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This story is completely fictional in what happens but completely real in the feelings and emotions
He’s been in my dreams for two days now, but can it really mean anything? I mean Tyler and I don’t really talk much now after the big explosion. Besides that, can we really even ever be together? His slim toned body 5 foot 8 inches and short brown hair, and my 5 foot 9 inch average body and long brown hair can’t look good together can it? I suppose there’s only one way to find out.

It started out like any other Monday morning except this time I woke up from a dream. Not a nightmare, but a very realistic dream staring Tyler the 17 year-old that I’ve known since the 6th grade. You see I know things about Tyler; in fact my dream was about his biggest secret. I had dreamt that Tyler was finally coming out of the closet to the whole school with me by his side to help him through it. But it’s just a dream, it means nothing right? It was the third time I had had this dream, and enough was enough, I had to talk to him.

School came and went with no sighting of Tyler, so I thought it best to text him instead of waiting to “bump” into him.

“Are you still mad at me?” I sent.
Two minutes later his reply came, “Why are you talking to me right now Ethan?”
“Honestly, I’m not really sure.”
“Then please don’t talk to me right now, I don’t want to deal with your shit.”
“Just please listen, I know what you’re dealing with and I want to help. Meet me for coffee and if you don’t like what I have to say then I’ll never speak to you again. I promise.” I pleaded.
“Fine meet me at Scooters at 7.”

7 came around and still no sign of Tyler. By about 7:30pm he came walking through the doors.

“So you wanted to talk?” He asked bluntly.
“Yeah, sit down please. Tyler I never meant to tell Alex that you and Jeremy had broken up. I was merely trying to prove a point to Alex about how he will always be caught in his lies and I now know that it was wrong of me to use your personal life to prove my points. I’m sorry.”
“Thank you,” he said. “That was all I ever wanted from you was an apology for that, but to be completely honest I thought you were the one mad at me.”
“No, not at all! How could I ever be mad at you? Besides, I was the one in the wrong not you. You’re always so hard on yourself Tyler,” I said and lightly touched his shoulder.
“I know. Hey, can we go talk in your car where it’s a little more private?” He asked.

We both got up and walked out of the coffee shop towards my car. When we got in Tyler turned to me and said, “I know you’ve had a crush on me since forever.”

“Yeah Tyler I have, but from what I’ve heard about you and Jeremy I’ve started to slowly let go.”
“Well I’m done with Jeremy, we will always be friends, but I’ll never date him again.”

With that Tyler leaned in for a kiss. His lips were so moist and it didn’t take him long to begin exploring my mouth with his tongue. After what seemed life 5 minutes of passionate kissing I came up for air.

“Tyler, I…”
“Shhh, don’t talk, know how much you care for me and I’ve never met someone with that much sensitivity for me.”

Upon hearing that I went in for another kiss. I thought to myself, could this really be happening to me? My dream guy is in my car making out with me! Pinch me I must be dreaming.

“Tyler, what does this mean for us?” I asked breaking the kiss for a second time.
“Well, what do you think Ethan? Obviously I want you, and you obviously want me. So, Ethan will you go out with me and be my boyfriend?” Tyler asked.
“Of course I will Tyler! You make me so happy!”

We hugged and gave one last kiss, and then Tyler got out to go to his car while I drove home on cloud nine.

The next few days went on as they normally do, Tyler and I continued to ignore each other like we both agreed upon, in order to keep suspicion down. The only thing abnormal about those few days was at night there were no more dreams. I must say I sorta miss those dreams, they made me feel warm and happy inside.

Friday rolled around and Tyler had agreed to spend the night at my house. Luckily my parents had gone out of town that weekend so I had the house to myself. Tyler came over and we left for dinner and a movie. We got back pretty late and Tyler complained about how tired he was.

“I’m gonna go lie down, you coming?” He asked.
“Yeah, one second.”

I walked into my room and laid down next to Tyler. He turned to face me and smiled. I leaned in for a kiss and embraced him. We passionately kissed while removing each other’s clothing. I began to slowly kiss down his body from his chin, to his neck, to his slim six-pack, and below. I licked the head of his 8 inch penis to tease him. When he let out a soft moan I decided to go further. I engulfed his penis and bobbed my head up and down. Just before he was about to cum, I released my grip and went back up for another kiss.

Now it was Tyler’s turn. Tyler slowly began to kiss down my body, from my chin to my neck, down to my stomach, and finally he reached my fully erected 7 inch penis. Tyler started out sucking my balls, and when I gasped for air moved his way up to my shaft and began deep- throating my fully erected cock. Tyler continued to slowly move his head up and down my shaft while I was squirming underneath him. Just as I had done to him, he released his grip just before my climax.

I moved my body to position myself right about his penis. I slowly lowered myself onto him as he slowly thrusted up. My tight 17 year-old ass had fully surrounded his penis. Tyler wasted no time and began to thrust into me. I soon caught on to his rhythm and began to slam down onto him making our skin clap together. I was full of immense pleasure and in no time at all due to the constant pleasure I shot my load all over his face and chest. I leaned forward to lick my cum off his face, but as soon as I moved Tyler filled my rectum with his hot salty-sweet sticky goo.

I collapsed onto Tyler and rolled off and looked him directly in his eyes.

“I love you,” I said.
“I love you too,” he replied.
“And you’re completely over Jeremy? I know how close you two were so I’m just making sure.”
“Yeah, I am now. I love you Ethan, Jeremy is just a friend now, and that’s all he’ll ever be,” he said.

With that I smiled, leaned in for one last kiss and fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning reliving last night’s events and having to smile at the silly question Ethan asked me. I looked over to see Ethan still fast asleep. Best not to wake him. I checked my phone for the time and saw that I had one missed call and a voicemail. I walked out to the kitchen to listen to my voicemail, it was Jeremy. He wanted to get back together with me. What do I do? I’m with Ethan now. I guess I should go meet with Jeremy just to talk to him and tell him that our “on and off” relationship is over. Well here goes nothing.

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2012-10-12 20:46:06
Usually the Bacon will work as fodder, regardless of Time and Heat of Oil... Certain Levels of Oil Sometimes Work as an Old Time Substitute. The Story/Timing/History Always Shows Welcome...

A++ On The Rating...!

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2012-05-28 21:55:58
OMG……What GONNA HAPPEN NEXTS PART 2!!!! PLZ!!!!! :)))))) and Good Story to…Keep it up! ;)

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2009-10-09 02:39:46
it was ok, just not deive enough. u seemed to put more thought into the dialogue than the sex scenes. they were over in like half a second :/

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2009-10-09 00:48:58
wow that sucks for ethan specially if jeremy trys something...........

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