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Katie was more than a bitch
I Knew She Was a Bitch

The year was 1970; three boys were at the drive-in theater when one meets up with an old acquaintance. He knows she was a bitch but didn’t think she would take it to the extreme.

Katie stood in line behind me at the concession counter I hadn’t seen her in over a year. She hadn’t changed any since the last time, tall for a girl, not fat by any means but on the beefy side, long auburn hair hanging freely on her shoulders.

I was with two of my buddies; a Friday night with nothing to do we headed to the Weymouth Twin Drive-in with a six pack of Colt 45 to watch some stupid biker chick movie.

Our eyes met at the same time, a smile coming to both our faces. Actually she was my best friend’s girlfriend a year ago until she dumped him like a hot potato after he tried fucking her. I was there that night, a small party at her house when Katie and David disappeared which wasn’t unusual. But this time it was different, he told the story of disappointment on the way home.

They petted heavily until naked on her bed he slipped between her legs trying to pork her. But he couldn’t get it in. His claims of virginity had their doubts in my mind. I think she was too dry or clammed up tight because she didn’t want him. On the edge of my seat as he spilled out the details I imagined the scene in my mind including how he spurted his seed all over her hairy cunt before they cleaned up returning to the group of friends.

Those visions came spilling back in vivid detail, her on the bed naked, David trying to fuck her, cum covering her reddish pussy fur. My dick began to rise in my pants as the memories flashed before me as we talked.

After a few minutes we walked back to the car with food in hand, Katie talking up a storm. To the astonishment of the three of us Katie was going back with us ditching her girlfriends.

I knew she fucked, I just knew it. She was easy a year ago, David told stories about her willingness to kiss on the first date and within weeks he was sucking on those gorgeous tits before his ill-fated night.

The other two in the back seat of the 61 Ford sat in revulsion as Katie scampered next to me where we quickly went into a lip lock embrace. Even to my disbelief her tongue was swirling around mine within minutes. She was hot! Never in my fantasies would I have thought it would go any further.

After a long hot session we broke away, my hand around her mid section wanting to go upwards but not wanting to push things too quickly. In retrospect I should have started right then. I kept my hand in place even as she turned around facing Bob and Tom. She had this aura about her that was willing and laid-back as she was yakking it up with the two in the back seat. Then it happened, Tom moved to the edge of his seat and started kissing her to the uneasiness of Bob and me.

For the next half hour all three boys took turns swapping spit with the girl, but I took it up a notch edging my hand up onto her tit as we kissed. Before we broke apart there were three buttons unfastened on her blouse. Although Tom didn’t know at the time my hand was squeezing her right tit. By the time Bob took over her green blouse was completely open as my hand roamed freely over her bra. She and Bob went at it intensely; I not stopping pulled the blouse out of her pants until I was able to unsnap the clasp of her bra.

When she came back to me I lightly kissed her on the mouth before lowering my head as I raised her bra sucking in a small pink nipple as it began to swell feeling like a hard pebble. The other two in the back set glared over the seat in amazement I was actually doing this. Nudging her sideways until her back was against the passenger’s door I sucked one then the other before taking a breather. I was a little nervous of where this headed.

I had no attachment to Katie, but I was the one who knew her. I didn’t mind all three of us kissing her but I wasn’t sure if I want to share her beyond on that. As she slumped against the door Tom kneaded her tits, then Bob joined in while I sat behind the steering wheel watching her glow in delight.

When Bob reached down to her crotch a quick revolt came, there was no touching her there. It was me who removed her shirt and bra letting her slouch against the door flaunting her half naked body for our gratification. Those tits were what you would call perfect. Tom did his best in convincing her into the back seat but no dice.

Soon she was back at it again, this time she was kneeling on the seat facing backwards as she teased the audience behind her. Tom kissing her, Bob awaiting his turn, I went for broke starting at her knee gliding my hand over her leg until I was between them. With little objection I continued expanding my reach. Then I was rubbing her crotch as I felt her legs slightly expand apart.

Only Bob was privy to my actions. Not less then two minutes later my fingers were pulling at her stretch nylon pants. They were easily pulled too her knees. With her legs spaced out it took no effort to place my fingers directly onto her cunt where I caressed trying to get under them. Not wanting to protract the waiting assault the other hand pulled her white panties joining the pants around her knees. It didn’t matter if this was my first time with a naked girl I was smart enough to let my middle finger search out her cunt hole.

By this time she was almost hanging over the seat, both boys gawking around Katie as my finger hunted about her back side until it hit found its quest. Holy shit, she was wet, my finger disappeared out of sight on the first attempt. I soon found she liked it slow. Lazily I slid in and out twisting my finger as Katie hunched backward striving for more. Then there were these shadows fading past the car windows, a muffled voice could be heard laughing. We realized it was intermission time. Although we were in a secluded area away from other cars people passed by on there way for food and drinks.

Total embarrassment displayed on her face as Katie slid down into the seat quickly rearranging her clothes leaving the bra crumpled up on the floor. I figured it was over, no more hanky-panky for us. All four of headed for a piss break from the beer. I’m not queer but I shot a look at Bob while he pissed. His finger and index finger held his stuff, and it looked big even if it wasn’t hard. I just had to, not wanting to be seen, as I talked I casually glanced over at Tom’s dick, without doubt he was still excited, his dick while not hard was as firm as mine was, almost to the point it was hard to piss.

Katie and I didn’t want food so we headed back to the car. It was her idea to take the back seat which wasn’t a fitting with Tom and Bob when they got back. But it was my car. As soon as the second feature started so did the action. Her blouse was off in a flash, she went willing down on her back as we lay beside each other. The Fords oversized backseat was a plus that night. Sideways against her I ground my dick into her legs while my hands reached for her pants.

It felt creepy with two people watching us. With a little maneuvering her nylon pants and panties ended up tangled around one ankle. I knew I would fuck her tonight getting my first piece of pussy, but wasn’t sure about being watched while doing it. Katie took control of the situation, my chest was bared, then my pants were being pulled over my thighs, and I found myself only in my white briefs straddling her body. With two onlookers I was about to tug the briefs down.

The next half hour went something like this.

“Rob, before you do it can you please me down there? You know, with you mouth? Pretty please?”

What the fuck, this wasn’t part of the deal was it? I wasn’t prepared for this, but if this is what it took to fuck the bitch I’d do it.

“Erhhhh sure Katie if you want me to.” I slowly sank down to her exposed snatch afraid to breath in fear of repulsion but was rewarded with a musky sweet smell. Not sure how to approach this I aimlessly darted my tongue out finding an exceptionally wet slit. Sliding my tongue up and down the gash Katie moaned holding my head in place. Before I finished I swear a valve opened releasing even more fluid.

While I was sliding up her body her dainty fingers slid into my underwear until both of us were naked. It didn’t matter anymore if my friends saw my boner or not, I was about to get laid. I bumped up against Katie’s wet hole; gradually I moved forward and was engulfed into it. It was sweet.

“Ohhhh my Gaaaawd, I needed that so bad. Do it Rob, do it too me. Yes that’s it, just like that darling, damn that feels soooo good!”

All the apprehension and nervousness was still there, I was afraid that I would blow my wad too soon giving my friends a good chuckle but that wasn’t the case. I sawed into the girl lying under my body for a few minutes before she was pushing me off. I didn’t get it at first; she just wanted to change positions. Hell I didn’t know there was another position.

She had me on my back before mounting me. I thought I had died and gone to Heaven as my dick was encased deeply inside her cunt, but when she started doing the pumping it was just too much. Grabbing Katie by the hips I had to slow her down, her constant grinding would spill my seed.

“Who’s going to be next?” As she looked at the two watching

Immediately Tom spook up, “I will”

“Then you better get ready. Come on, both of you, we don’t have all night, the movies going to be over soon.”

I didn’t realize it then but she was a control freak to start off with but she also liked to humiliate boys although she didn’t do it to me.

“You guys better get those clothes off in a hurry if you want a piece of this” As she points to her cunt. “He’s going to be done soon, aren’t you Rob?”

She was right, she was going leisurely up and down and I knew I couldn’t last much longer. All I could do was let out a small grunt.

Looking intently down on me, “You didn’t cum yet did you? Rob you didn’t… did you? Please say you didn’t” She then pulled off me leaving my hard dick sticking straight up as her cunt juice cooled in the night air. “I was getting uneasy there for a second”

Mean time in the front seat Bob and Tom were scrambling to get their pants off. “Let me see your stuff boys” as she peered over the into the front seat “Come on now pull those undie's down” reluctantly Tom went first. “Hmmm… small but cute, and you Bob a few years from now you’ll be proud” What a bitch, at least she was leaving me alone.

Sitting on my knees she stroked my dick up and down like a pro, she must have had a lot of experience. “You two have to lick me first like Rob did”

“We do?” “You bet your life you do” Both realized my dick had been in her cunt. “Unless you just want to kiss me some more, that would do it” Jointly a big “OK” was spoken.

With that said she bent over, took my dick head in her mouth running her tongue over the glans while sucking. Her hand gripped the skin on my lower half of my dick sliding the extra skin up and down. It was just too much to take.

“Katieeeeee….. Katie, I’m going to cum, oh my gawd, I’m going to blow any second.” She heard my warning but increased the intensity of the battering. I felt it deep in my gut, that funny feeling you get, going straight to the nerve endings the length of my dick causing it to spasm tightly. Then it happened, the flood gates of my prostrate and balls opened pumping out a massive load directly into her mouth, followed by two more enormous spurts before it slowed.

I finally awoke form my climax trance, looking intently down at her face she was enjoying the moment, having the power to make me orgasm. It didn’t matter to me but she managed not to swallow any but let it drool out of her mouth flowing down my length pooling in puddles on my pubic hairs.

With thick white curds of cum clinging to her lips and chin “OK who’s going to kiss me first? Come on someone step up to the plate; let’s get this show on the road.” I thought one of them might puke just thinking about kissing her. “Well then, no takers, no pussy. Unless you might want to lick me? How about that?”

A true bitch she was, Tom and Bob were thinking it over, she knew they would give in, there they sat in their underpants, hard as a rock, horny as Hell. They wanted it bad, bad enough to lick her cunt even if I had already been in it. My dick was shrinking, though still firm, just as they were about to agree to the bargain she grabbed my dick lifted up and sat on it. Before she was done her cunt lips had collected my sperm on them.

I felt sorry for my two friends, I really did. Katie and I cleaned up with my underpants as best we could, got dressed and shared a smoke while Tom and Bob grumbled over and over about bitch beside me.

I fucked Katie a number of times over the next several months. I stopped seeing her completely when I had the feeling I was the second guy in line some nights. She was a little too wet. I still got harassed from Bob and Tom for quite a while from the whole ordeal.

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2013-01-23 23:26:35
Looks and sounds like she has found the look and the sound to make it move frwoard. She's getting the attention and in the shadow of electronica and industrial, the sound will emerge. Will the mainstream accept it in the US? Dunno, but it only takes that one breakout performance to bring it to light. The video treatments need to be more accessible . But for now the mystery is perfect!


2009-10-13 08:12:45
what'a bitch, the other two should have forced her into fuck'n them

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