her own pussy stretched to take in the slow small hand pressing inexorably deeper into her.

"Oh, Kelli!" Sarah shouted, either starting to cum or just on the edge of it.

Stopping Sarah's orgasm, the older preteen rose to kneel behind her and pressed her pussy to Sarah's bottom, the base of the toy still held by her fingers to her smooth mound. Kelli then started moving her hips back and forth, fucking little Sarah's ass.

Bonnie came instantly for the sight, arching her back and screaming a shrill yelp as her release allowed Sarah's hand to at last slip in past the little girl's wrist. Holding Sarah's forearm with both hands, the adult woman fucked like an animal as the driving explosive orgasm compelled of her. Never had Bonnie cum so hard, and her manic pounding on the thickness filling her hit her G-spot so right the orgasm wouldn't stop until Bonnie either passed out or somehow tore away from the incredible pleasure. Bonnie had experienced extended orgasms before, but none ever felt like this.

"Make me cum with Mom!" Sarah demanded, slamming hard into the long shaft filling her virgin ass.

Kelli fucked back with matching force, reaching around Sarah's narrow hips.

"Oh, Kelli! Push your fingers deeper!"

Sarah then screamed in orgasm, being filled front and back and loving the mix of sensations her small preteen body had never before felt. She started to cry for the intensity of her new experience, but that didn't stop her cum in the least.

Bonnie was going wild for her own lasting cum. She wanted so badly to kiss Sarah deeply, the two of them sharing each other's tongues. But she couldn't tear away from the pleasure she enjoyed, and the sight of beautiful Kelli also now in the throes and thrill of orgasm. The older preteen must have spared a finger from her hold on the base of the toy filling Sarah's ass, to tease her own clit to the point of no return.

Sarah at last collapsed, going limp. She breathed hard, her eyelids fluttering. Kelli spent, too, and sat back on her haunches. She seemed to have left the toy in Sarah's ass.

Bonnie's climax waned by her own choice, slowing her thrusting on the hand that filled her until she fully spent. Sliding Sarah's arm from her, Bonnie moved to wrap both preteens in a gentle hug.

"You're so pretty when you cum," the exhausted girl said with a soft smile, her eyes closed. Sarah then fell asleep.

"Wanna tie her up now?" Kelli asked. Her eyes remained steady, and the hairless pussy between her spread thighs flowed nectar. "She said she wants to try it. Think of her surprise when she wakes up!"

Bonnie's senses sort-of returned, to remind the wildest sex of her life was happening with two preteen girls. But the sight of Kelli's spread and shining pussy stole away any guilt that might live with her realization.

"Go ahead," Bonnie decided, rising for the suitcase.

Kelli first handcuffed the sleeping younger girl's wrists behind her back. Joining Bonnie at the suitcase on the floor, she rummaged through it to take out other things.

"Make sure you have the keys for all those," Bonnie warned. "I don't want to have to hacksaw them off."

"Got it covered."

Bonnie stopped her search to watch what Kelli had planned for Sarah. Her breathing deepened, and her thoughts wandered to realize she never once before would have believed the sexual bondage of a little girl would turn her on so much. "Where did you learn about that kind of thing?" Bonnie asked.

"The Net," Kelli answered, "before the world went to shit."

By the time Kelli finished, Sarah's big toes were locked in steel thumbcuffs, with the handcuffed still-sleeping younger girl's neck wrapped by a leather collar secured with a small padlock. Kelli also clipped a chain leash to the lead-ring. Slipping out the thin pink toy left in Sarah's curvy little ass, Kelli replaced it with one shorter but thicker. A more narrow waist at the base of the plug would all but guarantee Sarah couldn't force it out. Despite her deep sleep, Sarah's smooth young pussy flowed.

"Now she's our fucktoy," Kelli said, throwing all the sets of keys on the nightstand. "When she wakes up, we can use the nipple clamps on her. She said she'd like those, too."

Bonnie's head reeled. Before the comets, she never would have thought to play with a girl again, let alone be having such exciting sex with two girls not yet at puberty.
The room had gone dim, for night approached. Candles were harder to find than food in their dead world, but Bonnie didn't want to stop what had begun hours ago. Rising on shaky legs, she went to the kitchen and right away returned with scented candles in large jars. She placed them around the room.

After the candles were lit, Bonnie and Kelli lay entwined on the bed, where Bonnie leaned close and raped Kelli's mouth with her own. Kelli returned the passion, making the adult woman's lips numb. Their hands roamed each other bodies, with the high sensitivity of Kelli's budding breasts making her start whenever Bonnie pinched a nipple or drew one tight between her lips. Kelli's skin felt so wonderfully soft and supple, and to be tasting and teasing such a tight petite body made Bonnie's pussy pulsate with more of the need that hadn't stopped for hours despite her many powerful climaxes.

"So, what's it like to be fucked by a guy?" Kelli asked, stroking her adopted mom's short dark hair.

"Want to experience it?" Bonnie asked.

"Why do you think I asked? I know what those two harnesses in the suitcase are for."

Rising for the treasure trove of sex toys, Bonnie fixed into the steel rings at front of one of the harnesses a thick dildo complete with the molded front half of a ball sack. The flesh-colored toy, about six or seven inches long and almost two inches wide, might be too big for Kelli to comfortably handle. But Bonnie wanted to punish the insolent preteen a little without actually injuring her. The toy could never fit in Kelli's ass and not in Sarah at all, but Kelli's flowing pussy should be able to take it although it might hurt a little.

"Gonna lube that thing?" Kelli asked after Bonnie slid a dildo into herself, tightened the harness, and crawled onto the bed.

"Your pussy is lubed enough," Bonnie said, pushing Kelli back. Holding the girl's legs wide at her upraised knees, Bonnie settled in place and stared the tip of the dildo into the narrow pink tunnel. The thrill of seeing Kelli's pussy being forced wide further inflamed the adult woman's lust.

"Easy there, bitch!" Kelli snapped. "It's big!"

Gripping the preteen girl's neck with one hand, and keeping high one of her thin but shapely legs in the crook of an arm, Bonnie pressed forward. The thick shaft slid deeper into the forcibly-spread girl, one slow inch at a time.

"You fucking bitch! You b...Fuck! I'm cumming! I'm cuh..."

Kelli orgasmed so hard she stopped breathing, her body quivering all over. One hand tortured a nipple with hard tugs and twists of her small fingers, while the other pressed Bonnie's ass to keep the over-sized toy going in. The deeper it went--the more she became filled--the longer Kelli's manic orgasm lasted.

When at last stuffing full the climaxing girl, Bonnie began thrusting. She started slow but soon picked up the pace when it seemed Kelli's young pussy had released enough sweet nectar to smooth the way. The dildo glistened its entire length, and the front of the leather harness sheened with Kelli's wetness as Bonnie fucked the bratty preteen's cumming pussy.

Then, without warning, Bonnie slid all the way out and pulled Kelli onto all-fours. The girl's orgasm began to wane, then flared again to its fullest when Bonnie shoved the dildo back in place to fuck Kelli from behind. The girl lowered her head to the mattress, crying as she was force-fucked to an orgasm lasting five minutes so far and nowhere near its end.

"Fuck her good, Mom!" Sarah cheered, awake now though Bonnie didn't know for how long. "She's so pretty right now!"

The adult woman fucked Kelli so hard the slaps of the harness on the girl's ass sounded like spanks. The band of the harness running between Bonnie's legs rubbed her clit and rocked the base of the dildo in her pussy, bringing her close to another cum. Spreading Kelli's round ass with her hands, Bonnie slicked a thumb with the girl's own juices and started it into the tight brown hole nestled between the curvy cheeks. Somehow, the crying girl's orgasm intensified, which helped bring Bonnie closer to her own.

Sarah wiggled her way under Kelli's over-stuffed pussy. "That's so cool!" the bound younger girl laughed. "That thing is so big her pussy lips are gone!"

"Oh, you bitches!" Kelli sobbed when Sarah rose to lick the twelve-year-old's still-cumming pussy. "Stop! I can't take it any more!

When Kelli tried falling forward, Bonnie pulled the girl's hips with both hands to keep her young ass in the air. After a few spanks, Bonnie slid her thumb back into Kelli's ass far as it could go. The girl screamed, and Bonnie felt a splash on her thighs.

Bonnie's own cum at last hit, and she froze in place at first for its intensity. Sweat broke out all over her, and her thighs became wetter as her own juices trickled from around the broadness filling her. Shaking all over, with her eyes closed, Bonnie willed her climax to keep going a few seconds longer as she fucked Kelli some more.

She at last freed Kelli from the exquisite torment of a long powerful climax and let the exhausted preteen flop to the bed. Looking semi-conscious, Kelli twitched as her cum wound slowly down, every nerve of her young body probably sensitive like never in her life--maybe like never before in the lives of most people including adults.

"She's had it, Mom," Sarah laughed. "My turn now?"

Breathing hard, Bonnie smiled at the little ten-year-old. "I need a few minutes," she said. "And to change this. It's too big for you."

"I can take it!"

"I don't want to risk hurting you. But there are plenty of toys big enough to maybe make you cum like Kelli. You'll be grown up like her, I promise. Do you want me to take the cuffs off you first?"

"Oh, no!" Sarah said. "I like being helpless like you made Kelli."

"Okay, then," Bonnie allowed, rising from the bed.

Under the pretty ten-year-old's smiling gaze, Bonnie made ready to please the little girl's body like she had the now-sleeping Kelli. Only this time it wouldn't be quite so forced.

And, Bonnie believed, she'd cum yet again and maybe harder to be fucking to wild pleasures the pretty young princess who wants so desperately to be all grown up.


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Please post part 2.

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wow, proper spacing, capitalization, full sentences and a great story. i didn't know anyone on the internet could make something like this.
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please make more. thank you for your time.


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Thank you for this exquisite piece of fiction! Those who read then ridicule are , well, ridiculous.

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you should continue the story


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A very nicely done story, one of the best I've read here. Just wish you had a little more detail into their euphoric pleasure just like you had details for the story's background. Not sayin I didn't like how it was written, cause I loved it. Just saying though, I felt like something was missing, but either way, it's no big deal. Keep it up.

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