This happened earlier this year... Lucky me!
I couldn't help but stare at his face, he looked up. Embarrassed at being caught I lowered my gaze, my shaking fingertips where the only break in my seemingly composed appearance. My bright blue eyes stared steadily on to the whiteboard as the teacher continued the lesson. It was shocking to me how physically opposite I was to him, while his skin was a rich shade of olive mine was a pale white, his eyes a deep brown where mine where light. If it wasn't ridiculous, I’d say his hair was darker than black and tended to hand over his eyes, as was the current fashion. No matter how much time and effort I put into my hair it never looked right straight, the slightest bit of moisture returning it to its state of loose curls, before I had cut it in a fit of rage, my chocolate brown curls reach my shoulders, but sick of being called pretty I took the scissors to it, leaving it in a rough faux-hawk with slightly longer curls at the nape of my neck and resting on my forehead, thankfully the 'angry haircut' hadn't been a disaster, although my mother had tears come to her eyes when she saw me walk down the stairs, immediately rushing me to a hairdresser who commented on the hack job.

His facial hair amused me, dark, like the rest of him it ran down in front of his ears in a thick band, becoming sparse at the end of his side-burns. If he didn't shave that morning you could tell, a 5'o'clock shadow wasn't realistic, by lunch his hair was shading his jaw slightly, the way it ran down his neck, in a soft shadow reaching his chest, where a few longer hairs always managed to escape the collar of his uniform. Compared to most 17 year olds he would be classes hairy, the full contrast only realized when I stared at my body in a full length mirror, slight hair peppered my legs and fore-arms, platinum in color, no sign of a happy trail existed on my stomach, leaving as small patch of fine brown hair crowning my uncircumcised member.

Standing 6'1" I guess I’d be classes as tall, though his height of 6'3" considerably dwarfed me, and I note that with my hair the way it is I’m only a little shorter, i guess it's his presence more than just his physical height that makes him so imposing to me.

Our trip to the beach celebrating a friend’s birthday showed me the full extent of the contrast between us. Hair curling lightly on his chest disappeared midway down his torso, only to start again in a snail trail that thickened considerably the closer it got to the waistband of his shorts.

Not being able to find my Speedo’s to wear underneath I had come to the beach in my trunks alone 'commando', with a change of clothing for the ride home.

This was the first time we had crossed the boundaries of being just friends. Playing like kids in the water we had stayed on, after the others 'brave' enough to enter the icy water had retreated to the sand. While messing around, he reached over and grabbed my shorts and tugged them down, panting me with laughter. Thankfully we were out far enough that no one would have noticed, but through the clear water on the sandbar, my cock was very noticeable to the two of us. What happened next filled my stomach with butterflies as he reached down to my ankles to pull up my shorts, his face looked so serious, only inches from my cock, which was hard from all the wrestling. As he rose, my cock brushed his face and i watched in silence as the scene played out, seemingly in slow motion, distorted by the ripples of the waves. He broke my shock by swiping his arm through the chest high water and aiming a large splash right at my face, followed by a tackle, where through his Speedo’s and shorts, I felt a huge, diamond-hard cock press against my back. We didn't stay in the water much longer.

Later, when our friends had all gone into the water, we hung back to watch over everyone's things. We talked about anything BUT what had just happened, but the subject did change to sex, as is pretty commonplace for teenagers. I felt jealous when he spoke about all of the times he'd had sex, how and with who, some of them I’m sure were made up to impress but it was a well known fact that he slept around, however i wasn't jealous that I hadn't had as much sex as him, I was jealous of the girls. The conversation shifted to him teasing me about being uncut, words like 'dirty' came up a lot. I laughed it off and explained how adamant I was about cleanliness, he finally accepted that I didn't have a 'dirty' cock. All this talk about sex and dick had gotten me semi-hard. I contemplated rolling onto my stomach, but the idea of a tan, no matter how slight motivated me to stay on my back, so I raised the knee closest to him, effectively covering my boner from him. This however didn't go unnoticed and he started a stream of attacks, questioning whether I was hard or not. In a joking tone i denied it all, saying it was just more comfortable to lie like this, he continued, so I dropped my leg, he fell silent when he saw the outline of my cock trail a little down my thigh, my lack of underwear became even more noticeable.

Thankfully I was soft by the time two of the girls came back, sick of the icy temperature in the water. I announced that I needed to pee and felt like ice-cream, he got up and said he wanted ice-cream too. We went and got ice-cream, he changed his mind and ended up with a vanilla thick shake, "I like it when they make it really thick, you just suck and suck and then it hits you at the back of the throat like a surprise. Mmm. But it tastes so good", his masculine voice made the comment sound anything but gay, but his words weren't lost on me as I felt a stir in my pants.

We had finished the ice-cream by the time we reached the bathroom and I walked in, surprised when he followed me in. He just stood and waited; I used the trough, shook myself off and turned as I put it back in my pants. He just smiled and we went back to the beach.

When we all left the beach later that day we stopped to grab some lunch, i wasn't hungry and instead watched as he ordered a hotdog, the way he ate it seemed so sexual and i held back the urge to wipe the sauce of his face. When he was finished eating he asked if anyone wanted to just take a look around for a bit, seeing as the ferry wasn’t due back for a half hour. As the others were eating, it ended up just me and him. Soon after we were in a backstreet, an alley basically, "Hey lookout for a sec while I change out of my swimmers, there still pretty damp and it’s getting cold". "Ok", was his only response, as I stepped into a small alcove and threw on a t-shirt, taking a quick peek back into the alley and happy that I didn't see anyone I shucked my pants off and threw on a pair of tight black boxer-briefs. He wolf-whistled and I laughed, turning to him with the plan of a funny quip, but stopped when I realized the button on the crotch of my boxers was undone, and my semi hard dick was again in view. I laughed awkwardly and tucked in back in "You've seen that quite a lot today", I ventured, wondering if he'd play dumb. "Mmmhmm", he replied, then asked me to watch out while he changed, to tell the truth, the only thing I watched was him as he seemed to do a private strip tease, my backpack felt heavy on my shoulder, and as if on cue just as he finished lowering his Speedo’s it fell to the floor, he immediately turned to me, his thick cock swaying, he looked relieved when he saw the reason for the noise, and began searching for a change of pants, still naked.
"I guess were even" I whispered.

"Come here a sec" he said, it wasn't really an order, and his voice had a questioning tone, "Who's is bigger?” he asked, nodding at my crotch.
"I dunno", I said, my deep voice clearly conveying my uncertainty in the awkward way I spoke, so unlike the usual velvety sound of my voice, it was something people liked, and probably the only reason I got away with being so talkative without being annoying.

"Let's check", he said, as if without consequence.

I slowly undid the button holding my jeans up and pulled down the fly, my fingers trembled as I attempted to undo the button of my boxers, he ended up just reaching over and pulling them down, my cock bobbed a little as my balls rested over the elastic waist of my underwear.

"I think you're a little bigger in general, thicker and longer... You agree?” he asked me.

"I guess so, not like yours is small though" I replied tentatively.

"I wanna know who’s bigger 'hard'", he said and began to jack his cock to its full size.

Again with trembling fingers I attempted the task only to have my hand knocked out of the way by his larger one as he gave me a quick hand job, stopping when I was hard as steel.

"I think you win again", he said with a little chuckle, "I feel a bit disappointed", the humor wasn't lost on me and I managed a lop-sided smile.

"And your taller than me, meaning I double win", I said as my confidence returned.
"Woe is me", he uttered and leaned against the brick wall, his large build anything but lanky as his muscles moved under his skin.

Very unlike myself I walked up to him, I stood with a leg on either side of his and pulled his chin up, I moved in to kiss him and he licked his lips, my jaw quivered, but once I had passed the barrier it was like a flood had been let loose, I ground my waist into his and grabbed at the back of his head, I was now very much in control as I kissed his neck, he got down onto his knees and took hold of my hard dick, he pulled the foreskin completely off the head and leaned forward, taking a small lick on my nob.
"It isn't dirty", he confirmed and put it in his mouth, I was in ecstasy, sadly however it wasn't long lived as my mobile went off, my cock leaving his mouth with a 'plop' and a mix of saliva and pre-cum trailed from my member to his lips.

"The ferry is going to be here in a few minutes", one of the girls said through the phone.

"Ok, were just on our way back, seeya".

He just looked at me and hurriedly got dressed.

I felt flushed and thought for sure people would assume that something had gone on, but thankfully no one noticed, I guess his status as a man-whore made people overlook any gay or bi tendencies, the same can probably be said for me, I was by no stretch of the word innocent, and had quite a trail of ex-girlfriends to prove it.

I'm definitely not gay, but I don’t know if bisexual is the right classification, and this was more than experimenting, it felt like love, and so far he's the only guy that I’ve felt anything other than camaraderie or friendship for.

The trip home was uneventful, or at least till we got onto the train. The seats were split into rows of two's with a large walkway down the middle, our group took up 4 or five rows, with the two of us right at the back, exhausted, sleep came fast to most of them, the others just sat and listened to their mp3 players. I stared out the window, he leaned on my shoulder, and I naturally raised my arm, holding onto the back of the seat making it more comfortable for the both of us. My arm strayed as my head rested on top of his, his hand moved under my bag and rubbed slowly across my crotch; my icy fingers reach down and rested just inside the neckline of his t-shirt. A smile and muttered "cold", confirmed that he was awake, he resumed the rubbing and my cock grew hard under his touch. By this time my boxers felt damp with pre cum and I felt in dire need of a release. I stopped him with my free hand before I came in my pants, and gave his nipple a quick pinch and smiled.

We slept till just before our stop.

After that day I thought that nothing would happen again, although we got pretty hot on IM and over webcam, I needed more than just a picture, the summer break hit and the only times I saw him were in group situations, I never had a chance to get him alone, we were both cursed with younger siblings who did NOT leave the house!

Until about 2 weeks in I got a call from him, he sounded out of breath and I tried to understand what he was saying "Parents and brother out for the night, staying in city, won’t be home till tomorrow, come over NOW!", was what I got before he hung up.

I told my sister(who's 15) that I’m going to catch up with some friends for a bit, and running up the stairs I showered and threw on some clothes, and completely by accident I ended up wearing the same boxers that I had after the beach.

I ran to his house and made it in around 15 minutes, drenched in sweat and out of breath i pressed the doorbell, he let me in and I skulled down water. We sat on the couch and it seemed incredibly awkward, I began to get angry as we just watched the television in silence, sick of it I grabbed his arm and gave a forceful tug placing his hand on my thigh.

"You hard for me?” he asked childishly like it was a present, thank god he unzipped my jeans and began to fish out my cock, smiling at the sight of the familiar boxers.

Once he had it out he lay upside down on the sofa, and just waited, sick of his messing around I got up, knelt in front of him and pushed into his mouth, he started sucking. I was surprised that I had to tell him things like 'no teeth', and I got an ego boost when he said that it was hard with my massive cock down his throat to open his mouth up enough to not use teeth, he mainly just sucked on the end and licked it up and down.

I held his head up and began to face fuck him, my balls slapping into his forehead and that’s when I began to make some progress, he repressed his gag reflex and I got as far as having my knob just in his throat, I didn't think he could get much further even if he wanted too. I pulled his pants down his thigh and pulled out his tool, it looked sort of like a coke can, and even though mine was slightly thicker my extra length gave mine more 'normal' proportions, though at 6" he was by no means short. With how horny I felt I didn’t think twice about swallowing his cock down and he paused for a minute and just savored the experience, claiming I gave him the best head he'd had. I was getting close, and I reluctantly pulled out of his mouth, the familiar 'plop' accompanied it and I asked him if we could go further, he smiled and said something about not wanting a 'dirty' cock up his ass and laughed.

I flipped him easily as he lay limp and asked him where, he walked up to his room and lay on the bed, I took of his tracksuit pants and pulled his underwear completely down, it hung comically of one of his feet, and holding his legs up I buried my face into his round ass cheeks and got his hole as wet as possible, I blew cool air onto it watching him tense and his dick jump. I reached for some hand cream off the dresser and squirted some into his crack. Sitting back on the bed I lubed up my dick, it throbbed in anticipation. He got up and straddled me and I moved further onto the bed, laying at a 45 degree angle resting my shoulders on the wall, he guided my cock up and when the knob slid into his ass he let out a grunt in pain, it was around the middle he seemed worried about and grasped his hand there tightly as a precaution, it was where I was at my thickest. He straddled me like that. Just kneeling for a few minutes, getting used to the feel.

Suddenly, and without warning he dropped all his weight onto me and I let out a gasp as his hole swallowed up my cock. Tears ran down his cheeks and his pain showed in his expression, I raised a hand and wiped his cheeks, just staring into his eyes, he smiled.

After sitting like that for a while, my shoulders against the wall, him hunched over me, he began to slowly move up and down, the feeling was like heaven.

"It feels so much better without a rubber", I moaned into his neck as he slowly moved on top of me, thankful that a friend had pushed all us guys to get screened just a month ago, after a scare with a nasty rash.

"God your tight", I muttered, and grabbed the back of his head and kissed him hard on the lips, he started moving faster on top of me and I grabbed his hips and thrust up into him with a feeling of victory, with how hot we both felt it wasn't destined to last too long, he shuddered and fell limp, his head on my neck, cum shooting onto both our chests, the clench of his ass set me over the edge as I flooded him, he shuddered with each shot and a whistling moan escaped his teeth.

After laying like that for another ten minutes I raised him up a little and lay down, he followed suite and we ended up spooning, my dick hardening between his legs, and I took him like that, for the second time I came inside him, he dripped my cum and made a joke about having to clean the sheets, I peered over his shoulder and noticed globs of cum on the dark blue quilt cover and smiled.

He got up and bent over, licking me clean of any remaining cum, he straddled my waist and I pulled him down into a long kiss, he rode me till we both came again.

After a quick text home and a confirmation that I could stay the night he fell asleep in my arms.

I felt content.

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Made mu cum so fuckin much, and im only 12 :D

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Don't listen to these guys, you're a great writer. Miles ahead of the other smut authors on here.
Great job.

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I thought it was great. Little teasers throughout the story. But, when you got to the main action I think it would of been better with more content. Not saying that it needs more sex, but the sex it has needs more description. That's just my opinion.

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Write more stories, but don't take so long getting to the action.


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