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My Mother Stays The Night With Us
My name is Susan Walker and I am a forty year old, happily married Mother of two. Tommy is my twenty two year old son, and Krissy is my twenty one year old daughter. Tommy has been home from college for the past two weeks for "Spring Break", but he has to return tomorrow afternoon. Krissy still lives at home, but has a promising modeling career ahead of her. All three of us have been having a great time being together while my husband has been busy with his "out of town" business ventures.

Anyway, Krissy went with her brother to visit a couple of old high school friends and they should be back in a couple of hours. Meanwhile, I get lonely easily, so I called Monica to come over and go swimming with me. She lives directly across the street and should be here at any Moment. We usually have sex together once or twice every week, but my son has been taking care of my needs since he has been home from college. I take sip from my drink and lean against the kitchen counter while I think about all the times I have had my face between her long legs. Suddenly, I remember that I have been wanting a video of her walking up our driveway wearing one of her little bikinis! She has a great pair of tits that gently sway back and forth with each step she takes. I grab the video camera from the dining room table, then run outside past our swimming pool to the privacy gate. I quickly push it open, then turn on the camera and aim it across the street at Monica's house. At that very instant, she opens the front door of her house and steps into the brilliant sunlight. I zoom the camera in on her and I am shocked to see that she is completely naked! Monica casually strolls nude down her driveway, then waits at the road while a couple of cars go past. They beep their horns at her, and she waves to them. Then, a car with two pretty girls in it stops. Both the girls have long, blonde hair and appear to be about twenty one years old.

Monica walks up to the passenger side window, then leans over and places her hands on the door. The girls have their windows open, so I get a great view of Monica's naked breasts hanging down while they have conversation. After about a minute, Monica reaches into the car, gently grasps the cute girl's wrist and brings her hand up to one of her tits! The girl hesitates for a couple of seconds, then I hear the driver of the car says "Go ahead Sarah and play with them!" Sarah gently squeezes Monica's breast for a few seconds, then moves her hand over and begins feeling the other one. Suddenly, Monica leans into the car and starts kissing her! They passionately kiss each other for a minute, then Monica backs out of the car and stands up straight. She runs her fingers through her long hair a couple of times, then I hear her say "When you girls come over tonight at nine o'clock to go swimming with me, make sure you are hungry because I have something for both of you to eat!" The two girls giggle for a few seconds, then Sara says "We will be back here right on time, and are excited you will be on the menu! Courtney and I will be bringing two sweet desserts for you to enjoy!" The two girls drive off down the road and Monica pauses for a second to wave her hand at them. I keep my video camera trained on her as she walks across the street and begins coming up our driveway. Jesus Christ she looks so sexy wearing nothing but a pair of white high heel shoes! When she gets about six feet from me, she raises her arms over her head and slowly turns around so I can get video of every square inch of her gorgeous body! After she is done showing off for the camera, she puts her hands on her hips and says "How come you did not share Tommy with me while he has been home from college? I have been waiting day after day for him to come over and fuck me!" I reply to Monica "If Tommy was home any longer, I would gladly share him with you because he is wearing me out! He has been fucking me two or three times each day, and he still has enough energy to have sex with his sister when they take their morning showers together!"

I continue to capture video of Monica and see that she has moved her right hand between her legs and is slowly running her fingers up and down her pussy lips. When I stop talking for a few seconds to watch her play with herself, she begs me to tell her more about what has happened since my son came home for spring break. I watch Monica's fingers for another few Moments then I say "Tommy has been letting his cock ejaculate his sperm inside my pussy almost every time we fuck! I have always forbid him from shooting his load inside me because that is called incest! Of course his cock has accidentally erupted inside me a few times, but he always apologized to me afterwards." Monica interrupts me for a second and asks "About how many times do you think your son accidentally shot a full load of sperm into your pussy?" I think for a second then say "Well, we have been having sex almost everyday for the past three or four years, so I would guess about thirty or forty." I pause for a second then say "No, I take that back! Probably the number is closer to fifty or sixty!" Monica starts moving her fingers faster up and down her pussy, then she begs me to continue my story. I think about where I left off, then say "For example, yesterday, we were fucking on the living room floor. I was laying on my back with him on top of me. When he climaxes, he is supposed to pull his cock out of me and shoot his wad on my stomach, but he did not! He suddenly stops and I can feel his cock start pumping inside my pussy! I struggle to get away from him, but he grabs my wrists and pins me down so I can't move! There is nothing I can do, so I just relax and let his warm sperm gush inside me. I tell him to never do that again and he assures me that he will not. A few hours later we are out by the pool, and he rips my bikini off and forces me down on my hands and knees! He gets behind me, holds onto my hips and begins fucking me again! I can tell that he is about ready to ejaculate, so I look over my shoulder and tell him to pull out of me this time! Suddenly, he stops, then I can feel his cock jerk and it starts pumping inside me again! I am really pissed off, and try to get away from him, but he continues holding onto my hips and does not let go of them! After a few seconds, I calm down a little bit then wait for him to finish and pull his cock out of me. We rest for a couple of minutes, then he starts moving his cock in and out of me. Jesus Christ, his cock is still hard and he is fucking me again! After about five minutes, he starts speeding up really fast so he must be close to another climax. I figure he is going to pull out of me this time, but he does not! The fucking bastard ejaculates inside me again! After a few seconds, he releases his grip from my hips, so I immediately get up and jump into the pool. We have fun splashing around for a while, then we swim to the shallow end and sit down so the water is right up around our necks. After a few moments, I ask him why he continues to ejaculate his sperm inside me when he knows I do not want him to. He says that pulling his cock out of me and watching his sperm splash on my face is fun, but he really loves the erotic excitement of knowing his cock is pumping inside his Mother's pussy. I give him a quick kiss, then tell him that I also love the feeling his cock ejaculating inside me, but we should not allow it to happen again because that is incest. Tommy pleads with me to let him do it once in a while and promises to never tell anyone. I think a few moments about what he just said to me, then I tell him we should do it only on special occasions."

I guess Monica is really enjoying what I have been saying because she is now openly masturbating herself while standing in the driveway! She begs me again to keep telling her more stories, but I think we had better go to a place more private. I grab her wrist and pull her hand away from her pussy, then lead her through the swimming pool gate and close it. We walk hand in hand past the pool, then I put the video camera down on it. Monica immediately pushes my bikini bottoms down to my ankles, then reaches behind me to untie the top part. Suddenly, the phone in the kitchen starts ringing, so I quickly bend over and pick up my bikini bottoms then run inside to answer it. My Mother just wanted to let me know that she will be over at seven o'clock this evening to go swimming and have dinner with the kids and myself. She also said that she wants to sleep with Tommy tonight because she has not had a good fuck since the last time he was home. I told her she can't because Tommy has been in my bed every night, so I promised Krissy that she can have her brother all to herself before he goes back to college tomorrow afternoon. I hang up the phone then look down between my legs. Monica has been on her knees licking my pussy the whole time I was talking with my Mother! She sure is a horny little slut! I gently push her head away from me, then tell her I forgot to get some wine coolers for us to drink tonight, so I have to run up to the store. She immediately asks if she can go with me, so I tell her I will go upstairs to get her one of my dresses. She says that she is fine and will ride along with me just like she is! I try to convince her to at least put on one of my bikinis, but she turns me down.

I grab my purse, then we walk out to the garage and get in my new car. Within a few minutes, we are driving around the liquor store parking lot trying find a spot, but there are not any! I don't want to drive another five miles to the other liquor store, so I decide to go over to the lesbian bar. They have a "take out" store in the back of the building and there is always parking in the alley behind it. It takes us just a few seconds to get over there, then I park the car and tell Monica to wait for me. She ignores me and we open our car doors at the same time and get out. I look over at her naked body and notice that she is running her hands over her breasts to make sure her nipples are hard. I open the back gate and we walk through the outside seating area past the picnic tables. Monica says "So this is where you made up that story about being fucked by a beautiful female with a hard cock!" I immediately tell her that was a true story, and if she does not believe me, then just ask my daughter Krissy! I get a little bit angry with her and say "It was that picnic table right over there where Katherine pulled out her hard cock and fucked me while thirty lesbians watched us!" She replys "Okay, okay, I believe you, but I am going to still going to check with your daughter!" I open the door to the "take out" store, the hold it for Monica. The store is brightly lighted, and very clean. We are the only ones in the place except for a cute girl cashier who is busy unpacking boxes. They do not have much of a selection, but then I see my favorite Vodka is on sale! Monica helps me put six or seven "four packs" of wine coolers on the counter, then I grab two "half gallon" bottles of Vodka and place them next to the wine coolers. The cashier suddenly realizes she has a customer, so she turns around, and walks over to the register. Her mouth drops open when she sees Monica!

The cashier holds out her hand to Monica and says "Hi, my name is Lizabeth and I am glad to meet you!" They shake hands, then Monica says "Nice to meet you Lizabeth, but I hoped you would say your name is Katherine." The cashier immediately replies "Oh, there is only one Katherine that comes in here and she is out front having a couple of drinks with a few of her models!" Monica turns her head towards me, then says "You mean you are really telling the truth about what happened to you the other night?" I respond to her "Sure I was telling you the truth you bitch! Help me take my purchases out to the car, then I will take you up to the front to meet her!" We make a couple of quick trips to the car, then walk back in and open the door to the front bar area. It is really dark in here, so we pause a few moments until our eyes to get better adjusted. After a few seconds, I look around, and see Katherine at the main bar smoking a cigarette while she is talking with two beautiful girls wearing short skirts and have their blouses unbuttoned almost all the way down. I take Monica's hand and start walking towards her. Katherine glances over towards us, then says "Oh Susan, I knew I would see you again! I have been thinking about you constantly ever since we met the other night!" Katherine immediately whispers something to the two girls sitting next to her, then they get off the bar stools and walk over to the dance floor. Monica and I watch for a minute while the two girls unbutton each other's blouses, then take them off! They are now both topless and begin slow dancing while they kiss each other! Katherine tells Monica and me to sit next to her, then she tells us to order any drink that we want. We have a lively conversation for the next few minutes, then Katherine asks me to dance with her. I politely tell her no, but suggest to Monica that she get up on the dance floor with Katherine. Monica jumps off her bar stool, takes Katherine's hand and walks her over to the dance floor. I know Monica well enough that she wants to see if Katherine does indeed have a cock between her legs! Katherine and Monica start slow dancing together, then begin kissing while Katherine holds onto Monica's naked ass cheeks. They continue to dance and kiss each other for the next couple of minutes, then I see Monica reach down and pull up the front of Katherine's short skirt. Oh my God, Katherine is sporting a very hard cock and Monica starts stroking it back and forth as they continue to dance!

Suddenly, most of the lights around the dance floor go off, then someone turns on a bright "strobe" light which makes Katherine and Monica look like they are dancing in slow motion. At the same time, the music changes from quiet and relaxing to a sexually charged type of "disco" music. There must be about twenty or more lesbians in the bar, and we all focus our attention on what is happening on the dance floor. The music is just great and we all keep our eyes on Monica's fingers wrapped around Katherine's hard cock while they dance together. After the song is over, Katherine looks towards the bartender standing next to me and nods her head. Immediately the female bartender turns off the strobe, then replaces it with steady cool white lighting. Katherine looks out towards all the lesbians and slowly unbuttons her blouse. She pulls it down off her shoulders and the crowd gasps at her magnificent breasts. Oh my God, they look bigger and fuller than the last time I saw them! Her nipples are totally erect and must be standing out over a half an inch! She stands with her arms above her for a few seconds while the audience applauds, then unzips her skirt and takes it off. The audience applauds even louder when they see what Katherine has between her legs! She exposes her rock hard cock and you can see it throbbing up and down while blood rushes to the purple head! It is not a particularly large cock, but it perfectly formed and makes a great addition Katherine's beautiful female body. Meanwhile, Monica leans against the wood paneling and is fingering herself while she watches Katherine parade around the dance floor showing off her hard cock and beautiful breasts!

Suddenly, Katherine walks over to Monica and gently pushes her down on her knees. Then, Katherine leans towards her and whispers something into her ear. Monica lowers her arms down next to her sides, then looks up at Katherine and opens her mouth. The crowd starts cheering as Katherine moves the tip of her cock so it touches Monica's lips! Katherine puts both her hands on the back of Monica's head to hold her steady, then pushes her cock inside her mouth! Katherine waits a second, then pulls it out all the way, then pushes it back in. Katherine continues fucking Monica's mouth for the next couple of minutes, then Katherine gently positions Monica on her back. She gets down on her knees between her legs and Monica immediately grasps the hard cock and guides it towards her pussy. Katherine leans over Monica and rests on her elbows while she pushes the purple head of her cock against her pussy lips. We all cheer when Katherine's cock pops in and slides forward about three or four inches. Katherine waits for a few seconds while she kisses Monica, then she starts giving her a good fucking! Monica begins moaning loudly and thrashes around on the dance floor while Katherine rams her cock into her pussy over and over! For the next few minutes Katherine fucks the hell out of Monica while everyone in the bar watches! Suddenly, Katherine pulls her cock out of Monica's pussy and ejaculates a stream of sperm that shoots over her stomach and splashes on her naked breasts! Katherine waits for a few seconds, then stands up and starts getting dressed. Meanwhile, Monica just lays there naked while she rubs the big load of sperm back and forth against her tits. Katherine buttons up her blouse, tucks it into her skirt, then walks over to me at the bar and sits down. I feel like slapping her for leaving my best friend laying naked on the dance floor, but I manage a smile, then go over and help Monica to her feet. She has a "dazed" look on her face as I lead her back to my car and take her home. I pull into her driveway and stop, then Monica looks over at me and says "Can we get together next week and go back to that lesbian bar?" I have a good laugh, then tell her "Sure honey, we will go back as many times as you want, because you are my best friend!"

I put my car in reverse, then back it down Monica's driveway to the street and stop. I look both ways, then continue backing up until I am parked right in front of our garage. I make a couple of trips back and forth to the car to unload all my purchases, then busy myself in the kitchen. It is getting close to the time when my Mother is supposed to be arriving and my two kids are still not home yet! Suddenly, I hear a car pull up our driveway and stop. I run to the living room picture window and see that it is my son's car. I am relieved that he and Krissy got back safely, then go back into the kitchen to prepare the fresh ground beef into patties. After about ten minutes, I start wondering why they have not come into the house, so I walk to the front door and look over at my son's car. Jesus Christ, my daughter is leaning her brother's legs and she is sucking his cock! I am fucking pissed because I told Tommy his Grandmother wants him to fuck her before he leaves tomorrow afternoon! I immediately run out the front door, grab the handle to my son's car and open it. I watch for a second as my daughter continues sucking on her brother's cock, then grab Tommy's wrist and yank him out of the car. His cock pops out of his sister's mouth and he stands up. I tell them to put on their swimming suits and go out by the pool because my Mother will be here at any moment. Krissy gets out of the car, then walks over to her brother and takes hold of his hand. They go into the house, and after a few minutes, they are swimming around in the pool while they laugh and chase each other.

Just as I am finished with making a huge bowl of salad with ranch dressing, my Mother pulls her car in the driveway and stops. I run out the front door to greet her just as she gets out of her car and stands up. We embrace and start tongue kissing each other while she runs her hands underneath my bikini bottoms and begins squeezing my ass cheeks. I immediately push her arms away from me and tell her to behave herself until we get into the house. I take a couple of steps back so I can take a good look at her. She may be fifty six years old, but her body is still incredibly sexy! She exercises five days a week and is so slim that she borrows my dresses on occasion. Other than her breasts being a little larger than mine, we look like identical twins. She looks fabulous in her white T-shirt and she is not wearing a bra! Her little jean skirt looks perfect on her because it shows off her long, lean, toned legs. I am really looking forward to tonight so I can lay naked in bed while she slowly undresses, pulls the satin sheet away, then climbs in next to me!

Anyway, I snap back to reality and pick up her "overnight" bag, then we walk back into house. I take her upstairs to my bedroom, then she tells me she wants to use the bathroom, so I go back downstairs to the kitchen. As I am reaching into the cabinets to get paper plates and cups, I look out the window and see Krissy laying flat on her back and her brother is between her legs leaning over her! I quickly open the sliding door and run towards them, but Tommy already has his cock about half way in his sister's pussy. I run up to them and give Tommy a big shove so he falls backward. Then, I point my finger at them and tell them to behave themselves because my Mother is here and we will be having dinner shortly. Krissy starts complaining, but I tell them to get back in the cool water and play around for a few more minutes until my Mother comes down to see them. They do as I tell them, then suddenly the sliding door from the kitchen opens. I look over in that direction and watch as my Mother turns around to close it. Jesus Christ, she is completely naked except for wearing a pair of high heel shoes! After closing the door, she turns around, and I marvel as what a spectacular pair of tits she has! As she walks towards me, I can see every lean muscle in her legs expand and contract. I thought my body was in pretty good shape, but her older, firmer body makes her look more sexier. I stare at her smooth pussy, while she whips her long, silky gray hair around her face as she walks towards me.

She takes a few more steps, then we embrace and begin kissing. She runs her hands down my back to my bikini bottoms and begins pushing them down. I immediately pull them back up, then tell her to behave herself. She says I am the only person wearing anything, so I should be naked also! Well, I give into her wishes, so I let her push my bikini bottoms down to the floor, then I step out of them. Then, I turn around to let her untie my bikini top. She unties it, then immediately gets down on her knees, pulls my ass cheeks apart and sticks her tongue in my asshole! I enjoy the sensation for a few seconds, then think this is not appropriate behavior for myself to be exhibiting in front of my children. I turn around, and throw my bikini top over on a chair, then help my Mother to her feet. I look over at Tommy and Krissy and tell them to get out of the pool and come over to greet their Grandmother. Krissy hops out of the pool and runs to her. They immediately embrace and start tongue kissing each other while their hands grab each other's ass cheeks and squeeze them. After about a minute, Krissy releases her Grandmother and steps back a little bit. She stares at her big breasts for a couple of seconds, then reaches out with both hands and begins to feel them. My Mother starts moaning softly, then Krissy takes her hands off her breasts, leans forward and begins sucking on them! I let a minute or two pass buy, then I reach over and push Krissy away from her. I scold her that she is taking too much time, and that she should give her brother a chance to give his Grandma a big hug. Suddenly, Krissy gets down on her knees and starts running her hands up and down my Mother's legs. She spends a minute feeling my Mother's legs, then look up at her and says "Gosh Grandma, your legs must be the most beautiful ones I have ever had my hands on! They are so smooth and toned!" Krissy pauses for a second to look directly at my Mother's pussy, then looks up into her Grandmother's eyes and says "Is it okay with you Grandma if I lick your pussy for a few seconds? I promise I will only do it for a short time because I know Tommy has been waiting to hold you in his arms!" My Mother looks down between her naked breasts and tells Krissy that it is okay with her. Krissy immediately buries her face in her Grandmother's pussy and starts licking as fast as she can! My Mother really enjoying her Granddaughter's attention, but after a couple of minutes, I push Krissy away from her.

Krissy reluctantly gets back on her feet as my son takes a couple of steps forward to give his Grandmother a big welcoming caress. When Tommy is about a foot away from her, she reaches out with both hands and starts playing with his cock. It was a little bit deflated when she first grabbed it, but after a few seconds I can see the veins in the shaft are bulging and the head has turned a dark purple color. While his Grandmother jacks his cock, Tommy leans towards her and they start tongue kissing each other. Suddenly my Mother says "Well, enough of this Tommy, put your arms around me and give me a big hug!" She releases her grip from her Grandson's cock then Tommy puts his arms around her. Because my Mother has on tall high heel shoes, Tommy's cock goes right between her legs! As they continue kissing, my son starts thrusting his hips forward and backward so his big cock is sliding between his Grandmother's legs. After a couple of minutes, my Mother reaches down, grabs Tommy's cock and guides it toward her pussy entrance. She holds his cock there for a few seconds while she tells him she has been waiting for the moment for over two months, then lets go of it. Tommy suddenly thrusts his hips forward and his entire ten inch cock disappears into my Mother's pussy! My Mother suddenly gasps, and I can see that she is out of breath! She trys to hold onto her Grandson as he starts ramming his huge cock into her, but she lets go of him and slowly slumps to the patio floor. My son's cock pops out of her, then she quickly lays down flat on her back and closes her eyes.

Tommy immediately gets down on his knees, pushes my Mother's legs apart and aims his cock towards her pussy. I shout at him to get away from her because she just fainted! He ignores me and shoves his cock back inside her! He starts fucking her and after a few seconds, my Mother opens her eyes and smiles. Tommy does not notice this because he is looking over at me. He says "I can't stop Mom! Grandma has one of the best pussys I have ever had my cock inside of! I promise you I will be done in just a couple of minutes!" My Mother winks at me, then closes her eyes and softly moans while her Grandson continues to ram his cock in and out of her. After about five minutes Tommy suddenly stops and I can tell that he is ejaculating his sperm into her pussy. He rests on his elbows for a minute, then begins slowly pushing his cock in and out of her. My Mother opens her eyes and says "Jesus Christ Tommy, are you going to fuck me again?" She tells her Grandson to get off her because her pussy can't take much more of his huge cock pounding inside her, then trys to get out from underneath him. Tommy grabs her wrists and holds her down while he fucks the hell out of her! She is moaning loudly and screaming "Oh my God! Oh my God!" for the next couple of minutes, then Tommy suddenly stops and lets his cock pump over and over again into her pussy. He waits for a few seconds, then stands up and helps his Grandmother to her feet. She runs her fingers through her hair a couple of times, then says "I don't think I have had this much sperm in me since I let twenty men gangbang me in a bar about thirty years ago when I was working as a stripper!

I get us some cold drinks and we spend the afternoon laying in the sun and swimming in the pool. A few hours later, Tommy turns on the grill, then we sit down at the patio table and have lively conversation while we enjoy our evening meal. When it gets to be about ten o'clock at night I suggest that we go up to bed and get a good night's rest so we can get up early. I take my Mother's hand and lead her up to my bedroom and wait until she gets in the bed, then I pull the sheet over her. I always do the same thing with my daughter, so I walk down the hallway to her room. Oh my gosh, Krissy got what she wanted! She is laying on her back with her legs up in the air while her brother is between her legs slowly fucking her! I stand in the doorway watching them for about five minutes, then Krissy looks in my direction and tells me to come over and sit beside her. I walk over and sit down, then she says "Mom, I have always wanted to lick your pussy while Tommy fucks me! Will you sit on my face just this one time! I promise that I will never ask you again! Please let me lick your pussy while Tommy fucks me!" I tell her "Well, okay, but try to keep quiet because my Mother is probably sleeping." Krissy immediately tells her brother to lean back a little bit so I can get up on my knees and swing a leg over her face. I position myself over her, then she immediately sticks out her tongue and races it up and down my clit. Jesus, this feels fucking great! I expect Tommy to start humping his sister again, but instead he keeps his cock in her and begins running his hands up and down my back.

I look over my shoulder at him, then he grabs my chin and kisses me. This is not what I was expecting! I promised Krissy that her brother is going to fuck her on his last night home, now he is getting more interested in me! We continue to tongue kiss each other while Krissy licks my pussy for a few minutes, then he pushes on the center of my back to hold me down while he pulls his cock out of his sisters pussy and starts pushing it between my ass cheeks. I immediately raise my pussy up from my daughter's face and try to get off the bed, but that just makes my ass cheeks spread wider apart! Tommy quickly grabs his cock and presses it against my asshole, then puts his hands on my hips and thrusts his hips forward! It hurts at first, then the head of his cock pops inside me and starts sliding forward. I suddenly feel a rush of excitement and settle back down on my daughter's face while my son begins fucking my ass! Ever though Krissy is obviously enjoying herself, I promised her that she can have her brother for the entire night, so I start struggling to get away from him.

I quickly think of a plan escape from him, so I relax and let him fuck my ass for the next couple of minutes. Suddenly, I push myself up, turn around as far as I can and push Tommy away from me! He falls back on the bed, so I get up and run out of the room! I pause for a second, then he steps into the hallway! I immediately turn around, run down the stairs, yank open the front door and run outside onto the front lawn! I wait a few seconds, then he appears at the front door, looks around, and sees me! I turn around, and don't really know where to go next, but I look across the street and see that Monica's lights are still on and her front door is open! I dash across the road, up her driveway and burst into her house! I quickly look around the room and see the two young girls that Monica met today are naked on her living room floor in a "sixty nine" position while Monica is sitting on her couch with two of her fingers inside her pussy. I run over to Monica and sit down next to her while I frantically tell her that my son wants a piece of my ass and is chasing me. The two young girls stop licking each other's pussy's and crawl over next to me while I tell Monica how I promised my daughter that Tommy would sleep with her all night before he goes back to college tomorrow afternoon. Monica pulls here fingers out of her pussy and lets me taste them, then says "You told me Tommy is sleeping all night with Krissy, and that is what she wanted! She is not going to mind if you fuck him tonight! She just wants to open her eyes in the morning and see her brother sleeping next to her! Now go home and fuck him, then go to your own bed!" Suddenly, Tommy walks through the front door of Monica's house! He must have looked up and down the road for a minute, then figured I was over here at my best friend's house. He is no stranger to this house and has been over her plenty of times to fuck Monica.

I am sure the two young girls have never seen a cock as big as my son's because they gasp at the sight of it. Tommy's cock is exceptionally large and long and I have often seen that same expression on other women's faces before. Monica immediately gets off the couch and walks over to Tommy. She says "Hi handsome, how come you have not come over to visit me the past two weeks?" My son has calmed down quite a bit, but his cock is still hard as ever. Monica is completely naked except for very tall "high heel" shoes. She puts one arm around Tommy's neck and pulls his head down to kiss him while she grabs hold of his cock with her other hand and slides it between her legs. They begin tongue kissing, then Tommy grabs hold of Monica's ass cheeks and begins slowly thrusting his cock between her legs. After a couple of minutes, Monica raises her left leg up and tells Tommy to hold onto it, then she guides his cock into her pussy. He thrusts upward and Monica's body jerks as his massive cock pushes past her pussy lips and penetrates her about six or seven inches. He pulls his cock back out a little bit, waits for a second, then plunges the whole ten inches into her. Monica's head snaps back then she starts moaning as Tommy starts fucking her. The two girls next to me, Courtney and Sarah, start running their hands all over my naked body while we watch the sex show in front of us. It is so fucking erotic to see a man fucking a woman in high heels while they are standing up! After about ten minutes, Monica is completely exhausted and wants Tommy to stop, but he does not! She starts telling him to let go of her, but he ignores her and keeps ramming his cock inside her pussy!

Another couple of minutes go by, then suddenly, Tommy lets her leg back down to the floor and releases his grip from her. Monica almost collapses, but she makes it over to the couch and sits down next to me. After a few seconds, she tells Courtney and Sarah that she is done with Tommy, and they can have fun with him if they want. Immediately the two young blonde girls stop running their hands all over my naked body and get down on their knees in front of him. They both reach up at the same time and start stroking the huge cock back and forth. Suddenly Sarah says "This cock is so big, I don't think I can get it in my mouth!" Courtney says "Well, go ahead and try! I will help you!" Sarah opens her mouth as wide as it will go, then Courtney gently pushes her head forwards. The head of Tommy's cock slowly moves past her teeth and it goes in a couple of inches. Sarah starts gagging, but Courtney keeps pushing her head forward! Suddenly, Courtney grabs Sarah's hair and pulls her backwards. Sarah takes a deep breath then Courtney shoves her head forward again! They do this over and over for a few minutes, then Courtney says "Let me try this time!" Courtney is the better looking of the two, and she appears to be the most experienced when it comes to sucking cock. Monica leans on my shoulder and starts playing with my tits while Courtney opens her mouth, puts her hands down along her sides and looks up at Tommy. In a sexy voice she says "I am going to hold my breath for the next minute. I want you to grab the back of my head and shove your cock into my mouth as far as your want! When I raise my hands up from my sides, then take your cock out as fast as you can!" Courtney takes a deep breath then Tommy grabs the back of her head and furiously starts fucking the young girl's face! A minute passes by, then the girl starts struggling to get my son's hands off the back of her head! She starts gagging and saliva starts pouring down her chin! Another few seconds go by then Tommy finally releases her and she slumps down on the carpet. Courtney coughs a few times, then takes a deep breath and sits back up.

After watching the sex show and having Monica play with my tits the entire time, I am horny as hell and want my son's cock back in my asshole. I get up from the couch, walk over to him and apologize for running away from him tonight. I turn around, and tell Monica that we are leaving, then thank her for clearing up the conflicting emotions I had earlier. She jumps up from the couch and thanks Tommy for the fuck, then gives me a quick kiss. I take hold of Tommy's cock and lead him through Monica's front door then we walk down her driveway and start crossing the road. I feel really happy, and decide that when Tommy and I get in our house, I am going to let him fuck me as long as he wants! When we get in the middle of the street, Tommy suddenly stops, forces me down on my hands and knees and gets behind me. I know what he is planning to do, so I start struggling with him. He pushes on my back with both of his hands, but I manage to turn my head around and say "You can't fuck me in the middle of the street you crazy bastard! There are still cars driving by, and they will see us!" He positions his cock against my asshole, then thrusts his hips forward. All ten inches of his cock slide inside me and there is nothing I can do now. I just have to wait until he is finished. After two or three minutes, the headlights of a car start bearing down on us, and I scream at my son to stop! He pulls his cock out of my ass, then yanks me up from the street. I think he is finished with me, but he reaches around me, grabs my ass cheeks and lifts me upwards against him. I put my arms and legs around him to support myself, then he quickly reaches between his legs and positions his cock at my pussy entrance. With one thrust of his hips, his huge cock disappears into my tight, little pussy. He quickly carry's me to our driveway just as the car passes by, then he starts fucking me while he is standing up. I am so fucking horny that I start helping him by pulling on his neck to lift me up a little bit, then I drop back down on his hard cock. After just a few minutes, he suddenly stops and I can feel his warm sperm gushing inside me. His cock keeps pumping and pumping for the next twenty or thirty seconds, then he lets me down to my feet. I put my hands on my hips, then point a finger at him and say "I thought I told you not to do that anymore!"


2013-07-14 23:45:27
Keep up the good work. These are the hottest stories I've read. Thanks for sharing.
Waiting for ch 6.

anonymous readerReport

2011-06-29 09:47:51
That adrdesess several of my concerns actually.

anonymous readerReport

2011-06-28 08:44:56
Holy concise data baatmn. Lol!

Ack a Dack a Dack a DackReport

2009-11-23 03:48:11
Stories sucked like a hooker on Good Friday. I've read better scrawlings on a bathroom wall with more literary finesse than this drivel.

You do better and next time I'll give you a positive rating.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-11-16 14:22:28
Susan's story (especially Walker Family Fun) is wonderful. It makes me soo hot...(upto ejaculate level). Especially I read part 01-03 upto yesterday, & I will read the next parts also. Among part 01,02,03... I like Part 01 most...

I think they have few criteria for being wonderful stories as-
they are among family where the family is so much(excess) free with each other. & one thing susan, who is physically so sexy & busty & the MILF.
Again, the stories are long.
& the parts are individual from each other( there need not read part-01 to understand part-02)
& however, here also have group sex, voyeur, anal etc...

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