My hands wrapped Keith's shoulders. The body heat seemed to burn my palms. What a fire I'd set inside this young boy.

Keith's hands rubbed my jean's back pockets smoothly. His hands went to the trouble to cup the contents and squeeze. I opened my eyes for the first time to see his expression; lust.

His eyes closed tight and his lips fought to keep up with mine. I dug my nails into his shoulders just enough to let him know who was really in charge.

Keith opened his eyes and smiled. He pulled the contents of his hands, my ass, up his body a little further.

"That was amazing." Keith said, placing his arms behind his head.

"Mmm. Yes it was." I said.

I sat up straight, my legs bent under me, on either side of Keith's naked body. His cock was now freely resting just behind me.

Keith brought his arms back to the front and ran his hands up and down my thighs, stopping every so often to hold my hips.

"Was it...ok?" He asked me.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I'm not too small...taste bad...anything like that?" He said.

I grabbed one of his hands and cupped it in both of mine. I brought it up to my face and rubbed it against my cheek.

"It was all just fine." I said softly.

Keith smiled, exposing his pearly-whites.

"Good." He said.

I smiled.

" what?" He asked.

"Umm...I dunno." I said.

"What else could you teach me?" Keith asked, mischevious as ever.

I brought his hand to my face and extended his finger.

"I could teach you things..." I started, sucking the full length of his finger into my mouth, and sliding it back out slowly, "...that would change your life."

Keith gulped hard.

"So that depends on you." I said. "What do you want?"

"You." Keith said.

I leaned back down and kissed Keith. For a young guy, he had the tongue wrestling mastered.

I brought myself back up.

"Why don't you show me what you know first." I said.

Keith smiled and sat up. I brought my leg up and swung it over his legs, giving me the ability to sit and then lay down.

Keith scooted over a little and moved to his side. He leaned his head down and kissed me. I closed my eyes and kissed him back. I felt his hand creeping it's way down my stomach to my jeans.

His fingers worked the button and finally got it out of the hole. He brought his hand back and unzipped my pants halfway.

"Take your pants off." Keith whispered in my ear.

"Not yet, Mister." I said. "I have to see if you can do it without looking."

Keith smiled and continued kissing me. His hand slipped under my jeans and two fingers rubbed the outside of my panties gently.

I peeked my eyes open long enough to notice that Keith's erection was back.

Keith broke our kiss and began kissing the area between my chest and neck. His hand continued its assault on the outer shield of my pussy.

I could feel myself getting hot, even quite aroused.

"You're wet." Keith said, smiling.

"So are you." I said, taking my thumb and rubbing a drop of precum from his penis.

Keith brought his hand up a little and inserted it into the area between the elastic and my skin. He rubbed just above my slit.

"Mmm." I moaned, more to boost his confidence than from pure pleasure.

I could feel Keith's hand trying to decide which finger to use. He finally made a decision and began using a single finger to pump in and out of me.

"Make it two, baby." I said.

Keith brought another finger into the game and began to pump me.

I took this opportunity to remove my shirt. My grapefruit breasts were being covered only by a pink bra.

Keith moved his head up and began to lick the tops of my breasts. With one hand in my pants, he used the other to try and solve the apparent Rubix Cube back of my bra.

I slipped a hand behind me and helped him out.

My breasts fell out with a bounce.

Keith's mouth attacked them at once. He took a nipple into his mouth, licked, sucked, switched, repeat.

Although I could feel sensations being generated from my crotch, it just wasn't thrilling.

"I've got an idea." I said.

"What, baby?" Keith said, between sucks.

"You wanna do some oral?" I asked.

"Another blowjob?" He asked.

"No." I said.

Keith stopped sucking and looked me in the face.

"Really?" He asked.

I bit my lower lip and nodded my head, excitedly.

Keith smiled and immediately snatched my capri's and pulled them off of my feet and threw them on the floor.

My saturated panties clung to the lips of my pussy. Keith brought his hand to the tops and rolled them down, their fate the same as my pants.

I brought my legs closer to me and spread them open. Keith laid with his head between my legs, staring.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"It's just...I don't really know..." He started.

"Just do what you think is right." I said.

Keith lowered his head and planted a kiss right on my slit. He moved all around my pubic area, planting kisses.

Finally, he caught on and brought his tongue into the game. He licked the length of my puffy vagina. He used two fingers to spread my lips a little, and his tongue dove in.

He used his own lips to cover his teeth and used his mouth to tug at my personal lips.

He stuck his tongue back in, moving it around and sucking has be brought his hand back up to continue finger me as well.

I used my hands to grab my breasts. I squeezed them and moved them around.

Keith kept his eyes shut and attacked my love box.

His hand moving furiously in and out, his tongue searching my inside realm, I felt my body tense up. My muscles locked, I was treated to a mild orgasm.

Mild or not, this was like giving Keith a badge of honor. Though I hadn't announced it, Keith was well aware of what had just happened.

Keith brought his body up and situated himself between my legs. He grabbed his cock and rubbed it against my slit.

"Mmm. Not yet." I said.

Keith looked at me like I'd just killed his puppy.

"What?" He asked.

"You've gotta really work for that." I said.

"But...I..." he muttered.

"Come over here." I said, motioning him to get off the bed and stand over me.

Keith did as he was told.

"Jack off." I said.

"But...why? Why can't we just..." Keith said.

"Do as you're told, Keith." I said.

Keith grabbed his throbbing shaft and began pumping, still looking disappointed.

"Come on, Keith...just imagine you're fucking me. Mmm. Your pumping that hard cock in and out of my tight pussy. Do it Keith. Harder. Harder!" I said.

I reached my hand up and lightly let my nails glide over his cock. Keith's face contorted and white sperm shot off in all directions. I stuck my finger down in a small pool that had landed on my stomach. I brought it up to lips and rubbed it around.

"Mmm." I said. "Come on, Keith. Let's get a shower."

"It's know...I thought we were..." Keith said.

"Don't worry. I just have to make sure you're ready." I said.

"How?" Keith asked.

"Just grab a shirt for me, Keithy. I forgot my stuff at home." I said.

Keith grabbed a black shirt from his drawer and walked to the bathroom behind me.

"What are we doing in here?" Keith asked.

"Taking a shower." I said.

"Why?" He asked.

"I have to make sure you can handle it." I said. "If you can take a shower with me and not bust a nut, we can do whatever you want."

Keith's eyes got big.

I turned the water on until it was steaming and climbed in. Keith climbed in after me. Poor Keith. He was already saluting me.

I started out slow. I ran my hands up to his shoulders and kissed him. His hands on my hips, he accepted. I brought my body closer to his, rubbing my breasts against his chest.

Keith's hands made their way down my back to my ass. The poor boy was just making it harder on himself.

I brought my soapy hand down and wrapped it around his cock.

Keith closed his eyes, tight, and tried to slow his breathing. I began working my hand up and down his shaft.

He withdrew his hands from me and wrapped them around himself, holding his head down.

I bent down and began pecking his cock with kisses. I licked the head and sucked on the sides.

Squeezing his eyes with his hands, Keith refused to blow.

I turned around and rubbed my ass against his cock. Still nothing.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed. I leaned into his ear.

"I'm ready." I whispered.

Keith's eyes sprang open and he grabbed my leg instantly.

"Not here. Your room." I whispered.

Keith and I hopped out of the shower. He dried with record speed. He looked at me.

"You just go get ready. I'll be there in a minute." Keith ran out of the bathroom and back to his room.

I looked into the mirror and adjusted my hair. I still wanted to look nice. I grabbed the black shirt Keith had given me and put it on. It came to just above the halfway point of my thighs.

Fully satisfied with my appearance, I shut the bathroom light off and made my way back to Keith's room. The door was open. I walked in the room and saw Keith there, stroking himself slowly.

He was gonna get what he wanted so bad...

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