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Stephanie was glad to be leaving work after working almost fifteen hours. She didn't even notice that it was a little before ten until she turned on her car stereo. She also didn't notice until now how hungry she was. Maybe it was because she had been trying to figure how to help get her teams part of the multimillion project back on schedule and back on budget. So she pulled into Arbys to get a sandwich and a diet coke to eat when she got home because she did not want to make anything.

When Stephanie walked into the house she realized that it was quieter than normal. She remembered that her roommate Jennifer left earlier with her new boyfriend, Mark, for a long weekend at the lake. That would be a nice change to have a quiet house compared to their loud TV and conversations that Mark and Jennifer have she thought to herself.

Stephanie sat down at the kitchen table to eat her dinner. She was surprised and a little mad when she opened up the wrapper on her sandwich and saw that it was not what she ordered. What made it even worse was that it was something that she didn't even like. 'What a perfect ending to a perfect day,' she said sarcastically out loud. After throwing the sandwich in the trash and finishing her diet coke, Stephanie went into the bathroom and turn on the water for a nice long hot bubble bath.

While the water was running, she opened a few windows in the house to get some fresh air on this warmer than normal spring night. Hurriedly she took off her work clothes, put on her robe, and ran to the bathroom. By then the water was about the right level to cover her petite, 5' 3", 108 pound frame as she laid comfortably in the warm tub. She was too busy relaxing to think about going to bed hungry. She was relaxing so much that she fell asleep in the tub for a few minutes. Stephanie decided to get out before falling asleep in the tub again.

After drying off, the cute, petite dark haired woman went to her bedroom and put on a big comfy T-shirt and crawled into her bed. Stephanie had been sleeping for a little while when she heard someone walking down the hardwood floor hallway from the back of the house. She was so tired, she wasn't sure if she was dreaming or if she was awake. She lay there listening with her eyes open even though she could not see much from the red light coming from her digital clock. After listening and looking towards the ceiling for what felt like an eternity, she heard her doorknob turning ever so slowly and quietly.

'Oh Shit!' she thought, 'I forgot to close the windows,' as her door opened. She saw the red light of a small flashlight as she was sitting up. Her heart was about to beat out of her chest. She started to scream for help when she heard the figure wearing the nylon running suit run for her, he then slapped her face with such force that her head immediately spun to the right. He then jumped to her left side and held his gloved right hand over her mouth and whispered in her ear, 'shut up bitch!'

Stephanie was so terrified that she stopped fighting, While he was telling her to shut up he felt on the wrought iron head board post for the belt of her robe that hung from the corner to gag her with so she couldn't yell anymore. He removed his hand quickly and wrapped the belt over her mouth and started to tighten it, he tightened it so much that it forced her mouth open so there was no way she could yell.

When he finished, he threw Stephanie back, jumped onto and straddled her. He then grabbed her arms and held them above her head. She watched the masked man with much fear as he stuck his free hand into the fanny pack and pulled out a pair of handcuffs that glowed red from light of her clock. Quickly and in one smooth motion he handcuffed her small wrist that he pushed it through the barred headboard, he then grabbed her other hand with the empty side of the handcuffs. A lot had happened in only a few seconds.

The masked man then knelt down next to her and whispered, 'Is Jennifer home tonight?' Stephanie shook her head no. He then whispered to her, 'I'm not going to hurt you, I'm only here for your valuables.' As soon as he said that, he got up and left her room. She heard him walking as quiet as the floor would let him, but he stopped suddenly, she knew he was in front of Jennifer's room. Even though he was being quiet, the noise of her squeaky door hinge was loud enough for her to know that he was going into her room.

For what seemed like hours, as she heard him walking through house and searching everything for whatever he was going to take, she was hit with a flood of emotions. Besides the fear of not knowing what he was going to do to her, was anger, she was pissed that this masked man was going through her house, he also hit her in the face, and tied her up. She also felt denial, she could not believe that this was happening to her.

As the hallway floor creaked, she knew he was coming back to her room by the sounds, it was the last one that he was going to go through. She lifted her head and saw the red light getting brighter as he was getting near. He entered her room without even looking or speaking to her. What nerve. He went straight to her bedside table and turned on a small light. It was only as bright as a night light that he had seen a thousand times before for kids.

She felt so violated as he entered her closet. He was looking in the boxes in the top first. And then systematically searched the hanging clothes followed by everything on the floor of the closet. After finishing the closet he went to her dresser. She still couldn't believe this was happening and felt helpless while lying there handcuffed to the bed.

On top of her dresser was her jewelry box. He put that in a bag. Then he went to the top drawer and went through it. After looking through it and not finding anything he wanted he went to the next one. After looking through two more he started to open the bottom one. Stephanie felt embarrassed of what he would find.

As he opened it, he felt something under the sweaters, he threw them all on the floor. Much to his surprise he saw what he never imagined he would find in Stephanie's room. Especially since she was always so conservative around others. Laying there in front of him were vibrators, cat o' nine tails whip, anal beads, butt plugs, handcuffs, but not like his, blindfolds, short pieces of rope, and edible lotions. The mere sight of these things excited him as he imagined her petite 5'2' frame, lean legs, long dark hair, and her firm large B-cupped breasts. He was surprised as he felt his dick hardening, but he couldn't stop thinking about her in many sexual ways, no matter how much he tried to stop.

Stephanie wasn't sure if the redness of her face was from the slap, anger, or embarrassment that this stranger has found out her secret passions. Stephanie was getting worried as the masked stranger was just kneeling there looking at her toys for several minutes.

He stood up and came towards her, she saw that he had her black blindfold in his hand. She started to shake with fear. He lifted her head slightly and placed the blindfold on her so she could not see anything. He then pulled the sheet and cover off the bed and she heard it hit the floor. The sound of his footsteps was going back towards the dresser. She felt so helpless and afraid!

She hoped that this wasn't going to happen, but she knew it was. She wanted him to get it over with or just kill her. She just wanted it over and him to be gone. She heard him walking back towards the bed, but instead of stopping she heard him going around the foot of her bed.

Surprisingly she felt a rubber gloved hand grab her right ankle and lift it up. What she had felt with desire before now felt of pure fear as the rope slid over her foot and the slop knot tightened over her ankle. Her legs were pulled apart as the other end of the rope was tied to wrought iron footboard of her bed. As soon as he grabbed her other ankle slide the rope over and spread her legs more as he tied it to the bed.

She started thinking of her family and friends, to try to block out what was happening to her now. She had just thought she had everything blocked out when she felt his two hands grab her T-shirt collar and rip it open all the way down. She lay there naked except for what remained of her shirt sleeves over her shoulders. A second later she heard a click and felt her shirt was being cut off. It had to be a knife. After both sleeves were cut he pulled the tattered remains of the shirt out from under her.

The masked man was even more excited after witnessing the gorgeous body of Stephanie. Her long brown hair lay over and caressed her tan shoulders. He could imagine her beautiful brown eyes under the blindfold. Her cute little nose. Those lips and white teeth made a smile that you would melt over.

There were no tan lines on her full breasts. Her areolas were the size of silver dollars. The nipples were barely sticking up. Her stomach was lean with just a slight bit of muscle definition, as her chest and stomach were moving rapidly with her breathing. Her waist was slender. He noticed that she only had a small patch of trimmed pubic hair over her otherwise shaven pussy. He was happy to see no tan lines anywhere on her body. Her legs were the lean tan legs of a former runner. She was even more beautiful than he imagined. And more naughty than he could ever think.

He couldn't believe he was about to do this. This was the first time that he ever broke into anyone's house. He was just going to take a few things. But he was surprised to find someone home. And when he found her toys! He couldn't resist what he was about to do.

She was trying to mentally leave her house when she heard one of her vibrators start and stop for a second. He got up on the bed and knelt between her open thighs. She felt him lean forward as her vibrator started. His left hand was holding him up as he used his right hand to guide the small three-inch long vibrator over her right collarbone across her neck over the left collarbone. She was not going to let anything he did to her feel good.

The vibrator then went lower circling her left breast a few times. The circles grew smaller, going around the areola then the nipple. She could not help it. Her nipple grew with anticipation no matter how much she hated it to. The vibrator then circled the right breast. Circling again smaller until rounding the nipple. Her nipples had grown erect and longer than he had expected, it made him more excited.

As he started to lean back, the vibrator drew down her stomach towards her vagina. He brought the toy down and through her pubic hair. He then traced her inner thigh, knee, calf and ankle, sending a wave of excitement to her brain and a chill up her back. Next the vibrator started at her right ankle and went up past her calf to the knee and over her inner thigh to circle her pubic area. He took the vibrator and traced the lips of her vagina several times.

He thought he heard a small moan. With his thumb and forefinger, he spread her lips and played with her clit until it started to rise slightly. Now he definitely heard a small, quiet moan. In the shadowy light he could see that she was getting wet with her own juices. She was mad at herself for not wanting him to stop when he got off the bed.

When he came back, she felt him place some things next to her while he settled down between her legs again. She was surprised to feel the straps of her ladybug being wrapped around to hold the vibrating unit on her clitoris. After he turned it on, she was surprised to hear another vibrating noise. As soon as he inserted the tip of the vibrator, she let out a louder moan of shock and enjoyment. But she knew right away that it was her favorite seven-inch, jelly-filled, slightly curved vibrator.

Her feelings of hatred and fear were quickly turning into pleasure. She never in her wildest dreams would have expected to feel the walls of her vagina tighten up and spasm and send the wave of electricity through her body during an orgasm, but it happened. After her sudden excitement, he withdrew the vibrator and removed the ladybug clitoris. The stranger had suddenly left the bed again.

She thought she heard some things placed by her feet. And then he gently lifted her head and took her pillows. She wondered why until she felt a powerful arm slide under the small of her back and lift her easily. He then placed a pillow under her lower back and buttocks and lower her. She heard the cap of what had to be her anal ease open. She then felt a greased finger spread the lube around her anus. She was still shocked to feel the greased finger gently enter her anus.

After he started the rhythmic motion of moving his finger in and out slowly, she wanted more. Again he stopped before she wanted him to. After coating the missile and her anus with more lube, she felt the pressure of the missile being inserted slowly and gently. As soon as he turned on the missile, she felt another spasm of pleasure move throughout her body. The pace of the missile slowly, but deliberately, quickened.

Soon her breathing was quickening and she was moaning heavily. But before he had grown tired of using this toy on her, she had another orgasm. She was shocked that a stranger that broke into her house could make her feel so good. She was amazed that the one arm could again lift her effortlessly she so he could remove the pillow. As she lay there, it was quiet momentarily. It sounded like someone was throwing clothes on the floor.

He was going crazy with animal passion. He couldn't wait anymore. He had to have her. This time when he got back onto the bed she felt the hair on his legs as he straddled her to get back between her legs. But she also felt his manhood drag across her leg. She became excited with the exception of his manhood entering her. But she was surprised to feel the syrupy, edible lotion covering her nipples. He started to kiss her neck, slightly dragging his tongue over her while he moved to the next spot to kiss her.

She realized it was her favorite lotion when he began to blow on her erect nipples and they began to burn. She knew that the only way to stop the burn was to lick off all the lotion. And her sensitive nipples were yearning to be cooled down by his tongue. As he was caressing her breast with his hands, his tongue was steadily trying to remove the lotion. A little off each nipple at a time. The moaning that Stephanie was doing had been more continuous and louder for a while now. Which made the stranger more excited. By the time he was sure that he had got all the lotion off her breast, her nipples were rock hard.

She then felt the coolness of the lotion being dripped onto her exposed clit. She was shocked when he cut the ropes to her ankles. But that allowed him to drape her legs over his strong and powerful shoulders and back. He then started licking her clit like a man with only one mission in life, to bring her to multiple orgasms. His tongue was circling her clit, it felt like he was drawing every inch of this world on her clit with his tongue. While he was licking, he was also fingering her wet pussy. She was enjoying every lick and stroke of the two fingers being rapidly moved in and out of her pussy.

Just when she thought she could take no more, he sat up and spread her legs wide. She felt his hard chest and stomach against hers when he lay down on top of her so he could enter her. She was excited to feel that he was a little bigger than her favorite vibrator. She just hoped that he had the same results.

She could tell that he was pacing himself, but she didn't care. She urged him on with her pelvic thrust and by tightening her pussy. His pace quickened and then quickened some more. She could feel the fire in her loins. Her pulse was going so fast that she thought her heart was going to explode. At that moment she let go and had the most intense orgasm that she had ever had. But the stranger wasn't done. He lifted her legs, brought her knees to her chest. Grabbed his dick and guided it into her anus. Slow for awhile, but he knew he was close so he quickened his pace. He looked down at Stephanie and saw her sweating profusely.

Finally the excitement of the evening and this beautiful girl caught up with him. He withdrew his penis and she felt his hot cum land on her stomach and tits. He needed to sit down after he was finished, but Stephanie wondered what was next. He got up to put his clothes on as the sun was coming up. When Stephanie heard him start putting his clothes on, she quietly was able to slip one of her sweaty wrist and hands free from one side of the cuffs. She ever so slowly lowered her arm and pulled her blindfold up over her eyes. The stranger had just finished putting on his shoes when he turned and saw her watching him. When he turned, Stephanie was shocked, it was no stranger but a friend of Jennifer's. It was Rob!

Rob jumped up and ran out of the room when he knew she saw him. When Stephanie got out of bed she nearly tripped over a pillowcase with Jennifer's and her things in it. Rob had left it. Now all Stephanie had to do was to figure out if she was going to call the police. --

The End

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: D

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2009-10-29 17:45:14
dude u shouldn't want to rape a chick in real life u pig, oh and to the author, great story, the ending could've been a little better though. :)


2009-10-21 22:41:50
While i have obviously never been raped, i do know from a friends experience on the subject that the woman's body will betray her during the physical act of intercourse. The body will lubricate itself to avoid injury and to facilitate the biological process. also of note is that some women have stated that they actually feel some pleasure emanating from the intercourse during rape, which leads to the feelings of shame many women express after the incidents.
For the record, i DO NOT CONDONE RAPE! nor is it a fantasy of mine, however i do find the subject fascinating to discuss for the intellectual side of it


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come the fuck on started great the ending sucked. all us guys that want to rape a chick there NOT GOING TO ENJOY IT

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