Although I have no real interest in the matter myself, browsing around, I've noticed that there's a certain interest in incest here. So, I'm a 'firm' believer (bad pun) in giving people what they want.

Alas, another challenge for my abilities. I will now tell the tale of a brother and sister's shared love.

If you do not agree with the content, I apologize. Different strokes for different folks, ya know?

Note: This story takes place during the Summer.

And so it begins...


"Oh...Oh God...Yes!"

Her moans filled the small room. The hazy, yet obvious, smell of sex hovered about us like a dense fog.

My hands gripped the bedsheets below me. I kept my eyes shut tight, lost in a sexual euphoria. I felt my hips bumping against the hot flesh of another with every thrust.

The flesh?

The flesh belonged to my beautiful little sister, Carlie.

How did this happen? Where had it all come from?

With my eyes shut tight, I tried to remember. I thought back to Friday. Friday morning. How had so much changed in such a small amount of time?

My mind drifted...remembering...


It was Friday morning. I was dreaming. I was standing on a cobblestone path, inside a tunnel. Cobblestones are absolutely a rarity in my part of the country. In fact, I can't think of a single place around here that has them.

I could hear what sounded to be hooves 'click-clock'ing over the path. I looked around and couldn't find the source. I looked to one end of the tunnel. Darkness. I turned to the other and saw what I took to be the fading sun, lights glistening on the cobblestones.

"Ric...Ric..." I heard a soft voice whisper my childhood nickname.

I looked around and again the source illuded me.

"Ric." I heard again, quite clearly.

Frantic, I began running to the lit end of the tunnel. As fast and hard as I ran, I couldn't make it to the end.

"RIC!" I heard yell again.

I heard the sound of hooves on the stones again, they seemed to be in a full gallop and gaining on me. I turned to check my rear and tripped. Just before I hit the ground, my eyes opened.

"RIC! Will you wake up?!" My sisters voice screamed.

I looked around at my enviornment. My room, lit by the morning sun. I was still somewhat startled as I rubbed my hands into my eyes, shaking off the sleep.

"What?" I asked.

"Breakfast." My little sister, Carlie, answered.

I was thankful she woke me from my terrifying ordeal. At the same time, I was pissed off that she woke me up to begin with. I was 17. I needed sleep.

I looked at my 15 year old sister with disgust. Her blonde hair hung to her shoulders. Her very petite body stood, hand on her jutted hip. What right did she have to look aggravated?

"Did you hear me?" She asked.

I grunted.

Rolling her eyes, Carlie left my room, her night apparel of a tank top and shorts moving with the motion of her body as she left.

I laid there awhile longer, remembering the dream vividly. I wasn't an expert on that sort of thing, but I still tried to figure out what it could have meant, if anything.

I turned to my side and looked at my alarm clock. 9 a.m.

I stretched my arms and body out and threw my blanket to my side. I stood, running a hand over my naked torso. Thank God I'd stayed in shape. Football started in a month and I was going to be ready.

I stood 6ft even and weighed a trim 130 lbs. I seemed like a giant compared to my 5'6, 100 lb (maybe) sister.

Unlike Carlie, I'd taken the hair genes of our father and was blessed with thick, trimmed, brown hair.

I adjusted my white basketball shorts I used as pajamas and stumbled out of my room. I walked down a flight of stairs and walked to our kitchen. Carlie stood by the oven, taking pancakes off of a plate and putting some onto another.

This scene wasn't unusual. Carlie liked to cook. Our parents were generally by the time we woke each day and it just seemed natural for Carlie to make us some food.

"Hey, sunshine." Carlie said.

I didn't say anything as I made my way to one of the plates, picked it up, and headed for the living room. Our parents discouraged eating anywhere other than the dining room, but with their absence, I didn't think they'd mind.

I flipped on the TV and started watching the news. Carlie followed suit in bringing her plate of flapjacks into the room. I tried my best to ignore her.

It's not that we hated each other...most of the time. She was just a dopey little girl. I was gonna be a freakin' Senior. What time did I have for her?

After sitting in silence for a few moments, Carlie decided I was in need of an update on her social calendar.

"What am I doing tonight, you ask?" She said, smiling.

I didn't say anything.

"Well, I'm going to Jenny's." She said. "You do remember Jenny, right?"

Remember her? Of course. I'd never forget Jenny. See, Jenny and Carlie had been friends for a long, long time. The guidelines of their friendship included staying the night at the others house at least once a month.

On one particular occasion, the previous year, it was Carlies turn to host. Jenny was going to be spending a weekend with us. The girls dipped into some alcohol and Carlie passed out.

Not drinking so much, Jenny was still awake in the wee hours of the morning, looking for something to do. She crept from Carlie's room and walked to the light creeping from beneath my closed door.

I'd heard the knock, but ignored it, figuring it was just them messing around. As the knocking continued, I walked to my door, fully prepared to give a verbal lashing to my little sister.

When I opened the door to Jenny standing there in a sports bra and small shorts, my mood changed.

She came in and sat down on my bed, just looking to talk. That's what we did. We talked for a long time. At some point along the way, I decided to sit on the bed next to her. Feeling it was appropriate at the time, I moved to kiss her. She didn't hesitate. She kissed back.

This eventually led to Jenny giving me my first blowjob. I went to sleep that night, fully satisfied.

The next night was more of the same. Jenny waited for Carlie to sleep before she made the short walk to my door. This time, we didn't spend as much time talking. We went straight to kissing.

That night...Jenny and I took each others virginity.

Carlie's voice came plowing through my head.

"Hello? Are you even listening?" She said.

I'd zoned out, remembering Jenny.

"God..." Carlie said, annoyed. "Anyhow, I need a ride over there once I get ready."

I nodded slightly. Carlie grabbed her plate and left the room.

I dug myself down into the cushion below me and closed my eyes. The scenes of Jenny replayed in my memory.

I had gotten an erection. Everyone knows you can't hide that in shorts. I didn't feel like going up to my room to pull one off, so I began to consider the risk involved of doing it right there in the living room.

About the time I decided I could manage it, Carlie popped back into the room carrying a small bag. I assumed the bag contained whatever she'd need for the stay at Jenny's.

"Ready." She announced.

I let out a long sigh and stood. I grabbed a t shirt I'd left in the living room the night before and slipped it on. I picked up my keys and followed Carlie outside.

The bright Summer sun set my eyes on fire. I looked to the ground as I made my way to the drivers side of my truck. I hopped in and waited for Carlie to climb her way into the cab.

I pulled out of my driveway listening to some old KISS songs. I made the boring 15 mile drive to Jenny's house. I tried to keep my mind on other things, not wanting for my shorts to develop any unneeded shapes with my sister so close.

I don't think she would have even noticed. She kept her eyes glued to everything going on outside her window.

I finally got to Jenny's house. Some other girls about Carlie's age were already there. They had all been outside enjoying the pool to combat the hot sun.

My God...I would be in Heaven here. Wet girls in nothing more than bikini's as far as the eye could see.

Maybe not literally. Maybe there were only 3 or 4. But still.

Carlie mumbled something about being home tomorrow, probably before I woke up. She made her way to the group of girls. I noticed one girl in a black and white themed bikini had broke ranks and was walking toward me. Jenny.

Her firm, tan body wiggled as she walked to me, smiling. Her brown hair was matted back from the water. She seemed to glow.

"Heya, Ric." She said.

Ric was only a nickname. When I was very young, I was a huge fan of "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. I used to walk around doing the strut and yelling "WOOOO!". So my family started calling me Ric. Some people didn't even know it was just a nickname. I never corrected them.

"Hey, Jen." I said.

Jenny folded her arms in my window, leaning against my truck.

"How have you been?" She asked.

"Great. How about you?" I asked.

" know..." She said.

"You look great." I said.

"Mm. Thanks. You too." She said, scrunching her nose.

"How about you ditch this party and come with me?" I said, smiling.

"Ha. Don't think I can this time. Maybe next time." She said, teasing.

"Alright. Sounds good." I said.

Jenny turned back toward her house and noticed the other group of girls; some motioning her back, others staring intently.

"Well, I guess that's your cue." I said.

"Yeah, I guess." She said.

"I'll see ya later." I said.

Jenny smiled at me and started walking back to her house. I watched her ass as she brought her fingers back and pulled the swim suit from her crack.


I stayed longer than I needed to, getting a good glimpse of what used to kind of be mine. I pulled out of her drive way and made my way back home.

On the return trip, I made no effort to conceal my erection. I was alone. I was officially horny.

I pulled back into my drive and made my way back into my home. I crashed back onto the couch. I slid my shorts, I wasn't wearing anything under them, to the floor. I pulled the bottom of my shirt up a little and began to fist my 6 inch shaft.

I closed my eyes and remembered the scene I'd witnessed earlier. The swim suit being pulled. I was going to stroke my bald member into submission.

I wasn't getting a lot of sex. None, really. But I knew I needed to keep my downstairs trimmed up incase the opportunity ever came.

The earlier scene just wasn't doing it. I thought back to the previous year. I thought about my shaft being sucked back into Jenny's mouth. I thought of the next night, when I'd fucked her. Her tight, virgin pussy clamping my cock as she climaxed.

I was stroking pretty good when an image of Carlie entered my mind. I couldn't help it. I didn't want to think of her, but the more I tried to move her out, the harder the image fought back.

Accidentally or not, I blew my load to a mental image of Carlie naked, stroking me.

I opened my eyes and breathed heavily. I couldn't believe I'd just done that. I'd never had the slightest interest in Carlie... but the more I thought about it...the more I realized how cute she really was. Why didn't I notice it before? How could I not?

I wiped myself off and slid my shorts back on.

The rest of my day dragged on. I kept thinking about Jenny. I kept thinking about Carlie. I'd beat off again later that day, and the image of Carlie entered my mind again.

Deciding to forget it altogether, I went out with my friends that night. We didn't do anything very exciting. Got some pizza. Watched a movie. Boring stuff.

I decided to call it a night somewhere between the 1:30 and 2 a.m. mark.

I went home and took a shower and settled in for bed. My pants were stirring and I decided to embrace the image if it entered my mind again.

Well, of course it did. I'd expected it to.

As I pumped, I pictured Carlie doing more than just pump me. I had her blow me. I had her lick me. Finally, I had her fuck me.

I exploded with tremendous force. I couldn't believe it.

I pulled my blanket over me and fell asleep. There were no dreams that night. No tunnel. No hooves. No nothing.

I woke up the next morning and looked at my clock. 11.

I made my way out of my room. Carlie had said something about being home before I woke up. I couldn't hear any noise coming from downstairs. I noticed that Carlie's door was still shut.

I crept up to it and listened hard. No sound. I pushed the door open, just a crack. There she was.

Carlie was laying on her stomach, no covers, on her bed. Her arms were wrapped tightly around the pillow on which her head was resting. I made small steps into her room.

I gazed down at her pink-cloth covered body. I guess I shouldn't say 'covered'. Her tan back was exposed by her white tank top riding up a little in her sleep. Her ass was tightly trapped inside a pair of small, pink shorts.

My God.

I took my sweet time observing the scene, making sure the image was burned into my memory.

As carefully as possible, I inched myself down onto her bed, sitting on the side her head was facing. I reached my hand out and barely touched her body. I ran my hand down her back, over her ass, and halfway down her thigh.

I let my hand rest on the inside of her thigh. I gave it a little squeeze and began rubbing it.

That's when it happened.

Carlie opened her piercing blue eyes and immediately locked them with mine.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

I froze.

"Just wanted to know if you wanted breakfast." I said.

Although my hand was paralyzed, I hadn't removed it from her thigh.

"Oh...yeah...I guess..." She said.

"Oh...alright. I'll uh...I'll go make us something then." I said. "Anything in particular?"

"No." She said.

She never lost eye contact.

I kind of nodded and stood, my hand leaving her thigh. Maybe she hadn't noticed?

I quickly made my way to my room and locked the door. I jumped on my bed and flung my shorts off. I grabbed my self and pumped hard with the hand that had just been on Carlie's thigh. Her INNER thigh.

I remembered the look of body while she had been sleeping. I imagined blowing my load on her tan back.

That was it.

My cock erupted. I tried to control my breathing so I would be quiet.

I slipped my shorts back on and heard a knock at the door.

"I thought you were making breakfast?" I head Carlie say.

"Yeah. Just a Just a sec!" I said.

I had to laugh at my Freudian slip.

I opened the door and there stood Carlie, hair pulled back, tank top pulled down, looking up at me.

"Well?" She asked.

"Alright, alright." I said.

She followed me downstairs. I asked her what she wanted and she didn't answer. Instead, she simply walked in front of me and bent over opening one of the cabinets. I looked longingly at her small ass.

She pulled out a pan and stood slowly. She turned to me.

"You're gonna need this." She said, handing it to me.

I took it and held it low, hiding another blossoming erection.

"I want eggs." She said.

I nodded.

"I want my eggs scrambled." She said, smirking a little.

There were two different ways this simple statement could be taken...I was going to assume she meant to food one.

I made Carlie her scrambled eggs and sat down at the table with a glass of orange juice while she ate. Something seemed different.

Carlie appreciated the eggs and made it obvious she did by letting out small moans as she ate. I was getting turned on.

She took the time to slowly slide the fork out of her pursed lips after every bite.


After finishing, Carlie thanked me again. She tilted her head back and clasped her hands, throwing them above her head to stretch. Her breasts seemed to jump out at me while being concealed by her tank top.

Surprised, I spilled my orange juice.

Carlie immediately ceased her stretch and looked at me and started laughing. I had amused her.

Carlie grabbed her plate, stood, walked to my side and kissed me on the cheek. This also wasn't incredibly unusual, but given the circumstances, my face went flush.

Carlie smiled as she walked to the kitchen and deposited her plate in the sink. She walked back into the dining room and began lifting the bottom of her tank top. She began fanning herself with it.

"I'm hot." She said.

She had no idea.

I got a good glimpse at her equally tan stomach. Just another deposit in the spank bank.

I remained seated at the table after Carlie returned to the confines of her room.

I tried to reason that everything was just in my head. Nothing was different. I was just being a teenager.

I walked back up to my room and escaped the real problems by watching some tv.

Much later that day, my parents came home. I met them downstairs. Pretty soon, Carlie came down as well.

We talked with our parents about the ins and outs. Just small talk. They told us to get ready and we'd go out to eat. Fine.

We went out that night somehow Carlie ended up sitting next to me. Expressing her boredom before the food arrived, she rested her head on my shoulder. Everything was calm on the surface, but below there was a turbulant stirring in my pants.

After eating and spending some extra time just messing around, we all came home. It being late in the eyes of our parents, they went to bed. I grabbed a shower and put on another pair of shorts and shorts only.

I sat on my bed watching TV when a knock came to my door. Without waiting for me to open it, the door flung open. Carlie.

She made her way over to me.

"What's up?" She asked, as she sat down on my lap.

Alright. Now this was unusual. She never did this. My entire bed, my floor, everything was open and available.

Just sitting on my lap might not have been terrible, but she took it upon herself to sit directly on my crotch. She leaned back on me, her head resting between my neck and shoulder. She took my arms and wrapped them around her.

"Nothing." I said.

My cock was I knew exactly what only my shorts and her shorts were keeping apart. I tried my best not to bring any attention to the situation.

I couldn't help it. I gave it my all.

"Let's do something." She said.

"What do you wanna do?" I asked.

I could help it. I'd done everything I could not to let my hard cock tense up and jump. But it did. It jumped and thumped her right in the one area it was never supposed to.

I couldn't tell if it was only in my mind or not, but I saw Carlie smile.

"Oh...we can't do what I wanna do." She said.

"Why?" I asked. I could barely speak I was so aroused.

"Cause..." She said, removing my arms and standing. "Mom and Dad are trying to sleep."

With that, she smiled at me and left my room.


I flipped the lock quickly and quickly began hammering my cock. He had just touched what I'd come to consider the promise land.

After another Hiroshima-like explosion, I laid down and fought my coninued arousal until I fell asleep.

Again, another night passed with no dreams. That didn't matter.

When I woke up, I couldn't figure out what was going on. I couldn't figure out exactly what woke me up.

Coming to my sense a little more, I felt a something gliding up and down the inside of my thigh, slowly.

I looked to my side. There laid Carlie. Her eyes were transfixed on her own hand and it's movements. Not wearing anything underneath my shorts, her hand occasionally brushed against my balls.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

Carlie looked at me but didn't stop.

"I thought this was how we're supposed to wake each other up." She said.

So she did know. But what was really going on?"

"Yeah...well I'm up." I said.

"I see that." She said. Whether she was talking about me being awake or about the bulge in my shorts will be left to the historians.

"Mom and Dad are at church." She said, looking at me. Her hand still worked my inner thigh.

"Oh yeah?" I asked.

"Yeah..." She said. "...we won't wake them up now."

I ran my hand over her cheek, softly.

"Yeah...I guess not." I said.

Carlie leaned up and kissed me. Just a peck. Then she kissed me again. And again. Each kiss got longer until we were fully tongue wrestling.

Carlie broke the kiss and nodded to my shorts.

"What's that from?" She asked.

"Well I wouldn't have a clue." I answered.

Carlie laughed and bit her lower lip. She looked at my shorts and then at me.

"Can I...see it?" She asked.

I stared at her for a moment before shrugging my shoulders. Carlie sat up and I gripped the elastic of my shorts. I lifted my ass off the bed and slid my shorts down to my ankles and kicked them off with my feet.

Carlie's eyes were huge. I placed my hand on her inner thigh and ran my hand up much further than I did before. My fingers made solid contact with her crotch.

She looked at my swollen cock and tilted her head a little. She reached her hand out and grabbed it with two fingers.


While I was between her fingers, I tensed my boy up, making him jump in her hand.

Carlie smiled and wrapped her hand around me. She pumped a very small area.

"Why don't you take off your shirt?" I asked.

Carlie looked at me for a minute as if thinking it over. Was she really gonna turn back now? I hoped not.

Carlie inched her hands to the lower part of her tank top and pulled it up. It seemed like an eternity before her small breasts bounced out.

My cock jumped.

I ran my hand up and took one of her breasts into my hand. Heaven. Carlies mouth opened and her eyes closed. She was enjoying it just as much.

Her hand found my cock again. I sat up as she pumped. I sucked her nipple and my other hand worked the funzone from the outside of the underwear she was wearing.

Her soft hand felt amazing wrapped around my cock. I sucked her nipple until it was firm in my mouth.

"Mmm. Can I tell you something?" She asked.

She quit pumping and I quit sucking. I looked up at her.

"I'm wet." She whispered.

We both smiled as I grabbed the elastic of her shorts and panties and pulled them off together.

Her pussy was amazing. It was totally bald, just as my area was. It was a textbook example of virgin sex appeal. Sure enough, a glossy coat of juice covered her area.

We sat there and examined each other for a small amount of time. We were both pretty amazed. I brought my face down to her slit and began to kiss it.

Her moans let me know I was pushing some of the right buttons. I stuck my tongue deep inside her. The taste of innocence. It just made me...if possible...even hornier and harder.

I took one of her special lips into my mouth and sucked on it, gently. I continued my tongue assault for a few more minutes.

Finally, I came up to her level and we started kissing. I forced her to taste herself.

Carlie began to push me onto my back. She straddle my waist, my cock resting in her crack. She leaned down and kept kissing me. I ran my hands up and down her naked back.

"Ready?" She asked.

It would have been more appropriate for me to have asked her. I simply nodded.

Carlie sat up and reached behind her, grabbing my cock. She lined me up and pushed down on slowly, her face grimacing. I knew it had to hurt. Hopefully, my downstairs job earlier had gotten her wet enough to take at least some of the pain away.

My cock felt like it was trapped inside a warm, slick box of awesomeness.

Her face was still contorted from pain but she sat motionless for a few moments. Finally, she opened her eyes and looked at me. She stuck her lower lip out and made a puppy dog face. It was too cute.

Instead of going for some immediate bouncing, Carlie began to wiggle her hips around a little. Then she moved to rolling them back and forth. With each roll, a little more pain faded from her expression until she was outright smiling.

Carlie began bouncing a little, but was having some trouble. She laid down on me and lifted her hips a little. It was my turn to fuck her. I began sliding my hips up and down.

Carlie's mouth fell open and she breathed heavy. I was on cloud 9. Not only was I finally getting laid, I was getting laid by a smoking hot girl. Nevermind the fact she was my little sister.

My hands had a death grip on her ass as I continued pumping. I sat up, grabbed her legs and picked her up, careful not to slide out.

I laid her down on her back and placed my hands on the bed.

That brings us to now.

I finished replaying the events leading up to this in my head and refocused on what was really going on. I looked down and watched my cock slamming in and out of Carlie.

I heard Carlie moan. I felt her pussy contract around my cock. I felt a flood drowning my shaft.

I couldn't take it.

My whole body...tensed up and I released one great orgasm into Carlie.

I couldn't move. I couldn't pull out. My cock was so sensitive. I stayed motionless for a moment before laying down on top of Carlie.

There was only one thing I could say after that.


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