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I love this women
This women, has been my godmother since I was born, and She is a sexy thing who lives in an Apartment and her kids go to boarding school. At the time this story took place she was 43 with a beautiful rack and 2 kids who were my age.

When I was 16 I was staying with this women in her apartment for a week, for some "God-Mother, God-Son Bonding," we were having a great time, doing tons of fun things and I always got to do it with one of the sexiest women I know. Every night she would leave me at the apartment and go out around 10 o'clock, this is when I would have the most fun on the trip. I would go through her drawers taking out thongs, anal beads, dildo's and vibrators, and cum to them every night. I would cum in different places every night as well, sometimes on a thong, once on her tooth brush, a little on her lip stick, and once in the shampoo bottle for kicks.

One night as I was blowing a load onto one of her bra's she comes busting in the door, I barely make it to the bathroom, but I think she saw me with my hard on and her bra. She went into her room and I hid the bra and slipped my hard up underneath my waist band. I went and knocked on the door and asked why she was home so early, without her even allowing me in I barged in and caught her in her thong and bra, my hard that was then quite limp shot out of my track pants that instance, and I knew she saw it, but I didn't mind. When I was in her room, she didn't mind that I was staring at her with a massive hard on, she just continued to change and answered my question by saying, "I didn't like the people I was with tonight, so I called it quits early." After I replied if i could do anything to help her feel better and she replied, "Can you give a nice massage?" and of course I replied I did.

So now she was lying face down on the bed in her pajamas's waiting to be rubbed down by me in any way I wanted. I hopped on top of her ass and started rubbing her back and neck deeply. My hard was now stabbing into her left ass cheek extremely hard, but she didn't care. The harder I rubbed the more she moaned and groaned, for a second I thought I was fucking her, and that's when it happened. I came every where, it went right through my pants and onto her ass. The second she felt, she knew what had happened and she very seductively asked, "Did you just cum all over me?" Very, very nervous I replied "um... uhhh.... yes?" When I said that she reached one finger back and scooped up a bunch of it and licked. She said "for such a young man, your quite tasty." When she said that, I came again all over her ass. Than she said, maybe I'll go change, and maybe you should go to sleep.

I had been lying in bed for about 10 minutes and the next thing i know she comes out in a thong and tight bra and jumps in bed beside me. I asked her, "what are you doing?" she replied "My PJ's are all full of cum and my bed is all cummy as well, that's gross to sleep in." After she finished saying that, i got a hard on and it landed right in the palm of her hand. "Sam is that what i think it is?" and i Replied,"yes, i beleive so." "What the fuck, its fucking huge!" Next thing I know she has moved down and has plopped my dick right in her mouth. All I hear coming out of a cock filled mouth was "Cum to you god mommy, I know you want to." So that's what I did, I grabbed the top of her head and pushed all the way down to my balls where she than ripped her tounge out of her mouth and licked my big balls. Soon I was yelling "I am cumming, I'm Cumming, OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST BJ I HAVE EVER HAD!" as I yell this i rip my cock out her mouth and blow the load all over her face. After this she rips the thong off and pushed my face down into her perfectly shaved cunt, and I eat that for at least 20 minutes until she says "I am cumming," and the next thing i know i have a mouthful of squirt. As I move up to kiss her, right before our lips touch she says "Fuck my cunt," and i say "but we dont have a condom, she replies "no worry i am on the pill 24/7" The second she said that i opened her cunt as wide as possible and shoved my entire cock right up there, I thrusted her so hard she couldn't stop screaming and yelling with all the pleasure she was in. 10 Minutes later, again she says "I am cumming, so i take my dick and put my face in her cunt and let her squirt all over my face.

After that we rest for a bit and finally she says " I am your godmother it is my job to teach you, what would you like to do?" And I replied, "I would love to fuck that ass of yours," after replying that she got up, went to the end of the bed and bent over, I crawled over to her, shoved my cock all the way down her throat and than proceeded to get behind her and fuck her ass, it was the most amazing thing i had ever felt. I thought i was in Heaven. After this we were both dead tired and she was cum covered, so we both took a shower together. I came a few more times that night and we went to sleep. She is now 55, and I have been fucking her in her cunt ass and mouth for the last 10 years. When I was in University, i stayed with her because she lived next to the building all my classes were in, we fucked every morning I woke up, every afternoon I didnt have class, and I fucked her every night no matter what, even if i had a girl over or another, bro I promised her I would fuck her Cunt every night. I now am in a serious relationship with a women and I have a very serious job, but I fly back to where my god-mother lives once every month, to fuck and eat her old saggy, amazingly orgasmic cunt.


2016-09-23 17:47:31
I never had the privilege, family lived to close

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2011-09-18 01:09:59
trool i no i spelled it wrong btw lol

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2011-09-18 01:09:24
name:trool reply to me on how i can do this but my godmom is married and she loves in a diffrent state than i do but she cums to vist every so often i even have a condom just in case so please let meh no

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2011-05-06 15:10:11
I love the story! Maybe the bad rating is because of the incest issue. Some people are really close minded.


2011-04-04 16:42:57
well I liked it as a story it was very good. As I fucked the wife next door as a kid starting at 14 . all way though high school. & her mate was 16 years older then her. I gave her 3 kids. all he said was thanks. would haven'd love to see him knock her up . would love to read more. And for the guy who said he didn't like it say your name mate. if you don't write don't make bad remarks

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