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I didnt give the theme as i had no time!
Hi people, this is anil.

I am a internet freak and spend most of the spare time on net. I am not one of those desperate guys who keep on flirting with many girls to lure them, I talk normal and decent, may be that’s the reason I have many friends online. I have various types of friends, some typical and others weird, and I generally talk matured, as such I have many girls who call me brother,

which I usually don’t mind. Many girls keep telling their worries and I advice them properly, so they become pretty close to me. One of such a girl is nikita(fake), she is 22 years old and just completed engineering. She always calls me bro and our relation online has been over one year and we became very close.

She tells me all her problems and worries, her restrictions at home where she is not allowed out of the house except for college, how strict their parents when she talks to others, spying her most of the time, she felt like she is house arrested and wanted freedom. So she found freedom over net and she was adjusting with life.

Almost over a year we decided to meet, as her engineering was about to end in few months and she might not come out of the house, and soon after engineering she may be forced to marry. We weren’t so excited to meet, after all we were bounded in brother-sister relationship. I already told her many times how my physical appearance is and shown her my pictures,

she was restricted to take photographs as such I did not had any idea how she will look, nor was I interested in how she will look, but I expected her to be cute. One day she bunked college and met me in some bakery. First time I saw her, she was around 5’3”, wheat complexion, good face, she got a big smile ( I could see all her teeth when she smiled),

I dint noticed her body curves and stuff, as I being a brother not supposed to lookout. She was talkative, as always, always in haste and absolutely immature unlike other girls, even though she is 22, she talks like a 14 year old, which I already got used to. In the beginning she was smiling, blushing and all, and I was pretty calm and composed, as the talks went on,

I did not felt the relation to be like brother-sister, and by the way she was looking at me and blushing, I came to know that she also not felt the same either. I kept on looking at her big mouth while talking, and her lips were dry and I was keenly looking at it and she observed what I was doing, in turn she also showed some weird gestures,

like she was pressing her boobs to the table, leaning while laughing, so that I could notice, which I did. So I knew, it was going to be complicated relation. We had some refreshments and talked about two hours, we exchanged addresses and all personal information, spare timings etc. I asked if I could drop her, she opposed, as she feared someone might see,

which could create trouble at home and that day ended. That night we talked on net, gathering back all the moments and reviewing all the personal feelings what we felt about each other. I certainly knew that she was very much attracted towards me because of my physical appearance and the way I behave, and it was obvious that we were going to meet again.

I used to live in a separate flat, away from my home town and family, which I came for work. Neighbors never were a trouble for me and nor was I to them. After 12 days, she called me up and asked me whether we could meet again, as she was planning to bunk college again, I asked which place, she said she had entire day to kill,

we thought and thought and she asked if she could come to my place, for which I had no problem and she arrived in hour around 10.30 in the morning. She wore a tight salwar kameez and I noticed her curves, I was hanging out in casuals, she came in, she felt at home, went though my flat and my stuff, my music and movies cds, books etc.

After an hour, I told her I will take a bath and asked her to use tv or pc, whichever she wants. I was taking bath and I was feeling horny, remembering the weird relation we both have, and I masturbated. I took bath and intentionally wore only towel and no vest or shirt, I came out after 15 minutes, and she was checking some stuff in my bedroom.

As soon as I came out, she glared at my bare chest and I saw her eyes, which was scanning my body, she turned away as if nothing happened, she left the room and I changed. I knew something sure is going to happen and I was holding my emotions, after all I call her sister. She asked me, ‘what did you do for 15 minutes in taking bath, even girls don’t take so long”

for which I replied “I am not supposed to reveal such things to my sister”, we both had a wicked smile, she insisted “come on, you can tell me, I am pretty broad minded”, I know what she wanted to hear and without any delay I said “your brother had his happy time while taking bath” and I smiled loud, and acting innocent she questioned “what happy time?”,

I replied “I am not supposed to spoil my sister”, she said “after all I am your sister, you can tell me, because I don’t have much of general knowledge and more over I am fed up being nice and polite, and I want to be spoiled”, we were laughing loud after each reply. I changed the mood and said seriously

“look niki, I know you don’t hang around with guys much and I know how strict your parents are, so I don’t want to introduce to things to which you are not ready”. She said “bro, I know you are a good guy but try to understand my position, I don’t go to a co-education college, nor do I have a boyfriend, I wanted freedom in life, I wanted to have so much fun but I couldn’t,

and you know why, how do I or whom to I express my feelings and the feelings which I want to experience, so when and where from am I going to know new things in life?”. I pitied her condition and said “I know dear, you are one among many girls who are bound by these cultures and traditions, which are of no use, fuck this society and rules”.

She changed mood again and dragged back to the same topic “so bro, tell me now, what you did in bathroom for so long” with a big smile, I went bold and said “well, I am embarrassed to say this, I masturbated while taking bath”, with blank face she exclaimed “ohh! You do it daily?” I said “oh come on! How can I tell you all these things now?

This is not proper, you being my sister” (even though I wanted to reveal everything) she said “bro, you know my marriage is round the corner and I have zero knowledge in all these things, and I am supposed to serve my husband in all respects and I need to be ready for the things to come”

I thought time has come for action, and I asked her “what all you want to know?”, she said “what all can you tell?”, I said ok, and removed my vest and I stood bare chest again in front of her and I asked ‘what do you feel looking at me now?” she said “pretty exciting, never seen a young guy with such a good body so closely”, I asked “be open, tell what all you feel?”

she said “ok!!! Your body looks hot and I would like to be very close to it”, I said “so come on, its time you learn new things” she came near and hugged me and I hugged her tightly pressing her boobs on my chest and we stayed like that for few seconds and I asked “how do you feel?” she said “warm and hot, I like it”, now all the boundaries were broken.

“so let me feel your body too?” she said “bro, no more doubts, do whatever you feel like, I owe you” I asked her to lift her hands and I gently removed her top, she was wearing a white bra, I removed it too, she wasn’t blushing, instead she was feeling very hot, as this was her first time being naked in front of a guy.

I hugged her, pressing her boobs into my chest tightly and my hands were wandering all her back, for which she was feeling horny, she closed her eyes and feeling the moment, I pulled out of hug and held her face on cheeks and I said “are you ready?” she replied “ahan” and I kissed her wide lips gently, which I lusted from the very beginning, I pulled back and again kissed,

I kept on kissing in motions and after few minutes I held back and asked “how does it feel?” she was still closing her eyes and replied quietly “like never before, a perfect kiss” hearing this I pounced on her lips and started to kiss more aggressively, soon I started to kiss with open lips and she was letting my lips touch her tongue and I started to suck her tongue with my lips,

I ate her lips and tongue for about 10 minutes and after that I stopped and said “this is called French kiss” she said “ahan! I have seen it on movie, but never knew it would feel so good”. I carried her to my bed and asked her to lay on bed, and I started to kiss her cheeks and slowly coming down, kissing her neck, shoulders, cleavage and I reached her boobs with wet lips.

Her breasts were not big, I think its not yet grown to the full, they were cup sized, with pink nipples, it looked delicious. I grabbed one and started to suck another tit with mouth wide open, I was gentle in the beginning and started to eat it as seconds went by, it was like a steak for a hungry wolf,

I was eating the untouched breasts, changing from one to other and she was moaning in ecstasy. After 15 minutes I stopped and said “did you notice your nipples are stiff?” she replied “I know bro, I have felt it before, but not like this before, please go on” I kept pinching her nipple gently and started to move down and I reached navel while kissing,

now you might remember we were half naked, so I gently unbuttoned her bottom and pulled it away, she was wearing a light blue panty. While I was about to remove her panty she started to blush and I asked “do you want me to stop?” she said “no bro, its just that I have never been naked completely before anyone, I am feeling shy” I said “now that we have come so far,

its okay and this is the important part which you should know” she nodded and with closed eyes said “okay bro”. I pulled her panty down and there I see a virgin vagina neatly shaved, waiting for my lips desperately. I thought of going slow and I started to kiss on her inner side of thighs, for which she was slowly twitching and was spreading her legs apart,

I kept tickling her with tongue and she was becoming desperate as to when I will start. After teasing her for few minutes, I put my lips on her pussy and kissed exactly how I kissed her lips before. Kissed her pussy in motions first and after few seconds I started to lick her pussy. I must tell you, it was a tight pussy and I knew I will have to do a lot of work for penetration.

i asked her “do you finger?” she said feeling shy “no bro, I dint try it till now, I only masturbate while in shower directing water with force directly, it gives me intense pleasure and moreover I thought its my man who is going to play with it, so I left it untouched” so I asked “I am not your man though, should i?”

“yes bro, I cannot hold it anymore, do all what you could do in your wildest dreams and let me reach the peaks of pleasure today” That’s it, I went ahead, I pulled her tight pussy lips apart and inserted my tongue, she was twitching and I kept on digging my tongue inside, I was touching the right spots and she was moaning in pleasure

“oh bro! yessssss! Aaaah aaaaah” she wasn’t able to control herself, I knew she was reaching orgasm, I kept on fingering her with one hand and licking on g-spot till she cummed. I stopped for few moments after she reached orgasm, now her pussy was lubricated, she was breathing heavily and I relaxed for few minutes. I came up and laid beside her to catch my breath too,

I could see her breasts moving up and down as she was breathing heavily, before I could do anything, she jumped upon me and started to kiss me wildly. She was going crazy and kept on sucking my lips and tongue, I reciprocated as I dint wanted her to feel odd when she was showing her true colors.

After kissing me for few minutes rigorously, she sent down feeling my body, kissing it everywhere, and then she reached my penis. I was still wearing short, she asked “bro, I want it! I always wondered how I feel it, its my fantasy, I want it” ‘dear, no more questions, go ahead and do what all you want” she pulled my short and underwear at once and there it stands, my penis,

8 inches long, she held it, stared it for few seconds, she dint knew how to start, I told her “dear, grip it with your right hand and slowly jerk it up and down, the skin will pull down and you will see the head of my dick” which she did, “now you could see my dick is very dry, it will hurt me if you keep doing it when its dry, make it wet and continue doing it”

she understood and took my dick in her mouth and made it wet with her saliva and started to jerk it hard, I said “once the skin keeps getting lower and lower you can start to suck” she said “yeah bro, I am getting it” saying that she started to suck it while masturbating me, giving a good blowjob. I said ‘there you go, that is called a blowjob, you are doing it just fine”

she said “hmm, I am learning now” and with a pleased smiled she kept on sucking it and after 10 minutes I was about to ejaculate, I told her and she pulled back. Sperm was out, she was quite surprised to see it, flowing, and asked me “what now?” I said “many like to taste it too, but let me tell you, it smells yuck, don’t try to have it, atleast now, when you are actually a beginner”.

She said “ok bro, as you say”, after cleaning up, she sucked it again for about 10 minutes, until she was done with it. She came up and laid beside me and said “bro, I know the most important thing is not yet done” I teasingly said “you seem to know everything and still pretend as if you know nothing hun?”.

She said “its not like that bro, I have the general idea, I came to know with the talks I have with my friends, I always fancied it, now that everything is coming real, I am feeling so excited” and I stopped kidding around and got up, went down and placed my penis near her vagina, I placed my head of the dick on the pussy and kept lubricating it.

I tried to push it in, but the pussy was very tight and it was not getting inside. Seeing this I started to finger her again, now with two fingers, pulling the pussy lips apart to loosen it up. I kept on fingering and licking it in between and after 5 minutes, I felt that it was ready to go. I kept my dick near the pussy slowly and pushed it in,

I had to push it gently but with force for my penis to go inside, and I did inserted it carefully, trying not to hurt her. Once it was inside completely, I leant down and started to give her a hard French kiss and she was holding my hair and kissing me back greatly, that’s when I started to jerk slowly below, she knew what I was trying to do and said “bro, you are the best”,

I kept on kissing her and slowing fucking her parallel so that she wont feel any pain, whenever I push hard, she will put up her face up in pleasure, breaking the kiss, I pull her back kissing the lips again and continue to fuck her below. I gradually increased my pace, she was in heaven, moaning with pleasure.

She asked me what all positions, I showed her missionary, doggy, 6-9 and almost what all I knew. She was curious and glad that she learnt all the ways. On the whole, we had sex for almost 3 hours, after which we had lunch, and then we talked about what we have done today and assured each other not to feel guilty about it.



2009-10-10 07:43:27
Thank you man! I apperciate your advice and i will take care of my mistakes from my next story!

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2009-10-10 04:43:31
After I'd read the first two sentences of your story, I felt it imperative that I come here and advise you to immediately enroll in an English course. I spelled better than you do when I was eight years old. You appear to be a product of the educational system's Dumbing Down of America. For my money, that's how Obama got elected. No one reads or does any homework to find out what he really is, so all he had to do was smile, look as if he knew what he was talking about and say "Hope and Change" .... and "We're Who We've Been Waiting For" to get voted in. Now that he's in, tell us exactly what he's done for YOU.... or for ANYone. What absolute fools!

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