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There was this Hunter that always got a lot of nagging from his wife for not taking her anywhere with him. So one day he decides he is going to take her bear hunting with him. At dinner that night he says to his wife, "Honey, tomorrow we are going bear hunting together. Be prepared to get up pretty early."
They go to bed and the alarm goes off at 4:00 AM. The hunter gets up and makes breakfast and gets everything else prepared. He then goes to wake his sleeping wife.She is pretty exhausted and decides that she does not want to go.
A little upset from all the nagging, he then tells her, "Well, if your not going to go then you have two choices. You can either give me a blowjob or let me screw you in the ass." So the wife decides on the blowjob. As she is sucking away she stops and smacking her lips says to the hunter, "Ewww, this tastes like shit."
The hunter then says to her, "Yes, I know, the dog didn't want to go either!"
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