My love jenny (2)
Authors note: this maybe fiction but a lot of it is from my real life you have to figure out what is real what is not.
If you have not read my love jenny this part won’t make much sense.

I have not thought about jenny in a long time. Until one day (about 13 years after she left) there was a knock on my door, by the time I made it to the door, there was a woman walking away. I said can I help you with something. She turned around, then my hart stopped it was jenny. The world was spinning I had to sit down on the step. She ran up to me saying carl-carl are you all right. I said jenny is that you? She said yes carl it’s me. I asked why are you here, have you come back to me at last. She said yes but we have to talk first, a lot has happened in both our lives. I think we need to know what has happened in our live since I left you. Can we talk here? I told her no we better not, my mother will be back soon and I never told anyone about you, it was just too painful. She asked where can we go then. Well where are you staying can we go there I asked. She said we cant, I don’t want you near a bed yet. because you remember how we were when we got near a bed. I said if I remember right we didn’t always need a bed, just some place where we could be alone I looked at her and smiled.

She slapped my arm while smiling and said knock it off I’m serious we need to talk. I told her all right I know a park where we can talk. We went to the park I took her down a trail to a nice secluded table where we could talk in private. She wanted me to tell her what has happened in my life since she left me.

I asked well were do you want me to start. She said how about your family. Therefore, I told her about my 3 nieces 1 nephew and how my father and 2 of my older brother passed away. Then she asked me about my life did I have a wife or girl friend did I date much.

I told her I basically died inside, It hurt a lot when you left me. I heard you were pregnant. I didn’t know if the baby was mine or not. Did you leave me because you didn’t think I would make a good father or was it you, didn’t think I loved you enough to forgive you because you slept with someone other than me. So I just burred my self in school stuff and then work. I never dated anyone and I only had sex once, since the last time we made love. I finely looked up at her face she was crying. I told her yes baby I loved you with all my hart and still do. Yes we had sex but it was more then just sex, I made love to you with my hart, my body and my soul. I have not and will not love anyone more then you.

It took her a few minutes to stop crying. She finely stopped crying, then she said I’m sorry carl I was scared. When you told me you were 16 I freaked my mind said how could you have sex with a kid. That’s why I ran away from you that night. When my brother got home later that night I was crying. He asked what was wrong, I told him I just found out that you were 16 years old. Jeff said oh my god you can never see him again, that’s statutory rape you could go to jail. We have to leave here before someone finds out. So by that upcoming Thursday I had dropped out of school. We sold Jeff’s car and packed every thing up and we were driving back to Ohio I cried almost the hole drive. When we finely got home I had to explain to our parents about why we had to leave. They were very up set until jeff explained that your looks fooled everyone, we all thought you were at least 18. My parents were not happy about it but under stood.

Then jenny told me, for about a month I staid mostly in my room and cried, until one day my mother came in to my room and said jenny I know you love him, but you have to forget him and get on with your life. Jenny then told me I looked up at her and said mother I cant forget him I am carrying his baby, I am pregnant mother and yes I am keeping our baby. Its not his fault mother its mine he was drunk, it was my decisions to have sex with out a condom. Mother I love him so much I had to do it, I wanted to have his baby. That way he would be part of me forever.

Jenny looked at me and said Carl I know what you want to know and yes you have a little girl her name is Lisa. She beautiful everything I love about you I can see in her. She is so smart, funny and very loving with the most caring hart in the world just like you. However, please don’t interrupt me I have to tell you everything before you decide if you want lisa and me to stay here with you.( I was stunned all I could do is stare at her and let jenny finish her story.) So then jenny continued, everything was fine during the pregnancy lisa was born may 5th 1990 she was perfect and gorgeous everyone loved her instantly. We were all happy for about 2 months, then jeff and my father were killed in a car wreck. Mother and I were devastated but having to care for lisa got us thru it. About a year and a half later, I went to mother and said mom I want to go back and finish school, I got my degree and got a real good job while mother watched lisa. It was all going great, but my mom keep trying to get me to find a man to marry. I told her no I’m fine I have you and lisa what more could I want.

Then one day when lisa was 6 years old, I saw her rubbing her crotch I asked her lisa. what are you doing, it itches down there mommy she said but when I rub it, it fills better. So I asked her to come here to mommy and let me look at you, she came over I took down her panties. Her little pussy was red, puffy and wet. I took her to the doctor thinking she had a rash. The doctor said it wasn’t a rash she’s starting puberty. I said no way she’s only 6 years old, the doctor went on to explain lisa has a hormone imbalance witch is causing her to go through puberty sooner then normal. Then he said we have two choices we can put her on hormone blockers but if the dosage is not right she would not develop properly, Or you can just let it progress naturally, she will mature fine just a little sooner then normal. Her hormones will probably even out after puberty but some times, it will last until her first child is born.

Jenny then said carl I didn’t know what to do so I took her home. Then I discussed our options with my mom. We decided not to put her on the drugs, we would just have to cope with it. The toughest part was trying to explain to lisa what was happening to her body and about sex. I told lisa that sex is when two people loved each other very much, they touched each other down there, until they make each other fill better. About a month after her 7th birthday, she looked at me and said mommy it itches really bad will you have sex with me and make it feel better please. Then she started to cry. I didn’t know if I should or not, but she had gone through a lot lately and it was my job as her mother to make her feel better. Therefore, I picked her up and cared her to my room undressed her and laid her on the bed. I kissed her on the lips then rubbed my hands over her breast then down to her pussy. I rubbed her little pussy for a few minutes, she said mommy that tickles but it feel so good I liked it when you kiss me on my mouth will you kiss my pussy to mommy. I then looked her in the eyes and said ok angel (jenny’s pet name for lisa). So I went between her legs and kissed her pussy lips she tasted amazing so I began licking and sucking. she was moaning oh mommy that fills so good. She most have been very horny, I was only down there about 5 minutes when she tried to push my face away and said stop mommy I think I have to pee. I stopped licking and told her no angel its not that, you are ready to have an orgasm it will make you feel good I promise, don’t hold back just let it happen. So I went back to licking but this time on her little clit with in minutes, she screamed OH GOD I’M GOING TO PEE. She was thrashing and pounding her little hand on the bed until she went stiff, then pasted out she was limp and breathing hard. By this time I was so hot I reached under my skirt to rub my pussy, Lisa open her eyes and asked oh mommy what happened to me it felt great. I told her you had an orgasm, she then reached down and rubbed her pussy then asked I’m all wet did I pee my self? jenny told her no that is your cum, it happens when you orgasm, but some people don’t call it a orgasm they just say I’m Cumming ok angel. That’s when she seen my hand in my panties. She asked if in needed to cum, I said yes angel I do but I will do it later. You go to bed now and get some sleep I will see you in the morning and then she left my room.

Then jenny looked at me and said carl I hated my self for what I did to our daughter, but I was so hot and horny by that time. I ripped off all my clothes and fingered my pussy until I came at least 10 times then I fell into a deep sleep nude sprawled out on top of the covers. It happened like that 1 or 2 times a week For 5 or 6 months. Then one morning I woke up but thought I was dreaming someone was licking my pussy and it felt so good, I put my hand down to my crotch, it wasn’t a dream. I opened my eyes Lisa was licking me I said oh god angel stop this she looked up at me then said I just wanted to make you happy like you make me happy mommy I know your not happy. You love my daddy I can see it in your eyes when you talk about him I know you miss him, why can’t we go and find him mommy. I told her someday angel someday. Then lisa asked until we find daddy can I make you happy the way you make me happy please mommy please. I Looked in to her eyes and said angel I would love for you to lick my pussy so she put her mouth back on my pussy and began licking, it felt really good I was moaning oh angel oh angel please suck on my clit. Then I had the biggest orgasm I have had since you carl. We continue to making love from time to time.

We were all content with our lives until last august when my mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor then just 3 months ago she died but before she did. she told me I know you still love him jenny. Try to make your self-happy, after I am gone jenny go find lisa father. Lisa and her father are the only ones left that you love.
So that is why we are hear I only have you and lisa now, will you still have us even after what I just told you?

I was crying when I said jenny I love you more then life it self and I am sorry to hear about jeff and your parents. Yes baby know matter what I will have you. then I stood went over to her then picked her up and began hugging and kissing her. Jenny then said carl make love to me right now here in this beautiful park.

I laid her back on the table slowly unbuttoned her shirt then kissed her breasts. If I thought her tits were beautiful before they are amazing now (38d) giant areola with hard nipples the size of my pinkie. While I sucked on her nipples, I reached my hand up her skirt to fine no panties. She said we don’t have much time fuck me please hurry I need you now, I’m all ready wet just stick it in. so I dropped my pants to my knees put the head of my dick against her pussy lips but didn’t shove it in then I asked her before I fuck you silly will you marry me? She told me oh god yes now fuck me!!! I started to push in but I swear she was tighter then when I took her cherry so many years ago. I knew someone could catch us at any time so as soon as I was in all the way I started moving in and out as fast as I could go. She said oh baby you feel better then before I’m Cuming all ready. By the time I came, she had three orgasms. when I pulled out, my cum started oozing out of her pussy she put her fingers in my cum then sucked them clean then said oh carl lisa will love how that tastes. It took a few minutes for us to get our breath back when we did I kissed jenny and said baby let go, so I can finely meet my daughter and you can give her my treat that is in your pussy.

We got dressed then left the park and headed to her hotel, so I can meet my little lisa. So jenny and I drove back to there hotel. We got to the room jenny said lets sneak in so we can surprise lisa. I haven’t told her that I found you. Because if you didn’t want us it would crush her, I took jenny in my arms and said how could you think I wouldn’t want you both . Then jenny said I didn’t know if you were married or how you would react when I told you we were sucking each other pussies. I said baby you love each other and sex is just part of that love, now let’s go surprise our daughter.

Oh, there was a surprise but I was the one that was surprise. When we went in, lisa was laying on the bed naked and god she was gorgeous if I didn’t know she was 13 years old I would say she’s 15 /16 years old. Perky b-cup tits with giant cone shaped nipples, a completely bald pussy that had the cutest little virgin slit. Even though I had just cum in her mother’s pussy 20 minutes earlier, my dick was as hard as rock and I couldn’t wait to fuck her. That’s when jenny grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room. Then said I have an idea you wait by the door I will wake her up then sit on her face so she can’t see you then you can lick her pussy. If you want to, I asked are you sure she would want me like that I mean she doesn’t even know me. Then jenny said carl ever since I told her we were going to look for you all she can talk about is how she wants you to take her cherry. Then I told jenny oh god, lets go make love to our daughter, I can’t wait.

So we went in and while I waited for lisa to start liking her mother’s pussy I took off all my clothes. When I heard jenny say come on angel, lick mommy pussy. I slowly got on the bed and put my face by my daughters little slit and began lightly dragging my tongue up and down slowly. I done that for a few minutes, when lisa started to moan. that’s when jenny climbed off her face and lisa saw me licking her pussy. Lisa then said oh daddy your beard tickles but oh my god, don’t stop licking I’m about to cum! I love you daddy I love you daddy I love you daddy she then began shaking. I could not believe the amount of pussy juice my daughter sprayed in my face when she came, It was dripping off my chin even my hair was wet. Jenny said carl get up here so I can lick her juice off your face. I crawled up and laid between jenny and our daughter, lisa asked daddy will you fuck me now, mommy says “there is nothing like having a dick inside your pussy”. I told her no lisa I am not going to fuck you. Lisa and jenny both looked at me then my daughter asked why not daddy don’t you love me then began to cry. I wrapped my arms around her and said you’re my little girl and I love you and your mother more then I can explain. When me and your mother make love to you. It will take a long time and we will all we be tired. But we have a lot to do, I asked your mother to marry me and she said yes. Now It’s time the two of you meet your new family. you now have a grandma, aunt, lots or uncles and cousins. So why don’t you two go take a shower while I call everybody to meet us at grandma’s .

My family understood why jenny left and was happy she came back to me. Everybody loved jenny and lisa, it felt like they have always been part of the family. Me, jenny and lisa left and went to the hotel

Once we got in the room I sat on the bed then asked jenny two sit beside me and lisa to stand in front of us. I then took lisa and jenny hands in mine. I told then we all need to talk over what has happen and what will happen between all of us. I told them I love you both very much, but we are in Utah people here do not like it when fathers and mothers have sex with there children so we can not till anyone what happens in our bedroom, and lisa you can choose to sleep with your mother and me or not. I don’t want you to think that sex is why we love you, we will love you even if you never have sex with us again. lisa looked at her mother and me then said mommy, daddy I know I don’t have to, have sex with you. but I want to have sex with you both, Together or separately. Then jenny said I don’t want to even think about waking up and not have you two beside me. Then we had a big family hug.

Then lisa sat on my knee and asked now that it is all settled daddy will you fuck me. I again told her no, but me and your mother will make love to you if you want. Lisa said oh yes daddy yes I want you and mommy to make love too me till I pass out from Cumming and Cumming. I said ok lisa standup and we will start, we all stood up and I began kissing my daughters lips softly as I rubbed her tits through her shirt with one hand and put my other hand under my daughter’s skirt. I stopped kissing and said angel your wet practically dripping with pussy juice. she replied yes I know the whole time we were at grandmas all I could think about was you putting your dick in my pussy and how amazing it is going to feel inside me. I couldn’t sit-down because I knew I’d leave a puddle on the chair. Jenny looked at us both and said I cant wait any more lets get naked then carl I want you on your back so I can teach our daughter how to suck dick. I was naked and on my back in seconds with a huge smile on my face. Jenny and lisa crawled onto the bed, that’s when jenny told lisa first angel you wrap your hand around it lightly. Good now stick out your tongue now lick it like an ice cream cone, now open your mouth and put your daddy’s dick head in and start sucking. Keep sucking and slid your mouth down when it reaches your throat try to swallow. I was thinking oh god her little mouth fells like velvet it was soft and warm. I had to grab her head and lift it off my dick, I told her angel if you want me to take your cherry you better not suck me anymore. Jenny then asked our daughter are you sure you want this it going to hurt your so young it mite hurt a lot. Lisa told her I don’t care mommy I want daddy’s dick in my pussy. Ever since you said we were going to find daddy, I knew he was going to take my cherry I would get so wet when I thought about it my juice would trickle down my inner thigh.

Jenny said ok angel if you think your ready straddle daddy’s waist and put his dick against your pussy lips. Now rub it through your lips so it is wet, ok now slowly lower your hip until the head goes in. I grabbed lisa’s by her hips so she wouldn’t go to deep and asked are you ok angel. Her face was scrunched up in pain, she oh daddy It fells so big it hurts. I told her ok angel we will stop for now. Lisa yelled NO I WANT YOU NOW! Then she forced her pussy all the way down on my dick, she screamed OH GOD IT HURTS PULL IT OUT DADDY IT HURTS TO MUCH TAKE IT OUT. Jenny grabbed Lisa around her chest so our daughter could not move, then told her no angel don’t move you will adjust to the size, it will hurt more if we pull it out now. Lisa was crying while her mother was kissing her neck and massaging her tits, to try and calm her until the pain went away. Lisa crying subsided to just sniffles I asked if she was all right. my daughter said it still hurts daddy but not as bad . I told her lay down on daddy’s chest then move your butt up and down a little bit. While I held my daughter against my chest her mother moved between my legs I then felt her tongue lick my balls and up my dick to our daughter’s pussy. Lisa gasped then said oh mommy keep licking around my pussy it fills good. My daughter was moving her little butt up and down on my dick her pussy was so hot and tight if felt like she was trying to pull my dick right off when she pulled it out. I could her mother slurping up the juice that was oozing out of our daughters pussy. I could not believe the felling of my daughter pussy and her mothers tongue moving up and down on my dick. I told them I’m not going to last much longer angel, you better get off daddy’s dick before I cum. I don’t want to get you pregnant please angel get off . She looked me in the eye and said I don’t care if I get pregnant I want your cum in me daddy, she started to shake and moan oh,oh,oh daddddyyy she screamed OH, OH, OH DADDDDDYYY I’MMMM CUUUMMMMINNNNGGG. At that exact moment I yelled ME TO ANGEL I grabbed her waist and held her with my dick fully imbedded inside her pussy and blasted 6 giant ropes of cum inside her womb. my daughter went completely stiff then collapsed on my chest we were both panting hard. Jenny crawled up and laid down beside us and kissed us then said that was so incredibly erotic I’m dripping. When our daughter got her breath back she asked daddy can we do it again? I Looked at jenny I could tell she needed to cum so I told our daughter not right now I think your mother needs me to fuck her so she can cum to. I rolled our daughter off my chest then got between jenny legs and began to lick her clit. She grabbed my head then said no baby don’t lick me I need your cock in me please fuck me hard and cum inside me too. I was hard again so I got on my knees and lifted jenny feet up onto my shoulders holding her legs against my chest and slammed my dick up to my ball in her pussy. I pulled out until the head was ready to come out of her pussy then slammed back in, I went on pulling my dick out and slamming back in watching jenny tits slosh to the rhythm of our fuck. Our daughter moved over by her mother an began to suck her nipples like a infant trying to get it’s dinner. Jenny said oh I love you two so much you make me fill amazing I’m about to cum don’t stop don’t stop. We both came at the same time, I let jenny’s legs down onto the bed then I fell over. lisa crawled between her mothers legs and started to lick up my cum that was oozing out of her pussy. Jenny began to jerk her hips then grabbed lisa and said don’t angel I’m to sensitive please angel come lay between me and daddy. We all fell a sleep until 11:00 the next morning I laid there with my daughter between me and her mother, then jenny woke up looked at me and said I love you carl I will never leave you again you make me so happy.

We got married in November, sometimes our daughter sleeps with us mostly she sits in a chair and masturbated while watching us make love.

To be continued ?
If you want to hear more let me know .


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