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M+/F, exh, d/s, inc, mast, oral, anal, bd, beast, orgy
An E-novel: A story of a woman submissive to her own
desires. (M+/F, exh, d/s, inc, mast, oral, anal, bd,
beast, orgy) (NOTE: THIS IS A LONG STORY, 5 LONG


Part Seven

Chapter Thirty One

Sarah went home at the regular time and went right to
doing her paper grading and preparation for tomorrow's
classes. She expected Charlie to call but the call
didn't come and she was finished with her home work and
now it was too late to get some sun besides he might
not call until late. She wondered what she could do;
now she wished she had invited Emily over but it was
too late. All she could do now was wait.

Emily was also wondering what was going on, she knew
that Julie was busy with her family and housework and
Sarah had the same workload as she did and time was at
a premium for all of them but she had expected Julie to
call and talk since Harry was gone. And Sarah seemed to
be preoccupied also, she was talkative and fun to be
with but she didn't seem to be needed someone like she
did just a few days ago. Maybe it was the chance to get
a full time appointment and build on her retirement and
insurance. Well she would just do her papers and get
ready for Kurt's arrival.

Julie got home about four thirty, she got herself a cup
of coffee first thing and sat on the couch resting and
drinking it. She thought about this afternoon, she was
thinking about the change in Charlie and how he had
took her to delirious climax after climax. As she
remembered how he had made love to her cunt with his
lips and tongue she trembled.

She had been prepared to put on an act to make him
think that he was a great lover and his cock was the
best she ever had. But he had blind sided her and she
couldn't think of any thing except how much she loved
it and how much she wanted it again. Oh my, she had
told him that they were lovers now and he could have
her anytime they could get together but worse than that
was she really wanted to.

As she sat there remembered riding back with her
breasts exposed rubbing them on his arm as he caressed
her naked cunt and wetting his car seat with her
dripping cunt, she absentmindedly put her hand in her
blouse and caressed her nipples. Julie wanted to be
fucked again now, she knew she should have been
satisfied but the ache was back.

She rose and took the blouse off and walked to the
window, opening the blind stood there rubbing her
breasts and nipples. But nobody was there to see her
nakedness. Closing the blind she slipped out of her
skirt, she decided that both were wrinkled and put them
in the laundry. She grabbed some things and put them in
the washing machine and started it washing. She walked
back in the kitchen naked and wondered if she could
concentrate on preparing dinner.

Julie giggled thinking that she would stay naked until
Jimmy came home and found her naked cooking dinner
wouldn't that make a picture. She did that once for
Harry but it was a flop, the dinner, the sex was great.
She giggle again as she thought about Charlie fixing
peanut butter and crackers for them to eat and of all
places the pier, if a boat had come by they couldn't
have got out of sight to save their souls. She told
herself that she was crazy taking a chance like that,
she was like a slave following her master around naked
so he could finger her cunt and make her cum. She got
serious when she realized that she wanted to do it
again right now!

But she had to get busy or there wouldn't be any dinner
and David might be with him so she went to the closet
and got a pair of shorts and a shirt, with buttons, she
tied the tale of the shirt around her midriff and the
hip hugger shorts showed a lot of bare skin from below
her navel to the bottom of her breasts. She got some
yams and put them in a pot and started them cooking,
the leftover limas were put in the microwave and
creamed potatoes with rolls and a salad rounded out the
dinner, ham slices with pineapple was the main course.

Julie went back to the bathroom for a slight spray of
cologne brushed her hair and a fresh coat of lipstick.
She looked at her reflection and thought she looked
nice, like a young modern housewife, not the sultry
slut that would fuck anything that she really was.

She went back to the kitchen and got the last of the
coffee and got the pot ready for more, checked all the
food and sat down with a magazine at the counter. Jimmy
was late but she wasn't concerned, practice could have
taken longer than usual.

At that moment Jimmy and David arrived at David's with
Coach Robert. They had told him that David was staying
the night with Jimmy and to let them out his house, to
get fresh clothes and they would walk home. But he said
it was his responsibility to get them home and make
sure someone was there so he would wait and drive them
to the Cole's. They ran inside and while David got his
bag and stuffed some clothes in it along with his
camera, Jimmy ran out back and checked over the fence
for the neighbor's dog which David was taking care of
while they visited the grandchildren.

Julie got up and checked dinner and the door bell rang,
she wondered who it was as Jimmy knew she left it
unlocked for him. She went to the door in her strap
sandals with the low heels, and saw it was Jimmy and
David with a bag. Jimmy explained that coach wanted to
make sure someone was here, and for her to wave at him.
She said ok and that milk was in the fridge and dinner
would be ready in twenty minutes, she would thank coach
for seeing them home. She went out as they went in and
quickly unbuttoned two buttons on her shirt then went
out to the car where he sat.

She thanked him for seeing them safely home and asked
how practice was going. As he talked about it she put
her hands on the car window and leaned forward to let
her breasts bulge against the open vee for him to see.
He took a long time talking about the practice and the
game next week and the camp on the following week,
Julie would twist looking towards the house and working
her breasts against the opening until she felt one
nipple slip out.

She looked at him and his eyes were frozen on it and he
had stopped speaking. She looked down at her cleavage
and the exposed nipple and said oh no, I'm falling out
of my clothes. She hastily pulled the shirt over it and
buttoned the one button, looked at coach and said, "I'm
sorry, I'm going in now I'm embarrassed."

He replied, "No problem, see you tomorrow, our secret

Julie smiled and said thank you, turned and ran to the
house with her breasts swaying and bouncing. Robert
backed out to the street and rubbed his cock, smiling.
The guys were sitting at the counter drinking milk and
talking fast which stopped when she came in the door.
Julie told them that the pictures were on the table to
start sorting and see if they had what they needed
while she finished dinner.

As she worked she watched and as they went through them
David suddenly stopped and looked at one closely and
then turned it over looking at the back and punched
Jimmy as he handed it to him. Jimmy looked at it and
then the back. Julie pretended not to notice as they
would glance at her as they looked at the picture.

"Mom, have you seen these?"

"No sweetheart, I haven't had time but go ahead and
sort them according to how you think they would work
for us. We can look at them again after we eat dinner."

She saw Jimmy slip the picture in his shirt and in a
few minutes he went back to his bedroom for a second
and came back. Julie was sure that the picture was
hidden some where. She said for them to clear the table
that dinner was ready and asked for someone to set the
table and they could eat. The dinner went well they
talked about baseball and school as they ate. Jimmy
asked Julie if it was ok for David to spend the night
as his mother was out of town and he forgot to tell her
earlier. She answered of course it was ok, that he
should stay and she was glad to have him over. David
said that they needed to go to his house and work on
the slide show and she was welcome to come and watch.
Julie said she would like to if his mother wouldn't
mind while she was gone.

As they finished and starting cleaning up Jimmy asked
Julie if she wanted him to turn on the coffee and she
said yes a cup would be nice. Julie did some laundry
and loaded some more clothes and switched from washing
machine to dryer the ones she had done earlier. The
guys did the dishes and they said they would check
their homework before going to David's but they should
do their picture sorting first.

Julie said, "Okay, let's do it now, I'll be there in
two minutes." When she came in from the laundry room
Jimmy had poured her some coffee and it was on the
counter waiting for her. Julie was surprised that
neither of them had touched her or made any reference
to what they had told her they were going to do
tonight. She had thought that they would have a hard
time getting through dinner; surely they were aware
that she was braless and the shorts were tight enough
for them to see every wrinkle and crease in her ass. A
big change from yesterday when they had tied her to the
chair and was fingering her within five minutes of
getting home.

The phone rang, it was Harry, they chatted about what
they had been doing and Julie told him they were going
to David's and work on the presentation shortly. Harry
said he had called Mr. Grey and told him he had to have
a cell phone and Heather would get it tomorrow and he
would pick it up Saturday. He asked her if she would go
by and give Heather all the information so it would be
in his name but charged to the company. She said she
would right after school, then he talked to Jimmy for a
short while switched back to Julie and said he had to
go that they were going to dinner and he was starving.
Goodbyes were exchanged along with "love you's" and
they hung up.

Julie got her coffee and stood at the counter with them
as they laid out the pictures they had chosen and
explained why on each one. Julie looked at them and
then looked at the others and said she was pleased with
their choice. She put the excess in the envelope and
laid the ones they wanted to use on top and told them
to do their homework. Jimmy took her cup and topped it
off for her and they went to his room to study. Julie
sat on the couch and watched a little TV and drank

Jimmy was shaking her by the arm and said wake up mom,
we are ready to go to David's. Julie went to sleep so
quickly she didn't even realize it. She got up and got
her handbag and said she was ready. Jimmy asked if she
wanted him to drive and she said no you don't have a
license yet. He and David smiled. They were there in
about two minutes and Julie was ok she felt completely
relaxed the nap had helped her to regain some energy.
She entered with them and she looked around the living
room and was pleased with the decor that David's mother
had in the living area. They went to the computer room
and she was amazed at all the equipment he had and how
neat it all was.

David started scanning the pictures and was telling her
how it was done and got real technical until Julie told
him that she was lost but not to worry she wasn't going
to try to do it. They worked about an hour and was
doing great but Julie was a little bored just sitting
and watching them. She was pleasantly surprised at how
much Jimmy knew since they didn't have a computer but
David had always shared his when Jimmy came over and
had taught him she guessed. David said he was thirsty
did they want some cola or anything.

Jimmy said, "Yeah, let's take a break while this ones
scanning," and he went to the kitchen. Julie waited but
David said come on Mrs. Cole lets go to the kitchen and
sit at the breakfast nook. She went with him and Jimmy
already had the drinks in a glass with ice. They sat
and talked a little but mostly just drank, Julie was
thirsty also, she hadn't realized it until she started
drinking the cola she drank it down fast.

Jimmy and David exchanged looks as Jimmy refilled her
glass. Julie drank about half of the cola, David said
he would check the scanner. Julie started to rise but
Jimmy's hand on her shoulder stopped her, when David
was gone he sat down and placed his hand on Julie's
bare thigh. He told her that he had missed her kisses
when he got home and asked if she was ok with their
plans for tonight. Did she remember her promise to take
one in her cunt and one in her ass at the same time.
Julie nodded.

Jimmy moved closer to her and unbuttoned her shirt all
the way down but leaving it tied at her midriff. He
cupped her breast and then they kissed. Julie was
pleased with the caresses and then kissing for she had
missed it also. Also she was beginning to worry that
they weren't going to want to make love to her at the
same time. Maybe they were a little shy about being
naked together but now she knew that everything was
going to be all right.

Jimmy got on his knees and kissed, sucked, and licked
her nipples. Julie straighten thrusting her breasts out
for him to love. Jimmy stood up and she got up with
him, waiting, he untied her shirt and pulled it off and
then unfastened her shorts and pulled them down her
legs stooping as she lifted her feet one at the time to
let him remove them.

Julie stood in the kitchen with its bright lights,
naked, waiting and as Jimmy stepped close to her
placing one hand on her hip she spread her legs to make
herself accessible to him. Jimmy placed his other hand
on her slit and rubbed it lightly as he kissed her
again, she kissed back hard as she was wanting what had
been promised and the thoughts were turning her on

Jimmy eased away from her lips and gave her the glass
and told her to drink it all. She did and gave him the
glass which he placed in the sink with his and David's.
Then he took her hand and picked up her clothes and led
her out of the kitchen. Julie thought they were going
to David's bedroom but they headed to the computer room
and that was alright with her, she suddenly wanted
David to see her naked and hot for them. She remembered
his long cock rubbing her cunt walls and now it was
going in her ass. She hadn't been stuffed with two at
the same time since she was tied on the coffee table
and Jimmy fucked her cunt with the zucchini stuffed in
her ass. Julie trembled as she walked in the door.

David was punching the keyboard and he finished
starting the last scan of the pictures before turning
and looking at them. His eyes lit up when he saw Julie
with nothing but her low heel sandals on and her eyes
were fixed on his looking for his reaction. He stood up
went to her and immediately took her in his arms and
kissed her pulling her body against his, Julie
whimpered in his mouth and then moaned as she felt
Jimmy's hand on her ass cheeks rubbing, gripping, and
sliding into the crack seeking her anal pucker.

They kissed her and played with her body from her lips
to her thighs, hands were all over her caressing and
making her hotter and hotter. David said to Jimmy that
they needed to go to the playroom and suddenly she was
being led some where else. Julie was a little dizzy and
everything seemed to be like one of her dreams she was
aware of what was happening but like she was just
watching and had no say over what it was.

Entering a dark room she was suddenly blinded by
lights, strong lights. The playroom looked at little
like a exercise room there were things on the wall with
ropes and weights and a bench like you would lay on to
bench press barbells. But Julie couldn't concentrate
she was to hot both sexually and physically, the lights
gave off a lot of heat.

David was kissing her again and she lost track of how
long they kissed with him caressing her and then she
felt Jimmy's hands on her and turning her around and he
was kissing her, caressing her and his cock was hard
against her stomach, slowly she became aware that he
was naked. She whimpered with lust, she was going to be
fucked at last.

David's hands were on her hips from behind and he
pushed his body against her back and his cock was on
her ass hot and hard, he was naked also. Julie was
getting dizzier as they moved slowly keeping her
sandwiched between them until suddenly Jimmy was
sitting down then laying down pulling her over his body
and then hands were pushing her down to sit on him. As
she slowly sank down she became aware that his cock was
going in her cunt and she moaned at the heat of it and
let go settling all the way and squirming to seat it in
her as far as she could get it.

Jimmy cupped her breasts and rubbed the nipples with
his thumbs and she began to rise and sink back down on
his wonderful cock that felt so good in her. As she
fucked herself on the stiff rod of love and lust he
caressed her body and she shook her head from side to
side with her eyes closed. Bright lights would flash
every few seconds but she didn't think about it as a
light sheen of sweat collected on her body.

Jimmy took her hands and pulled her forward until she
was lying on his chest with her breasts around his neck
and she kissed his forehead and called him baby, lover,
and any name or phase she could think of. Then she felt
a finger rubbing her asshole and she cried out in
passion at the new sensation, then moaned louder than
before when it worked it way inside and slid in and
out. She knew she was being lubricated for entry into
her ass by David's cock. Her promise was going to be
kept and her dream fulfilled.

"Oh yes, lover fuck me, your cock is so good! Yes David
my lover, it's wonderful, fuck my ass with your
beautiful cock, both of you together, I want it, I want

"When we have made you cum from two cocks at once then
you will be ready for your next wish to be fulfilled,
do you remember what it was, tell David what you want
to fuck you next."

Julie whimpered but she knew she had to say it or she
would be held like this until she did with out her two
cocks at once. "Oh baby, I'm ashamed to say that I want
a dog to lick me."

"You have to tell David he doesn't know and you can't
have secrets from us. We are your lovers and we give
you lots of cums. Tell David what you want and what you
will do."

"Oh David, I want a dog to lick me until I cum and then
I will let him mount me, fuck me, tie me with his knot,
and cum in me and I will be his bitch until he releases

"If he wants you more than once will you give him your
cunt again and again.?"

"Yes as many times as he wants me, I will be his

David's finger which was giving her goose bumps was
removed from her ass. And there were more flashes and
then David's cock was at her anal opening she sighed as
it was pressing into her ass and gasped when it popped
into her anal channel and slid in not stopping just
steady going in deeper and deeper. Julie stiffened and
moaned at the fullness. She was going to cum and quick,
it was to, to, to good.

"Yes, yes, yes, it's so good, don't stop, I'm going to
cum but don't stop fill me with your hot semen lovers,
fuck me, make me your slut."

"Then you'll be ready for the dog and beg him to fuck

"Oh yes, I will beg him to fuck me and make me his
bitch, I want to be filled with his cum also. Fuck me,
I'm cumming!"

Julie came hard, it was a gut wrenching cum so deep and
powerful that she moaned and twisted as the pain moved
from her stomach to her cunt and convulsed as she tried
to fuck up and down on Jimmy and back to David and she
moved her hips in a frenzy until the sweat dripped from
her chin and her nipples slid around on Jimmy's chest.

She continued to climax long and slow and she continued
to moan, gasp, whimper, and pump against the two cocks
giving her so much pleasure, she knew now that she
wanted to be fucked like this as often as she could.
Then felt David stiffen in her ass and the head of his
cock seemed to swell and she could feel the pulse
coming from his balls to the end of his cock and then
the sperm spurted into her driving her into a greater

"Oh yes, sweetheart, cum in my ass, fill me with your
hot cum, oh it's so good."

David couldn't hold himself up and slowly he settled
onto her back stopping her movements as he kissed her
neck and shoulders, keeping his cock buried in her
grasping ass. Julie whimpered she was still cumming but
the convulsions were getting further apart, she wanted
to slam up and down to make Jimmy cum and fill her cunt
also with his cum.

David had something that he had to do and he gathered
his strength and pulled out of her as she moaned at the
loss but started immediately to fuck Jimmy's stiff cock
in her cunt. She raised up and begin to bounce on him
making her tits rise and fall, Jimmy reached up and
grasped her nipples twisting and pinching them.

Julie saw the flashes of light and she looked to see
David in front and a little to the side making pictures
of her as she fucked her son's cock, she didn't care at
this time. She smiled at him and stopped so he could
get some good ones without her breasts bouncing. Jimmy
twisted her nipples and she closed her eyes and forgot
about the camera just enjoying being made a slut to
fuck all the time.

She wasn't aware when the camera stopped flashing, she
wasn't aware that David had left the room, and she
wasn't aware when he returned but she was aware that
Jimmy was rubbing her nipples and that he was flexing
his cock in her cunt and she raised up to begin fucking
again but he lifted his hips to slide back in her and
she whimpered and held herself as he continued to slap
into her crotch.

She felt the same sensation from his cock that she had
felt in David's and then he was cumming into her cunt
and she came again and lay on his chest completely
satisfied and happy that she had four lovers to keep
her that way. Jimmy moved and she lifted off him to let
him up and when he was up he told her to lay down on
the bench and rest and she did, laying on her stomach
with her knees on the floor. Julie smiled as she
remembered all the times she had been made love to this
day. She may have went to sleep but most likely she was
just in the first phase of napping and did not see the
camera flashes or hear the movements as the video cam
was bought in closer for the next movie.

Julie began to awaken by some one licking her ass,
Jimmy, from near by said for her to open her legs so
she could be cleaned and she did, spreading them wide
so they could get the dripping from her cunt. Suddenly
she was aware that the licking wasn't from someone it
was a dog and his tongue was going in her cunt now and
licking all the way to her asshole and doing it fast
like a machine gun. It felt good and it sounded good
she could hear his tongue lapping and going in her ass
and slit and then when it went in his mouth.

"You are being cleaned by your dog lover, mom, he is
getting all the cum that we put in you and all your cum
also then he will mount and fuck you. It will be fast
and he will pump pre-cum on you and in you. So be
prepared to be handled like a bitch dog as he will take
you not asking just slamming in you and fucking you
until you cry for mercy but there will be no mercy as
he will knot with you and pump you full of his cum. Are
you ready to be his bitch? Are you ready to beg him to
make you into a dog loving bitch wanting him to fuck
you every day as many times as he wants to?"

"Yes lover, please tell him to take me, tell him I am
his bitch I want him to fuck me for you and David to
see. Give me to him, I want to feel his knot in me and
his cum in me. I will stay like this for him as long as
he wants me and as many times as he wants. Oh, this
feels so good, I didn't realize a dog could make you
cum with his tongue, but I am going to. Oh yes it is
wonderful. Oh my, oh, oh, oh."

Julie felt her cunt convulse, just the beginning of a
much bigger one, she was gathering her strength for it
when suddenly the dog stopped but her hips didn't stop
rotating as she moaned wanting more of the long rough
tongue that was driving her mad. A hand was laid on her
ass to stop her movements and she felt something being
rubbed on her cunt lips and inside her slit and then it
was out for a second and came back wetter and was
inserted in her cunt opening and the sides swabbed, it
went deep and rolled around, she thought it felt like a
cotton swab but it couldn't be unless it was to
lubricate, that must be it.

Hands were on her hips and urging her to crawl back
until she was away from the bench with no place to rest
her head, she was on her hands and knees the classic
doggy style position. She could hear the dog whining
and his paws padding on the floor. Then the dog was
back with a rush and his nose was in her crack
sniffing, he was whining excitedly and the licking
resumed with additional frenzy and his nose was jamming
in her slit as the tongue was slurping at her cunt
trying to worm more and deeper into her.

Julie cried out with each lap. The dog ran around her
licking and smelling of her hips, breasts, shoulders,
face, on both sides, Julie tried to turn her face away
from him as he licked at her lips and eyes. And then he
was back at her cunt and asshole and when the rough
tongue tried to worm into her ass she moaned out louder
than ever and her voice was strained as she begged them
to tell him to fuck her, she was going crazy with lust.

She faintly heard David's voice saying that it really
did the trick look at his cock it's sticking out a good
six inches, get a close up of that from your angle.
Then a weight thudded on her back as the dog mounted
her with a jump scaring Julie, his forelegs grasped her
hips and she was amazed at the strength in them as they
pulled her back to his rump and she felt a hot hard rod
poking at her crotch and thighs with lightning like

As she tried to adjust and get it centered on her cunt
the dog was down and going around her again licking her
all over and she tried to raise her head as he licked
her lips wanting to get away from that tongue that
seemed determined to go in her mouth. With her head up
as he continued around her licking at her hanging tits
and nipples she saw his cock for the first time and a
soft oh no it's red as blood came from her lips.

He scrambled over her legs and she could feel something
soft on his paws some kind of padding and she
remembered she still had her sandals on and hoped they
didn't get scuffed. The tongue was back at her cunt and
Julie shuddered, she wasn't sure that she could take
much more of this she was as excited and frustrated as
the dog.

But he spent more time licking and she was moaning and
whimpering and wiggling her ass trying to entice him to
mount her, suddenly he stopped and all she could hear
was the panting and she thought it was the dog but she
may have been also. Without a sound he reared and fell
on her back pulling her back as he moved in against her
ass and the hot wet cock was probing again and she
could feel hot wet pre-cum spraying on her thighs, ass,
and hitting her sensitive cunt.

"Oh yes doggie, put it in me, give it to me, fuck me,
take me and fuck me, make me your bitch!"

She held still and the tip brushed her hole, then it
entered a little bit and back out, Julie gasped but
didn't have time to move back as it hit the same spot
hard and went in spraying her cunt as it did. She
stiffened as it was hot and stiff, harder than a man's
cock not flexible, like there was a bone inside it. In
the second she was frozen the dog hammered into her
four times until his furry sheath was jammed against
her cunt lips.

"Arrrrrgghh, it's hot it's burning me oh my god! He's
spraying me with fire water! Oh fuck yessssss, yess!
It's good! It's so good! Aggnh! Fuck me baby, fuck your
bitch, fuck me to death!!"

Julie was rocking forward and pushing back to keep from
falling on her face as the jackhammer hindquarters of
the dog slammed against her ass driving the cock deeper
into her cunt. She was grunting with each stroke, she
had never been fucked any where near this hard or fast
before, she knew that he had made her his bitch for she
was getting hotter, wanting it more, and loving it
better with each second and each thrust. Every so often
she would feel him spray her cunt again and she would
moan and whisper fuck me to her dog lover.

She was unaware of Jimmy and David anymore, there was
only one thing for her at this moment the beast on her
back gripping her hips and slamming his pleasure giving
cock in her and bringing her to a giant cum. But they
moved around her and her dog lover with cameras going
one video and one still camera. Working silently as
they pointed out shots to each other. Jimmy whispered
to David that the knot was forming and they rushed to
get a good shot of it when his haunches went back and
on the forward plunge it was spreading her cunt lips.

Julie could feel something nudging her slit open and
then hitting her cunt opening, something bigger than
the hot cock fucking in her but she was only a few
seconds away from cumming and she wasn't interested in
anything else at the moment. She had forgotten about
the knot and the deion of it locking in and
causing the cunt to ache beautifully.

Even if she had remembered she wouldn't have care or
tried to stop him for she had wanted to feel this from
the times she had watched her mother lying under a big
dog whimpering as she came and was filled with his
sperm. She had asked her once it she wanted her to get
him off, but she answered no baby, it's too good, we
are tied and I belong to him now.

Julie's climax hit her just as the dog knot was
entering her cunt and she hunched back against him in
ecstasy and then moaned as it hurt her cunt passing in
and locking behind her entry opening. The pain almost
caused her to stop cumming and did slow it down and she
sank towards the floor whimpering as her mother had.

After a few strokes in her locked cunt the dog was
still and his cock jerked sending a stream of hot cum
in her depths causing her to straighten up and begin to
answer with her own cunt cumming. For about one minute
they came together as one with Julie wiggling her ass
against him and rocking slightly onto his cock and the
dog holding her hips and streaming his cum into her
cunt against the womb and her walls.

"Oh my, you're filling me baby. Oh it's so hot I can
feel it all the way in my stomach, it's wonderful, keep
giving it to me. Fill your bitch with your cum, oh yes,
it hurts but it's so good it's such a good ache. I want
it again and again, more, yes, there's another. I can't
cum any more for you, keep pumping me full. I love it."

Again Julie started sinking to the floor, both of the
guys stopped videoing and picture taking to help hold
her up so the dog wouldn't try to get off but it was
too late as he scrambled off her back and turned until
he was facing away from her. They were ass to ass and
his cock was locked in her cunt and twisted but slowly
was easing and turning inside her, this movement inside
her cunt was delicious and she managed another small
cum whimpering as she could no longer control herself.

She was only his bitch and the dog could do anything he
wanted to she couldn't resist as he was locked in her
and could drag her or cause her to hurt herself trying
to get away. Besides she didn't want to resist or get
away, being locked with his knot was heaven.

Jimmy was on one side of her and David on the other as
she slowly became aware that they had seen the whole
thing, she hung her head and let her hair cover her
face, and she didn't want them to see the lust there.

David motioned to Jimmy to get a shot of them back to
back and he grabbed the camera and got a good one of
the cock in her cunt and the knot with her cunt lips
bulged out as it was being pulled tight against them.
He took several more and Julie became aware of what he
was doing but she didn't protest as she had told him he
could take pictures for them to look at later.

Jimmy came to her front and told her to look at him as
he took a picture of her face then he told her to smile
and show them how much she loved a dog cock. David was
rubbing Julie's tits and nipples and she was kept in a
state of excitement by this and the cock locked in her.
She wondered how they looked now and how they looked as
he fucked her with lightning speed. She looked around
and saw David's cock was hard and stiff from watching
her being fucked by the dog.

"Lover, let me suck your cock you must be in pain,
please give it to me."

David lost no time getting in front of her and she had
him in her mouth quickly and sucked him deep into her
mouth. It was only a few minutes until David pumped his
cum load in her mouth and down her throat as he grunted
and she moaned. After he was going limp she raised her
head from it and asked Jimmy to give her his also.
Jimmy came around she took his into her mouth and began
to lick kiss and suck it.

"Mom, did you enjoy your mating with a dog? Was it

"Yes baby, it was wonderful, he doesn't seem to be
going down any."

"Would you like to do it again as you promised?"

"Yes baby, any time we can, I will be his bitch and
take his cock and knot."

Julie went back to sucking Jimmy taking him into her
throat, her passion was rising again. David went back
to the joining and saw she was right the knot was still
in her cunt tight. He took the dog and forced him by
picking him up and sliding his leg over her ass and
turning him until he was on her back again. Julie was
moaning around Jimmy's cock from the strain on her cunt
the moving made but it was better once he was on her
again and his legs grasped her hips.

The dog lay still on her but when David pushed his rear
end to make the cock and knot go in to relieve some of
the pressure, he realized that his cock was in a
bitch's cunt and he began to fuck her again. Julie
cried out and looked at Jimmy as he stared at the dog
fucking her and the look of utter wanton lust on her
face, he knew she needed this, she was insatiable. He
took her face in his hands and pushed her down on to
his cock and said to her softly suck it while he fucks
his bitch.

Julie whimpered and sucked him back in her throat and
rocked against her dog lover's cock. They were at this
for a long time and David joined them rubbing Julie's
tits and pinching her nipples as she rocked through
small climaxes. The dog worked steadily not as fast and
as hard as the first time but still stronger and faster
than a man could have.

Julie felt the heat returning to his cock and then the
pre-cum spit into her all ready full cunt, she was
giving out and when Jimmy came in her mouth she
swallowed it and let him slip out and tried to lay down
but they held her with their hands, arms, and knees as
the dog's steady pounding rocked her body. Finally the
dog came again and filled her cunt with more hot cum.
Julie just lay and breathed deeply without the
jackhammer cock knocking the breath out of her.

For a long time, to Julie, they remained locked
together and she began to regain some control of her
thoughts for it seemed like hours that she had not
thought of anything just reacted to being fucked by two
cocks at once, the dog fucking her to almost oblivion,
sucking David and Jimmy and a second mating with the
dog. She was tired of course, satisfied and now
understood her mother's nightly couplings and why she
lusted after an animal.

In her mind she also knew she would want him again,
that Jimmy and now David would make her take him even
if she didn't, just like she now wanted Charlie again
after today. Some how all of them had won her over and
once they got her she was hooked, she couldn't say no
because she wanted them to take her and fuck her.

Almost magically, the dog cock popped out of her and he
jumped off her back and went out of the room, David was
prepared with a towel and caught the flood from her
cunt and after wiping her as best he could they helped
her up, she was dizzy and hurt all over from the long
stay on her knees and sank on the couch when they got
her there. Julie slept as they made sure everything was
cleaned up and the dog returned to his pen with fresh
water and food then they got her to the car still naked
and Jimmy drove them home and in the garage shutting
the door before they got her out and took her to the
bath room and gave her a bath and put her to bed.

Jimmy and David discussed the events of the night, they
decided the amount added to the coffee was just right
as was the cola she drank, she was calm and receptive
to everything. The drippings they used were from a
bitch in heat and worked to turn the dog on to fucking
a human woman, bitch. It remained to be seen if he
would look on her as his bitch from now on and mount
her without the scent.

They would have to keep them apart until they could
have a second orgy. They discussed the web sight and
how many hits they were getting on it, and how many
they could expect when this was added. Then they
finished up by planning breakfast, oatmeal, toast,
milk, and coffee for Julie. Then they went to the
bedroom and undressed and crawled in on each side of
her naked as she was. It had been a full night but it
was only ten thirty two.

During the night Julie thought she was dreaming but
realized she wasn't. Someone was sucking one of her
nipples gently. She placed her hand on the face and she
thought it was Jimmy but couldn't be sure she lay still
and enjoyed the sexual love and was about to doze off
when a hand from behind her was placed on her ass and a
finger slid into her ass crack and massaged her anally.
She couldn't stop the whimper from her lips. And soon
another hand from in front was touching her cunt and
seeking her clit.

Julie responded, she couldn't resist, by pulling her
leg up bending her knee and putting it on the body in
front, now both hands and fingers could have free
access to her ass and cunt. And they took it and a
little later they took her. One in front and one in her
rear. Not a frenzied fuck, slow and easy as she rubbed
each of them everywhere she could reach. She had two
small climaxes and lay still moaning as they came in
her well used ass and cunt.

Later she was awaken by a cock rubbing her lips so she
sucked it until she got a small climax, swallowed and
turned over only to find another hard cock waiting for
her mouth and tongue. She went to sleep as soon as it
came and slept with cum in her ass, cunt, and the taste
of cum in her mouth and throat. Next time she was
awakened it was the alarm.

All three of them were still tired but had to get up,
Jimmy helped her to the toilet and David rushed to the
one by Jimmy's room. After finishing he came and let
Jimmy go while he made the bed. He went to the kitchen
and saw coffee in the pot so he poured some and got it
hot for Julie. Jimmy made it the bathroom just as Julie
was struggling off the toilet, he turned the water on
in the tub added bath oil and took her hand and led her
to the tub and told her to get in and soak. Julie was
sore, her knees hurt, her cunt and ass were tender and
her hips felt like they had been in a vise. She sank in
the water which was not enough to cover her body yet.

David came in with the coffee and put it on the tub for
her and looked at her nakedness and his cock started to
rise. Jimmy was already at half mast, she smiled as she
saw them hardening as they looked at her.

"You can't want to fuck me again. You almost killed me
with those beauties last night, I have never been
fucked so much in one night. You guys are really lusty
but I don't think I can take you again now, I need to
lose some soreness, I can hardly walk. Maybe this

"Did you love the dog fucking you and will you want him
again as you said, Mrs. Cole?"

"Yes, David I loved it and I will do it again it was
wonderful. Thank both of you for giving me the
opportunity to experience it."

David went to Jimmy's bathroom and Jimmy went to the
shower in the master bath and they showered, got
dressed for school and met in the kitchen and went to
fixing breakfast. Jimmy was in charge and he told David
to get her another cup of coffee and take it to her and
see if she needed help getting out. Then he noticed
that the coffee was not on and he asked if he had used
the coffee in the pot for her first cup. David answered
in the affirmative and he said oh no that is the coffee
I made last night and added the drops to and now she
will be receptive all day. I hope no one will be making
a pass at her she might not refuse them.

David waited a minute but Jimmy didn't say not to so he
took it in for Julie and set it on the tub taking her
empty cup back to the kitchen. Jimmy asked if she was
awake and he said no she was sleeping, Jimmy told him
to finish the toast and he would get her out and in a
robe for breakfast. He went in and woke Julie and she
said thank you for the coffee it seems to help.

Jimmy raised her up and washed her with a cloth but no
soap so the bath oil would stay and soak into her skin.
As he washed her back Julie drank the coffee her second
cup and then he got her out and dried her and helped
her into her short robe. Julie was calm and smiling at
him, she wasn't concerned that she was naked and sore
from them and the dog fucking her nearly all night, in
fact the laced coffee had relaxed her until she wasn't
concerned about anything.

They went to the kitchen and sat at the counter crowded
together and ate oatmeal and toast with milk to drink.
David would sneak his hand on her thigh and up under
her robe to rub her cunt slit lightly, Julie didn't
react except to smile at him but she didn't open her
legs and give him access. Jimmy saw all this and knew
she was very mellow from the coffee. He decided she
couldn't have anymore and he wanted to try something
with the balance anyway. When they were finished he
told David to do the dishes and took Julie back to the

He told her that they needed to get ready for school
did she want him to help her and she said no that she
was fine. He said he would take care of everything in
the kitchen and opened her robe and checked her for red
streaks and scratches. There weren't any but her cunt
lips were red and puffy and he imagined her ass was
also. He got the aloe gel that they had for sun
exposure and rubbed some on her lips as she stood with
her legs spread and then her ass. When he finished her
eyes were filled with fire like she always got when she
was hot for sex.

"Baby, I wouldn't mind if you wanted to relieve
yourself in me this morning I don't want you to be
frustrated all day around girls that you can't touch."

Jimmy smiled at her attempt to get fucked, he told her
thanks and that she was the greatest in the world but
he needed to rest until this afternoon and she did
also. Plus they would both be hornier then and it would
be great. He left her to get dressed and ready for
school and went to the kitchen where he poured the
remaining coffee in a cup and set it aside for Mrs.
Johnson and then loaded the pot for this afternoon.

David was finishing the kitchen and asked if he was
going to put some in the coffee and he answered yes
then she will be ready by the time we get home. David
said don't forget that we need to do some work on the
presentation we can't waste much time or we won't get
finished this week. Jimmy nodded, and told him that was
right but they needed something to work on over the
weekend anyway.

Julie was frustrated she wanted to stay home with them
today and let them have her all day long keeping her
hot and on the edge of cumming. But she also knew that
she had to go to work, finish the presentation so they
could work on it tonight plus she had to go to the shop
and take care of the information for Harry's phone. But
maybe she could do that over the phone.
She blew her hair dry where it had got damp from the
tub and put some mink oil on it, rubbed lotion on her
body and a little cologne. She checked the aloe and it
was nearly dry. Getting her thong, a bra, found a skirt
and she got them on before she sat down to do her make
up she smiled at her self and thought won't Emily be
surprised she was nearly dressed.

Jimmy heard Mrs. Johnson's car horn beep and put her
coffee in the microwave, he asked David to unlock the
door for her and they would go outside while the ladies
visited. When Emily came to the door and was greeted by
David she was surprised and immediately asked it
everything was alright. David explained that he spent
the night with Jimmy and invited her in, she was
already inside.

"Good morning, Mrs. Johnson, mom is in the bathroom and
your coffee is ready for you."

"Thank you Jimmy, of course she is in the bathroom it
wouldn't be morning if she was any where else. I
expected you to be outside, I had to open my own door,
darn it."

"Well, we are a little late this morning but you could
have waited for me. I was hurrying as fast as

"Well there is always tomorrow."

Emily took a sip of coffee and said it was just right
and she would expect this kind of service everyday! She
touched Jimmy's hand lightly and went to the master
bath walking slow as she took a bigger swallow. The
coffee was better than normal this morning and she
drank down about half of the cup before she got to
bath. She paused in the door and was surprised !

"Julie my god, you've got clothes on, " she whispered,
"you've ruined my whole day now I don't get to see that
beautiful body. How am I going to stay awake all day!"

"Come in and shut that door, did you kiss my son this
morning you wild woman?"

"No, is that why you dressed, to make me suffer, punish
me for succumbing to your son's charms?"


"Well I didn't so get out of those clothes and let me
kiss you all over your sexy body."

"You must think I am superwoman. If you start that we
will be here all day because I want to feel your sexy
ass enough to kiss it for an hour. What is happening to
your ass? It is looking better every day, are you
working out to make it stick out like that?"

"It's getting a work out alright but it's not from me.
Wow I think maybe sex is going to be the death of me,
not complaining mind you."

"I don't want to hear it, I don't have a man remember,
so don't say anymore."

"Sorry, how is the presentation coming?"

"Ok, but we have a lot to do, at least Jimmy and David
do, all I do is stand and watch them and wonder how
they learn all that stuff. Oh, let me tell you about
what happen yesterday."

Julie was finished with her make up and went to the
closet to get her top and shoes, Emily followed. She
told her about the pictures and the one of Tammy in the
bikini and the message. Emily said, "Told you didn't I?
What did you do?"

Julie told her that she did nothing just pretended she
didn't see it and Jimmy got it hid right quick.

Emily finished her coffee and put the cup in the sink.
They went out and Julie called Jimmy but he wasn't
inside, they went to door and he had the garage open
and both of them were sitting in the car. They parted
and soon were on their way to school.

They arrived about the same time as Sarah and she
waited for them and they discussed the swim party
tomorrow. Emily touched Julie's arm and nodded to the
entry and they saw Jimmy had been met by Tammy at the
sidewalk and she had her hand on his arm and she was
slowly easing him away from other girls who were
standing around the cover posts.

Emily and Sarah giggled and Julie said it's not funny I
losing my son to a younger woman. They laughed at that.
Then they went to their separate work places and Julie
saw Mel waiting at the office door for her, she thought
well at least he is still faithful. She paid special
attention to him engaging in conversation and telling
him how fast he was growing and that she liked his
shirt, the color matched his eyes. He was beaming as
she went inside.

Julie spoke to the ladies and went straight to work.
She didn't notice if Charlie was in his office or not
as she didn't want to show any interest more than
normal. She was deep into her data entry within minutes
but she heard Charlie come in and speak to the ladies
and then he called out to her good morning Julie, she
waved and smiled.

Mrs. Lucas asked if he caught any fish, he answered
well to be honest he sat and looked at the lake mostly
just content to be relaxed and resting and not thinking
about any thing. She said good that he deserved a rest
and he got a little sun on his face as it was a little
red. Julie kept on working.

She noticed that while she was making good time she
wasn't as keyed up as normal. She was typing at a
steady pace but she was comfortable and not rushing but
it seemed almost as if she was watching some one else
working. But she made the mistake of looking up and
there stood Coach Robert at the coffee pot looking
directly at her. She smiled and waved at him and then
impulsively put her finger to her lips and gave him the
shhh signal. He smiled and nodded.

Julie went back to work but her heart was pounding and
her nipples were tingling, he wants to see more she
thought and that made her want to show him more so she
crossed her legs slowly letting him see up her skirt a
little but she wouldn't look up at him as that would
have been way to oblivious.

He finally left and she continued to work and at nine
thirty she was finished with data entry and ready to
start on the finish of the presentation. She wanted to
take a break but decided to get some coffee and call
Heather first. She went to the pot and it was quiet as
both Mrs. Lucas and Darlene were busy, got her a cup
and filled it. As she turned to leave both of them were
staring at her.

"Oh no, am I half dressed again? Why did I do now?"

Mrs. Lucas: "Nothing dear, we just were looking at you
because we have a suspicion and we would like your
opinion." Darlene got up and came hurrying over.

Julie: "Opinion, about what?"

Mrs. Lucas: "We have noticed something different about
Charlie but we can't quite place what it is. He is just
not the same Charlie as we have known all these years.
After his wife passed away he kind of withdrew into
himself, he was the same in all his duties but socially
he dropped out and personally he was just, well kind of
dead. You never saw him otherwise I guess, the only
time we ever got a glimpse of the old Charlie was when
he was around you."

Darlene: "We had just about given up and thought that
he would be like that all his life. But he seemed to
feel something for you some excitement or maybe you
inspired him to try harder. He starting dressing nicer,
you know, not coming to work in wrinkled shirts and
baggy pants. He began to look sharp again and his ties
were clean not food stains on them, you give him a
spark or something."

Mrs. Lucas: "Well to be honest you do that to all the
men. But we were happy as larks but when you went home
he would kind of fall back in his shell. But in just
the last week we see a big change and he is upbeat and
full of vigor and vim, like the old Charlie. Well, we
don't think he really over slept when he was late
because Darlene's husband saw him at the breakfast
place where he eats every morning and he was like in
another world."

Darlene: "This morning he was in there again and
Charlie was all over the place joking with people and
shaking hands, teasing the waitress, telling jokes and
that's the old Charlie. Full of life, having fun, he
has a purpose again."

Mrs. Lucas: "We think he may have found a girl friend.
Does he ever mention any kind of social activity to you
or anything that he might not tell us about because we
knew his wife and might think he was unfaithful?
Maybe he would be more open with you."

Julie: "No, as a matter of fact he never mentions any
thing out side of school business. I always thought
that he put it first and kind of lived for that, that
was his social life his girl friend so to speak."

Mrs. Lucas: " I've known him for a long time and I
think he has a girlfriend and if it's true then it's a
blessing and I'm happy for him."

"Sorry I wasn't much help."

Julie got her coffee and went in and dialed the number
to get Heather, she gave her the information that she
needed and they arranged for Julie to pick it up around
two thirty. They hung up. Julie asked it anyone wanted
to go the lounge for break and they said no that they
needed to stay away from the high fat snacks back
there. Julie got some fresh coffee and went to the
bathroom and then to the lounge, she got an oatmeal
cake and sat down.

Emily and Sarah came in and after the necessary
restroom visit sat down with her and they talked about
the Friday evening cookout and swim party some more.
Julie and Emily were both surprised as it seemed to
them that Sarah was more active than normal almost
hyper, Sarah thought they were laid back and calmer
than they usually were.

"Emily are you feeling ok? You aren't joking around as
much as you usually do, you're not coming down with
something are you?"

"Don't think so Sarah, but I do feel a little
different, it's hard to describe just like hey, there's
no reason to hurry so much take life slowly, roll with
the punches."

Actually Emily should have been jumping about six feet
up, she had asked Jimmy to help her move her desk a
little deeper in the corner to make room at the
backboard for a problem that she wanted several
students to work on. He had come to her room before
class, as soon as he could get away from Tammy, and
they were moving it and turning it when he accidentally
rubbed against her breast reaching to take books from
her arms. He immediately said I'm sorry but like an
idiot she just clutched the books tighter against her
breasts trapping his hand against her. And looking him
straight in the eyes she said I'm not and they stood
looking at each other for what seemed to be ten minutes
but really was only a few seconds until she came to her
senses and gave him the books. She said thanks for
helping me, please put them on the desk corner and get
out of here before I do something stupid like kiss you.
Jimmy smiled and said you're welcome, anytime, maybe we
could meet at the garage tomorrow morning, I would like
for you to.

Jimmy left and Emily sat down at her desk smiling, but
she was thinking, what's wrong with me this morning? I
know better than that! Then she really got frustrated
at herself as she realized her nipples were tingling
and getting aroused but she was outwardly calm and very
relaxed and that she would have kissed him and let him
feel of her body if he had put his hand on her. This
wasn't normal for her, she was always on guard to make
sure that she didn't get to close physically or
emotionally to her students.

She leaned over towards Julie and whispered: "Tomorrow
morning you be naked when I get there!"

Julie and Sarah both froze and looked at her with open
mouths. Julie answered: "Yes mistress, should I have
your whip ready?"

"Wait, wait that didn't come out right, Julie, Sarah,
let me explain!"

"I don't want to hear it, I'm jealous. Can I come to
your house tomorrow, Julie?"

"Only if you're naked with a dog collar on your neck."

"Stop it, I only meant that my day was thrown out of
wrack because you weren't naked this morning, that's

"Oh god Julie, this is getting worse!"

"Yeah, it's going to take her at least an hour to get
out of that hole, I don't have time to listen either,
so you will just have suffer by yourself. Everybody
knows what they have to do tomorrow, right? Honestly, I
do have to finish the presentation and get it printed
and I have to get Harry a cell phone so I'm late
already. See you later."

Julie went back and straight to work, she wondered
where Charlie was, he hadn't been around all morning.
Guess he was tired of her already, you know, been there
done that! That'll teach me to put out on the first
date! She worked at the monolog for the presentation,
the things she was going to cover orally without having
them shown on the monitor, making notes of items that
would need to be there and in the handouts. She was
working faster now but still felt mellow and pleasant,
it was a good feeling and she hoped it lasted forever.
Maybe she had finally got enough sex so that she wasn't
wanting all the time.

That reminded her that she had no idea what would
happen tonight, was David going to spend the night,
would they go to his house and work on the
presentation, would they have sex again like last
night, would they make her take the dog again? She
realized she was typing at breakneck speed and
misspelling words so she stopped and edited it making
corrections where needed and rewriting some, right in
the middle of a sentence she had let her inner thoughts
jump on the page, it read and so in conclusion we need
to remember that our greatest need is a dog, oh my I
better get myself under control she muttered.
Correcting it she thought a minute and then finished
it. Quickly she went back to the beginning and read it

Saving it and then sending it to the printer she
started working on the final explanations for the slide
show and found she could do them much easier for she
had the forms in her packet. Mrs. Lucas came to the
door: "Are you going to work all day? It's lunch time,
Darlene and I are going to the lunch room before the
crowd gets there, come and go with us."

"Ok, I will, I am close to being finished I think. And
I will stay a little after lunch to get it done and
printed, plus I'm hungry. I need some protein what meat
do they have today?"

"Salisbury steak, hamburger patties really, but it's
good. Come on."

They went and got their food, sat down and were eating
when Emily and Sarah joined them. They all talked about
things other than school. Sarah kept smiling and
looking at Julie, Emily would hit Sarah's knee with her
own trying to get her to stop grinning at Julie. She
asked Julie how it was going and she said almost there,
did she need any help and Julie answered no, thanks to
Jimmy and David it was all working out.

Mrs. Lucas said what find young men they are,
intelligent, handsome, and so well bred. Darlene added
and so well mannered and friendly. A slight pause and
Sarah said all the girls think they are hunks. Julie
said easy now that's my son your calling a hunk, I get
mean when I get jealous. Sarah looked at Emily and
giggled and Emily tried to hit her knee without being

"You three are like a beautiful sunny day, you brighten
up everything since you came. This place used to be
like a morgue before you came and now it's fun again.
Don't you agree Darlene?"

"Yes and amazingly it's contagious, now we see people
who used to never smile laughing and talking and the
students are happier since the teachers are happy. Even
the janitor says it just a different place."

"Wow I'm suffering from sudden head swelling, Emily,
Sarah we better go now before we do something wrong and
destroy our image."

"Might as well times up anyway, why is lunch period so

They all got up and headed to their posts as the bell
rang and they could hear another group thundered down
the hall for the lunch room. Julie checked the printer,
refilled the paper, checked the ink cartridge, and
started it on the balance of the report form notes. Two
copies and it was with borders so it would take a

Julie heard Mr. Hale's voice tell Mrs. Lucas to tell
her to come to his office for a few minutes. She got up
and Mrs. Lucas looked at her and whispered as she
walked by, see he's getting strange. Julie laughed and
said I'll ask him. Mrs. Lucas said no don't ask charm
him out of it. Darlene had got up and walked to Mrs.
Lucas and when Julie knocked and went in she said, I
just wonder if he has fallen for Julie.

Mrs. Lucas responded, not recently, he did that a long
time ago. She is just smart enough to know how to keep
him and all the others interested but at a distance.
Darlene asked, is she just putting us on with all the
naive, oh what did I do, stuff? Mrs. Lucas shook her
head and said we'll never know most likely.

Mr. Hale offered Julie a chair and came around and sat
on the desk.

"Julie I feel bad about not coming and talking with you
this morning but I wasn't sure I could control my
emotions. I didn't want to do anything that might
embarrass you or act strange and raise suspicions so I
have been going around monitoring classes and staying
busy. But I certainly don't want you to think that I
was ignoring you so I planned to call you at home but I
see you are still working."

"Thank you Mr. Hale for being concerned for me, but
there is no need to worry. I did think that maybe you
were a little distance this morning trying to not be
near me for some reason. My fear was that you didn't
think as highly of me or desire me as much as you did.
I don't want to lose either of those."

"Julie, I could never not think of you highly nor could
I ever not desire you, quite the opposite, I wish that
I could take you in my arms now, I will close the
blinds so people can not see in."

"No, Charlie that is the exact wrong thing to do. We
can not, ever, try to hide for then people will
immediately suspect something. We must always be just
as we have been open and friendly and in plain view at
all times. You should open the blinds that are closed
for we are not having secrets or affairs in hiding."

Charlie thought a minute and went over and opened the
blinds between the office and the admissions counter so
Mrs. Lucas and Darlene could see everything that went

"Thank you Charlie. You see the rumors are already
started not about you and I but people are noticing
that you are different. They say you are happier and
more energetic and some are betting that you have a

"They are right too, I am happier than I have been in
years and feel like a kid again, plus I have a
girlfriend but it's somewhat one sided as she is

"Charlie, I am not and can never be your girlfriend, I
am sorry but it's true and we can't continue a
relationship based on lies. Remember I committed to one
meeting and then we would access the future of our
relationship on whether we both wanted it to continue."

"Julie I want to continue, I want to so bad I couldn't
even begin to explain how bad. What ever it takes I
want to do, no matter what the cost, no matter under
what conditions. I will take whatever little bits I can
get, what ever I must do I will do immediately. Just
tell me."

"Charlie our first concern is the suspicions. We have,
or rather you have to do something to clear them up. I
think you should use them to your advantage."

"Uh, in what way, help me out here, I'm kind of lost."

"If people think you have a girlfriend then let them,
get a girlfriend and then the rumors stop. Don't you
know some one that you respect and like that you could
go to dinner with occasionally? She doesn't have to be
your age she could be older or younger, you don't have
to romance her and spend every evening with her
watching TV. Just a friend some one to socialize with."

"Well yes there are a couple of ladies that I could
take to dinner occasionally."

"That's great, do it please!"

"Julie you know that I would do anything for you, I

"But you made me another promise that you haven't kept,
I haven't heard that you were taking computer classes
and you promised me!"

"Yes, I apologize, I have been distracted. I will do it
now. I will go down to Mrs. Fields and see if she can
take me in to just sit and not tell why I'm there."

"Charlie you will be missing a great opportunity to
become a hero to all the students."

"What! How!"

"Suppose you go in to the class and tell them the truth
that you know less about computers than they do but you
want to learn and ask them to help you. It's late in
the year and you need to catch up all you can before
the year ends. They will be impressed that you are
wanting to learn and that you will put yourself in the
same category as them just a student, suddenly in their
eyes you are not just the man in charge you are a
friend also and a fellow student. You are willing to
show your lack of knowledge, willing to tackle
something hard and risk failure, and they now believe
that they can do it also. You are setting an example
for them to follow the rest of their lives."

"I never would have thought of it that way, Julie you
are wonderful! You can see things and the positive side
of situations that I never think about. You are right!
I will do exactly that."

"Great, now what did you want to see me about, we kind
of got off the subject."

"Well really that was it, I guess. Well no it wasn't, I
want very much to continue our relationship, I don't
have to think about it I know what I want. Can you give
me any hope that you are favorable to continuing it

"Yes, Charlie."

"Well, uuuuhh I'm not sure, errr, yes that you are or
yes there's hope?"

"Yes Charlie, I would like to continue our
relationship, the same as yesterday, the same place
would be fine. The same conditions, afternoons,
discretely, privately with no chance of scandal. Can
you get off in afternoons?"

"Yes I have many days left over from unused vacations
and sick time. How about this afternoon, we could leave

"I'm sorry not today, nor tomorrow it will have to be
next week. I must finish the presentation and we will
work on it tonight, we will work on it until it is
finished so we can review it with you early next week.
I'm sorry, but we just can't Charlie."

"I understand, can we set a day or should I ask again?"

"Can we say Tuesday? Is that workable assuming the
board meeting doesn't interfere?"

"The board meeting will be a called meeting and we only
have to give them forty eight hours notice. Mr. Coan
will call the meeting when I tell him we are ready.
Tuesday is good. I will plan a fishing trip and notify
Mrs. Lucas. Lunch at the same place?"

"Yes we may want to change occasionally but it's okay
for now."

Charlie looked at Julie sitting so proper in her chair
and smiling as they talked anyone looking in would
think that they were having a friendly conversation not
planning an afternoon of sex and lust with each other.
Boy, did he want to feel that sexy body against him,
kiss those luscious lips, explore every inch of her
skin with his tongue and lips he couldn't wait four
more days he would die from heart attacks.

"Julie, you have made me so happy that I want to scream
to the world how great you are, but I can only stand
and drink in your beauty with my eyes. Can I at least
meet you for just a chance to hold you and kiss you?"

"I don't see how we can Charlie, I have to go to
Grey's, the store, and run an errand. All in public
places, we can't find anyplace that we can be alone and
it will be time to start dinner soon after. I want to
you to do those things to me and me to you but not on
the run in an alleyway some where."

"Yes, yes, I don't want that either. But I am desperate
what can I do?"

"Find an outlet, like I do. Wait I know! Yesterday you
told Sarah that you needed to talk to her and you told
me that you were going to tell her that she was assured
of a job. Have you done that ?"

"No I was going to do it after last bell today. I can
still do it I won't be doing nothing else."

"Charlie, suppose that you tell her over dinner
tonight. She is single and you are single so there will
be no complications and you have a perfect reason to
socialize with her and reward her with dinner and have
good time also. You have to admit she makes a beautiful
dinner partner, the food will taste a lot better
looking across the table at her."

"You've done it again, that's the perfect answer,
should I send for her or wait, I will go ask her right
now, Wadsworth can wait for a minute. I can spring it
on her at dinner. Wonderful. I want to kiss you but I
can't so I will go."

"And after that you are going to Mrs. Fields' right?"

"Yes. Straight to her room."

"Two things Mr. Hale, Sarah will be happy and she most
likely will kiss you and hug you so be prepared. She is
a very loving person. Second I will say to Mrs. Lucas
that you indicated you were considering becoming more
social as you had fell in some what of a rut and that
will quiet the talk until you actually do begin and
that you asked my advice on where to eat and what to
do. Okay with you?"

"Sure you know best."

Charlie and Julie went out together and he told Mrs.
Lucas that he was going to offer Mrs. Bell a position
starting next year and for her to go ahead and get
every thing cleared and ready but to keep it quiet. She
told him that he had made a good decision. Julie said
thank you Mr. Hale. He smiled and said you think I am
doing you a favor and I will let you think you owe me,
but in reality I'm doing the whole school a favor for I
think she will make a great addition to our staff.

When he left Julie told Mrs. Lucas the story of
Charlie's coming out and she said I knew it, I told you
didn't I? Darlene was standing there listening and they
did high fives all around. Darlene asked why he opened
the blinds and Julie said she asked he to so it
wouldn't seem that they were being secretive about
anything. That she didn't want anyone thinking they
were having an affair. Mrs. Lucas said don't you worry
everyone knows that Charlie is in love with you but
that you wouldn't ever encourage any thing other than a
normal working relationship.

"Mrs. Lucas you are kidding me aren't you? Mr. Hale has
never acted any way that would make me think he looks
at me as anything more than an employee. Why would
people think that?"

"Julie, you didn't know Mel worshiped you until we told
you. You don't know that all the men here above the age
of fifteen think of you as a goddess, you come and do
your work, smile at everyone, make them feel like life
is worth living after all and you are completely
unaware of your effect on others, you think everyone is
just like you. You are just precious, the world would
be so much better off if we all were like you. Go
finish your work and get out of here, you are working
to much that presentation is not so important that an
extra day would hurt it."

Julie smiled at her and said thanks you are a true
friend and went to her office. The printer was finished
so she got all the copies, sorted them, put them in the
folders and all in her portfolio and waved as she went
home. She went directly to the grocery store, went to
the meat department and rang the buzzer, seconds later
the young man came out followed by another.

"Hello Mrs. Cole, it's good to see you again."

"Hello, please call me Julie, Mrs. Cole sounds so
formal and old."

"Ok Julie, what can we help you with today? We already
have your hamburger ground and shaped, just waiting for
it to get firm so we can cut it. The buns will be here

"Well, all I really want is to ask you a question. I
have to marinate them for two hours before grilling,
can they be marinated while frozen or should they be
thawed first?"

"It would be better if they were thawed, what time will
you pick them up?"

"Around one thirty or two and I want to start cooking
about five."

"No problem we will cut them late this afternoon and
then box them and I can leave the box in the cooler and
they will be firm but not frozen when you come to get
them. That way you can marinate them immediately if you
want to."

"My, you always solve my problems so simply, that's why
I am glad that you are here when I come in. So I will
see you tomorrow between one thirty and two. Thank you
so much!"

"Great, look forward to seeing you then."

Julie hurried to her car and headed for Grey's AC, she
went in and saw Heather about the same time Heather saw
her and went to her desk. They exchanged greetings and
talked for a minute about the new job and having to
stay in a motel.

"Heather, I told Harry to make sure that you didn't
have to sit around the motel by yourself while the men
drank beer and watched ball games. Aren't you worried
that you will get bored being the only girl with all
those men?"

"Well, I'm bored at home now, so I guess it won't be
any thing new. I live by myself in a trailer park and I
just stay inside and watch TV and clean the place. But
thanks for thinking about me. Harry will call in before
we go home and I need to know when they are leaving to
go back next week. The other crew is going for two
weeks and I am going also so we need to know when we
are leaving and if there is room for me and my clothes
plus two boxes of office stuff. If you talk to him
first tell him to call the guys want to know."

"Sure. I think he plans on going back late Sunday so
that everyone can get settled in and don't have to get
up early and make that long trip before going to work.
But I'll tell him."

As they talked the two were looking at each other and
each had their own thoughts separate from their
conversation. Julie was thinking about what Harry had
told her about Heather and she was thinking that she
had changed her appearance since the last Christmas
dinner. She now was dressing a little nicer, and her
face was not as plain she was doing more with her
makeup. Before she didn't use eyeliner or shadow,
anyway she was looking better now, must have a

Heather was looking at Julie and thinking that she
didn't have a chance with Harry, his wife was four
times more beautiful than she was. But maybe she was
frigid and didn't like to screw. Anyway she would have
to just enjoy being alone with him and give him all the
sex he wanted but he wasn't about to leave Julie for
her! Unless, she could offer him something that Julie
wouldn't do maybe she wouldn't give him a blowjob or
let him fuck her ass, men loved that at least that is
what the magazines said.

They talked a while and Julie took the box with the
cell phone, charging cords, and instructions and left
for home. She changed into just a short robe as she was
going to shower before Jimmy and David got home, she
was already thinking of David as living there, and
started on the necessary chores. Working at washing and
cleaning she also was thinking of dinner, that was a
constant problem, what to have without it getting to be
a same old thing week after week thing. The phone rang.
It was Sarah. A car horn beeped, it was Emily.

"Hello sweetheart, hold on a minute. Emily just drove
up and I got to wave her in. Yes I've got clothes on,
well at least a robe. Are you home? Me too. I wish you
were here, I miss kissing you, yes, you come over and I
will let you take it off! Hi, it's Sarah. Turn on the
coffee it's ready to make. Wait let me get Emily over
here so we can both hear!"

"Ok, go ahead we are plastered to the phone. No she
isn't playing with me, well she is now! Don't give her
any ideas she has enough of her own. Emily, Mr. Hale
invited Sarah out to dinner! We can both hear, tell us
from the beginning."

Sarah told her story. "He came to the classroom all
excited looking, apologized for not being able to talk
to me sooner but he was busy yesterday. But he wanted
to continue our discussion and asked if I was free to
go to dinner and we could talk some more. Of course I
said yes. Surely he isn't going to tell me that he
can't keep me over dinner or maybe he is trying to let
me down slowly. What do you think Julie? If he tries to
get me drunk I know he is going to let me go. Did you
have anything to do with this Julie? What is he going
to do? Why is he taking me to dinner? Where does he go
to eat? What should I wear? Should I be professional or
casual or sexy?"

Emily; "Stop girl! That's about twenty questions. Give
her time to answer at least one. You are excited beyond
belief, maybe he just wants a date with a hot chick!
Did it ever occur to you that you could have asked

Sarah: "I was so excited that I couldn't say anything
other than yes sir, seven is fine sir. Help me, don't
make fun of me, tell me what to do. If he says no,
Julie, what could I do to make him change his mind."

Julie: "Ok, first thing is be calm, no matter which he
says. Be understanding. Thank him even if he says you
would be the last person on earth he would hire. Now,
look at it logically, he would call you in his office
and tell you there after your last class while there
are people around if he was going to tell you that he
didn't have an opening. So the percentages are in your
favor. Most likely he is going to try to kill two birds
with one stone. He has good news so he is using it to
get a dinner companion who is young, beautiful,
unattached, and sexy as hell to liven up his life and
if it leads to something afterwards then he is a
winner, if it doesn't he is still a winner."

Emily: "She is right Sarah, men are conniving bastards
they are always looking for a chance to get in your

Sarah: " So you think that he is going to offer me a
full time position?"

Julie: " All indications are pointing to that. I would
say that you just about have it in the bag, depending
on how you act the first thirty minutes when he comes
to pick you up."

Sarah: "What should I do?"

Emily: " Be naked and covered in oil it works for me.
God, I can't stand this I've got to sneak some coffee.
Come on Julie over to the pot, don't talk I've got to
get a cup. I can't miss anything."

Julie: "Emily, turn loose of my nipple if you're going
to walk all over the house, Sarah she is tearing my
robe, what are we going to do with this wild woman? She
thinks of sex all the time. She just about rapes me
every time she comes over and now she gone to kissing
my son out in the yard where I can't see them."

Sarah: "Hurry up and tell me, I've got to go pee!"

Julie: "Go on, I'll hold the phone until you get back."

Emily had the coffee that Jimmy had prepared poured and
she put a hunk of ice in both cups to cool it so they
could drink. She asked Julie if she knew about this
dinner thing and Julie just smiled. Emily walked to her
and finished unzipping her robe and cupping Julie's
breasts they kissed, she said to Julie as she kissed
her ear that you set all this up didn't you? Julie just
pushed her breasts against her hands and kissed her
holding the phone to her ear. The coffee was good Emily
remarked that it made her feel good this morning that
she must be getting addicted to it as she massaged
Julie's nipples.

"Oh god Emily, you going to drive me crazy, I need to
borrow the magic wand for tonight, you are setting me
on fire."

Sarah: " Stop that! I hear you breathing in the phone.
It's not fair, I'm the one that needs to be calmed
down. Emily leave Julie alone until she tells me what
to do first."

Emily: " Ok, I've got to go start dinner soon any way,
never have time for any fun anymore."

Julie: " Just be yourself, act like you have no idea
what he is going to say, as far as you know he is just
getting more information on your qualifications. Be
gracious, you are perfect for that, and be submissive.
Let him pick the place even if he asks you where you
want to go. Dress in something that is loose and
flowing but not long with a vee or scoop neck, thong
and half bra and nothing else. Use a cream on your skin
to make it soft and glowing, show as much cleavage as
you can without looking like a slut. Sit as close as
you can in the car and the dining table, make contact
with your legs, hip, or knees when ever possible and
always, always look directly at his eyes when you talk
or listen. After dinner accept drinks and dance if he
asks, when you get home invite him in for coffee and/or
sex if you wish."

There was a long pause, Julie and Emily were beginning
to think they had lost her.

Sarah: " What if he doesn't want sex?"

Emily: " He will refuse the invitation, baby. But he
isn't going to refuse an opportunity to hold your naked
body even if he knows it will kill him."

Sarah: " What if he tells me he doesn't have an
opening. Should I still have sex with him?"

Julie: " Sweetheart, it's up to you, it's your body,
you do what you want to do. Not what we tell you, not
what he wants if you don't. If you want to have sex
with him or anyone it is your choice. We are only
telling you what to do if you want and you want to make
him want. You never have to have sex with anyone if you
don't want to, no matter what the conditions are."

Sarah: " I'm not used to having a choice I guess."

They talked for a few more minutes and finally wishing
her good luck they hung up. Emily gulped her coffee
down and asked if she could have some more to drink on
the way home. Julie drank hers also and got some more.
Emily said she would bring the cup back in the morning
and she was sorry that she had to leave without doing
what she came for but she had run out of time. They
kissed and Julie walked her to the door, Emily said
want to walk me to the car like that and Julie smiled
as she looked down at her robe which wasn't covering
any thing. One last kiss and a promise to make another
date and Emily left.

Julie went back inside and started getting things for
dinner. It was now after four and she wanted to have
dinner close to five. She got it started and sat down
to drink her coffee and it was gone she had drank it
all so she got some more and sat down thinking about
Sarah and Charlie going to dinner. Sarah was going to
be getting some of her lover's cock soon, she knew they
would wind up the evening in bed and she was a little
jealous but she had pushed them towards this so she
couldn't complain. She had three lovers for tonight so
she couldn't be jealous. At least she hoped three, she
was already thinking about the knot stuffed in her as
she coated it with cum. Julie was drinking her coffee
and rubbing her breasts and nipples when she realized
she was wet between her legs.

She drank the rest of her coffee and went to the dryer
trying to get her mind off of sex and completely off of
dog sex. She was wanting it to badly that couldn't be
good and she couldn't understand her obsession. All she
knew was that she wanted to be made love to and it
didn't matter whether it was a woman, man, or a dog.
But that wasn't right she thought as she leaned against
the dryer a man or woman could make love to her but the
dog just fucked her, he just took her, he didn't say he
loved her or even kiss her, he didn't ask her if it was
good for her, he just jumped on her back rammed his hot
cock in her and fucked her nearly to death.

Julie realized she was trembling, her brow was damp
with sweat, for now she was nearing the truth. She had
to admit to herself that she had always been just
taken, made to do what others wanted, from the earliest
day when she lay in bed pretending to be asleep with
her hand on her father's cock and him making her jack
it off, to the times when men and women made her take
their cocks in her ass and sucked her cunt as they told
her how beautiful she was, she had been just taken,
made to provide them with satisfaction. Then she had
given herself to them for it bought her satisfaction
also, later she gave herself to Harry and she was
faithful to him, but she was made to exhibit herself in
public, to tease with her body and make men want her.

She always did it because she was made to but she loved
it and she looked forwarded to doing those things, she
justified it as love for Harry. Now she was made to
give herself to her son and to his friend to fuck,
suck, and anything they wanted her to do, she was made
to do it but she loved it and wanted it as bad as they
did. So she had to face it, she wanted to be made to
give herself to the dog to justify it in her mind that
she had no choice but she really wanted it and if she
wasn't made to do it she would do it anyway.

The dryer cut off and it woke her up from her deep
thoughts. She was leaning on it with her cunt pressed
against the corner and when it stopped vibrating she
was shocked into awareness. She stumbled in the kitchen
and checked the dinner's progress and knew she had to
take a shower, the colder the better and on the way to
the bathroom she came to the decision she wasn't going
to fight these things, she wanted to be made to do
things and they made her, she wanted to be fucked and
they fucked her, and she wanted to be fucked by the dog
and they would make her want it and then give her to
him as soon as they were finished with her. Why fight
something that you wanted. The only question was should
she continue the game of seeming to be made to do it or
just admit she wanted it which they seemed to know

Chapter Thirty Two

Julie spent twenty minutes in the shower, part of it
was shaving her legs and cunt, under cold water most of
the time. She felt cleaner and cooler on her body, but
her emotions were still high and she was still horny
however she wasn't nervous like she usually got when
she was horny something kept her calm and feeling
pleasant but wanting to be fucked. She wondered if it
was the coffee as Emily had wondered.

If it was she was going to keep drinking it! She always
loved feeling on the edge knowing she was going to be
given pleasure as soon as she showed her tits to the
salesman or flashed her legs to a passing man. When
Harry had her do enough he would whisk her to the car
and make her ride home naked while he played with her,
if it was dark. She stood before the mirror putting
lotion on her body and a little cologne, touch up her
eyes and lipstick then she had to decide what to wear.

She heard the front door open and Jimmy yell mom I'm
home. She reached for her robe but it was on the bed so
she stepped into the closet but stopped and answered
him, I'm just out of the shower baby, I'll be out in a
minute. He spoke again this time a little closer as he
moved into the bedroom saying we got finished early
today. She said I'm not dressed yet baby. Jimmy came in
the bathroom and looked at her as he walked straight to
her and took her into his arms and pulled her against

"Baby, I'm naked, David might come in. Oh god your cock
is hard as a rock what have you been doing? Sweetheart
I love it when you caress me like this but dinner is on
the stove and I need to check it but I've got to get
dressed first."

Jimmy explained that David stopped at home and was
working on the presentation and they would call him
when dinner was ready. He continued to caress Julie and
kiss her as he enjoyed the feel of her nakedness
against him, he turned her around and pulled her ass
against his cock and grasped her breasts squeezing them
and pinching the nipples. Julie was going crazy with
lust. She tried one last time to resist even though she
didn't want to.

"Lover, I feel the heat from your hard cock on my ass
and I want it but dinner will ruin if we make love now.
Can we wait until dinner is over and then you can have

"Go and turn every thing off and get some coffee and
come to my room. I am going to fuck you now while we
are alone."

Julie went to the kitchen and turned everything off,
she got her cup and poured some coffee in it and since
it was only warm she drank half so it wouldn't spill
and walked naked to his room. He was taking his clothes
off and she sat on the bed drinking the coffee waiting
for him to take her willing body. Jimmy turned and she
gasped as she saw his cock, it was swollen and the head
was so red it looked almost purple. He said drink your
coffee but save one swallow for later, she did as he
said not even wondering why he was interested in her
coffee. He stepped to her and as she reached out for
his cock she could the heat from it on her hand six
inches away.

"Darling, did you get hit on it by a baseball, doesn't
it hurt awfully, can you use it to fuck me?"

"It's fine, mom, it's been like that for an hour I was
thinking of you at home and wanted to come and see your
body and hold you against me and it wouldn't go down.
You don't mind if we make love right now do you, I need

"Yes, baby, come and make love to me put it in me and
let me feel your love pouring in me. I have been
wanting you also, come and fuck me sweetheart."

Julie lay on the bed and moved over and as he got on
the bed she opened her arms and legs for him and
grasped his cock again and when he slid next to her she
guided it into her cunt and moved to meet him so that
the swollen head brushed against her cunt walls and she
could feel the heat. Jimmy let her take it all without
having to move and she put her body against him so that
her hard nipples were boring in his chest and her
stomach rubbed his as she rotated her hips. She kissed
his lips and whispered to him fuck me baby, I am your
slut you can have me any time you want me. I love you.

For the fifteen minutes they lay on their sides facing
each other with Julie fucking against him and he
pumping in and out of her cunt and keeping their bodies
plastered together. Each time his cock came out of her
cunt it was wet and Julie moaned through two small
climaxes and wanted this feeling to last forever. But
Jimmy suddenly stiffen and moaned oh no as his cock was
jerking and he began to cum in her hot cunt. Julie
tried to speed up and cum with him but she couldn't
make it as he was holding her and she couldn't move
much. She kissed him as he began to relax and told him
how good it felt to have him fill her cunt with his cum
and that she missed being alone with him fucking and
loving each other. They lay together kissing and
touching and just enjoying being coupled together and
temporarily satisfied. Julie tried to fuck him and see
if he would get hard again but he wouldn't let her
holding her tightly against him

"Please baby, fuck your slut."

"No you will have to wait for after supper and David to
fuck you after we go to his house and I can work on the
slide program while you and he fuck and then we will
let you have Bravo to fuck you."

"Are you going to make me let the dog fuck me again,

"No, we won't have to, you have given yourself to him.
You are his bitch now and he can take you anytime he
wants to. You are my slut but you are also a dog's
bitch, Bravo's bitch. He is your master also and he
will mount you when ever he wants."

"How can I be your slut and fuck David anytime he wants
and be Bravo's bitch for him to mount any time all at
the same time?"

"Simple, you are my slut because you gave yourself to
me, I allow David to use my slut as he is my friend and
I knew you would love the extra and different sex, and
I give you to Bravo for that same reason plus it is
your reward for being a good slut. You must admit that
you want both, don't you?"

"Yes, I admit that, it is wonderful to be loved by

"And you admit that now that you have experienced both
you want them all the time. If I said no more, you
would be sad and want to sneak over and give yourself
to them when I'll not available?'

"Oh lover, please don't make me do that, I have given
myself to you and I let your friends use me, even a dog
for your pleasure, and I promised that I would let more
than one use me for you. Please don't take away my

"I want you to enjoy all these things and even more, so
I won't forbid you any. But you must always put me
first and then take anyone and anything that I tell you
to give yourself to."

"Yes baby, I will."

Jimmy was slipping out of Julie's cunt so he pulled
away and took her hand helping her out of bed and told
her to go clean up. She walked carefully to her toilet
and he went to his and cleaned himself. They met again
in the kitchen and Jimmy got her cup and poured the
remaining coffee in it warmed it and gave it to her.
She drank it and smiled at him as he watched her.

"Baby, what do you want me to wear while I cook and as
we eat? I didn't get anything I want to wear what you

"Thanks mom, remember the white dress you wore over
your bikini when we went to the beach on vacation? I
would like to see you in that again."

"It's just a cover up and it's thin, you can see right
through it. Are you sure that you want me to wear it in
front of David, with bra and panties or bikini?"

"Neither, wear nothing underneath it. We want to see
you all the time and it will be easy to slip out of. We
will be touching you all though dinner."

Julie trembled slightly, she needed sex but she was
going to have to wait and now she was going to be
exposed and played with as she waited. She told him it
was in the closet on the shelf under her sweaters and
would he get it as she finished the food. He went in
the bedroom and she checked dinner seeing that it was
almost finished even turned off as the stove had
simmered it. She started setting the table as it warmed
up and got ever thing ready. Jimmy returned with the
cover-up and held it as she put her arms through it and
he stopped her from buttoning it. She was relieved when
he started in the middle and buttoned one button but he
stopped and said that's good.

"Sweetheart, I will wear it like this if you want me
to, but it won't hide anything except my navel."

Jimmy smiled and said yeah I know. Julie knew she was
going to have a hard time eating because they would be
eating with one hand and she knew where the other one
would be. But she wanted to try it! She would have
finished dinner nude and ate with them playing with her
tits and cunt nude if they wanted to, she had done that
before with Harry. One day he had made her go naked the
entire day when Jimmy was just a baby and he had
fingered her nearly all day. Julie was used to being
naked or near naked and it kept her hot.

Jimmy had washed the coffee pot and had some more
making and she wondered why he was suddenly being so
considerate, usually she had to ask him to make coffee.
He didn't like it said it was bitter tasting. When a
cup was made he poured half a cup in her cup and
brought it to her. She thanked him and drank part of it
and then told him that dinner was nearly ready to call
David. He did and they talked a second and when he hung
up he said David was on his way.

"Baby, when is David's mom going to be back? The reason
I want to know is that you remember tomorrow is the
night that Emily and I had planned to have a swim party
and I asked you to stay at David's but if she is not at
home we can't do that."

"Don't worry she is going to return about three o'clock
tomorrow so I will spend the night with David. I need
some money as we are going to the movie unless she is
sick or something."

Julie looked at her cover up and saw that she was
showing all her charms, when she walked it flowed out
and she was exposed from the waist to her feet and her
tits were on display all the time as the top part
wouldn't stay any where near closed. She had to have
some more coffee and drank the rest of that in her cup.
Jimmy put their drinks on the table and poured her some
more coffee so it would be cooling and set it on the
table along with her tea. David came in the door
without knocking and he saw Julie first thing, she
could see in his eyes the burning lust and it excited
her that he wanted her and it was apparent.

David walked to her and without a word as she stood
frozen on display he took the spoon she held and set it
on the counter and took her in his arms and kissed her
pressing his groin into hers. When he broke the kiss
she was breathing hard and when he rubbed her cunt
lightly she trembled looking into his eyes, she was
ready for both of them as something was keeping her on
the edge of ecstasy all the time. She seemed to have no
will of her own just eager for whatever they did to
her. She hoped they would do it quickly and not just
keep her hot and wet for a long time for she would be
begging them soon.

Jimmy broke their trance saying let's eat and get the
dishes clean and then we can concentrate on the
important thing. Both of them took Julie's hands and
led her to the table and she sat down. They got their
food and then Jimmy reached to Julie's mid section and
unbuttoned the one button in use and her cover up fell
away to the side she was exposed fully. She began to
eat but as they did the same the hands came and she
lost track of what they were eating or drinking as she
was caressed, pinched and rubbed. She was aware that
someone was giving her spoonfuls of food and she would
eat it and she wanted some coffee but it was already
gone so she must have drank it, she couldn't think all
she could do was just sit and feel the hands on her.

Julie wanted it bad, but she knew that she wouldn't get
it until they were finished and cleaned up so she ate
until her plate was empty. Then hands were no longer on
her and she was being helped up and led to her
bathroom. She was dizzy and everything seemed to be
like a dream, she wanted to lay down but David told her
to brush her teeth that they would be going soon. She
did, looking at herself in the mirror, she looked all
right but she wasn't, she was horny but it didn't seem
to show on her face, she looked relaxed and normal.
Except her tits were swaying back and forth as she
brushed her teeth and the air was cool on her cunt so
she knew it was wet. She finished and went back to the
kitchen where they were finishing the dishes and wiping
the counter.

Jimmy held a stool for her to sit in and he asked her
if she was ready to go to David's and she said yes. He
went to his bedroom and came back with the towel strips
and made her stand and put her hands behind her and he
tied her hands. Julie began to tremble. She stood in
front of David as Jimmy fashioned loops in the strip
and placed them on her breasts pulling the slip knot
tight and then across her chest and over her head tying
it to her bound hands. Julie felt moisture running down
her leg.

The next strip was at her waist to the front of her
stomach crossed and down between her legs one on each
side of her shaven cunt and twisted together to fit in
her ass cleavage rubbing her asshole and then tied to
the beginning of the strip in her back. When Jimmy
pulled it tight Julie gasped as it pulled her cunt lips
together. She couldn't take her eyes off David,
standing before him naked and tied, seeing his long
cock growing in his shorts and pushing trying to get
out. She wanted to see it and she wanted it in her

Jimmy said ok that should do it let's go. David said
she needs some shoes and Jimmy went to her closet and
came back with black strap heels and got down in front
of her and placed them on her feet buckling them. Now
we are ready he said and they started to the door into
the garage and Julie said I can't drive like this, she
was taking small steps as the strips between her legs
constricted her, rubbing her cunt lips together as she
walked and her breasts were beginning to turn red and
felt like they were swelling. No one answered her and
she was placed in the back seat and David got in with
her. Jimmy had the keys and he got in the drivers side
and opened the garage door with the remote, cranking
the car and backing out.

It wasn't quite dark just twilight, and Julie was
afraid that she would be seen and tried to lower her
self in the seat turning her head away from the out
side window looking at David and seeing that he had his
cock out of his shorts and it was hard and standing up.
He reached and pulled her down slowing her descent with
his hands until she was resting her head on his stomach
and her mouth was only three inches from his cock head.
Julie was looking at it and she knew she would slid on
down and take it in her mouth but she stared at it for
a long time before whimpering and engulfing it, with
her tongue working it over.

But she didn't have any leverage except for his hand on
her breast and he wasn't trying to stop her from
sliding on down and his cock head was soon at her
throat and beginning to move down further. Julie was
trying to relax her throat and take breaths through her
nose as she could see she had another inch to go, she
wanted to make him cum for her pleasure and to make him
a little smaller so she worked her throat in a
swallowing exercise and heard him groan.

Jimmy had pulled in the driveway and turned off the
ignition, he twisted in the seat looking over the back
to see what was happening and saw his mother impaled by
David's long cock. He told him to ease her up so she
could breathe better and David regained enough
composure to lift Julie until his cock was only in her

Jimmy watched as she sucked on David's cock and he
regained his boner remembered how good she was doing it
to him. He wasn't going to wait for darkness to get her
out and in the house so they could get her in position
to take both of them. He quickly got out and shut the
door and then opened the back door and leaned in to get
to her and to cover the sight with his body. He pulled
her from David's cock and twisted her legs around to
the ground and stood her up pulling the cover-up around
her as best he could. Julie was confused, things were
happening faster than she could absorb them, all she
knew was that she had to do whatever they made her do
to get pleasure.

Jimmy told David to get the door unlocked quick and as
David got out zipping up his pants and headed for the
front door, he pulled Julie away to shut the car door
and walked behind her to hide her tied hands. Once
inside they went directly to the computer room where
the computer was already running. David begin to
undress immediately as he wanted to get relief and
relief was to cum in Julie's cunt.

Jimmy stopped her about three feet from David and she
watched as he removed his shorts and let his naked cock
stick out towards her, it was still wet from her mouth.
Jimmy untied her hands and removed the cover-up, she
was naked except for her shoes and the towel binding
her breasts and her cunt lips. One strip had slipped in
her slit and rubbed her clit. Jimmy cupped her breasts
from behind her and squeezed them bringing a gasp from
her lips, they were cold and tight, the nipples hurt.

When David finished undressing he walked straight to
Julie and kissed her, she did not close her eyes as his
hands went to her ass cheeks pulling her against his
nakedness. Automatically Julie's almost numb hand
closed around his cock pressing it against her stomach.
Jimmy squeezed her nipples and Julie moaned into
David's mouth. David pulled her and they walked not
breaking contact to the small leather love seat against
the wall.

David told Jimmy to hit play and Jimmy reluctantly
released her breasts and went to the computer and
turned it on and then hit play and walked back to them.
David had turned Julie to face the screen and sat down
behind her on the love seat, slowly he moved her back
and then pulled her down until she was bending forward
and her knees bent and slowly going down on his
flagpole cock. As she felt it touch her opening she
whimpered and came on down fast to end up sitting in
his lap with his cock buried in her cunt, touching the
back and along her womb.

Suddenly, as she was getting accustomed this, the
screen came alive with a slide show, she was the star.
It started with her on the patio in her bikini and
progressed to no bikini, then in the house on the bed
naked and spread. She was hot and it was obvious, the
look of her face was sometimes pure lust and others
bliss, then there were pictures from last night
fucking, sucking and cumming and of her being double
fucked with David's long cock in her ass and Jimmy's
stuffing her cunt.

She was afraid of what the others would show, but they
came anyway, the dog licking her and the wild look on
her face, close ups of her wet cunt as she waited on
her knees for her dog lover. There were pictures of her
being licked all over as the dog went around her, one
of her trying to get away from his tongue on her lips.
Then he was on her back and her cunt was wet from pre-
cum spurting on it and her ass hole. Then the
penetration and her on her knees and hands with her
back sagging and her head up and you could even see her
mouth open in a gasp as the hot cock went in.

More and more pictures of her being pounded by Bravo,
close ups of his knot and it banging against her cunt
lips. Julie moaned at the sight, sitting on David's
cock. Then several shots of the knot in her cunt and
the lips bulging from it, then worse when the dog and
she were ass to ass, cum was seeping from her cunt, dog
cum. Then Bravo mounted on her again and his tail up in
the air but then it was down as he fucked her the
second time.

Finally they were still and there were pictures of
Julie as he filled her cunt with his second hot load,
gasping, almost in pain, then looking up in bliss and
smiling a small but sweet smile that said she was very
happy and very well fucked.

It was over and Jimmy turned the slide show off with
the wireless remote put it down and began to undress.
Julie was still sitting on David's cock staring at the
screen, his hands on her bound tits. David looked at
Jimmy and mouthed the words she came while watching. He
walked to his mother and rubbed his cockhead on her
lips and she parted them opening her mouth to let him
slide it in and began to suck and love it.

Jimmy didn't want to chance a cum in her mouth so he
pulled away after a few minutes and lifted her up off
David's cock and said in her ass this time and let her
settle back on it and take it up her ass. It was wet
from her cum and went in easily but Julie came out with
a loud and long moaning groan as she was filled in her
ass with that long cock going in.

Jimmy told David to move to the edge and lean back and
helped him by lifting Julie until they were positioned.
Then Jimmy got on his knees and reached around her
untying the towel around her waist and removing it from
her crotch. Then he pushed her back until she was lying
on David and got between her and his legs and put his
cock in her cunt and pushed it forward until it was
fully incased. Julie gave a loud Aaahhh and they could
heard Bravo barking as he had heard her also.

"Your dog lover is calling you, mom, he wants you also,
he wants to know if you are ready for him to fuck you

Julie heard him but she didn't answer although she knew
she would have to but right now she was in the midst of
cumming and she couldn't plus didn't want to talk, all
she wanted was to rock though this wonderful feeling
and build for another. David's cock in her ass was
unable to do any moving but he was flexing it and it
was driving her wild for it felt just like it was

Jimmy was pumping away in her cunt and her eyes were on
his face looking over her tied tits which were hurting
from being tied so long and were red and swollen. The
ache in her cunt didn't go away it was getting stronger
as she climaxed around Jimmy's cock. He put his thumb
on her clit and rubbed it and she moaned for it just
made her convulse even harder. Bravo was barking and
she wanted to tell him just wait a moment for her to
bring them to climax and she would come to him.

But it was more than a moment for both David and Jimmy
were trying not to cum quickly, David was lying still
and flexing his cock and Jimmy was looking up at the
ceiling concentrating. Julie trembled and jerked but
for ten minutes they continued to fuck her until she
was feeling dizzy again and unable to think of anything
but what she was feeling. Suddenly Jimmy jerked out of
her cunt and put his foot on the love seat leaning over
her and held his cock pointing at her tits. Julie cried
out, "Ohhhh no, fuck me!"

But it was too late for his cock spurted cum on her
tits and stomach and he aimed it lower to get some on
her cunt spraying her from cunt to breasts with his
semen. When he was empty he rubbed the head on her cunt
lips spreading the cum and did the same with that on
her stomach and breasts until it was spread all over
her. He took her hands and pulled her up to sit on
David's cock once again and reaching untied the towel
strip from her neck and removed it from her and her

Julie almost screamed when the blood rushed through her
tits and she twisted and rocked on David's cock. Cum
was running from her cunt, her cum. When David felt it
drip on his balls he lost his mind and his cock had a
mind of it's own and began to fill her ass with hot
cum. Julie moaned again loud and the dog barked. She
twisted as she felt the hot cum in her ass and slowly
stopped moving just sat and let him fill her with his
seed. When they were finished Jimmy wiped her cunt with
his hand and then rubbed her own cum on her tits and
stomach. Julie was very satisfied at last, she looked
at Jimmy as he rubbed his cock head on her lips and
smiled weakly at him.

She wondered why he had cum on her like that, he had
never pulled out and let his cock pump it's load on her
body before. She didn't mind it was erotic but it was a
mess. She was pulled up until David's cock was ejected
from her ass and she wobbled on her heels but Jimmy
held her against his body to steady her. David wiped
his cock on her ass cheeks and absentmindedly she hoped
cum was all that was on it.

Again it didn't matter she was going to need a bath
anyway. Both of them rubbed against her and she loved
it and then they took both arms and walked her out of
the door across the living area down the hall to the
exercise room. When they turned on the lights Julie saw
it was basically the same as last night except the
camera was on a tripod near the bench that had been
covered with a small quilted pad. They led her to the
bench and sat her on the end.

"I need to clean up before you take any pictures, I am
a mess."

"You are a beautiful mess, and we want some of you
covered in our cum so we can remember how beautiful you
are even after being double fucked."

Julie smiled at the compliment and leaned back on her
hands spreading her legs for them. David left the room
and Jimmy adjusted the camera turning it on. David came
back with a rag and got something from the shelf and
cleaned his cock except for the head. He walked to
Julie and milked it a little putting the last little
drop of cum from the tip in the corner of her lips.
Jimmy did the same but he had a large drop for her
lower lip which stuck there and was very visible. Then
he cleaned his cock and wiped Julie's cunt she thought
she was dripping but didn't know what he used. David
used the regular camera to take some close ups of her
face and body so that all the cum could be seen in
drops and where it had run down her body.

They laid her down on the bench and spread her legs
wide and through her closed eyes she could sense the
flashes as more close ups of her wet cunt and the cum
could be seen. David said very good just rest while I
get a few more, there were a couple of flashes then it
was still and quiet for a while and Julie just lay
peacefully, thinking that this is what she was trained
to do, be fucked and pictures made, everyone wants
pictures of me.

"Ok just lay and listen to me and do as I tell you. We
are going to do a movie for our DVD and I will set it
up for you, you may make noise if you wish but don't
talk to us. We are not here and there is no camera here
as far as the movie goes. You are alone for now. You
have just been raped to by two men with huge cocks and
you are exhausted from the effort to take them one
after the other after trying to fight them. But you are
not satisfied as they came rather quickly and you need
to cum.

"They left you naked and covered in cum but also left
the door open. The guard dog is making his patrol of
the building and finds you, he is aroused by your cunt
secretions and licks you all over then mounts and takes
you for his bitch filling you with cum and providing
the satisfaction you need. Do you understand? You may
answer but nothing else as I will turn on the sound."

"Yes, I understand."

Julie lay for a moment, still and waiting, then she
massaged her tits and moaned not really acting as they
were very sensitive from the binding and her nipples
were still large and aching just a little. She needed
to be fucked and she wanted the dog and now she had the
perfect setting. They were making her do this she
couldn't resist they had pictures from last night and
no one would ever believe she had not enjoyed being
fucked by them and the dog! So she had to do what she
wanted to do!

There was noise from the doorway. Something sliding on
the hardwood floor and growling from a frustrated
animal and a loud bark, she raised her head and saw
Jimmy holding Bravo by his collar and he was trying to
get loose and get to her! Jimmy let him go after a
couple of seconds as David recorded her reaction and
she raised up holding her hands out to keep him from
jumping on her, for a second she was afraid he was
going to attack her! And he did jump up with his two
front paws on each side of her and licked her hands,
arms and then her tits.

"Ohhhh, hello fella, you are a beautiful doggie, oh my
god, take it easy your tongue is rough as sandpaper on
my nipples."

Julie saw him for the first time as last night she only
got glimpses of him as he went around her, he was a big
black dog and his short coat of hair was shiny and she
could tell he had been bathed and brushed for her. She
moaned as he licked down her stomach getting as much of
their cum as he could and he was fast. Up to her face
and licking her chin as she held his neck still a
little afraid that he might get carried away and bite

He quickly scented the cum on her lips and licked it
all the way across and as she tried to dodge his tongue
he leaned his head to the side and licked at her lips
as he sensed there was a opening and the cum might be
in there. The tongue went inside her lips and across
her teeth and then he was back at her nipples. Julie
let go of him and wiped her mouth, she was not
particularly fond of doggie drool.

Not finding any cum on her nipples or tits, the beast
went back to her stomach and licked all around her
stomach and navel moving lower. Julie leaned back on
her hands and raised her hips a little to assist him,
she had truly forgot about the camera, David, and
Jimmy, all she wanted was to get more of this depraved
licking of her body and where she hoped he was going.
Suddenly he was there, licking her cunt and all around
where the cum had been spread and where the bitch smell
had been applied. Julie fell back on the bench and
cried out as she surrendered her cunt to the beast,
spreading her legs as far as they would go.

"Yes, yes, oh my yes, lick me lover make me cum for

And licking he was, Julie was trembling all over even
her nipples were vibrating and she felt the ache in her
stomach jump into action. But suddenly the tongue was
gone and she waited trembling for his return but then
the tongue was on her tit again and as she opened her
eyes to see he was licking her lips again! She twisted
her head away from him and he stopped, she straighten
her head and suddenly his body crashed down on her but
he was at the wrong end, at her head!

The dog was trying to get at her cunt and he scrambled
up stretching his neck licking the top of her slit, as
he tried to get farther he dragged his cock; though her
hair across her forehead streaming pre-cum over her
face neck and breasts. His hot hard cock slid along her
nose and the tip dribbled pre-cum all over her mouth
which she had open gasping for breath from the impact
of his paws on her stomach. They were covered in foam
held on with tape as were his fore and hind legs so
they didn't scratch but he weighed nearly ninety

He couldn't reach what he wanted so he was gone from
her body quickly and paused to lick his cock, long
enough for Julie to taste the pre-cum in her mouth and
decide it wasn't really bad but not something she would
want a glassful of and she could lick it from her lips
and wipe her nose to keep it from her eyes. She cried
out again as he rooted between her legs, which she had
partially closed when he landed on her, was licking her
cunt where he had decided the real prize was, she
spread them quickly.

This time with all the stimulation her cunt lips opened
and her clit was standing out, the beast's nose jammed
her clit against her cunt causing her to grunt and then
the tongue lashed into her like a lightning bolt except
it struck again and again in the same place.

Julie twisted, moaned, and squealed as she had never
experienced any thing even close to this beast's
licking tongue and her ache started again and she was
talking to him like he was her lover.

"Oh yes, baby, yes do it to me make me cum for you,
lover. Lick my cunt make me beg you to fuck me, you
know I want it don't you? Your trying to make me your
bitch, you want to fuck me every day, I want it, oh yes
I want it. I want to be your bitch, you can have me any
time you want just make me cum. Please lover make me
cum and then fuck me until I am filled with your cum
and we are knotted together, forever."

Bravo's tongue seemed to get longer and go deeper into
her cunt and it was rough and fast, there was nothing
to compare to it, Emily and Sarah were great, they were
loving and tender, kissing and licking with love like a
woman liked and Charlie was more demanding and she
loved it, loved to made to accept a little roughness
and pain but they were nothing compared to this beast.
Julie was on the verge of a great climax and as she
begged the animal to make her his bitch the first
convulsion hit her and she moaned continuously as she
flooded her cunt and provided cum for the dog's lapping

But just as she was in the height of her climax Bravo
decided he wanted to slam his long tapered red cock in
her cunt and give her a load of his seed. Abruptly that
loving tongue, that wonderful organ that all males
should be endowed with, that instrument of heaven, was
gone and Julie groaned as she was in the middle of
ecstasy and denied her motivator.

As she tried to raise her head and shoulders to see
what was wrong with eyes showing her hurt, she was met
by the crashing body of the beast as he mounted her
with his forepaws and legs across her shoulders
slamming her back down and his long tongue hanging out
of the side of his jaws. She stared in fear at the
gleaming teeth in his mouth directly over her throat
and lay still for him.

His hindquarters were humping like a jackhammer as he
scrambled closer to her open cunt and she felt his cock
tip touched her thighs and sliding to the edge of her
slit, it was hot and hotter still was the pre-cum
streaming in a thin stream all over her legs, stomach,
and her cunt lips. Julie trembled and waited for him to
take her, he was preparing her for his cock and
conditioning her cunt for his seed so she would be
impregnated and carry his puppies, she wasn't a canine
but he didn't know that, he had caught the bitch smell.

He continued his effort to gain the right angle but it
was difficult with her lying on her back and he was
getting frustrated, so was Julie she hadn't lost her
fear of him biting her if he became angry but she
wanted to feel that cock in her and it was stronger
than her fear. She quickly decided that in order to
avoid the danger and fulfill her need she would help
him, reaching down between her legs and under his
thrusting belly she grasped his long hot cock.

Immediately Bravo went from searching to fucking when
her fingers closed around his organ, it was wet, hot
and fast sliding between her fingers as she pointed it
towards her cunt he moved closer and when it touched
her cunt she cried out, "OH YESS!" It went in half way
and the beast bowed his back and slammed it in all the
way. Julie bowed up to meet him, all you could hear for
the next five minutes was the panting of a dog, the
whimper of a woman, and the slapping of dog balls
against a wet dripping woman's ass. Then a loud groan
came from Julie as she catapulted into her climax

"Now baby, now, yes fuck me like that. Ohhhh, I want
you forever, give me your cock, ram it in me, make me
your bitch again. I'm coming for you sweetheart can you
feel my cum on your cock? Ohh, I love it, now I know,
yes I know, it's so good to be fucked by you, I can
feel it lover, give it to me please, give me your knot
and make me yours, knot me baby. Harder ram harder
drive it in. Arrrrrrggghhhh, oh my god, you did it, it
will never come out again. Uuuuhhhh, oh baby you're
killing me. Fuck me to death."

Bravo's strokes had got shorter as he was embedded in
Julie's tight cunt and his knot was to big to come out
again right now but he still worked just as fast with
his cock pumping in and out fast as a race car's piston
at one hundred twenty miles per hour, Julie was tiring
but she remained bowed up to his belly and she was
still cumming, her convulsions were farther apart but
still bathing the dog cock with cum.

She lay with her head on the bench looking up at the
dog as his drool dripped onto her neck with her hands
grasping his hair one at his shoulders and the other on
his back rising and falling with his jackhammer hunches
into her. She was dizzy from cumming so much but she
wished this would never end it was to good to have to
ever stop, she was hooked. She knew she would still
want to be fucked by men but she would never get over
this and she was already thinking of how she could get
access to a dog everyday.

Her answer was right in the room with her but she was
not even aware of them as they recorded every move and
every sound and occasionally they would look at one
another and the look was one of bafflement, both
wondered if they had started something that would come
back to haunt them. Neither of them had thought that
Julie would take to this so completely, they thought
she would maybe do it just so they would continue to
fuck her when ever she wanted.

But they were now worried that she would prefer Bravo's
cock to theirs and she would only let them fuck her if
they continued to bring the dog to her. David was
watching his meter for she and Bravo had been loving
each other for over twenty minutes and while she was
almost constantly cumming he had not yet showed signs
of filling her cunt and he wanted to have coverage of
the knot coming out and his cum flowing out of her

But it happened so suddenly David and Jimmy were almost
not ready, Bravo suddenly stopped but he wasn't resting
his back legs pranced a little to get closer and Julie
arched to him and cried out as his first hot spurt of
doggie cum hit her womb.

The dog was still but she was flinging her head from
side to side and gasping as he gave her his cum, it was
so erotic to see her squirming on the dog cock with her
body arched against him and her head back with her
mouth open groaning, squealing, and panting as he had
as he fucked her. She threw her arms around his back
and pulled her tits against his hairy belly and hugged
her doggie lover as he continued to squirt her, placing
her face against his head and leaning back to kiss his
jaw and the hanging tongue wet with his drool.

"Cum in me lover, fill me with your seed, you are the
best lover ever, I love your cock in me ohhh, it hurts
so good. Your knot is heaven, it is wonderful! I want
you everyday, as many times as you can fuck me. Oh yes
lover keep your knot in me forever."

Julie slowly began to come down from the height of her
passion and she dropped back on the bench and Bravo
licked her face and lips, she didn't try to avoid his
tongue across her lips now she kissed it each time it
rasped across. She tried to lower her hips as her legs
were tired but the knot was putting so much pressure on
her cunt when she did she had to raise back up to get
relief, otherwise she was lying limp on the bench even
her hands had fallen to her side.

She was impaled on his cock, locked by his knot, and
she belonged to him for as long as it took and if he
decided that he needed to give her another load after
resting she would just have to let him have her cunt
for as long as he wanted. She needed to rest but it was
his choice she was his bitch!

David cut his camera off, they might be here a while.
He got a pillow and a towel, sliding the pillow under
her ass so she could rest her legs and laying the towel
on the floor underneath the two lovers. Jimmy sat down
on the floor and just stared at his impaled mother.


After she talked to Julie and Emily, Sarah quickly ran
to her car and went to the best store in the small
commercial mall to pick up a couple of half bras.
Coming straight home she quickly checked her papers and
wrote notes to the students on each one telling them
how good they were doing and making suggestions for
advance work. Then she did her homework reading the
chapters they would cover tomorrow and reviewing the
English test she would require tomorrow. She looked at
her schedule for the balance of the school year and saw
she was on track but decided she would need to devote
some time to review for the students so they would be
prepared for final exams. Leaving all the papers on the
table she went to the couch and sat thinking about what
Julie had said.

Sarah was excited, if Julie was right and she felt like
Julie was always right, then she would be getting her
full time position and start working on her tenure.
Plus she would get to stay here with Julie and Emily as
friends and she had two lovers Charlie and Ben. She
marveled at how her life had changed since she met
Emily and Julie! It seemed like time was flying so she
took a shower shaved and washed her hair. For twenty
minutes she worked on her hair with the dryer and
curling iron then did her face and all she needed was
to get dressed.

Laying every thing on the bed she stood back and looked
at it and decided that the thong should be blue also,
she kinda wanted to wear the black one but the bra was
light blue, the dress was a little darker blue so the
thong should carry the same theme. She didn't have blue
shoes but after trying on four pair she decided that
the black or white sandals would be best she put them
on the bed and looked and looked and looked. She
wondered what Julie would decide, well it wouldn't
matter which one Julie wore everybody looked at her
legs anyway, if they could get their eyes off her
breasts. But suddenly it came to her as if Julie had
spoken, wear the white ones they will match your
innocent as a baby act.

She was set, she went to the refrigerator and got a
cola and sat naked on the couch drinking it as she
waited for time to dress. The clock said six thirty
when she got up and went in to dress after a little
light dash of vanilla cologne all over her body and
then a light lotion rubbed in. She checked her
reflection in the mirror and was very pleased with what
she saw. She used to wear the dress with a sweater
under it, because it showed a lot her breast tops and
she was trying to avoid attention but now with the half
bra to push her breasts even farther out, her new
attitude and the urging of Julie and Emily helped her
to see it was hot but not like a slut.

At ten to seven the doorbell rang and she thought well
he is early, is he anxious to see me or does he just
want to get it over with. Damn Sarah, don't be negative
Emily will spank your ass. She walked to the door and
it was Charlie of course, she invited him in and when
he came in and she shut the door she embraced him and
said she was glad to see him. He said the same holding
her arms and looking at her.

She wasn't as perfect as Julie to Charlie but she was a
very close second. She said she was ready but if he
liked they could sit and talk, and she had a cola if he
was thirsty. Charlie said he had thought they would get
some refreshments at the bar before dining so they
could go now if she liked. Sarah smiled and said let me
grab some ID and got her small purse which only held
lipstick, drivers license, and a few bucks to get home
on if she needed it, her mother taught her that.

Sarah locked the door and placed the key in her purse
and they went to the stairs and descended, with each
step her breasts went down and bounced back up scaring
her as it felt like they were going to jump out of the
top. She glanced at Charlie and was pleased that he was
noticing. Maybe he would even make a pass at her during
dinner, if he didn't she was going to be disappointed
and know she hadn't made a very good impression the
other night.

Charlie opened the car door for her and she exposed a
lot of leg for him and didn't bother pulling it down
while he walked around to the driver's side. When he
got in she slid over close enough to touch his hip with
hers and fastened the middle belt so she could sit
there. She asked where they were going and he told her
as he backed out and drove into the street. She had no
ideas where it was.

Sarah and Charlie made small talk and she touched him
and rubbed her shoulder against his as they drove. And
they laughed and he told her she really looked
ravishing tonight and her perfume was driving him
crazy. She explained it was a light vanilla cologne and
it was advertised as to make men hungry, but it must
not work as no one had bit her yet.

Charlie said well it's working on me but I don't want
to bite I want to lick! Sarah laughed and hit him on
the leg leaving her hand there and leaned to him
kissing his cheek and by accident rubbing her breast on
his arm. A few more miles and they were there, a nice
restaurant on the outskirts of town off the road. They
went in and where taken to the bar finding a small
booth at the rear which to Sarah's surprise had a
beautiful view of a small lake with ducks swimming

They ordered drinks and Sarah looked at the lake and
put her hand on Charlie's which was on the table and
their knees were touching just as Julie had said they

"Charlie, this is beautiful! I had no idea this was
here, I have never seen it advertised, is it a private

"No, but it's a little pricey to help make it a little
more exclusive, you don't see many families here as
they don't have a children's menu. It makes it better
for adults to come and have a meal in peace."

"I see. I like it, thanks for bringing me. Charlie,
well, Charlie I feel like I owe you an apology, no
please let me finish. I've been acting like a teenager
on her first date with the star athlete. Hanging on
you, kissing your cheek, I guess I looked on this as a
date, you know like I wanted you to call me for a date
and I did! But, but, suddenly I remembered that you
wanted to talk more about my job request and that's why
we're here not to cuddle and well you know, I am afraid
you will think I am just playing up to you so you will
help me stay here and I really want to stay bad but I
wouldn't do that, I really wanted you to call me for,
something anything. I'm sorry, what do we need to talk
about?" Sarah's eyes looked misty but she smiled at him
and leaned forward to be attentive.

Charlie was taken aback he didn't say anything for a
while, she had removed her hand from his and it lay on
the table before her. Just as he was going to speak the
waitress came with their drinks he thanked her and they
just sat and waited until she was out of range. Charlie
reached over and took her hand and held it, her face

"Sarah, there is some news that I want to give you and
I will but first let me say that I'm just a old fool I
guess. You see I really wanted to call you, not to talk
about work but just to talk and I have been busy but
also I was afraid that you would be nice to me, well
because you are a nice person and you wouldn't hurt
someone's feelings even if they were asking you for a
date and you really didn't want to go on a date with
me, er... them. So I been waiting for some excuse so I
could justify asking you out for dinner. I really like
for you to think of this as a date and I hope that we
can date, sounds strange to say that at my age, not
sure I know how to do that, I hope we can enjoy being
together a lot more. So maybe I should be apologizing
to you."

"Oh Charlie, thank you, but don't apologize. Please
call me any time you want. I like you and I'm lonely,
my only friends have a home and family and can't help
me fight loneliness all the time. If you are lonely I
am at home just waiting, if you need, me and want to
talk or anything just call."

"Ok, then could I tell you my news and then we could
start the date all over again?"

"I'd like that."

Charlie told her his story, she was assured of a job
all that was left was the paperwork and Mrs. Lucas
would start that tomorrow. She would be paid over the
summer holidays and had to attend all the training
meeting over the summer. He would send a memo to all
employees next week telling them of her employment and
her position and that there would be a retirement party

"That is wonderful, oh I'm so excited I just want to
jump up and scream. I could just kiss you to death,
Charlie. Why didn't you tell me at my apartment so I
could kiss you?"

"Because if you had kissed me there I would have
carried you to bed and we wouldn't have got any dinner!
I waited till we got here so I have to behave."

Sarah laughed, she drank deeply from her drink looking
at Charlie's eyes. "Are you serious Charlie, you're
kidding me Charlie, shame on you for getting a girl's
hopes up."

"No Sarah, I'm not kidding, I've been thinking about it
ever since Monday night. I'm really serious but afraid
to trust myself for I don't want to lose your
friendship but that was special to me and I long to do
it again."

"Oh Charlie, that's so sweet of you to say that, it
makes me feel well, special I guess. When you didn't
call or anything I thought maybe you didn't like me or
maybe you were ashamed of being seen with me. But
Charlie I needed you and it was wonderful and I felt so
good afterwards and I want it to happen again too."

For a long time they just looked at each other. Charlie
was speechless, she had just said that she wanted to go
to bed with him, make love, fuck again. The first time
he wasn't sure why a miracle fell on him, a once in a
lifetime happening, now he was about to get another
one. He wasn't about to say anything stupid but it was
stupid to just sit here.

"Charlie, please say something, I'm dying over here."

"Sarah, anything I say right now would sound like
monkeys in the jungle, I want to get up from here and
take you home right now, lock the door and kiss and
love you all night long and if I not dead in the
morning start all over again." Sarah was smiling now.
"But I asked you to dinner, and we need to eat for
strength so we are going to have dinner and we are
going to act like teenagers on a date and to hell with
what people think. We might even stop on the way home
and have a ice cream cone. I'm going to move over there
with you and sit close and if I get a chance I going to
feel of your legs and breasts. If you don't want that
tell me now for once I get there it will be to late."

"Come and sit beside me, Charlie."

Charlie moved to sit beside Sarah, he ordered another
drink for each of them and then they talked, smiled and
just enjoyed being together, he did touch her
occasionally on the leg and rub her breast with his arm
so it wouldn't be real obvious to anyone what he was
doing. When they had just about finished their second
drink Charlie asked her if she was ready to get a table
and eat as he put his hand on her thigh.

She said yes and asked what he recommended, as he was
telling her about the shrimp cocktail and baked salmon
he felt her pulling her dress up under his hand until
he was resting on her bare thigh about half way between
knee and hip. Sarah was looking at him and listening
with a smile on her face like nothing out of the
ordinary was happening. His words just kind of died
away as he rubbed her naked leg.

"Sarah, that's not fair. I love it but now I can't walk
to the dining room for a while."

Sarah giggled and placed her hand on his tented pants
and rubbed his cock for just a second. Then removed it.

"Sorry, I just wanted to check the menu for dessert and
see if it was ready. I believe it is!"

Charlie had to smile at that, this girl was amazing! He
didn't have any experience with younger women but he
knew they had views of life and pleasure that he didn't
have a clue about but he sure liked it! He removed his
hand and whispered to her that maybe he better behave
until they finished eating. She whispered back that she
would to but only until they got in the car.

It took a little while and talking about the summer
vacation coming up, but finally he said lets go and get
a table. They were seated near a window and ordered
when Sarah said to him that the man and woman sitting
behind him two tables away acted as if they knew him
and waved but he didn't see them. Charlie wasn't seeing
much of anything excepts Sarah's breasts as he walked
beside her or her ass when she was in front. He turned
and looked and the coupled waved. He waved back and
told her that they were friends from his neighborhood
and he should go and speak to them, did she want to go
and she smiled and shook her head no.

Charlie got up and went to shake hands and speak, Sarah
noticed that the lady laid her hand on his arm so they
must be good friends. He talked a few minutes and then
returned and sat down telling her about them and that
he had told them she was a teacher at school and would
be filling a vacant position this remaining year and
permanent next year.

Charlie had ordered wine and the waiter brought it,
poured some for him to taste and then served Sarah and
they toasted each other and best wishes for a great
year. Charlie said it's hard to sit here looking at you
and not touch you so it's a good thing that my
neighbors are here so that I have to behave but I want
you to know that I would love to pour wine on you and
lick it off right now! Sarah got to giggling and
couldn't stop for a minute.

Finally she said, well never had that done to me but it
sounds like fun maybe we could save a little and take
it with us, I would like for you to teach me. They
continuing talking and teasing with words until the
food came and then were eating and not saying a lot,
Sarah discovered she was really hungry and the food was
delicious or maybe she was drunk with alcohol or

Charlie's friends finished and as they left stopped by
the table, Charlie introduced Sarah and they welcomed
her to the area and said how glad they were she was

"Thank you so much, I love it here everyone is so
friendly and helpful. I was nearing desperation as no
one was hiring in the middle of year and I was
discouraged, four years of studying and now I was going
to have to serve hamburgers! But due to an unfortunate
accident Mr. Hale had a need and he took a chance on
me, not having any experience. He and his staff have
guided me and helped me, now I don't ever want to leave
and Mr. Hale just told me I can stay next year and this
is my celebration dinner. I'm on cloud nine, I'm afraid
I going to wake up! This is the most ideal place to
live, work, and I hope I can become a part of the

Sarah had turned on her best little girl face and as
she talked she took deep breaths making her breasts try
to jump out the low bodice of her dress. The husband
was certainly paying attention as was Charlie. The lady
was smiling graciously and nodding but you know women
they are unreadable around other women. They wished her
well and said goodbye to Charlie and walked to their
car where she said to her husband as he opened the door
for her, get your tongue back in your mouth and wipe
the slobber off your chin! All he said was oooowee with
a smile.

Sarah and Charlie finished their dinner, refused
dessert smiling at each other. Sarah went to the
restroom while Charlie took care of the tab and when
she returned they went out in the darkness and got in
the car. Sarah slid back to the middle and as he walked
around she pulled her dress up to her waist and let it
settle back to where it just covered her hips and hid
her thong, Charlie saw all of her legs on display when
he opened the door and the overhead light came on,
Sarah smiled at him innocently as he got in.

"Sarah, this is going to sound strange but it's
something I always wanted to ask but never had the
opportunity so please don't hit me, your place or

"Hummm, sounds like a pick up line to me, but a logical
question I guess. I would like to see your place but
then you would have to take me home but if we go to
mine then you would have to go still. So it really
doesn't seem to matter so why don't we go to yours and
mess it up."

"You know I just had a thought! We could go to yours
get your clothes for tomorrow and then you could stay
all night, is that workable?"

"It sounds like fun, but not workable. For a woman to
spend the night she would need a moving van to carry
her clothes and a truck to carry her beauty supplies.
You don't think I look like this in the morning do

"Sarah, I know what you look like in the morning and
you are even more beautiful than you are now and that
is saying a lot."

"Thank you, you are so sweet to lie like that! Lets go
to your place so I can give you that kiss I promised,
then you will just have to take me home, sir. When ever
you want to but by five o'clock no later. Ok. Are we
going to set here all night with the door open?"

"Oh sorry, I just was enjoying the view. Can I enjoy it
by Braille as I drive?"

"Only if you drive slow."

Soon they were on their way and Charlie did drive slow,
and he did enjoy her legs and farther up. Sarah made
him turn the dash lights down and she twisted in the
seat to let his hand get between her legs and she could
rub his cock and her breasts on his arm. She whispered
to him after they had ridden a while.

"Charlie, you've got me so hot, I'm dying for you.
Please don't think that I'm just a slut, but I want you
so bad. I've been wanting you again every day since
Monday night that was so special for me. I know I'm
awful but I can't help it! I thought that I wouldn't
ever want another man since the divorce. But you woke
up a great hunger and I need you so strongly that it
scares me. I need you to make love to me again, I want
to feel your hands on me, your lips on me, oh Charlie,
please don't hate me!"

"Sarah, I could never hate you! I want all those things
too. I certainly would never think of you as a slut, I
wanted you all week also and I'm just a fool for
waiting for an excuse. We're almost there."

Charlie was in heaven he needed someone to want him and
she did, in fact she had said needed him. It felt good
to needed, it felt so good she could feel his cock get
bigger and harder under her hand and she squeezed it a
little to help it along. It did help and made Charlie
drive a little faster. Sarah saw they were in the
section of the small town where mostly the long time
residents lived. Nice houses lined the streets mostly
older style than the new ones they were building now.
Soon Charlie pulled up to a house on the corner and
drove into the garage. He quickly got out and she slid
to his door and he held her hand to help her out. They
went out of the garage and around to the front door and
he unlocked it and let her go in before he did.

Sarah was impressed, the house was clean and
uncluttered and the kitchen was gleaming it was so
clean. She told him that he had a very nice house. He
showed her the rest of it the two guest bedrooms and
his small study in the front, then he showed her the
master bedroom. She praised him on keeping his house so
clean and neat and he grinned as he told her he had a
lady come by each week on Thursdays and she cleaned it
for him.

They stood for a moment just looking around and Sarah
realized he was to shy to make the first move. She
walked to him and said I owe you something and melted
against him and standing on her toes kissed him and she
didn't break it off just kept on moving her lips on
his. Charlie woke up and begin to return her kiss with
passion and soon they were plastered together and his
hands were roaming over her body.

Sarah broke her lips away from his and leaned back
swaying her stomach against his firm cock.

"Thanks Charlie, that's the kiss I promised you, the
rest are free all you have to do is get them."

Charlie didn't say a word he just pulled her against
himself and kissed her and rubbed his chest against
those boobs he had lusting for all night. Sarah helped
him plus she pushed her hips against his, feeling his
hand on her ass and his cock on her stomach, it was
harder and bigger.

"Charlie, you're driving me crazy! Take my dress off,
the zipper is in the back, I want to be naked for you."

She turned and let him fumble with zipper until he
finally got it down, then she turned to face him as he
slipped it off her shoulders and stepped out of it.
Taking it from his hands she placed it on the chair in
the corner and returned to him, she stopped about two
feet away letting him look at her body in her heels,
bra, and thong.

"Charlie, am I ok? Do I please you, I wanted to look
good for you."

"Sarah, you are so beautiful I don't know how to even
begin to say it. You are perfect!"

She smiled and turned again backing to him and he knew
she was offering him the bra and he hastened to unhook
it and it came away but she didn't move just waiting
looking over her shoulder at him, her lips moved and he
read them to say one more. He hooked his fingers in her
thong and with a little tugging got it down and kneeled
to let her step out of it. He put his hand on her hips
and rubbed the marks the thongs had made on her flesh.

Then he leaned forward and kissed each cheek gently,
she gasped from the unexpected contact but didn't move
away, in fact he detected a slight movement back
towards his lips so he kissed them again. Then he
licked the cheeks just where they started the down and
inward curve to form the bottom. Sarah shivered and
goose bumps jumped on her skin. Then he did something
she certainly didn't expect he ran his tongue up the
crack from the curve to where it stopped, causing her
to tremble and her knees shook rocking in her high
heels. Twice again he kissed her ass cheeks and then he
turned her by hips to face him.

Sarah put her hands on his head and looked down at him
but he was looking at her shaven cunt and the small
strip of hair she had there. Surely he wasn't going to
kiss her, she was thinking, not there. Men his age
didn't do such things she was thinking but his face
moved slightly forward and his hands pulled her hips
forward until his lips were on her lower stomach and he
kissed there and moved around and side to side. She was
going crazy for real now. His kisses were gentle and
tender and she wanted him to kiss her cunt, she would
die she was sure for she could hardly breathe now but
she wanted it! He was a better lover than she thought
for a lot of men wouldn't bother to do this to a girl.

Charlie was working his way to the very top of her slit
and when he got there he tickled the slit with his
tongue and heard her gasp and her body shook. That
pleased him for he wanted very badly to make her think
of him as her lover and want him again and again, he
had to keep her needing him for he wanted to have her
anytime he could get the strength to make love to her,
god how lucky can one man be? But he had a problem his
neck was hurting already. He had to get her on the bed!
That didn't turn out to be a problem for when he rose
up and kissed her lips she was all over him and he
moved her willing body back towards the bed and kneeled
as he sat her on the edge and then he gently pushed her
back and spread her legs. He was face to face with what
he wanted and as he moved between her legs he heard her
moan and knew that she knew what he intended and wanted

When his lips touched her cunt Sarah gasped even though
she knew it was coming, she moaned and her mouth was
whispering oh my god, oh my, yes please! Charlie kissed
it from top to bottom and then all along the sides as
she whimpered, then he had a idea and he opened his
mouth slightly and sucked right where her legs joined
her pelvic. Sarah almost screamed and then again when
he repeated it on the other side she felt the moisture
trickle to her cunt lips bottom and when he fastened
his lips to her slit and sucked he got some and it
surprised him.

He ran his tongue up though her slit and found more
inside and then inserted it as far in her cunt as he
could get it, Sarah jerked and her legs shook worse and
she moaned as she couldn't stop her climax and she was
wetting his face with her cum juice. Charlie didn't
care for this proved two things to him, she wasn't
kidding about wanting him and he could be proud of his
ability to make a young woman crazy with lust. Julie
yesterday cumming like a fountain and now Sarah
climaxed and he hadn't even got his cock in her yet.

Hell, there was life in the old man yet! He was going
to the store and get some vitamins tomorrow, he
intended to do this at least twice a week, once with
Julie and once with Sarah, more if they could arrange
it. That shouldn't be a problem with Sarah she was
unattached and he could bring her here often.

That reminded him that his cock was stiff and rubbing
his pants trying to rub a hole and get out, he needed
to get it in her and get it off so he could work on the
second round. But first he had to get his clothes off
and a condom on. He gave her one more good plunge and a
quick kiss then rose and looking down at her started
getting his clothes off. He got his condoms out of his
pocket, he had bought more to go with the three he
hadn't had to use yesterday, and placed them on the
night stand.

He was finally out of his clothes although he had
forgot about his shoes again and that made it take a
little longer. When he finally was naked he stood and
saw that Sarah was laying looking at him, waiting,
willing, and wanting. He got a condom and she rose and
took it after he got it opened. She held his cock in
her hand and started to put the condom on it but paused
and rubbing it she looked up at him and whispered, it's
so beautiful, it's warm, hard, and full of love juice
for me.

Sarah took her finger and rubbed the head, causing
Charlie to gasp now, as she held it resting in her palm
with her fingers touching his ball sac. She leaned down
and kissed it softly, looked up at Charlie smiling and
then she took it in her mouth and sucked gently on the
head. Charlie got weak in the knees and his heart rate
was getting dangerously high. Sarah let her mouth take
all of it she could and then slowly withdrew sucking
all the way off.

Then she put the condom on it and kissed it again, she
released his cock and got up and pulled the bed spread
and sheet down and came to Charlie and they kissed and
slowly fell back on the bed and twisted around until
they were straight and then she had him and was putting
it in her cunt and pressing to him until it was in her
cunt and whispered to him, fuck me lover, I want to cum
for you and feel you cum inside me. Ten minutes later
with some hard pounding he did, cumming in her cunt
with the condom protecting her, she had already come
for him telling him that he was going to kill her
making her come so much. Charlie was on top of the

They lay on the bed with his cock in her and they
kissed and touched each other until he was slipping out
then Charlie suggested that they clean up and get a
drink to refresh them. Sarah nodded and smiled as that
meant he wanted to do it again, without any urging or
help from her but she was going to help regardless.

Chapter Thirty Three

Julie lay on the bench with the dog cock and knot
stuffed in her cunt which was full of dog cum. She lay
still and Bravo was still also except he kept licking
her face, lips, and any thing else he could reach. His
legs and paws across her shoulders held her down and
his cock was in her cunt about eight inches deep and
the knot had her cunt lips bulging out and her cunt
ached from the fullness. He had just about stopped
squirting his cum in her with only just an occasionally
jerk of his cock and a small squirt.

Julie was ready to admit that she was a committed dog
slut, she would never get over how it felt to be taken
by a beast and taken was the right word, and the
pounding at speeds you couldn't believe and then the
knot being driven in her cunt and how she tried to open
it up so it would go in and then tighten around it to
hold it in her until he filled her with his hot cum.
She couldn't remember how much time had passed since
they had started, but he was just now finished so it
would be a while until he could slip out of her. And it
might be like last night, he might decide to take her
again. She was alright with that.

Jimmy and David were sitting and waiting, it didn't do
any good to take pictures as the dog was laying on her
body and you couldn't see his knot or her cunt at all
and they had a many great pictures of her being licked
to climax by the dog, her being entered by the dog cock
and the lust on her face as she gave herself to him and
begged him to fuck her, knot her, and cum in his bitch.

Jimmy was a little jealous, this had been his idea as
they hadn't been successful with David' mother taking
the dog. But he thought his mother was more submissive
and she was certainly a willing and fuck able woman.
But now he was worried that she was enjoying this to
much, he hadn't escaped noticing that she hadn't
resisted at all when he said they would let Bravo have
her for she was his bitch now, that signaled to him
that she was wanting it again.

And he could still hear her talking to the dog as he
fucked her, begging him to knot her and make her his
bitch and how joyous she sounded when she took the knot
and talked to him like he was a lover. Yes she would
want to fucked by the dog now, he had said they
wouldn't have to make her take him and she went
willingly and lay with her legs spread for him. His
mother was a dog's bitch!

He had thought that they would just get her acclimated
to being fucked by anything and anybody that they told
her to or gave her to, they would have a lot of
pictures for their web site. David's mother was already
featured on it, she was mostly bound and fucked, her
nipples were pierced with gold rings in them and her
labia was also. She was turned on whenever they placed
leather cuffs on her wrists and secured her to the
weight machine or on the bench Julie now lay on. She
would cum just from looking at nipple clamps and they
got a lot of hits from pictures of her in her chains
and rings with cum dripping from her cunt.

Julie was supposed to be the normal housewife addicted
to sex that would fuck anything that had a cock, but
Jimmy hadn't realized that she really was just that.
The dog was a just a every once in while coupling to
draw in more subscribers and keep the ones they had
happy. She wasn't supposed to like it that much just do
it when they needed fresh pictures. Now he was afraid
that she didn't just like it she loved it and she would
want it all the time just like she wanted him to fuck
her, maybe even to the point that she preferred the dog
to him. He couldn't compete with Bravo, he didn't have
a knot to slam in her, plus he couldn't match the
jackhammer fucking of the dog. It was becoming obvious
to him that Julie was under some kind of obsession for
the dog cock.

He watched as they lay on the bench. Bravo was supposed
to cum in her and then jump off and go lick himself,
they would take pictures of her lying with a open cunt
fresh fucked and cum running out and they would coach
her on looking happy and well satisfied. But Bravo was
laying on her just holding her down like he was
enjoying having his cock soaking in her cunt and he
wasn't in a hurry to get off. He might fuck her again
like last night! Julie wasn't in any hurry for him to
get off either, she was relaxed, smiling, and rubbing
his sides and neck. She was content to let his cock
stay in her as long as he wanted and she would take him
again if he kept her like that stuffed and happy. Jimmy
wasn't happy with the way this had turned out.

David got tired of waiting, he got up and told Jimmy to
call him if any thing happened that he was going to the
kitchen for a cola. Jimmy said bring me one. The
movement or talking made Bravo look around and he
watched as David left, then he lay back down on Julie
with his head along her face occasionally raising to
lick her face and her lips and lay back down. Julie no
longer tried to evade his tongue on her lips, she kept
them relaxed and if his tongue when between her lips
that was alright he was just kissing her. He was
showing his love for his bitch.

Julie tighten her cunt muscles around his cock to show
him that she loved him also. She repeated this several
times for he would raise his head and lick her in
response. The knot was not as big as it had been and
she felt like he could pull it out if he wanted to but
he didn't seem to want to. Then he rose up taking his
front legs from across her breasts and putting them on
each side of her body. She thought he was going to jump
off and snatch his knot out of her. But instead he
licked her face and nipples causing her to tremble, and
just stood there above her still holding his cock
buried in her.

Jimmy had got up and went to the camera and got ready
for he also thought he was going to jump off.

Both were surprised when the dog began to fuck into her
again. Julie moaned, Jimmy yelled for David and turned
the camera to record.

"Oh baby, you're going to fuck me again? Yes, I want
it. Give to me, it's big oh no it's slamming out and
back in, it's hurts but you can have me. I'm your bitch
forever, take me anyway you want to, I belong to you
now, my body is yours, fuck me how you want to and when
you want to, lover."

Jimmy moved in as David came rushing in grabbing the
still camera, they got pictures of the knot popping out
of Julie's cunt and then driving back in as Bravo
fucked her standing over her to show his ownership of
his bitch. Julie was holding his fur with her hands as
she was rocked on the bench by her dog lover, moaning
in pain and passion and encouraging him to fuck her
harder as she was approaching another climax.

Ten minutes later she had cum twice more and now was
just laying and being fucked as she was nearly out of
it. Her climaxes had been big and she was feeling weak
but didn't want him to stop it was to good. Something
kept dripping in her open moaning mouth and she saw it
was coming from his tongue hanging out of his mouth but
she didn't care he could cum in her mouth and that
would be alright to.

David and Jimmy were both running out of storage space
and it had to end or they would have to stop and save a
little for the knot. But they had a lot of shots of cum
pouring out of her cunt when the knot would come out
and it would splatter as it was driven back in her
cunt. The towel under her was wet. And the knot was
encased now. Julie's lover had claimed her again and
held her with his knot inside her aching cunt.

"Lover, cum in me, I can't last much longer. I'm
getting dizzy but I don't want to pass out before you
cum with you hot semen pumping in me. Cum in me, please
make me take your love cum. Give me your puppy seed,
fill me with your cum again, I want you, you have made
me your bitch forever."

Just as Jimmy had to cut the camera off as it was
beeping the dog stopped hunching and squirmed his body
down on Julie's and she cried out as the first spurt of
hot cum hit her cunt walls and womb. He quickly turned
it back on to catch her reaction.

"Arrrrrgghh, it's so hot, oh yes sweetheart fill me
with it. You are the best lover on earth, cum in your
bitch so everyone will know she belongs to you."

Julie twisted and moaned and jerked as the dog gave her
all he had, finally she and he were still and he didn't
come as long as last time for he was completely
drained. Julie had her arms around him and hugging him
like the lover he was. David stopped with a picture of
the beast with his head down licking Julie's open mouth
making it look like she was taking his tongue to suck.
His cock was embedded in her cunt with only a small bit
of the red cock showing and her cunt lips wet and shiny
with cum. Her hands where holding his shoulders with
her arms extended and her face was a mixture of
ecstasy, passion, and a little pain. Jimmy turned off
the camera to save the last bit of power and hoped it
would gain a little to get the knot coming out.

David looked at the last pictures taken and was shocked
at the size of the knot as it came out of Julie's cunt
and one was a perfect shot of her cunt being forced
opened as the lemon size knot was jamming in her. He
showed it to Jimmy who looked and seemed to turn pale.
Bruno was restless and kept looking around like he
wanted to get away then would lick his bitch's lips and
her eyes and throat. Julie lay still and whimpered when
ever he would twist a little and make his cock move.
After about three minutes he started down and then back
over her and both cameras were immediately on to record
the dismount.

Bruno turned and this time went to the floor and his
cock popped out of her causing her to gasp. Jimmy got
it all but his angle didn't give a very good view,
David had a perfect view but he only got one picture as
it was done so quickly. Both got good shots of the dog
licking himself and then licking the bitch's cunt as
she moaned and trembled but did not deny him his cunt.
Soon he was through and went to the back door to get

David and Jimmy looked at Julie lying on the bench eyes
closed legs still spread and not moving, only then did
they notice her body was wet with sweat and her face
and neck was wet with sweat and dog drool. She was the
perfect picture of a woman who had just been fucked
almost to her limit and needed some time to recover.
David got the picture from two angles and it was his
last as the card was full. He handed the camera to
Jimmy and told him to download them to a new file and
clear the memory, leave the movie for now they would do
it tomorrow night. Jimmy left to get his cola and then
go to the computer. David went to the back and returned
Bravo to his yard and checked his water and food. Going
back inside he got the cola he had opened a half hour
ago and went back in to check on Julie.

She still lay in the same position with the same half
smile on her face. He wiped her with the end of the
towel that was still dry and wiped the floor taking the
towel to the laundry room and putting it in the washing
machine. Returning to Julie he kneeled beside her and
took her hand and rubbed it and called her name a few

She moved a little but didn't respond. He went to the
bathroom and turned on the water to fill the tub and
placed some of his mother's bath oil in it. Waiting to
check the temperature he adjusted it and then returned
to the exercise room. Again he called her name and when
she moved a little he pulled her up into a sitting
position and rubbed her breasts until she finally
roused and looked at him. He wanted to kiss her but she
was still wet with doggie drool so he could wait.

"Julie, I going to help you to the tub and let you soak
in some nice warm water and rest a while. Ok?"

"Yes lover, are you going to fuck me again?"

"After you are rested and at home I will make love to
you for a while so you can sleep good. Did you enjoy
being fucked by the dog and want it again?"

"Yes, it was good, I want to be his bitch again. But
not tonight I am too tired, now."

David gave her some cola and she drank almost half of
it without stopping, then he walked with her to the
bathroom. He turned off the water and helped her in the
tub, getting a wash cloth he wiped her face twice and
then as she lay in the tub he kissed her lips and she
mumbled thank you as she was drifting into sleep land.
He rubbed her tits and played with the nipples but she
only lay smiling so he put his hand on her cunt and
rubbed it with his finger in the slit and she whispered
from her sleep, yes, fuck me again, lover. David knew
she wasn't really there or aware of what was going on
so he left her after checking and making sure she
couldn't slip into the water while sleeping.

Going to the computer David saw that Jimmy already had
the pictures downloading and he was looking at the
movie on the camera's small viewer. He stood behind him
and watched also, both of them had hard cocks in just a
few minutes as they watched Julie twist and jerk in
climax as the dog fucked her relentlessly the second

Shots of her and his cum flowing from her cunt as the
knot popped out and then squirting as it slammed back
in were magnificent, neither of them had ever seen any
thing that good on the Internet. They watched to the
very end and then Jimmy put it in the charger to
replenish the battery. They looked at each other and
Jimmy asked where she was. David replied that she was
in the tub, soaking and resting, she needed some time
to recover. Jimmy said damn.

They decided to clean up the house while the download
finished and went at it, David's mother would be home
tomorrow afternoon and she wouldn't be happy with a
messy house. Both of them checked on Julie often and
occasionally would rub her breasts or feel of her cunt
as she lay asleep.

When every thing was straight they woke her, she was
groggy, they washed her face and the bath oil made her
skin look fantastic as they blotted the water. David
cleaned the tub as Jimmy took her to the couch and put
her shoes on for her. Julie was aware of everything but
she was wiped out and just let them do whatever they
wanted to. David came in with a small jar of a light
salve and made her stand with her legs spread as he
applied it to her cunt and turning her to bend over did
the same to her asshole. When he touched her asshole
she moaned and looking back over shoulder she said.
"You're going to fuck me now, both of you, at the same

Jimmy didn't understand if she was asking or telling
them. "Do you want to be fucked now?"

"Yes, anytime."

"Do you want the dog again, after?"

"No, lover, I am to tired and sore. But I want him

"The salve I put on you will fight infection and
prevent soreness. You will be ok tomorrow."

"Thank you, David."

They collected their stuff and put Julie's cover up on
her shoulders no buttons were fastened, turned off the
computer and went to the car in the dark except for a
little light from a nearby street light. Again David
put her in the back seat and asked Jimmy did he want
him to drive. Jimmy smiled and said yeah, very slowly.
Even before they got out of the driveway he had Julie
lying on the seat with her head in his lap his hard
cock between her lips sucking and licking the tight
smooth head. Julie didn't resist, she knew this was
what she was born to do, what ever men wanted her to.

She was beginning to taste a little pre-cum by the time
they got home, the motor stopped the door closed and
she continued to suck. David got out and opened the
rear door and watched as she lay sucking and Jimmy
rubbed her breasts with his head back on the seat and
eyes closed. David eased his hand on her leg and up to
her cunt and Julie opened her legs automatically for
him to insert his finger in the slit and gently tease
along her lips to her clit and touch it.

It felt good to her and she spread her legs even more
but she didn't react as she normally would have, she
just accepted their actions, their attentions, not even
wondering what their intentions were. She accepted the
fact that they were going to fuck her when and how they
wanted to, she didn't really need to be fucked as she
was sated at the moment, at peace but if they wanted to
it was alright with her, she belonged to them and they
would give her to the dog again if she did. At the
thought of the dog she felt her heart beat a little

"Let's get her inside Jimmy."

"Yeah, and in bed. I want to be alone with mom for a
while is that okay with you?"

"Sure man, I understand, I will watch TV for a while
and you can call me when it's my turn. Is there
anything needs to be done in the kitchen?"

Jimmy said as he removed his cock from Julie's loving
mouth. "There's coffee in the pot, leave it for
tomorrow. And see if there's any thing we can fix for
breakfast without help."

"Is the coffee, you know."

"Yeah, maybe we should water it down a little, you know
wean her just a bit."

"Ok, I make it half and half tonight and we can zap it
in the morning."

They were going to through the door and Jimmy continued
to the bedroom and removed Julie's cover up. She said
she needed to go to the toilet he nodded as she went in
the bathroom. He turned down the bed and turned the
lamp on it's low setting, removed his shorts and t-
shirt and got on the bed. Realizing that the bedroom
door was open he got up and went to close just as Julie
came out of the bathroom. He reached for her and shut
the door as he pulled her into his arms and she came
against him with her breasts and straddled his leg with
her cunt to rub it against him.

They kissed, Julie gasped his cock with her hand and
gripped it as she stroked it. Jimmy kissed her for a
long time then led her to the bed and they got in
together, she never released his cock and when he was
between her spread legs she guided it to her cunt and
rose to meet him as he thrust into her warm depths.
They settled into a slow and gentle fucking action and
Julie placed both hands on his ass and held him
lovingly as he kissed her, tongued her, playing with
her breasts.

"I love you mom, you are so beautiful and sexy, I want
you all the time, I want to fuck you forever, but most
of all I love you because you are you."

"Baby, I love you also. With all my heart I love you.
You can do anything you wish with me, you can have my
body anytime you want it. I love you because you are my
baby, and I love you because you are my lover and you
give me all the pleasure that there is to be had.
Somehow you seem to know what I want even though I
haven't realized that I want it. Love me baby, take
your lover, your slut, your dog loving bitch, cum in me
and let me give you that pleasure."

Jimmy claimed her open mouth and took her wet hot cunt.
He fucked her like a crazed animal like he was trying
to outdo the dog. Julie lay under him and rubbed his
ass and hips with her hands and returned his kisses.
She took his tongue and his cock content to let him
fuck her as long as he wanted to, even if it was all
night and she knew when he was finished that David
would come and she would be fucked again.

That is what she was for; to be looked at, lusted
after, played with, kissed, pinched, tied up, and
fucked and that's what she wanted to be. Jimmy was her
lover and her master, she would do anything he told her
to with anyone and even with a dog. She had known that
she would love doing anyone and she should have known
that she would love letting the dog do her.

Finally Jimmy grunted and groaned as his cock spewed
cum into Julie. She felt good but had not reached a
climax as she wasn't horny. She kissed him and told him
how good he was and that she was always satisfied when
he fucked her. They lay for a time with him on top of
her and his cock in her cunt until finally he rolled
over and lay on his back. Julie went to the toilet to
clean up and washed when she was finished. Expecting to
find David in or on the bed she was surprised that
Jimmy still lay there and when she got close she
realized that he was asleep.

She went to the kitchen, naked, surprising David who
was sitting on the couch. The coffee he had made for
morning smelled so good she had to have some. As she
was putting some in a cup and getting a ice cube to
cool it quickly David approached.

"The coffee smells so good I just had to have some,
want a sip? No, want anything? David, Jimmy went to
sleep while I was in the bathroom, he must be tired, so
I came out. Would you like to sit on the couch or go to
another room?"

David didn't answer he just took her hand and led her
to the couch. He had the most beautiful woman in the
world, naked, and she came to him for him to fuck her!
He started to sit beside her but Julie stopped him.
Putting her cup on the end table she reached and
unfastened his shorts and pulled them down with his
briefs exposing his rapidly growing cock. Julie said
for him to remove his shirt and before he had pulled it
off she had her lips on the head of his cock, gently
sucking and rubbing it with her tongue. David shuddered
as she took more of it in her mouth sucking and taking
more as it grew harder and longer. Julie felt him jerk
in her mouth. Pre-cum flowed over her tongue and down
her throat, she loved the taste.

"David my lover, do you want to cum in my mouth or
would you prefer to make love to me and fill my cunt?"

"I want both Julie, I love you. I want you forever!
Just like this all the time, naked and loving every
inch of you!"

"That's so sweet of you, I love you also, you are my
lover and you can have me anytime and anyway. I will
love you and you love me. Any thing you want me to do
for you I am willing to do. Any thing you want to do to
me I am willing."

"I want to fuck your cunt and ass again."

"Yes baby, I want you to."

Julie slid off the couch to the floor and lay her head
and breasts on the seat turning her ass to him and
looked over her shoulder at David and whispered, "Fuck
me sweetheart, give me your love and your cum, fuck
your slut bitch!"

David entered her cunt and it went in easy as Julie was
wet and he fucked her going slow and deep until she
begin to moan getting louder as she approached a

"Oh baby, you are so good for me, you are deep in my
cunt, I can feel you against my womb. I am going to
cum. I didn't think I could but it almost there!
Yesssss, cumming for you, my lover, take my ass now,
fuck me in the ass, make me cum with you in my ass,
fuck me baby."

David did! He pulled from the hot wet clasping cunt and
plunged into her ass. She was relaxed and took him all
the way in two strokes. Her ass was as hot as her cunt
and she used her ass muscles to milk him. David was
fucking her and stroking her body with his hands, and
Julie was continuing to cum. She was moaning with every
stroke and getting dizzy with convulsion. His cock was
hard hot and the head was swelled as he needed to empty
his balls in her ass. He did finally, unable to stave
it off any longer he pumped his hot cum in her ass and
Julie gasped. They lay for a while recovering with
David kissing her back and shoulders. Julie realized
that these were not sexual kisses, he was kissing her
with love and worship.

They cleaned up and when she came out of the bathroom
both David and Jimmy were in her bed and she had to
crawl in between them to go to sleep after checking the
alarm. During the night she was hugged and kissed from
both sides and once she awoke with a sleeping mouth
around her nipple and a finger on her asshole just
touching it.


Sarah and Charlie sat at his dining table drinking hot
chocolate that he had made using milk and eating a
oatmeal cookie. They were sitting at one corner close
together with their legs rubbing together. They were
naked. Charlie had a stiff cock. Sarah had been helping
him get it that way although he didn't realize it! When
she came out of the bathroom he was in the kitchen
heating the milk so she stood at the counter for a
while and they talked but Charlie talked over his

She realized that he was a little embarrassed for her
to see his limp and rather small looking cock so she
walked to his back and put her arms around his waist
her hands went to his chest and she rubbed his nipples.
Leaning against him with her tits in his back she eased
her stomach against his ass and would move to rub tits
and stomach on him. As they talked she would lay her
face against his back then kiss it moving her hand down
to rub his stomach and sometimes going down to almost
his cock.

It didn't take long before Charlie turned around to
kiss her because he had something that he was proud of
and it was poking her stomach not hard to notice at

"My god Charlie, you are something! Look at that
beautiful thing! I've got to have it, can I please?"

"All you want but first you have to drink your
chocolate like a good girl and let me look at you, you
are so beautiful and amazingly you are even more
beautiful without clothes."

So they sat at the table rubbing knees like teens,
drinking chocolate, eating cookie, and touching each
other. Charlie ran his hand over Sarah's leg to her
cunt which he could just reach and with a smile she
gasped his cock with her hand and rubbed it then held
it and scooted closer so he could feel her better.

"Sarah, I want to love you there again."

"I want you to also, put it in me and go slow and make

"Yes, I will but I mean with my mouth and tongue as I
did earlier."

"Do you Charlie, do you really want to kiss and tongue
me there."


"Oh yes, please, I love it. It's like heaven to me, let
me do you at the same time, I love to feel you in my
mouth. It's so smooth and warm, so powerful. I feel
like I have your whole being, your life, your strength,
everything that you are you given to me to suck and
love. Can I?"

"Yes at the same time but I might get carried away and
ejaculate while you hold it in that sweet mouth."

"I don't care I want you to. I know I'm going to go
crazy and wet your face I won't be able to stop. We can
always bathe afterwards."

"Sarah you have the best attitude about everything, I
just love it."

Charlie gulped down his remaining chocolate and got up.
Sarah was drinking hers and holding on to his cock and
they went to the bedroom. Sarah had to let go of his
cock as he was to fast. She smiled thinking that a man
with a hard stiff cock has all the confidence he needs
to tackle anything. She would have to be careful and
not make him cum quickly for she wanted him to kiss her
cunt a long time.

Charlie was on top of the world, he didn't have a
prayer two weeks ago the only woman that he had a
chance of going out with was not into anything like
this, her idea of a good time was discussing the
history of the revolutionary war followed by tea, hot
tea. Now he had the two most beautiful women in the
state ready to get naked with him and let him do
anything he wanted to. And he wanted to do a lot of
things that he had dreamed about but never thought he
was going to experience.

Reaching the bed he held Sarah's hand as she got on the
bed, she got in the middle away from the headboard and
laying on her side held her arms out for him to come to
her. Charlie felt odd, he knew about sixty nine but
never had done it, it seemed odd to lay down and slide
your cock towards some ones face. But Sarah solved the
problem for as soon as he lay down she had his cock in
her hand and was rubbing it and cupping his balls with
the other.

Charlie slid to her eagerly when she tugged gently and
she kissed it right on the head, it felt like some one
had touched it with a lit match. He was frozen but
Sarah wasn't she slid her hips to him and opened her
legs putting one under his head and holding the other
up. He could see her cunt was gleaming with a slight
coating of moisture and it drew his lips like a magnet.
He wasn't disappointed for when he kissed the moist
lips of her cunt Sarah gasped and shook, opening her
legs even farther and seconds later her tongue scrubbed
his cock head making him gasp.

Then they were trying to outdo each other, when Sarah
took his cock in her mouth after kissing and licking,
he put his tongue in her cunt and both of them moaned
with passionate joy. Sarah was trying to estimate his
nearness to cum so she could slow down but she was
having a hard time concentrating with him licking,
plunging, and kissing her very sensitive cunt and she
was surprised when she suddenly was in the middle of a
very wonderful cum and all she could do was hold his
cock and moan, remembering his neck was between her
legs she didn't want to strangle him or crush his

Charlie was ecstatic, he did it, he made her cum! He
could get to loving this, he always felt sure it would
be nasty but it was great, sure he was getting wet from
his nose to his chin but it still was wonderful. The
best thing was that she was loving it and she would
want it again and he wanted to make sure she thought of
him when she did.

Sarah settled down, she was twisting and her hips shook
with her legs trembling, he went right back on the
attack licking her juice as he went from bottom to top.
His tongue passed over her clit and he lashed it with
the tip hoping it would extend and he could suck it
like he had Julie's. But he only could just barely get
it with his lips so he went back to plunging his tongue
in Sarah's cuntal opening.

Sarah was going crazy, she was fast approaching another
climax and he wasn't giving her any mercy at all. He
was on her cunt like a starving animal on a fresh
killed rabbit. She wasn't doing much of a job on his
cock, she couldn't suck long for gasping for breath but
she rubbed it and kissed it between moans.

"Charlie, I love it! Oh, lover, you are going to kill
me, you are going to make me cum again. I can't help
it, love me baby, yes, yes, love me!"

And Charlie was doing just that, his jaw was hurting
and his tongue felt like it was pulled loose from his
mouth for when she was cumming her cunt clamped down on
it when he had it as deep as he could make it go and
couldn't pull back, in fact she pulled him deeper. He
was going to pull a surprise on her as soon as she
came. He was going to switch and ram his cock in her
cunt and rest his mouth while giving his aching cock
some of that wonderful feeling. Oh hell, he forgot the
condom. Well he would just have to get it on fast.

Sarah was there, she tried to get as much of his cock
in her mouth as she could before she hit the ceiling
and had to stop to breathe. Charlie licked up her slit
and punished her clit with his tongue tip, Sarah begin
to gasp as she was cumming again. Just as she convulsed
the second time Charlie was suddenly sitting up
grabbing something and then he pulled his cock from her
mouth and she was cumming without a cock or tongue, she
moaned in frustration but saw he was hastily pulling on
a condom and rolled to her back and spread her legs
trembling and still cumming.

He made it in record time and was on her and in her in
a flash and she cried out yes, yes baby as his cock
sank to the bottom of her cunt. She came for a full two
minutes meeting each of his thrusts with a thrust of
her own, she began to give out and got dizzy feeling
but she couldn't stop and she couldn't rest she had to
make him cum she wanted to feel him jerking in her and
know he was being satisfied. He was her lover and she
had to give him what he had given her.

Just as she thought he wouldn't or couldn't cum again
and she was doing all she could, her cunt muscle
wouldn't work when she came, she had that feeling again
and she cried out, oh no not again, I'm going to cum
again, lover have mercy on me! Charlie's arms were
giving out but he knew from the feeling in his balls
that they would be giving out to, giving out his sperm
for her. And the two lovers came together and slowly he
collapsed on her and they lay kissing.

Charlie was balls deep in her cunt and Sarah's legs
were locked around his thighs, his tongue was in her
mouth and she sucked it like it was a cock. Finally he
rolled off her body and they both kissed and licked
each others lips still locked together cock and cunt.
They were both content to stay that was for a while.

"Sarah, you are fantastic, you are so wonderful, I love
you, you make me feel so good."

"It's the same for me Charlie, it's been a long time
since I've felt like this! You are magnificent! I think
I could stay like this all night but I know it's not
possible, you would have a dead woman on your hands!
You are so viral so powerful so tender and yet
demanding, you know how to love me, what to do to me
that turns me into jelly!"

"You are the one that gives me that power, sometimes I
am taken back by your frankness, but I love it. You
aren't afraid to let me know that you want to be loved
by me and that gives me strength and confidence. That's
important to a man, to know that a woman wants him."

"It's also important to a woman, Charlie. She wants to
know that a man wants her, not only for sex but wants
to be with her, love her, spend his days as well as
nights with her."

"Speaking of spending time together, would you like to
spend the night, I would love to have you?"

"Would you love me all night if I did?"

"I doubt it, but I sure would try."

"Are you serious? You would like for me to spend the
night with you?"

"Yes, I'm as serious and hopeful as I've ever been."

"I would love to stay in your arms all night, but I
don't think it would work tonight. We would have to get
up early and you take me home and then come back, it
would be a hassle for both of us. Can I get a rain
check like on the week end and then we wouldn't have to
get up and rush. We could sleep late and go for
breakfast then come back and.... Is that possible?"

"Sure how about Saturday night? We could go to dinner
and stay the night and as long as we wish on Sunday."

"Ok, you've got a date! What time?"

"Seven seems to work well, how about you?"

"Sure seven it is, god I don't know how to act on a
date, my first date since I moved here."

"Me either, so we will have to learn together. I wish I
had thought of getting some doughnuts, I'm hungry
enough to eat a horse. Want to go grab a doughnut?"

"Charlie, you have to take me home, it's getting late."

"Oh, I don't want to but I know I have to. Want to get
something on the way?"

"Are you really hungry or are you trying to delay
taking me home?"

"Both, Sarah. I'm starving and I don't want to take you
home, ever."

"You're so sweet, but bribing me with donuts should be
against the law. Does coffee go along with it? If it
does then you got a deal but no sex in the doughnut

Charlie laughed, "Ok no public sex, I'm still a winner
I get to look at you."

The donut shop actually was a diner and they had coffee
and two doughnut a piece, crammed in a booth Charlie
had ample opportunities to sneak his hand on Sarah's
thigh and he took all of them. Sarah just smiled at him
and he took that as encouragement, finally she
whispered that he was conniving and trying to make her
to not want to go home and it was working but just
because she didn't want to didn't mean he was going to
get her out of her clothes again tonight, he would have
to wait for Saturday night. Charlie was happy, Sarah
was happy, amazing what sex can do!

Sarah got home about midnight, well she got in the door
at midnight, they spent a half of a hour in the parking
lot. Charlie was exploring every inch of her body like
he had never seen it before, he kissed every thing she
had that she wasn't sitting on except the bottom of her
feet, she was ticklish. Sarah was hot but determined
that he wasn't going to fuck her in the car and he
wasn't getting inside her apartment. Finally she begged
him to let her go in but she didn't make a move to
leave until he finally got out and opened her door for
her. Sarah knew how to keep a man interested, make him
think that she didn't have the will power to refuse and
he would do any thing she wanted, it must have been in
her genes.

She washed her face, she had been kissed so many times
her lips were sore, but that's all she did, ten minutes
later she was sound asleep, naked and hugging a pillow
with her legs.

Chapter Thirty Four

Emily woke up before the alarm went off, she needed to
go to bathroom and couldn't wait. Kurt was sleeping
like a baby, flat on his back with a smile on his face.
When Emily was finished she got in the shower and got
the water as hot as she could stand. She washed her
hair and then her body, hearing the alarm she knew that
Kurt would be getting up and stumbling in the toilet
she hoped he still had a smile on his face, they had
tried something last night that neither had ever done
before, doggy style in the ass.

It was Emily's first time for a man's cock to be in her
ass and Kurt's first time to fuck someone that way. It
was painful to Emily for a little while but it got
better, Kurt was scared that he would hurt her and then
that he was going to be hurt but got with it after a
while. She didn't think she wanted it again tonight but
maybe by Sunday night she would be over her soreness.

He yelled morning baby and went in the toilet, they
talked, him splattering and her scrubbing, about what
for breakfast and today's schedule. They decided to
grab a breakfast at the fast food down the street to
save time and he got in the shower as she got out,
kissing and complaining about their soreness. She asked
if he was ok with doing that, no regrets, he said yes
and no, and asked her would she want to do it again.
She asked would you and he said I think so if you want
to and she maybe in a couple of days. They looked at
each other and smiled, yeah they were going to do it

The alarm woke Sarah up but it had to work at it. She
finally came out of her deep sleep and rolled over and
cut it off. She picked it up and looked at it closely
like maybe it was wrong or something, she had just laid
down how could it be time to get up. She rolled over
and stretched like a cat, smiling as memories came
flooding in her thoughts. She had not slept good like
that, except this week, since her divorce.

Usually she woke up several times during the night and
was awake long before the clock went off. And if she
woke up and starting thinking or remembering she could
forget trying to sleep anymore. Finally she had to
resort to sleep aids to help her get some rest. But not
this week. She went to the bathroom for her morning
ritual and then in the shower. She winced as she
washed, her lips were sore, her nipples were sore and
her beautiful little lower lips were pink and looked

She was glad she didn't have to shave that would have
been painful. As she remembered all the attention they
got last night she had to lean on the shower wall as
she got weak feeling. Charlie's tongue on her cunt! He
was a wild man! She set out to seduce him for a repeat
performance, get her satisfaction and give him a thrill
at the same time and he turned her into a mass of

She shook all over as she got out of the shower, dried,
and blew her hair. Fixing what little make up she used
she went to the kitchen and looked in the refrigerator
shut the door quickly thinking she didn't want any
cereal, she wanted something to eat! She decided that
she would go to the breakfast diner and get some real
food and good coffee. No wonder Julie and Emily drank
so much coffee, they got so much sex that they needed
something to stimulate them and she did too. Dressing
quickly she stuffed her papers in her briefcase and was
out the door.

She saw four men standing near the stairs at the end of
the pool, Ben and Joe were two of them but she didn't
know the other two. They called to her asking why she
was out so early.

"I want some solid food for breakfast, tired of cereal
and milk."

"Hey we're going to the diner for breakfast, why don't
you ride with us?"

"I need my car to go on to school. I'll meet you

Ben said, " We're waiting on Frank, he's slow as
Christmas. We're kind of crowded let me ride with you
and we will only be packed in coming back."

"Sure, that's good."

Joe said, "I'll ride with you also."


So she and the two men piled in her car, Ben won the
race for the front seat, they were in the diner and
ordering when the others got there. There was a
rearranging of the tables to make room for everyone and
the waitress brought cups and a pot of coffee for
everybody. Obliviously she knew them all.

"Honey, do you want cream with your coffee?"

"No black is fine. Thank you."

"My pleasure, I hope you are careful, never saw you
before so I have to warn you. This is a wild bunch you
are running with, you look like a very nice respectable
girl but this crew will ruin your reputation is a
minute. Get away as soon as you can. If you need help
just scream and I will have the police here in seconds.
Now what do you want to eat, I know what they want,
it's pancakes with sausage every Friday. Maple syrup
for him and him and him, cane syrup for him and jelly
for the handsome bald man."

Everybody laughed at her joke and said we've got to
quit coming here, can't get no respect, no respect at
all. Sarah ordered eggs scrambled, bacon, grits, and
biscuits. The bald man said that's my kind of woman, a
sawmill breakfast.

"Ben, are we set up for the cook out this afternoon, we
have the hamburger and the buns and a lot of mustard,
ketchup, relish, and mayonnaise. Is there anything that
you guys can thing of that we haven't got?"

"Nope, we are sitting on ready, got beer, drinks, wine,
mix, and lots of liquor. We will ice it down about
lunch time and get the grill clean and ready. The
ladies are fixing the other stuff, Mabel is in charge
and you can depend on her, she never overlooks

"Great, my friend Julie, who you haven't met, will pick
up the hamburger after lunch and bring it and the buns,
she will need some help getting it in my apartment. Can
someone help her carry it and marinate it, then carry
it down when we are ready to start cooking?"

"Sure we will all be around the pool just tell her to
wave when she gets here. What does she look like?"

Sarah took a drink of her coffee and smiled at the five
very attentive men. "Well I should warn you so no one
dies of heart failure when she gets here. Julie is
possibly the most beautiful woman in the world, for
sure she is in this state. And she doesn't know it! She
thinks she looks like every one else and can't
understand why everyone makes such a fuss over her. Any
way she has lovely black hair, her skin is tanned and
smooth as silk, plus her body is like a goddess. So
everybody take a heart pill at twelve o'clock because
if you die I will not be responsible."

Joe; "It's not possible that she could be prettier than
you, Sarah."

"Oh yes, definitely, just wait until you see her. You
won't even know that I am around."

The waitress came with a tray loaded with food and gave
Sarah her breakfast. "Here hon, it's good and hot don't
be polite just eat it now. These pigs won't be polite
when I get it all out here."

She gave each man a plate and set a huge platter of
pancakes in the middle of the table. "Dig in boys, the
other stuff is coming as soon as I can get it on the
tray and then I'll bring the coffee pot." They dug in
the pancakes and grabbed the syrup.

Sarah thought she had died and gone to heaven, it had
been a long time since she had eaten anything other
than cereal or power bars for breakfast. She was
putting it away when the waitress came with the rest of
the food for the guys and jelly for the handsome bald
man ( he really wasn't but he was nice looking but he
hadn't said a word to any one just listened and
smiled). She had some peach preserves for Sarah.

"That's so nice of you, these are homemade!!! Did you
make them?"

"Yeah, I keep some in the back to eat with my
breakfast, my husband is handicapped but he can tend to
flowers and take care of fruit trees so we have
peaches, apples and pears."

"Thank you so much I will bring the rest to you when I
finish. The biscuits are so good, I had forgotten what
they taste like. I bet you made them also."

"I do, how'd you guess? I come in early and make them
and the cook puts them in the over as he needs them."

"Well, they taste so much better than you get in most

The waitress patted her on the shoulder and poured her
some coffee and the same for the men and went to check
other customers. It was silent for a minute then Joe
said I never knew all that, we've been coming here for
months but never bothered to find out about her just
joked around and kidded her. Ben cut a small piece of
sausage and offered it to Sarah to taste, she smiled
and took it in her mouth from his fork. She said it was
great but not to offer her any more as she was getting
full and had to finish her eggs and grits. She asked if
anyone wanted a biscuit she had one more than she could
eat. No one said any thing, Sarah it's to good to waste
and looked around, the bald man had his hand up looking
at her and smiling.

Sarah picked it up and handed it to him and she saw his
lips move as he took it they said thank you but no
sound came out. She wondered it he couldn't talk.
Couldn't just up and ask, you know. He split it open
and piled about six pats of butter in it and started
eating it like he was still starving, she could tell he
was enjoying it.

"Sure you don't want some more sausage, Sarah. There's
plenty and it's delicious?"

"Thank you Ben but no, I'm stuffed, two more bites of
biscuit which I shouldn't eat but I already put
preserves on it and can't waste them."

"Want me to warm that coffee hon?"

"Oh no, I have to go to work and I can't be climbing
the walls from caffeine overdose. Can I get my check I
need to go? Here's your preserves, they were

"Sure, I'll get it and you can pay the girl at the
register. Thank you glad you liked them. "

"Mildred, I'm going to get her ticket, bring it to me."

"No way Ben, you can't pay for my breakfast, you are
kind to offer but you shouldn't."

"Why not, I have to, I invited you to breakfast, it's
my responsibility. Isn't that right Joe?"

"Absolutely, it's the code of the west, if a man asks a
woman or woman asks a man to go to lunch then they must
pay. Ask anyone of these guys and they will tell you
the same." Every man nodded in agreement.

"Well, hon looks like you got a free breakfast, I could
charge double and you come back in the morning and eat
free again."

"Hold on now Mildred, don't get carried away."

"Ok, Ben you win but I will pay you back next one's
mine." Sarah slid her foot over and rubbed her arch
along his calf muscle as she looked at him with a
slight smile. "Agreed?"

"Agreed, looking forward to it."

Sarah put a five dollar bill on the table for Mildred
and said goodbye to everyone and left for her car. It
was silent for a moment until she got out the door.

"Well, looks like Ben is trying to stake out his
claim." "Yeah, but she's worth a whole lot more than a
breakfast." "Wish I had a million dollars to give her
so she could just stay close where I could see her all
day." "Be careful Ben, you wouldn't last five minutes
with that."

"Come on guys, she is just a child, she thinks we are
her grandfathers."

"If I had a granddaughter that looked like that I would
be shot for incest!"

"Say, do you think she was pulling our leg about her
friend being so pretty?"

"If she was she is good at it, she sure looked liked
she was serious to me."

"Can't be, you know that pretty girls always have a
friend that is fat as a pig and a face like Ma.

"But that girl that was with her last week looked like
a movie star, the one with the light red hair and the
slim long body, my god, wish I had teachers like that
when I was in school!"

"Don't forget that ass on her either. That's was the
prettiest ass I have ever seen. I still see it in my

"Well, we will find out this afternoon that's for sure,
if she's that good looking you guys can carry her
stuff, I'm going to carry her!"

"Shut up and eat, I'm getting a hard on, first one

"First one this year you mean."

Sarah got to school earlier than normal and she went
straight to the office and asked Mrs. Lucas if she
could use the phone to call Julie.

Julie, Jimmy, and David were awaken by the alarm, Jimmy
cut it off and got up and went towards his bath room.
Julie had to throw the sheet back to get out of bed as
it was wrapped all her and some of it was under David.
She glanced at him as she sat up and saw he had boner.
She went to her bathroom and heard him pad across the
carpet going to the other bathroom. She closed the door
so neither of them would come in and start something,
she needed a few hours of not being hot or fucked to
get her strength built up and her mind settled down.

Between the two of them and the dog she was kept in a
constant state of delirium and she must get calmed down
before Harry got home. She hit the shower and washed
every part of her at least twice applied lotion all
over and was drying her hair when the door was knocked
on. It was Jimmy with a cup of coffee for her. He
kissed her like a son should, on the cheek and then on
the lips like a lover would and told her breakfast was
in ten minutes, heading back to the kitchen.

For the first time in months Julie ate breakfast fully
dressed, she had on a bra, her thong, skirt, blouse
with all buttons fastened, and her shoes. The breakfast
was good she hadn't tasted french toast in a long time
and she was hungry! The coffee tasted sweeter but she
thought it was the syrup from the toast. She made the
bed checking to make sure there weren't any spots on
the sheets while the guys cleaned the kitchen. They got
their stuff put it in the car and told her they were
going to David's to feed Bravo and check the house.

Julie went to the vanity and brushed her hair again
applying lipstick and a touching up her makeup. She got
all her stuff and put it in the car, as she was going
back to the house Emily arrived. They went in together
and got coffee standing at the counter as they drank it
and talked. Of course Emily had to tell her about her
new experience and Julie's nipples starting to tingle.

"Don't tell me anymore you wanton woman, you're making
me hurt. So I guess you liked it?"

"Yeah, not at first but it got good and then better."

The phone rang, it was Sarah. They talked and Emily

"Ok, they will be waiting to help me. Yes, I got one
big pan and one small one. Under the stove? Oh the oven
the pan drawer. Don't worry, some one will have a pan
we can borrow. Ben, Joe, Mabel is in charge. Yes my
bikini is in the car, wanted to make sure I didn't
forget it. Got shoes. I got it Sarah, meet you in the
lounge and get key.

"Sarah, Sarah, sweetheart hush a minute, what happened
at your dinner that's what is important, not
hamburgers. Drinks of course, I don't care what kind!
Baked salmon, Sarah, ok shrimp cocktail how wonderful.
Sarah there's going to be killing in the lounge during
break make sure you are there, don't make me have to
come looking for you! He did! Yeah! He offered her the
position, Emily! Did you kiss him? In the parking lot,
I hope? At his place, his house, Sarah you didn't did
you. You did!!!! Oh my god Emily she did!"

"Did! Did what I missed that?"

"She went home with Charlie, did you spend the night??
Doughnuts and coffee? Quit skipping around what about
at the house? You're just as good as dead, girl. You're
teasing me! Hurry and tell me, we going to be late if
you keep fooling around. Who cares about furniture!
Sarah did you make love, yes or no?"

Julie smiled and nodded to Emily who heard the answer
because her ear was against the phone, they looked like
Siamese twins joined at the ear.

"Save the details for later, are you ok? Did you enjoy
it? Want to do it again? Great, you're my baby, I love
you and Emily loves you. We're happy that you are
happy. Got to run see you at break! Love you too."

"We got to run Emily, did you hear it they made love
and she climaxed three times. Hurry. I've got to pick
up the guys don't wait for me. "

When Julie got to David's she saw they were waiting at
the curb and both pants had budges in them. What had
they been doing, bet they were looking at pictures of
her. God, they must taken a couple of hundred last
night, her naked, sitting on David with his cock in her
cunt, her covered in cum with a glob on her lips. And
the ones of her and the dog, face to face and that long
red cock in her.

Julie trembled as she drove off for school she wished
they had time to look at them as they fucked her again.
They got there on time and there was those girls again.
Tiffany in the middle waving like she hadn't seen them
in months, Julie swore under her breath, that dress was
so short it wouldn't cover her butt if she had to bend
over, and she would have to bend over, you just knew

Then she had to smile as she remembered riding to
David's with her hands tied and her cover-up flopping
open as they led her in the house with his cock wet
from her mouth. She shouldn't be critic of Tiffany's
mini when she walked around naked in front of both of
them and spread her legs every time they got close.

Faithful Mel was at his post as always. Julie had an
urge to kiss him but couldn't right here in the hall,
so she just smiled and asked him how he was doing and
to enjoy his week end then touched his hand which was
holding the door open for her. She said good morning
and went to her office and went to work. She was up and
running on the computer before the eight o'clock bell
rang. The usual bunch came and went with the coaches
hanging around the coffee pot for a while.

Mrs. Lucas came to her door and told her that Sarah had
used her phone to call her, she hoped it was alright.
Julie assured her it was and hesitating Mrs. Lucas said
that she guessed Sarah had told her the news and she
answered with a smile yes and she was thrilled. She
thanked her for her help and asked if Sarah had told
her and Mrs. Lucas said no that Charlie told her to
prepare the paperwork yesterday. But she would have
known because Sarah was hardly touching the ground this

Coach came to her door also and said he would get Jimmy
home as close to five as possible. Julie told him that
he was going to spend the night with David and to drop
him off there. She couldn't show him anything because
she was buttoned up all the way this morning but he was
looking at her tits anyway making them tingle.

Charlie came in and went straight to his office and
back out in seconds then came to her office and entered
shutting the door. Julie looked at him, smiled and said
we shouldn't shut the door Mr. Hale it looks bad.

"I'll fix that but first I want to say we are set for
Tuesday. Then thank you for suggesting that I take
Sarah, Mrs. Bell, to dinner it was a very enjoyable
evening, I found her to be absolutely fascinating. I
can't even remember what we ate I so taken back by what
a vision of loveliness she is. Julie I must be getting
old I don't remember her looking like that when she
first came here."

"Tuesday is in my memory bank, you are quite welcome
and I am happy that you enjoyed her company, she is
also is a lot of fun and will shock you occasionally.
Sarah had a lot of problems with her marriage and she
had just given up on trying to look nice as men can be
so boorish at times. But she has fought through those
and is looking forward, you are her first date, if we
can call it that, and it couldn't have worked out
better I don't believe. You are a gentleman with
refinements that are hard to find in younger men and
that is exactly what she needed to feel good about
starting relationships again. I hope you will ask her
out again. By the way you had baked salmon and shrimp

"Oh my, you know all about it don't you? I forgot that
you and she are best friends and she would confide in
you before she would me. Do you know what we drank

"The wine was a little to dry, you should remember that
ladies like wine to be sweeter like a rose' or white.
They are lighter and more pleasing to the palette.
Charlie, don't fish around. I'm not jealous that you
find Sarah attractive or that you took her to your
house and made love to her. I'm glad for both of you,
strangely I love both of you and want both of you to be
happy. She and I can talk but you must never talk to
either of us about the other, I know that sounds
strange and unfair but that's the way it is.

"If I started seeing another man and told you about how
great he was in bed you would be hurt and think it was
unfair to compare you when I didn't mean to compare
just talk as a friend to friend. So Sarah will never
know from me that you and I have a relationship because
she would not see you anymore since we are friends. So
if you keep the secret it will be a secret and you can
enjoy the benefits of both of us, understand?"

"I'm not sure, but I trust you to know what is right to
do and I will do it. I'm relieved for I felt that I
owed it to you to tell you and not sneak around with
your best friend."

"Thank you, Charlie. I appreciate that. Now what about
your computer training should I whip you or reward

"Reward me Honey. Hold on let me get the girls in here
for this so I can get out of the doghouse."

Charlie opened the door and called them in. They came
wondering what was going on.

"Ladies I have just told Julie about Sarah's hiring,
which she already knew of course just as you do, but I
have another important announcement for you. Mrs.
Wadsworth has accepted me in her beginner's class and I
hope that I can learn at least to turn on a computer
before the year ends. I have Julie to thank for her
undying determination to make me a better principal and
you two for constantly nagging me to listen to her."

Mrs. Lucas and Darlene both gave him a hug and a pat on
the back and then they hugged Julie also. They all went
out to the coffee pot and got coffee to celebrate.
After a few minutes of chatter Charlie left to check on
the history class. Mrs. Lucas spoke as soon as he got
out the door.

"Julie, you have worked another miracle! I told Darlene
just the other day that he was going to try and squirm
out of that he is scared to death of computers. How in
the world did you get him to do it?"

"I just reminded him that he had made me a promise and
I expected him to do it or I couldn't trust his word
again. I wounded his pride a little but it worked."

Darlene said; "Yeah, but it wouldn't have worked for
anyone else, he thinks you are the grandest person in
the whole world and would die before he made you angry.
And you know I'm beginning to believe it also."

"Oh come on now, make my head swell will you! You two
spoil me rotten, always telling me how beautiful I am,
how great I am and all sort of things. I am afraid I
will start believing it soon."

"Julie did Charlie mention any names when he told you
he was thinking of being more social or did he say if
they were old friends or church members or anything?"

"No and I couldn't pry into his business so I just
encouraged him and told him he should start with just
eating with friends and then see if he wanted to do
other things and to forget about what he did as a young
man on dates that time was gone, to do things that they
would enjoy now."

"Maybe you better go with them for he is bound to mess
up and start talking about things that she wouldn't
like, he needs a tutor."

"Oh wow, I can see us now. Don't pick your teeth with a
knife Mr. Hale it's looks gross and she's turning

They all laughed and Julie said; " I've got to get to
work. Ok if I go to the lounge at break time Sarah says
she just has to talk to me. Wonder what about!"

"Of course it is you don't have to ask us just go!"

Julie went to her office and started her report entry
again and worked until Mrs. Lucas yelled that it was
five minutes to break, give her poor fingers a break.
Julie said thanks and asked it they wanted her to bring
anything for them and Darlene said a sack of thousand
dollar bills.

As she walked down the hall the break bell rang and she
hurried to get in the restroom before the crowd got
there. Coming out Julie got a oatmeal cake to eat with
her coffee and sat in the corner. Emily and Sarah came
in and waved on their way to the restroom along with a
group of others. Julie noticed that Sarah's eyes were
bright and happy and she was dressed very nice with a
lot of leg flashing as she walked. Emily beat her out
and grabbed some coffee from the urn and a pack of
cookies and hurried over to where she sat. Sarah was
coming out and hurrying also.

They talked about everything all at once and Sarah got
her apartment key and gave it to Julie telling her
again that she would have help and where everything

"Sarah you look so nice today! Your clothes are just
perfect, and you are bright and cheerful, you must
really have enjoyed your dinner date and got a good
nights sleep. I'm teasing you now!"

"I know and I don't mind, in fact I enjoy it. You knew
all along didn't you? You knew Mr. Hale was going to
offer me a position but you let him tell me didn't you?
I knew it, see her smile Emily. I love you! And when we
get an opportunity I going to show you just how much!"

"Shhhh, don't tell the whole world. Talk about
something else. What time will you two get there?
Remember I will be slaving away in the kitchen and
surrounded by men, don't let me suffer to long."

"Sarah and I will be there shortly after the bell rings
and rescue you, just don't put your bikini on until we
get there, we don't want you to have them all hyped up
so they don't even notice us."

"Ok, I promise not to do anything that you wouldn't do.
But we need to be in the sun as soon as possible to get
the maximum benefit. Boy, I just remembered that I have
to grab a snack or I will be weak as a rag by the time
we get ready to eat."

The talk went on but Sarah's night out wasn't mentioned
again because the lounge was getting crowded and to
many people were to close for them to speak candidly.
After finishing their snack Julie said she better be
getting back. She left and went back to the office, on
the way pass she told Darlene that all the sacks of
money were sold out. Just my luck she cried out.

Julie finished her reports and checked the presentation
but decided she didn't need to print anything for there
might be some changes and it was ready so there wasn't
any reason to do any thing. She got some memo's from
Mrs. Lucas and typed them and then made copies to help
her out. Did some filing for Darlene and realized the
morning was just about gone.

Mrs. Lucas asked her if she would like to go eat early
and she could handled everything for her. She insisted
because Julie had done most of her work by doing the
memos, so Julie got her handbag and went to her car.
She stopped at little place called Auntie's Cafe where
she had ate a few times and got a plate from the
buffet, ate it quickly and by twelve thirty was leaving
for the grocery store.

She rang the bell at the meat counter and Jack came
out. They exchanged greetings and he told her he had
taken the hamburgers out and they were sitting in the
cutting room. She asked if they needed a basket and he
said well I can carry them up for you and I'll get a
bagger to get your buns. In a few minutes he came out
with a big box and had attached a sheet on it.

As they waited for a bag boy Julie thanked him again
for all his help and said I wish there was some way I
could return the favor. He smiled as he thought of how
he would like for her to repay him, but said you just
keep coming in and always ask for me, I'll make sure
you get the best cuts and best price. Julie assured him
she would.

They took her stuff to the checkout and once she had
paid the bag boy put in all in a basket and wheeled it
out to her car. He put it all in the back seat and
Julie thanked him touching his arm lightly as she shut
the door.

Ben, Joe, and the other three singles had the grill
ready, the tables set up, and were just standing around
talking with Mabel. They had intended to grill and have
the tables on the other side of the pool but Mabel said
no, they needed that space for people to sit. The
serving tables and grill should be on the side farthest
from the apartments with chairs for any one who wanted
to sit in there. The tables with umbrellas were for
people to sit at who didn't want to be in the sun.
Mabel won! They were also waiting for Julie, there were
a few bets that she wouldn't look nearly as good as
Sarah had said she would but Ben insisted that Sarah
would not pull a joke on them. They said aww Ben you're
just in love.

"Well, she should be getting here by now, it's not far
from the school to here."
"Relax man, the girl has to eat."

"She had to trim her beard before she came."

"Yeah, that's its, and tie her combat boots."

Mabel scolded them. "For god's sake, give it some peace
will you. That's all we've heard since breakfast this
morning. Poor Sarah, to innocent to realize what dirty
old men you are, neither of them can come they're at
the hospital trying to get her to stop vomiting."

"Oooww, that's a low blow, Mabel."

"Well you guys deserve a..."

"There's a car do you think that's her?"

"Must be, not expecting any one else."

"Almighty damnation, look at that would you!"

"Oh my heavens, look at that leg, if she'll just sit
there all day I'd be happy."

They all started at the same time moving towards
Julie's car. Mabel walked to the side of the pool so
she could see around them and she was impressed. Julie
sat with the car door open and her left foot on the
pavement which exposed her tanned leg up to half way
her thigh. She was getting something from the left
front seat. As the men got closer she rose out of the
seat and waved at them with a smile on her face.

Mabel couldn't hear them but it was obvious they were
introducing themselves as Julie would smile at each one
and shake their hands and then she was telling them
something and again it was obvious that they were
spellbound. Mabel said well I might as well go inside
and have a drink nobody is going to be doing anything
around here except looking.

Julie felt her skin beginning to burn from the hungry
eyes boring into her, but she liked it! Should have
worn my shorts instead of carrying them she thought.

"Well, it's so good to meet you finally, Sarah has been
telling me what a great group of residents you were! I
saw her this morning and she told me about having
breakfast with you when I got her key. Thank you for
being so nice, it's not easy to move to a strange place
and go right to work, as she has, when you don't know

"Well, we all think the world of Sarah."

"She told me that you would help me with the hamburger
meat and buns and you were standing waiting for me.
They're on the back seat, the hamburgers are heavy so
it might take two of you. Anyway I am ready, who wants
to help me marinate them?"

"We will all help you."

"That's great let's go then."

They unloaded the box and the sacks of buns, Joe
insisted he didn't need any help with hamburger and
they started for the stairs. They all hung back so
Julie would be in front as they went up the steps, she
had the key ready and they watched her ass sway,
jiggle, and bounce as they proceeded up and to Sarah's
door. When they got inside she told them to put it on
the counter and when it was all deposited everyone
looked at each other. It wasn't that they didn't know
what they wanted to do, just that they knew they
couldn't, so they had to think about what they were
supposed to do.

"Who took my pan from me?"

"It was me, Ben. Here it is."

"Did you carry that heavy pan all the way by yourself,

"Yeah and it was heavier than them buns you toted."

"Ok, guys now, Ben, in the bottom of the oven in that
drawer is some more pans like that, get them out and
make sure they are clean. Joe get someone to help you
and open the box and check the meat and start putting
it in the pans. Hank, look in the refrigerator and find
a gallon jug of dark red marinate and get it out and
open it. Take your time we have lots of time."

Everyone except the short bald man had some thing to do
and Julie didn't want him to feel left out.

"I apologize sir, I didn't hear your name when we met?"


"Billy I am thirsty see if Sarah has any wine in the
refrigerator, enough for all of us. We are having a
party so we need to be drinking something!"

Joe said, "We got lots of wine in a tub of ice waiting
for us to start the party, your other friend said we
had to have some wine light and sweet. We got it!"

"Wonderful, Billy do you mind getting some for us, we
don't need glasses, just a bottle.?" He went without a
word. "If you don't mind, I'm going to get out of these
clothes so I don't get anything on them, be right

They waved or nodded, nobody was doing any thing they
just watched her grab her sack and go to the bedroom.
With nothing to look at they went to work. Joe
whispered to the man helping him, do you suppose she
meant that she was going to be naked. He whispered
back, no you're just hoping. More like dreaming another
voice said.

"Well one thing for sure, Sarah wasn't pulling our leg.
I never seen anyone like that, she is better than
Playboy any day."

"I bet she's got a husband seven feet tall and could
break your back like a toothpick."

"Well it's worth a broke back to sample some of what
she's got."

"You know it just don't make sense that three girls
that are as beautiful as these three are would be
sharing with a bunch of old folks like they are. I mean
they could be any where and doing any thing and yet
they come here and eat hamburgers with us."

"Yeah, that's right. Most women that look like that
would be at a club drinking martinis and discussing
fashions from Paris. Not drinking wine and mix drinks
with a bunch of beer drinking men."

"Shhh, keep your voice down she isn't as hard of
hearing as we are!"

"You notice that she said we don't need glasses, so I
guess we going to drink from the same bottle."

"I want to be next after her then, and I ain't wiping
the mouth either."

"How many of these are we going to put in a pan? This
one is about full and we haven't made a hole in this
bunch yet."

"We better wait and see what she wants to do."

Five minutes passed and Julie came out of the door,
there was a quick in take of breath from the four
standing in the little kitchen. She had on a very short
pair of light blue shorts that were slung low on her
hips and her pale yellow shirt was short with no
buttons, fastened just under her breasts with a tie
that left a two inch gap between her breasts and hung
open. She had her blue bikini on underneath it and when
she leaned over they could see it but it was so small
that they saw almost half of her breasts first.

"Is something wrong or am I so slow that you finished

They explained the problem and she came in the midst of
them and looked at the pan. She stood beside Joe and
everyone else was behind her and as she looked at the
hamburgers they were looking at her ass, legs and that
smooth skin across her back.

"This one could hold one more layer and that would be
eighteen, my exact age, the other pan would make thirty
six and the small pan only, say twelve, that's forty
eight. And we need two per person so we need twenty two
more. That would take two more pans. Or a large one
that would hold more. Ben, were there any more in the

"Nothing that would hold very many just fry pan and

"What we need is a very large pan so they could all be
in the same one and we wouldn't be running around
looking for four more to fill the grill. Any body got a
big dish pan, metal if possible?"

"Mabel does, she has one she uses to make pear
preserves in?"

"Would she let us use it, would you go get it, George?"


Just as George was going out Billy was coming in with
two bottles of wine. One was white and one was rose' he
looked excited as he came straight to Julie drinking in
the view. He held the wine up like a trophy.

She said, " Let's do the white first, Bill, can I call
you Bill or do you prefer to be called Billy?"

"Call me Bill, I hate Billy."

"Then why do you tell people your name is Billy, tell
them your name is Bill."

"Ok I will."

"Anyway since you went and got it you get the honor of
opening it and taking the first drink. Here wipe the
neck with this paper towel."

Bill wiped and then opened it and wiped it again and
offered it to Julie, she said you go first. He said I
rather drink after you maybe I'll get some of your
lipstick on me. Julie laughed and put her fingers to
her lips and kissed them and put them on his lips, then
she said now drink and a big one no sipping anybody.
They were all laughing and looking on in amazement.

They had never heard Billy, Bill talk much but he was
talking to Julie and making jokes and he looked like he
could just stand and look at her forever they had never
seen him like that before. He turned the bottle up and
two big swallows gurgled down his throat.

Julie took the bottle from him and when he stuck the
towel at her she shook her head then looking directly
at Bill she kissed the bottle mouth and then turned it
up and took her two swallow. She handed the bottle to
Joe who made sure he was next to her to get it and it
went around until all had some, saving the bottle on
the counter for George to get his swallows.

Julie asked them if they thought they would need more
than two a piece and they said no, some would only eat
one and they would have a lot left over. She looked at
the meat and commented on how thick they were and asked
who was going to do the grilling or should she do it.
Ben answered that he and Joe were the chief grill cooks
but everyone usually helped.

George came in and had a large pan that they thought
would hold all of them. He said it was clean Mabel had
washed it before giving it to him. Julie took the pan
and handed him the wine bottle and explained that they
were limited to two swallows, he took two.

"Ok, guys let's get to work, Hank pour a half inch in
the bottom of the pan. Joe take those in the full pan
and spread them on the bottom when he is finished. Wait
Hank we got to shake it up first."

Julie took the gallon jug and started shaking it but it
was heavy and hard to shake and she was shaking more
than the jug until one bikini clad breast came out of
her top and was on display shaking from side to side.
She stopped, looked down at it and handed it back to
Hank telling him that he better do it she was shaking
her clothes off but not the jug. He took it as they all
laughed and someone said darn, Julie laughed with them
and tucked her boob back in the top.

"That should be enough Hank. Now pour, every time Joe
gets a row down pour some on each one until we have
them all covered. At least all wet on both sides."

They worked at this until all were finished and Joe
said that was seventy five or six I lost count but no
less than seventy five. Julie remembered that the
ticket said only seventy so they charged her for
seventy, she would have to do something for Jack he was
always giving her extra stuff. When they were finished
Julie said great let's celebrate with another pass
around and told Bill he had better open the other
bottle and they would compare to see which was better

After the taste test someone asked if they were ready
to go swimming, everybody kind of glanced at Julie and
waited to see what she would say. Julie knew they just
wanted to get a look at her bikini or her breasts
almost in a bikini. She glanced at the clock and said
I'm going to wait for Sarah and Emily, but we could set
up the drinks and other stuff meanwhile, also I would
like to have you show me around the complex and meet
some of the other people. But she added just don't give
me anything to shake.

They said that was a good idea and set off for the
pool. Most everything was ready but they did need to go
to their apartments and get the tub for the beer and
ice it down. Liquor of every kind begin to appear and
soon one table was full of that and the stuff to mix.
They would explain to Julie how to make this and how to
mix that and tell her of their own secrets in making
the world's best martini and other drinks.

Other residents begin to show up and she was introduced
to them. Her escorts were very attentive and she was
always offered this or that, asked if she was hot, if
she want anything, someone suggested that they get some
chips and dip, Julie loved the attention. Finally she
had to suggest that they promised to show her around
and she would like to see the flowers and asked how
they kept the greenery so lush in the heat and dry air.

The next half hour was spent walking around looking and
listening as all five of them explained different ways
to keep the soil moist and support the variety of
plants they had, all had little areas that they took
care of and each one talked about his spot with pride
and love. Amazingly Bill knew the common name and the
genius name of every plant, bush, and scrub and he
talked about each one, where it originated, how it got
to America. As he talked his eyes shined and his face
became animated, he was a different person than the
quiet shy man normally seen. Julie realized that these
men had a lot of knowledge in them and it was going to
waste as no one took advantage of it.

They had worked their way around and were back at the
pool when they hear Emily blowing her horn, she and
Sarah were pulling into the parking lot. As they got
out of their cars they waved and Emily yelled to Julie
to send her some help, she had more than she could
carry. Julie didn't have to say anything as three men
started that way in a hurry. Ben was the leader and he
hurried to Sarah's car but she didn't have any thing
except her brief case but he took it anyway.

Emily had a cake and five gallons of ice cream and she
loaded the men down and Julie could see she was really
laying it on them but she couldn't hear what she was
saying. She walked closer to the pool and felt the
water and it was really warm and nice, it would feel
good after laying in the sun for a while. Mabel

"These single men are bound to make fools of
themselves. I hope they don't embarrass you but it is
good for them, it keeps their hearts pumping and gives
them something to brag about."

"Don't worry, Mabel, old men or young men there's not a
lot of difference you know. Besides it's fun to see
them having a good time, we all should be as open and
honest as they are. If they like you and they like most
everybody, they let you know right away and then you
feel relaxed and can be yourself. I just hope that the
married couples don't think we are showing out by
returning their banter, it's all in fun. I'm going up
and get in my bikini and get a little sun. Want to come
up to Sarah's, we got a wine bottle in the

"I think I will, haven't been around young girls in a
long time, might learn something from you. Plus you
will need a house mother to get those men out so you
can change."

It did take a little while to clear them out of the
apartment, they were offering to bring this or go get
that, did they know of anything they needed, if they
thought of something just yell and they would get it.
Finally, as they weren't paying Mabel any attention,
Julie told them that they weren't going to ever get in
their bikinis if they didn't leave so they could
undress. They were out the door in a few seconds. Emily
and Sarah asked Julie if she had any trouble with
getting the hamburgers marinated and she said no that
the guys did all of it, they were a lot of help to her.

They got the wine and decided not to mess up any
glasses and drank out of the bottle, Mabel took her
turn like a trooper even though she said she preferred

"God, Julie you look fabulous, how do you always glow,
shine and glimmer?"

"Sarah, you are so sweet, all the credit goes to my
parents, I was lucky in the gene department. My father
and mother both had good skin color and my hair came
from Dad. Are you ready to jump in those bikinis? The
guys are going come back up here looking for you if you
don't show up quick. They almost ran to the car when
you got here. I've already got mine on."

"We noticed, can't help but notice those forty eight
inch boobs swaying around teasing everybody. I don't
want to wear mine and sit next to you, nobody is going
to even look at me. I will have to cook my own
hamburger most likely. And drink water from the pool,
there should be a law against people looking as
beautiful as you! Don't you agree, Mabel?"

"Emily shame on you, my breasts are not forty eight
inches! I had five men all to myself until you drove up
and you got four of them just by smiling and shaking
your cute butt around and Sarah got the last one and
she didn't have any thing to carry. So I don't think
you have a thing to worry about. I want to sit in the
middle of you two, maybe somebody will give me some of
your left over hamburger. They treat me awful Mabel."

"You girls have a lot of fun don't you? Makes me feel
good just to be listening to you! I'm going to sit next
to the three of you and try to learn how to attract men
and get them to do things for you. I going to get in my
old one piece save me a seat."

They all said ok. Sarah said to tell Ben to yell when
the margaritas were ready. When she was gone Emily
grabbed Julie and kissed her.

"God Julie, you look good enough to eat. Your legs are
beautiful, those shorts are hot, how did you keep from
getting raped with five men following you around with

Julie kissed Emily back and held out her arm to Sarah
and kissed her, Sarah kissed her back and then kissed
Emily and she kissed Sarah. Stood with their breasts
rubbing together.

Julie spoke first: "I really have missed you guys, it's
tough seeing you at school and not being able to be
close. I wish we had planned on going to someplace
where we could be alone."

Sarah; "Me too. Julie I owe you so much, you have made
everything work out for me, I have a job for next year,
I have you and Emily for friends. I feel so much better
than I did just two weeks ago. I know you are going to
say you didn't do anything but I know better, this
didn't just happen, it's not just luck or fate. What
ever you did I am grateful and some day we will get
some time alone and I am going love you like you have
never been loved in your life."

Emily: "Did Charlie make love to you, Sarah? All by
himself he made a pass at you and took you to his bed
or did you put him in a trance with that sexy body and
he was being raped before he knew what happened.?"

Sarah: "You aren't disappointed in me are you? I only
did what you said for me to do, but once he was kissing
me back I didn't want it to stop. It had been a long
time since a man had kissed me and touched me like
that, I, I wanted it."

"No sweetheart we're not disappointed in you, that's
what we have been telling you that you needed. Remember
Julie telling you that an older man would be good as
they don't bug you to death afterwards!"

"Yes, I remember."

Julie: "Let's get in our bikinis and get in the sun.
We're supposed to be having fun! Are we going to flirt
with these guys or just lay around and let them stare?"

Emily: "Let's just have fun, what do you say, Sarah,
you have to live here; should we flash them just a bit
and flirt or play old maid school teachers?"

Sarah: "I think it to late to play old maid. They have
already seen Julie so whatever we do won't make any
difference they are bewitched and will hang over her
like hawks over a chicken yard. I think you and I
should just stay close so we can observe and learn.
Maybe we can find a scrap here and there."

Julie: "You two never give me a break, just for that
I'm not going to let you have any of them. I am going
to lure them away to the other side of the pool and
keep them for myself. Get naked and in your bikinis."

Julie slipped out of her shorts and top tossing the top
in her bag with the suntan lotion. And stood while they
undressed and went to the bedroom and dressed in their
bikinis and when they came out she was speechless for a

"Wow, you two look fabulous! I knew that those bikinis
were right for you the minute I saw them. That is sexy,
sexy, sexy! I don't know if we should wear these or
not. God, I didn't think you would look that good. But
it's to late to back out now!"

Emily and Sarah both had bright faces. They had looked
in the mirror before leaving the bedroom and they were
aware of how they looked. And they could see Julie and
how much of her tits were showing and knew that they
were hanging out also. But they were excited and eager
to see the reaction of the men when they emerged. So
with a few remarks about feeling like meat hanging in
an open market and giggling they got their stuff and
headed out for the pool. They had their little cover
ups on but they didn't help a whole lot in hiding

Reaching the pool they saw three lounges set up away
from the other chairs and lounges, Ben said that they
were for them. Emily whispered to Julie and Sarah that
it looked like they didn't want to mingle and they
should move them closer to the others. Sarah explained
this to Ben, he had walked over and stood beside her
like a lion staking out his mate, and he called Joe to
come and help him move them, all the single men came in
a hurry. Julie watched to see who picked who to move as
she recognized the predatory moves of men, to her
surprise Joe picked Emily but Bill was at her side in a
flash as he hung back to see what Joe did.

She offered to help but Bill would have none of that as
it would appear that he was weak and not manly. She
decided that he was full of surprises. They got moved
to a closer location and Ben moved some other chairs
and tables out and then they were part of the larger
group and close to the table where Mabel was sitting
watching all this, amused.

They put their stuff down and Julie got her lotion,
Bill was still standing there trying not to look but
not having much luck. She smiled and asked him if he
could do her one more favor before he got away, would
he put some lotion on her back to keep the skin moist
in the dry air. Of course he would and tripped over the
end of the lounge in his haste.

Julie removed her cover up before giving him the lotion
and turned to let him have her back, she talked to
Mabel and the other two ladies with her as Bill began
to tenderly rub lotion on her. Bill was doing a good
job he wasn't in a hurry, he started at her shoulders
and worked down, since she didn't have a normal waist
line he could cover a lot of her and still consider it
her back. When he started at her waist and rubbed to
the side Julie turned slightly towards him and as he
came up she lifted her arm and now he could see the
profile of her breasts and his hand got shaky as he
wondered if she would notice that his hand was going to
touch the side of the most beautiful thing he had ever

Julie didn't seem to be aware that he had covered her
back and was almost at the front as she and the ladies
were exchanging information on where they were from and
how they got here. All three ladies plus many others
were watching almost holding their breath, would he
touch her breasts and what would be her reaction! Just
as Bill was about three inches away from the beginning
swell of her breast Julie turned and raised the other
arm so he could start on that side, everyone exhaled
took a couple of deep ones for it was going to start
again on that side. Bill set out on his new quest,
still taking his time enjoying every second. When he
got to the stopping place on that side he detected a
slight move from Julie and knew she was going to allow
one more stroke and then stop him, so he said that he
needed to get some under her long hair if she would
hold it up.

Julie pulled some on each side of her neck like two
pony tails and held them while he rubbed lotion on.
Still carrying on her conversation with Mabel and
others she appeared to be unconcerned with having some
one's hands on her, it was like this kind of thing went
on all the time. When Bill had everything covered he
rubbed her neck and then using both hands massaged her
shoulder muscles.

"Humm, Bill that feels wonderful but I will go to sleep
in a second, thank you very much. Do you need some? Are
you going to take off your shirt? No? Well let me put
some on your arms so you don't burn, it's hot out here
and dry."

As Julie faced Bill she rubbed lotion on his arm and it
kept moving as she rubbed so she put it under her arm
and held it against her body to steady it. This put his
hand and wrist against her breast and she looked at him
and smiled so he would know that she knew and it was
alright. She did both arms the same way, glancing
around she noticed that Ben and Joe were doing the same
for Sarah and Emily, copycats! She thanked Bill and
asked where he was sitting and would he like to move
and sit over here, she would like to ask him about some
of the plants they had looked at in his plot.

For the next hour they sat talking sometimes with just
the three of them but mostly every one around and more
people would come up and introduce them selves until
the pool area was filling up. There were endless offers
of drinks and Emily was trying out every kind of
margarita they made but only a sip or two of each. Ben
kept Sarah's hand full all the time. Julie decided that
he was seriously wanting some of her.

Emily kept Joe telling jokes and he must have known a
thousand on every subject known. Bill had his chair
pulled close to Julie's lounge and she was impressed
with his extensive knowledge of plants. He eagerly told
her that he had studied plants, taught college courses
on them, and then worked for a large agriculture firm
and lived in Hawaii for four years and traveled to
Africa, South America, and the Med. Sea area to seek
new varieties.

Once when he went to get the stuff to make a fruit
drink for Julie, Mabel told her that she had never
known all that for he never talked to anyone very much
and they all thought he was very shy. She said you have
magic in you that seems to make people just open up.
The cigar lady said she has all kinds of magic, I wish
that I had some of that I wouldn't get cold at night.

The drink was good she wasn't sure what it was but he
had to go make some more for everybody. Emily went
crazy for it she grabbed his hand and made him sit down
by her leg and tell her everything that he put in it.
As he left to come back to Julie Emily said that's a
complicated drink but it is delicious can I have one of
my own? Sarah had drunk all of it! Julie said remember
you have to drive home, girl. And then she said that
she was going to walk a little and get in the pool to
cool off. Bill was going to make Emily's drink but he
stopped then went on as it would been apparent he
didn't want to leave Julie. Hank said I'll go with you
if you like.

Julie answered that he couldn't go with her to the
little girl's room but thanks for asking. Emily and
Sarah decided they would go also.

Chapter Thirty Five

They no sooner got inside the apartment than Sarah
started giggling, Emily said what's wrong with you

"Oh god, Emily you know you saw that! Poor Bill, he was
about to explode!"

"Poor Bill? You mean poor Bill's shorts, every time his
heart beat the crotch stretched out three inches! It
was like a monster was trying to get out of there!"

"Shut up. Don't start on me again. I'm first in the
toilet, my eyes are bobbing around like fishermen's
corks in a rough sea."

"Oh god Emily, if she gets in there we will have to use
the sink! She drains two or three gallons in there."

"Hey Julie, did you notice Ben was hanging on Sarah
like moss on a tree? He wants a piece of that!"

"Yeah I saw that, maybe more than a piece, he must want
the whole thing."

"Well, I just might let him have a piece of it! Maybe
we can work out a trade, a piece of mine for a piece of

"Oh no, we've created a monster, Julie."

"Well, you said an older man would be good to start
with. If one is good two should be better. That drink
was delicious, I want another one!"

"Hold on girl, you drank mine this one is not for you
it's for me! You will have to get your own."

"I'll yell at Ben to tell Bill to make two."

Sarah went out the door and leaned on the railing and
called to Ben to tell Bill that he should make two, one
for her and one for Emily.

"Julie you should see this! She hanging over the
railing and letting her tits just sway back and forth.
That girl is hot I believe she is serious about taking
Ben to bed. Do you hear me? Hurry up in there I dying
out here."

Julie came out of the toilet and said she could smile
again, now. They could hear Sarah teasing the men
around the pool with banter and knew she was teasing
them with her tits also. They looked at each other and
just shook their heads. Emily went to the toilet. Julie
went to the door and Sarah was hanging over the rail
and the men were making sure to keeping her talking so
she would stay. Finally she came inside and said I've
got to get in there fast, I'm starting to cramp.

"Julie, this is fun, the most fun I've had since we
went shopping. This has been a great day!"

"Yes it is fun. It's good to get away from the daily
routine, shut the door, it's getting hot in here. We
may have to change our days, with Harry coming home on
Friday nights I have to be at home early, think about
what day would be good."

"Ok, really, I'm not drunk I'm just having a good time.
You weren't offended about us joking you about Bill?
Why do you call him Bill, they told me his name was

"No I wasn't offended it was just in fun. He prefers to
be called Bill, so that's why!"

"Oh I see. But you have to admit that he is stuck on
you, actually he looks more like he worships you but so
does every body else including me. Julie I love you!
Emily hurry up will you!"

"God, a conversation with you and Emily is like trying
to answer a machine gun. You're a English teacher how
can you justify changing subjects three times in one

"That's called conversational English, you can change
subjects or proceed because, one you don't expect an
answer, two you already know the answer, or three you
don't care what the answer is! Also it's holding onto
your lead, don't let someone take the conversation away
from you! Girls are good at it boys only fair."

"Oh my god! What is happening to our children?"

Emily came out of the bathroom and Sarah rushed in. She
and Julie talked about Sarah and how much she had
changed in such a short time. They talked in hushed
tones so Sarah wouldn't hear.

"Do you think she is serious about going to bed with

"I think so, she has come alive and suddenly realizes
what she has been hiding from is what she really

"Kind of like me? I was doing exactly opposite from
what I really wanted to be. I was aggressively trying
to be submissive."

"Yeah, if that makes any sense at all."

"God Julie, all these men are just smothering us with
attention, they must be lonely as hell. I don't mean
that we are that bad looking, I mean they must know we
aren't available for dates and screwing but they would
walk through a snake pit just to get a smile. Are they
just hard up?"

"They are just like anyone else, Emily, including you
and I. They just long for someone to notice them,
someone to recognize that they are a living breathing
human. That they laugh, cry, and want someone to be a
friend. Sure if you want to jump in bed they will be
happy to oblige but they will also be happy if you just
smile and listen. That's why I don't mind at all
flirting with them, giving them a little joy, a little
excitement, any thing to lessen the boredom. You and I
will be there some day."

Sarah came out smiling, she asked what they were
whispering about. They told her what they had just said
but not earlier about her.

"So from now on the rest of the day let's try to be in
the middle of the crowd and that way the men have to
make a choice include everyone or be away from us, Ok?"

They agreed and went out and down to the pool. Julie
walked to her lounge but didn't sit down she leaned
close to Mabel and whispered to her.

"We want to get in the pool but we need some others to
get in with us, you know why, could you get it started
in a minute and do it with us. We are a little
embarrassed by all the attention it would be ok if it
was everyone."

"Of course, I understand your position and I admire the
way the three of you handle it and this will be a good
thing for all of us. We are learning from your
suffering to be gracious even when things aren't
exactly what you wished for. My mother always told me
you get more flies with honey than with vinegar. I had
kind of forgotten that!"

"Well we aren't exactly suffering, the attention is
great but we don't want to be THE attention. We would
rather be part of the attention. Thanks Mabel, you're a

"Julie, you are a great person. We've just met but
already I know that you are the kind of person I like
and wish to be around. You have such beauty but you
don't let it affect you."

"Don't give me a big head, Mabel. I'm just Julie."

About five minutes passed, Bill returned with the
drinks, he had another for Julie and she thanked him
and asked if she could share it with the other ladies
so they could taste it also and went to the table
letting everyone taste, holding Bill by the hand so he
had to go. Bill was near heaven, suddenly he was the
main attraction and a goddess was holding his hand, he
actually talked to people who had wondered if he could

After the drink was gone Mabel announced she was hot
and needed to cool in the pool did any one want to join
her. Julie, Emily, and Sarah jumped up and said I'm
ready and they followed her to the pool and in the
water. None of the men had on swim suits so they just
sat or went and got another beer. Ben starting mixing
margaritas, Joe checked the grill but everyone watched.
The other ladies with Mabel had suits and joined them
and soon they were all in the middle of the pool just
talking and cooling off. Bill took off his loafers and
sat on the edge with his feet in the water.

Much to quickly it was five o'clock, Joe and Ben lit
the grill and said they would be ready for the burgers
in five minutes. Julie said I'll go with them, we don't
need the other stuff until the first batch is done.
Stay in the water and have fun. She asked Bill if he
would help her and he jumped up and ran for her towel
and met her at the steps. She said thank you Bill, but
I meant help get the burgers from Sarah's. He said oh,
sure be glad to. They went up the stairs to Sarah's
apartment with Ben and Joe.

Sarah: "Isn't she fabulous! Have you ever seen anyone
as nice as Julie is, I am so proud to have her and
Emily as my friends."

Mabel: "No I don't think I have. Amazing to me is the
change in Bill he is like a person risen from the dead,
entirely transformed. Never heard him say more than two
words at the same time before today."

Cigar lady: "All she had to do was smile at him and he
told her all about himself. But I noticed that she knew
exactly what to say to keep him talking and had all the
right expressions on her face to keep him enthused with
his story."

Other lady: "Plus I saw that she has something in her
that makes you think, I like her, and you haven't even
met her yet. It something about the way she handled
herself but I can't quite put my finger on it."

Emily: "I've known her the longest but I don't know
what she has either but I wish I had it. I wanted to
make friends with her the first time I saw her. It was
a few months before I got the chance to meet her and it
was like she had known me forever. She doesn't seem to
know that she can wrap men around her fingers so she
accepts them and all the attention they put on her as
just being nice and friends. But I understand because
she affects me the same way, I love being around her."

Mabel: "I wonder what her husband thinks of it, he must
know that men go slightly crazy around her."

Emily: "Of course he seems to know, but it doesn't
worry him. My husband hugs her and he never hugs anyone
except me, that is until Sarah came along now she has
him hugging her too. I watch them like a hawk!"

Cigar lady: "Well I think that if they don't behave up
there she can put them in their place right quick. She
seems to be able to keep control of everything and

Emily decided to change the conversation so she asked
Hank if there was any more wine, the rose', and he said
plenty where's your glass and he filled it and brought
it to her and asked if anyone else wanted some. Mabel
asked if she could have a scotch on the rocks if it
wasn't to much trouble. He said nothing to much trouble
for you Mabel, while he was gone to fix it she
whispered, let's keep these girls here all the time
it's rubbing off on these old golfers.

George had gone to help Hank, others were coming and
some asked it the water was warm and some wanted to
know should they bring there stuff yet. Sarah saw that
a large crowd was gathering as the sun sank lower and
she waved at everyone even though she couldn't remember
all their names.

Julie and her escorts came out with the pan of burgers
and bags of buns she still had the towel but it wasn't
wrapped around her waist she had it folded and over her
shoulder. They waited so she could go down the stairs
first. Hank brought Mabel her scotch and asked if
anyone wanted anything that he was out of a job. Two
ladies gave him an order and four men said they wanted
beer, Hank said in the tub get your own, you don't have
pretty legs.

Soon the burgers were on the grill, Sarah said I've got
to see how they look, we've been so busy I forgot to
check them and I promised Henry I would call him
tomorrow and tell him how it went. Emily said let's all
look and they splashed out and went dripping to the
grill, except Sarah she was in front and she kind of
skipped over there making her boobs bounce like a
basketball. As they looked Emily slid up to Julie and
whispered, we're teaching her to well, did you see
that? Julie answered yeah, not sure we taught her that
move, she surprises me constantly.

Julie asked Hank if he could get all the cooks a beer
so they could concentrate on their cooking. Ten men
yelled I'm cooking! Hank yelled out that beer wine and
mixed drinks were available to come and help yourself
or he would make it for you. Mabel said well the fun is
going to start now, everyone will sleep well tonight.
Emily was watching Sarah and elbowed Julie as Sarah
slid in between Ben and Bill letting her breast touch
Ben's upper arm just briefly. He looked at her and
smiled. Emily whispered, well I guess she is sending
her answer and he got it! Julie replied, look the other
way we don't watch mating rituals of animals, it's
below our class. Emily giggled.

Joe appeared at Emily's side and asked if she needed
more wine, she said no thank you but you don't have any
thing let me get you a beer do you like lite or
regular? He smiled and said regular and Emily went to
the tub to get it, she kept her hand in the tub fishing
around for a long time. When she came back she handed
him the beer and then walked behind Julie and waved at
everyone to get their attention and then stuck her cold
hand on Julie's back waist high.

Julie screamed like she had been shot and jumped about
a foot high. When she saw Emily doubled over laughing
she realized that everyone was laughing and she laughed
and exclaimed I thought I was dead for just a second.
Bill was there instantly. He asked it she was alright,
he missed everything before the scream and thought
Julie had been stung by a bee or something, she assured
him she was okay that Emily had touched her with a
frozen hand.

Julie turned her back and told him to feel it was still
cold, he did and rubbed it she thanked him and asked
how the burgers were doing. She knew that they had just
got started but wanted to help get him away and hide
his concern. Mabel felt of it too and Bill made his
escape, Emily came up and said I'm sorry didn't know it
would be that cold. Julie assured her it was ok. Mabel
said that was nice of you to cover for Billy, er Bill
he is a little attached to you, but he means no harm.
Julie said I know, he just needs a friend and I was
lucky to be here at the right time. He has had a
fascinating life, has he been married, he didn't
mention anyone?"

"You know, we don't know, we don't know anything at all
about him. He is just all ways around but never talks,
never offers to tell any thing and we just didn't ask.
We should have but we just didn't."

Ben announced that the first batch was about done and
where did they want to put them? A platter was produced
and food was bought from apartments and the tables were
filled to overflowing. Mabel said that they could start
as soon as the first batch was finished for the second
one would cook faster with the dripping grease making
the grill hotter, and asked if they wanted to ask a
blessing, everybody looked at everybody so Julie said
yes. She went to Bill and whispered to him and he
nodded. Mabel began to yell come and get ready and soon
there were a lot of people gathered around.

Mabel called for silence and then nodded to Julie. She
thanked everyone for making their cookout a big fun
party saying that we didn't have time for much sun but
they had a lot of fun, then she asked Bill to return
thanks. Bill did a great job in fact she was wondering
if they were going to get to eat, he went on and on
finally amening. Mabel took charge of the line and
Julie, Emily, and Sarah transferred burgers as soon as
they were ready helped with the drinks. Once Julie got
close to Bill and thanked him giving him a kiss on the

When everyone was served and the last burger cooked
they all got a plate and went to the chairs, tables,
and lounges where there was room and ate. The burgers
were delicious, Emily yelled across the pool to Sarah
that she owed Henry big time, Sarah said yeah, she
would get a quarter and find out what her Daddy's
favorite song was. Julie didn't say anything but she
mouthed shut up to them. They were scattered, Ben had
captured Sarah and they sat across the pool with Hank
and George.

Emily had sat with Mabel and five other ladies and Joe
was close as he could get with some other men and
women. Julie couldn't see a empty spot and was going to
sit on her lounge but some folks she didn't know waved
that they had enough room for her and she went there,
Bill came, got a chair and everybody squeezed together
to make room for him beside Julie. She noticed that
they assumed he was going to be beside her and that
worried her a little.

As they ate and talked, Bill joined in the conversation
talking and making jokes, soon every one was relaxed as
if they were family, a family that liked each other.
Julie was stuffed but she had to have some dessert she
got more than she needed but it was all so good
looking! When she returned she tasted the chocolate pie
first and exclaimed oh my, this is to die for, and the
man across from her said that's my wife Irma's pie.

Julie begged can you share the recipe I've got to have
it. All I need now is a cup of black coffee and this is
heaven! Irma said she had coffee in their apartment and
told her husband to get it and bring some cups. Julie
gave a Bill a taste and he went to get a piece. Julie
asked if anybody else wanted a bite and one bearded man
said he would like to try it so she apologized for her
fork but he said don't worry just lick it that will
make it sweeter. Julie smiled and said you will get in
trouble flirting like that but go ahead I like it.

Bill returned and said there was only one piece left so
Julie called out to Emily to see if she had some, Emily
said no she was eating a lemon cheese cake that was
divine! She saw the husband returning with the coffee
and said she wanted some could she share Julie's. Irma
said come and get some and she did. Julie gave Emily a
small piece of her pie, Julie told her that she had
webbing crossings on her butt and she rubbed them.

Emily that Julie would have some also as she rubbed
hers and Julie stood up looking over her shoulder.
There were some faint marks, she sat on her towel, and
Emily said see, Bill rub them for her, his hand started
up automatically. Julie jumped away from him and
exclaimed, Bill! You don't do everything she says! Bill
turned red and said he was sorry he just wasn't
thinking. Julie patted his cheek and said don't worry
about it just be careful around Emily she will get you
in trouble.

Julie sat down. Sarah yelled at them to behave and not
get her thrown out of her apartment. Emily asked Julie
if it was acceptable to shoot her a birdie. They had a
little more time to talk and laugh and then Julie said
she had to go home her husband would be there soon.
They said to take him a burger and a plate of food, but
she said he would eat before coming home. Emily said
she needed to go also. They spoke to everyone and
thanked them for their kindness and sharing waved at
Sarah and pointed to the apartment and she ran to catch

"Sarah you have to stop running, you're going to cause
a heart attach when those little straps break from
those hot jugs you have." Emily told her.

"I wish I had these when in high school, I would have
chosen a different field for a career. I always wanted
to be a go - go girl and dance in a cage in a skimpy

"You certainly have the body for it now. We have to
leave but you have to behave since we won't be here to
watch out for you!"

"Oh guys. Can't you stay a little longer, we haven't
had time to talk or cuddle or anything, I miss that so
much. Please Julie."

"I'm sorry Sarah, but Harry's on his way home and I
have to shower and try to look nice and that will take
a long time."

They entered the apartment, Julie and Emily started
dressing both pulled on shorts over their bikinis. When
they straighten Sarah grabbed both of them by the arm.

"Help me, tell me what to do. Should I invite Ben up
later, I need something? But I have conflicting
emotions, I don't want to be a whore! But I'm all
jittery and nervous, what should I do?"

Julie: "Relax and stop worrying, remember we talked
about this before, it doesn't matter what Emily and I
think what's important is what do you want to do. If
you like him and think that sex would be satisfying and
neither of you will get hung up over it, then go for
it. But if you have concerns about either of those
things then back away gracefully. It's your life and
your enjoyment, having sex with available partners no
matter their age doesn't make you a whore."

Emily: "Baby are you using protection? That's
important. Not only in a sense of pregnancy but also
disease, not that I think that is a large concern with
older partners, they haven't been screwing everybody

"I couldn't get an appointment until next week. He
wants to check me before he will give me a preion
but I can send him out for condoms."

Emily: "Sounds like you have already made up your mind,
sweetheart, if you want our approval you have it. If
that's what you want."

"Thanks, you're such good friends. Forgive me for
making you be my mother also."

"Well, moms have to go, love you Sarah, have fun,
there's three hot ones down there so you can't miss.
Come on Emily let's go."

"I can't handle all three. (Pause) Well I could but
don't intend to."

"Oh god Julie, lets hurry before she asks us to stay
and help, I never had an older guy but after today it's
sure is tempting."

After hugging and kissing, they left and all five men
were at the stairs ready to say goodbye and get a last
good look. They let all five kiss their cheeks and then
with a smile left Sarah standing there in her shorts
and bikini top. At the cars they were out of earshot
and Emily laid it on Julie, heavy.

"Sweetheart, you have a man so in love with you he is
red sometimes and pale as ghost another."

"You can't talk, what about Joe, I thought once you and
he were connected by a rubber band every time you got
three feet away he would be snatched to you like a

"That's different, he isn't in love with me, he just
wants to fuck me. Bill is smitten with the bug, he
thinks you are a goddess and he wants to worship you."

"Shut up and go home, you have a hot husband waiting.

"You too, aren't we lucky, bye."

When Julie passed David's house it was dusk. She
couldn't see any one and was tempted to stop but
resisted as she was to ready and the least move on
their part would have her on her knees. And it was only
a short drop from knees to hands and knees for Bravo.
Her nipples tingled. Arriving home she hurried in and
went straight to the coffee pot it was still about half
full from this morning so she grabbed a cup and heated
it in the microwave. Taking it to the bathroom she
undressed and got in the shower after drinking some
more, she compared it to the cup of Irma's and thought
it tasted sweeter.

Funny she never noticed that before. She dried and then
blow dried her hair put some mink oil on it and brushed
it to a high shine. Lotion all over and she was ready
for clothes but not many. She got a simple frock which
buttoned down the front and only had one button in the
middle and showed everything she had. She used to wear
it a lot but when Jimmy begin to explore she tapered
off wearing it, Harry grumbled. She told him she
couldn't sit with him on her lap with her cunt exposed
and him playing with her tits. She wore it sometimes
after he went to sleep.

Harry came home and they were in bed and the frock on
the kitchen floor within five minutes. An hour later
Julie drank another cup of coffee while Harry went to
the bathroom and then joined him in the shower and they
made back to the bed dripping wet. He was hot and like
a savage beast and she loved it.

Emily had Kurt naked within five minutes of getting
home and they were on the couch for the next half hour.
Then she took a shower with him and they played around
for a while and got on the bed for another half hour
session. Kurt said he wanted her to go with the girls
at least twice a week if she came home hot and ready
for a love session every time.

Sarah didn't get anything that quickly. She talked to
the men as they walked back to the pool and then to the
ladies as they decided what to do with the food, most
of it went back to those who brought it and they split
the burgers and buns. There were quite a few buns but
not as many burgers. Then they started cleaning up the
grill and straightening the pool area.

It was about eight o'clock when they finished, Sarah
got her towel and two burgers and was going to her
apartment without a chance to talk privately with Ben,
he asked her if she wanted a night cap. He said he had
some margarita in his refrigerator and it needed to be
drank, she said ok just one more but I will be a few
minutes. All the men looked at each other and said no
thanks that they were just going to bed, remember
breakfast at eight and tee time at ten.

Sarah went to her shower and stayed under the
refreshing spray for a long time. She got out and dried
off and just then the phone rang. Ben told her the
margarita was ready did she want to come down to his
apartment or him bring it to her? She said she couldn't
come because she was just out of the shower and not
even dry, would he mind bringing it up? He said not at
all, she said the door will be unlocked and she would
be searching for some clothes to come on in. She went
to the closet and found a terry robe that tied with a
belt and she left it very loose.

Soon she heard him say I'm here and she said want
anything to go with the drink, I have some cheese
crackers and some corn chips. He said I want something
but not to eat. Sarah was brushing her hair and asked
what do you want then. He said I want to kiss your
sweet lips and hug your warm body! Sarah smiled, this
wasn't going take any games or seduction, she waited a
little to let him squirm and then she said softly, well
I have them both in here with me, come and get them.

She didn't hear anything for a few seconds and then he
came in the door with a big smile and came right to her
and did both and she returned the kiss and pressed
against him. After all most a minute of kissing and
pulling her tightly against him she realized he was
passionately hot and she wanted to rip off her robe for
him but was to busy trying to kiss back as passionately
as he was kissing her.

"Oh Ben, your lips are burning mine, baby you're making
me weak let's go sit down before I faint."

Ben turned her loose but only so he could walk her to
the couch with his arm around her waist and he could
tell she didn't have on any thing under the robe. When
they reached the couch she motioned for him to sit and
she folded her leg and sat leaning across his lap with
her arm on his chest holding his shoulder, her lips
were only six inches from his and they immediately
began another long kiss, he could have kissed her all
night but he heard her moan deep in her throat.

"Sarah, I've been wanting to do this all day, ever
since breakfast, god you were so beautiful in that
bikini, it just about killed me to have to just look
and not hold you."

"I know, it's awful to just have to be around you and
be so careful not to let others know that I wanted to
sit like this with you and just let you have me for
anything you want. I tried to hint and flirt a little
so you would know that I was wanting and just waiting,
but I wasn't sure you understood and we could never get
a chance to talk."

"I thought so but I wasn't sure but I hoped I wouldn't
be wrong. But if you had not said yes to a nightcap or
called I would have given up."

"You could call me, I can't make myself call you and
ask you to come and make love to me."

"I understand but Sarah you are so beautiful that I
can't believe you would want me for a lover, I hope for
it but it seems like a dream to me."

"It's not a dream, Ben, you are here and I want you
here and I want to be just like this holding you and
kissing you."

"Sarah, I have to touch your breasts, I am going crazy
looking at you all afternoon and now I can feel the
warmth of them on my chest, may I?"

"Yes, I want you to touch them, I am naked under this
robe for you. Please take it off and do whatever you
want to, I long to feel your hands on me, loving me,
and I want to touch you and kiss you can I have your


Sarah kissed him quickly and rose from the couch and
took her robe off quickly, she was naked not even shoes
on her feet, nothing, she was like the day she was
born. She waited as Ben hurried out of his clothes and
got his shoes first this time. His cock was sticking
out from his body, he was ready! When he straighten up
and moved to Sarah she stepped to meet him rising on
her toes to offer her lips as her hand closed around
his cock. Ben kissed her lips and pulled her body
against his and those tits he had looked at all
afternoon and thought about all day were against his
chest where he wished they would stay forever.

They kissed for a long time and Sarah would rub against
his chest and rub her finger over the smooth head of
his cock. Ben broke away and just held her until her
hand started down from his back and reached his ass
cheek, he knew he was in trouble for his cock was so
hard it was beginning to hurt and her caresses were
going to make him cum on her hand.

"Sarah, let me take you to bed."

"Yes take me any where you want to. Did you lock the
front door?"

"I don't know, I will. Drink your margarita or we will
have to pour it out."

"I don't want it, I want you hurry."

Ben hurried, he locked the door and turned out the
light and went back to Sarah. She took his hand and
they went to the bedroom. Sarah turned the bed down and
lay on it holding her arms out of him to come to her
and they were kissing again with their bodies together
and slowly she pressed her leg against his until he
raised up and let her slide it under his and then she
slid to him as he settled down again. His cock was
lying on her lower stomach and her hand found it and
guided it to her slit and rubbed it up and down the wet
crevasse. Sarah whimpered in his mouth and flitted the
head against her clit.

"God, Sarah I can't take that, I'm going to come, ease
it in you and just let it cool a little. Don't move."

Sarah did as he asked and they kissed and he played
with her breasts with his cock half way in her cunt and
she began to twist her head but not breaking the kiss.
Moaning in his mouth she was cumming but trying hard
not to make him cum so he could fuck her. She was
cumming and hadn't been fucked yet, she wanted so bad
to slam against him and take it all the way.

Sarah's climaxes were slow and apart for each other and
she was kept on the edge of the next one until it
arrived. She was almost in pain from wanting it to rock
her into oblivion but she could only feel it that way
if he was slamming into her as fast and hard as
possible, so she kept moaning and twisting, resting and
kissing and repeating it again.

As Ben kissed her, realizing she was cumming, and
rubbed her tits trying to make it good for her but not
cum on entry like a kid, it came to him she wanted to
be fucked while cumming and if it meant a quick cum for
him it wasn't fair to deny her. He rammed his cock in
her cunt to the limit and began to fuck her as hard and
fast as possible. Sarah cried out and answered by
meeting him on every stroke.

They no longer were kissing or rubbing just fucking
looking at each other with blazing eyes. Sarah reached
the crest now and she was cumming almost constantly,
her only sound was gasps and small whimpers. Ben looked
down at the most beautiful creature he had ever seen,
made even more beautiful because she was giving him the
best gift a man can ever receive, herself without
reservation without conditions.

Surprisingly Ben lasted longer than he thought possible
under the conditions. For five minutes he pounded at
Sarah's cunt, feeling like a mighty warrior, reveling
in his power to drain his maiden of all her strength
with his powerful cock. And it was working for Sarah
could no longer match his thrusts and finally had to
lay still and just let him fuck her, she showed her
acceptance by touching his face and smiling her joy.

But then it was all over, Ben spurted his cum in her
before he knew it was going to happen, there was no
warning no buildup just suddenly he was filling her
cunt with cum. He groaned from the normal feeling of
his ejaculation and from the fact it was over, the
pleasure was going to be put off for a while as he

Slowly he sank down on Sarah as she kissed him through
the last shuddering spurts and his cock relaxed in her
cunt. Ben lay on her soft body and he knew he was
broken for he knew that he would want her as long as he
was able to take a breath. She was every thing he had
ever desired and she fulfilled every need he had. But
she was young enough be his granddaughter!

Sarah was happy and she was content this was the best
she had felt in a long time. She smiled for she had
another stud tomorrow night and Ben should be in top
form Sunday. Life was looking good again.

Except Ben was smashing the life out of her! She urged
him over and they were on their side facing together.
She was wet with his sweat and his brow and neck were
dripping also, she wiped some from his eyebrows and
when he opened his eyes she smiled at him.

"Ben you are wonderful, thank you so much for making me
feel so good. Are you ok, you look like you could use a
cool shower to make you feel better? Can I wash your
back and maybe front?"

"Sarah, you are a wonder! Don't thank me, I should be
thanking you! You give me the best thing I ever had and
make me feel like a man and then you thank me?"

"Maybe we shared the best thing ever. But a cool shower
and a little rest might lead to another best ever. Want
to give it a try, I do?"

"Sounds great, can we rest a minute ? I think I had to
many margaritas, haven't sweated like this in a long
time. Your sheets are going to be damp, sorry."

"No problem, they were scheduled for the wash tomorrow
anyway. Want something to drink or eat now?"

"A cup of coffee would sure hit the spot. I could go
make some and bring it back."

"I've got a small four cup pot, I'll go fix it while
you use the toilet and get the shower going, but we can
wait no hurry."

They lay and talked still face to face with Ben's soft
cock easing out of Sarah's cunt until it was free. But
they still kissed and touched. They laughed about the
antics at the pool and how good all the food was and
how Bill and Joe had tried so hard to stay close to
Julie and Emily. Sarah asked him what he thought of
Julie and he told her, but he was smart enough to keep
it from sounding like he would prefer her over Sarah.
Sarah asked if the men had discussed them after they
left and he said that they talked about how nice she
and her friends were and that they were friendly and
accepted everything in fun and didn't up tight.

As they talked and laughed sharing their observations
on the cook out Ben starting regaining some vigor aided
by Sarah's wandering hands as she was moving them all
over him and touching him intimately. When he started
feeling of her breasts she pushed them out for him and
after he had played with her nipples for a while she
slid up his body and pressed one to his lips for him to
suck. He licked it and then took it in his mouth and
sucked as he tickled the tip with his tongue, Sarah
sighed and guided his head from one to the other with
her hand on the back of his neck.

It didn't take long for Ben to raise another boner with
those tits that he had looked at for four hours bare
and his to have. When it was straight enough for Sarah
to feel it touch her thigh and slide up her leg she
moaned and slid down the bed ripping her tit from his
mouth until she could grasp it with her hand. She
pumped it a few times feeling the hardness, size, and
warmth of a ready cock.

"Oh Ben, it's so good. Can I have it? Will you fuck me

Ben groaned to hear her ask for his cock and rolled her
over on her back and got between her spread legs and as
she guided him plunged into her waiting cunt all the
way to the bottom in one stroke. Sarah stiffen and
arched to him and her lips whispered as she placed them
against his: "yes lover fuck me, fuck me again and

Ben was sure he couldn't cum this quickly but when
Sarah moaned after five minutes of his thrusting cock
in her cunt and began to shake plastering her body
against him and then cried out in his mouth as she
erupted he also was suddenly spurting his cum into her
again. This time he wasn't sweating, he felt like all
that strength he had was gone now and he was a little
dizzy and awfully sleepy. But he managed to hold
himself off her and not mash her again as she continued
to kiss and hug him as she slowly reached the end of
her climax.

When she had settled back on the bed and her body was
still he grasped her hip and pulled her to him as he
fell to the bed on his side twisting her body as she
lay on her back with a smile, closed eyes and her
breasts and nipples standing up proud and beautiful. He
held her hip pulled to him to keep his cock in her cunt
as long as possible.

He looked on this gorgeous creature laying with his
cock in her, smiling her satisfaction, and thought that
he understood now, he was killed so quick that he never
knew it was coming and this was heaven but it might be
just a sample and then he would go to hell remembering
what he had missed out on and spending forever and ever
in torment.

They lay resting no longer talking, occasionally Sarah
would roll to him and kiss him then lay back again.
Ben's cock was slowly shrinking and it slipped out of
that warm pleasure giving encasement that he wanted to
keep it in forever. Sarah closed her legs to save the
sheets kissed him again and said she would make that
coffee now that she promised him. To wait for a second
and he could have the bathroom. She went and finished
as soon as possible and returned to find him laying on
his back with his eyes closed and a limp cock laying on
his stomach. He heard her approach and was going to
rise but she came straight to him with a wash cloth and
kneeling by the bed cleaned his cock just as she had
done the first time they made love.

Some of his cum was still in the cock and as she washed
it came to the little slit and collected. Sarah wiped
it with her finger and then wiped it on his nipple,
repeating it on the other nipple as she got additional
drainage. When she was done cleaning his cock she held
it in her hand gently moving and rubbing as she looked
at it.

Ben waited as he thought he knew what she was going to
do and what he hoped she would, and Sarah did! Leaning
towards him she kissed the head a few times then
looking at it a moment she licked across the smooth
gland surface with the broad center of her tongue and
then around the rim with the tip. Ben groaned for the
head was sensitive and her tongue was slightly rough,
not enough to hurt but enough to sent shock waves
through his whole body. Sarah looked at him smiling.

"Is it that good lover? Can I do more? I would like to
take it in my mouth if you don't mind."

"Oh god Sarah, yes please do. It is wonderful, I wish
it was hard and big for you."

"It will be Ben, I will make it big again. But I want
to love it now just like this but I will let you go to
the bathroom and we will shower together and then I
want it. Promise?"

"I promise, anytime you want."

Sarah smiled at him and leaned to give him a kiss. She
went to the kitchen and started on the coffee and heard
him flush the toilet just as she finished and turned
the pot on. She went to the bathroom and he was turning
on the shower and they got in together. Ben loved this!
He hadn't showered with a women in many years and he
never had showered with one as beautiful and sexy as
Sarah. He would have bathed her all night but she
finally forced him to stop washing her breasts and then
had to force him away from her ass.

She wasn't in a hurry to make him stop washing her back
and shoulders it felt good, but she did and washed him
taking a long time on his cock and he wasn't about to
tell her it was enough. When she finally stopped he
told her that he should return the favor and wash her
cunt. Sarah said he didn't have to she would do it but
he said I want to. Sarah looked at him and asked if he
was sure and he said yes.

Sarah squeezed some body wash on the cloth and handed
it to him spreading her legs and holding his shoulders
for balance she kissed him. Ben started something he
had never done and didn't know anything about but he
was sure going to learn. He was surprisingly gentle and
slow, Sarah was afraid she was going to cum before he
finished but she held on to him and whimpered, gasped,
and moaned a few times. She was surprised when Ben
turned her away and made her lean with her hands
against the shower wall.

He made her spread her legs and she knew then where he
was going to wash and she lay her forehead against the
shower wall trembling. First he washed up and down her
rear cleavage and then starting at her cunt worked up
her crack until he reached her asshole, Sarah couldn't
stop the involuntary moan. Ben played around with it
and then discarded the cloth and placed his finger
directly on it.

Sarah gasped at the contact but didn't move away and
Ben decided to proceed with his education, rubbing with
the tip of his finger. Slowly Ben rubbed and pressed
inward and Sarah held still for him, she was
remembering all the times she had taken two men at once
and how much she had grown to love being fucked in the
ass. She didn't think that Ben would do that but then
she hadn't thought that he would lick her either but he

Ben only had the tip of his finger in her ass but she
hadn't fought or run just stood there bent over a
little and let him explore so he was going to take it a
little farther. He got the body wash bottle and
squeezed some in her ass crack and it ran down on his
finger and he pulled it out to coat it and then placed
it back. Sarah shook just a little as she knew now that
he was going to put his finger in her ass unless she
stopped him.

She tried to think of the situation; if she didn't stop
him would he think she was a dirty whore, if she did
would he be embarrassed and avoid her; he wanted to put
his finger in her ass and she wanted it in her ass,
what should she do? She didn't do anything except stand
there with about a half of inch of his finger in her,
wanting more, wanting to tell him to fuck her with it,
leaning with her head on the wall waiting.

Ben was watching her, he rotated his finger just a
slight turn and her ass moved back towards him. His
hand moved back instinctively but he realized she was
trying to push him out she was trying to get more in,
she wanted it! Ben stepped closer to Sarah and cupped
her hanging breast with his hand squeezing gently and
pushed his finger in her ass until he had a inch in
her. Sarah's head rose up and her mouth opened to moan
softly and he heard her whisper: "Oh god, it's good".

He leaned to her and kissed her cheek and she turned
her head to him and sought his lips. As they kissed he
inserted another inch in her ass and Sarah kissed him
frantically, whimpering in her throat with her mouth
open waiting for his tongue which she sucked deep into
her mouth. Sarah wanted this, she had missed it so much
more than she realized, Ben wanted this also, he was
lord of the jungle, he had her shaking and almost to
the point of begging him to fuck her ass and he wanted
to do that badly.

Sarah could no longer stay still her ass was grasping
at his finger wanting it inside as deep as it would go
and she was rocking back and forth against his finger.
Ben finally pulled away from her lips, pushing his
finger in farther. Sarah gasped and looked at him with
blazing eyes as she continued to rock on his finger and
her knees were shaking.

"Sarah, are you ok? " She nodded and her eyes were
pleading with him but not to stop as she felt her
stomach knotting a sure sign that she was only seconds
away from cumming. "Talk to me Sarah, I want to make
you cum like this can you?" Sarah nodded again still
pleading with her eyes. Finally she moaned and said: "
I will cum for you like this but you have to fuck my
ass with your cock when it's over, I need it Ben! Kiss
me and pinch my nipples, give me all of your finger,

Ben moved his hand to her nipple and pinched using his
fingernail and kissed her open mouth giving her his
tongue to suck, at the same time he pushed his finger
in her ass as far as he could get it. Sarah moaned and
her knees shook worse but her ass stayed firm against
the intruding finger and she kissed and sucked his
mouth and tongue.

Ben wiggled his finger deep in her ass and Sarah felt
the telltale twitch in her clit that meant it was to
late to stop the cum from flowing and she squealed in
his mouth as the first contraction slammed through her.
She tried to fuck against the finger but could only
rock and on the second contraction she gave up and just
broke their kiss and leaned against the wall letting
her head slide down until her upper body was lower than
her ass. She shuddered though long climaxes and her
legs were losing the strength to hold her up, Ben had
to stop pinching and helped support her body with his
hand on her breasts.

When she reached the end and the moans became gasps for
breath, the shaking reduced to trembling, and she begin
to sag, neither of them could stop her from slumping to
the floor of the shower stall. Ben removed his finger
from her ass slowly and Sarah whimpered on her knees
and elbows as she felt the withdrawal and wanted to cry
for she knew she had to have it again not only now but
all the time. She was a ass slut!

Ben's emotions were different, he felt like he could
enslave her, he could lick and kiss her cunt until she
was begging him to fuck her, he could finger her ass
and she would lose control and beg him to fuck her ass.
She was his sexually anytime he wanted her ready and
willing for anything and she was no hopelessly ugly
can't do no better bitch, she was beautiful young
intelligent and everybody wanted her but she had given
herself to him! He would move mountains for her!

Ben got the wash cloth and cleaned his finger and hand,
cleaned Sarah and got her on her feet and dried her and
finally picked her up and carried her to the bed as she
clung to him. He reveled in the feel of her naked body
still damp against his, he laid her on the bed and she
still held him. When he started to lay down beside her
she urged him to lay opposite her with his head near
her hips and when he did she tuned and took his cock in
her mouth and sucked it as she rubbed the head with her

This always drove him crazy and he pulled her hips
towards his face and fastened his lips on her cunt and
kissed it while his tongue explored her slit for the
clit. Sarah aided his quest by opening her legs so he
would have unimpeded access to her. Soon they were both
groaning and moaning. When she felt his cock had filled
her mouth and was hot and hard she released it and
moved him away from her wet cunt kissing him briefly
went to the bathroom returned with a tube of
lubricating jelly.

Sarah turned Ben back with his head to the headboard
applied a light coating of jelly to his cock and then a
small amount to her asshole. Wiping her hands on the
towel she smiled at him laying and watching her prepare
herself for his cock. Then she lay on his right side on
her side and bent her top leg at the knee raising it to
a right angle to her body exposing her ass and making
it accessible. Ben her whisper to him from that
position, fuck me baby give me that joy again.

Ben hasten to get in position and insert his cock at
her tiny looking asshole. He didn't think that he would
get it in that tight looking passage but he had
promised at least if not by words then by actions as he
fingered her ass.

He rubbed the head of his cock on her pucker and she
sighed, a contented sound. He began to press forward
and to his surprise the head of his cock entered and
started in easily but then it hit the anal ring and
stopped, he worked it around trying to find a way but
soon it seemed to open automatically and he was in and
moving down deep. Sarah stiffened and moaning let him
take her ass as fast and deep as he wanted and that was
all the way until she felt his balls settle on her

"Ben, Ben baby, oh Ben don't move baby, just hold me
just hold me tight. Oh, oooohhhh, I'm stuffed oooooo
eeeehhhh you got me stuffed aaahhh hold meeee!"

They lay on the bed still, Ben was afraid she was in
pain for while she was still her hand was gripping the
sheet clenching and unclenching it into a ball. He
asked her if she was in pain and she shook her head not
speaking. Then she did an amazing thing she raised up
from her waist and turned to his face and kissed him on
the lips holding her ass still.

Ben kissed her back and saw that there tears on her
cheek, confusing him for now he was sure she was
hurting but was suffering to give him what he wanted.
He felt like a heel, it was his fault, he just had to
place his finger and cock in her ass because he had
always heard and read about women going crazy with lust
when a man fucked their ass and he wanted to do it. He
had taken advantage of this lovely young girl who had
given herself to him so lovingly and let him do
horrible things to her that she would never have done.
He felt like he was peeing on a angel after she had
saved his life.

"Sarah, you are crying let me take it out I don't want
you to suffer."

Sarah smiled at him and shook her head again and
whispered, "You don't understand, sweetheart. Put your
arms around me and let me lay with you like this for a
while and don't worry. It feels good baby, does it feel
good to you?"

"Like heaven Sarah, it's something I have never
experienced before are you sure you're not in pain?"

"I can't explain it Ben. It's new something I haven't
experienced. It is painful but it's not like being hit
with a rock painful, it's also a very good feeling like
when you pinched my nipple, it hurt but it was
exciting, I'm just not sure why, maybe I'm a weirdo."

"No you're not weird Sarah. Lay down and let me hold
you, god how I love being with you! You don't know how
beautiful you are or how loving you are, you are to
good for a fool like me."

Sarah took his arm pulled it under her body and lay on
it putting his hand on her breast. Then she reached to
his hand on her hip and pulled it over her body and put
the hand on her cunt and closed her leg to hold it
there. She snuggled back against him and he kissed her
neck and rubbed her breasts and cunt. She realized that
he had lost some of his hardness while thinking that
she was in pain.

"Thank you Ben for doing this for me. You take me to
new heights each time, and you are so virile so quick
to be ready for another loving and you show me so much
love while you are fucking me! You can move some now
just be slow and fuck my ass tenderly. That sounds so
strange, to tell you to fuck my ass but I want it,
please fuck my ass. If I go crazy and start saying
crazy things don't believe any of it."

Ben was amazed, she always amazed him with how open and
receptive she was to everything. It was like she would
do anything sexual and not have any hang-ups about it.
He begin to very slowly fuck her and he was soon lost
in the ecstasy of the tightness of her ass as he moved
in and out of her ass, plus she was cooing and
aaahhhing on each stroke. She hugged his arm against
her breasts and would rub them on his arm, arching back
against his body, wiggling her hips each time he was
fully encased in her ass, and she would reach behind
him and pull his ass to her making the cock go a little
deeper by mashing her ass cheeks.

"Oh Ben, this is wonderful, why didn't you do this to
me the first time? The pain has just disappeared and it
feels sooooo good. Oh I could let you fuck me all
night, half in the cunt and half in the ass. I'm not
sure now which is best. Maybe Sunday night you could
rape me on the floor I would most likely love that to,
I'm just a fucking slut."

"Sarah don't talk like that you aren't a slut you are a
loving and beautiful person."

"Ben don't listen to me! I told you not to. I'm crazy
right now, just keep on loving me, just keep me on the
verge of ecstasy all night long! Just let me go crazy
with lust for your cock!"

Ben couldn't argue with that so he just kept on moving
in and out and hugging this vision of beauty that was
in his arms and impaled on his cock.

To be continued...
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