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Ever heard it from the victims point of view? How about from the victim that was madly in love with the person set on controling her mind and body?
Melissa was perfectly comfortable with all her guy friends. She only have one friend that was a girl, Carly. She was fourteen, and her hormones were raging. She had fantasies about all her friends, even Carly. She wished she could live them out, especially the ones involving Jordan. Jordan was a basketball, football, and baseball player; not to mention she’d seen plenty of his boners and knew he wasn’t small. In fact, from what Melissa could tell Jordan, at fifteen, had a grown man’s penis. She got wet just thinking about how long it was.
In the shower that morning, she was having a fantasy about Jordan (again). This time he was in the shower with her. The hairbrush she was using to penetrate herself was his dick. He was moaning and talking dirty to her, ramming her tight pussy from behind. Too soon, Melissa’s mother yelled upstairs for her to get out of the shower. She was still wet and hadn’t climaxed.
She dressed in a provocative outfit, booty shorts that said “Juicy” on the butt and a low cut purple tube top that threatened to fall off her 40D breasts with every step she took. She admired herself in the mirror for a moment then went downstairs and laced up her new converses.
“Melissa,” her mother said. “Isn’t that a little inappropriate for school.”
“If it were, you wouldn’t let me wear it, right?” she argued. “You’re the one that bought the shirt, I’m merely showing off the gift my mother gave me.” The gift of fairly large tits, she thought, smiling. Melissa slung her bag over her shoulder and left.
Melissa wasn’t vain, but she loved getting stared at by all the guys, even some girls and a few teachers, as she walked by. Melissa wasn’t skinny, but not fat either. One hundred twenty-six pounds of beauty. Malcolm, one of Melissa’s best guy friends and an avid baseball player, seemed to notice too.
“Hey,” he said, flipping his hair to the side and leaning casually against the locker next to hers.
“No, Malcolm,” she teased. “I’m not taking my top off.” It was a joke, all her friends- except Carly- joked with her like that all the time.
“Good,” he played back. “Because I don’t need to see those things naked to know that you‘re happy to see me.” His tone was serious and joking as he glanced down at her tits.
“Looks like someone is unsuccessfully making his move,” another familiar voice said. Melissa’s favorite voice, Jordan’s.
Jordan was tall, muscular yet lean, and gorgeous. He had light brown eyes and skin to match. He had perfect teeth and a smile to go with it. As a bonus, Melissa noticed he was sporting more than a black shirt and jeans when she glanced down at his pants. Jordan didn’t notice.
“Not completely,” Malcolm said, tilting his head downward.
Jordan glanced down. “Whoa, Mel! Turn off your headlights.”
All three laughed, but Melissa felt her nipples tingle a little as Jordan looked at her chest.
“See you in class.” She stuck her tongue out at Malcolm and he growled seductively, still joking.
Chris, another basketball player, had the same homeroom as Melissa. She glanced down at herself as she walked in, seeing if her “headlights” were still on. Nope.
“Hola,” Chris greeted her.
Melissa smiled at him, taking her usually seat in front of him. She turning around to talk to him as the teacher did something on the computer.
“So what’s up?” she asked.
Chris only rolled his eyes. “Just broke up with Kayla,” he informed her. “I’m a free man!” He laughed, and she joined him.
When the bell rang Melissa rejoiced. That sound meant first period; first period meant a whole hour sitting next to Jordan.
As Melissa sat down she realized she was still wet from this morning. Jordan was smirking when she took her seat. As Mr. Bane began his lecture, Melissa leaned her head back and closed her eyes, and she began to fantasize about Jordan again.
Steaming water rolled down her body, Jordan’s hands found her breasts from behind and he was playing with them. He kissed her neck and was whispering dirty things in her ear. His cock, which she pictured to be eight inches, just limp, in this fantasy was growing, touching the back of her thigh, moving upward quickly. It kept growing until it was in between her slightly parted legs. “I want to be inside you,” Jordan whispered, his teeth grazing her ear. She only leaned her head back and began a passionate kiss in response. He moved his hips back without breaking the kiss and then, slowly, he was inside her. Her virginity was gone, and she was happy about it. He was pumping her slowly, and her hips moved back and forth to increase the pleasure. Her could feel her pussy tighten around him as the thrusts got faster. In the background a phone rang . . . .
When Melissa opened her eyes everyone was picking up books and leaving. Her breathing was deep, but quiet. Jordan was having a hard time not cracking up, but his breath was coming as hers was. Melissa wondered if she’d done anything other than breath weird. She was pretty good at keeping control of herself as she daydreamed in class, the last thing she needed was to be remembered as the girl who fingered herself during class.
“What’s funny?” Melissa asked casually as they left the classroom together.
“Nothing,” he said breathlessly, still chuckling. “I decided space out during class, it was . . . interesting.” He turned the corner for his next class as she continued on to hers.
At lunch, Melissa was still puzzled about what Jordan had said. He’d sobered up. All of them- Melissa, Chris, Malcolm, and Jordan- sat together at a table. Carly had other friends, girly friends, that she sat with.
As the boys talked sports, which Melissa usually joined in, she was thinking about what Jordan could have been thinking about during class. Out of nowhere everyone at the table stopped talking and concentrated on their food, except Melissa and Jordan. The whole lunchroom seemed to be facing in every direction except toward the table Melissa was at with her friends. Jordan was staring off into space, but also looking into Melissa’s eyes at the same time.
Melissa’s hands moved away from her soda, instead of picking up the drink like she’d originally intended they’d decided to fondle her tits. Jordan’s eyes remained unfocused. Melissa pinched her nipples and squeezed her tits, she even made a point of getting Jordan’s attention by sighing as she touched herself.
The idea had been hers, but also not hers. She wanted to play with herself, to get Jordan to see her playing with herself. But at the same time, she didn’t want anyone in the lunchroom to glance over and see her. She’d began touching herself almost unconsciously.
Melissa’s nipples were rock hard when she stopped. She straightened her back out so they’d be in better view. Jordan looked away, but she could have swore he was glancing at her from the corners of his eyes. The other guys noticed her tits, and they didn’t seem ashamed to look. Melissa wondered why very briefly.
Everything went back to normal, but Melissa couldn’t help but wonder why she’d played with herself.
After school, Jordan and Malcolm came to her house. This was normal and Melissa’s mom didn’t care if they were all alone in her room. It was normal and, as far as her mother knew, Melissa didn’t have feelings (or fantasies) about any of them.
Malcolm was the pervert. He made comments about Melissa’s body without a second thought, and she’d accepted that. She actually enjoyed it sometimes. Jordan was a little less open about his comments. But he did laugh at the ones Malcolm made, though.
“So,” Malcolm said, mouth full of the apple he’d just bitten. “When’s the show?”
“What?” Melissa looked at him quizzically.
“Well,” Malcolm said matter-of-factly, “in an outfit like that, you’ve gotta have some hidden stripper pole somewhere around here.”
Melissa smacked his arm. Then she looked into his eyes and her voice came out in a seductive purr. “If you want a real show,” she told him. “It’ll cost you.” She leaned over the table at him, letting her tits hang in front of his face.
“I got five bucks,” he kidded.
Melissa glanced back and noticed Jordan staring at her ass. She giggled. Then that look returned to his eyes, that far away look, and Melissa couldn’t help but walk around the table to Malcolm, swinging her hips, and sat on his lap.
Malcolm’s eyes widened but he didn’t attempt to stop her. Melissa began moving her hips, rubbing her ass all over his thighs, she felt his dick grow under his shorts. She pressed herself up against him, ass still sliding over his lap, and began moving her tits, nipples fully erect, over his chest.
“Touch me,” she whispered, not thinking about what she was saying. Her body was suddenly very hot she sucking in a seductive breath through her teeth and moaned.
“What?” Malcolm sounded almost alarmed.
“Touch me, please,” she begged. Her hips began moving faster over him, she purposely centered her pussy over the zipper in his shorts where his cock as swelling. “I’ve wanted you for a long time. Touch me.”
Malcolm was hesitant, but he slowly moved his hands to her collar bone, sliding them down until his palms touched her nipples.
“Yes!” she moaned. Her thong didn’t do a good job of keeping her juices away from the outside world. She felt the crotch of her on shorts getting soaked, and she knew that Malcolm would walk home looking like he wet himself if she kept this up.
“Touch me, Malcolm,” she commanded.
He glanced over her shoulder and when he looked back at her he began massaging her chest. She moaned loudly, she was loud when it came to things like this- at least when she wasn’t around other people or in the shower where she’d open her mouth to moan and choke on the water raining down on her.
As soon as it had started, it stopped. Melissa wasn’t horny anymore, she got off Malcolm and he stopped touching her. They both looked away from each other. She sat back down in her seat. As Melissa had thought, Malcolm’s pants had a dark wet spot on the front, but it wasn’t as large as she’d thought it would be.
Jordan and Malcolm left a little while after that. As they closed the door behind themselves Melisa heard part of what Malcolm was saying: “Dude, why didn’t you make her-”
Make me, she thought, alarmed. Make me what! Melissa decided she’d ask Jordan tomorrow.
That’s just what she did. At lunch, when the whole lunchroom seemed to look away again, including everyone at the table except Jordan, Melissa asked him.
He began cracking up. “Malcolm knows your smart, he thinks you like me so he thought I could coax you into doing his homework.”
“Oh.” Melissa felt out of the loop, she could tell he was lying.
A minute later she had a weird urge. She suddenly wanted to get on the table and finger herself. I can’t! This is school! she thought. Then again, no one’s watching. Maybe . . . . No, no I can’t.
Seconds later, she found herself sitting on the edge of the table, facing Jordan, sliding three fingers in and out of her pussy. Then the worst thing happened, the other guys, Chris and Malcolm, looked up and saw her. That only made her hornier though. She spread her legs farther apart and began moaning loudly. Surprisingly, no one else looked up. No one else seemed to notice what was happening. Melissa couldn’t orgasm though. She leaned down toward Chris, whispering in his ear. “You and Jordan, my house, after school.” She dipped her finger back in her pussy and then brought it to her mouth, she closed her eyes as she sucked her juices off her finger.
After school, Chris was eager to follow her home. Jordan acted like it was routine, going to Melissa’s house after school. he would randomly smirk every once and a while. As they walked, Melissa thought about her dream last night.
She was in her room, naked, all the boys- Chris, Jordan, and Malcolm- had their pants off and fully erect cocks pointing at her. Malcolm made the first move, her drabbed her head and she opened her mouth to take his dick. Jordan and Chris were quick to position themselves. Chris got on top of her and Jordan moved to get his dick inside her dripping snatch. Chris’s cock was already moist with his pre cum and he slid it into Melissa’s tight asshole. He pumped it in and out fast as he could, meanwhile Malcolm was face fucking her and Jordan was playing with her tits and saying dirty things to her and sliding his dick in and out of her. She loved the fact that his cock made a gushy noise every time it moved just a little. She was moaning loudly, and when Malcolm’s penis slipped out of her mouth she screamed about how much she loved them all. Melissa, Malcolm, Jordan, and Chris all moaned loudly in unison. “I’m CUMMING!” Melissa screamed, her pussy contracting around Jordan’s slick cock. She felt the wonderful feeling of their sperm coating her insides, Malcolm’s shooting to the back of her throat, Chris’s squirting into her ass, and the feeling she loved most was Jordan’s cum glazing the inside of her pussy.
Melissa didn’t realize how wet she was as she unlocked the door. It was like yesterday, both boys made some comments about her body and how it looked in her mini skirt and tank top. Melissa glanced down at Jordan’s cock. It was hard as a rock. Her eyes widened until they were going to fall out: He pulled his dick out and began stroking it. Melissa wanted it so bad. But she couldn’t move her limbs to get on her knees and take it.
Instead, she climbed up on the table and, slipping her skirt and panties off, she parted the wet lips of her pussy. Chris seemed to know what to do, he was fast to start slurping up her juices. Melissa moaned and squirmed on the table as Chris’s tongue flicked in and out of her. She was nearly screaming as his tongue was teasing her clit and his teeth grazed over it. He began sucking on her nub vigorously while finger fucking her. Melissa was going wild, and it only made her wetter and crazier to know that Jordan was jacking off watching. She tilted her head back to she could se him, he was staring at her and his hand was moving up and down his long member quickly.
Melissa grabbed the curly locks of Chris’s hair and held his face to her wet pussy. She couldn’t make her mouth move to beg Jordan to bring his long dick to her mouth. He smiled and walked forward, stroking his dick more slowly now, she opened her mouth and excepted it. She swirled her tongue around the swollen head and took as much as she could. More than once, she accidentally bit his cock, Chris was doing a good job.
She was dying to orgasm. She wanted to spill she juices all over Chris’s face. She wanted to suck all of Jordan’s from his meat. She moaned as she felt her pussy tighten, almost painfully, she held Chris’s head more securely to her sex and he put his lips to her hole. Jordan pulled out of Melissa’s mouth, to her extreme displeasure, and streams of his sperm landed all over her clothes.
They left after that. Chris cleaned up his face and Jordan pulled his pants back on. They didn’t even say goodbye, or at the very least thank her for letting them use her as a toy.
Melissa had that weird feeling again, like it was her idea to do this, but also not. But she dismissed it, her last orgasm had left her dizzy.
At school, Jordan and Chris acted like they hadn’t even been to her house, they made no indication of wanting to come back, neither did Malcolm.
During lunch, nothing happened, no one looked away from their side of the lunchroom like the last few days, the boys talked football today, and Melissa made weak comments that didn’t even really matter. After school though, Melissa made Jordan come to her house, she needed to know what the let’s-pretend-this-didn’t-happen attitude was all about, and she figured she’d get the best answer from Jordan.
“So what was that, yesterday? And with Malcolm? I-”
Jordan began laughing hysterically.
“What?!” Melissa demanded, almost angry now.
“I did that,” he gasped, breathless from his laughing fit.
Melissa was dumbfounded.
“I can . . . Sort of read people’s minds, and control what they’re thinking. Remember when you were, um, daydreaming? And I was laughing? And the walk home? I knew what you were thinking.”
She gasped. “You . . . .” she couldn’t even think of a word.
“And do you think that the whole cafeteria would have conveniently looked away from you as you got up on the table?”
She could only stare at him.
“You know, Malcolm actually jizzed in his pants after that lap dance you gave him? He pulled his shorts off at his house and barely even got his underwear down before he exploded.”
“How would you know?” Melissa wasn’t even mad Jordan had did those things, on the contrary, she was actually a little happy. She could feel her pussy getting a little slick.
Jordan smiled as he answered. “Sometimes we jack off together, once I was curious about gay sex so I had him ass fuck me. I wasn’t as enjoyable as I thought, but he’s a good kisser. He thinks about fucking me again a lot.”
“Have you used Chris?” Melissa had to ask.
“Yeah, once we were all at Chris’s house and I was bored. I was also a little horny and made them fuck, his mom gave me a blowjob but she doesn’t remember.”
Melissa’s jaw dropped. “Whoa.” She was surprised it was all coming out now.
“I know, it’s crazy. Chris is actually bi now because of that little session with Malcolm. Malcolm’s not but since he can’t lay a girl he takes advantage of Chris. He fucks Chris and Chris is more than happy to do whatever Malcolm wants. You know Chris’s tongue has actually been inside Malcolm’s ass? I thought that was a little too far, but Malcolm is Malcolm.”
Melissa found herself rubbing her pussy absentmindedly, she hadn’t even noticed until she looked down in her hand was massaging the crotch of her pants. “Are you doing this?” She asked when she unsuccessfully tried to stop.
“Yeah, sorry.”
“You don’t have to make me do anything, I’ll do it if you tell me to.” Melissa was actually aroused at the idea of Jordan giving her dirty commands.
“You like the idea of being my sex slave?” Jordan arched his eyebrow.
Melissa only nodded sheepishly, watching her hand swirl around her crotch. Her cheeks were bright red.
“Hmmm.” Jordan seemed to be pondering that.
“Do you do these things to your mom?” she wondered.
“Only when jacking off isn’t enough. You know once I had an erection for a whole hour?”
Melissa crossed her legs, trapping her hand in between them. “Could you stop it?” she asked a little bit crossly. She felt control of her hand return. She immediately took off her pants and lace thong. She spread the lips of her wet sex again, spreading her legs so Jordan could get a good look.
Melissa knew that Jordan took over again when she felt a little numb.
“I’m only doing this because it turns me on,” he lied. Jordan liked the control, the feeling of having power over his victims.
Melissa’s whole body began doing things on it’s own accord- of Jordan’s accord. Her hands moved slowly, alluringly, and she stripped off her shirt and bra. She cupped her breasts and squeezed her nipples. Ever nerve ending in Melissa’s body feel like a live wire- if Jordan would have let her, she would have had an orgasm right there because of what he was doing to her body. He began to roam her body through her hands, they glided over her stomach, and she knew where they were going. She’d just shaved her pussy in the hopes she’d go all the way to Jordan, she hadn’t been sure if he was okay with hairy pussies or not so she’d shaved just to be sure. The silky lips were wet, she laid on the floor on her back, arching it so he had a better view of her wet hole.
NO! she thought. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. She was supposed to do all of this willingly. Not by force.
Jordan suddenly produced a dildo double the size of what her pussy could handle.
“It’s my mom’s,” he told her while handing it to her. “She didn’t even notice when I went in her room to take it. Let’s see what you can take.”
She wanted to fight, to throw the dildo against the wall and run. Run anywhere, as long as she was away from Jordan. She thought she loved him, but she was wrong, as the big pink dildo touched the outside of her hole, she began crying. It would rip her apart, and she would be the one to do it, she wished she’d never met Jordan.
“Don’t fight me, you can’t. I can change your thoughts.”
Melissa felt an odd sensation in the pit of her stomach.
She didn’t think it was possible to get any wetter, but she did. She body got all the more hotter, it craved Jordan much more. And Melissa was afraid.
What’s he going to do to me? she thought.

PART TWO? Only if you want it . . . .

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