I tried my best to act as seductive as possible. In truth, I knew there was no need to actually 'seduce' Keith. He was far beyond being consentful.

Keith stretched out on his bed. His hand continued the slow movement up and down his now-throbbing shaft.

I leaned in the doorway and crossed my arms. I smiled at him.

"Hey." I said, softly.

"Hey..." he replied, smiling.

"Are you sure you're ready for this?" I asked him. I knew the answer.

"Fuck yeah." Keith said.

I moved over and stood at the side of Keith's bed. Keith sat up and I put my hands on his shoulders. He lifted the front of his black t shirt that was draped over my body, exposing my bald pussy.

Keith's head dove in and began licking my slit.

"Whoa...slow down, mister." I said. "We're gonna ease into this."

Keith's tongue retreated back to the confines of his mouth and he stared at me.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"Like I said...I like to have sex. I don't like fucking." I said.

"Well, you just tell me what to do, then." Keith said.

I sat down next to Keith.

"Here's how we start..." I said, running my hand over his chest. I brought my face to his and we kissed.

While our tongues wrestled, I could feel Keith's large hand running over my thigh, between my legs, and straight up the pleasure highway.

Who was I kidding? Why should I make him wait? He wanted to finger me.

I'd allow it.

Keith ran his finger over my lower lips, slowly. His index finger slipped between the folds and poked around somewhat aimlessly.

Without breaking our kiss, I grabbed his hand and guided it, showing him exactly how I liked it.

I let out a soft moan and nibbled on his lower lip. The sides of his mouth curled into a smile. Keith allowed another finger in to join the party.

I let our kiss break and moved my head down. I kissed his warm chest and sucked on his nipple. I removed my hand from his and brought it to his pelvic area. I grabbed his cock and squeezed, careful not to do anything too drastic, ending our fun early.

It sounds cliche, but Keith was quite literally 'hard as a rock'.

"Damn..." escaped Keith's lips.

I quit sucking his nipple and moved my face directly in front of his, looking deep into his eyes.

"Are you sure you're ready for this?" I asked, quietly.

"Why would you even ask?" Keith replied.

"Mmm. Dirty boy. You're cheating on your girlfriend." I said. Technically, it was true. But I made it sound dirty.

"I like to think of it as a good study session." Keith said. "Besides...aren't you doing the same thing?"

"Does that bother you?" I teased.

"Not at all." Keith said.

I gave his cock another squeeze.

"If you're sure you're ready...get a condom, stud." I said.

Keith looked blank for a minute, thinking. He removed his hand, I removed mine. Keith stood and walked to his dresser. Opening the top drawer, as always, the underwear drawer, he pulled out a shiny, colorful square. With it in his hand, he came back and sat on the bed.

Keith laid the condom down and lifted the bottom of the shirt I was wearing. He pulled it off, exposing my nude body. Keith leaned down and began kissing, licking, and sucking my left nipple.

I opened the condom wrapper and removed the contents. I figured out which way was up, pinched the tip, and rolled the green latex down his shaft.

Keith removed his face from my chest and sat up. He looked down at his covered cock.

"Oh my God..." he whispered.

"What?" I asked.

"I just can't believe this is about to happen." he said.

I adjusted myself so I was laying longways on the bed. I threw his pillows underneath my waist and spread my legs.

On his knees, Keith made his way over to my exposed area and grabbed his cock.

"Morgan...I've gotta tell you something." Keith said. "I don't wanna lie to you."

"What's that?" I asked.

"The baby-oil smell...the baggie..." He said.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"It's supposed to feel like a real pussy if you stick it between the mattress and the box springs. That's what I was using it for. Practice." He said.

"Ohhh. I get it now." I said.

"Yeah..." said Keith, obviously embarassed.

"Well, just let me know how I measure up." I said with a smile.

Regaining confidence, Keith smiled and began to guide his cock to my special lips.

Using the same caution he had with his finger, Keith started by poking around and running the tip of his cock between the folds, up and down.

Slowly, he pushed his head in. His eyes closed and he licked his lips. With a snails pace, he continued to insert himself in, inch by inch.

I brought my legs around his hips and pulled him in an little bit faster.
Keith let out some obvious grunts and began breathing hard. He pursed his lips and let out a few steady breaths.

He opened his eyes as he began to pull out. He pushed back in. Pulled back out.

I'd let my arms lay dead at either side of my head. I looked up at Keith and smiled at him.

"You're doing great." I said.

"I could blow right now." He said.

"Just stay focused." I said.

Keith gave his full attention to the action going on below our torsos. His pace began to increase, but it was still a far cry from what I'd become used to.

Keith stretched his arms out and supported himself by placing them on the bed on either side of my torso.

Keeping his upper body in place, Keith slowly slid his hips up and down. With each thrust in, he wiggled around just a little, sending a new sensation through my body.

"Mmm. You're not doing too bad." I said.

"Thanks." Keith said.

Finally settling into a rhythm, Keith started plowing with a more satisfying pace.

I looked down and watched his hips work. I watched his virgin cock slide in and out of my love hole. I heard the 'squish, squash' sounds with each thrust.

"I think I'm getting the hang of it." Keith whispered.

"I think so too, Keithy." I said.

Keith leaned down and started planting kisses on my stomach. I brought my hands down and ran them through his thick, brown hair. He looked up at me while he continued.

He moved his arms further up and bent his body more. From this position, his mouth could easiliy reach my breasts.

While his mouth attacked my chest, Keith would pump, pump, pump, pump, pause. Pump, pump, pump, pump, pause.

I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of Keith's balls smacking my ass as he pumped. The fact that he was so young, so attractive, and knowing this was his first time was making this one of my most erotic experiences. It wasn't the best sex I'd had. But the situational circumstances more than made up for it.

By this point, Keith was working a great pace. He pumped in and out, in and out, holding nothing back. I loved the feel of his cock running in and out of me. Shawn's love muscle may have been bigger and more experienced, but this actually meant something to Keith. It wasn't just something he could do when he was bored.

My body began to tingle as I watched Keith's mouth taking my nipple. I watched a bead of sweat form on his brow.

Keith released my nipple and squeezed his eyes together. His mouth hung open as he pushed himself up, head tilted to the sky.

Keith stopped pumping for a moment and looked down at me.

"How do I compare?" I asked.

"Huh?" Asked Keith through deep breaths.

"To your bag girlfriend." I said, smiling.

"Ha. No comparison." He said.

He began sliding in and out of me again.

"You like this or you wanna switch it up?" I asked.

"I love this." He said. "But...ya know...I always wanted to try doggie."

I smiled at Keith.

"Ok." I said.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him to me. We kissed hard, Keith began pumping furiously.

We broke our kiss. Keith grabbed the ring of his condom and pulled out. I sat up and knocked the pillows to the floor. I rolled over and got on all fours.

I heard a strange sound, but thought nothing of it.

Keith smacked my ass and squeezed. He leaned down and I could feel his tongue lashing about. In the heat of the moment, Keith administered a licking from hole to hole.

Keith brought himself back up and grabbed his cock. He lined up and pushed in. Something was different.

"Oh, God..." Keith moaned.

I could feel everything. The smoothness of his skin. The heat. Everything.

I looked down on the floor and saw a green-tinted snake skin. Keith had removed his condom.

Had I been in the right frame of mind, I might have objected. But we were so into it, and I wanted this to be special for him. I'd just have to hope my birth control held up.

"You naughty boy." I said.

"Sorry." Keith said. "I'll pull out."

"Don't worry about it." I said.

Keith placed his hands on my back and started pumping. The sound of his balls smacking me seemed to play a song only we could understand.

Keiths hands seemed to dance across my back. He was moaning with every thrust. His hands manuevered to my front and grabbed a breast.

I felt his hips ramming me over and over. That's when it hit me. I was about to have an orgasm.

My breathing increased. I couldn't seem to breathe properly from my nostrils. My mouth fell open and I was almost gasping.

"" I Asked between breaths.

"I...don't...know." He replied through clenched teeth.

I couldn't take it anymore.

My body tensed up and my lower muscles clamped onto Keith's cock. It took him by surprise.

"Ohhhh!" I moaned, loudly.

Feeling the muscles contracting on him, Keith's eyes bulged.

"Oh, SHIT!" He yelled.

Keith's arms wrapped around my stomach as he pumped furiously. I felt hot webs of cum coating my insides.

We moaned loudly together. We were joined in orgasmic bliss.

I could feel hot juices dripping and oozing from me. Our stew spilling onto his bed.

Keith finally quit pumping, but kept his arms locked around me. We drew our breaths as Olympic runners do.

Keith kissed my back and released his grip. He backed up and pulled out. His cock glistened.

I fell to the mattress and rolled over. Keith fell on top of me, his waist landing between my legs.

We were catching out breath when he began to laugh a little. I laughed too, a huge smile on both our faces.

Keith leaned up and started kissing me. I kissed back. Our sweaty bodies mingled.

He broke our kiss and our foreheads touched as he looked into my eyes.

"That was great." I said.

"Sure was." Keith said.

We began laughing again. Through our mixed chuckles, we began kissing again. Keith sucked my tongue, I sucked his.

Keith sat up and grabbed his pillows. He placed them back on the bed. He laid down and beckoned me to join him. I laid on top of him.

Wrapped in his arms, we laid there, silently. 

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2014-08-05 19:14:13
8WG2S5 I think this is a real great blog.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

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2010-09-23 19:09:24
Space your okay, young but a good writer, you have the Girls side down good, keep it up.

Some people are very flexable, You can be inside and kiss the girls stomach. I have seen girls eat their own pussy.

This is a good story, older teen girl, younger teen guy, girl clearly in charge.

Boy is learning how to make love not just fuck. Thats always good thing.

No one will say I love you in this but both people had fun. He will remember it for a life time and perhaps she will also.

Notice in this Story Dick size was not an issue. Also he got rif of the stupid condom.


2009-11-02 16:14:27
And, when it says "looked down" it doesn't mean she's on top. It means she looked down her body.

Kissing a stomach isn't hard. It doesn't have to be at the belly button. Pretty much anywhere below the chest.


2009-11-02 16:11:06
Who said he can't?


2009-11-02 15:39:45
" looked down and watched his hips work. I watched his virgin cock slide in and out of my love hole. I heard the 'squish, squash' sounds with each thrust. "
This is one phrase out of 2 or 3 in this story when you couldn't decide who was on top.

"Keith leaned down and started planting kisses on my stomach."

If he could kiss your stomach at the same time he was f*cking you, then he would have had the dexterity to suck his own dick.

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