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M+/F, exh, d/s, inc, mast, oral, anal, bd, beast, orgy
An E-novel: A story of a woman submissive to her own
desires. (M+/F, exh, d/s, inc, mast, oral, anal, bd,


Part Six

Chapter Twenty-Seven

The alarm was set for five but the clock was three
minutes fast, when it went to beeping Harry gave a
groan and cut it off. He lay there a few seconds but
knew that was risky and rose up and put his feet on the
floor. He had been told by his father to always get
your feet on the floor and then you won't go back to
sleep but Harry felt like he could so he went ahead and
got up turning to look at Julie.

She was beginning to move as she knew that time
wouldn't allow a few extra minutes of sleep but she was
tired and needed some more sleep. Harry leaned down and
kissed her cheek as he usually did and she opened her
eyes and smiled at him.

"Morning sweetheart, the nights are getting shorter or
something, I wish we had time for a little more sleep.
I love you. Do you want the toilet first?"

"No, you go ahead baby, I'll turn on the coffee. I love
you too, Harry. I wish we could win the lottery and
didn't have to work unless we wanted to and could sleep
late when we wanted to. Why can't we get lucky and win

"Cause we don't buy any tickets sweetheart. Can't win
without a ticket. Can't afford to buy tickets,
something like this is called a catch twenty two."

Julie rose from the bed on Harry's side and stretched
her arms over her head, she could see that Harry was
looking her over closely and she was glad that she
didn't have the chain on her nipples. She kissed his
cheek and headed for the kitchen to where she turned on
the coffee and whispered to the pot to hurry she needed
a cup bad before she fell asleep on her feet.

She got the eggs out of the fridge and the bacon then
headed to the bathroom. She started brushing her teeth
and looking at her body and saw there were no marks on
her from last night and she wondered if the lotion had
anything to do with it.

She went to the toilet and used it and then went to
shower and got in with Harry, he was just about to
finish as he washed his cock and between his ass cheeks
which he always did last. Julie grabbed the shampoo
bottle and put some on her hair and wetting it she
began to rub it in her hair to cleanse it. As she did
this Harry began to wash her back and down to her ass.

Julie was enjoying having her back washed she smiled as
she thought that usually this led to trouble and they
didn't have time but she could go to work hungry and he
could eat on the road, Jimmy would have to eat cold
cereal, if Harry was game.

"Sorry baby, I don't have time to do what I would like
to do, but I couldn't resist a chance to touch your
lovely body."

Harry got out of the shower and Julie was rinsing her
hair so she didn't get a chance to wash or rub him.
When she finished he was shaving and she patted his ass
as she went to get her robe. She was going to the
kitchen putting on the robe and she saw Jimmy going in
his bathroom, naked, he waved and as he walked his cock
seemed to wave also. Julie got some coffee for herself
and Harry and took his to him. Then she started


Charlie Hale awoke to music, he was confused as his
alarm was an old wind up that sounded like a bell
ringing. Then he was aware of a hand on his chest and
he immediately knew where he was and it wasn't his bed
and it wasn't his clock it was a radio alarm.

"Charlie, hit the button on the far left, the one that
is lit up. The Monkees aren't my favorite way to be

Charlie rose up and leaning over hit the button and
silence returned. He saw the time in the display and
wondered how he should get up, he didn't have any
experience with jumping out of a beautiful girl's bed
and going home at daylight. But he wanted to learn as
he hoped this wasn't a one time deal. He eased back
down and reached for the hand that had been on his
chest but he couldn't see anything so he had to feel
around and found an elbow and followed it until he
reached the soft warm hand.

When he tried to get to the palm so he could hold it he
rubbed against the breast which it was resting against
and he heard Sarah sigh. She gripped his hand and
rubbed the back of it against her breast which was
softer than the hand just as warm. Charlie suddenly
wanted to just lay here forever this was all he needed
right at this moment, except to go to the bathroom plus
he needed some mouthwash so he could kiss her without
her retching.

"Can I use your bathroom and some mouthwash, Sarah?"

"Of course you may, the mouthwash is under the sink. If
you want to shower let me use the toilet as soon as you
are finished and then you can shower. Do you want me to
make you some coffee?"

"That would be nice, but don't go to a lot of trouble
for me I can pick up a cup on the way to change clothes
and I need a biscuit with sausage to eat. Would you
like for me to bring you something, it wouldn't take a

"No, I usually just have a small bowl of cereal after I
get dressed, I'm not hungry real early. I'll make a
little coffee for us."

Charlie got out of bed and headed for the bathroom.
Sarah got out of bed. It was still dark and as she was
starting to walk towards the kitchen Charlie found the
bathroom light and turned it on and as he shut the door
she could see the condom hanging from his normal size
cock and it was sagging with a load. Sarah smiled and
thought that was one for the memory book. He was a good
man and a good lover but he sure wasn't polished in his
seduction technique, he was just Charlie and she was
glad of that.

Sarah got the coffee going and decided she needed to
put on some clothes or something and settled on a robe
as she had one that she hardly had worn. It was a
bathrobe and tied in the front and was easy to get out
of, if you needed to.


When Emily's clock radio chimed, she and Kurt almost
bumped heads as they both tried to cut it off. Then
they lay back on the bed, knowing they had to get up
but not wanting to. After they had eaten with Sarah
they tried to get her to go have a cocktail with them
but she had to get home and do her paper grading so
they stopped at a small place that was quiet and talked
as they had a couple of drinks and a young guy came on
the little stage with a flat top guitar and a tape
player for backup music and he was great so they stayed
and listened to him and even danced several times on
the five foot piece of wood that covered the carpet for
a dance floor.

They finally went home at midnight feeling mighty good
and Kurt kept unbuttoning Emily's blouse every time
they saw a red light and he went the long way home
doubling back through town to get more lights until she
said, laughing, no more until we get out of town. He
made her promise that blouse and bra would come off as
soon as they hit their driveway and then he took a
short cut through a residential area and she kept her
promise. When they got the garage door shut she got out
of the car and Kurt had her undressed and lying on the
hood face down and he took her right there, she didn't
complain, but she did cum twice.

The garage light went out after four minutes but they
didn't need it until they starting looking for their
clothes. After scrambling around in the dark, Kurt hit
the button to make the light come on but he hit the
wrong one. The light came on but the garage door went
up also, Emily squealed and hid behind the car and Kurt
was pushing buttons like mad and he could get it to
stop but when he pushed again it would start back up
finally he got it right and two quick pushes and it
came back down. They made in the house before they
broke down laughing and stood at the sink holding each
other and declaring that they had to do this at least
once a week just to entertain the neighborhood.

They showered and got to fooling around with the soap
and they had to rush to bed to try out their new
position again, instead of doggy style they were going
to name it hit and run.

This morning they both felt sluggish but they got up
and went at their morning chores just like always.
Emily made toast and they had a light breakfast on that
with butter and jam. They ate, Kurt didn't go get the
paper and read it like he normally did, and looked at
each other smiling as both were remembering last night.

Emily finished her toast and jam and said. "Wow, that
was good wasn't it?"

"Sure was, it was great, the toast and jam this morning
wasn't to bad either."

They laughed and Kurt looked at the clock and said to
her. "Race you to the bed." She didn't answer, just
looked at him seriously and suddenly jumped up and took
off for the bedroom with Kurt hot on her heels.


The Coles had scrambled eggs with a little cheese
sprinkled in, bacon, toast, and jelly, Jimmy liked
apple and Harry liked blackberry, Julie ate a little of
both. Then it was the same routine Julie to the vanity
while the men cleaned up the kitchen and then everybody
get dressed if they weren't already. Jimmy went to his
room and made up the bed, he noticed that the sheets
had some spots but he wasn't about to strip it while
Harry was there. Then he got his school books and went
to the living room and starting reviewing.

Harry starting getting his stuff together so he could
start the long trip to the factory job. He went in and
talked to Jimmy a few minutes about being careful not
to get to rough while playing around and if he ever saw
a bruise on his mother he was in deep trouble. Jimmy
said yes sir, I understand sir. Then he asked if it was
okay to want to try those kind of things to see how it
was and Harry said only if both of you are willing and
it makes you happy.

To always remember that if your partner says no that
means no right that moment not when you feel like it.
And to remember that his mother loved him and might let
him do things that she didn't want to do so he must
always make sure that she was enjoying it or stop
immediately. And that this also applied to his
girlfriend and wife if he ever had one.

Harry went in and talked to Julie, kissed her a few
times and said see you tonight but I might be late so
don't hold dinner for me. He left and as he pulled out
he saw Emily pulling in the drive.

Julie was naked and brushing her hair after she
finished her eyes and lips, she was trying to think
what she should wear today, nothing was planned but she
wanted to look special for a certain reason. Emily came
in the bathroom with her face lit up and a big smile
when she saw the naked Julie.

"Damn girl, last time I came in here you were just like
that, still afraid your clothes are going to get ripped
off I guess."

"I'm thinking about turning the place into a nudist
colony, want join up?"

"Of course, been wanting to see Harry and Jimmy naked
ever since I met them."

"Stop that!"

"Let me brush and fix your hair, I've got to tell you
something and I can talk better if my hands are busy."

Emily began to tell Julie about the conversation with
Mr. Benson and how all the people joined in and
volunteered to help and bring this and that all they
had to do was the hamburgers and Benson would help cook

"Thirty five people! Did you invite everyone in town to
come for hamburgers. This isn't a girl's night out, it
sounds more like a Roman orgy. Did you get a virgin to

Emily knew she was joking but she explained they didn't
have much choice unless they wanted to be very impolite
and say it was a private party. Julie said she was just
carrying on not to get up tight. She asked if Emily had
any idea how much ground beef it took to make
hamburgers for thirty five people that she sure didn't.
Emily said, "Me? I never bought over a pound and a half
in my life."

"There, you are beautiful, drop dead beautiful in fact.
You look so good that I think you should go and order
the ground beef when you get off and we need to do it
today for they might not have it if we wait until

"Oh lord, it's always me that gets these impossible
tasks. Ok I'll go today, maybe they can tell me how
much it will take to feed a army. And I better get the
buns while I'm there or order them anyway. What are you
doing Emily, stop that!"

"I will not, these are my tits and I will play with
them anytime I want to."

"Oh god, Emily, what are your tits doing on my chest.
Oh no, look at what you did to my, your nipples."

"I'm looking, I just let you have them to keep them
warm and because you don't have any of your own. I'm
going to stop now, I'm getting excited playing with my
tits, unless you beg me not to stop."

"Never let them hear you beg, unless you want to become
a slave, famous words of Mae West."

"Really, she said that?"

"No. I made it up."

As soon as Emily stopped rubbing her breasts Julie got
up and kissed her and said thanks, I love you and they
hugged and went to find Julie some clothes. Emily was
telling her everything that happened and when she got
to the bikinis Julie interrupted with, we can't wear
them now those folks would die of heart attacks or the
wives would kill us with dirty forks. Emily explain
that she and Sarah had told them about sunning in
skimpy bikinis and they didn't care in fact the men
would be disappointed if they didn't.

"Emily you want to wear them and show off your sexy
butt don't you, admit it you want to make the men walk
around with hard-ons. You are shameless."

"Can't help it, I've been hanging with you to long, I'm
corrupted to the bone."

"What does Sarah think about it?"

"She said if you did she would too."

"Find my clothes and don't tell me anything else."

They finally settled on some that they thought would be
good, Emily kept saying it doesn't matter any thing you
wear looks good. It's not the clothes it's that sexy
body. You don't need a bra give ole Charlie a thrill,
you might get a raise, he sure would. Julie got dressed
and they went to the kitchen and Emily said could I
have some coffee I haven't had any this morning and I
hoped you would offer me some and I wouldn't have to
beg, you know what Mae West said about begging.

"Emily, you know you don't have to ask, just get
whatever you want in this house."

"Ok, I'll take Harry tonight and Jimmy tomorrow night."

"I going to have to kill you, just can't get around it.
Where is Jimmy? I hope he isn't hearing this."

"He went out as I came in. Sitting in the car most
likely, he doesn't want to listen to two women

Julie gave Emily a cup and poured her some coffee and
they went out to the cars and headed to David's house.
He was waiting at the sidewalk and piled in the
backseat and gave Jimmy a manila envelope after he
fasten his seat belt. Jimmy looked at the envelope and
then at Julie. She told him to put it in the glove box
and he did. They arrived at school followed by Emily
and Julie made sure the car was locked and thanked
David. She said she hoped to have all the paperwork
ready by the time she went home and asked if he could
come for dinner after baseball practice and they would
look it over. He replied that he could but he would not
be able to have dinner as his mother would have it
fixed by then.

They parted just as Emily walked up. She and Julie
walked slowly towards the front entrance with the boys
ahead of them. Julie noticed that four girls were
standing at the entrance and they greeted Jimmy and
David and went inside with them. Emily said she would
stop by Julie's house on her way home and they parted
just inside the entrance.

Mel was waiting just as he always was. Julie spoke to
him and asked him if he was excited about the school
year drawing to a close and he said I guess so. Julie
said that she was too but she would miss seeing him
every morning. He smiled brightly. Julie entered the
office and went straight to her office. She went right
to work on the reports she didn't finish yesterday.

Mrs. Lucas came to her door and asked if everything was
ok and she said yes but I'm a little behind because of
going to the board office yesterday and was trying to
make it up. She asked why did you ask did I forget
something, do I look strange?

Mrs. Lucas said no dear you look wonderful, you just
came in and went straight to work and I was concerned
that you might not be feeling well. Did you see Charlie
outside he hasn't gotten to work yet? Julie said no he
wasn't around maybe he got tied up in traffic. Mrs.
Lucas said maybe so just not like him to be late.


Charlie had finally come out of the bathroom and Sarah
rushed in as she was about to float. When she came out
he was just about dressed and she went to kitchenette
and poured the coffee for them asking him did he want
sugar and creamer, he answered yes two sugars and heavy
on the creamer. Sarah fixed it and called and told him
it was ready, he came out tucking his shirt in his
pants. She placed both cups on the little table and
they sat down facing each other and Sarah let her knees
touch his and the robe wasn't long enough to cover more
than half her thighs and she looked very sexy to

"Sarah, I wish we didn't have to go to school today."

"Gosh, I was thinking the same thing, Charlie. But we
can't play hooky it would be a terrible example to set
for the students."

"Yes it would. Sarah I am a little embarrassed to say
this but I hate to leave, last night was just about the
most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me and
you are the most wonderful person that I have ever
known. I want to kick myself for not getting to know
you, the person you not the teacher you, before now. We
could have had so many good moments, fun moments
together that we missed."

"Don't talk like that, lets not talk about what might
have been or what could now be. Lets just enjoy what we
have at this moment and not worry about anything,
please? When we get to school we must be principal and
teacher, Mr. Hale and Mrs. Bell, last night never
happened as far as school goes, don't you agree?"

"Yes, yes, completely. It's just that I will never
forget last night and never forget you and how lovely
you are. You look like an angel and you are a angel. I
fear that I am making a fool of myself so best I just
shut up and go home."

"It would be best for both of us if you did. I am
touched that you are so moved and I feel good knowing
that I was able to please you, you know sexually."

"You certainly..."

"Hush, Charlie don't talk, kiss me and go home before
we can't stop, please."

Charlie looked into her eyes and he wasn't sure but he
thought he detected something, he hoped it was longing,
that she wanted to go back to bed with him again, right
now. He was real close for Sarah did want to make love,
have sex, fuck someone right now she was alive again!

He rose from the table and she did also and they walked
to the door together and he turned to her and she was
ready with her head tilted so he could kiss her lips
and she pressed her body against his. Charlie explored
the young succulent body in his arms with both hands
and pulled her robe up and put his hands on her ass.
She moaned in his mouth and pressed harder against him
and rubbed her breasts on his chest. Sarah broke the
kiss and leaned her head and shoulders back to look in
his fiery eyes.

"Charlie, this is awful. We shouldn't be doing this, we
will be confused all day."

"I sorry Sarah, but I can't help myself I want to see
you naked again, I am going to take off your robe and
then I will go."

"Just look Charlie, don't touch me, you are driving me
wild with your hands on my ass, please take them off."

Charlie released her ass and grabbed the robe at her
shoulders and pulled it open and down and it fell to
the floor. Sarah stood before him naked and trembling
slightly. He reached and touched her breasts and rubbed
them with his fingertips and then leaned to capture a
nipple in his mouth.

"No Charlie please don't, don't kiss my breasts, don't
suck my nipples, please, please Charlie I will be in
pain all day if you do."

Slowly Charlie straighten up, he wanted it so bad but
he knew he shouldn't, he looked at Sarah as she stood
there naked before him and he realized he could have
her if he wanted to, just do it, she wouldn't stop him
she wanted it too. But he knew he couldn't, she had
asked him not to and he just couldn't do it.

Sarah sensed his decision and she smiled at him and
held out her arms and then wrapped them around him and
they kissed again a deep long kiss. She shut the door
behind him and leaned on it then she went to the
bathroom and wiped as she was wet again. She decided
that she couldn't go to bed it was to close to time to
get up and she wasn't hungry but she needed something
to clear her mind. She went to the bedroom and looked
at the bed, that wasn't good it brought back
recollections of last night. She decided to take her
coffee and go swimming to cool down then she could
shower and eat her cereal.

She ran to the window and saw that no one was there so
she got her bikini from the dresser and slipped it on
and then the robe from the floor where it had fallen
and grabbed a towel and refilled her cup and went to
the pool.

Setting her cup on one of the tables she slipped off
the robe and carried the towel to the edge of the pool
and lay it down and got in the water. It was cool but
not cold and Sarah swam to the end and then returned,
wiping the water from her face she wished she had
brought the coffee cup to the edge and the pool so she
could drink some. The water felt warmer whenever the
cooler air touched her and she swam back to the end and
returned. As she wiped her face she was surprised to
hear a voice.

"How is the water this morning Mrs. Bell?"

She turned and saw Mr. Benson approaching. "Good
morning Mr. Benson, it feels really good and wakes me
up." Sarah held the towel against her chest keeping it
out of the water, he came right to where her cup was
and brought if to her at the edge of the pool.

"Coffee is good while you are in the water. What are
you doing up so early?"

Sarah wondered if he had been up and out long, did he
see Charlie leave her door. "Well, I woke up earlier
than normal and thought a swim would be nice before I
showered. Why are you up so early?"

"Habit, did it so many years that now I wake up
automatically and can't lay there so I get up and just
stroll around. Some others are like that and we usually
gather here and decide if we are going to walk to the
little cafe and eat or just stay here and eat."

"Oh my, I better run inside, I wanted to try on my
newest bikini and see if it sagged when wet so it
wouldn't be indecent Friday but it's is really skimpy
and I am embarrassed that you were here."

"Well, I'm not embarrassed, I can't see much of it in
the water why don't you get out for just a second and I
can tell better."

"Mr. Benson, there's not much to see, but I guess I
need your opinion before Friday. Promise me you won't
scream or call the police."

"You have my solemn promise, Mrs. Bell."

"Call me Sarah please."

"Ok, if you call me Ben."

Sarah extended her hand to him and he rose and pulled
her up and she was out of the pool standing beside him.
She quickly checked her bikini and saw it hadn't
slipped but her nipples were sticking out trying to
punch holes in the fabric. She looked at Ben and he was
checking her out.

"Looks great, turn around let me check the back."

Sarah turned her back to him and saw another man coming
from the front of the complex, she shivered, not from
the cold, the same shivers she felt when she saw those
five professors getting out of the car at the lake
cabin. She turned back to face Ben.

"What do you think is it to much. Actually that should
be to little?"

"I think it is just right, should be a law that
prohibits hiding a beautiful body like yours in
clothes, any way!"

"Thank you, Ben, that is nice of you. But do you think
that anyone will be upset if we wear this Friday. We
don't want people thinking bad things about us. We just
want to get a tan and have a little fun."

"No problem, I will take care of it by telling folks
ahead of time and that will remove the shock."

Sarah bent down and got her cup and drank some just as
the new visitor arrived, he was introduced as Joe and
they talked a little while drinking coffee. Joe agreed
that the bikini would be very acceptable at the pool
party. Sarah asked if they were going to have a party
and they replied that any time they got together if was
a party, not what young people would consider a party
just a little drinking and a whole lot of food. Since
this was for sunning and swimming they were calling it
a pool party and now they could call it Sarah's pool

Two more men came up and Sarah was the center of
attention. They asked her if she wanted to go to the
Waffle House for breakfast but she said thanks but she
had to go to work maybe some other time, she wished she
hadn't said that as soon as it left her mouth. They
quickly agreed that they would invite her next time
they went while she was off.

Sarah excused herself and went to get ready for work,
as she went up the steps carrying her robe, cup, and
towel she was aware that all eyes were on her ass and
it seemed like a long walk to her doorway. Inside she
went to the window and peeked through the blind and
watched their reaction as they laughed and clutched at
their hearts, one even grabbed his cock through his
pants. Sarah remembered Julie's words about old men as
lovers and her night with Charlie had borne that out.

As for Charlie he had stopped at the small mom and pop
cafe where he ate breakfast regularly and ate two eggs,
hash browns, sausage, and three big biscuits covered
with butter. He was starving. He drank some coffee and
just lost himself as he remembered over and over each
second of the previous night. When the waitress asked
him if he was okay he assured her he was fine and
looked at his watch almost fainting as he had dreamed
away forty five minutes and would be late for work.


Julie continued working and looked up occasionally to
see the vice principal and the coaches standing at the
coffee pot and then Charlie came in puffing from
running and exclaimed he overslept. Julie continued
working as fast as she could and suddenly was aware
that someone was coming in her office, it was the head
coach and he wanted to talk.

She said sure and stopped and looked at him
expectantly. He told her that he wanted to see if she
would give permission for him to sign Jimmy up for a
baseball camp that was coming up in a about ten days.
That he would have to go on Friday and come back late
Sunday. He would be cleared to leave school that Friday
and not lose any credits and it would be good for him
to develop his skills.

Julie said but he was only a freshman and wouldn't be
playing on the team with the seniors and juniors would
he? He answered that the team would be low on members
next year because there wasn't many boys in that class
mostly girls and he was looking for some talented tenth
graders to fill out the gaps and Jimmy and David were
the best talent in their class and he expected to rely
heavily on them next year.

Julie asked if he had discussed this with Jimmy and he
said no she was the first to know. How much will it
cost, she asked, and he answered nothing that the money
was small and they would pay for it from the gate
receipts from this summer's recreation league. Julie
said she would have to discuss it with Jimmy and Harry
when did he need to know. He answered by the end of the
week. She nodded and he left.

Julie went back to work and she finished the work from
yesterday and started at this morning sheets. Suddenly
Julie was aware that Mrs. Lucas walked in and got her
coffee cup and went to the pot, poured in some coffee
and brought it back to her.

"Thank you Mrs. Lucas that is very kind of you, you
shouldn't mother me but I love it! I see Mr. Hale came
in was he tied up in traffic? Sit down and have some
coffee with me. It's not often that you and I have time
to sit and talk. It seems like we are always running
and never get caught up so we can just talk."

"Well, Julie he had some lame brained excuse about
oversleeping but that is not true at least I don't
think so for he has been having trouble sleeping past
five. Some mornings he is here at school soon after
seven and now he overslept, I don't think so. Now he is
just sitting at his desk like he was in another world
or something. I fear he may be depressed or down in the
dumps. Would you go in and talk to him about some
thing, smile at him and see if he will come alive
again? Only you could do that I think, as he just looks
at me like I was only half there."

"Mrs. Lucas, for you I would do anything. You really do
mother me, you always tell me how great I look even
when I don't, you make me feel special and I'm not, you
treat me with respect and I really need those things
some days. So I will try to raise his spirits for you.
Really he is worth it, he is a nice man and some times
I see a small amount of sadness in his eyes."

"Yes, Charlie is a good man, he is lonely since his
wife passed away and you seem to fill some of that gap
for him, but the sadness is most likely that he sees
your beautiful face and knows he can't have it!"

"Mrs. Lucas, shame on you for making jokes, Mr. Hale is
to nice to have lustful feelings for me!"

"Girl you still don't know what you have, do you? Maybe
that why you got it! No, don't answer. Just go and
cheer the old man up so we can all do our jobs without
worrying about him."

Julie got up and followed her back to the outer office
and then, by herself, when on into Mr. Hale's office
after knocking. She told him that she discovered that
they might be able to put together a slide show for the
presentation and she would be working on it and as soon
as it was ready they would review it and see if he
thought if would be acceptable. He asked what would it
cost and who would do it. She sat on the edge of his
desk and explained that it wouldn't cost much just some
blank DVD's and some ink cartridges and she, Jimmy, and
David would put it together. As she explained that
David was quite a wizard with computers she moved about
on the desk and caused her skirt to slide up her
thighs. She saw his eyes getting brighter and more

Finally he jumped from his chair and said that was the
best news he had heard all day.

"Julie, you are jewel. Before I get excited and forget,
I talked to Mrs. Bell after school and I was impressed
with her desire to not only stay here and teach, but
her deep commitment to giving her students a good
understanding of their subject matter. It had been a
few years since I have seen the energy and
determination that she expressed. Thank you for
bringing her to my attention. I am determined to do all
within human capacity to see that we don't lose her."

"Thank you Mr. Hale, I am in your debt for that."

"Also Julie I am looking forward to arranging a meeting
between us as soon as possible. You and I!"

"Mr. Hale, I am looking forward to that meeting also."

"Why don't we take a break, it's almost time for the
break bell, we can go to the lounge and I will set you
up with a coke and anything else in the machine?"
"I really would love to but I need to make some phone
calls and finish today's report so I can start on
arranging the presentation. Can I have a rain check?"

He said anytime you want it, just call out. Julie
smiled at him and as she got up she placed her hand on
his arm. He grasped her elbow and stopped her and just
looked at her for a moment, there was a slight movement
of his head towards her.

"We shouldn't forget where we are, Mr. Hale. I know you
wish to kiss me and I will allow you to but this is not
the right time or place."

"Oh Julie, you are so much stronger than I, my weakness
for you shows doesn't it? Go and let me dream about
what might have been."

"Don't dream, go visit a class and do what you are good
at, Mr. Hale."

Julie went back to her office and he followed her to
the outer office and spoke to Mrs. Lucas and Darlene.

"Ladies I apologize for my lateness this morning, that
is uncommon for me and not a good example for my fellow
workers. Thank you for covering and making sure every
thing ran smoothly, as your reward I will buy drinks
and anything else you want in the lounge. One come now
and then relieve the other I will wait for the second."

"Mrs. Lucas you go with Mr. Hale, I am supposed to be
on a diet and not allowed soft drinks or sweets. I will
have to pass Mr. Hale, I cheat enough now."

"My Charlie, you have brightened up considerably since
you got here."

"Well, I was disappointed in myself, but Julie gave me
good news and I realized what a wonderful staff I have
here and that I could have stayed home till lunch time
and everything would have run like a clock."

"Then Julie should go also, she deserves a break."

"I tried to convince her but she won't take time from
her work. Sure you won't change your mind Julie?"

Julie was already on the phone waiting for an answer
but she smiled and shook her head and waved for them to
get going. Mrs. Lucas stepped behind Charlie and winked
at Darlene and they left.

Julie got Sherry on the phone and asked her about
seating and if it could be rearranged and getting an
affirmative she asked how many people normally came to
the meeting were they just members or did some parents
also attend. Sherry said a few parents came but not
many and most all the principals came. She estimated
that there would be about twenty to twenty five
attendees and that the board sat at the table with
others on folding chairs behind them but they could
rearrange any way she wanted it.

Julie then called the software and got the salesman
before he left to visit customers. She brought him up
to date and he was impressed that they could do that at
school. She asked could he provide a minimum of three
perhaps four monitors at least twenty one inches to
place for maximum vision and have them run from one
laptop. He said that would not be a problem to just let
him know at least one day ahead and they would bring
them and a network box and set it up for her. He
suggested a few speakers around the room would enhance
the sound and a lapel mike for her freeing her to move

Julie thanked him and promised to call as soon as
everything was ready for a run through. He suggested
lunch again and she said that she was to busy presently
but she might work it in after the presentation. They
hang up and Julie went back to work on her reports.

When finished Julie began to do a title sheet and a
contents listing. Then she started her introduction
monolog which was three pages, she could talk more this
was just to accompany the packet she wanted to prepare
for each board member to keep. Next she begin to pull
up reports that she wanted to use, copy them to her
draft and then go to the draft and remove names and any
thing that might reveal the student's identity. These
she would use to show examples of the information made
available by the reports with graphs to highlight the

As she worked she got faster and faster until she began
to make mistakes and had to delete and redo and forget
words she wanted to use. Julie realized she was getting
tired and needed to break. She looked at her watch and
saw that it was almost lunch time, her normal time to
go home, but she wanted to finish as it was going well
and it would be nice to have it all done today. She
decided to run the couple of errands she need to do and
eat lunch and come and work some more. She made sure
everything was saved and got her handbag to go.
Suddenly she had to go to the bathroom bad.

She went to the close one and washed her hands
afterwards, returning to the office she told Mrs. Lucas
that she almost didn't make it, who smiled and said
that she and Darlene had wondered if she had a bucket
in there that they had been four times during that
time. Darlene said she thought maybe Julie was a
reverse camel. Julie told them she was going to run
some errands, eat a bite and would come back to work
some more. Mrs. Lucas told her not to eat a bite, get a
good meal, relax before coming back that she worked to
hard and needed to clear her mind of work for a while.

Julie thanked them and went to her car leaving just as
the bell rang for lunch. She drove to the grocery store
and sat in the parking lot away from the other cars for
a while as she opened the manila envelope and took out
the pictures David had brought. She was shocked, first
by the sex that seemed to jump from the page as she
looked at herself in the bikini which covered critical
areas but didn't hide them. Her nipples were clearly
visible and her slit did look like a camel toe, she
stared at each one a long time.

Secondly she was shocked at the clarity, each hair on
her head, each eyelash and even her nail color was
vivid. Finally she selected two which were of her while
the bikini was still on her and put the balance back in
the glove box. Julie undid the top two buttons on her
blouse and checked to see how it looked, the vee ended
just low enough to show her deep cleavage and the swell
of her breasts.

Julie went in the store and straight to the meat
counter, no one was outside so she rang the buzzer for
the attendant and soon he came out, it was the same one
she talked to last time that gave her the great steaks
and trimmed the fat for her. He was glad to see her and
made some small talk about how good she looked and did
she enjoy the steaks. She smiled and thanked him for
his help and that they were delicious. Then she asked
him for another favor please and leaned towards him to
make the blouse flare open. She asked him if he could
get her some more hamburger, fresh on Friday, and that
she needed enough to feed thirty five people some might
eat two but most would just eat one.

The butcher's eyes were big looking at Julie's breasts
swaying as she moved from side to side as she talked
leaning with her elbows on the display case between
them plus that was a lot of hamburger meat. As he
thought, Julie was also thinking and she asked him if
there was any way they could roll them in to a log so
she could cut them in serving sizes and not have to
spend a lot of time getting them ready to marinate and

The butcher said he could make them into a roll when he
ground it then freeze it and cut it with his saw that
way she would only have to buy enough patties to do and
it any left over they could be popped back into the

Julie reached out and touched his arm and said that
would be great did he think fifty patties would be
enough and he said yes if not she could run back and he
would get her some more. She asked if she should pay
for them now or when she picked them up and he said at
pick up time but he would need her name and phone
number so he could call if he needed to tell her any
thing. Julie asked if he had a note pad and he got one
from the counter behind him and she listed her name and
the phone number at home and the school and gave it to
him and he stuck it in his pocket.

She asked if she could have his name and number here so
she could call if something changed. He did and she
wrote it down and put the note in her bag. Asking how
much he estimated the cost to be, she waited until he
did some mental calculations and wrote down what he
said. She asked if he included the extra work on
shaping and cutting and he said well for her there
wouldn't be a charge since she was a regular customer
but normally they did charge about ten dollars.

She asked him who she should talk to about getting buns
for the burgers and he said he would get them for her
and have them ready when she picked up the meat. Julie
thanked him again and said see you Friday for sure but
maybe before then as she needed some things but didn't
have time to pick them up now.

Back in the car Julie went the three miles to Henry's
cafe hoping that it wasn't crowded as she wanted to eat
quickly but also talk to Henry. She took a deep breath
when she got out of the car and went inside, only the
waitress was working out front and the place was nearly
full but most had got their meal and was eating so
maybe it wouldn't take to long. The waitress recognized
her and smiled saying hello it's good to see you again

"You remember my name? I'm sorry I don't think I asked
you yours."

"I'm Beth, and there is no way I could forget you and
your two friends. Henry talks about you every day and
some of the customer ask if you had been back also.
Where do you want to sit, are your friends coming?"

"Anywhere is fine, no they are at work but I had to run
an errand and was close by and a hamburger sounded good
but after eating here I couldn't go anywhere else. Can
Henry do me one quick I need to get back to work also."

"For you he will, I'm sure. Say, go to the window and
surprise him. He will like that, what do you want to

"I think black coffee if it's fresh and you have time,

"I'll make time and put it on the table by the window
cause Henry is going to want to talk to you."

Julie went to the window and saw Henry cleaning the
stove top. She called to him.

"Hey, handsome man do you have time to cook a burger
for a hungry woman? I need some nourishment before I
pass out from exhaustion."

Henry turned in shock and saw that it really was who it
sounded like.

"Hello there, my little girl dance partner. Sure, I can
have you one in a flash. It's good to see you. You want
it well done I think and some fries on the side,

"That's right and hold the tomato I love tomato but
they tend to rob the burger of it's great taste. And if
you have time I would like to talk for just a minute."

"Love it! I'll bring it to you and we can talk all

Julie went to the table by the window and Beth was
already putting the coffee on the table. She sat down
and stirred it to cool it down while looking out side
at the traffic. She heard Beth ask the customers if
they wanted more or just some thing to drink and then
to call out if they needed anything.

She came and sat down with a coke and said she just
wanted to rest a minute it was busy from eleven until
about now. Julie asked if Henry's wife had already gone
to the house and she said well she hasn't been feeling
well so she hasn't been here since Saturday morning. I
have to do everything up front and Henry does
everything in the back and we are both getting worn

"How are you, Beth. You look at little tired how many
hours are you working?"

"I'm fine physically, but mentally I'm worn out, Henry
and I are working about ten hours a day. He has always
done that as he can't keep any help back there and I
used to take off from one to about five because not
much was happening but since his wife's health got bad
I had to work it all."

They talked for about ten minutes and Beth had to go
and ring up some customers that were leaving and then
clean up the table and by that time Henry came out of
the kitchen with Julie's burger and fries. She started
eating while he got himself a glass of tea and came
back to sit down.

"Hmmmm, Henry this is delicious. This is a different
recipe from the last one isn't it? I can just barely
get a hint of garlic and a pepper taste but it's not
hot, am I close?"

"Darling, you are to good, you could steal my secrets
just by taste. I'm surprised to see you and really glad
that you came. Can you stay a while? We could play your
song again and I could pretend to be your daddy!"

"Oh Henry, don't entice me like that! I would love to
stay and talk with you but I have to get back to work.
But I promised you something and I wanted to bring it
to you and also I was hungry for another great burger I
get tired of salads and sandwiches."

Julie reached in her bag and pulled out the envelope
and gave it to him, he started to open it.

"Henry, don't open it out here. No one must ever see
those except you, promise me."

"I promise. But I've got to see them. I will run to the
kitchen, look, and be right back."

Julie nodded and smiled at him. He was up and gone in a
second and she realized her heart was pounding in her
chest. She continued eating and watched Beth working to
finish up and each time she would be finishing one
table another would pay their tab and she would have to
get the dishes cleared away and clean the table and
then reset it. Beth came over and took a few swallows
of her drink and said to Julie, there's no rest for the
wicked I guess. She got the coffee pot and refilled
Julie's cup and went back to the register to check out
another table.

Julie looked towards the kitchen as she finished her
burger and only had a few fries left. She wondered what
was taking Henry so long surely he wasn't, no he
wouldn't do that. Beth asked her if she wanted anything
else and she said no thank you. Beth came over for
another swallow of her drink.

"There's some very good apple cobbler on the buffet
counter, I can get you some it's on the house."

"Oh no, I don't need any sweets they put pounds on me
in a flash and I don't need any more fat flopping

"There isn't any fat on you. My god if you looked any
better the world couldn't stand it! I would kill to
have a body shape like you. If I had your body and face
I would be rich and living in mansion on the beach."

"Well how come it don't work for me, Beth? I'm not rich
or at the beach. What do you know that I don't?"

"It would but you wouldn't use it to get lots of money,
I don't have any problem with using it to get out of
this boring existence."

"You mean you would, be a."

"In a minute, they might call me a whore today but next
week they would have to call me a rich whore. I'd find
me a sugar daddy give him every thing I had to make him

Julie laughed and shook her head in amazement.
Apparently there was more to Beth than she had
imagined. Henry appeared and quickly sat down but Julie
was able to see his tan pants were bulged. He looked at
her but didn't say anything until Beth went back to the

"Julie, those are the greatest pictures I ever seen in
my life. I hope you meant for me to keep them."

"Of course, Henry, I promised you and I keep my
promises to friends and I hope we are friends."

"I certainly am your friend and it makes me feel good
that you are my friend. Any thing you want any time
just let me know and it's yours."

"There's one thing that I want, that is that you
promise me that no one will ever see those pictures
except you. I would be embarrassed to death if anyone
else were to see them."

"You got it! My solemn promise never! In fact I don't
want to share these with nobody anyway, these mean more
to me than I can explain. They make me feel like I am
somebody not just a hash slinger in a cheap little
cafe. Silly I guess but a fine and beautiful woman like
you actually wants to be my friend, hell it don't get
any better than this!"

"Henry. Don't put yourself down. You are a valuable
person and your friendship is valuable to me, I don't
choose my friends because of their status or bank
accounts. I'm sorry but I've got to run back to work,
you behave yourself, don't make me have to come back
here and spank you!"

Julie rose from her chair and Henry jumped up, he never
got up for women or offered them a seat, but this woman
was special. Julie stepped close to him and kissed his
cheek then went to the counter and placed a ten dollar
on it in front of a startled Beth. She smiled and
touched her hand and said bye Beth and turned for the
door. Henry yelled out don't take her money but Julie
was already opening the door and waving went out to her

Henry stood and looked at her as did Beth and the two
tables of customers that were left in the cafe. Henry
was thinking to himself: I wish she would come back and
spank me, it would be worth it just lay across her lap.
He walked to the counter as Julie's car turned on to
street and watched until it went out of sight. Henry,
sighed not realizing that Beth could hear and said
softly, damn. Beth looked and him smiled and said, yeah
damn then she giggled and told him bet he wouldn't wash
that cheek for a month.

"May never wash it, may just cut it out and have it
bronzed. She actually kissed me, I can't believe it!
That is certainly a different woman from most."

"Yeah, certainly is. Makes me ashamed really."

"Ashamed, why?"

"Well I know I could never look like that but I could
act like that, you know, be genuinely interested in
people and not be so distant, she is just Julie she
doesn't try to be any thing else."


Julie drove back to the school and went to work she was
making good time and was surprised at that as she had
thought she would have to make up a lot of reports but
found many that she had discussed with teachers and
they had ideas on what the problems were and they had
decided on solutions. She made a mental note to bring
out the fact that all the data in the world wouldn't
solve any thing without teachers that could and would
work towards a solution.

She glanced at the clock and saw that it was time for
the break just before the last class which was study
hall for Jimmy and David. She called that class room
and asked the teacher's aide if she would send David to
her office.

She continued to work and finished all the reports that
she needed for the presentation, just as the bell rang
for the break. She hasten to get it all lined up on the
draft and was just finishing when David came in the
school office and said to Mrs. Lucas that he was
supposed to see Mrs. Cole and was pointed towards her
door. Julie met him and said thanks for coming David
and asked Mrs. Lucas if she would give him a late
excuse slip, he was going to look at something for her.

She went back behind her desk and motioned David to sit
next to her and pulled up the reports on the draft and
went through a few and asked him if he would be able to
handle those. Mrs. Lucas had come in and gave David the
slip and asked if it was alright if she looked for a
minute, Julie replied of course I was going to ask your
opinion on them any way. David replied to her query.

"Sure, that is a piece of cake Mrs. Cole, no problem
and those will copy and transfer easily. But can I make
a suggestion?"

"Yes David, you may, that is why I asked you to come so
we don't waste time tonight, what is your suggestion?"

"Normal print does not jump off the page when viewed on
a monitor so I suggest we increase the font size as
large as possible and still be just one page, not have
a report on two pages. We need to see it all at once.
And we should print it out as bold face type and the
increase in size plus the bold type will make it easy
to see and if anyone wants to read it they can without
straining. One other thing if I may?"

"Of course, fire away."

"We can make it look more professional by adding a
border and can gain some room for it by making the
margins less. We can go to minimum margins and add the
border and it will look like it came from a printers

"Hold on and lets try one. I will copy this first page
and we will experiment with it and when we get what we
want we can delete it and make the others work."

Julie did that and then went to the font and they tried
a couple of changes until they found the maximum that
would work. Meanwhile Mrs. Lucas had motioned for
Darlene to come and both watched Julie's fingers flying
around the keyboard, she and David had become so
engrossed in their task that neither was aware that
their audience was growing. Soon Mr. Hale seeing the
crowd joined in and Mrs. Lucas put her finger to her
lips that he should keep quiet.

When Julie got the bold type in there was a gasp from

"Oh wow, David that does make all the difference in the
world, I want to see what the border will do for it, I
can just about visualize it now. This is exciting."

Julie changed the margins and David made suggestions on
short cuts and she made a selection on the border, they
decided to go with a plain black border to make it look
like a picture frame, set the page, hit the enter
button and in a flash everyone said oh. Julie and David
looked up at the three crowded in the corner looking on
and then at David, she held her hand with palm up and
they did a high five.

"David is that going to slow you down on transferring
or cause any problems that might sink our ship?"

"No Ma'am, it will be a little slower but text is
really fast on a good computer as it doesn't take as
many pixels as a picture does and the storage space is
smaller. Do you like that?"

"I love it! What do you three think does that look
professional to you?"

All three said yes it was very professional looking,

"Ok, lets do it this way, David you have seen the
report and the narrative that goes along with it. Is
there any thing else we need to do to it before we
finalize it and print it out?"

"First on the printing use a good quality paper as it
will give a sharper transfer and it will take more ink
to do the bold type and the borders, so make sure you
have plenty before you start. And the printing will be
slower so don't start say an hour before time to go
home as it won't be finished and there won't be any

"Second the report is fine, but we need to it dress up
and put a little sparkle on the CD, by the way I
decided that we need to do a CD instead of a DVD so we
can load it as a slide show and have control of when we
want to advance to the next page or if we need to go
back to a previous report to make a point or answer a
question. I think we need to put our logo on the cover
sheet and some pictures of the building and students
with teachers in the classrooms and maybe some hall
shots when classes are changing. You know something to
convey a feeling of energy."

"That sounds great to me, we need energy and something
that will catch the eye of the attendees to hold their
attention. Plus it needs to be pleasing to the eye and
mind, we want to convey a picture of harmony and
friendship in the relationship of teachers and students
enhanced by informative reports. Can you do any of that
with a camera?"

"Sure but there is a group here at school that can do
it better than me. That is the photography group that
works with the school paper they are always taking
pictures of everything that goes on and they don't use
many of them. They may have just what we need in their

"Mr. Hale, could you arrange a meeting with them and
set a time that we could look through their

"Yes I can do that right away. To late today maybe but
we could arrange it for tomorrow, would that be

Yes that would be great, we should tell them what we
are looking for and they can cull out those that we
don't need to see and save us time. We could spread
them on the conference room table and pick out some
that fit our needs."

Julie thought about all this and David sat and waited,
he wanted to stare at her cleavage also he wanted to
touch those knees that were so close to his leg but
they had an audience. Mrs. Lucas and Darlene were just
waiting, Mr. Hale was staring at the screen or it
looked as if he was but really he was staring at
Julie's breasts at least all that he could see in the
vee of her blouse which was the top side of her right

Julie said well that should be good for today, David
thank you for coming and for all your ideas, you should
return to your class and then its baseball practice. I
will print as many as I can and bring them to your
house tonight so you can start scanning them, but do
your homework first."

David got up and said ok, but I can come over after we
get home, Jimmy and I ride with coach, and save you a
trip if you like or you can come to our house if you
prefer. Julie said it doesn't matter but I don't think
you should delay dinner just to save me some time so
Jimmy and I will come to your house. David smiled and
said ok bye as he left.

Julie turned to the three waiting quickly noticing
where Mr. Hale's eyes were and said to them that she
needed a cup of coffee and a sweet roll, did anyone
want to go with her to the lounge for a break. Charlie
said yes I do lets take coffee from here as it is
fresher than the pot there, which one of you wants to
go. Darlene repeated her diet excuse so Mrs. Lucas
nodded. The three went out and down the hall talking
about how good the presentation was going to be. Julie
was pleased with the results of this day and wished she
could continue working to finish but knew she had to
print what she had so David could start scanning them
into the computer.

Chapter Twenty Eight

When they reached the lounge it was empty, they chose
something from the machine and Mr. Hale insisted that
he would pay. When they sat down at the small table Mr.
Hale sat between them and his leg was placed behind
Julie's and extended so he was rubbing against her calf
muscle. Julie was surprised that he would be so bold
but she knew that Mrs. Lucas couldn't see under the
table so she decided to just see how far he was going
with this. She was reminded that he would be making
arrangements for their ‘meeting', she smiled and
wondered how long it had been since he had been with a
woman but he was obviously looking forward to it.

They talked about the presentation and some other work
related things which really was all that they had in
common to discuss except the weather and it never
changed in the Southwest. Charlie took both of their
hands in his and began to lay on the complements.

"I need to impress on the two of you how much I am
indebted to you for all the things you do to make my
job so much easier. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the
way this job of education changes each year and I just
want to retire and not fight anymore. But then the two
of you just take charge and do whatever is necessary to
get it done and it looks so easy when you do it. So
please be aware that I am grateful to each of you and I
worry sometimes what in the world would I do if you two
ever decided to leave."

"Well, Charlie you had better get used to me not being
here, for I have told you that this is it for me. After
this year is over, and it won't be much longer, I am
out of here. All the papers for retirement are prepared
and in the hands of the Board of Education and they
will be effective the first day of July. I won't be
here anymore after the end of June. Have you convinced
Julie that she should take the job yet?"

"No, she keeps on thanking me but refusing. I
understand her reason and admire her for it but it
doesn't make me feel any better. Julie would you at
least think about it again?"

"I will consider it, but I don't think it will change
my mind. I still feel that I should be at home for my
family. You see it not a matter of they can't make it
without me there and it's not impossible for me to work
until three P.M. It's simply that I feel my place is to
make a home for them. I feel strongly that a lot of
problems we see with young people are caused because
the pace of live and the need for two parents to work,
leave them alone without a sense of family or the
interest in their lives of their parents."

Mrs. Lucas said. "And I agree with you Julie, it's a
shame that it takes both parents working to provide a
good life and some luxuries."

"Well, I'm not going to ague that with you for I think
the same myself, but I don't know what can be done
about it."

They continued to talk about the problems of the world
they lived in until the baseball coach came in and
Charlie quickly moved his leg. Julie waved at him and
asked if he would tell Jimmy that she was going to work
for a while but she would be home before him. He said
sure be glad to and got a drink from the machine and
left. Charlie's leg returned to Julie's and he nudged
her softly. Julie smiled at him but didn't return the
nudge she finished her sweet roll and said well time to
get back at it. They agreed and went back to the office
and each to their duties.

Julie changed the font and added the border to all the
reports and started the printer making two copies after
loading it with the best paper she had. David was right
it was slower printing than just a normal memo but when
it finished the first one she looked at it and it was
very good. She was smiling and went to show it to Mrs.
Lucas and Darlene and saw Mr. Hale looking at her
through the blind.

She waved and pointed to the sheet in her hand and he
came to look. Everyone said it looked very professional
and it was going to look great. About that time the
bell rang to call all students to their rooms for the
dismissal bell, Mr. Hale said he had to supervise the
bus loading and left. Mrs. Lucas followed Julie back to
her office and she walked up to her and reached for her
blouse. Julie was too shocked to do anything except
look at her.

"Julie, you are so engrossed in what you are doing that
you haven't realized that one of you buttons has come
undone and when you turn side ways we get a good look
at your breast. It doesn't bother me except that I am
jealous but it's going to kill Charlie, he hasn't seen
that report, he couldn't get his eyes to focus on it.
I'm going to button you up because I don't have time to
train another principal."

"Oh my god, Mrs. Lucas how long has it been like that?
It wasn't like that in the lounge was it, please say no
I would die if anyone else saw it."

"No it must have happened after you came back to your

Darlene appeared at the door smiling, "I would like to
borrow that bra it was really pretty and it doesn't
hide much. Where did you get it I haven't seen any
around here like that?"

"At the Willow Bend mall, it's a small shop next to the
shoe store. I am so embarrassed, it's only a half bra."

"Yes dear, we could tell that."

"Oh my god, could you see flesh?"

"Oh yes, and the outline of a nipple, it's very thin
material. But it was very pretty the bra and the

"Oh god."

Both women laughed and went back to work. Julie
wondered how that button got unbuttoned she knew it
wasn't usually very easy to get it open. Oh well, what
the hell. Mae West said it pays to advertise, well she
really didn't say that but it sounded good and like
something she would say. The bell rang for dismissal
and Darlene grabbed her handbag and yelled good by and
went out the door.

Mrs. Lucas started getting her stuff together to leave
also. She asked Julie how long she was going to be that
she would stay with her if it wasn't to long. She
answered not sure but it was going to be a least half
an hour, not to wait she would be okay. She nodded and
went out the door.

Julie checked the printer and was satisfied that it was
doing okay and sat down at her desk to wait. After
about twenty minutes Mr. Hale came in and came to her
office immediately. He looked at the reports she had
laying on her desk before looking at her and his eyes
slid down to her breasts and back to hers when he saw
the button was no longer open.

"Julie, I should have some information tomorrow on our
meeting, would Wed. or Thurs. be the best time for

"Either should be alright, but it would have to be from
lunch until sometime before four. I need to be home in
time to prepare dinner. Do you have any idea where or
is it a secret? Sit down, you have been in the hot sun
and you look flushed."

"It's not the sun that has me flushed, it's you. I'm
going crazy waiting and that's why I want to meet as
soon as possible."

The outer door opened and Jimmy came in, he had a
manila envelope in his hand and he came straight to her
office and handed to her.

"Mom, take this home please. Hi Mr. Hale. Gotta run we
are heading for the practice field, see you after

Julie glanced at the envelope and saw he had written in
small letters that this is what you promised to read
and do. She stuck it in her hand bag but it was to big
to go inside but she wouldn't forget it as it was to
big. Besides that she wouldn't forget it anyway, she
remembered what she had promised but she had thought he
might have forgotten but should have known better.

Mr. Hale sat on the edge of her desk and she realized
he didn't intend to leave, she checked the printer and
saw it was on the last report so she pulled up the
draft and went to the graph program and had a line
graph run on each report and highlighted them and send
them to the printer queue. She said to Charlie it won't
take much longer but you don't have to stay, I'm sure
you have things to do.

She was standing in front of him only about two feet
away as the office was small and he reached out and
took her hand and pulled her to him between his legs.
Julie instinctively knew what was going to happen but
she didn't resist as he leaned forward and kissed the
vee between her breasts.

"Charlie we can't do it here."

"I know but I have to have a little relief Julie, I am
going crazy wanting you! Let me kiss you just a

"Let me lock the outer door so no one can just walk

Charlie was surprised, he had expected her to insist
that they couldn't kiss here, but she was as willing as
he was horny. He released her and she went to the outer
door and locked it. Returning Julie put her hands on
his shoulders and checked to make sure that no one
could see them if they came to the door, then she
leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.

The kiss was light but soon became heavier and Charlie
pulled her forward and stood up crushing her body
against his and probing her lips with his tongue. Julie
again was surprised at how passionate he was, this
wasn't the same Charlie that apologized just for
touching her, he was surer of himself today.

Charlie was sure of two things, that he seemed to have
something that women wanted and that he was going to
take advantage of it while it lasted and make love as
often as he could. If it killed him so what he would
die happy. Julie began to get hot she felt his chest
against her tits and it felt good plus his cock was
hardening and rubbing her stomach and it felt better
than good. She began to return his passion with her
lips and brush her tits against his chest. They broke
for air.

"Charlie, you are trying to seduce me, you devil. You
want more than just a kiss. You want to make me hot and
let you make love to me, you know that I am weak for
you and you are going to take advantage of me."

"Julie, I want you so bad. I want to hold your body
against mine and kiss you and just be like this, rub
your breasts against me, I need it, I need you."

"Oh Charlie, I can't do that I will lose my senses."
but she did and they kissed again for a long time and
Julie heard a paper drop in the printer. "Charlie let
me check the printer and make sure it has enough paper
and it looks ok."

"Ok, but let me pull your skirt up and see your legs
all the way to your panties."

"Oh no, that won't help, we can't do this. We will lose
control and want each other so bad we won't be able to
stop." Julie stepped back but stopped and looked at him
and then she slowly reached down and got the skirt just
below her hips and began to pull it up her legs looking
at him all the time. "Please don't make me do this
Charlie, you have to stop me."

"But you want to do it don't you, you know you want to
let me see your legs and your beautiful body. All of it
without clothes, you want me to see you naked and
waiting to be fucked, tell me, Julie."

"No Charlie, this isn't what I want. I want you to take
my clothes off, see me naked and touch me, I want you
to feel of my body and caress it. I want you to kiss me
all over, my lips, breasts, stomach, and touch me
between my legs and kiss me there, I want you to love
me all over and love me with your cock. I want us to be
able to lie together and not hurry giving each other
everything we have and hold nothing back. If you want
me now I will not resist, but if you fuck me here I
will have to get on my hands and knees and you fuck me
like a dog. I don't want to be fucked Charlie, I wanted
to be loved by you."

Julie had her skirt up above her hips and held it there
for him, he could see her legs and also her thong and
the slit outlined against the thong material, it was
beautiful. Charlie wanted to take her right there.

"You can have me Charlie, just take what you want. I
promised I would not resist you but this is not what I

Charlie could have almost cried, he knew she was right
and he knew she would keep her promise but somehow he
felt if he did take her it would be wonderful but he
would never have another chance, he wanted her now but
he also wanted her again and again and again.

The old Charlie came back: "Oh Julie, that's what I
want too but I go crazy just thinking about you and I
lose all my common sense. Now I understand why
teenagers do such stupid things, their minds are
controlled by their hormones and I am the same about
you. Thank goodness you are level headed and can
maintain your senses to keep me on track. Forgive me
again. May I kiss you?"

Julie smiled at him and letting go of her skirt, which
didn't fall any farther than her hips because it was so
tight, stepped to him took his hands, holding them out
slightly, and leaned into his body placing his hands on
her ass cheeks.

"Yes you may kiss me, you can feel of my ass for just a
little while as you do. Maybe this will entice you to
make arrangements for tomorrow because we won't be able
to wait much longer, Charlie. You want me and I want
you to have me, if you don't hurry there will be
another day like today and I won't ask you to stop and
we will miss something a lot better. Will you do it for
tomorrow, just don't rent a cheap motel room, that will
make it feel dirty and cheap."

"Yes, tomorrow what time?"

"Can you take off at lunch for the afternoon so we will
have plenty of time?"

"Yes, yes, should I pick you up at home or meet

"Why don't we meet at the movie theater parking lot in
the restaurant adjacent to it and go together from
there? We can grab a salad for lunch."

"Excellent idea, a little after twelve."

"Kiss me Charlie, I need to check the printer I think
it is finished."

Charlie kissed Julie, like he never would get enough of
her lips and his hands were busy on her ass rubbing and
exploring. He had never had an experience like this and
it was wonderful. When they finally stopped Julie took
his hands again and removed them from her ass cheeks,
she was getting hot from his rubbing, and brought one
up to her lips and kissed the palm as she looked at his
eyes and placed the other on her cunt and rubbed it
against the thong covered slit. She then stepped back
and pulled her skirt down and wiggled her hips to
smooth it over them and smiled at him.

"Go Charlie, lets not tempt ourselves any longer,
please. You can have it all tomorrow."

Charlie left reluctantly and in a stupor, he wander
over to his office and looked around not sure why he
came in there. Julie gathered up her printed papers,
turned off the computer and printer and went to the
door to go home. Charlie was still in his office just
looking at the bookcase but not seeing it. She knocked
on the window and waved goodbye and went out to her car
to go home. Charlie grabbed his briefcase not caring
what was in it and started after her but remembered he
had to check that everything was locked up except for
the rear where the baseball team came in.


Sarah had not seen Charlie since he left her apartment
this morning except for a brief second at a distance in
the hall. She left her class to go home at the last
bell and she was tired and looked forward to resting,
she didn't have any papers to grade and she could just
continue on English Lit. Without any studying. She saw
Charlie again as she left the building at the line of
buses monitoring the loading and looking for any thing
that was unsafe but she didn't get a chance to wave as
he was intent on watching something and didn't look her

She had hoped maybe he would drop a hint about calling
her or coming over but he was most likely tired also.
She drove to her apartment and went up the stairs
across the walkway and entered her apartment. She was
changing clothes and out of her shoes when she heard
the door chimes. She hastily grabbed her robe and went
to the door, looking out the peep hole and saw it was
Joe that she met this morning. Opening the door she
said hello.

"Hello Sarah, we are going to have our afternoon swim
and some refreshments to whet our appetite and wanted
to make sure you were included."


"No, just the singles most of the time. Come and join

"Well, I was thinking of working on my tan before
Friday. Do you think it would be okay?"

"Sure no problem, we took care of everything and
everyone said not to sweat it, they don't care what you
wear, we want you to feel at home and your friends are
welcome anytime. What do you like to drink we all have
preferences so we have a good assortment."

"I like margaritas but I don't have any mix."

"No problem, Ben drinks them all the time I'll tell him
to fix you one, on the rocks okay?"


"Come down went you get ready."

Joe went back down the walkway and Sarah shut the door.
She thought, why did I agree with that? There won't be
anyone but men down there and all the women will be
peering out their windows and calling me a hussy. But
her heart was beating a little faster and she didn't
feel as tired as she had been. Besides she always felt
at ease with older men, maybe because she had more
experience or a least better experiences' with older
men than with young ones. She decided to shower and put
on her sun lotion before going down and twenty minutes
later she was walking to the stairs with her bikini
covered by the robe and carrying a towel and her
sunglasses on top of her head. She had looked in the
mirror before leaving and she looked damn good, even

"I might even give Julie a run for the money. Well in
looks maybe, if I just had her personality and
persona." she muttered to herself.

She was greeted warmly and was surprised that there
were three women present and they also welcomed her and
pulled her a lounge up beside theirs. Sarah dropped her
towel on it and listened as they told her their names
and a few things about themselves. She was going to
tell them her name but they already knew it, Ben saw
she was hesitating about taking off her robe and
looking around nervously so he called her and said he
had her a margarita ready. Sarah was glad of a chance
to delay removing her robe as she envisioned a deathly
silence following a gasp of shock.

She went to the table where Ben was, it was covered
with bottles of just about everything you could want to
drink, and he handed her a glass rimmed with salt she
took a sip.

"Oh my Ben, that is delicious, it is just the way I
like it! You are a accomplished bartender. Thank you!"

For the next fifteen minutes she talked to him and the
other men as they moved around, sometimes they got in
the pool to cool off and came back to talk and joke
some more. One of the ladies reached in a bag and got
some crackers and a plastic container full of sliced
cheese, saying she needed something to put in her
stomach as her martini was strong enough to walk.
Another lady had some fruit apples, pears, and grapes
and she put them on the table. One of the men said he
was going to get his cocktail wieners and another had
some chips and dip and soon another table was dragged
over and filled up with snacks. Sarah finished her
drink and was given another immediately. Mabel, the
first lady, said come on Sarah lets get some sun and
you tell me about your work. You know that I was a
teacher for forty years so I can understand your

"No! No one told me you were a teacher, how wonderful.
You can give me advise if I need any."

They went to the lounges and Sarah slipped off her robe
put it on the lounge back straighten her towel and sat
down then leaned back. Mabel stood looking down on her.

"Sarah, I am jealous, jealous, jealous. You have been
hiding yourself from us. My god girls, look at this
girl, isn't she beautiful?" The others agreed and the
men moved closer, Sarah said thank you and laughed
nervously as everyone was looking at her, finally she
grabbed her robe and covered her hips to hide the thong
bottom. "Don't cover up, girl. Be proud and show off,
for believe me there will come a day when you wish you
had that to show off and would let the world see,
wouldn't she, ladies?"

"You got that right, I used to look fairly good but all
of a sudden it started to sag here and bulge there and
it all fell apart. Flaunt it girl while you have it!"

"You are so nice to make me feel good, but truthfully I
am a little embarrassed, my friend bought us these
bikinis and challenged us to wear them for the cookout.
We didn't realize that everybody would be here so we
agreed, you know just the three of us and we are like
sisters, but they are so skimpy and hardly cover up,
well you know what. Do you think anyone will be

"No of course not, they might be jealous as hell but
not offended, just because our bodies are old our
brains aren't, and our eyes still appreciate beauty.
Besides the men would kill anyone that objected, isn't
that right guys?"

"Right on target, Mabel. Couldn't have said it better."

The subject was changed, mercifully, and Sarah began to
relax and loosen up a bit, Mabel reached down and
removed the robe from her lap and placed it on the back
of Sarah's lounge. Ben appeared with a fresh drink and
Mabel sat next to her on a lounge and asked about her
teaching schedule and the conversation lighten up and
Sarah found herself talking a lot about teaching and
her students.

Sarah realized she was sweating when the cheese lady
handed her a wet cool cloth to wipe her forehead and
she saw her glass was empty and that was the fourth

"I need to cool off, is the water cold, Joe?"

"Just right Sarah, will shock you a little at first
because you are hot but then it will be perfect, come
on I'll go with you,"

"Let's all go, Mabel are you ready?"

"Heck yeah Sarah, no use putting on a bathing suit if
you don't get it wet is it? Come on every body, in the
water or nothing to eat and nothing to drink."

Like a bunch of kids, except no one ran, everyone was
up and heading for the pool steps and down in the
water, some swimming, some just dipping and all
squealing and then ahhh! It did feel good to Sarah once
she got use to it and as she watched the others
laughing and having a good time she understood that she
had the wrong opinion about older people. They were
just like anyone else they wanted to enjoy life, have
friends to share life with, and just be accepted. They
might move a little slower and they might not want to
jump out of airplanes or climb mountains but they
wanted to live and be happy plus a little excitement
wouldn't be bad either.

Joe came close to Sarah and told her he used to be a
lifeguard on Coney Island and he was a excellent
swimmer in his younger days and he could still do good.
He said he would race her to the end and back and try
not to beat her to badly. Sarah said no, not me Joe, I
can swim but I never had a chance to swim much so I
flounder around and splash a lot but don't get very far
or very fast. Well that was all Joe needed, he insisted
that he could have her swimming like a fish in no time
flat. Sarah tried to get out of it but he kept on
insisted that she give it a try and she would be
surprised at how easy it was once you relaxed and
learned the secret of using the water rather than fight

Mabel was near by and she assured Sarah that he was
correct and he had improved her strokes one hundred
percent, why not give it a try. Sarah said ok but if
anyone laughs at me I'm going to my apartment and hide.
Joe started by explaining the dynamics of swimming with
demonstrations and moved her to deeper water and taking
her hand pulled her around in a circle telling her to
feel the water flowing around her. Then still pulling
he told her to turn on her side, after a few tries she
succeeded and could immediately tell the water was less
resistant against her and she cut through it smoothly.

After he rested a little he pulled her some more and as
she turned on her side she was told to pull with the
hand and arm on the lower side then he would swap hands
and she pulled with one and then other and it was
working she could feel the difference. She missed his
hand one time and down she went getting her hair which
was damp from splashing completely wet as she went
under entirely.

Joe immediately grabbed her around the waist and pulled
her up and she rubbed against him and the bikini top
slipped off her breast. She was wiping the water from
her eyes and face and saying I'm okay no problem when
Mabel got to her and pulled the narrow strip of cloth
back over her nipple. Sarah realized what had happened
and said oh my god and hid behind Mabel as she checked
her coverings, she realized that everyone was laughing
except Joe and her and she said stop laughing I'm

Ben said let's have another drink and toast the water
for being so nice to us. Mabel said to Sarah it's ok
don't be embarrassed it was just a natural accident, no
harm, they are laughing for they are embarrassed for
not being able to look away, besides it was to pretty
to miss. Then she whispered to Sarah tell Joe you
aren't mad he feels really bad about it. Sarah looked
at Joe and he looked worried and said I'm sorry Sarah I
just grabbed you out of reflex you could have got up by
yourself but I panicked.

"It's ok Joe, not your fault just a accident, that was
fun I could feel the difference in the way I moved
through the water. I want to try it swimming is there
any thing else you need to tell me first."

"No just practice, practice and practice, try it, Ben
and I will swim along side you just in case you get
tired. Just remember that you need to put you face in
the water so your buoyancy is equal from head to toe
and roll as you pull. Hey Ben, Sarah's going to try it
out come and swim along side her with me for moral

All the others had gone to the shallow end but were
watching. Ben came over and the three of them swam to
the deep end wall and rested a second and then back.
Sarah looked at everyone and said piece of cake I don't
need an escort but you can go with me if you want to
and she started to the end. Reaching the wall she held
on and let her breathing normalize and saw that there
were others arriving and sitting down around the pool.
She swam back to the singles group and staying in the
water asked Mabel if she was decent and could get out
of the water without flashing someone. Mabel said yes
you look great and the swimming was good to.

Everyone laughed and they all got out including Sarah
and she started to run for her robe but her breasts
bounced so much she had to stop and she grabbed Ben's
and Joe's arm and said hide me as she tried to get
between them and act like nothing was happening. They
all laughed again at her antics and the fruit lady said
Sarah, you are precious.

Making it to her lounge she donned her robe quickly.
Ben said got enough margarita's for two more then I
will make some more, here Sarah this one's yours. Sarah
went and got it and looking at all of the men she
smiled and said from now on I'm swimming after dark.
She had left the robe untied as she was feeling good
from all the eyes on her and all the encouragement or
maybe it was the tequila.

Sarah told Ben to not make any more for her as she had
to eat something or she would be falling down drunk. No
problem he said we will take you and pour you in bed if
you do. Then he asked if anyone had decided what they
would do for dinner and everyone had a different
answer, finally the cheese lady suggested that they
order pizza and the ladies could whip up a salad then
they wouldn't have to change clothes to go somewhere
and eat.

All were in favor, after minutes of good natured
fussing they decided on what mixture to get and Ben
went to order it and the ladies got up to make the
salad. Sarah said she didn't have any thing for salad
and they said don't worry we have plenty. Mabel said
come with me and help me bring it out and she followed
her, after downing her margarita.

"Mabel can I use your potty? It won't take me long I
don't have any thing on all I have to do is pull this
thing to the side and go. Oh god listen to me I must be

"Sarah, quit worrying about that bikini all the young
girls wear those and if I wasn't a bag of bones I would
wear one too. Yes, you can use my potty and take all
the time you want."

After using the potty Sarah washed her hands and went
in Mabel's kitchenette and they made about six salads
in a big bowl and took six salad bowls with forks and
went out and back to the pool. Mabel lived on the
ground floor and Sarah was impressed with her apartment
and how easy it was to get in and out. Shortly the
other ladies came with salads and they tossed it all
together and said for everyone to dig in. One man who
Sarah thinks was named Ralph gave thanks and they sat
down on their lounges and began to eat.


Julie got home about four thirty and she started a
washer load after changing into shorts and a shirt
which was cut to hang just below her breasts and had a
button missing from the top . She got out food for
dinner and did all the preparations so that she could
have it going in a second. She straighten up the house
and checked all the bathrooms wiping and cleaning
anything that needed it. Finished she waited for the
washing machine to finish and warmed some coffee and
drank it.

She sat and thought about the days events and that made
her hot. As usual Emily had fired her up and then she
flirted with Henry but the one that really had her
boiling was Charlie. She thought for a time he was
going to rape her, not that he had to, she was willing,
but he had changed a little and was much more
aggressive and sure of himself plus his cock was hard
as a rock so she knew he didn't suffer from doubts of
his ability to make love to her.

Suddenly she remembered the envelope and her nipples
began to ache as she went to the bedroom to get it. She
had a good idea what was in it from the message Jimmy
had written on the envelope. She pulled it from her
handbag and went back to the living room, tossed it on
the couch and poured herself another cup of coffee and
warmed it and then went to the couch.

The first page of a rather large number of pages was a
printout obliviously from the Internet and it described
and identified the sexual equipment of canines and how
they used it to mate. Julie thought oh well not what I
expected rather dull, but the second page was a large
picture of a male dog with an aroused cock extended and
she was shocked, it was large and long and pointed on
the end.

Next were four double sided pages a story on a woman
playing with her dog as she bathed him and while
cleaning his belly she aroused him and he turned and
began to lick her cunt. At first she was shocked but
excited and it felt good but then she lost control and
began to progress to a climax and she tried to get him
to stop but couldn't.

She tried to get up by rolling on her hands and knees,
she was quickly mounted by the beast and his cock
slammed into her, at least the story says. She couldn't
get away and soon was climaxing until she was drained,
cumming three times as she was taken by the dog, she
came twice more when he tied her with his knot and lay
in the tub almost passed out. When released she climbed
to the tub edge and was going to get out, exhausted she
was to slow and the dog was on her again and hit her
cunt on the first thrust. She lay across the tub and
let him have her but she was soon climaxing again.

The story related that she finally got away and swore
she would never allow that to happen again and she
would not tell her husband. But after three days of
living with the dog chasing her around the house and
licking her cunt when ever her husband wasn't home and
three nights of constant dreaming she gave in and
allowed him to lick her to a climax. But that wasn't
enough for him or her and she stripped and lay on the
couch and let him lick her and then mount her and fuck
her as she moaned and begged for his knot and hot cum.
From then on she fucked or let the dog fuck her three
or four times a day and preferred him as a lover over
her husband.

Julie read the story, fascinated by it, but she was
doubtful that it was even possible she looked again at
the picture and read the deion of the dog cock
and wondered. She moved on to the next page and it was
a excerpt from something that described the sexual
pleasure that a human female got from being taken by a
dog or other canine.

The article said a large part of the pleasure was that
the dog could and would pound his cock in her at his
speed and pleasure then when the knot formed he would
by instinct slam it in her bringing a dull ache to her
vagina which magnified her arousal and then he would
pump her full of cum and this went on for long minutes.
Also an increase in the body temperature of dogs plus
the speed of his pumping made her cunt more aware of
being fucked and all she could do after being tied or
knotted was let him finish and this made her feel as if
she belonged to the animal, she was his mate to take
whenever he wished, his bitch.

Julie shook her head, she removed her hand from her
shirt not remembering when she started rubbing her
nipples. She drank a couple of swallows of coffee and
turned the page. There in color was a woman playing
with a dog, it looked liked any other picture of a
person playing with her dog except the woman was naked.
The next picture showed the dog licking her cunt as she
lay on the bed on her back with her feet almost
touching the floor, her face was registering shock but
a pleasant shock. Next came a closer look at the tongue
spreading the slit and licking up to her clit. Julie
moaned softly as she looked.

Then a picture of the woman with the dog's front paws
on the bed and his rear closer to her and his large
cock sticking out about four inches, he was moving in
to enter her. The next page was two half page pictures
of the dog cock about two inches from her slit and a
stream of liquid from it to her cunt slit which was
already wet with droplets on her legs and clinging to
her lips. From the first page she knew this was the
lubricating pre-cum preparing her for entry. Next came
a two picture page of the cock just touching the cunt
lips and then about an inch into them.

Next was a picture of the cock entering deeper and it
was clear that the woman had raised her legs to open
herself and rotate her cunt upward to fit the angle of
the dogs cock. The second was the cock with more than
half it's length embedded. The next was a full page of
the woman and dog and he was completely against her
cunt and she had her head raised towards his and her
mouth was partially open as if she was gasping for
breath. The dog now had his paws and legs across her
tits and on her shoulders and each side of her neck as
if to pin her down and hold her captive as he fucked

More close ups of the cock in all the way and out some
and in again this time showing a small budge at the
base of the cock which must be the knot forming and
then the knot bigger and pressing against her cunt
lips. Next was a full page of the dog slammed against
her cunt and she holding both arms straight away from
her body and her fists clenched as she strained upward
against him.

Julie knew she was cumming or she was a good actress
and the knot was in her cunt. The rest of the pictures
were of them laying still on the bed the woman's eyes
were closed with a smile on her face and the dog was
licking her face. Last was a shot of the same except
she was now looking directly at the camera without
expression just laying tied to her canine lover waiting
to be released or fucked again.

Julie's hands were shaking as she replaced the material
in the envelope and she drank the last of the coffee in
her cup. She was thinking about what she had just read
and saw, remembering what she had promised. She could
almost hear her voice again, saying, I will let a dog
fuck me for you, cum in me and take his knot. She knew
that this was a warm up, just to familiarize her to the
idea and soon it would be the real thing and it was
going to be different she was sure!

Julie got up to get more coffee, she was drinking more
and more coffee and wondered if that was why she was
keyed up most of the time. Like now, she was aware that
her nipples felt tight and sensitive as they rubbed
against her shirt and she had a dull ache in her
stomach, damn those pictures, damn Charlie, where was
Emily when she needed her! But Emily wasn't what she
needed that would do but it wasn't it. She needed to be
naked and a cock inside her cunt.

She had become what she had always thought was an
impossibility, a nymphomaniac. She sat at the counter
and drank coffee, deep in thought, should she try to
stop? She didn't really want to, Harry was encouraging
her, Jimmy was pushing her farther into it, and the
real clincher was she loved it.

She considered momentary relief with the beer bottle,
Julie looked at the clock and saw it was nearly five
o'clock, her heart rate quicken for Jimmy and David
would be arriving soon and they would take care of her
needs. But no, Harry was coming and she didn't know
when he would arrive, it wouldn't be good if he came in
and found her in bed with two boys.

Julie decided the best thing to do was get busy and try
to forget about it. If only she had at least once today
been satisfied she could make it but she was having
trouble going all day with nothing except being fondled
and stroked and made horny. Emptying the washing
machine into the dryer and starting another load she
was busy when she heard Jimmy call out that he was
home. She went to the kitchen and met him as he put his
back pack down and came to her.

They kissed softly and he said that David would be here
shortly and she looked wonderful. Then he said that
Coach Young wanted to talk to her and he was waiting
outside. Julie said oh no, I'm not properly dressed,
what does he want? Jimmy told her it was about the
baseball camp and shouldn't take long, to sit on the
couch and he would tell him to come in and then he had
to go to the bathroom.

Julie nodded and he went to the door and called out for
the coach to come inside, shutting the door behind
Coach Young he went to the bathroom. Julie was standing
near the couch and asked him to sit down and offered
him something to drink and when he said that he was
fine and wouldn't take but a minute or two she sat
across from him keeping her legs together.

"I apologize for being so informal but I am behind in
my house keeping and was just hurrying trying to get
caught up and haven't had time to dress properly."

"Mrs. Cole, around my house we dress very sloppy as we
have the same problem as you, never enough time to get
everything done and we want to be as comfortable as
possible. Besides you look great, in fact you always
look great."

Julie thanked him and asked why he needed to talk to
her. His response was that time was getting short and
he wanted to make sure that they were on the same page.
Was Jimmy still on go for the camp so he could
officially put his name on the list? Yes definitely,
she answered, it is to good to pass up and we are so
glad that he will have this opportunity to gain
training and experience. They talked on for a few
minutes and he said well that takes care of that I will
go and let you get on with your work.

Julie walked him to the door and outside, they stopped
and talked with her on the third step and he on the
walk and she noticed he was having a hard time to not
stare at her legs and crotch. She sat down on the steps
leaning forward so he could see down her shirt and
admire her breasts. He came closer and looked down on
her for a better view. Finally Julie rose and said I
better get started on dinner because she saw David
coming on his bike. Coach Young said that he had to get
going and they exchanged goodbyes and he left just as
David wheeled into the driveway.

Julie waved and then smiled as David got off his bike
and came to her. She thanked him for his help this
afternoon and for coming now and they went in the house
together. She called to Jimmy that David was here and
they went to the dining table. Julie saw she had left
the manila envelope on the counter and she took it into
the bedroom and stuck it under the mattress.

She got the folder with the reports and gave one copy
to David and they sat down just as Jimmy returned. He
also sat down and pulled his chair close to Julie and
David did the same on the other side. She went through
the reports page by page explaining there would be some
explanatory sheets added as soon as she got them
finished. David nodded and said no problem.

Julie felt Jimmy's hand on her thigh high up but
pretended she didn't know or realize it was there. He
traced along her leg with his fingers sliding inside
and closer to her cunt. Julie looked at him
questioningly as she talked but he simply looked at her
and moved it a little closer. Julie was confused, Jimmy
knew they didn't have time for sex, she didn't think he
was going to get her hot and fuck her with David there
but maybe he was going to do what he had said, both of
them at the same time and right now. She tried to keep
talking but it was getting harder to concentrate
because as she looked at Jimmy she felt David's hand on
her other leg and it was within two inches of her cunt.
She turned and looked at David as he rubbed the inside
of her leg which was beginning to quiver.

"David, can you do all this, a little at the time or do
you need to have it all before you start?"

"Yes, we can do it, some now and add to it, rearrange
it, change the order, and any thing we wish. We will
put it in a file as we scan and do the slide show and
when we get it complete we can copy it to a CD and play
it all using the slide program controls to change
slides or pause. It's no problem."

Jimmy reached in his pocket and removed a towel strip
he had put there and taking Julie's hand looped it
around her wrist and then pulled her hand to her side
tying it to the chair loosely. Then he handed the end
to David who took her other hand and looped the towel
strip around it and tied it to the chair. Now Julie


"Just a little fun, mom, relax and let us have you.

"But sweetheart, we can't not now it's late."

"David is going to have dinner with us, his mom is
going to a bunko party. We will just take a little
while now to warm up and then later tonight after we
are in bed together he will return and the three of us
will fulfill your dream of a double fuck."

Julie looked from one to the other as Jimmy undid the
only two buttons on her shirt and opened it by pulling
it to her shoulders so that her breasts were bare to
their eyes. One hand of each cupped a breast and began
to rub, squeeze, and pinch the nipples. Julie moaned
and her head went back, she needed this! The fear of
being caught, the feeling of helplessness, the
knowledge that they could do what ever they wanted to,
and the fact that she had willingly let them do this to
her had elevated her sensitivity to a very high degree.

Suddenly they both stopped handling her breasts and
stood grasping the chair and moving her away from the
table. Then as she had opened her eyes at the movement
she saw both kneel down and two mouths moved to her
nipples and sucked them hard and deep.

Again her head went back and with eyes closed and mouth
open she heard her voice pleading with them, suck, yes
oh god yes suck them harder, its so good. Jimmy's hand
went to her cunt and rubbed along the slit on the
outside of her shorts and Julie spread her legs and
hunched forward to give better access and David's hand
was unbuttoning her shorts which had buttons all the
way down.

Julie was now moaning constantly and her climax was
approaching fast, she hoped they would get a finger in
her before she came. And they did, one finger from each
hand sliding in her wet and hot cunt as they stretched
her fly open to make room for hands one at the top
rubbing against her clit and one holding the fly open
and entered from the bottom. But their entry was only
just in time as she was cumming as their knuckles
bumped against her crotch. Julie whimpered and moaned
shaking her head as she finally got what she had needed
all day.

"You will enjoy it even better tonight when you are
fucked from the rear as you suck the other, and then
one in your ass and one in your cunt. David gets your
ass as that is what you requested. Do you want to be

Julie was slowly descending from her cum high as she
heard these words from Jimmy, she nodded her head, yes.
She wanted more now but she still had that fear of
Harry finding them like this, tied to the chair but it
would be apparent that she had not fought, two fingers
in her cunt wet with her cum and she was temporarily
satisfied and so she just waited for them to do as they
wished but wanted to be let up.

"Will you willingly join in tonight and let us tie you
and make love to you like that Mrs. Cole?"

Julie nodded again.

"Mom, you need to promise so we will know that you want
it, tell us. What do you want?"

Julie whimpered, he did this to her every time, she
always had to say what she wanted and then she would be
bound to them, she would belong to them to do what ever
they wanted. But she reasoned what they wanted was what
she wanted and she already belonged to them her body
was theirs and they knew that.

"I, I want to be tied, and for both of you to, to make
love to me, at the same time however you want to!"

"We will untie you now and let you freshen up. Jimmy
and I will go to my house and scan these reports and
then come back for dinner. Call if you are ready for
dinner before we finish."

Both hands were loosen and they helped Julie up and she
stumbled to the master bath as they gathered up the
reports. Julie went to the bathroom and immediately
stripped and got in the shower. She heard Jimmy call
that they were leaving and then it was silent except
for the shower noise. Julie kept turning the shower to
cold until it was as cold as she could stand and had
the shower pulled down to point directly at her breasts
she would turn as the cold water ran on her until she
was shivering.

She took her fingers and opened her slit and let the
cold water stream against it then ran two fingers in
and out washing them and repeating the process. Finally
she got out and dried off, looked in the mirror and
applied a little lip gloss and brushed her hair a few
strokes and went to the kitchen.

She got the last of the coffee and warmed it and then
started the stove and got the chicken breasts out of
the refrigerator and put them in the pan and on the
stove to pan grill, she put rice on and made a salad
and opened a can of green beans for a fast boil. She
drank a little coffee and was back at the stove tending
to the food when she heard Harry's truck horn.

Julie went to the door she didn't know if it was locked
or not and it wasn't so she waited as Harry came across
the walk and to the entry he smiled when he saw her
waiting just inside the door and when he reached her he
swept her into his arms and kissed her.

"Thanks sweetheart for being at the door for me, it has
been a long day and not very good so it is great to see
you standing here."

"Come in and tell me about it, I need to watch the
chicken so it doesn't burn."

They went to the kitchen, Julie got Harry a beer from
the refrigerator and he told her of his day while she
tended to the food. He had arrived at the factory site
and talked to the crew and they showed him around the
construction and said everything was fine. But when he
went to the construction company temporary office and
met with the engineer it was apparent that everything
wasn't fine with them.

The head engineer said that Harry's company crew was
behind in their job and when he asked them to
concentrate on a certain phase so they could continue
their work as scheduled they would take a day or one
and one half days to get around to starting and they
were always late in the morning and left early and took
long lunch hours.

When Harry asked him when this started or were they
like that from the beginning, he said it started about
the time Ralph was sick and stayed at the motel in bed
and it got worse after he went home. The engineer,
whose name was Ted, said his boss had called Mr. Grey
and was told that Harry was coming and he would find
out what was wrong and get it straighten out.

Well he spent two hours with Ted reviewing where they
were and what was delinquent and what was the most
important and walking over the site. Then he spent the
next hour talking with the crew and asking them what
was wrong and they very reluctantly admitted that they
had been a little lax but they didn't have any
supervision and when they were told that the priorities
needed to change they tried to finish what they were
doing before starting on the new stuff.

Harry said he had to get a little mean with them and
tell them that they were stealing from Mr. Grey when
they didn't work eight hours but accepted pay for
eight. Plus they were taking a chance of the company
losing the job for poor performance and then there
wouldn't be enough work for all of them and somebody
had to be laid off, maybe everybody.

He told them he wanted them to start on the list he
had, right now, and finish each one before going to the
next one. And he said he wanted eight hours of work
from each man each day and only normal breaks and
lunch. That they were to be on the job at eight in the
morning and working and work until five not four fifty
five, five. If they did this as he knew they were
capable of doing then it would never be discussed again
and forgotten. He told the senior man that he was
responsible for making sure it got done and that
everybody shared the load until he returned tomorrow.

Then Harry had went to the motel and met with the owner
and told him he would take over Ralph's room and needed
another room for Heather. After everything was arranged
he went back to the job site and spent time working
with the crew and meeting with the construction foreman
and several others who were doing the actual work
asking what problems they had that he and his crew
could help them with. He started for home a little
after four thirty and it took almost two hours to

"Harry, you are going to have to go back tomorrow and
stay aren't you?"

"Yes baby, I hoped that I wouldn't have to go until
next week but with the problems I think it is best that
I go and get things moving but I will come home for the
week end, I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault sweetheart, it's just kind of
sudden, but even I can tell it is necessary that you do
and I am proud of you."

"Well, I'm not so sure anymore, I have to tell Mr. Grey
what my decision is and I'm not pleased with being away
from home so much but I can't see us driving home for
two hours and leaving at six the next morning to get
back by eight. So we will being coming home on Friday
nights and leaving on Sunday nights. That sure is going
to cut down on my loving time with my beautiful wife."

"Harry, your beautiful wife is going to miss that too,
but I'm not going to tell you what you should do, all I
will say is that if you want to take this advantage and
see what it leads to we will all have to make
adjustments. We will be ok, Jimmy and I, we will be
lonely without you and I'm sure that things will come
up that you normally take care of but we can handle
them. Our nightly schedule will have to change for I
will be yours from the time you get home until you
leave. But all that is just a matter of adjusting."

"You are a miracle baby! I don't why I was so lucky
that you loved me but I sure am grateful. Where is
Jimmy anyway?"

"He is at David's, they are working on the
presentation, getting it scanned into the computer. We
have about half of it and will continue to work on the
other half for the next few days. I am going to call
him and tell him you are here and for he and David to
come for dinner is ready."

Julie made the call and Harry cleaned his hands and
then called Mr. Grey, he sat at the table and talked
for about fifteen minutes and then hung up. Jimmy and
David arrived about the same time and Julie had
everything ready and they sat down and began to eat and
talk about what was happening to them in their daily
activities. Jimmy told Harry about the baseball camp
and Harry was delighted. He asked if mother was ok with
this and Jimmy said she was but maybe now she wanted to
reconsider. Julie said no it's to important for you to
miss and I can get Sarah to stay with me or I can stay
with her if I get lonely but it might be nice to just
be alone for a while and not have to cook.

They finished the dinner and cleaned up the dishes,
Harry said he was going to get his stuff together and
then shower so he didn't have to do it in the morning
and went to the bedroom to find his work uniforms,
clean and dirty. Jimmy and David went to his room,
after a few minutes Julie called Jimmy and asked him if
he could come out for a minute. She told him that she
couldn't come to his bed tonight as she would stay with
Harry and they had to get up early.

Jimmy understood and said he and David were discussing
it and they agreed that they would wait until tomorrow
night and that would be better any way because David
could spend the night so it was all taken care of.
Julie was a little perturbed that she wasn't asked if
that was alright but she didn't say anything.

By the time she had finished getting breakfast arranged
for the next morning and finished the laundry it was
time for bed and David came out and said he had to go
home his mom would be coming in soon. Julie thanked him
again for his help with the presentation and asked how
was it going and he said good so far. He reached and
took Julie's hand and walked to the front door and
opened it and took her outside. She could hear the
shower running in the master bath and in Jimmy's as she
followed him and pulled the door shut after they went
out. Julie knew what was going to happen in the
darkness of the foyer and her heart was beating faster.

David turned to her, after looking around, and undid
the button that held the shirt closed across her

She said in a low voice, "David we can't do anything
tonight, you know that." He said yes but we can say
goodnight and kiss. He slid his hand into Julie's shirt
and cupped her breast, she did not resist just stood
and let him feel her tit smiling at him. He opened the
shirt enough that both tits were outside and the cool
air plus what they were doing made her nipples harden
and stick out as he rubbed them. Julie was rekindled
immediately and she wished that they had time, she
would like to feel his long hard cock again rubbing her
cunt walls and nudging against her womb opening.

David leaned forward and kissed both nipples and Julie
shuddered as he briefly sucked each one. She reached
between his legs and rubbed his cock through his shorts
and sighed at the length of it and the head on the end.
She told him that they would have to wait until
tomorrow and he kissed her nipples and then her lips
and told her he would look forward to seeing her naked
again and that he would dream of fucking her all night.
Julie wanted him right then but knew it was impossible
so she kissed him and gave his cock a squeeze and said
goodnight. He released her and went walking towards the
street. Julie called to him to wait and she would drive
him home. He stopped near the car.

Julie went and told Harry she was taking David home and
would be back shortly he said ok from the shower. She
grabbed her car keys and handbag went to the car and
they got in. David slid over close to her as soon as
the car light went out and reached to unbutton her
shirt but it was still unbuttoned so he just pulled it
off her breasts and begin to rub them and pinch the
nipples lightly. Julie was hot by the time she got
backed into the street.

When she eased forward going slow she reached and
grasped his cock then asked him to take it out for her
and he did very quickly. She held it with her right
hand and rubbed as he rubbed her breasts and was
unbuttoning her shorts. She raised slightly and he
pulled them down enough to get his fingers inside her
slit and rub the clit, they were rolling slowly down
the street to David's house.

By the time they arrived both were ready for some heavy
sex but Julie told him that they couldn't and had to
stop, she said she couldn't go home late and with a
cunt full of his cum. David groaned and Julie kissed
him saying, I'm sorry honey, but I promise I will make
it up to you tomorrow night you can make love to me in
my cunt and then I will give you my ass to fuck.

"I love you Julie. I wish we could be together all the

"No David, don't say that. We are lovers and we will
have sex anytime we can, I want you just as much as you
want me but we can not be in love. I will do anything
you want me to but we can never be more than lovers."

Julie told him to slid over towards the door and he
thought she was going to make him get out with his cock
about to burst but he did releasing her cunt and
breasts. Julie held on to his cock and as he moved over
she leaned until she was over his cock and immediately
engulfed it with her mouth taking all of it only
pausing as the head slid into her throat and then she
jerked her head back up and back down fucking him with
her mouth and throat.

As she tighten her throat muscles around his cock David
was in ecstasy and he begin to pour pre-cum into her
throat and only a minute later gave her throat a jet
blast of cum and his cock was so hard it straighten her
neck. Julie backed up to get the head in her mouth so
she could taste the cum and sucked harder making him
cry out.

When she had all that he was capable of giving her she
raised up and licked to clean his head and sucked to
make sure she had it all and then rose and kissed him
saying goodnight lover see you tomorrow morning when we
pick you up. David said good night and got out of the
car and his shorts fell to his feet and he grabbed them
and pulled them back up quickly. He shut the door and
she backed out of the drive and went home smiling.

When Julie drove in the garage the light came on and
she was aware that her breasts were still on display
and her shorts were almost to her knees she wished the
light would go out but it would stay on for two minutes
and she couldn't sit there almost naked for that long.
She struggled her breasts in the shirt and buttoned all
the buttons then she began to try to get the shorts
back on over her hips and finally got it but had to
wait until she got out to button it.

She made it inside and rushed to the bathroom where
Harry was shaving. She asked if he wanted her to help
him pack and he said no that he wasn't going to pack
just stick it in the truck and go. He would hang it at
the motel. She told him not to forget his shaving and
toiletries and to make sure he had plenty of clean
shorts and at least one nice outfit. He said why, won't
be going anywhere to dress up. She said you got to go
eat at night and maybe you want to look around, you
need something other than uniforms to wear. He replied
yes mother.

Julie went to the kitchen and got the coffee pot loaded
for the morning, she wished they had a programmable pot
so it would come on at a time she set but they decided
that they didn't need anything other than a regular
one. Jimmy came in the kitchen and said, "Going to bed
mom, want to tuck me in?"

He smiled when he said that. She said, "Sure go tell
your father goodnight, we are having breakfast a little
after five so your dad can leave by six you should get
up and eat with him." He said ok that he would set his
clock. Julie went to his room and turned down his bed
and waited for him to return, it was so long she sat
down on the bed. Finally he returned and she asked what
took so long and he said I was getting my instructions
and job list.

He pulled her to her feet and kissed her and Julie
wondered if he could taste cum on her lips she had
forgotten about that. Apparently he didn't and he
kissed her again on the tops of her breasts and again
on the lips. Jimmy took her hand which she had placed
on his shoulder and placed it on his cock which was
hard through his pajamas, Julie rubbed it but leaned
backed and said that they couldn't do anything about it
tonight. Jimmy said I know just want you to remember
it. They kissed again and he got in bed as she left he
asked her if she had read the material he got for her,
she replied yes, baby, it was, interesting and went out
closing the door softly.

Julie went to the kitchen and got two beers from the
refrigerator and opened the bottle caps and turned off
the lights checked the doors and went to the bedroom
with a beer in each hand. Harry was laying on the bed
naked, she gave him a beer and clicked hers against his
and they took a long pull on it together. Julie set her
beer on the bed table turned the three way bulb to dim
and took her shirt and shorts off looking at Harry's
cock laying on his leg but which was rolling around as
it stiffen at the sight of her body being revealed. She
kicked off her shoes and knelt by the table and set the
clock for five and turned on the alarm.

As she turned towards him, he rolled to face her and
his cock was beginning rise and was level with her face
so she leaned forward and kissed the head. Harry sighed
and moved a little closer to the edge so she could
continue her kissing and more. Julie was ready for it
as she had been hot all day and all she had was a
couple of fingers in her, all day long she had waited
wanting and she was ready for it in her cunt but wanted
to make it good for him also.

She knew from his actions that he wanted her to kiss,
suck, and deep throat his cock for a while and it was
important to her that she please him even if it meant
delaying her own satisfaction. She moved close to the
bed and put one hand on his chest seeking his small
nipples and the other to cup his balls and kissed his
cockhead with little pecks, lip rubs, and swipes with
the tip of her tongue. Harry was in heaven he knew that
she was good even the best at sucking cock, never had
he known any one who could do it as good as she. He
guessed it was just something she was born with, a
talent like playing a musical instrument.

Julie progressed to taking the head half way in her
lips and sweeping her tongue on the side and sucking
softly to taking the head all the way inside and
running her tongue around it. Harry was breathing
faster now as she took more and more until her throat
began to close on the head as it entered and compress
squeezing it like a milking machine. Harry stopped her
and she looked at him with it almost all the way down
her throat to see what was wrong.

"Baby, that is wonderful but I can't last much longer
and I want to cum in your succulent cunt first tonight.
Come up here and give it to me, get on top and work
however you want. I want to watch you cum, come ride me
baby to heaven!"

Julie pulled her mouth from him and immediately climbed
on the bed and straddled him, his cock was standing up
straight she placed it at the opening of her cunt and
slowly slid down on it until it was completely in her
and she could feel his hairs scratching her wide spread
cunt lips. She just sat on him feeling the hotness of
him in her and the stuffed feeling in her canal, just
loving it!

"Oh baby, you feel so good in me, I've been wanting
this all day."

Harry had felt her hot cunt and the wetness in it as
she was impaling herself so he knew she was hot and
also when he came in the entry he could see it in her
eyes, that smoldering look that she got when she wanted
to fuck bad. She had been all day without sex and she
was about ready to take anything. That was bad he
thought what is she going to do with him gone at night,
Jimmy was going to have quite a task trying to keep her
satisfied. That was partially what he had discussed
with him, along with reminders of the things he would
have to take care of around the house, he had told him
to make sure that his mother was given attention every
day. And if possible more than once.

Julie smiled at Harry and begin to rotate her hips
grinding down on his groin as though she might be able
to get another half of an inch in her. She also began
to raise up and then slid back down and her eyes
closed. As she slowly fucked herself on Harry's cock
she was half just enjoying the feeling and half
dreaming about all the things she had made commitments
on. Now she had three lovers and tomorrow she should
have a fourth and she visualized what Charlie's cock
would look like and how it would inside her cunt. And
she would have Jimmy and David tomorrow also and they
would tie her and fuck her oh, she could hardly wait
for that and she had told David that he could have her
ass after her cunt.

Julie was jerked from her dreaming by the ache in her
stomach and then she shuddered as her climax hit her
unexpectedly, she began to hump like a mad woman and
moaned as the intensity grew in her. Harry was shocked
he hadn't seen her cum so quickly since they were first
married and she was recovered from her initial soreness
from breaking her cherry. For almost a year she would
cum immediately upon entry but could and would fuck all
day and half the night. He hadn't seen her so worked up
in a long time. But she didn't slow down after her
climax and just kept on fucking him which was to much
for him to take and soon he was squirting his load of
cum in her.

Julie collapsed on Harry's chest, she was bent like a
pretzel with her legs doubled under her and spread to
the side but she felt good now. She lay on him with her
breasts crushed against his chest and her head on his
shoulder, she was constantly kissing his neck and
snuggling against his face. Finally Harry rolled them
both over to their sides and then she could straighten
her legs a little on either side of his body as he
maintained his fully impaled position. They lay and
talked, kissed and rubbed each other and Harry
maintained his stiffness enough that he stayed embedded
in Julie to her joy. After about ten minutes he began
to lightly squeeze her nipples. At first she just cooed
and smiled at him, encouraging him with kisses and
thrusting her breasts towards him and twisting her
torso so he could reach the bottom one. But soon he
noticed a change in her eyes and her kisses began to
get more passionate.

Harry began to pinch a little harder and hold the
pressure longer causing Julie to whimper and she rubbed
his face with her hands and squeezed his face together
when she kissed him. Now her eyes seemed to look at him
with pleading and he knew she wasn't pleading for him
to stop, she was pleading for him to fuck her for she
was building towards a climax.

Harry also knew from long experience that the longer he
delayed the hotter she would get until she would cum
just from anticipation and when she did then the harder
he fucked her the more intense her climax became until
she was cumming almost constantly until she went into
semi-consciousness. Julie knew this also and it was her
goal every time she had sex for after it was over she
was satisfied and a deep feeling of everything being
good took over.

Her rising intensity was also effecting Harry as his
cock began to harden and she could feel it making her
more intense until they were working in unison to
achieve the same goal. Julie was moaning, gasping, and
begging him to fuck her harder and faster as she was
cumming and she continued to climax without any letup
until her eyes begin to glaze and her hips seemed to
get out of sync with his and she could only hang on as
he continued to fuck her until he came and added to the
load of cum already filling her.

When Harry had rested a little he saw that Julie was
not passed out but she was limp and had a small smile
on her face. So he just lay with her and stroked her
body and she would occasionally sigh and smile. Finally
he got up and she closed her legs to rest them from
their wide spread stance of the last hour and also to
keep the cum inside her and off the bed.

Harry went to the bathroom and washed his cock and as
he was finishing Julie came in and went to the toilet,
he took her the cloth and she just sat looking at the
floor, she was still floating a little. Harry went to
the bed and crawled on it, he was suddenly very tired
and as he drifted off to sleep he felt her kiss him and
get in bed and he was glad that she didn't go to
Jimmy's room it helped his ego to feel like he had
satisfied her sexual urge.

Chapter Twenty Nine

Sarah was full of pizza, salad, and margarita she had
forgotten about her robe, it was on her shoulders but
was not covering any thing as she reclined on the
lounge chair with it lying under her and off to the
side, it was about sundown. Everyone had pulled up a
chair or lounge around Sarah, Mabel, and the other two
ladies and there were jokes told, experiences shared,
and downright lies.

But it all was in fun and Sarah was fast changing her
attitude about aging it didn't mean you were a old
fuddy-duddy just because your hair was gray or thin, it
was really in your outlook on life, and these guys were
satisfied that they had done their best and just wanted
to enjoy the rest. Also she realized that they just
wanted to be accepted not looked at like they were just
a slow walking unproductive in the way old person.

Someone, she thinks it was Ben slipped another drink in
her hand and she was laughing at a joke and had took a
big drink before she realized it. She felt dizzy
immediately and thought she might should get up and
walk around a little.

"Guys, you will have to excuse me, I have to go to the
little girls room does anyone remember my name and
where I live."

Laughing several of them said things like, no never
seen you before ; go to the stairs and go up four
floors, and some offered to take her. Mabel said leave
the girl alone she won't ever come out here again if
you keep pestering her to death. Honey, don't pay them
any attention they are just a bunch of liars, they fish
and play golf so you know that they have to be liars.
Come with me I need to go also and my place is closer,
how about you.

Mabel was looking at the other two ladies and they said
why not. And all got up and went to Mabel's. They got
to talking and Mabel said I need a cup of coffee bad,
and the cheese lady said me too and one of those bad
for you cigars.

"Ok, but you got to smoke it outside," said Mabel. "I
know but my mother taught me that a lady never smokes
in front of a gentleman so I'll just smoke on your
front entrance."

Mabel; "Honey do you want some coffee?"

"Please, I would love a cup, I had to many margarita I

"Sweetheart you have to watch these old flirts, they
will try to get you drunk just for the hell of it."
Said the apple lady.

"Not just for the hell of it they live hoping to get a
young beautiful girl drunk enough to get her in bed."
Cheese lady.

Mabel: "Hell even young ugly girls, they would even
take anything that looked like it had worn a dress at
least once in it's life."

Sarah's tickle box got turned over on that one and she
was laughing and couldn't stop for a long time. Finally
she said, sorry but I got a mental picture of that and
it was funny. But they are so nice.

"They are nice and they just want to have fun. We give
them a hard time because they go slightly crazy every
time they see a nice looking girl, but that's because
they're men. They really can't help it. Ok the coffee
is going, Sarah go ask the men if they want a cup, if
they do tell them to bring their cups we aren't going
to wash dishes for them."

"Get my cigars while your out there, they are in my
jacket pocket along with a lighter, please."

Sarah went back to where the men were and she saw it
was already dark and getting cooler but it felt good,
she had got more sun than she thought. She told them
about the coffee and got the cigars and went back to
Mabel's. They drank coffee, and a few of the men came
for a cup and Sarah thanked the ladies and said she had
to get ready for school tomorrow and went to get her
sun glasses, towel and shoes. She thanked the men for
inviting her and that she had a good time and offered
to pay her part of the pizza but they wouldn't hear of

Sarah hit the shower and rubbed her skin carefully, it
was a little pink but she knew it would be okay and a
little darker tomorrow. She put on a liberal amount of
lotion and rubbed it in good, checked to make sure she
was covered for school tomorrow by reading the next
chapter to make sure it was fresh in her mind and
decided she would rest on the couch. She watched a
little TV but nothing was very interesting. She wasn't
sleepy, sometimes drinking did that to her it
stimulated her rather than depressed, and she thought
maybe she should walk to burn off some energy. She
could walk around the pool court yard it should be

She found a pair of sweat pants, a t-shirt, and her
walking shoes and was ready to go. She made one round
and was starting another when as she walked near the
back apartments she was frighten by a voice close by
her. She jumped and saw Mr. Benson stand up quickly.

"I'm sorry Sarah, I didn't mean to scare you I thought
you saw me sitting here. I just came out for a breath
of air. I wasn't sleepy right now."

Sarah said she was okay just momentarily startled, that
she also wasn't sleepy and TV wasn't interesting so she
was just going to walk a little to burn off some
calories. Ben said he had found that hot chocolate
helped and he was going to make some would she like
some also. Sarah said really it makes you sleepy? He
answered yeah something in chocolate makes you feel
good and the hot milk makes you relax. He told her he
would make some and she could finish her walk and come
back, it should be ready. Sarah asked are you sure that
you want to go to all that trouble? He said no extra
trouble, he had to make it for himself and it wouldn't
take any longer to make two cups. So she said okay.

As she walked Sarah knew why she said okay, she didn't
want to go to bed and toss all night. She knew this was
going to be one of those nights when she would lay
there and think about things she should forget and
finally have to masturbate her self to climax and that
took a long time when she was nervous. She wished
Charlie had made a date for tonight or maybe she should
have asked Emily or Julie maybe both if they could come
over. But she had to learn how to cope with her sex

Reaching Ben's apartment again she fought down the urge
to look around and make sure no one was watching, after
all what did it matter they were only having a cup of
hot chocolate. She knocked on the door and it was
opened after a short pause. Ben welcomed her in and
told her it was about ready to sit on the couch and he
would bring it in just a moment. She decided to sit in
the middle so she would be close to him, just in case.

That decision made her realize she was fooling herself,
she wasn't just wanting some hot chocolate, she was
wanting to escape that churning in her stomach and Ben
was the only invitation she had received, there might
have been a dozen others available but he was the only
one that made an attempt. He would be very cautious but
she could overcome that real quick. That realization
made her feel a lot better and the stomach ache eased a
little, all she had to do was remember Julie and how
she could charm men into doing anything.

When Ben came from the kitchenette he saw a smiling
Sarah sitting on his couch and it was obvious that she
didn't have a bra on under that t-shirt for he could
see her nipple pushing out the fabric. He thought that
all he could do was look as she would jump and run
screaming rape if he tried to touch her. But looking at
this young beauty was equal to being rich. He sat her
cup down on a coaster and his close by and sat down
beside her, he could smell the clean smell of soap and
just a slight hint of perfume. Ben felt strong as an

They drank chocolate and talked, she asked him about
himself and he told her everything even how terribly
lonely he was after the death of his wife and then when
the company begin to push him to retire so they could
get some younger people he felt like he was useless and
unwanted. Sarah had finished her chocolate and put the
cup down and she took his hand after turning slightly
towards him and holding it with her left hand in her
lap she rubbed his shoulder as he talked. Sarah said
she was sorry but that he seemed so well adjusted now,
how did he cope and what was his secret to pulling
himself out of being depressed.

Ben begin to talk again and Sarah asked if he minded if
she took off her shoes and got comfortable and he said
please do. Sarah did and she turned her body and lay
across his lap with her head on the couch arm rest and
took his hand again and this time held the back of it
pressed against the bottom of her breast. After Ben
finished his explanation which was hard because he was
losing his concentration, he quickly changed the
subject to her but Sarah offered only brief responses
and then asked him about things near by that might be
interesting to visit.

As they talked Sarah played with his shirt buttons and
undid one near the middle and ran her finger inside and
touched his chest. She tried to get her hand in but the
opening was to small so she unbuttoned another and
smiled at him as she put her hand inside and rubbed his
chest noting that he didn't have much chest hair which
she liked as she didn't like hairy men.

Sarah reached up with her other hand to unbutton the
top button and asked him if he minded and he said no,
so she undid it and opened the shirt as far as she
could and rubbed with one hand as she touched so
lightly that it was almost a tickle his nipple with her
finger. Ben got brave and gently rubbed the back of his
hand against her breast where she had left it. Sarah
smiled at him and reached down pulling her t-shirt
above her breast and putting his hand on it. It felt
good to her and like heaven to him. Sarah felt his cock
pressing up against her lower back and thought now is
the time to move on and not leave any time to think.

"Ben, would you take me to bed?" He was so shocked that
he couldn't get his mouth to work, his mind was
screaming YES, YES but no sound would come out.

"Do you find me attractive, Ben, would you like to make
love to me? I want you to, you know, make love."

Finally a desperate Ben, who felt like a man sinking in
quicksand and help was standing with his back turned
all he had to do was yell but couldn't, got enough air
in his lungs to squeak out yes very much as his head
bobbed up and down. Sarah almost gave a sigh of relief,
for a second she thought he wasn't interested in her
enough to want to go to bed with her, wouldn't that
have been embarrassing. But there was yet a problem to
work around and she thought he was to shocked to
realize it so she would have to take the lead for him.

"Ben, there is one problem, you see it's been a long
time since I have been involved with a man and I'm not
on the pill. Do you have any protection for me?"

Ben finally was getting his breath back and as her
words sank in above the roaring in his head he
understood. "You don't have to worry Sarah. I had a
vasectomy many years ago."

She smiled, this was working out better than she had
hoped for, she hated condoms but they were necessary.
"Could I use your bathroom to freshen up?"

Ben nodded and as she rose from his lap he released her
breast and watched as she walked to the bathroom. He
couldn't believe that this beautiful woman wanted to go
to bed with him! She was as natural about it as though
they were discussing going to the Dairy Barn to get an
ice cream.

He jumped up and went to lock the door and turn out the
lights and went to the bedroom turning down the bed
covers. He was so keyed up that he could hardly think,
should he have left the bed alone, would she get
uptight? But she had said take me to bed, was that just
a phrase or she did she actually want to do it in bed?
So when Sarah came out of the bathroom he was standing
looking at the bed like he didn't know what it was.

Sarah walked straight to Ben, right against him, put
her arms around his neck and her lips on his, standing
on her tiptoes as he was almost six inches taller than
she was. Ben was a little slow but he knew to put his
arms around her and his hands on her body as he
returned her kiss and she felt good to him. Sarah
pushed herself against him and he could feel her
breasts against his chest and her lower stomach rubbing
against his cock and he felt dizzy from hormone

Sarah continued to kiss him, she also unfastened the
remaining buttons on his shirt and pulled it from his
pants and off his shoulders, he was trying to help. She
ripped her T-shirt over her head and let it fall to the
floor, leaning back against his chest she moved her
breasts against him just a little and smiled up at him.

"That feels so good Ben. Your body against mine is
wonderful." She tiptoed again and kissed his lips. At
the same time her hands were at his belt removing it
and starting on the button and zipper.

Ben had this insane desire to tell her that he needed
to change the bed so she would have fresh sheets but
when her hands touched his belt buckle he couldn't say
anything for her mouth was opening and her tongue tip
was tracing his lips as they kissed. Ben's pants hit
the floor, keys and change clinking, and he was near
panic as he still had his shoes on, panic did seize him
when he realized that his cock was no longer rampant
but had fell to half mast.

What if he couldn't perform! But he didn't have time to
worry for his boxer shorts was slipping down his leg
aided by Sarah and then she placed her warm hand
underneath his cock and cupped it lovingly then gripped
it gently and rubbed it against her mid section. Sarah
and Ben moaned into each other's mouth at the same

Sarah broke away from him but continued to hold his
cock, sliding her hand to the end and holding it so she
could rub the head with her thumb. Ben was frozen but
his cock wasn't it was rising up and stiffening and she
looked down at it.

"Ben. You have a beautiful cock. It is so smooth and
feels like velvet. It is getting so big! You won't hurt
me will you? Promise that you will be gentle until we
are acclimated, please."

Ben nodded he couldn't look fast enough as he was
transfixed by her breasts but her little girl face had
him fascinated and he was torn between which he wanted
to see.

"Ben, don't you want to remove my sweat pants? I would
like for you to."

Ben didn't want to lose her hand on his cock but there
wasn't any other way so he knelt down on the floor and
hooked his fingers in her sweats and pulled them down.
His face was directly in front of her cunt and while he
knew and everyone else at the pool knew that she
couldn't have any hair there, he was still surprised to
see that her cunt lips were clean as a whistle and
beautiful. He had heard a lot of talk among men about
eating pussy and how good it was but he didn't think
that he had ever seen one that he wanted to kiss much
less eat but now he understood for this was one that he
had to try.

Ben leaned forward as he slipped the sweats down to her
feet, Sarah picked up her feet and stepped out of them
and then spread her legs slightly for she had guessed
what he was leaning forward for and he was only about
four inches away and his eyes were glued to her cunt.
As he touched his lips to her cunt lips at the very top
Sarah whimpered like a starving puppy and placed her
hands on his temples. Ben kissed it lightly and then a
little harder and she moaned like pain was killing her
and leaned her head back and thrust her cunt towards
him. Ben didn't taste anything but he could smell the
sweet womanly odor that he had smelled when she first
lay across his lap and it increased his desire.

Another kiss this time more on the center of her cunt
and another with his tongue touching her lips and Sarah
cried out in passion oh yes Ben yes. Now Ben knew that
the braggarts knew what they were talking about, women
did love to have their cunts kissed and licked. So he
surmised, that she would love to have his tongue in her
cunt and he did it starting low and running it up to
the very top of her slit, Sarah shook all over and
almost crushed his head with her hands making no sound
excepts gasps for breath. He did it again and again but
when he reached her cunt entry on the fifth one he
plunged his tongue as deep as it could go without
tearing it out of his mouth and tried to lick around
but it was so tight that he could only waggle it.

Sarah sagged against him almost falling for she was in
ecstasy, never would she have believed that he would do
it when she was thinking about seducing him for a
moment's relief. Ben suddenly felt wetness on his
tongue and his mouth and wondered if she had cum that
quickly or was this what they called pre-cum to wet the
passage for entry.

"Ben, sweetheart, let's get on the bed before I fall.
Hurry and undress."

Sarah backed up to the bed and lay in the middle, Ben
tried to pull his pants off then remembered the shoes
and finally had to sit on the floor and take them off
and then the pants plus shorts. Sarah lay on her side
watching him fumbling in his haste, she wanted him to
hurry but she also was amused that he wanted her so
badly that he couldn't think straight. It felt really
good to be wanted like that, she had missed men wanting
her body, wanting to sink their cocks in her cunt,
wanting to make her cum and then filling her with their
sperm, over and over, time after time, one after the

Finally Ben was naked, he stood, approached the bed,
Sarah reached for his cock as he placed his knee on the
bed and rubbed the head with her fingers. Now Ben
shuddered. She rubbed along the length and then down to
his hair covered balls which were heavy stretching the
sac down, back up to his cock head and then grasping
the length of his cock milked it and saw a tiny drop on
pre-cum form in the tiny slit.

"It's so beautiful, I want to kiss it but I need it
inside me first, can I kiss it and lick it after we cum
and when it's big and hard again we can make love

Ben was thunderstruck, this woman was amazing. She had
the innocent face of a virgin teenager, the sexy body
of a mature woman, and she loved sex, apparently, like
she had years of experience. Plus she was not the least
bit shy about asking for what she wanted or what was
wanted from her. As she looked up at him, holding his
cock in her hand, he again could only nod for he was
afraid that he would break the spell if he spoke or
wake up.

Sarah gave a gentle tug on his cock and he slid into
bed. Sarah told him she felt like they were on a movie
set with the light so bright and he rolled out and
turned on the lamp and then turned off the ceiling
light and back on the bed where she was waiting and
slipped into his arms forcing him to let her leg go
under his. He was now plastered to her or her to him
from lips to cock and his cock was resting on a very
hot cunt.

Sarah wasted no time in placing the velvet head in her
slit at the cuntal opening and moving towards him so
that he slipped in a couple of inches. Ben felt the
tight cunt giving around his cock but if it hadn't been
moist from her secretions it would have been almost
impossible to penetrate. It felt so good that he wanted
to ram it in all the way, stuff his balls in also, and
then crawl in after it. He wanted to bellow like a bull
so everyone would know he was fucking her.

"Please be slow, Ben, don't hurt me. Ease into me but
give it all to me and let me feel it for a while before
you start to fuck me."

All he had to do was pump and she would be his, balls
deep, but he did as she asked for he wanted to do this
again. He was amazed at how good it felt to just ease
in, ever half of an inch was like ecstasy all over
again. And every inch seemed to make his cock get
harder and bigger. He was kissing her lips but she was
talking into his mouth saying, "Ooh god! Yes! Yes! Yes,
oh god!" and moaning whimpering and gasping until
finally his public bone was hard against hers and he
couldn't get any deeper and he stopped bumping.

They lay there kissing and rubbing their bodies
together, her tits were hot as if she had fever and the
nipples so hard they scraped his chest and he was so
much aware of her small warm hand on his ass cheek.
Never had he had anything like this! Ben realized he
had never been fucked or fucked anyone quite like this,
never had anyone wanted the same thing he wanted and
wasn't shy about taking or giving it.

Sarah was also in heaven, she knew that this was what
she wanted, wait, needed and she wouldn't deny it
again. She would accept the fact that she needed a man
to make her complete, the only problem was she wasn't
sure one man would be enough. But she had two and
surely there was more if needed. She and he lay there
sometimes kissing and sometimes just looking at each
other but his hands were busy roaming around Sarah's
body touching her eyes, mouth, tits, back, ass, legs,
anywhere he could get to.

Her skin was smooth clean and was like silk to him. But
it was her face that really held his eyes, she looked
so young to Ben and he guessed that compared to him she
was just a baby. Suddenly he felt Sarah move back just
a little and then forward to move his cock out and in
and her hand on his ass was pressuring him against her
body. Ben knew this meant she was ready and he began to
pump in and out slowly. He wanted to cry out in
pleasure as the feeling of her snug cunt gripping him
as he was pulling out and relaxing when he went in was
like nothing he had ever experienced before.

Sarah's eyes were closed and she no longer kissed him
as little cooing and aahhing was issuing from her lips
as she reveled in the feel of a cock fucking into her.
Amazingly they both were so tuned into the pleasure
that each gave and received that they were not to
excited and they fucked slowly for about ten minutes
but Ben's cock was heating up and getting harder.

Sarah came first and she tried to not go crazy and make
him cum with her and she was settling down when
suddenly she felt his cock jerk and he went stiff
pressing himself against her and seeking her lips.

Sarah wanted to make it good for him so she began to
slam her body against him and squeeze his ass to spur
him to greater action. Ben tried but the faster he
moved the faster his climax approached and he rammed
into her cunt as far as he could and held it there as
the gut wrenching cum came from his balls to the cock
tip and spurted into Sarah. The first spurt set her
into climax mode and she pulled with her hand to get
him as deep as possible as she answered his climax with
her second.

Sarah and Ben lay coupled together basking in the
afterglow of sexual satisfaction for a long time. Ben
was shrinking fast and slipping out of her wet vagina
and her leg was going to sleep as his weight had the
circulation cut off. They were just lying still except
for their hands which rubbed here and smoothed there,
squeezed this and patted that and often their lips
would meet for a light kiss.

"Ben, my leg is dead, I'm going to have to get up for a
minute but I'll be right back. Would you like for me to
bring you something to drink?"

"I can get it while you are in the bathroom, Sarah.
What would you like? The choices are small, I have
beer, tequila, lime water and mix."

"I'll bring you a beer and we can drink it together. I
only need a swallow or two. Here put this pillow under
your back and that one against the headboard and just

Sarah rose as he moved and slipped out from under him
then fixed his pillows so he was reclining in bed and
then she slid to the side of the bed and rubbed her leg
before getting up and walking slowly to the bathroom.
Ben looked at her ass as she walked away and it sure
looked nice, when she got to the bathroom door she
turned the light on and looked back at him and smiling
said; shame on you for peeping.

Sarah found a wash cloth and after sitting on the
toilet for a while got up and warmed the cloth and
cleaned herself. She flushed the toilet and went out to
the kitchenette and found him a beer and opened it
noticing that he didn't have much to eat in the
refrigerator. She went back to the bed room and gave
him the beer after taking a swallow, returned to the
bathroom and got the warm cloth. Crawling over him and
letting her nipples touch his chest, she reclined on
the bed and took her hand with the warm wet cloth and
begin to wash his cock. She paid special attention to
the head skinning back the foreskin and rubbing around
the rim.

They talked for a while about little things, where they
came from, what they did for a living and stuff like
that and she lay the cloth on his stomach and moved up
so she could rest her head on his chest but raise it
and look at him also, she continued to hold his cock in
her hand and rub with her fingers. Ben loved it but he
felt drained and knew that it wouldn't get hard again
for a least two days maybe three.

He had never cum so hard or so much in his life! And he
had never had anyone give him so much of herself and
now was babying him back to health. Oh god, he
remembered she had said she wanted to kiss it after
they had made love and then they could do it again!!!
He just knew she was going to be disappointed and leave
after slapping him half to death.

But Ben didn't know Sarah very well, and she didn't
hurry him just rubbed and kissed his chest a little and
drank some of his beer and they talked. Sarah asked him
if he needed to go to the bathroom and he nodded and
she said take the cloth, wash it out and bring it back
please. Ben went to the bathroom and did as he was
asked and returned to find her lying right where he
left her.

As he got back on the bed trying not to stare at her
body but not being very successful she waited until he
was leaning back and then slid up against him with her
breasts on him and a leg on his and her hand went
straight to his cock beginning to caress it. To his
great surprise it responded immediately and began to
grow in size and length, he leaned down and she turned
her face up, just before he kissed her she whispered I
missed you.

Five minutes later his cock was at full attention from
her thumb rubbing the head. Sarah slid down a little
and curled her torso until she was over his cock and
gently kissed it on the head. She looked up at him and
asked it he minded. He wanted to scream, hell no
please, but he just smiled and said not at all. Sarah
went to work on it, she kissed the head and up and down
the entire length, then licked it around the head and
using the tip of her tongue around the rim and
finishing by tickling the little slit with her tongue.

Ben was just about out of his mind. But it got worse as
she fastened her lips over the head and sucking gently
begin to slid the almost purple head into her month, to
the back, and then into her throat as far as she could
fighting the gag reflex until her lips bumped against
his pelvic bone. Ben was breathing so hard that he was
rasping and his mouth was dry as a bone in the desert

Sarah sucked a little harder until she heard him grunt
then eased off and withdrew her mouth from his aching
cock. She slid back up to kiss him and was thrilled at
the passion in his eyes and lips as they smashed
against hers.

"Fuck me Ben, I need your hard cock to fuck me now, I
can't wait any longer, please fuck me!!!!"

They rolled over off the pillows, he was between her
legs as she spread them, her hand had his cock aimed at
her cunt, he went in it and all the way as his balls
bounced against her asshole. She was wet from the outer
lips to the very bottom of her cunt with her
secretions, her legs locked around his hips and pulled
him even tighter and they began to fuck each other
increasing intensity with each stroke and after getting
as fast as they could continued as Sarah moaned and
came and came and came.

Ben tried all the tricks he could think of, working
mathematical problems in his head, thinking about food,
fishing, golf, anything to try and not cum for as long
as he could but her hot body slamming against his plus
her beautiful face directly below his, her constant
kissing anytime his lips got near which was all the
time, won out and he felt a bowling ball rolling from
his balls to his cockhead and cum spurted into her cunt
as she cried out oh yes a dozen times.

Ben fell over as soon as she relaxed and loosen her leg
hold around his hips and laid in near death next to
her, his cock was ruined forever he felt sure of that.
Sarah also lay completely sated and wishing she could
just stay all night and drift into sleep right now, she
was happy and satisfied once again.


When Emily left school she went to the grocery store
and got onions, catsup, mustard, relish, and a whole
bunch of chips for the hamburgers. She was sure that
there was something else they needed but couldn't think
what it was. On her way to checkout she remembered, the
secret ingredients, had to have the secret ingredients,
but she didn't know what they were. She would have to
tell Sarah to get them or give her a list so she could
get them.

After checking out she headed home, put away her
supplies and started on her paper grading and lesson
plan review. By the time she finished it was getting
late and she got dinner started she had some ham steaks
because Kurt loved them and she put two in the over to
brown just slightly, a can of small limas, sweet
potatoes, and french rolls rounded out dinner.

Clothes had to be washed and the living room vacuumed
and finally she was finished except for unloading the
washer loading the dryer, etc. She wanted a cup of
coffee badly but they didn't have any coffee and it was
to far to Julie's and the closest gas station market
was her only hope. She checked every thing and ran to
the car and down to the station, a large cup of coffee
in hand she was back home.

Sitting down and drinking it, after pouring it in a
cup, she was tired and put her feet up to rest.
Glancing at the clock she saw it was almost time for
Kurt to get home, she groaned for she needed to shower
and freshened her makeup. God, how time flies when
you're having fun! But she got it all done, even had
time to set the table and put some candles on it and
put wine glasses in the refrigerator to chill.

When Kurt got home she was at the door with a smile on
her face and open arms for his hug and kiss. Just like
June Cleaver, except for a few small things, she had on
a pair on shorts that barely covered her ass, a shirt
blouse that did blouse open, no bra, and no panties.
Mrs. Cleaver would have fainted.

Kurt didn't faint but he got a hard on right quick! His
hands were all over Emily's body and she did nothing
but giggle, she had seen how Julie dressed and decided
to try it and boy it worked. She kept telling him that
dinner was ready and to stop fooling with her and get
ready to eat, he had her shorts almost off and told her
he intended to as soon as she stopped wiggling so he
could get at dinner.

He made her promise to eat just like she was at that
moment and he would shower and dress, she agreed even
though her shorts were unbuttoned and her strip of cunt
hair was showing and her shirt blouse hung open with no
buttons fastened. He kissed her several times and took
her to the bathroom and she watched and helped him
undress and played with his cock for a while as he
adjusted the water temperature. Finally he got in the
shower and she went to the kitchen to check on dinner
poured two glasses of wine and took them to the
bathroom. As he washed, dried, and dressed they drank
wine and talked about what they did at work.

Going to the dining table Kurt saw the candles and lit
them as Emily closed the blinds and turned out most of
the lights. It was not like eating at a out door
restaurant at eight o'clock but considering how near
naked Emily was it was a good thing they weren't there.
They did eat sitting at the table talking, eating,
Emily giggling when she reached to pour more wine
dragging her nipple over her sweet potatoes.

Kurt insisted on licking it off and she didn't giggle
when he did, she suddenly felt hot all over like she
had run in the heat and was beginning to sweat, kind of
weak and her stomach knotted up. Kurt saw the change in
her and he recognized it and raised her from the chair
and picked her up and took her to the bedroom.
Stripping her clothes from her and placing her on the
bed he undressed quickly and was balls deep in her cunt
within seconds.

Emily was cumming on his second stroke and she didn't
stop cumming for a long time. After they were both
drained, Kurt went and got a damp cloth for her and
blew out the candles and they napped for an hour, made
love for a half hour, napped again and fucked like mad
for another hour. They went to sleep wrapped in each
others arms with a very messy wash cloth on the night


Sarah awoke to a strange noise, she didn't see any
thing that looked like her stuff and a arm was over her
waist just above the hip and a hand was cupping her
breast. The noise was Ben snoring gently in her ear and
it was his arm and hand, it had been a long time since
she had slept with a strange man or any man,
discounting Charlie of course, and she had forgotten
how they loved to sleep holding on to a boob. Must be
something about childhood and mothers breast feeding.
But it felt good to her also, nothing like someone
showing affection for you even if it was just to get in
your cunt.

She had this desire to reach behind her and hold his
cock, make it get hard again and see if he wanted a
wake up piece. Wake up! Oh damn, what time was it? She
eased over and he gripped her breast a little harder,
didn't want it to get away, she placed her hand over
his and raising up looked around for a clock. It was on
the night stand and glowed in red numbers four one
five. That left her no choice she had to get up and go
home and she couldn't go back to sleep there as there
wasn't enough time but way to early to just sit and
wait for time to pass. What could she do?"

She got up slowly working loose from Ben and hobbled to
the bathroom. She was stiff from sleeping in one
position for a long time she wondered if her tit had
hand prints on it for he must have held it all night.
Couldn't have been all night they were awake until
after midnight and she had proof it was crusted around
her cunt. It hit her then, what she could do until time
to go to work, not fair for Ben to sleep when she
couldn't. She washed quickly and cleaned the cloth
again and went back to the bed and began to wash his
face gently, he jumped awake and looked confused.

"Good morning Ben, did you have a nice nap?"

"Sarah. What time is it?"

"After four. I didn't intend to stay all night, Ben,
but it felt so good lying in your arms that I fell
asleep and just woke up! I didn't feel right just
sneaking out so thought I should wake you. Do you have
a coffee pot? I will make you some coffee while you are
in the bathroom. I could use a cup right now."

"Yes, it's on the counter, coffee is in the cabinet
above the pot."

"Sarah, my breath must be horrible." She had leaned and
kissed him. "Well it's kinda like stale beer, Ben."

"I'll go brush my teeth."

Take a swallow of that hot beer on the night stand and
give me some too."

Ben reached for the beer as Sarah arranged the pillows
behind him and gave it to her, she took a swallow and
rinsed it around her mouth and swallowed it. Smiling at
him as he took a big swallow and downed it and then a
small one to rinse his mouth. He almost spewed it all
over her as she had reached down and grasped his cock
lifting it and applying the cloth to it to clean the
dried cum.

She didn't seem to notice as she rubbed and turned it,
checking his balls, his legs and stomach, but Ben was
transfixed for he could feel it coming to life again.
This woman could make a year old corpse get a hard on,
he never had a girl do this for him even the few he had
paid money to didn't do this! And then she did the
clincher she leaned down and kissed it right on the
head with those sweet warm lips, looked at it and said
morning you beautiful cock and kissed it again! Ben
groaned for he knew he had to have her one more time
before she got out the door or before he died from

"Are you okay, Ben? Are you sore?"

"Sarah, Sarah, do you think that we could well before
you leave could we..?"

"Ben, do you want to make love to me again, right now,
this morning? Yes I would love it! Can we make the
coffee and then we can do anything you want to, tell me
Ben do you want me, do you want to fuck me?"

"Oh god yes, I want you so bad that it hurts."

"Hurry Ben I'll make the coffee."

Ben hurried, he was in the bathroom at the toilet, back
to the sink grabbing toothbrush and paste, as he jammed
it in his mouth he looked at the mirror and saw a very
excited man looking back. The man in the mirror
whispered take a shower and he ran and turned the
shower on, he started to take his clothes off but he
was naked. He went to the shower and stepped in then
back out quick, it was boiling hot. He adjusted the
temperature and jumped back in still brushing his
teeth. He didn't have a wash cloth it was on the night
stand and now he was wet all over, so he did what any
man would do he grabbed the soap and started washing
without a cloth. He also mumbled a few cuss words.

"Are you talking to me, Ben? I didn't understand. Your
taking a shower!" Sarah had the coffee going and came
to check her make up, not that there was any thing she
could do Ben certainly didn't have any.

"Uhhh, I was asking if you wanted to take a shower, I
could leave the water on after I finish."

"That sounds great it would make me feel better! But
couldn't I just get in with you and wash your back, we
would save water?"

"Sure, jump in. Uhhh, could you reach in the little
closet there and get a wash cloth? I forgot to get

Ben thought to himself, I've got a lot to learn, this
isn't nineteen thirty, people think different now.
Sarah was starting to get in and told him to get in
front of the shower so her hair wouldn't get wet, and
no splashing was allowed and no water on her face to
streak her make up. Then she looked at him and standing
on her toes kissed him and said not much fun bathing
with me is it just a bunch of rules.

"Ben, you cheated you brushed your teeth, I taste
toothpaste. That's not fair. Where's your toothbrush?"

Ben took it off the ledge and rinsed it under the
shower and handed to her and she began to brush, she
handed him the cloth so he could wash but he started
washing her. To be accurate he started washing her
breasts. Sarah giggled around the toothbrush, and he
kept right on washing and washing, looking at them as
they moved around and washing.

"Your going to rub the skin off, wash my back."

Ben didn't wait for her to turn around he just stepped
against her and reached around her and washed her back.
Sarah's boobs were slipping and sliding all around his
chest and she was laughing and trying to brush her
teeth crushed against his body.

"A little lower, baby, oooouuu not that lower, my god
you gonna give me a anal exam or an enema?"

"I'm sorry Sarah, I-I'm not very good at this, haven't
had any practice. I apologize."

"I was just kidding you, baby, uh Ben. Don't be
sensitive. You may not have had much practice but that
is ok with me. What has my interest right now is that
steel rod you are rubbing against my stomach. My god
you are insatiable! And you make me insatiable, let me
wash your back and we can get out of here I want you on
the bed."

Ben turned so quick his cock swung around like a bat on
a fast ball. And then remembered to give her the wash
cloth and she washed him quickly and when he turned to
rinse she kissed him again and caught his cock coming
around without even looking at it. Sarah said get out
to him and when he did she stepped to the shower spray
and rinsed off.

She stepped out beside him after cutting the shower off
and waited until he dried off and reached for the towel
but he shook his head and starting drying her himself.
Sarah knew that might take a while the way he kept
getting distracted so she turned to help him move
around her body and it wasn't really important that she
be completely dry. When ever she could she would hold
on to the steel rod and stroke it.

Finally she took the towel and dried her eyes and hung
it up, he just stood there looking at her as she took
his hand and led him to the kitchen poured them some
coffee and they stood at the counter sipping the hot
brown liquid facing each other. His eyes were devouring
her and she was thrilled because of that, it was a
great feeling to see someone looking, wanting, and
ready to take her and she was ready to be taken. She
stepped closer and he immediately bent to meet her lips
and then sighed as her hand once again encircled his

"Are you ready, Ben?" He nodded. "Would it be alright
if we did it a different way, slow and easy or do you
want to just take me, either is alright with me?"

"What ever you want Sarah."

Sarah smiled and took his hand waited for him to get
his cup and they went back to the bed. Putting their
coffee on the night stand she fixed the pillows and
motioned for him to sit with his back against the
headboard and when he was settled she climbed on him
with her knees on each side of his waist. She held his
cock and positioned herself over it and then slowly
settled on it and down until it was fully encased in
her cunt and she sat on his lower stomach. Sarah sat
there not moving and Ben sat there not moving but the
warmth of her cunt and the wetness was soaking in him
and he sighed again, that felt wonderful.

Sarah's breasts were only a few inches from his lips
and he couldn't have stopped himself even if he wanted
to or someone had a gun on him, he leaned forward and
took one in his mouth and sucked it, now she sighed.
This was all the action for a few minutes except he
changed breasts a few times and his hands went to her
waist but the sucking was getting to Sarah and she
began to rotate her hips and move up and back down. But
they didn't hurry, Sarah was loving the feel of a hard
cock in her cunt and he was loving a hot cunt fucking
his cock, she had to do the fucking he couldn't move
with her sitting on him.

Sarah was getting close and she wanted to cum at least
twice before he did, she lay her face on his head as he
sucked her nipples which were hard as his cock. She
rubbed his face, shoulders, and played with the nipples
on his chest pinching them just a little. She was
moaning softly and he was grunting .

"Oh god Ben, this is so good, baby I'm going to cum
soon just let me do it don't try to cum with me unless
you want to. I could fuck like this all night oh it's
so good!"

Two more minutes passed and Sarah was getting a little
faster and rising a little farther and she was
squirming her hips when she paused with him deep in her
and she straighten her body and whimpered as she began
to climax and it went on a long time, she had wrapped
her arms around Ben's head and had him crushed to her
tits. Ben was surprised at the wetness and the warmth
that he could feel flowing around his cock, he suddenly
realized that he had never really felt a woman cum
while he fucked her or in this case she fucked him.

He had never cum more than once a night until tonight,
usually it was cum and wash and go to sleep. He had
already cum twice and he knew he was going to make it
three. Sarah slowly released his head and moved her
breasts away from his mouth as her nipples were
beginning to hurt from all the action they were

"That was wonderful. Thank you Ben, you are a fantastic
lover. You are so big and hard, I can feel the vein on
the top of your cock and the foreskin rolling back and
forth, it's fantastic. Thank you for not cumming and
letting me enjoy it but it isn't fair of me to take all
this pleasure and you not get any. Do you want to
change positions? Do whatever you want to I will love
it! Cum when you want to and fill me with your sperm."

"Sarah you are one that is fantastic, I love it just
like this, can you lean forward so I can move a

Sarah leaned forward and Ben moved down and they
adjusted until he was a little flatter on the bed and
she could lean down and forward and they could kiss and
he could brace with his legs and fuck up into her cunt.
And he did getting faster and faster and hearing a
sound that he had never heard, the sucking wet squish
of a very wet cunt taking a plunging cock. Also he
heard Sarah whimpering as he slammed into her but she
was not in pain she was meeting him on every plunge.

"Yes, yes, yes fuck me baby, make me cum, take me, I
want you to take me like a slut make me cum and fill me
with your cum make a woman out of meeeeeee."

Ben was doing it as fast as he could but he wasn't
going to do long for his cock was swelling and the cum
was aching to get from his balls to her cunt. And her
words drove him over the edge and he was feeling her
cumming again and then he was spurting all he had into
her. Giving every last drop and he could feel wetness
running down his cock, over his balls and through his
crack to the bed, could be his could be hers might be

Sarah squirmed against him rubbing his chest with her
tits and belly, sucking on his lips, running her tongue
over them and kissing him until he lay completely still
like a dead man. She kissed his face and then slowly
just collapsed down on his chest straighten her legs
until she was lying prone on top of him. They lay like
that a long time until Ben felt his cock slipping out
of her and he rolled her over, tried to keep it in but
it was useless as was his cock at the moment.

But he could look at her, she lay on her side eyes
closed and a small smile on her lips. She had her legs
together to hold the cum and her breasts rose and fell
as she breathed heavily. She opened her eyes and saw
him looking at her.

"What are you looking at Ben?"

"The most beautiful woman in the world and the most
wonderful. You are perfect there isn't a flaw on your
body and your face is like an angel's."

"Woooeee, you really know how to build a girl up. But
it's not going to make me stay. I am afraid that you
would fuck me to death even though I would give myself
to you willingly. You are to good for me, and I have to
go to work if I have enough strength and don't pass out
from exhaustion. Seriously Ben, I do have to go. It's
been wonderful and I hate to leave but I can't miss
work, I'm trying to get them to accept me for teaching
next school year and I can't just take off."

"I understand Sarah, but I hope you know that you are
welcome here any time. I hope we can do this again some
time soon. That sounds crass but I'm not good with

"I do also, can I call you sometimes?"

"Anytime. If I'm out, just leave a message. I'll give
you my phone number."

Ben got up and went to the bath room for the wash cloth
and returned with it warm in a few minutes, he rolled
her over to her back and put his hand between her legs
and was trying to open them.

"Ben I can do that you don't have to."

"But I want to."

Sarah opened her legs and spread them for him and he
cleaned her cunt, sometimes rubbed a little to hard but
she would wince and he would ease up. When he had it
cleaned and couldn't think of anything to delay her
leaving he leaned down and was about three inches from
her cunt when she stopped him with a hand on his head.

"Ben, please don't kiss me there again. You know I
can't resist and you know I love it and you know that I
want you to but if you do I will be begging you to make
love to me again, I will miss my classes, get fired and
have to move away to find another job. Please let me
get up, get dressed and go to my apartment so I can get
ready for work."

"If I kiss you Sarah, would you stay all day and stay
naked and we could make love all day?"

"I can't resist you and your cock, you bring me so much
pleasure. I am yours if you won't let me go. Yes I
would stay all day and you could fuck me when ever you
want to all day long."

Ben looked at Sarah lying on her back completely open
to him, all he had to do was kiss her cunt or stick his
finger in her and she would be his all day. But better
judgment took over and he knew he couldn't fuck her all
day no matter how much he might want to. The only
reason he had been able to last until now was that she
gave him gentle and unhurried passion arising attention
and gave him herself in passion. She made him want her
because she wanted him, if he kept her all day, even
though she might want to, she would lose that desire
for him and he would be better off to hope she would
want to rekindle this flame another time.

"Sarah, it makes me feel so good so strong to hear that
from you and I also want you all day. But common sense
tells me that we should do what is right, and that is
to let you go to work and fulfill your obligation and
stay here forever if you want to. So I will kiss your
lips one last time tonight and then hope that you and I
can get together again soon."

Ben rose up and took her hand and she also rose to sit
on the side of the bed and he moved between her legs
and they kissed, a long kiss not full of passion but a
kiss like lovers would exchange. When they finally
ended it they just looked at each other as if trying to
read what the others feelings were and kissed again a
couple of quick smacks. Sarah got up and stood holding
his hand as he got up.

"Thank you Ben, for not taking advantage of me. I
really enjoyed being with you tonight, it was
wonderful. Get me a paper to put my number on and give
yours to me. I've got to run now."

Ben got a note pad and wrote his number on it and
tearing off the bottom gave it to her as she dressed
and put her walking shoes on. She wrote her number and
name on the bottom piece and gave it to him. He started
to the door with but she stopped him.

"Don't go to the door with me, if we kiss again then
you will stand there and watch me and I will be looking
back at you, and we will look like to two puppy love
struck kids and we can't allow that to happen. Bye."

Ben tried but he couldn't help but to go to the window
and watch her. Wow, look at that ass in those sweat
pants! He still couldn't believe it! Sarah was aware of
her ass also, it seemed to be a lot more sensitive as
she could feel the sweat pants shifting as she walked
along the pool in the dim lights along the edge of the
landscaping. Plus she could feel the crotch rubbing her
bare cunt and her nipples rubbing the t-shirt. She made
it up the stairs and down to her door and inside and no
one saw her.

Chapter Thirty

Julie had another crazy dream, it was partly what had
happened to her and partly what was going to happen or
at least what she was afraid would happen or maybe she
wished would happen. She was seventeen, it was the
summer before she was a senior and before she and Harry
started going steady. She and mother were in a car with
the couple for their last Friday night visit. They went
to their house as they always did and there was
Champaign iced down and little things to snack on
because this was their last time to be together.

After they drank and snacked a little and they had some
music playing, they danced and laughed, danced and
kissed, drank and kissed, drank and danced, Julie was
getting dizzy she liked the Champaign. She was dancing
with the man, a glass in her hand and his hands on her
ass, when she saw that her mother was naked to the
waist as she danced with the woman and she was
undressing her also.

But this was normal in fact they usually were naked
soon after arriving as all four were extremely horny
but tonight was different. When the music ended and
another very slow song started they changed partners
and the woman came to Julie, refilled their glasses and
they danced.

They would kiss a long and lingering kiss and the woman
whispered to her to let her undress her so she could
feel their breasts together and of course Julie agreed
and helped her until she was completely naked except
for her shoes. The woman was bare to the waist as
mother had already removed the top and bra, and Julie
removed her skirt and panties and they danced rubbing
their bodies together and kissing.

Once Julie noticed that her mother and the man had
disappeared, her clothes lay on the floor along with
her shoes, but this was not usual as they usually
paired off sometimes in the same room and sometimes
separately. Tonight they would separate or a least for
a while. The couple had a big white dog that they let
have the run of the house and sometimes the dog would
get up on the bed or stand by the couch and watch them
making love. And on a couple of occasions had actually
licked one or both of them as they got excited and made
sex noises. Once when the woman was licking Julie the
dog came and licked the woman's face and they laughed
the woman saying she had never kissed a cunt and a dog
at the same time before.

As they danced the dog would sit or lay watching but
after they were naked he came over and licked the
woman's ass and she giggled and turned Julie to him and
he licked her ass also and they both giggled. Julie was
getting dizzier and she said she needed to stop
drinking as she was getting wobbly and was told that
this was all the Champaign anyway and to drink it down
and they would go to the bed and rest. She did and the
woman did also.

As they started to the other rooms, walking slow
followed by the dog, the woman asked if Julie if she
would like to try a different situation that would
enhance her sensitivity and she could keep it in mind
if she ever needed to spice up her sex life after
marriage. She explained if she was blindfolded that the
acts of kissing and licking were magnified and she
should try it.

Julie agreed and they went to a room on the ground
floor that had a leather chair and leather couch which
had no back, it was like a bench but padded better.
Julie sat on it and the woman got a black cloth from a
closet and blindfolded her, laying her down on the
couch she rubbed Julie's breast, stomach and cunt with
a cashmere cloth and Julie was amazed at how good it
felt. She was turned over and rubbed on her back and a
lot of rubbing on her ass. Some lube was put on her
asshole and a finger inserted and she got a internal
massage which made her even dizzier but horny as hell.
She was squirming and raising her hips to get it
deeper, the woman kissed her ass and licked it as she
moved her rubber covered finger in and out fucking
Julie's asshole.

To soon she stopped and Julie lay on her stomach
wiggling her hips to rub her clit on the couch with her
legs spread hoping she would continue to fuck her ass.
The woman turned her over and pulled her down to the
end of the couch and put her feet on the floor spread
far apart. Something was placed at the anal opening and
slid in her ass slowly, Julie moaned and picked her
feet up pointing them up towards the ceiling so what
ever it was could go deep.

She was told to hold them right there and there was
movement but she couldn't see so she held them up and
the object in her ass tried to slip out as nothing was
holding it . She tried to grip it and keep it in but
couldn't do much except slow it down. She heard
something being moved and it sounded like there were
more people in the room and she thought it was mother
and the man. Something was placed around her ankles and
they were pulled up and held and some one else or two
others took her hands and placed something on the
wrists and they were bound by a soft rope under the

Julie said mother, and her mother answered right by her
face that it was alright just relax and enjoy this last
time. Then lips closed over her nipple and it was
sucked as Julie sighed and then a bigger sigh as a
second mouth claimed the other nipple. As she lay bound
and spread open for anything Julie realized that this
was exciting it was a thrill to be helpless and just
waiting for some one to do anything they wanted to her.
Then the third person was back at her crotch and the
object was reinserted in her ass and she cried out in
passion as it was fucked into her and moved around.
Then something was put on it to hold it in her and
suddenly it began to vibrate, a gentle vibration but in
her ass it vibrated all her sex organs.

They lay there twisting and rotating her ass the
sucking of her nipples creased and the man said to her
mother that he needed to fuck her and she answered yes
I need it too. Suddenly Julie felt alone as there was
no sound except the gentle buzz of the vibrator but she
was happy as this was great! For ten minutes she lay
trying to be still but unable to for very long and then
she felt the moisture running from her cunt down to the
vibrator. She began to whimper for she knew that she
was going to cum but she wanted some one to kiss her,
lick her, or suck her clit, do something to her!

Then some one did lick her cunt, a big tongue licked
the bottom all the way to the top and across her clit.
Julie moaned loudly, "Oh yes lick me I'm cumming! Oh
god, I love it keep on licking me." And she did cum and
she could hear bare feet running on carpet towards her
and someone said oh my god. And the man said no don't
stop him look she loves it.

She heard all this but it didn't register in her mind
what it meant for the more she came the harder the
licking was and the tongue was spreading her cunt lips
open and going in her slit, partly in her cunt and all
the way up the slit almost pulling her clit out of her.

But when she finally began to reach the end of her
climax and settle down she could tell a little more
about what was going on and she realized when she heard
her mother say that makes me hot fuck me like a dog
would the man answer, certainly my pleasure, and tell
his wife to get on the floor and let her finish you and
all three were not where the licking of her cunt was
taking place that someone else was licking her.

Then she recognized the sound of a dog tongue lapping
and she knew that it wasn't someone else licking her,
it was the dog!!!!! Julie cried out but no one came to
stop him and she couldn't wiggle away no matter how
hard she tried and the licking was taking her to
another climax and she just lay still and let him have
her cunt. She began to cum again and the dog licked
faster to lap up the cum and she came over and over
until she was giving out and beginning to lose
consciousness and just lay limp and her mind kept
saying stop him stop him but the words coming faintly
from her lips were oh yes oh yes it's so good. Just as
she slipped into the darkness she heard the woman say
to the man and her mother, she loves it look at her she
loves it.

Julie felt the cashmere on her stomach and she smiled
in her half awake state, and said thank you. But
something was wrong the cashmere was on her breasts and
her stomach and on her cunt and clit. Then the dog
tongue was licking her breasts in big broad strokes and
she felt some thing hot and wet hit her stomach and a
hot hard cock rubbed her leg and went to her crotch.
The hot wetness sprayed her cunt again and again, then
the hard hot cock hit her cunt, the dog had mounted her
and was going to fuck her!

She yelled, "Oh no! Get him off me! He's going to fuck
me!" The woman turned and looked and jumped out from
under mother's mouth and ran to get the dog. The man
pulled out of mother and came to help he had seen the
dog mount Julie but was going to let him break her
cherry then he could fuck her since it was already

They got the dog off her and began to loosen her
bounds, mother who was near a climax her third, crawled
to Julie not knowing what had happened and said some
one fuck me I'm almost there, don't leave me like this.
The woman said to her as she was having trouble holding
the dog away from Julie as he had intended to make her
his bitch and give her his seed, to suck Julie's nipple
and she would take care of her. And when her mother
whimpered and started the woman led the dog to mother's
ass and let him smell the fresh fucked cum scent and
then snapped her fingers, he mounted quickly and with
the woman's guiding hand on his cock he was embedded to
his furry sheath in her cunt.

"Oh no it's hot, it's burning me, oh no oh no,
aaaahhhh. Oh he's fucking me, he's fucking meeee."

The woman kneeling at mother's side reached for her
hanging and swaying tits and rubbed them for a while
finally saying to her, "It's good isn't it? He can fuck
you faster than any man can, and he'll spray you with
lube and it'll be hot and you'll love it. Don't you
love the way it feels in you?"

Mother answered, "Oh yes, it's wonderful. I never knew
it could be like this. Oh it's so good I going to cum!"

As she was cumming on the dog's thrusting cock and
whimpering, the man was turning Julie over to her
stomach and removing the vibrator and as she sighed he
immediately plunged his cock in her ass turning her
sigh into a moan of passion. As the dog fucked her
cumming mother and the man fucked Julie's ass the woman
slipped the blindfold from Julie's eyes and told her to
watch as her mother became a dog loving bitch.

Julie looked at her mother on her hands and knees with
the big white dog mounted on her back and his rear
haunches hammering into her ass, she had her head down
and it swayed from side to side and her body jerked
each time the dog humped and her tits swung back and
forth and bounced with each one. Her mother was
constantly whimpering and she could hear her
whispering, "So good, oh it's so good."

Julie was cumming also and she wanted to be fucked in
her cunt she was tired of waiting it must be good if a
dog could make you cum just from licking it. And it was
obvious that her mother loved having a dog in her cunt
so anything in a cunt must be good.

The woman said to mother to spread her legs wide as she
could and let the dog get his knot in her cunt, it
would feel good and then he could pump her full of hot
cum and it would be much more than a man could come.
Mother moved her knees apart and moaned as the dog cock
went in a little deeper and he got faster.

Suddenly mother cried out, "It's too big!" But the
woman held her hips and pushed against the dogs ass and
mother almost screamed as the knot entered her cunt and
her head dropped to the floor and she humped back
against the hammering dog saying, "It's big, it's too
big. Oh I love it! Fuck me forever doggy, fuck me!"

Julie was still cumming and she was getting turned on
from the cock in her ass and from watching her mother
being fucked by a dog and now begging for it.

Then Julie's dream got mixed up and she was being
fucked by a dog while being tied to a tree and the dog
came in her and she had puppies, six of them. She then
switched, a black dog had her cornered in the house and
no one was there to help her and the dog knocked her
down and she tried to keep him away from her throat but
he didn't want to kill her.

He ripped her clothes away and licked her until she
came and begged him to fuck her and when she got to her
hands and knees he did fuck her and inserted his knot
in her and she was helpless then just lay her head on
the floor and her ass up as he pumped her full of dog
cum but the knot didn't go down and he fucked her again
and again until finally Harry came home but he said if
he killed the dog they would never get the cock out of
her as the knot would remain big. If he tried to force
it out it would tear her cunt apart that she would have
to just let him fuck until he was finished and the knot
went down to free her.

She stayed in the kitchen on her hands and knees all
night while the dog fucked her and filled her with cum.
The next morning Harry called and told the school that
she couldn't come to work she was hung up with a dog
cock. He went to work and she was fucked to lunch time
and the dog finally released her. He licked himself
clean and went and got in the bed.

She took a shower and a douche and went to get some
rest the dog moved over and she lay down beside him and
went to sleep. Just before it was time for Harry to
come home the dog woke her by licking her cunt and she
got hot and got on her knees again and he mounted her
and gave her his hot cock again but this time he
wouldn't knot with her and she begged him for it and
humped back trying to get it until finally she promised
to be his bitch anytime he wanted her and he locked her
with it again and pumped her with hot cum.

When Harry came home and saw them on the bed he knew
she had to have let the dog take her again and he said
he wanted a divorce he couldn't share his wife with a
dog. When he left the dog released her and went and
drank water from the toilet came back and licked her
face like he was kissing her and mounted her and
knotted with her again. Julie cried with joy as she
came from the hot doggy cock.

Then she was on the front entry naked laying on the
coffee table on her back and Jimmy and David had tied
her hands to the legs and her legs were spread and she
could see cars going by and people stopping and looking
as the two brought a dog and let him lick her until she
begged them to let the dog fuck her and they wanted to
prop her head up and take pictures as she was being a
dog's bitch and she agreed if they wouldn't let anyone
see them and they said only those who saw her and they
propped her head and told the dog to make her his bitch
and he did hitting her cunt on the first try and
fucking her to seven cums one after another and then
knotted her and gave her his load of sperm.

Jimmy and David had pictures and they were selling them
to the people in cars that went by. Some said they
wanted to see it up close and personal so they came up
with a price and people would walk up and watch as
Julie shuddered through a cum and then the dog would
rest and they would get down and look at the knot
budging her cunt lips from the inside and when they
left and another came the dog would fuck her like a
jack hammer for them. Finally a big crowd had gathered
and Jimmy told them that for another ten dollars the
dog would fuck her to climax and then when she begged
he would pump his cum in her cunt until it ran out and
she would be full.

The money was collected and he told the dog go boy fuck
your bitch and give her puppies. And the dog fucked her
and she held out as long as she could but finally
succumbed and as she climaxed she begged him to give
her his puppies so the world would know she was his
bitch and he howled as he filled...

Julie woke up sweating and she was crying and she was
lying on her back humping up and saying fuck me, fuck
me and give them to me make me yours. Harry was trying
to wake her gently without scaring her and he was

"It's ok baby, it's just a bad dream, every things
alright. Sit up and I'll go get you some water. Baby
look at me, are you sick, do you feel ok? It was just a
dream, tell me your ok."

Julie nodded her head and wiped her eyes with her hand
they were wet with sweat, tears, or both. Harry got up
and went to the bathroom and came back with a glass of
water and a wet cool cloth. She drank several swallows
and he wiped her face with the rag and then her
shoulders and arms to cool her.

"What was wrong, why were you moaning and you were
crying was something hurting you?"

"I-I'm not sure, it's like, it was like we were in
another world," Julie remembered when she awaken she
was saying fuck me, god what did Harry hear. "We were
making love and something was taking our money from the
bed and... and you didn't see them and I was trying to
make them stop but I couldn't get out from under you. I
don't know it was so mixed up and so weird. I just want
to forget it."

"It's ok baby, don't worry about it. Most likely you
went to sleep after we made love and me going out of
town was on your mind and it all just jumbled up in
your dream. But it's all over now. I hope you aren't
worried about me going over there for a week at a time,
it you tell me and I won't do it."

"No sweetheart, this is your chance and I want you to
take it and make the most of it. I'm so proud of you,
you have worked hard and you deserve this promotion and
the raise and Mr. Grey knows it also or he wouldn't
have chosen you. And we will be alright here, Jimmy has
the baseball camp, a good thing for him at this time
and I have the presentation to do and good friends to
hang out with. Everything will be okay. We will just
have to adjust a little. Please don't turn down this
opportunity just because of a silly dream. Promise me,

"Ok, but you promise me that if anything isn't working
that you will immediately let me know and we will do
what ever is necessary to restore our lives, the three
of us are a lot more important than a promotion and
more money. Promise?"

"Of course, you know I always run to you at the least
sign of problems. You are my rock."

Harry kissed her and wiped her face again, he told her
that he was going to turn on the coffee and for her to
use the toilet because he was going be in there for a
while reading. Julie asked what time it was and he said
about twenty minutes before I have to get up, so I may
as well stay up. She said me too. And they went to
kitchen and toilet and in a few minutes swapped.

Julie was sticky but she sneaked a little coffee as it
was making and sat down at the counter. She was still
shaken by her dream but she should have known that just
because you try to forget bad things or things you
aren't proud of it doesn't mean they went away. As she
rethought her dream she had to admit that she had been
jealous of her mother's apparent ecstasy as she was
under the dog.

After that last visit with the couple, it was her last
visit, mother continued to visit them sometimes twice a
week, Julie started going out with Harry on Friday
nights, Saturday nights and all day Sunday they were
together. The other nights she and mother slept
together and loved each other to relieve the sexual

Within a month she had given her ass to Harry's cock
but wouldn't let him even stick his finger in her cunt.
Then the shock came, mother bought the dog home with
her after a visitation. The couple were going out of
town and she asked if she could keep him instead of
putting him at the boarding kennel.

When Julie got home that Saturday night she heard them,
mother and the dog, in mother's room and from the
slapping and moaning it was no secret what they were
doing. Julie went in and watched as the dog fucked her
to three climaxes and then helped hold him in her cunt
until his knot went down. Every night for two weeks
this went on and mother didn't need Julie any more but
Julie needed something.

She was coaxed into letting the dog lick her to orgasm
and now every night she was being brought to a
satisfying cum by the dog and then lay and watched as
her mother was fucked nearly insane by the big white
dog and she wanted it also. Sometimes as she watched
her mother cumming as the dog spurted into her she
would shake all over from her desire to give him her
virgin cunt or give it to Harry and then the dog could
take her every night.

Julie was shivering as she sat naked at the counter
remembering. But she wasn't shivering from memories,
she was shivering because she now was going to get her
opportunity to cum from a dog's cock and the jack
hammer fucking driving the knot in her and being
sprayed with hot dog cum. She was going to be a dog's

Julie jumped up and hurried to the bathroom and jumped
in the shower turning on the water and washing fast she
had felt the moisture seeping from her cunt and then
down her leg as she walked. When she was clean she
turned the water to cold and when she couldn't stand it
any longer turned it to hot and let it turn her skin
red before cutting it off and drying.

"Baby, the coffee should be ready by now, do you want
some in there?"

"Sweetheart, you are a life saver, I am about to pass
out in here, a coffee would sure be nice."

She went to the kitchen and poured him a cup and took
it back to the bathroom telling him it was beside the
door but not to open it until he heard her shut the
door to the bathroom. He said why, I don't smell. Julie
laughed and said well maybe not but I'm not checking to
see. Julie went to the bedroom and got her short gown
and slipped it on it didn't have any buttons or zippers
or hooks for Harry and Jimmy to cut off or tear up. It
simply slipped over her head and had two straps to hold
it up showing lots of cleavage and came down to about
four inches below her cunt so that when she bent over
her cunt, asshole, and most of her cheeks were visible.

Then it was to the kitchen drinking coffee and fixing
breakfast, she heard the toilet flush and seconds later
the shower came on. Checking the clock she poured a
glass of orange juice and took it to Jimmy's room. He
was up and making the bed, giving him the juice they
said good morning and he set the juice on the night
stand and took her hand pulling her closer and they
kissed. Julie asked him if he slept good and he said
yes as his hand went under the gown and he palmed her
ass cheek.

Julie smiled at him and asked if he was horny already.
He kissed her and slipped his fingers into the crack of
her ass and down to touch her ass hole. He told her he
didn't get any love last night and he needed some this
morning and pulled her closer. Julie didn't resist, she
wondered if it was written on her forehead that she
liked for her ass to be penetrated for he did it almost
every time they got together alone.

His finger was slowly working into her anal passage and
she was melting into his body and wanted to be fucked
in the ass bad.

"Baby, can you wait until later we should have time if
we do everything that needs to be done after

"Sure mom, don't have any other choice, can you wait?"

"Only if I have to, but we mustn't forget that Mrs.
Johnson will most likely stop by for coffee so we can't
fool around. Let me go and get breakfast."

Jimmy pushed his finger a little deeper and Julie
whimpered and spread her legs placing her arms over his
shoulders and laying her head against his. He took
advantage of her submission to his anal finger fuck and
with his other hand pulled her cheeks apart and slipped
it in to the second knuckle and wiggled it around .
Then he slowly pulled it out and Julie moaned at the
loss. He whispered in her ear, after breakfast on the
coffee table. Then he kissed her cheek and when she
raised her head he kissed her lips and she was on fire
kissing him and rubbing against his body. He led her to
the hall and went in the bath room for a shower and she
went to the kitchen on shaky legs.

Julie was hot now and she didn't want to fix breakfast,
but she kept telling herself that Harry was leaving and
she needed to have a good meal for them. She went to
some extra trouble putting the batter in the blender
and whipping it so the pancakes would be light and
fluffy and was just about half through cooking them
when Jimmy came in the kitchen. He looked at the
pancakes and smiled as he felt of her ass, she smiled
back and said set the table. Jimmy not only set the
table he took care of the drinks even poured coffee in
cups for them and milk for his self. As they were
finishing Harry came in and said good morning son, and
that the pancakes sure did smell good.

They sat down and ate and when they were finished Harry
said well if you two can help me get my stuff to the
truck I better be on my way. After he was loaded they
said the proper goodbyes and he and Julie kissed a long
time and Harry was on his way. Julie and Jimmy went
back inside and he held the door for her and locked
after they were in. He made Julie sit down and finish
her coffee and he started cleaning up the kitchen.

Soon Julie was up and together they had every thing
going and straighten up, Julie got some coffee and when
she walked to the counter she saw a paper towel lying
on the floor and she looked at Jimmy who pretended to
not notice but she knew he had dropped it there on
purpose so she would bend over in that short gown. She
did and kept her legs straight so that the gown rode up
in back and everything was in view. Julie stayed bent
over and looked around at Jimmy and shook her ass at

She straighten and went to the trash container and
placed the paper towel in it and walked back him and
said don't waste paper towels and pulled the gown off
over her head. She turned and walked to the bathroom
and got the tube of lube and came back giving it to him
and unbuttoned his shorts and let them fall to the
floor as she removed his shirt. As she suspected he was
naked underneath and she took his cock in her hand and
led him to the coffee table where she kneeled at the
end and kissed it as it rose from a half mast to full

Jimmy was just standing there so she took the tube
opened it and squeezed a little on the cock head and
spread it with her finger just on the head. Julie
turned and lay on the table and spreading her legs as
far as she could.

"Fuck your slave in the ass lover, she is ready to take
your beautiful cock as deep as it will go, make her cum
while you pound her ass. But put it in slow give it
time to stretch and adjust."

Jimmy put a little lube on his finger and kneeling
behind her rubbed it on her asshole and pushed some
inside as he inserted the finger into her ass again.
Julie sighed as the finger slid in her and he wiggled
it around she was looser this time. And she wanted it
but she wanted his cock so she would be stuffed. But
Jimmy seemed to enjoy just fingering her ass she tried
to hump and get it deeper but he wouldn't give her more
than just the first knuckle about one inch. She was
getting frustrated until she realized he was doing it
on purpose and she would soon find out what it was he

"Fuck me baby, we don't have much time to play."

She expected him to tease her and then make her do
something or tell him something so she was surprised
when he removed his finger and his cock pressed against
her ass hole and he slid it in slowly as she had asked.
Julie sighed again and placed her head on the table
turned so she could lay and relax. When he was in all
the way and pressed against her ass he just held it
there as Julie mewed and wiggled against him.

"Is it good to you, it is like heaven to me?"

"Yes it is good, you know that I love you in my ass. I
want it all the time but also in my cunt, you need two
cocks and fuck me both ways at the same time, lover."

"Did you look at the pictures and read the material?"


"When we get the dog you will know what to expect, are
you looking forward to being fucked by a dog?"

"I don't know, it sounds like it would be good but it
might not be like it is described. It's a little scary.
Fuck me a little lover. Fuck your slut."

"We will have the dog soon, maybe tonight and we can
let you become acquainted with him for a while before
you give yourself to him. Then you will be his bitch."

"Fuck me, please. I love this but I want to be fucked
so bad."

"Does thinking about the dog fucking you make you hot?"

Julie whimpered, she was caught again in the desire to
give in but not wanting to admit that she wanted to be
fucked by the dog. But she knew he was going to make
her say it and she wanted to be fucked in the ass and
made to cum from that plus she really did want to
experience the ecstasy that she witnessed her mother
having with the dog.

"Yes, it makes me hot. I have agreed to let the dog
mount me, put his cock in my cunt, and take his knot. I
am going to do it because I know you want me to. I gave
myself to you to do with as you wished, to take me to
new experiences and make me do things that I wouldn't
normally do. You have made me pose for pictures naked,
exposed with my legs spread, and you made my nipples
hard and my cunt wet.

"You bought me to the brink of cumming and took
pictures of me, then you gave me to David while I was
hot and desperate to be fucked. When you get the dog I
will give myself to him, I will be his bitch while you
watch. All this I have done and will do because I am
your slut and love any thing you do or make me do.
Please don't tease me any longer fuck my ass and make
me cum."

"I need to hear you say you want to give your self to
the dog so that I will know you are willing and really
want to be fucked by a dog."

"Yes lover, I want to be fucked by a dog, I wanted to
feel his hot cock in my cunt, I want to be stretched by
his knot and have it in me, and then be filled with his
cum and be his bitch until he releases me from the tie.
I want you and David to be there and watch me be his

"And if you like it will you do it again and again
while we take pictures and make movies so we can watch
them together?"

"Yes as many times as you want over and over."

Jimmy eased his cock back and then forward and Julie
whimpered. She was on the verge of cumming from all the
talk of fucking a dog and having to admit that she
wanted it and she wanted to cum more than once if he
would just start fucking her. She would agree and
promise anything just to get her ass fucked and cum.

She began to hump against him and whimpered and Jimmy
got a little stronger with his movements but there was
one more thing he needed to get from her before he came
in her ass. He pulled out half way and then back in and
kept doing it that way. Julie cried out in joy and met
him on each plunge with a backwards thrust as she felt
the ache start moving towards her cunt.

"Come for me now and then again as soon as you can so
you will be satisfied until dinner time. Tell me what
you will do for David and I for getting you a dog to
fuck you."

That kicked Julie over the edge and she began to cum,
moaning as she felt the splashing inside her cunt plus
the friction inside her ass.

"Oh yes, yes, yes. Fuck me! I will cum for you while
the dog fucks me and beg for more and if he locks me
with his knot I will suck both of you until he releases
me and let you fill my stomach with your cum. Oh this
is so good, I'm going to cum again! Yes oh my yes, and
while the dog rests you can fuck me any way you want,
cunt, ass, or mouth. And I will take him again and
again until he can no longer fuck me, all night if he

"And you will pose for pictures of all this, close ups
of the licking, mounting, fucking, the knot outside you
and the knot inside you with cum dripping from your
cunt lips. You will play with his cock and suck it to
make him hard so he can mount you until he can no
longer get hard and big."

Julie moaned from the impending climax as she mentally
pictured herself under the dog and him pounding into
her as she remembered how her mother had cum and cum.
So exhausted she could hardly hold herself on her all
fours but still begging for the dog to fuck her one
more time.

"Yes what ever you want, pictures, movies, fucking,
sucking, I will take the dog's cock as many times as he
can and suck you until you can't cum any more. Just get
the dog for me and let him have me I will be his bitch.
I will be a dog's bitch for you.

"No, you will do it because that is what you want, you
want to be a dog's bitch, you want to feel his hot cock
in you, fucking you, making you cum and cum as he knots
with you and fills you with his seed. You want a dog
for your stud that will make you his bitch and take
your cunt for his anytime he wants it. You will always
get on your hands and knees for him and take his cock
and knot, you will never turn him down for you are his
bitch and want to be a dog's bitch. Say it while you
cum from thinking about it."

"Oh yes, it's making me cum from wanting it now, I want
to be fucked by a dog, I want to be knotted and take
his seed and will be his bitch any time he wants to
fuck me, I will never turn him down. I belong to him
and will let him mount me anytime and take his cock and
knot. Please get me a dog please, I want to feel him in
me so bad. Ohhhhhh, fuck me like a dog would, I'm
cumming again."

Now Jimmy began to slam into Julie's ass the way she
liked it and she rocked back to meet every thrust,
moaning and gasping as she began to cum, not regular
cums but a big one and she mumbled at almost every
ejaculation, yes like a dog, like a dog.

Jimmy slammed into her ass and held it there as the cum
shot into her ass and she could feel the warm fluid in
her intestine and she squealed rotating her hips to
enjoy it and to help him give her lots of it. Slowly
they stopped moving and Julie lay still with a smile on
her face as she now had reached that satisfied feeling
that she got when she was fucked to multiple cums and
knew she had given her lover the best he had ever
Jimmy leaned over and lay on her back and flexed his
cock in her ass a few times and whispered in her ear
that this was close to what it felt like to be tied
with a dog with his knot inside and spurting his cum in
her. Julie cooed and whispered back it's good.

But soon they had to get up and he pulled from her ass
with a slurping sound and she smiled at the feeling of
being empty again and knew she wouldn't get it like
that for a few days as they both would be tender. Jimmy
headed for his shower and she stumbled to her toilet
grabbing a bottle of douche from the vanity, half was
for one opening and half for the other.

Then she hit the shower and washed her hair and every
thing, she had to smell fresh in case Charlie came
through. Jimmy hurried and when he got out drying
himself he heard her shower running and he grabbed the
phone in the kitchen and dialed David's number. It was
a quick call and he hung up and went to his room and
redressed in his school clothes.

He got his backpack and checked the living room,
getting Julie's gown and taking it to her room, he went
out to the car and put his stuff in it and started back
to the house. A horn blew and he saw it was Mrs.
Johnson coming for her coffee. He turned and went back
to the drive leaving the garage door open and when she
stopped he opened her door and said good morning and
got a great look at her legs as her dress was almost to
her crotch.

Emily smiled and said good morning noting where his
eyes were before they jumped to her face, she thought
well I haven't completely lost all my charm. She was
glad that he was outside and she pulled her dress up
when she blew the horn to see if he would hang around
to watch her get out of the car. As she twisted the
dress showed a lot of thigh but she pretended not to
notice and Jimmy extended his hand to help her get out.

"Thank you Jimmy, that is very gentlemanly of you. I
was afraid that all the gentlemen had disappeared but
there is one left." Emily kissed him on the cheek close
to the corner of his mouth. He didn't flinch or shy
away in fact she could have sworn he leaned towards her
just a little. He didn't wipe at it either.

"Thank you Mrs. Johnson, I think I will meet you out
here and open your door every morning for a reward like
that. Mom, is the bath room as usual and your coffee is
still in the pot but maybe cool now. Tell her I will
check everything outside and be in the car reviewing
lessons and schedules."

Finally he let go of Emily's hand and she went towards
the front door thinking that he had a lot of the humor
in him like Julie and Harry. And he was developing that
same assuredness that they had and she could still feel
his fingers rubbing the palm of her hand as he briefly
held it. That boy was going to be a heart breaker in a
short time, wonder if he would like to break her heart.
Shame on you, Emily she whispered and giggled.

She got her coffee and put it in the microwave and
waited. Julie's voice came from the bathroom over the
sound of the hair dryer, "Jimmy are you ready, if you
are warm a cup of coffee for Emily, she should be here

She went back to the bathroom and peeped around the
door and sure enough Julie was sitting at the vanity
with the hair dryer and a brush, naked as the day she
was born.

"Tomorrow I'm bringing my dildo and rape you and it
will be your fault for teasing me every morning with
that honey sweet body. It's just not fair for you to be
that beautiful."

"God, Emily, you scared me half to death, where's Jimmy
he can't hear you can he?"

"No, he must have been peeking in here, he was leaning
against the garage playing pocket pool when I drove up!
He said to tell you that he would check everything
outside and be in the car going over his lessons. How
did you get such a wonderful son?"

"Emily stop that he wouldn't do anything like that."

"All boys and most men do it all the time."

"Emily, I'm talking about peeking at me. You have a
dirty mind all you think of is sex."

"Yeah, and it's wonderful too."

"God, you're in a special mood this morning. I suppose
that's my fault too."

"Of course it is you wonderful creature, you saved me
from a life of nothing and now I am the happiest woman
alive. I love you." Emily had walked over and she put
her hand on Julie's shoulder.

Julie looked at her and saw that she wasn't teasing or
joking. She stood up, "It makes me happy to see you so
happy. I can't take credit but it is like a miracle
happened to you. I love you also." Julie leaned to her
and kissed her lightly on the lips. "Oh, I hope that is
non smear lipstick you have on I have already put on my
make up." She turned to check in the mirror.

"I don't know, didn't check, but I hope so or you're
going to be mad as hell when you see Jimmy."

"Emily! You didn't kiss him did you? You did! What am I
going to do with you?"

"It was innocent, I swear it was, he came and opened
the car door for me and smiled and told me good morning
and then helped me out of the car. He was the perfect
gentleman so I just had to reward him, you know that
you should reward children when they respond correctly.
And I didn't have any suckers. So..."

"Oh, I'm never going to live to see him grown, I will
go crazy trying to keep you out of his pants. You don't
know these Cole men, they will charm you right out of
your clothes being such perfect gentlemen all the time.
You'll be like oh my he couldn't have meant to
ejaculate in my vagina it was a accident I'm sure."

Julie got her eyebrow brush and leaned close to the
vanity mirror and brushed her eyebrows lightly. She
knew that this position made her breasts hang and her
ass to thrust out. And Emily did also, she stepped
close to her and looked over her shoulder at her face
and breasts in the mirror and her hand rested on
Julie's ass.

"Julie, seriously I do love you, I'm sorry that we
haven't had time to get together. I'll missed you
terribly and when I see you I want to run and kiss you.
And now I want to kiss you all over and a lot on your
tits and cunt but we never have time."

Julie turned and looked at Emily and then they were in
each other's arms and kissing each other's lips.

"Baby, I love you too. And I miss being alone with you,
being intimate and loving each other. I want to see you
naked and know that I can do anything I want with you.
I never feel embarrassed when I'm naked, like now, in
front of you because I know that you would never hurt
me or say anything to hurt me. I love you and I want to
love you and you love me. It's strange because I only
feel that way about you and Sarah. I don't understand
it but I accept it because it makes me feel good."

Emily nodded but didn't say anything as she was a
little choked up with her emotions. They hugged and
then moved away from each other. Still they looked at
each other and smiled as they both understood without
having to explain.

"You trying to get a raise or just want to kill
everyone at school? I guess you're going to go like
that since you never seem to be dressed unless I come
back and help you."

"It's just an excuse to keep the air conditioner turned
up, Harry so tight with our money we have to go naked,
it saved utility bills and clothing."

"Oh boy, Harry and Jimmy naked! I'm moving in this
afternoon, won't be bringing any clothes just a
toothbrush and a dildo for you in case you need relief
while sleeping in the laundry room."

"You gonna need relief if you don't stop lusting after
my men. Help me get dressed, I'm got to tell you about
Harry and also Jimmy. They both going to leave me."


"We'll talk after I get dressed if we have time but it
can wait until we can get together."

"No it can't! We're not going anywhere until you tell
me and right now! You smiled, you're teasing me!"

"Gottja, now you know how it feels, it feels good to
me. But I do have news, come on and I'll tell you."

Julie explained about Harry's new position and being
out of town and Jimmy's chance to go to baseball camp
for a week during spring break. She was dressing and
trying to pick something that would look good for her
after school appointment and decide on what heels to
wear. She wanted to be sexy but not look cheap. Finally
she was ready and checking the clock she saw that they
were early and she asked Emily did she want some more
coffee or go. Emily said that's not a hard decision
coffee and you or school and work, so they sat down at
the counter and talked some more drinking coffee and
wishing they had a donut.

They went out to their cars and said that they needed
to get together and include Sarah. Julie asked if Sarah
had all the secret ingredients for the hamburgers and
Emily said she would ask. Then they parted and left for
school. Julie and Jimmy stopped at David's house and
picked him up.

Julie felt a little strange and on edge as she
remembered how they had taken advantage of her the
afternoon before, tying her hands and sucking her tits
with their fingers in her cunt and what they had
planned for tonight. She no longer felt like a mother
making sure her child and his friend got to school.
Some how she felt like they were in control and she was
only free until they decided that they wanted her body

"Mrs. Cole will you have some more things ready for me
to scan this evening? I finished all the reports and
here is your folder."

"Yes David, I hope to have time to do some of the
explanatory remarks by lunch and will bring them home.
How did the reports look on the computer?"

"They looked good the border really sets them off.
Mention to Mr. Hale about the pictures, it would be
nice to get them and get that out of the way."

"I will."

Reaching school they parked and went separate ways and
Julie talked to Mel for a few seconds and then went in
her small office and went to work. She was making great
headway on the teacher's reports and thinking about
what and how to say the remarks and she felt like she
could get some done today. Mr. Hale came in and
straight to her office speaking to Mrs. Lucas and
Darlene as he went by. He greeted her and asked how was
things going and she told him very good and they needed
the pictures from the photography class if he could
talk to them today. He said he would go and do that
right now.

Then he leaned over and whispered that everything was
taken care of for this afternoon. She asked if the
meeting place was still good and he said perfect. Julie
smiled at him and said see you there. He nodded and
went out to see the photography teacher.

Julie continued to work, her method of entry was aiding
her speed as she didn't have to search around for entry
as everything was in order of last names by class,
Julie was a very organized person in everything, except
sex. A little after ten Mrs. Lucas came to her door.

"Julie, you are working way to hard! I came to make
sure you were okay in here. You need to take a break,
girl! Stand up and stretch you will be hump backed from
sitting there and pounding on that machine. Come and
get a cup of coffee, I just made a fresh pot."

"Thank you Mrs. Lucas, I will, let me finish this

Julie made the last few entries and got up and went to
the pot. Mrs. Lucas and Darlene were there pouring them
a cup and filled hers also. As she stood there waiting
for it to cool she noticed that they were glancing at
her and then looking at each other.

Darlene: "I don't think so!"

Mrs. Lucas: " Me either, dare we ask?"

Julie: "What are you talking about, is something wrong
with me? Are my clothes alright? Every things buttoned
isn't it?"

Mrs. Lucas: "Darlene, check it out before we ask."

Darlene: "I have to get permission first, I don't want
to get clobbered. Julie can I feel of your butt?"

Julie: "What! Why! Are you two crazy, don't drink any
more coffee something is in it."

Mrs. Lucas: "See how well she handled that, damn I wish
I could think of things that quickly. I wouldn't have
so many enemies."

Darlene stepped closer to Julie and put her hand on her
butt and slid it around a little. "Nope, nothing under
there except Julie."

Julie: "You two are scaring me, what is going on?"

Mrs. Lucas: "Ok, we have to confess I guess. We looked
at you this morning and thought how beautiful you look,
as always, and how trim and tight your body is and we
were wondering if you wore undergarments to help shape
it. But we didn't think so because we can see the
muscles in your ass, er butt, working when you walk so
we wanted to ask. See if you did, then there hope for
us if you would tell us where you get them. But now all
hope is gone, we doomed to look like lumpy bean bags

Darlene: "I forgot to mention there's no panties under
there either. That's why we don't see any lines, it's
all Julie. Damn, I'm jealous."

Julie just stood there looking from one to the other.
"I can't believe this. Is my skirt so tight that you
can see all that? But I haven't gained any weight, in
fact I lost three pounds in two weeks, maybe the skirt
shrunk, oh my god, maybe my body's sagging. This is
awful. But I'm not naked, I wear thongs so that there
won't be any panty lines, french cut so that they don't
make bulges at your hips. They come up to your waist
line and there's just a strap in the back right down
the middle so that it doesn't show."

Julie twisted around putting her hand in the back and
showing them where it was. Darlene reached and felt and
said yeah I feel it, she ran her hand down following it
almost to her crack.

Darlene: "It gets smaller and smaller, doesn't it cut
you or chaff your, you know?"

Mrs. Lucas: "My mother called it a bummie, did you hurt
your little bummie."

Julie: "No, it's a very soft material and it stretches,
at first it's kind of like a new pair of shoes you know
you got it on but soon you don't notice it any more."

Darlene felt a little more, "How about the front is it
the same in the front?"

Julie: "No, it's wider in the front and the seams run
down in the hollow between your hips and thighs so that
they don't show. Feel right there, feel it?"

Darlene: "Yeah."

Mrs. Lucas: "I never seen one of those. I have to go
over in the large old women's side of the store. Don't
it cut you between the legs, Julie? What do you do
about hair do you shave it or wax it like these little
bikini bathing suits girls wear do?"

Julie: " I have to shave, waxing is like torturing
yourself and my husband can't stand the screaming."

Mrs. Lucas: "Well this has been an education for me. We
better get back to work."

Darlene: "Me too, wish I could get in this class but
nothing seems to work to make me look any way like
Julie. Maybe I could dye my hair but it still wouldn't
look like yours. You got all the good genes. Well at
least I got to feel of your butt, that will make all
these men jealous as hell when I tell them."

"Don't you dare, I would never be able to explain that
we were talking about clothing."

They all had a good laugh and Julie went back to her
office and straight to work. Darlene went to the file
cabinets and Mrs. Lucas walked over and said to her;
"Well it took you a long time to feel of those seams,
did it feel as good as it looks."

"Even better, firm and tight, just makes me want to
cry, life's just not fair!"

Julie was finished with the reports shortly and started
on the remarks. She reviewed what she had done the day
before and that gave her the flow to continue in the
same vein of thought. Again her fingers were flying
over the key board as she strived to enter the
sentences as fast as she formed them in her mind. For
the next hour Julie was really progressing and then she
heard a commotion and Mr. Hale came around the counter.

"Julie, Mrs. Evans just called and she has the
photography group on the way to the conference room
with a box full of pictures. You and I need to be there
can you turn loose? Sorry for such short notice but
we've been tied up with a small problem and I didn't
have time to come and tell you?"

"Yes sir, I can. Let me finish this sentence. Is it
possible that we could get Jimmy and David free for a
little as they should be a part of the decision as they
will do the work? They are in Mrs. Bell's class."

"Certainly and it's good to involve them and the
photography group, we need to do more of those kind of
things. Come and we'll go get them. Ladies isn't it
wonderful to have Julie here, she seems to always have
things thought out way ahead of me. I'm getting to old
for this I'm afraid."

"But Charlie, who would we have to spoil if you

"And spoil me you do. Always taking care of everything
before I think of it and then letting me get credit.
The three of you are best friends to me, my mothers,
and the only reason I come to work everyday, just to
see you!"

Julie came out of her office, she said he's just
buttering us up so we will stay motivated. Mrs. Lucas
"Take our son to the conference room and don't let him
out of your sight he might get lost, poor pitiful
thing. Charlie you are full of it today, what have you
got planned for this afternoon since you suddenly want
a afternoon off?"

"Going fishing, just going to wet my line and lie back
and rest."

Julie almost got strangled on that. They went down the
hall and Mr. Hale knocked on the door of Sarah's room
and looked through the glass. Sarah came and opened the
door smiling at Charlie and then saw Julie.

"Is anything wrong, Mr. Hale."

"No, no, Mrs. Bell. We just need Jimmy and David for a
short while and will send them right back. If that is
alright with you and doesn't disrupt anything."

"No it's fine, they are two of my best students. They
won't get behind. Is this about your presentation,

"Yes, we need to review some pictures won't take long.
That's the photography class that we are meeting with
going to the conference room. Are we set for Friday?
Call the guys first."

Sarah turned and spoke to them to leave their books and
go to the conference room. "Yes except I don't have the
mix yet, I've got to figure out how much it will take."

"Call Henry, he can help you with that, you have his

"Good idea. Here they are. Bye. Nice to see you Mr.

"Always good to see you Mrs. Bell. We need to talk,
I'll try to make time tomorrow and be in touch."

They left and went to the conference room. Mrs. Evans
and ten students were sitting and waiting . Mr. Hale
thanked the students and Mrs. Evans for coming and told
them what they were looking for and asked for their
help. He introduced Julie and said she was the person
preparing the presentation and would be delivering it
and she would have final say on what pictures would be
used and then turned it over to her.

"Thank you Mr. Hale, our presentation will contain
reports and some dialog to help explain the usage of
the reports. We wish to present it as a slide show
utilizing a laptop and a DVD all that is presently
being constructed and put together by myself and these
two young men, Jimmy Cole and David Poole. Now is when
you come in. We wish to showcase the school and
students for two reasons, both very important.

"First we wish to present our school as a place of
education where students and teachers work together to
achieve a common goal, a quality education for the
students to prepare them for a quality life after
graduation. Second that as we work together for that
goal we also establish a aural of friendship,
compassion, and genuine companionship for each other
and to carry forward in our daily living and work for
all people that we come in contact with."

Julie continued: "We can say those words, we can write
them down, and we can paint them with colors. But as
you are learning in you photography group a picture can
do it better, faster, and embed it in your memory,
never to be forgotten. We need your help and experience
to find those pictures as we feel you have them or know
where they could be made and save us a lot of time in
looking for them. I am going to let Jimmy and David
take what you give them and sort thru them and pick the
ones that they think will best convey the feeling that
we are looking for.

"First I want each of you to think of a picture of the
school building that shows it as a solid institution
without a lot of activity going on. Secondly we want
pictures of classrooms with students and teachers
working together not lectures not classroom instruction
working together. Then we want pictures of students
seeking an education, like searching for a reference
book in the library, working on projects together,
stuff like that. We need a few of students going to
their next class in the halls walking carrying books
opening lockers, etc."

"What we don't want are pictures of sports, team
pictures, students clowning around, please no
cheerleaders, and no posed study groups no posed
pictures at all. We want candid not artificial scenes.
So dump out your treasures and lets get started, Jimmy
and David will be in your midst to help and any thing
you see that might work show it to them and they will
select the ones they want to sort though. Any
questions, No well if one comes up just yell it out.
Oh, I sorry Mrs. Evans I didn't think to look behind

"Mrs. Cole could you give them an example or definition
of candid vs posed? We are trying to work on that
presently and it is hard to teach as it is an abstract

"Yes I can understand that," Julie was thinking fast
and hard trying to come up with something that would
make sense, "maybe we should try a living example. Guys
go ahead and dump your box, spread the pile so everyone
can get a handful of pictures, Ok now sort through them
remember what we are looking for but listen to me and
do exactly as I tell you. Stop, show it to the person
next to you, turn and show it to someone on the other

"Now freeze, freeze, do not move. Move only your eyes
and look at everyone you can see, look on both sides
and your front. Now this is a candid photo frozen on
the film or memory card. No one knew this picture was
going to be taken and no one posed or smiled or
anything to look good this how a candid photo should
look. Ok now every body turn to me line up and show me
the picture you hold and smile pretty. Freeze, this is
a posed picture it does not look natural because it
isn't. Does that help you understand the difference?"

"Yes Mrs. Cole." Came a chorus of answers.

"Ok go treasure hunting and find those pictures!" Then
Julie said to herself, thank god.

"Do you think that helped them to understand that a
candid picture is one where the subject is unaware that
the picture is being made, Mrs. Evans?"

"Yes that was very good, you should be a teacher Mrs.
Cole. You have the talent and you have the respect of
all the students. They look up to you and you can get
their attention and keep it. Isn't that true Mr. Hale,
she should be a teacher?"

"I agree totally, Mrs. Cole has a natural talent that
makes her a standout in whatever she does. We are
fortunate to have her with us. Julie the opening
address you just gave, well I loved it and it made me
swell with pride to be an educator. Can you incorporate
that in you opening remarks to the board, it's

"I would be happy to Mr. Hale. Jimmy, are we making
progress, David?"

"Yes looking good may have more than we can handle and
deciding which to use will be tough."

They were watching the students going thru the pile of
pictures, Julie was watching Jimmy because he and David
were getting a lot of requests for help and advice
mostly from the girls. There were seven girls and they
would go to one or the other and ask if that was what
they needed and sometimes show how it could look
cropped by covering part of the picture with their
hand. They always touched a hand, arm, or put their
hand on their back and some of these were juniors older
than Jimmy or David. Julie thought to herself that her
little boy had turned into her little man but only to
her. To others he was a young hunk! She said out loud
oh god!

"Are you alright Mrs. Cole?"

Julie whispered, "Well not really Mrs. Evans, I'm
looking at my son and I realize he is more grown than I
want to admit. And it seems to have come so fast."

"Jimmy is such a handsome young man and he is, along
with David, among the top students here plus they both
are very good athletes. Everyone likes them and looks
to them for leadership. And of course they are at that
age when they begin to react to the opposite sex
differently. You have every reason to be proud of

"Thank you, that is very encouraging. It is tougher
than I realized it would be watching your child grow
up. You want so much to keep that toddler that you
could hug and tickle and kiss on, but also you want him
to be strong, assured, and successful, which means he
must grow up."

They were both silent watching the students work using
their own methods and accomplishing their goals. Then
Jimmy held up his hands and said I surrender, stop that
is enough, don't you agree David? He answered yes more
than enough we have some great pictures here.

Julie said : "Ok then we will go with these. Thank you
very much you have been a great help and it was done in
record time. That proves that experience is a valuable
thing to have available. Remember that as you go
through life gain all the experience you can, try new
things to gain more, and always go for experience when
you need advice or anything for some reason. Goodbye
and thank you."

Jimmy and David came over with a sizeable stack of
pictures, Julie said she would take them home when she
went. She told them to go back to class and thank Mrs.
Bell for her and thanked them as they left, both giving
her a big smile and see you later. Mrs. Evans had
pulled Mr. Hale aside and was talking to him just out
the door so Julie waited for them to finish before
going out. They finished with him nodding his head as
she left.

Julie went outside as he was starting to enter and they
went towards the office, he was silent so she didn't
say anything either. When they reached the office he
followed her into her office where she piled the
pictures on her desk and got a large envelope and was
putting them in it.

"Do you want to look at these Mr. Hale, I almost forgot
that you won't get to see them maybe you could find
some that you would like to be included."

"Well, yes I would. But not to pick some, I will leave
that up to the three of you. I trust your judgment more
than my own. But I would like to look at them for
memory's sake."

Julie knew better than to try putting them on her desk,
it was close and he wouldn't be able to keep his hand
off her.

"Let's spread them on the outside counter and Mrs.
Lucas and Darlene can look at the same time. Do we have
time before lunch?"

"Yes we have time. It seems like the clock is getting
slower and slower the closer it gets."

"Ok, go tell them, oh and Mr. Hale let me leave ahead
of you so it doesn't get noticed."

He nodded and his eyes shined as he went to tell the
ladies. Julie grabbed the envelope and rushed it out to
him and said I need to make a note and turn off my
computer, spread them and I'll be right here. She
quickly typed on a new page the dialog she had given to
the students and realized it would need some editing .
She closed the computer and shut it down and returned
to the outer office where they were looking over the
pictures. As they continued to look at them and saying
oh that's a good one Darlene got one and looked at it
and said that's Tammy in a bikini are you going to use
it Julie? Then she turned it over and read something
and looked at Julie and said I don't think we were
supposed to see this one.

Julie took it from her and it was a picture of Tammy in
a very small bikini, blue, and she was smiling showing
all her teeth, straight as an arrow. Mrs. Lucas and Mr.
Hale were looking at it on each side of her and Mrs.
Lucas whispered oh my. Julie turned it over and with
very beautiful hand writing was a message that said, "I
like you a lot call me sometimes, it was signed and had
a phone number."

Julie turned it over and looked at it again and looked
at the three standing looking at her, Julie said she's
cute but I didn't see it, back on the bottom of the
pile. They all laughed and continued to look at the
pictures. Everybody had suggestions on which ones to
use and time was passing.

"Charlie it's almost most lunch bell time, if you're
going fishing you better get out of here. And you too
Julie or are you going to work again today?"

"No Mrs. Lucas, I am going home after I run an errand
and try to catch up on my house work." Julie stuffed
the pictures back in the envelope and went to get her
handbag, she told everyone bye and went to the parking
lot hearing the lunch bell ring as she went out the
door. She drove out of the parking lot and went up the
street one block and turned towards the theater. Ten
minutes later she was in the parking lot parking her
car to the side so it wouldn't conspicuous.

She locked it leaving the pictures under the seat and
walked to the restaurant next to the theater and went
in telling the hostess she was meeting someone. She sat
on the bench and waited about five minutes and then saw
Charlie pull in the parking space at the front. She
rose to meet him as he entered and the hostess took
them to a table but Charlie said they some things to
discuss could they have a spot a little more quieter
and she took them to the back table. They got seated
and glanced at the menu and when the waitress came
Charlie asked if she wanted a glass of wine.

Julie said no that tea was fine and that she wanted the
salad bar and nothing else. Charlie said that was a
good idea and he would have the same. When the waitress
left they went to the salad bar got what they liked and
came back. They ate, still not talking and Julie
wondered if Charlie was nervous or getting cold feet.

"Charlie, you are quieter than normal, is everything

"Well, yes everything is fine, but Julie I am
awestruck, still, from what you did this morning in the
conference room. I have always known that you were
exceedingly talented and could some how inspire others
to do their best and be their best. But I had never
seen you like this morning and I am just dumbfounded at
how lucky I am to have you and work with you. You were
made for things like this presentation you should be
working with a consulting company and making six figure
salaries. I think I am way out of my league and yet
here you are sitting and being so nice to me like you
always are."

"Charlie my car is just around the corner, I will go
get in it and go home unless you stop putting yourself
down. I am here because I like you, and I like you
because you like me. I hope we will find other things
that we both like this afternoon but you can't be
yourself if you are feeling down. So hurry and eat, I
want to get in your car and where ever we are going and
then I going to make you feel like you could do
anything. Ok? Does that sound good to you? Do you still
want me?"

"God yes, Julie, more than ever, I can't even begin to
explain how much. So much I really don't want to eat,
just go. I'm sorry."

"Me too, lets get out of here we can eat anytime."

Charlie was frozen for a second, he couldn't believe
his ears, she actually wanted to... to... to do the
same thing he wanted to do. Then he was up and helping
Julie out of her seat and throwing a twenty on the
table and starting out the door when the waitress ran
over and asked if everything was alright, he said yes
but we have an emergency and must leave keep the

Julie was almost laughing at his sudden change in
demeanor and had to hurry to keep up with his long
stride. When he opened the car door for her she slipped
in letting her skirt ride up and as he went around she
wiggled over to the center of the bench seat and made a
big production of fastening the seat belt as he got in.
Her skirt was barely below her crotch and Charlie saw
it right away. When he was in Julie leaned over and
kissed his cheek. Charlie had the car going and on the
street in record time, kind of like a race car coming
out of the pit.

"Where are we going Charlie?"

"It's a secret, you will have to wait and see. And you
must never tell anyone of this special place it does
not exist."

"Wow I love secrets, we're going to fantasy land."

"I'm already in fantasy land, you are my dreams come

"Thank you Charlie, that's nice of you."

They drove until they were just about out of town and
he took a left on a street where Julie had never been
before. It turned into a road that wandered around like
it forgot where it was going. Julie realized that there
wasn't going to be any traffic so she snuggled up to
Charlie and put her hand on his leg, his hand
immediately went on her leg.

Julie took his hand and moved it inside her leg and up
under her skirt to her thong covered cunt. She moved
her hand onto his cock and rubbed it with her finger
tips. The road went between two rocky steep hills and
Charlie took a hard left onto a small one lane almost a
road that went down hill half way and then followed the

"How much farther Charlie? I'm lost."

"Just a mile, I planned it this way, now you can't get
away you don't know where you are."

"Does it feel like I want to get away?"

"No it feels like heaven."

Julie could feel his cock was twice as large as it had
been. Suddenly the lane came to an end at a cabin
sitting on a small hill is some trees. Charlie pulled
up to the front and stopped and he got out and went
around to open the door for Julie, she could see his
pants sticking out in front.

He opened her door and as she slid over to get out her
skirt was up to her hips and her thong was in plain
view. With her feet on the ground she looked up at him
and smiled as he drank in the view of her outlined
cunt, she extended her hand to him and he helped her
out. Charlie couldn't wait any longer he pulled Julie
to him and kissed her lips, she returned his kiss and
pressed her body against him.

"Come on, let me show you inside."

Julie wasn't sure if he meant show her off inside, or
show himself inside or the inside of the cabin, Charlie
wasn't thinking very well right now. They went to the
entry porch and as he found the key and unlocked the
door she was looking around at the cabin. The cabin was
rustic looking but not very old it was made of wood and
reminded her of pictures of the early homes settlers

They went inside and she saw a large livingroom with a
stone fireplace leather couch and chair and one of
those couches without a back like the one she had been
tied on when the dog licked her. Julie felt her nipples
harden as she looked at it, it was perfect for fucking.
On one side was an opening to the small kitchen and a
open hall on the other. At the rear was a glass french
door and she could see a large deck.

"Charlie is there a bathroom? I could use one right

"Sure to the right in the hall, left is the bedroom."

Julie went to the bathroom and saw an old fashioned
iron tub with lions feet and a small window with white
curtains and a toilet plus a sink. She pulled up her
skirt down her thong and sat on the toilet, it
splattered and she thought it could be heard at least a
mile away. She wiped and got the small cologne spray
from her handbag and sprayed some on her hand and
patted it on her cunt and a little on her neck. She
went out and checked the bedroom and with the curtains
and scatter rugs it had a definite look of a woman's
touch. Returning to the living room she saw Charlie
mixing drinks for them.

"Thought that we would have a refresher while I showed
you the beautiful view from the deck, it's not real
strong just enough to enhance the taste."

He brought her the glass and took her arm and led her
to the back door and opened it and they went outside on
the deck. Julie stepped in a crack and stopped.

"Charlie, I've got to take my heels off, they might get
stuck in a crack, hold my glass."

She removed her heels and put them on the round table
and took her glass and they walked to the deck railing.
The view was nice, there were trees overhanging the
deck and it made the air cooler and there wasn't any
undergrowth so she could see down the gentle slope to a
small lake and a pier in the water.

"It's beautiful Charlie, so relaxing and so romantic,
you made a good choice. Is this yours? It doesn't look
like a rental cabin."

"Well, it's half mine, I have a partner in ownership.
Sometimes we come and fish and just relax but sometimes
we come alone like now, we just let each other know
that we will be using it."

As they sipped on their drinks and looked around at the
view Julie put her arm around him and he immediately
put his across her shoulder and placed his hand on her
waist. Julie snuggled closer so her breast would rub
his side.

She would look at him and where he pointed as he told
her about the lake and how it was small here but joined
two other small lakes to feed into a large lake about
mile down the small valley. That all the land was owned
by individuals and should always be free from being
populated and not many people knew it was here. Charlie
looked at her as she looked at him smiling, without her
heels she looked smaller except for her breasts, his
ribs were on fire where that one was brushing against

"God, Julie you are so beautiful, I've just got to kiss

"Hurry, I'm going crazy waiting on you to kiss me."

Charlie wrapped her in his arms and kissed her lips for
a long time. Julie gave him all of her body as she
pushed it against him and as the intensity grew in
their kiss he hear her whimper as she moved her lower
body closer and felt his cock pushing against her

"Charlie, I don't want to drink, I don't want to look
at the lake, I want you to undress me and make love to

Charlie had been hesitant, he had lost his self
confidence even though he had what he had been dreaming
about in his arms, his body knew and it had responded
his cock was ready but his mind couldn't believe that
this beautiful woman wanted his body for sex, but with
her words he had to believe and his face brighten and
his grip around her waist grew firmer. Julie saw it in
his eyes and felt it in his lurching cock, all her
efforts were being rewarded. Charlie led her back
inside and she grabbed her heels as they passed the
table. They went towards the bedroom but her eyes were
drawn to the lounge and she stopped him there.

"This looks so comfortable, we won't have to mess up
the bed. Do you have a sheet or blanket that we could
put down so we don't stick to the leather?"

Charlie nodded and went to the hall linen closet and
pulled down a sheet and came back and they spread it on
the couch. Julie walked to him and began to unbutton
his shirt then unbuckle his pants so the shirt would
come out. After the shirt was out she reached for his
zipper but Charlie could stand it no longer he had to
see what was in her clothing and he was hurriedly
working at her top's buttons and all she could was
unzip him and then wait for him to get her naked.

She had to assist a little as the buttons were small
and he was trying to work to fast, the top came off and
she turned to let him see the bra hooks and he managed
to get it unhooked and she slipped it off and turned
back to him. Charlie froze when Julie's breasts came in
view, he had dreamed of them but it was always fuzzy as
he didn't know how they looked, now he did and his
breathing got ragged.

"You're beautiful Julie! I thought you would be but
you're even more beautiful than I ever imagine

"Thank you Charlie, that's so sweet. Only two more
articles and then it's your turn, I can't wait much
longer to see you, hurry."

Julie turned her side to him where the catch and zipper
were and he got them undone, she had to wiggle a little
to get the tight skirt over her hips and she giggled as
he looked at her with his eyes widening when her thong
came into view. Julie hooked her thumbs in the thong
and took it off . She tossed it on the regular couch
where her other clothes were and stood before him naked
for the first time. Charlie was silent just stood there
looking at his dream.

"Do I look okay? Are you disappointed? Say something

"I'm speechless, I never seen anyone or anything this
beautiful in my entire life. Disappointed, you can't be
serious! How could I be disappointed in heaven? I'm
afraid to touch you, you might disappear in a mist, you
must be from heaven!"

"Oh, Charlie, you're so sweet. I wish I looked half as
good as you think I do. But don't be afraid to touch
me, I want you to, if you don't then I will be

Like two magnets they closed the distance between them
and she was in his arms pulling the shirt aside so her
breasts would touch his bare chest. Charlie's arms went
around her and crushed her against his body and both
hands went to her ass and he gripped her cheeks
delighting in the feel of her firm flesh and smooth
skin. With his hands on her ass and his lips claiming
hers, Julie plastered her lower body against his
feeling his cock pressing outward but when she tried to
rub against it the belt buckle and his zipper hurt her
and she could press back.

Charlie was trying to suck the sweetness from her lips
and Julie opened her mouth and his tongue roamed around
her lips and then to the inside of her lips. He was
going to stick his tongue in her mouth but she beat him
to it and when the tip rubbed her lower lips she sucked
it in so quickly that he thought she had pulled it from
its root.

They kissed and Charlie kept tightening his embrace
until Julie could hardly breathe, her tits were
beginning to hurt from being crushed against his chest.
Finally she pushed him away, at least got his tongue
out of her mouth he wouldn't relinquish his hold on her
ass, she was almost panting. He was not about to let
her go, this was it, now he knew what glory was for he
was there. And he had her panting for his body.

"Charlie, your belt, take it off, undress, let me see
your cock, I need it so bad, don't tease me anymore,
you want me I know you do I can feel it hard and hot
and I want it now, please."

Charlie turned her ass loose like it was hot, which it
was but not fire hot, and he grabbed his belt and it
was undone so he whipped it out of the loops and threw
it at the couch. Then he remembered how stupid he had
acted with Sarah and said to himself, be cool fool,
don't make an ass of yourself again. Take your shoes
and socks off before you get them stuck in your pants
leg and get those boxer shorts off before she sees
them. He sat down on the lounge, they called it a day
bed when he bought it, and began to undo his shoes.

Julie sat down also and watched as he tried to hurry
but not appear to hurry, but he got his shoes and socks
off and stood up and took off pants and shorts at the
same time, forgetting to unsnap the shorts almost
ripping them. When he got them off his feet and on the
couch he turned to Julie and she held out her arms to
him as he approached expecting him to help her to stand
and they could feel each other's body as they embraced.
But Charlie stopped and grabbed his pants reaching in
the pocket and getting out the condoms. He placed them
on the lounge but Julie said that they didn't need
those as she was on the pill.

He took her hands and went to his knees spreading her
legs and getting between them. He held her by the
wrists on each side of her thighs and lowered his head
and kissed her tits all around the nipples and then
directly on the nipple. Now Julie was nearing heaven,
she loved to have her nipples kissed, licked, and
sucked and that was exactly what he was doing for now
he closed his lips around her nipple and sucked it into
his mouth and as he sucked his tongue was lashing
across the nipple.

"Oh yes, Charlie, that's so good, so good!"

Charlie moved his hands back, taking hers with his, and
she had to lean back as he moved forward to keep her
nipple in his mouth. Then as he changed to the other
nipple and she twisted to make it accessible he moved
his hands behind her and still holding hers pulled her
hips forward until she was at the edge of the lounge

He sucked her nipple and teased it with his tongue and
held her hands behind her now which made her tits stick
out but she was leaning back, off balance. She tried to
move her hands but he held them tight and leaving her
nipples he began to kiss the bottom of her tits and
then the valley between her tits and down to her navel.
Julie squirmed and whimpered but he still held her
hands tightly, it was like being tied and helpless plus
teased until she would give in and be taken without
resistance and that always made Julie hot and she felt
her clit pushing out of it's hood.

Charlie pulled her hands from behind her and straight
out from her body, now she had nothing to hold her and
she had to hold the reclining position by tightening
her stomach muscles or fall back on the couch. Charlie
kissed around her navel and licked it with his tongue
tip and Julie moaned, she wanted him to do it now, fuck
her. But she felt his lips and tongue start downward.

"Oh is he going to..? She had her eyes closed. "Oh!
He's kissing my strip of hair, god he's licking the vee
between my thigh and stomach and the other vee. Oh is
he going to kiss me there, oh god, do it lick it kiss

But Charlie had stopped because he was mesmerized by
something he had never seen before, a aroused clit. He
knew women had them and that they were the ultimate
sensitive spot but he never knew they could stand up
and out or throb. He had heard that if you could lick a
clit the girl would never again refuse you anything all
you had to do was touch her and she would lay back and
let you have her body.

But you had to be careful for she was so sensitive
there that she might break your neck with her legs or
smother you when you kissed it. Hell he didn't care if
she did! He had to do it, it was calling him and
vibrating for his lips. Charlie closed his lips over
Julie's clit and sucked it.

Julie jerked like she had been hit with a fist in the
stomach, gasped, moaned loudly, became rigid, and then
fell back on the lounge. Her legs fell open as far as
they would go and she lay still except for her head
which she rolled from side to side whimpering like a
whipped child.

"Oh yes, yes, oh so good, yes do it yes oh my god, do
it to me!"

Charlie was overjoyed, all his life he had wondered if
all those things he had heard were true and they were!
She loved it! If he could make her cum she would be his
forever, she would be ready to fuck anytime he wanted
to. She would do anything for the opportunity to give
herself to him and hope that he would do this to her.
She would even beg him to kiss her again and again. And
it wasn't like he thought it would be. He was sure that
it would smell bad and taste worse and the one time he
tried it that was what it was. But Julie smelled like
honeysuckle and he hadn't tasted anything yet but he
intended to.

Charlie was going to go all the way, he gave her clit a
good hard suck and Julie moaned again loudly, he was
going to remember that, she seemed to like it even
better when he sucked hard. But now he moved from her
clit to her slit and licked it from bottom up to an
including the clit. Julie trembled all over she
couldn't believe that he was this good, she thought he
never had done this and wouldn't if you begged him to.
But he did it again and she wanted it so bad that she
raised her legs bending them at the knee and letting
them fold open as far as she could and felt the cool
air on her clit and the slit which was opening a

Charlie knew he had her now. She was giving herself to
him and she was wanting his tongue in her cunt and then
she would cum but he needed to make it a memorial
tongue fuck so that she would become his sex slave. He
repeated the upward lick and after licking her clit he
fasten his lips around it and sucked hard. Julie almost
screamed this time, she was going crazy with her lust
for him to stick his tongue inside her cunt.

Then he did again and again, he was amazed for her clit
seemed to be growing for it was longer and rigid in his
mouth and he could feel her stomach muscles jerking and
making her cunt convulse. One last time he licked and
sucked her and as she rose up trying to get more clit
in his mouth he moved down and thrust his tongue as
deep as it had length to go in her cunt.

Julie froze with her ass six inches off the lounge and
she groaned ooooohhhhh as she felt the roughness of his
tongue sliding in her and she began to cum on his
tongue holding still and only trembling with the strain
and stress of her passion. She was still, outwardly,
just trembling, but her cunt was trying to tear
Charlie's tongue out of his mouth as she convulsed and
flooded it with her secretions.

Each time her cunt muscles relaxed before the next
convulsion Charlie would withdraw and then plunge back
in her cunt, each time he did his mouth was flooded
with Julie's cum juices and this incited him to keep
her cumming. Julie was in ecstasy she was being bought
to climax after climax by his tongue as she had not
expected this and she was moaning and gasping and
thinking oh why didn't I let this man have me a long,
long time ago, he is a wonderful lover.

"Oh Charlie, you're wonderful. Yes oh my yes yesssss.
Oh I can't stop, oh don't stop don't ever stop!"

But Charlie had to stop, first his tongue was hurting
and his jaw ached, second his cock was hurting because
it was so hard and he wanted to get in her cunt, he had
delayed as she was cumming but it didn't appear she was
going to stop. He jerked his tongue from her cunt and
shut his mouth to ease his jaw, his mouth was full of
her cum and some leaked down his throat.

He quickly rose and moved her legs and hips around on
the lounge and was between them and sinking his cock in
her cunt before she realized what was happening. He
went in balls deep in one wet squishing plunge and the
heat of her cunt made him think she was going to burn
his cock up. He settled down on her slightly to her
side and when his face was close to hers Julie turned
her head and her lips met his and she opened her mouth
for his tongue. He fed it into her sucking mouth and
she got a copious amount of her cum and moaned as she

Charlie began to lift his hips pulling his cock out
about three inches and slamming it back into her making
his balls bounce against her asshole. Julie cried out
muffled by his mouth and tried to get in sync with his
plunges but just about the time she was getting there
meeting him as he came down she was overcome by another
round of climaxes and lost everything as she could only
gasp as she was buffeted by his cock and her

Somewhere in his joy at seeing her going mad with lust
and losing her lips as she thrashed her head from side
to side and being scratched by her nails on his
shoulders and back, Charlie suddenly flooded her cunt
with the biggest cum of his life. They lay still for a
while both breathing heavy and deep, both were a little
dizzy from lack of air and to much excitement.

Both of them were thinking along the same line as they
rested. Julie was pleased that he was such a good lover
and surprised that he was so dominating and making her
cum time after time as if he expected her to and would
expect to take her again, she wanted him to, take her
again and again.

Charlie was pleased that he had been able to make her
cum multiple times before he did as he was afraid that
he would be excited and lose his load before he even
got inside her. Plus he was worried that she would just
lay down and let him fuck her just to get it over with;
she would had kept her part of the bargain and could
tell him to fuck off next time he approached her. But
now she knew she had a wonderful lover and he felt like
he had conquered and enslaved her and she would want
his cock more and more. Both were on top of the world.

As they lay with his cock still encased in her wet
cunt, Julie turned her head and he was looking at her
as he slowly began to breathe regularly again. She
stretched her head a little and kissed him, he kissed

"Why are you looking at me like that, lover, we are
lovers now. Am I a mess? God, you almost fucked me to
death so you can't be critical about how I look now."

"You're more beautiful than ever Julie. I am just
soaking up all your beautiful features and storing them
in my brain. Your hair isn't even mussed and not a
blemish on your skin, you could never be a mess."

"Charlie this was wonderful, you are a fantastic lover.
I am still dizzy from your powerful loving, you took me
to new heights of joy."

Before he could answer she kissed him again and it kind
of lingered and lingered with mouths and tongues
exploring and he squirmed a little closer so that her
bottom breast was touching his chest and his hand was
massaging the other one. Julie eased her bottom arm up
and under his neck and pulled her self a little tighter
against him and lay her top leg over his hip using it
to pull his cock in her so it couldn't slip out. Julie
felt sure that he could recover and fuck her again and
she wanted him to!

When a man really could make Julie cum as Charlie just
had she wanted him again as soon as he could get it up
and then she would keep doing it until he could do it
no longer. She wanted Charlie now but she knew from
experience that she might have to wait a little while
and let him recover but she wanted to keep him hot for
her cunt.

Charlie wasn't planning anything he knew he was going
to take this beautiful woman again and soon, for he
could feel the blood surging through his body and it
was surging through his cock the same way. All he
wanted to do for the next few minutes was keep her hot
and ready to fuck. Keep her ready to cum and wanting to
cum, wanting his cock in her making her cum.

Charlie was a different man than he was this morning
when he got up. He had begun to doubt that Sarah really
was addicted to his cock since she hadn't got in touch
with him and while he needed the rest for today he had
wanted her to, expected her to call him and invite him
over for some more hot fucking. But he wanted to make
sure he was capable of giving Julie all she could ever
want for it was important to have her well fucked and
satisfied when they left here today.

So both of them had the same thing in mind and were
working for it, with that going for them they were well
on the way to success. Julie wanted one thing that she
wasn't sure that Charlie would do, he wasn't into pain
at least she didn't think so but she was willing to
lead him to giving her a little but she would have to
go slowly and not freak him out.

Keeping her hips tight against his she leaned back from
his lips and tongue. She smiled at him and looked down
at his hand on her breast massaging it. She shifted her
shoulder pressing the breast into his hand and he
pressed back and gripped a little harder, she breathed
out a soft "OW." then smiled at him and kissed him
quickly and looked back at his hand and her breast.
Just when she thought he hadn't understood he gripped
her breast hard again, she closed her eyes and let her
head fall back and whispered to him, "oh yes, lover,
that feels so good do the nipple."

Charlie shifted his fingers to grasp her nipple as she
looked down watching, he pinched it, not real hard, and
she watched. He rolled it between his fingers and then
pinched it again a little harder. Julie looked at him
and nodded her head so he would know it was okay. She
placed her hand on his bicep and rubbed it and squeezed
it then just looked at him as he looked at her eyes.

Charlie released her nipple and rolled it between his
thumb and forefinger gripping it again and began the
pressure on the hard extended nipple. Julie licked her
lips as the pressure increased and she squeezed his
bicep so he would know to continue. When he thought
that she should be wanting him to stop she smiled at
him, "Yes lover go on make me cum again."

Charlie was astounded, she was encouraging him to do it
harder and he pinched it until it was flatten between
his fingers. Julie began to moan softly, she milked his
cock with her cunt and Charlie began to extend and get
hard again. Julie milked the growing cock and wiggled
her hips as she felt it sliding deeper into her.
Charlie was almost moaning now, he felt his cock get
bigger and bigger encased in her hot wet cunt, there
was nothing in world to compare that feeling to. He was
feeling like superman, he could leap tall buildings,
stop speeding trains, and he could fuck Julie forever
for now he knew she would be his lover anytime he
wanted her and that would be most of the time. Charlie
withdrew his cock a little and then slid it back in

"Oh yes Charlie, do it to me again. I want you! My god,
you are a giant, you're big as a fire hose. You're
going to kill me with that thing but I don't care I
have to have it! Love me lover. Make me cum so many
times that I faint, fuck me Charlie show me that you
want me."

Charlie thought he could fuck her to death and he was
trying, he was pumping into her cunt it was giving out
a squishing sound from the wetness and it never crossed
his mind that he would get tired. Julie was meeting him
on every plunge and she grabbed his hand from her
breast and put it on her ass and her hand on his ass
and crushed her body against his, her mouth on his
mouth, her tits on his chest. She opened her mouth and
he gave her his tongue to suck automatically.

They went at it, maintaining the pace for half and hour
and Julie was cumming about every five minutes. They
were sweating their bodies sticking together and
sliding around after unsticking. They would break their
lips away and gasp for breath but soon would be fused
together again. Julie wanted to rest after her fourth
climax as she was feeling faint but she wanted to make
him cum so they both could relax and she wondered how
Charlie was able to do it this long without slowing and
not cum. My god, he was something, why hadn't she
fucked him long ago?

"Charlie, you are wonderful, you are the best, give me
your hot cum, let me feel it spurting in me, cum for me
lover. Fill me up with cum Charlie, I need to feel you
cumming in me so I will know you want me and that you
are making me yours with your cum."

Charlie heard her say ‘making me yours' and that was
what he wanted and he loved to hear her call him lover
now he had her, her sweet cunt was his to fuck. He
shifted his body to get a little higher and his
cockhead rubbed against her cunt walls and he felt the
baseball in his balls start out his cock to spurt in
her and he groaned as it was painful but he wanted it
and Julie felt it too as his cock swelled and then the
first splash hit her wall and set her on her cum also.

Exhausted they lay together, Charlie was tired in fact
he knew he would go to sleep if he didn't fight it so
he kept kissing Julie, eyes, cheeks, lips, ears, until
his limp cock slid out of her cunt. Then he rose up so
she could get her leg out from under his body and she
groaned when the blood started circulating though it.

Charlie slid down the lounge until he was low enough to
kiss her nipples and he kissed and sucked them as she
lay smiling and caressing his face. He placed his hand
on her cunt and caressed it in return and Julie spread
her legs to give him full access to her. She would let
him do what ever he wanted to for she was loving the
after play and she always loved to be sucked, tongued,
and kissed any where on her body. It was the perfect
way to end a great love session. But to her surprise
Charlie slid on down until he had kissed her stomach
down to her cunt and then he rose and got between her
legs with his lips and tongue at her cunt and he kissed
it and licked it getting his and her cum all over his
lips, tongue, and face.

"Charlie baby, you're so sweet, but I'm full of cum
lover, you will get it all over you. Oh god, that's so
good, no lover don't suck my clit! Ooooohhhh, you're
killing me with your loving, but don't stop, aaaahhhh,
yes, yes sweetheart I love it. Do it, do whatever you
want, I am yours to take however you want. Aaaaaggggg.
Your tongue is a foot in me baby. Don't fuck me, please
don't fuck me with your tongue... oh my poor clit is
throbbing again, you're loving me to death, go ahead I
love it I want it lover. Fuck me with it, make me take
it, oooooooww."

Charlie intended to do just that, take her, make her
cum again, he wanted her to go home so exhausted that
she wouldn't let a cock touch her. He wanted her to be
his, his to fuck whenever he wanted her, to come to him
wanting his lovemaking again, giving her body to him so
she could experience the ecstasy of his cock in her
cunt once again. Julie didn't know about all that of
course, she only knew she was getting hot from his
tongue and the sucking of her clit, she wanted it to
continue until she climaxed again.

She began to try to grip his tongue with her cunt
muscles but it wasn't long enough to go that deep and
all he could feel was the grasping at the tip. Charlie
began to rub along the sides of her cunt and moved his
hands to put one on her breast grasping the nipple and
squeezing it, the other he placed on her cunt and
spread it open with his thumb and forefinger to smash
his mouth against and go deeper. Julie wiggled her hips
to urge him as she felt the ache begin in her stomach.

Charlie was straining to get deeper in her cunt and
with her wiggling and the slickness of her wet and
dripping slit his hand slipped and he tried to push it
back up to spread her cunt lips and his little finger
touched her asshole. He didn't realize it and wondered
why she stiffened and stopped wiggling and moaned
loudly. Then Julie hunched her ass back at his finger
and it touched a little deeper and she moaned again,
Charlie felt it slip in her ass just a little and then
he knew that she was moaning for finger. He wiggled his
finger and she gave out a grunting moan, hunching
against it. Charlie was surprised but he should have
known by now that Julie was one surprise after another.

He hesitated as he decided whether or not to test and
see if she really wanted his finger, then he pulled
away from her cunt and kissed it and moved to the clit
taking it between his lips and sucking. At the same
time he slid his thumb in her cunt and his finger about
one inch in her ass. Julie groaned out a long
"Aaaaahhhhh!" as she dug her heels into the lounge and
lifted her hips off the lounge about three inches.
Charlie sucked harder on her clit remembering that she
seemed to like it, then slid his finger deeper into her
ass, it was wet from the cum running from her cunt and
went in easily. Now Julie's moans turned to whimpers as
she knew she was losing it.

How did he know? Who could have told him that she would
take a finger in her ass? Was there a neon sign
flashing on her forehead that said, slut, will take
cock in mouth, cunt, ass, between tits, and one in each
hand? Could everyone see it, all men, and women also as
she remembered Jane?

Charlie sucked her clit and began to move his thumb and
finger. Julie raised her head and shoulders from the
lounge looking at him with eyes smoky with lust as she
gasped for air.

"Oh god Charlie, what are you doing to me? I've never
been loved like this! You're going to drive me crazy!
No one ever did my ass before! AGH! You're going to
kill me!"

Suddenly Charlie's finger exited her ass as he rotated
his hand but was immediately replaced by his middle
finger and it went in her slowly and she could feel the
two knuckles as they moved in her pass her tight
opening. Julie's head fell back on the lounge with a
thud and she whimpered again. But she held her hips up
until he was in as deep as he could get, slowly
settling down on his hand and pushing it deeper still.

"Oh, this is awful. It feels so good it is awful. How
did you know it would feel like this? How did you know
that I would love it? Suck me lover, fuck my cunt and
ass, make me cum for you. I can't fight this, it is too
good to resist, do it, do whatever you wish you own me
now, I'm your fuck slave."

Charlie wanted to shout in his victory, he wanted to
howl like a wild animal claiming his mate, but he also
wanted to give her what she wanted, to cum for him. He
continued sucking her clit and fucking his thumb and
finger into her cunt and ass. Julie moaned and thrashed
her head back and forth as she got closer to her
climax. Sometimes her hand would be on his head,
sometimes she would beat the lounge with clenched
fists, and sometimes she just rubbed them on the sheet.
Then she stiffened and her stomach muscles knotted up.

"Charlie, oh my, Charlie I'm cumming for you Lover Fuck
me oh my, fuck me lover fuck me. It's for you, my love
juice for you!"

Julie undulated her stomach and cunt as she came,
cumming around Charlie's thumb and trying to squeeze
both thumb and finger with her cunt and anal muscles
until she reached the zenith of passion and slowly slid
down from the height. She lay still and Charlie eased
his sucking finally just kissing her clit and swiping
it with his tongue. The sheet under her cunt was wet, a
big spot. She lay still, her breasts rising and falling
with her deep breathing, he was still holding her
nipple but no longer pinching it just rubbing it with
his finger.

As he looked at her he saw a small satisfied smile on
her lips and she was the picture of beauty laying with
her legs spread and her every charm on display before
him. Charlie's chest was swelled with pride as he
looked at her and he wanted this to never end. He was
determined to take her one more time to seal her
emotions for him, to make her his. She said she was his
fuck slave, that he was her lover, she had cum for him,
he would make her cum again for him with his cock. But
he still needed to rest a while so he would be strong
and his cock big and hard and she needed to rest a

Slowly he ceased his actions and began to extract his
digits from her moving slowly, when she realized he
wasn't going to push back in she began to whimper at
the lost feeling of being impaled in both holes.
Charlie heard her and felt her cunt and ass trying to
hold his fingers in her. But they came out and she
sighed in submission to her loss. Charlie wiped his
hand and face on the sheet and crawled up to Julie's
head and kissed her slightly open lips and she opened
her mouth to take his tongue if he wanted to give it to
her and he did want to. They kissed for a long time and
he rubbed her breasts with his hand. He began to talk
to her between kisses.

"Julie, you are so lovely, your face is more beautiful
than any I have seen. Your body is perfection, no
painter could ever paint a portrait of a body as
perfect as you. When you make love you are even more
beautiful, your eyes blaze with passion and your body
is alive and accepting of whatever is done to you. I
want to love you one more time today and then again
when we can, do you want to be loved again, fucked
again today and again when we can arrange to come here
together? Your lover wants you and you have given
yourself to me to take when I want to and I will take
you again after you rest and fuck you and make you cum
for me again. Do you want to be made to cum for me?"

"Yes, oh yes, my lover, I want you to make me cum
again. Thank you for letting me rest. Take me when you
want to. Take my body and use it, fuck it and make me
cum for you."

Charlie was astounded she was completely submissive.
The stories were right. Eat a woman's cunt and drink
her juices and she would belong to you. He folded the
sheet to cover the wet spot and straighten her legs and
said rest darling. Then he got up and went to the
bathroom, he cursed because he had forgot to turn on
the water heater. He turned it on and thought a minute
and realized he could wet the cloth and put it in the
microwave and heat it up. He did that and cleaned his
self and then washed it out and did the heating again.

He went to Julie and she was lying just as he had left
her, he spread her legs, she did not resist as she was
asleep not a deep sleep just a nap. Charlie cleaned her
as best he could and then went to the refrigerator and
got out two colas, he looked in the pantry and all over
but all he could find was peanut butter and some
crackers to eat. He made some and put it on the small
table and went over to her and sat down and began to
kiss her awake.

Julie woke up slowly she surprised that some one was
kissing her, when her eyes would focus she saw it was
Charlie and she smiled at him.

"Hello Charlie."

"Hello beautiful, do you need to go to the bath room? I
have us a drink and some peanut butter and crackers to
snack on. Do you want me to help you, is your leg still

"I think it's ok, let me try it."

Julie eased up and swung her legs off the lounge and
got up and walked to the bathroom. Charlie got up and
went out on the deck and looked around there wasn't any
sign of anyone down at the lake. He went back in and as
he opened the colas she came out of the bathroom.
Charlie said to her that she was beautiful and she
answered that she was sweaty and sticky. He said we can
fix that and gave her the drink and she took a swallow.
He went to the linen closet and got two towels and came
back laying them on her shoulder.

Julie looked at him questioningly as he got his drink
and the crackers and took her hand and led her to the
door and onto the deck. Julie was nervous but she
didn't see anything so she followed him out but when he
went to the steps down to the ground she asked if it
was safe. He said sure no one is around come on we're
going skinny dipping.

Julie followed but she was nervous and excited, she was
naked and it was middle of the afternoon but she
reasoned he was too so he must know what he's doing. As
they walked down the path through the trees a gentle
breeze barely caressed their skin and it was hot when
they emerged onto the pier in the sun. Charlie put the
crackers and both drinks on the pier and took the
towels laying them down also.

Then he stepped off the pier into water knee deep and
held out his hand for her. Julie stepped down and
joined him and he led her out to deep water, to her
surprise the water was warm from being in the sun all
day. When the water was to her breasts they stopped,
Julie's heart was pounding. Charlie took her in his
arms and kissed her and after a while began to wash
her, first her arms and shoulders and then her chest
and breasts washing them a long time.

Julie washed at him also and they would rub a little
and kiss continuing to rub. Charlie pulled her tight
against his body and she was excited by the feel of a
wet male body against her as he washed her ass and then
he moved away and washed her cunt. Julie gave a small
sigh and put her hands on his shoulders for support and
as it got better she laid her head on his chest and
just let him have her cunt.

"That's so good thanks for cleaning me, Charlie."

"It's mind, Julie remember you gave it to me? I'm
getting it ready for some more loving."

"Yes I remember."

Julie grasped his cock and washed it and to her
surprise it was already enlarged and firm. Charlie was
more of a man than she had thought, she began to wonder
who was going to give out first, him or her. Maybe the
clock would save her. Charlie made her dip with him
until the water was up to her chin and then he led her
back to the swallow water and step up on the pier. They
got the towels, drinks and crackers, walked to the end
of the pier and spread the towels and sat on them with
their feet and legs dangling in the water. The sun was
hot on their skin the water cool on their legs and they
sat naked, in view of the world should it happen by,
eating and drinking.

When they were finished, Charlie had told her about the
two lakes and the reason that there wasn't anyone
around, the owners didn't allow it, they gathered up
their towels and trash and walked back to the cabin,
with their arms around their waists. Reaching the cabin
they went inside and as Julie went to the bathroom
Charlie put the sheet in the washing machine and placed
a fresh one on the lounge.

He went to the bathroom when she returned and Julie
wandered about looking at the furnishings, books, and
CD's even finding some old LP records. Charlie
returned, walked to her and they discussed the music
and he said lets have a little background music and he
picked a CD of instrumental songs and got the CD
loading and playing. They danced as a really slow
romantic selection played and were plastered to each
other and soon kissing. Charlie was hard and it was
jammed against her stomach exciting Julie. She was
swaying with the music and rubbed her tits and stomach
against him, his lips were devouring hers and she had
his tongue deep in her mouth.

"Julie, I want you, I want you bad."

"I know Charlie, take me to the lounge and take me

They made it to the lounge and Julie hardly got laid
down before Charlie was between her legs and his cock
was being guided into her. She was wet and ready and
wrapped her arms and legs around him like a octopus as
he pressed in the full length of his cock. This time he
was slow moving in and out the full length of his cock
and she was delighted as it was giving her full
sensation. She could feel the loose skin moving around
his cockhead as he changed from out to in. Soon her
eyes were blazing and she knew she was going to cum
before he did and maybe more than once. Charlie was a
hell of a lover.

"Oh Charlie, you making me cum again. I'm not going to
live through this day. Why haven't you raped me before
this so I could have been enjoying it for a long time."

"Julie, Julie, you don't know how many times I have
dreamed of this, or how long I have suffered wanting
you and thinking that I would never have the chance.
Cum for me baby, show me how much you love it, cum for
me so I will know that you will be my lover and we can
have this pleasure again and again."

"I will cum for you, Charlie, I do love it, I love you
fucking me! We will be lovers as long as we both want
it, you will be my master lover and I will be your slut
lover. You can do anything you want to me when we are
alone but we must maintain our other working

"Of course, let yourself go and cum for me like a wild

Julie grasped him even tighter and they continued to
work together until she did climax pumping up to meet
his steady pace sometimes meeting him twice as he came
down. She moaned and twisted until she was satisfied
and then just lay and kissed him as he continued to
fuck her sloppy wet cunt. But he began to pick up speed
and she could feel his hardness increasing but she
wasn't feeling like she could cum.

"Charlie, cum in me, let me feel your hot cum in me. I
don't think I have any left to cum with you but I want
to feel your cum pumping in me."

Those words were to much for Charlie, he had fucked her
out she had to be satisfied! She would be his now! It
also was to much for his passionate cock and he
stiffened in her and after a dozen more strokes he
flexed his cock in her cunt making her cry out in
surprise and began to cum in her as she held him tight
and rose to meet him with her hips pumping in a fury.

They lay together for a long time, sometimes smiling
and kissing, sometimes just looking at each other, and
talking a little about how wonderful it was to share
this intimate act. Finally they knew that each would
not be fucking for a while so they got up and Charlie
told Julie she could shower the water would be hot and
he would shower after her. Julie almost asked him if he
wanted to shower with her but realized that they would
get started again so she went in by herself.

Charlie put all the towels and sheets in the washing
machine and checked everything to make sure it was
straight and everything was locked up. He would have to
come back Saturday and do the laundry. Julie called out
that she was finished and he went to the shower. She
was getting her lipstick and powder to fix her face and
he kissed her before getting in the shower. After
Charlie was finished and dry he put all the bathroom
stuff in the washing machine and went to get his
clothes. Julie was also gathering up hers. He asked her
for her panties and she looked at him, seeing he was
not joking she handed them to him and he put them in
his pants pocket and then asked her if she could go bra
less until she got home.

"Charlie are you going to feel of me as we go back, is
that what you intend to do? You want me naked under my
clothes so you can torture me?"

"Yes unless you object I would like to, I want your
panties to remind me of the first time we were

Julie didn't answer she just folded her bra and put it
in her handbag slipped into her skirt and put on her
blouse and tucked it in the skirt. She started to
button the blouse but stopped and left it open for him.
Charlie was a little slower to get dressed, well he had
more pieces plus he had trouble keeping his eyes on
what he was doing. He almost couldn't get his shoe on
until he looked and saw he was putting the right one on
his left foot. He mumbled to himself, damn Charlie you
just can't help but make a fool of yourself!

"What did you say Charlie."

"I was mumbled and grumbling about how I wished this
day didn't have to end, sorry."

"Don't be sorry, I feel the same way, you're wonderful

"No, only when I am with you. Oh my god, I intended to
tell you earlier but I got carried away as soon as I
saw you in the restaurant and forgot everything except
how beautiful you are. I was going to tell you that I
have talked to Eloise and she said that she didn't
think that she would come back this fall but asked if I
could keep her on medical leave until the end of August
to help with her retirement and I said of course. So as
soon as I can get with Mrs. Bell I am going to tell her
that she can count on being our English and Literature
instructor next year."

"That is wonderful Charlie, I knew you would want her
if you just got to know her. She is a great teacher and
she is a wonderful person. She has had some rough times
with her marriage and it soured her on life but she is
working on it and regaining self confidence. Oh that is
such good news. Thank you!"

Julie stepped to him and gave him a good deep kiss. And
then she stepped back and said to him, "Just for that I
will leave this blouse unbuttoned until we get to the
city limits, just for you."

Charlie smiled and told her thanks he would try not to
wreck the car. They checked everything and went to the
car after he locked up and got in. Julie slid to the
center and snuggled up to his side with her blouse wide
open both tits on display and her skirt pulled up to
her hips and he could touch her cunt as they rode, at
least the top of the slit. Charlie looked at her and
wanted to do more than look so he touched her breasts,
nipples, legs and lastly her slit.

"Are we going to sit here and make out or are we going
to get my car? You're heating me up and I don't have
anything left but I still want it. Take me back,
Charlie, or take me back inside and take me again."

"I really want to take you back inside, but I know we
are asking for a disaster for we are both drained and
if we keep going we are going to disappoint each other
and maybe even hurt ourselves. So reluctantly I going
to take you back to your car. But I am still thinking
that all this has been a dream, it has been to
wonderful to be real. So if you would tell me again
that we will do this again, that you want us to be

"It's true, not a dream, we are lovers and we will
continue to be whenever we can both make arrangements."

Charlie smiled but he was still amazed that she was so
open so beautiful and she wanted him. He leaned over
and kissed her nipples licking a little. Julie pushed
them out for him and turned her body so he could get to
the farthest one. She caressed his face and kissed his
forehead and cheek as he kissed and licked her
hardening nipples. She thought that he was going to
take her back inside and she wasn't going to say no but
finally he broke away and started the motor pulling out
and starting back up the one lane trail.

Julie lay her head on his upper arm and rubbed his
chest and stomach. Charlie drove very slow and rubbed
her tits, legs and slit as they returned to the city.

To be continued...


2009-10-13 22:18:59
Another good one. Looking forward to part 7 (although i'm a little freaked out im getting excited about her fucking a dog)

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