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You and your buddies are having a poker game. It's a usual Friday or
Saturday night tradition. You also usually order pizza, just to cover the
munchies. You make whoever is ahead pay, it seems fair. You are doing
fairly well in the game, but there is an interruption, the pizza has
arrived. You toss down your cards (you didn't have a good hand this round
anyway) and you go and answer the door. I'm there with two fresh pizzas.
You take one look in my deep blue eyes, framed by my blond hair, and you
decide you want a little piece of me. You invite me in, and start some
pleasant chit chat. You learn form me that you are my last delivery, that
my next stop is home to an empty apartment. So I'm not in any rush. But
you see that I am a little uncomfortable and wish to move on, so you hand
me the $20 to cover the pizza, then you take out a $5, and you hold it out.
"This is your tip, or it could be," you say.
"Could be?" I reply.
"Well," you continue, "if you wanted to, you could join our game and
earn a much bigger tip. We are always looking for new people to join us."
"Ok, I think I could be up for that," I say as I flash you my boyish smile.
Little do you know that as soon as I opened the door and got a look at you,
I decided right then and there I would taste your cock before I left. So
you invite me in, and introduce me to your 5 friends. I sit down next to
you and you deal me in. You only give me $5 in chips.
"What your tip would have been," you explain.
I am a bit disappointed, as I was hoping I would be earning my tip
some other, more fun way. We deal out the cards, and I do ok for the first
few rounds, but then my luck shifts, and I start to lose. Badly. I get a
little frustrated, as you can see, so you put your hand on my thigh, to
help calm me down. You can't know that this has the opposite effect, but
for different reasons. I place my hand over yours, and slide it up my leg,
closer to my now hard cock. Since you don't stop me, I continue until your
hand is resting right on my dick. You realize I am already hard, and you
can now make a pretty good guess as to what kind of a tip I want. Pretty
soon I am all but out of chips, so with only a little left, at the end of
the hand, I decide I need a break. I ask you where the restroom is, and
you tell me down the hall somewhere, towards your bedroom. I leave, and
you trade a knowing look with the friend that is across from you. Pretty
soon you hear me call that I can't find it. Puzzled, (since it's not that
hard to find) you go back and see that your bedroom door is slightly open.
You open it, and find me lying on the bed, running my hand over it, as if
to test the softness.
"This is very nice," I say. "Why don't you come over here and join
me for a minute? We won't be gone long, they won't miss you. Besides, I
need a little help changing my luck."
You walk over and lay down on the bed, and I run my hands over your
chest. I start to lick your neck, and run my hands down over your cloth
covered cock, which is by now quite hard. I rub the length of it in long,
slow, but hard strokes.
Nibbling on your ear I say "Now how about that tip you promised me?"
You flip me over roughly and plant a hard kiss on my lips, forcing
open my mouth while your hands seek out my denim covered cock.
Roughly handling it you say "Maybe after a while, right now I would
hate for my friends to miss us. But I think the game might soon get
We return back, having only been gone a few minutes, though you can't
help but catch the glances from your buddies.
You take a bold move: "We should up the ante here. Let's make this
strip poker." I grin.
The rest of your friends agree. Pretty soon you find out that I am
not at all the bad poker player you took me for. I rake in the chips in
hand after hand. Of course, I use distraction techniques like reaching
over and grabbing your cock, or rubbing my leg up and down someone else's.
Soon, we start to see clothes coming off. A shirt here, socks there,
although you are still fully clothed, managing to hold out. For a time.
Pretty soon most of your friends are down to boxers and briefs, and you
have on only your pants. I have discovered as I reach inside that you
aren't wearing any underwear, so I stroke your cock, aided by the copious
amounts of precum leaking out. The next hand rolls around, and everyone is
in. It seems to work out that everyone bets their underwear, and you your
I say, to make it even, "I will wager a blowjob if I lose to whomever
wins", which explains their speed to get in the game.
You are sitting pretty with three of a kind, and as the cards are
layed down, you find yourself with the winning hand. That is, until I lay
down a nice royal flush, ending the game, with me the winner. Someone, in
the process of undressing, grumbles about not getting a blow job.
I reply with "Well, since I am walking away with such a generous tip,
perhaps I should even the playing field a bit."
I strip down to just a pair of boxer briefs. Then I ask everyone to
move over into the living room, and take a seat. I start off kneeling in
front of the guy furthest from you. I stroke his shaft till it is nice and
hard. I run my tongue over the tip, sampling the precum. Finally, I
slowly take the whole head into my mouth. I slowly slide down, till my
nose is resting in his pubes and his cock is filling my throat.
"He's taking the entire thing, oh my god!" your friend shouts out.
Soon I back off of his cock, slowly licking the bottom as it slips
from between my lips. I give him one more good tug, and then I move over,
and repeat the process on the next guy. One of your friends nearly cums,
but I manage to get him to hold off. Finally, after what seemed to you
like hours, I find myself standing in front of you.
"Since you are the host, I feel you get extra special treatment," I
say, seductively.
I straddle your lap and your hard cock, and grin it into my underwear
clad ass as I rub your neck and shoulders. You begin to lick my chest and
suck on my nipples. I let out a low groan at this. I speed up the pace of
your grinding into me. After a few min of this, I stand up again in front
of you. I kiss you on your lips, and let you slide your tongue into my
mouth as I lower myself to kneel almost between your legs. I lick and suck
on your neck, as I kiss my way to your nipples. I tweak one while I suck
the other, then switch. Soon, my tongue is dragging down your body, on the
way to your rigid member. I wrap my hand around it and just stroke it up
and down, while I glance up to see the look of lust on your face. My hand
gets coated with your precum; I have had you turned on for so long. I wink
at you, and then lower my lips to your hard dick, slowly taking it all in,
until I have you deep throated. Your friends watch with their own lustful
ideas in mind. As I start to bob up and down on your shaft, you lean your
head back and moan with pleasure. Soon, one of your friends comes over,
and while stroking his own cock, begins to rub my ass. He then starts to
pull down my underwear, intending to fuck me.
I lift my mouth off of your cock and say "Since you are the host, and
you get special treatment, you get me first in any way you want me."
I stand up, and you finally see my hot hard cock, standing at
attention. I stroke it just a bit as I step toward you.
"And just what do you want?" I ask.
You lean forward, and move my hand from my cock, so you can hold it.
Then you stick out your tongue, and lick me from the bottom of my shaft to
my top. You have other ideas in mind, but you just had to taste my cock
first. You greedily suck the head and most of the shaft into your mouth,
savoring the taste.
As you suck on my dick, I say "You are such a great cocksucker! But,
do you want my ass? It's yours for the taking."
You moan approval with a mouth full of cock. I turn around, as you
reluctantly take your mouth off my cock. I get down on all fours, in front
of your friend who was rubbing my ass, and give his cock a few tugs.
I look back and you and say, "Fuck me. Fuck me now. I want your
cock in me, so get over here and loosen me up so you can pound my ass!"
I turn my attention to the cock in front of me as you scramble over
to me. I lean down and kiss the top of my ass crack. You stick out your
tongue and lick you way to my rosebud. You tentatively lick around my
asshole and finding it clean (I showered before I came) you slowly slide
your tongue into me. You hear me moan, though it sounds as if I have my
mouth full. You proceed to tongue fuck my ass; sliding your tongue in as
far as you can, probing my delicate boy pussy. You sense another friend
sit down next to the one I am licking on, and another start to slide up
under me. As your tongue starts to tire from tasting my delicious ass, you
see the guy under me slide my dick into his waiting mouth. You fall back
and get up onto your knees.
As you do, I take the moment to take the cock out of my mouth (you
see I have another one in my hand) and I say, "No one gets to cum. If you
are getting close, back off. I want all of your cum in my mouth, at the
same time. So hold out, hold out for me. I want to be your cum drenched
I then attack the cock in front of me and start to jack the other one
fiercely. You scoot closer to me as you stroke your cock, getting it hard
and lubricated with your precum. Right as your dick brushes against my
crack, you feel my jump.
I moan and lift off long enough to say, "Oh god, fuck me with that
big cock of yours! Pound my ass baby, and do it NOW!"
You slowly slide your cock into me. At first my hole contracts
against the unexpected invader, but between the combination of your tongue,
and my own efforts, you soon find yourself sliding in with ease. You take
your time, wanting to draw this out. After what seems like several minutes
to you (though you don't think you actually took that long) you feel your
pubes up against my ass. I have your entire cock inside me! You feel how
tight I am. I have actually never been fucked before, but I am a quick
study, so we both adjust rapidly. You feel me contract my ass around your
rock hard shaft. You get the message. You slowly slide back out of me,
and then in, starting the thrusting that both of us have wanted since you
first opened your door. You plow my ass nice and soft. Looking over, you
see your two friends that up till now had been off to the side come over.
One start sucking on the guy under me, and the other brings his cock up to
your face. You lean over and take it in; though your attention is still
riveted on the hard ass fucking you are giving me. You realize you are
taking my cherry, that I am no longer a virgin, because you have your dick
up my ass. The thought excites you, as it does me. You start to speed up,
taking long but powerful strokes, slowly sliding almost all the way out of
me, and then quickly hammering your cock home into me again. You hear me
grunt around the cocks I am sucking with pleasure each time you bang home
against my prostate. You begin to fuck me as hard and as fast as you can.
Soon, I have no choice but to give up on what I am doing, as I can't
concentrate. The other guys start to taper off form their activity, as
they all take seats around us and watch as you fuck me good. As much as I
enjoy getting plowed from behind. I make you stop, but only for a second.
I stand up at the same time you do, and your cock is still in me. You wrap
an arm around me and pull me back to your chair. You sit down, as I do I,
and I moan when my weight forces your cock into me. I slowly lean back and
savor your cock in me. Your friends all scoot in close, since now they can
see your cock as it starts to piston in and out of me again. I
instinctively start stroking my cock, without even thinking, as you massage
and pinch my nipples.
I cry out "Oh god yes, fuck me, Fuck Me, FUCK ME FUUUUCCCKKK
It doesn't take long for all this stimulation to start to get to me,
and you feel me tighten up on your dick. I slam down on you and clamp my
ass muscles down like a vise as I shoot cum all over myself. Though sheer
willpower, you manage not to cum, though only through some sort of miracle
you are sure. But you remember my wish to be your cum drenched slut.
"I am about to cum," you warn, as several others nod their heads in
I stand up, and very reluctantly remove your cock from its new found
home, deep inside my body via my ass. I kneel down, and I tell you all to
gather round me. I start grabbing and stroking cocks, and sucking, trying
to pass around as much stimulation as I can. One of your friends I am
jacking says he is coming, so I turn his way as he unleashes a 9 shot
volley of cum across my face and on my neck and chest. That turns the two
on either side of him on and over the edge, and they let loose as I stroke
them. I aim their cum towards my face, getting a little in my hair and
eyes, but most of it on my face. I turn and the next set I stroke one and
suck the other, then switch. One of them almost cums in my mouth, but I
pull off fast enough and let him shower me face and upper body. The one
next to him is soon to follow. All that leaves is you. I turn to you, and
you look down on me, though you can almost barely recognize me. My hair is
streaked with cum, my face a different color entirely, as I am almost
completely covered and dripping with hot man juice. It's dripping down my
chest. I stop for a second and rub some over my chest and tweak my
"And now its finally your turn. I want to taste your cum. I am your
cum slut. Your whore. You can fuck me anytime, as long as I get your cum.
I want your cum now. I want to suck the cum right out of the cock that was
just fucking my ass."
I lean forward, and proceed to do exactly that. I suck up and down
on your hard shaft. I'm not being slow about it, I suck hard and fast, I
want your cum. Cum drips off my face and onto your cock, but I suck it up
as I go. I feel your balls tighten up, and I back off as I take a god hold
of your cock. I lean back and open my mouth, as your cock erupts with hot
white man cum. I take the first three shots right into the back of my
mouth and down my throat. The next four I am so that they go al over my
face, up on my forehead and into my hair, and onto my chin, where they drip
down onto my chest. Then the last bit I stick my tongue out, and let you
coat it with your hot cream. The last dribbles I squeeze out and onto my
tongue. I slowly slide my tongue back in my mouth and you can see me savor
the flavor. Then you see my throat and neck muscles move as I slowly
swallow each and every drop.
"Mmmmmm. I love your cum. I don't want you ever to waste anymore
again. It's all mine. All you of, I love all of your cum! I love being
your cum slut. You can all fuck me whenever you want. Or do anything to
me. I am your willing fuck boy. But now what shall I do? I am all
covered with cum. I don't have to be home anytime soon and I am up for
more fun. Anyone have any ideas?"
"Well," you begin, "since I know you love a good shower, why don't we
all go into the bathroom."

Stay tuned for part 2, and to see what kind of shower I get

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Its first person, active voice, you asshole...

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