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M+/F, exh, d/s, inc, mast, oral, anal, bd,
An E-novel: A story of a woman submissive to her own
desires. (M+/F, exh, d/s, inc, mast, oral, anal, bd,
beast, orgy) Note: This is a LONG story, there are 4
more LONG parts to go after this one.


Part Eight

Chapter Thirty Six

Julie and Harry were awaken by sunlight streaming in
the window, they were slow in getting up but as soon as
they stirred both needed the bathroom and he beat her
to it. She went to the kitchen and started the coffee
going but he was still in the toilet so she went to
Jimmy's bathroom and used it. She also took a shower
and washed her hair while in there and by then the
coffee was ready. Harry was in the shower when she took
a cup to him and he invited her to join him but she
said she had already used the other shower because he
camped out in there.

Julie asked him if he wanted eggs, pancakes, or toast
and jelly for breakfast and he suggested that they go
eat because he needed to go to the shop this morning
but no need to hurry he was suppose to meet his crew at
eleven. She agreed and started getting her hair dried
and fixed.

Emily and Kurt were also late getting up, they were
tired from last night besides it was Saturday and all
that was planned was Kurt's golf game at ten. They got
dressed and went to a fast food for waffles.

Sarah was hurting and you can guess where. She wasn't
sure what time it was when Ben shot his load in her ass
and they had to clean up again but then they drank the
rest of the coffee and talked. Her stomach growled and
they laughed and it growled again in a few minutes, it
wasn't quite as funny that time. Ben asked her if she
was hungry and she said just a little but my stomach
thinks it is a lot. He said he was also.

Suddenly he looked at her and exclaimed that they
should go get something to eat. Sarah said it's after
midnight there's nothing open is there? He told her
there was a all night cafe down the road to the cement
plant, they had a lot of shift workers that stopped in
there, it wasn't fancy but it was clean and the food
was good but the menu sparing. The coffee was strong to
sober up the drunks.

Sarah said: " Well why not, I haven't been out at night
since high school. Let's do it! Wait should I wear
shoes or go like this?"

Ben looked at her sitting at the counter naked as he
was: "Sarah, I think you really should wear some
lipstick all yours is gone."

"You're right Ben, and you should wash your face and
get my lipstick off you or people will think you are a

They laughed and got up. Ben looked for his clothes,
some were here some were there, Sarah went to the
bathroom and brushed her hair and did put on some
lipstick. Ben yelled as he was dressing that she had
better wear a long sleeve it might be cool outside.
Sarah got a old pair of jeans and a white shirt and
struggled in them, they must have drawn up hanging in
the hot closet, the shirt was just right but the jeans
were cutting into her slit. She looked in the mirror
and there was a hot babe looking back at her, but the
babe looked like she was barely eighteen.

Sarah thought maybe she should wear heels to look
taller and older and told her that. So she went and got
a pair that were so high she almost fell on her face
when she stood up. She told the babe you won't never
make it pass the police they will have you in jail for
soliciting sure as hell. At least put on a bra you
shameless hussy and your pants are so tight people can
count the hairs on your belly. She didn't listen just
tied the shirt tales and left three buttons undone.

"What did you say Sarah? I couldn't hear well enough to
understand you."

"Just talking to the idiot in the mirror, Ben, but she
don't ever listen to me."

"Oh ok, but if she starts answering let me know so I
can hide the kitchen knives."

Sarah went to the living room and exclaimed as she
looked at Ben.

"Ben, you look like a gentleman golfer, I look like a
farm girl in town for the first time ever. I need to

"No you don't! You look terrific just like that. My
god, you are beautiful. You always look so beautiful no
matter what you wear, I can't keep my eyes or hands off
you. How am I going to eat without dribbling food all
over the table and stuffing it up my nose."

Sarah walked into his arms and kissed him squarely on
the lips.

"Ben, stop that. You are laying on the sugar, lying
like a snake in the grass but I know you are just
trying to get in my panties. But I can tell you right
now that it won't work... for I don't have any on."

"My prayers have been answered again!"

Sarah grabbed his arm and they went to the door but
instead of opening it for her he pulled her to him and
kissed her and she kissed him back then gasped as his
hand rubbed along her jean covered cunt.

"Ben, don't do that you will make me have a wet spot."
but she didn't move away just stood there and finally
laid her head on his chest as he continued rubbing. "Oh
god, there goes my midnight snack and I was really

"Just checking to see if you were pulling my leg. I
don't think you were, come on let me feed you."

They went to the cafe and got some coffee and fried
eggs with hash browns and bacon, they had to take toast
as the baking wasn't ready. There weren't many people
there and only two police officers came in for coffee.
Sarah learned a lot about Ben as he was a lot more open
about himself since they had become friends. They went
back to the apartment and he didn't go to his,
following her to her place and opening the door he came
inside and Sarah turned to him and asked what he would
like to do. She had to smile for that was a stupid
question but she needed to know.

"I would like to lick you from head to toe for about an

"Didn't you get enough to eat, Ben?"

"I'm not talking about eating, I'm talking about
licking, loving, you for as long as you would let me, I
can't get enough of you Sarah. I think I am addicted to
you or you have me in a spell. I don't know or care I
just want to be with you as much as I can. But if you
get tired of me just tell me it's time to go home and I
will, I don't want to pester you and get in your way."

"Would you like to stay until morning, Ben? I would
like for you to. Do you still want to get in my panties
or maybe I should say jeans. If you do I'm standing
right here for you. Ben, lets not get serious about our
relationship lets just have fun and lots of sex, we
both want it."

Ben didn't have any answers for that, he was in
agreement that he wanted to stay, he wanted to get her
out of those tight jeans, and she was telling him that
she wanted it also. He knew she was right about their
relationship and he shouldn't have made it necessary
for her to have to say it, he was becoming an old fool!

So he didn't say any thing just took her in his arms
and kissed her. She was right there just like she said,
her body was almost a part of his, she didn't have to
stretch as far with those heels on but she did anyway
because it plastered her to him and she loved to feel
her breasts being mashed by a manly chest. Ben started
with the shirt and when it was off he swore her tits
had gotten larger and the nipples were sticking out
farther, man she was hot! She had to help him with the
jeans they were like skinning a squirrel, no wonder she
had talked to herself while dressing.

Finally they were down to her knees amid giggles and
instructions from her. She said she had to take her
shoes off before they would come off, quickly he was
down on his knees and froze when his eyes were level
with that heavenly opening that bought so much pleasure
to him. Sarah looked on as he feasted his eyes but when
he leaned she put her hand on his head and whispered
for him to do the shoes first please.

He wasn't practiced in doing those little strap buckles
on ladies heels but finally got it and got a knee on
his forehead as he leaned to get the jean leg bottom
and she lifted her leg. Sarah giggled again and said
sorry didn't mean to kill you. Ben had to laugh too,
this was like a three stooges movie, no wonder she
liked him he furnished lots of entertainment she would
be laughing for weeks remembering this. But he got her
naked, and that was the important thing now he could
get back to the important part.

Sarah still had her hand on his forehead where she had
been rubbing and she just stepped to him and moved her
hand to the back of his head and pulled his mouth right
to her cunt. Ben's tongue was smarter than he was for
it was out and licking the top of that slit before he
knew what going on, he heard her gasp and whisper: "Oh
sweetheart yes."

Sarah was bending back to give him access to her cunt
without breaking his neck but she wasn't going to be
able to hold that long for she would get dizzy and
fall. Soon she was begging him to carry her to bed and
he reluctantly stopped and picked her up and carried
her to the bed and when he sat her down she fell back
on the bed her legs spread hanging off the side. Ben
was back and buried in her in a second and she
whimpered like she was being tortured with ice cubes.
She wished his tongue was a foot long.

Ben was good at this, oral sex, he didn't have to think
just go at it and do whatever came naturally. When
Sarah was gasping and squirming he knew he was pleasing
her and she was approaching climax and he remembered
her asking him to pinch her nipples and his arms were
long enough so he grabbed them and pinched. Sarah froze
and was silent and he thought he had messed up again
but suddenly she grabbed his head and almost pulled him
in her cunt groaning loudly as she gushed all over his
face. Ben was licking and slurping and swallowing as
fast as he could.

Sarah was stiff as a board trembling all over as she
continued to cum for a long time, slowly her moans and
groans got softer and she relaxed and began to rub his
face instead of holding it like in a vise. Ben rose up
and undressed looking at Sarah lying limp and
motionless as she let her emotions settle. He had
trouble getting his pants off not because of his shoes
but because his cock was standing up so stiff he had to
force the pants down over it. He looked at it in
amazement, it hadn't been that hard since his early
thirties and he wanted to get in her quick even if she
was fainted or asleep.

When he got on the bed he had to pick her up and turn
her and she opened her eyes and the first thing she saw
was that angry red cock head bobbing up and down. Sarah
reached out and felt of it rubbing the hot smooth head
with her fingertip, Ben was getting a hold on her
shoulders to pull her towards the head of the bed but
stopped when she touched him. She didn't say a word
just looked at it and rubbed, he had to admit that her
finger felt better than any other cunt he had ever been
in except hers of course, it kind of tickled but it
felt wonderful.

Sarah's fingertip rubbed the tiny slit in the head and
came away with a sticky string of pre-cum clinging to
it she did it again just looking at it like she was in
a daze. She rubbed again and got more, this time she
wiped it on the side of the head to clean it off her
finger and then her head came up and her mouth went
straight to his cockhead and engulfed it and her lips
closed around the rim.

Ben heard someone groan and wondered how she groaned so
loud with her mouth full of his cock not realizing it
was him. Sarah just held it for a few seconds in her
mouth and then her tongue tip lightly touched the slit
and just teased it a little. Ben tensed and that made a
drop come out of the slit and Sarah tasted it, she
sucked lightly but to Ben it felt like she was going
pull him in her mouth through his cock. Now he knew who
was groaning but he wouldn't have stopped her if it
meant his life.

Sarah felt his cockhead expand in her mouth and got
ready to take his load and swallow it. But as good as
it felt Ben still had enough sense to know he couldn't
cum and then give her and himself satisfaction by
regular intercourse immediately and he could leave her
unsatisfied, she wouldn't let him the door again!

"Sarah stop please stop. I love this, god, it's
wonderful but I want to make love to you, to love your
whole body. I want to kiss you while you cum, I want to
suck your nipples and kiss every inch of your
magnificent breasts, I want to feel your body against
mine, I want all of you as I give you everything I

Sarah removed her lips from his cock getting the last
little bit of pre-cum as she did. "Yes, Ben I want that
also, take me sweetheart, take my body and do
everything to me that you want to, just love me with
your cock as long as we can last."

As Ben moved down she moved up and they met face to
face and were kissing passionately as they adjusted
legs and arms to get as close as they could. Ben never
knew how his cock got in her cunt, maybe it just was at
the right angle, maybe she put it in, maybe it had eyes
and found it's own way or maybe her cunt found it and
swallowed it. But it was in her and in deep and she and
he moaned into each other's throat as that wonderful
sensation flowed throughout their bodies.

"Oh my god Ben, you are huge baby! Hot so hot, I love
it sweetheart. It's like a hot iron pipe in me. Don't
move just let me feel it filling me up for a while,
please, I know it's selfish of me but I can't help it."

"Whatever you want baby. I want it like this too. You
are like a furnace yourself even your tits are hot and
your nipples are like bullets in my chest. Sarah you
are wonderful, I wish we could stay like this forever.
Can I have your ass now it's not sore is it?"

"Baby, you just fucked my ass for hours and hours, it
will hurt can you wait a few days?"

"I'm sorry Sarah, I meant can I feel of your ass with
my hand, your butt that beautiful rear that you sit on
and rolls when you walk."

"My ass rolls? Is it like a watermelon or two sacks of
sand, how awful!"

"Sarah the more I talk the more trouble I get into,
it's beautiful, it kind of sways and the muscles flex
and rise on one side and then the other. It's very
sexy. But I'm not good at describing it?"

"Please feel of my ass baby. And if you want to fuck it
I will let you but I would rather wait a few days but I
do want you to as it was wonderful."

Ben kissed her to keep his mouth occupied, and put his
hand on her ass and pulled her even tighter against him
and she gasped as she felt a little more depth inside
her taken up. He rubbed her ass, tickled it, squeezed
it, and just held it cupped in his hand. Sarah played
with his chest and pinched his little nipples lightly
all the while kissing, licking, and sucking. She
wiggled her butt against his hand and hunched against
his cock and Ben took the bait and started his
movements in and out, Sarah sighed contentedly.

But contentment didn't last long before passion took
over and they got faster and a lot more active and even
though they had been having sex for over five hours
they were still hot for each other. Sarah came first,
then second, then third and she was giving out but Ben
was holding his own but he wasn't sure he had any cum
in him and he didn't know what to do. Could he fake it
or would she know ? Maybe he was strong enough to fuck
her until she begged him to stop but he doubted it as
he was sweating and getting weaker all the time.

Sarah finally stopped kissing and sucking his tongue
and leaned away to look in his eyes and she saw he was
as worn out as she was she had to stop him or he might
have a heart attack and that wouldn't look good on her
resume' for she would have to leave here for sure.

"Ben, you are going to kill me baby. You are fucking me
to death, I don't think there is anything left in me to
come out. Can you cum baby. I hate to ask you but if
you can, fill me up and let me rest. You are to much
for me, you are still as hard as when you went in. Have
mercy on me sweetheart, I want your cum in me but I
can't hold out much longer."

At her words he felt his cock jerk and get harder and
he thought he would make it, she felt it too and said a
silent prayer that he would cum so he would feel manly
and know he had fucked her down and out. Ben said a
silent prayer also, and he sped up to create more
friction in her wet slick cunt and make it all the way
as fast as possible. Sarah made a valiant try to match
him and help but she tired quickly and her stomach
began to hurt not the sexual ache but hurt so she just
held on and let him pound her sore cunt lips and his
balls were slapping on her asshole making it hurt too.

Ben felt it start and he rolled over on her and pounded
harder and could hear her breath explode from her lips
each time he slammed down but he didn't stop and she
didn't stop him. Sarah just lay and took the pounding
fuck and tried not to show the pain, she had wanted him
to be more aggressive and now she was paying for it.

Ben was beginning to think that the cum wasn't going to
ever get there but when it did it was quick and
painful. He had been hard to long and to many times
today, it was satisfying but thankfully it was over. He
knew he should get off of Sarah but he was sinking down
and couldn't stop himself. She had felt his cum run in
her and held his face as he finished, wiping sweat from
his eyes and brow. Then she kissed him as he sank down
on her but he managed enough strength to roll, still
holding her butt, so they lay on their side on the bed
and she could breathe.

"Thank you Ben. You are wonderful. But I can't do
anymore tonight. I loved it."

"Me too, but I'm dead now. God what a wonderful way to

Sarah had to giggle and Ben chuckled also. She asked
him if he wanted to sleep with her for a while or go
home to sleep. Ben said if she didn't mind he would
like to stay with her and she kissed him and said she
had to have another shower and some aloe for her poor
aching body. And they went to the shower together. When
they got out she didn't dry off but got the aloe lotion
to spread on her wet skin so it would be moist and
soft. Ben was close by and she rubbed some on his cock
and balls as he stood with his eyes closed smiling.

Ben took the lotion from her and led her to the bed and
after she had laid down he rubbed it all over her, a
lot on her breasts, and was tender and loving. Sarah
lay relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of someone taking
care of her. When Ben got to her cunt she knew he was
going to do it too, he was in love with her cunt and
she was glad.

He was shocked to see the lips that he adored were red
and slightly swollen and he felt bad about making her
suffer to give him satisfaction. He was tender and made
sure to get plenty of aloe lotion on it, even coating
the inside of the lips with his finger and opening it
and coating all the tender looking flesh. Next he
turned her over and did her back, and spread her ass
cheeks to find her anal opening also red and tender
looking. He leaned down and kissed the tiny pucker.

"Oh no Ben don't make me hot again, I can't stand to
get horny I would die for sure."

"Sarah, why didn't you tell me that you were hurting? I
feel bad about you suffering pain for me. Your ass and
cunt are red and angry so I know that you were hurting
but you never said a word."

"But Ben, I enjoyed it also. So it's not your fault, it
will be okay tomorrow, just put the lotion on it for

Ben leaned down and kissed her ass again and Sarah
shuddered but she didn't say anything. Ben applied
lotion to it and rubbed it in and put some more on it.
He muttered to himself more than speaking to her that
he loved that ass it was the most beautiful thing he
had ever seen.

"Are you finished Ben? We have to get some sleep or
your golf game will be very poor tomorrow."

They set the clock and put the bed to near order,
turning out the lights they snuggled like two newlyweds
and were both asleep immediately.

Harry went to the shop to talk to Mr. Grey before the
meeting. Julie went to the store to buy food and other
supplies, after she had made the bed, washed clothes,
vacuumed, and a few other small chores.

Kurt went to play golf. Emily did the same as Julie but
didn't know it until they ran in to each other at the
dollar store. They talked about the cookout some more
and left to finish their work.

Sarah went back to sleep after the alarm woke her and
Ben got up, dressed, and came to kiss her goodbye. She
rolled over to her back and opened her arms to him and
he got carried away doing a little more than kissing.
She let him, to tired to talk, to sleepy to get
excited, and to tender to do anything other than kiss.
Her lips were sore, her nipples hurt when he touched
them, and when he pulled the covers back and kissed her
cunt lips she almost moaned but not from passion.
Finally he left and she was asleep instantly still
lying on her back with her legs spread.

While Julie was putting away her purchases Harry called
on his new cell phone and said that Mr. Grey was going
to take everyone to lunch as a reward and he wouldn't
be back until two or maybe three. Jimmy called and told
her that he and David had the downloading done and were
going to start putting it all together and did she want
to come and see it in rough form. She said no for them
to use their best judgment and she would look at it
when finished.

She told him that Harry was at the shop. She hoped he
would want to come home but he didn't mention it so she
was going to have to wait for Harry. Plus eat lunch
alone again. She didn't even get a chance to flirt with
the butcher as the store was busy, just a quick smile
and thanks for his help, the cookout was a great
success, promise to come back and swing her hips a
little as she left.

Emily was pissed, while waiting in the checkout, a man,
rough looking, unkempt, and smelly, in the lane next to
her paid his money grabbed his bag and turned to her as
he left and said, "Mighty pretty donkey you have there
ma'am." Emily was startled and asked what donkey? He
said well in the bible they call it a ass and walked
out smiling.

The checkout girl said she couldn't believe he said
that. Emily stood with her mouth gaping and they
watched him get in a dirty truck with two mean looking
dogs in the back and drive off. The bag boy said well
he was really gross but at least he recognizes beauty.
Emily said, "Thank you for trying to make me feel
better as your reward you can carry my groceries to the
car and look at my donkey."

Sarah got up at noon she wanted some coffee bad but had
to make it and sit waiting for it. She felt groggy like
maybe she had a hangover, she decided that she wouldn't
make a very good drunk as they wanted a drink to get
normal but she didn't want to even smell it. Also she
wondered why she wanted coffee so much, she had picked
up the habit from Julie and Emily, maybe along with
some other wants.

She was much improved in the soreness department and
after a couple of swallows of coffee she went and
applied some more aloe lotion and saw the puffiness was
gone. When it dried she put on her bikini made some
sandwiches grabbed a bag of chips a cola and headed for
the pool. She saw Mabel walking and checking the
flowers and they spoke. Mabel went and got her bathing
suit and joined Sarah at the pool.

Nothing much was going on with any of them for the rest
of the afternoon. Julie took a nap, Emily read a book,
and Sarah worked on her tan and discovered that Mabel
was a fun person after you got to know her.

Julie woke up shortly, disturbed, she had a weird dream
all jumbled up it didn't make any sense at all. Harry
was waving goodbye backing out of the drive with
Heather sitting close to him smiling. David and Jimmy
were in front of the house and she called to them but
they were tossing a ball back and forth, back and
forth. Bravo was barking inside the house but she
couldn't find him, the phone ran and Sarah said she was
going to Charlie's for the weekend.

Emily didn't answer the phone. Julie was frustrated she
decided, in the dream, to take a shower, cold, and
while she was in it the damn dog came running in and
licked her butt and ran out again. She got out dried
off and as she bent over he ran in and licked her
again. She tried to catch him running through the house
naked calling here boy, here. When she would peep
around a door he would run up behind her and lick her.
She was beginning to drip and went to the bathroom to
wipe and he was right behind her licking and jumping on
her. She got down on the floor to let him mount but all
he would do is lick her cunt until she cried in

Julie had woke up on the couch her cheeks wet with
tears and her clit aching. She had to have some coffee
and get herself in control! She wandered around the
house but she wasn't getting calm in fact she was
getting more agitated. She called Emily but there was
no answer, the same with Sarah. She had to get out of
the house before she went bananas ! She got in the car
and started for the little mall but remembered she had
promised Jane to come on look at her clothes so she
drove to the little shop parked and started for the
entry. The door opened and it was Jane waiting!

"Julie I'm so glad to see you, I'm bored out of my
mind. I only had two customers this morning and one was
just looking and the other was so fat she could hardly
get in the door, nothing was going to fit her!"

"Hi Jane, I was passing by and remembered you said to
come and look at your stock so I stopped. I really am
not looking for anything just killing time before
stopping someplace to eat."

"Oh I'm so glad, come in. We don't have to mess with
the seller and buyer routine, you can look and look and
we can talk at the same time. So forget I'm selling
clothes we are friends and you are looking in my
closet. I was afraid you were never coming back after I
made such a fool of myself. After you left I kept
asking myself why did I lose my mind like that. Now
that I see you again I understand. You are so beautiful
Julie. God, perfection from head to toe, you may have
to tie my hands behind me to keep them off you."

"Thank you Jane, that's nice of you to say. You look
nice also."

Julie walked around looking at the dresses and Jane did
have a lot of stuff that you couldn't find in the
regular stores. Jane walked with her chatting
constantly urging her to try on anything she liked they
could work up a good price.

Julie pulled a dress from the rack and said oh my god,
it was a party dress she guessed for you couldn't wear
it to work and not to any party she had ever been to.
It draped from the neck and covered the breasts, the
two inch wide drape didn't come together until below
the waist and curved towards the hips leaving
everything from the chin to below the navel open to the
admiring eyes. To it's credit it did widen enough to
cover the outside of the breast but the inside almost
to the nipple was vulnerable to sight or touch.

"Jane I've never seen a dress like this. Did you sale
anyone one? Did they get arrested or raped?"

"Isn't it beautiful, so sexy, that's something like
they wear on the red carpet. I had two, sold one just
last week. It was a dull orange, I think the black is
better but the girl liked the orange one. She was, well
she looked like she was about eighteen, she wanted it
to wear to her brother's wedding reception, can you

"It is sexy, but I can't see myself wearing something
like this in public."

"Try it on, Julie. I'd like to see it on you just to
see what it looked like. She wouldn't try it on in the
dressing room so I let her go in the back and lock
herself in. She came out clutching it like it was
golden, I knew from her eyes that she had bought it!
Try it on, please !"

"Well, I..."

"Go to the back room and lock the door, I won't come
until you get it on and open the door. Try it, you have
the body and looks for it."

Julie turned and went to the back and saw a door to the
stock room. She was surprised that it had a hot plate
and coffee pot plus a small refrigerator. Against the
far wall was a small twin bed. She shut the door and
Jane called for her to lock it. She said you said you
wouldn't come until I opened the door so I don't need
to lock it. Jane said she didn't trust herself, to lock
it. Julie smiled but didn't lock it. Stripping she
slipped the dress over her naked body and snapped
behind her neck and at the left hip. She was surprised
to find it was a wrap and the side hung open showing
her left leg all the way to the two snaps at her hip
and the back was completely bare. She felt like she was
naked !

Julie went to door and opened it, Jane was standing at
the little dressing room looking at the door. Julie
stood in the door and turned her left side towards

"Oh my god! That is absolutely ravishing on you, oh, oh
yes ravishing. Walk a couple of steps and turn. Damn,
you look good enough eat, raw without sauce."

"There no mirror in there, can I look in the dressing
room mirror?"

"Yes of course, come on."

"I mean is anyone in here besides us? Lock the door,

Jane ran to the front door and locked it, hanging the
closed sign on it. She called to Julie ok go ahead. She
walked back to the dressing room and stood looking at
Julie as she turned checking each angle. Jane saw each
time she moved to profile that she could see half of
Julie's breast top bottom and side plus the clingy
fabric molded her nipples and the back showed the
beginning rise of her ass cheeks.

"God Jane, I might as well be naked everything it
covers, that's not much, is still easily seen. No one
could wear this anyplace where there were other people.
I can't imagine anyone wearing this to a wedding
reception, could you?'

Julie turned and took two steps towards Jane before she
saw she was clinging to the curtain and shaking. Jane
said with a choked voice to her stop don't get close to
me please.

"What's wrong Jane, are you sick?"

"Julie I'm sorry, I insisted that you try it on because
I wanted to see you in it. I knew you would look sexy
in it but I didn't know you would be beautifully sexy
or that I would cum just looking at you. I messed up my
panties, god I'm so embarrassed."

"Are you serious, Jane, your teasing me aren't you, you

Jane was nodding her head and staring at Julie her eyes
were going up and down her body and she had small tears
in them.

"Julie, if you want to leave, I understand. I have made
a fool of myself again. I just can't help it, when I
look at you I just lose control. I want to rush over to
you and kiss everything you have. Take the dress, I
couldn't bear to sell it to anyone now after seeing you
like that, it would be like putting a royal robe on a
dirty bag lady. If you don't want it I will throw it
away no one else will ever wear it, it's your dress it
must have been made special for you. God, you look

Julie walked to Jane and took the hand she had put out
to stop her and stepped inside it and placed it around
her waist at the back where there wasn't fabric, she
pulled Jane's other hand away from the curtain and
placed it on her leg, the one that was out of the dress
slit and pulled it up to her hip under the dress.

"Jane, I came to look at your clothes because I
promised I would but also I wanted to see you again.
But you have to stop giving me things, don't try to
make me like you by giving me things. I already like
you and I can't forget how you made me feel before, how
confused and hot you made me and I wanted to feel your
lips on me again. I really came to see if you wanted to
make love to me and the dress seemed like a good excuse
to see if you wanted me. Do you want to make love with

"Oh yes, more than any thing in the world."

"Will you undress so we will both be naked, I want to
see your body. Do you want to undress me? It won't take
long in this little thing."

As Jane nodded with shining eyes, Julie rubbed her
breasts through the dress top, then took her hand and
led her to the back room so they could use the twin
bed. When they were inside with the door closed and
locked she began to undress Jane who could only stand
and look still trembling as she thought about what was
going to happen.

When Julie got all the buttons undone and slipped the
dress off her Jane said she needed to go to the
bathroom and clean up. Julie cupped her cunt with the
panties still on her and it was wet and sticky, she
unfastened her bra and removed it, then told Jane to
remove the clinging slip of fabric that she was
wearing. Jane unsnapped the neck halter straps and the
waist and it fell into her hands and she gasped as
Julie was without her thong. The dress was all she had
been wearing.

Julie went with her to the bathroom and Jane removed
her panties and threw them in the waste basket and
cleaned her self with a paper hand towel. As she did
Julie was smoothing her hands over Jane's back,tits,
and ass cheeks. She told Jane that she had a sexy body
and she should try the dress on also. Jane said no, no
one would ever wear that dress except Julie. They
returned to the bed and kissed as they sat on the edge
and then lay down kissing and touching. Jane was in a
hurry and soon had her lips on Julie's nipples sucking
and kissing, a finger in her cunt and the other hand on
her ass. Her passion was spreading to Julie, who
already was hot for her to love her cunt, and soon she
was trembling with her first cum of the day.

Jane moved on down to the ultimate goal and she was
rewarded with a loud moan from Julie's lips and a flow
of cum from the other lips. She worked Julie over like
a demon for forty minutes cumming twice herself and
dripping on the bed but soon had to stop as Julie was
begging her to have mercy she had cum four times and
was hurting from so many contractions of her cunt. She
wouldn't let Julie kiss and lick her cunt because she
hadn't bathed since last night. But Julie extracted a
promise that she wanted her to and next time she could.

They lay and held each other for a long time then Julie
tried to clean up with paper towels and Jane stripped
the bed. She begged Julie to take the dress but Julie
said no she could never wear it anywhere but to keep it
and she would put it on again next time. Jane was happy
that there was going to be a next time. Julie left to
return home and she was content as she drove. At home
she showered and lay on the couch dozing off for a
while, this time she didn't dream. When she woke up she
was calm and felt relaxed so she sat down and planned
dinner for tonight as she finished the washing and

Emily finished her reading, did some vacuuming, and
other chores around the house waiting for Kurt to get
home from the golf course.

Sarah and Mabel had to get in the pool several times as
it was hot lying in the sun. They put lotion on each
other's back and talked. Mabel asked if Sarah if she
was happy with living there with all the old folks. She
said she loved it and it was really better than living
in a younger group for every one was nice to her and
treated her with respect plus they were all so helpful
but didn't treat her like a kid.

"Well Sarah, I can't help but notice that there are
five guys that would walk through fire for a smile from
you. And Ben in particular would give you the world if
he had it, as we used to say many years back he is
stuck on you."

"What does that mean, Mabel?"

"That means he has a crush on you, you know he is
falling in love with you."

"Oh no, that can't be. Your not serious are you?"

"Dead serious, child. He may try to hide it around you
but those of us who have known him for a while can see
a different Ben suddenly."

"What should I do, Mabel? I like Ben he is kind and so
straight forward you don't have to worry about him
being something he isn't or trying to con you. He is
Ben, take it or leave it. But I don't want any
involvements other than friendship right now, I'm just
getting my life straighten out from a very bad

"Well if you like him and have fun being around him
then give him a tumble, he is mature enough to know any
thing more than fun and games is not possible. Some of
the other men might be just as exciting and can relieve
some of your tensions and it would help keep the
relationship from getting sticky."

"I see, well actually I don't see, I'm sorry but I
don't understand. What do you mean 'give him a tumble'
and ‘fun and games'? Sorry but my education didn't
cover those terms, my mama never told me about anything
that had to do with relationships except that a woman
must let her husband lead and be the boss. That sure
messed up my life trying to do that!"

Mabel patted Sarah's arm and said but that's all over
now and you have a fresh start so don't agonize over
something that you can't change.

"Sarah, if I may be blunt, it means if he asks you out
for dinner and you want to go, then go. If he wants to
get close, hold your hand, hug you, kiss you, even take
you to bed and you want it then go for it. Its your
life and you control it! You only do what you want to
do, you only allow what you want to allow. Secondly,
have other friends that you also are with, other men,
that way you don't allow a relationship to get to

"Mabel, your talking about sex, having sex? I thought
men that age didn't want or couldn't have sex anymore."

"Oh girl, your mama should have been spanked for
letting you out of the house without telling you about
men. Men always want sex, give a ninety year old man on
his death bed one last wish that would last thirty
minutes and then he dies and he would chose sex with a
beautiful young girl like you. In case you haven't
noticed men are different from women, we are programmed
to want to have a man that belongs to us and will try
his best to give us a good life, a good home and
children. Man are programmed to go out find a mate,
plant his seed, and look for another mate. Yes I was
talking about sex! If your mama didn't tell you then I
will it is goooooodddd! Get all you can for soon it
will get harder and harder to trap the wandering male
as he forages through the forest looking for young
fresh meat."

Sarah laughed out loud, almost whooped. "Mabel you
surprised me, I had no idea you were so realistic about
life, I thought you would be the classic romance novel
type and in abstract terms."

"Well girl, I see I going to have to be your mother and
get you educated, so you come to me when ever you need
to know something or check some thing out. I'll give it
to you without any dressing on it at all."

Sarah laughed and thanked Mabel, telling her she needed
lots of help.


Julie had dinner all planned and ready to go, the
washing was finished and she had dusted and took care
of a lot little things that got passed over during the
week. Harry came home just about three o'clock, he
looked tired and was for he had visited Laurie Ramsey
to tell her he was going to be out of town so she
wouldn't be calling the shop, they would get suspicious
if she said there was a problem and wouldn't let anyone
come to check. He told Julie he wasn't sleeping soundly
at the motel and he was going to nap on the bed for a
while. She was disappointed but kissed him and told him
she would be quiet and have dinner ready for him and
Jimmy at five.

She called Jimmy and told him what was happening so he
wouldn't come home and make a lot of noise. He wanted
to speak to her and dad before he went to sleep and
Julie called Harry to pick up the phone in the bedroom.
Jimmy asked if he could go to the movie and take a
girl. Harry asked if she was a nice girl and he said
very nice. Is she pretty? Fairly good, dad. Harry asked
Julie if he had been a good boy and done all the chores
and helped her around the house and she said yes very
good. She gave her approval but wanted to know how he
was going to get to her house and then to the movie.
Jimmy said David's mother would take them and come pick
them up and he would stay at David's and come home
early next morning.

Harry said ok but you will need to come home and get
some money, you ask a girl for a date and you have to
pay, buy her popcorn and drink, and offer to take her
for a snack afterwards. Jimmy said he would run home,
to give the money to mom. Julie asked who he was going
to ask and he said he wasn't sure maybe he might call
Tammy if she wasn't busy.

Julie thought she wouldn't be busy until they got in
the theater but she would get busy and she wanted to
tell him not to touch her except on her hands, nothing
above the elbows. She was a little jealous, well a lot
jealous but she knew this day would come.

Harry came out and gave her two tens and asked if that
was enough for two and she said yes but not much over.
He gave her another five and said we'll take a chance
and see if he is thrifty or needs lessons in the value
of money. Julie laid it on the counter, kissed him
goodnight again and he went back to the bed. Julie was
not so content anymore but she would keep her mouth
shut when Jimmy got here.

He was there in ten minutes and told her that they had
finished the transfer of the presentation to a slide
show and would load the CD tomorrow and have it ready
for her to look at by afternoon or later if she was
busy then.

He stayed for a while sitting on the couch with Julie
and talking about the presentation and how good it
looked but they had a hard time finding some good music
to use as back ground and it wouldn't be heard while
they paused and she talked but on the pictures of
school activities it would play but they would keep it

Julie couldn't stand it any longer. "Baby, do you think
Tammy will be able to date, do her parents let her
date, will she want to go with you, I don't want you to
get discouraged if she says no?"

"Well mom, we are friends and she seems to like me, she
gave me her number so I think she wants me to call her.
But if she can't date or already has a date no big deal
I can call someone else. Plus David has a few prospects
we can call. She just seems like a good first timer she
is always smiling and talks a lot so I won't have to
say much."

Julie smiled but shook her head and wondered if he was
pulling her leg as well as keeping secrets but didn't
say anymore. She thought well looks like I on verge of
losing two of my lovers maybe three if Sarah hooks into
Charlie, god Harry is going to spend more time with
Heather than with me. That's the way it goes just when
you think you have it all tied up in a neat bundle it
all comes unraveled.

Jimmy said he needed to go and help David straighten
up, she told him that dinner was at five to get there
early and spend some time with his father. He kissed
her on the lips and said looking at her that she looked
great. She kissed him back and said get out of here and
make that telephone call. After he had left she
recalled that photo of Tammy and could see her breasts
bulging out of the bikini plus her smiling face, she
was well aware that she was hot.

Julie was reading magazine when Harry came out at four
and he told her that there was change in plans that
they would have to leave earlier Sunday since this was
the first time this crew and Heather would be going.
They asked could they leave in time to get there before
it was dark so they could tour the work site after
getting settled in the motel. So they set the time to
leave at four. They would eat dinner there. Julie said
she would review the presentation after they left.

She and Harry sat and talked, they fooled around a
little also, she noticed he didn't seem as horny as he
was last night. He just caressed her playing with her
boobs, touching her cunt covered by her shorts, she
wondered if he was tired or maybe he was stressed a
little so she didn't push it, just enjoyed being loved.

She got the dinner ready while he watched a little of
the baseball game but he got bored with it and turned
it off. Dinner was on the table at five minutes to five
and Jimmy was there at two minutes before. They ate and
talked, Harry teased Jimmy about his first date but
nothing was said about sex and Julie hoped that Harry
would talk to him but not in front of her.

After dinner they cleaned up and Jimmy got himself some
fresh clothes for the movie and left at six thirty.
Harry asked Julie if he smelled and she said no, why do
you smell something. He said yeah, it must be me and I
have got some on you we had better take a shower and
let me wash you really good. Julie smiled, this was the
old Harry!

While they played in the shower he told her all the
things that he was doing and how they were a little
behind schedule but he thought they could catch up but
if they didn't he would have them work four hours
Saturdays until they caught up. They couldn't let their
work slow down the construction contractor and make
them lose their bonus and confidence in them as a

He cut off the shower and put some body wash on the
body sponge and washed Julie slowly as she hung on him
rubbing her breasts on his chest and her ass against
his cock when he turned her around to wash her back.
The rough sponge felt good on her skin and it removed
dry skin and made her body shine. But it was rough on
her cunt and she winced and said not to rub there if he
had any plans for it later.

They were in the bed or on the bed naked and hot for
each other at seven thirty and only got up to got to
the bathroom and get something to drink from the
kitchen until morning.


Sarah was ready for Charlie and he arrived about ten
minutes early. They were in the car and on their way
shortly. Sarah sat close and put her hand on his leg
rubbing it. There was plenty of light for Charlie to
see about half of her thighs in the short dress that
she hadn't bothered to pull down after sliding across
the seat.

He got on a street without a lot of traffic and placed
his hand on her bare leg and his arm was against her
breast but she didn't move away. Her hand rubbed a
little closer to his cock as she asked where they were
going as she knew it was the opposite direction from
the place they went before. He said there is a bar /
dance hall / restaurant about four miles out of town
that has delicious steaks and other things plus they
have a bar and some bands on Friday and Saturday
nights. Then he asked if she liked steak. She said love
them, ordered mine medium with baked potatoes and a

They rode looking at the ranch land and talking until
they got there. Charlie took her to the bar and they
found a table with a view of the little valley. The
waitress/bar girl came and Sarah asked him what drink
he recommended and he said bring us four shooters and
two draft beers. The bar girl looked embarrassed and
said I hate to ask you this and I don't mean to
embarrass you but the law says I have to ask for ID and
there is a state trooper eating here and he might be
here to check us out.

Charlie said no problem I understand got his wallet and
pulled out his license, she just glanced at it as she
was well aware that he was way past twenty one. She
looked at Sarah and said I need to check yours also
just so we are covered. Sarah reached in her little
catch purse that she kept her license and taxi money in
and showed it to her. She said thank you, sorry for the
bother but it is safer for us, be right back!

Charlie didn't seem to be embarrassed and it didn't
worry Sarah what the girl thought if she thought about
it at all. Soon she came back and put two shot glasses
with a amber looking liquid, a beer, a shot glass of
salt, and a lot of lemon wedges in front of her and the
same for Charlie. When she left Sarah looked at it then
at Charlie and finally asked him what a shooter was.
Charlie explained that it was a western drink and it
would enhance your appetite and help the digestive
system absorb the food plus it would enhance the mood
of the drinker.

He explained and demonstrated that you were supposed to
pick up the lemon wedge with your left hand and then
pour about a fourth tsp of salt in the hollow between
your thumb and index finger, pick up the shot glass and
swallow it down in one gulp and lick the salt and bite
the lemon sucking the juice out. But he recommended she
only gulp one half of the shot glass the first time.
After savoring the taste of the drink and the salt /
lemon you could sip on the beer until time for the next

So naive Sarah did all that as Charlie had instructed
her, while he waited with his ready.

"Is this right, Charlie? Am I ready?"

"Perfect, Sarah. Everything about you is perfect, and
everything you do is perfect."

"Do you have a fever Charlie? You must be coming down
with something. Most likely it's your eyes are filled
with chalk dust."

Charlie said you're ready, we'll go together on three.
One, two, three. He threw down half his shooter licked
the salt and sucked the lemon. Sarah delayed but when
he smacked his lips she when for it. Down went half of
her shooter and she started for the salt but just as
her tongue reached it a terrible burning hit her throat
causing her to pause but he said the salt and lemon
quick, Sarah.. She quickly licked and sucked, but soon
as she had sucked all the lemon she gasped breathing
deeply and grabbed her beer and drank three big

"Charlie, that was mean! You didn't tell me that it
would paralyze me, I couldn't breath, it's still
burning my stomach. God that was strong, what in the
world is it? Isn't it against the law to serve sulfuric
acid as a drink!"

"It's only tequila, Sarah. suck a couple of lemon
wedges and you will be ok. I will go put us in for a
table so we can eat right soon and you won't know that
you had any thing to drink."

The waitress came back and Charlie told her that he was
going to sign up for a table and she said she would do
it for him, maybe she get them in quick and a good
table. She went away and Charlie asked Sarah if she was
better and she said yeah the lemon did help. He told
her that next time she should get the salt and lemon in
her mouth before she swallowed and it would seem so
strong. Sarah didn't want to be a wimp so she tried
again besides it enhanced her little girl image to seem
to be naive and innocent.

She got everything ready and saw he was watching and
she smiled and said he had to do it also so if she died
he would go with her. Charlie hasten to get ready and
they went on three again and she did as he had told and
swished the tequila, salt, and lemon around in her
mouth to mix it before swallowing and it went down very

They laughed and said that was good, he was talking
about her ability and she was talking about the taste,
the salt made her want another right away but she drank
some beer instead. The waitress came back and said she
had them a nice table to wait and she would get the bar
tab and take their drinks over for them.

She came back and took them to the restaurant and then
the hostess led them to a table all the way in the rear
with a nice view of the sunset. Charlie gave the bar
waitress money for the drinks and a nice tip and told
her they would return after eating. When the table
waitress came he placed their order and then turned his
attention to Sarah and slid his chair closer and looked
around seeing that they were almost hidden from the
other diners.

Charlie cautiously moved his foot between her feet and
rubbed his leg against hers. Sarah slid her chair
closer to the table and gave him a little more leg and
now his knee was inside her knees and she slowly closed
her knees to press from both sides, also she put her
hand on his on the table. She thanked him for being so
attentive and ordering for her and holding her chair.

She told him she wasn't accustomed to that as nobody
did those kind of things anymore and she felt like a
princess when she was with him. Charlie was swelling
with pride, she didn't seem to be embarrassed to hold
his hand or let him make contact with her leg. He told
her that he was taught to always open doors for people
and help them up steps and he felt strange when ladies
just barged though doors without waiting for some one
to open them.

Sarah commented that no one did it any more because
most women felt like it was degrading that they could
do anything that a man could do and weren't the weaker
sex needing men to hold doors for them or help them
across the street. But that she liked it and felt like
she should repay him but didn't know how, was there
anything he wanted her to do, she smiled as she thought
of the possibilities. Charlie was feeling great from
her heaping on the compliments and the shooter before
he could stop himself he said well you could let me
feast me my eyes on those beautiful breasts. I can't
wait to feel them on my chest.

"Are you serious or pulling my leg."

"Well, both I guess but you know that you don't have to
do it, I hope that you aren't insulted." Charlie was
afraid he might have unwittingly gone to far.

"Charlie, you know I love to be pressed against you
when we are naked, why would I be insulted for you to
say you want to see them? It feels good to know you
want to see them, I would be hurt if you didn't. Wait
and I will be right back."

She got up and went to the ladies room. She felt like
she was walking on sponge carpet and knew that she
wasn't drunk but that the shooter had some kick in it
and she was only half finished. Sarah loosen her blouse
and took the bra off and put it back on after squeezing
her nipples so they would stand out after being
confined in the tight cups. She buttoned it and checked
in the mirror loosening one button and then two so her
cleavage was visible. She returned to their table and
saw Charlie's eyes light up when she came in view. She
stopped him from getting up and leaned over the table
so that her breasts made the blouse bulge as they both
tried to get out the vee neck at the same time.

In her hand she had her bra balled up hoping it looked
like a handkerchief and she gave it to him asking could
he keep it for her as she didn't have a pocket or bag
large enough to hold it. She sat down and returned her
legs to his and her hand to his, then asked him if that
was better. Charlie could hardly speak not only because
her nipples were like a tent pole in the blouse and the
cleavage was enticing, also because she did it for him
just for him. Finally he managed to say she was the
most beautiful person in the world. He said I want to
celebrate let's do our shooter and then we will finish
it about half way through dinner.

"Charlie, if I get drunk you won't let me do anything
foolish will you? And you will make sure I get to bed?"

"The only foolish thing I will allow is that I can
dance with you and hold you tight. I'll make sure you
get in my bed and I will be in there with you."

They did another round of shooters and Sarah exclaimed,
my god, it gets better every time. You could get
addicted to these things in a hurry. The table waitress
came with salads and asked if they needed anything and
they said no, she said the steaks were about ten
minutes from being done.

They started on their salads and played knees under the
table, she was hungry and Charlie said that was the
shooter working on her and just wait until they got
those steaks. They ate and just as he had promised when
half way through he proposed a toast and when they were
prepared he said may this night never end and down went
the rest of the shooter. Sarah smacked her lips and
told him to eat fast she wanted to dance against his
manly chest.

Charlie smiled and whispered to her that he might get
her another two rounds of shooters so she wouldn't
notice when he unbuttoned those other two buttons.
Sarah said two more of those and I will be begging you
to take my blouse off! They did finish eating and
Charlie settled up the tab and they went back to the

The waitress found them a little table in the corner
where it wasn't so noisy and they crowded in it and sat
close together so they could see the dance floor and
the band. Charlie immediately took advantage of the dim
lighting laying his hand on her bare thigh. He ordered
another shooter and a margarita for them. Sarah sat
close and they talked while his hand stroked and moved
to the inside of her thigh and up gradually.

Sarah checked out the folks around them and saw no one
was looking and she took a quick feel of his cock and
found he was ready! She whispered to him that they
weren't going to be dancing long or drinking a lot
unless he slowed down. He said lets dance but the
waitress came back with their drinks so they had to
wait until she left and the band started playing music
for line dancing and they decided to wait. Charlie
reached and fumbled with the highest button which was
right between her breasts and Sarah let him unbutton
it. He ran his finger in the vee of her blouse which
was getting low now and rubbed the side of her breast.

"Oh Charlie, you're taking advantage of me now! I
shouldn't let you! But I want you so bad and it feels
so good. Promise me you won't think of me as a slut for
letting you do this!"

"Sarah, I told you I would never think badly of you.
You are a wonderful person and I think the world of
you. But I have a hard time keeping my hands off you,
it's partly my fault for being so weak when I get near
you but partly yours as you are so beautiful so
desirable and you are so understanding in allowing me
to touch you like this."

They continued sitting and she continued to let him
sneak little touches and peeks, she just looked at him
and smiled to keep from drawing attention to them. The
music changed to a slow beer drinking song and she
grabbed his hand and they went to the dance floor. The
band played three slow songs to give the dancers a rest
and let them drink some more and Charlie held Sarah
against him and she pressed into his cock and swayed
her hips in time to the music. She could feel his cock
hot and hard against her stomach, he could feel her
breasts against his chest and the nipples were punching
him. Finally they went back to the table and drank
their shooter taking the whole shot this time and
followed it with margarita and licked salt from the
glass rim.

They danced every song that was slow enough so they
didn't have to move much and Charlie was getting a
little bolder every time they went back and sat down.
Sarah didn't mind at all but she didn't want to be a
public display of sex for everyone and she worried that
he would take her on the floor or worse on top of the

"What time is it Charlie?"

"It's almost eleven lacks just a few more minutes."

"I have all the tequila I can stand tonight, and it
would be nice to cuddle with you. Would it be alright
if we went to your place now ? I don't want you to
think that I'm not having fun but I want to feel your
lips on mine and this isn't the proper place."

"I thought you would never ask! Seriously sweetheart, I
was ready to go when we finished eating but didn't want
you think that I had completely forgotten how to date a
beautiful woman. Let me get the bill and go to the
men's room and we can hit the road."

Charlie waved at the waitress and told her to bring the
bill and she nodded. He went to the bathroom and Sarah
waited as she had already been twice. He returned about
the same time as the waitress and gave her some money
and she smiled at the amount and said come back
sometimes. When they reached the car Charlie backed
Sarah up against the door and kissed her for a long
time. He was unbuttoning the two buttons left on her
blouse and pulled the blouse from her skirt opening it
to bare her breasts to his gaze and his hands. After a
few minutes he backed away looking at her, bent over
and kissed each nipple then took it in his mouth and
sucked each one for a little.

Sarah was smothering, she whimpered as he moved from
one to the other and the cool evening air hit the wet
hard projecting nipples. Finally he opened the door and
helped her get in the car, the overhead light seemed to
be bright as a floor light but she didn't close the
blouse and when she slid to the middle she helped her
skirt to move up until it barely covered her cunt. He
closed the door and she was hidden until he got around
and opened the door there and once again she was
spotlighted for the world to see a hot horny woman.

"Drive slowly Charlie, I don't want to be pulled over
half naked."

He did. So slow she was sure it would take an hour for
them to get to his house. But once on the road with his
right hand between her legs, his arm against her hot
naked tit, and her head on his shoulder, her right hand
on his cock he got a little faster. Charlie was happy
and counting his blessings. Sarah here and now and
Julie just a few days ago, both offering their bodies
to him, bare for his pleasure, hot for his cock, and
giving freely of their many, many charms.

Truly it didn't get any better than this! They made it
to his house and spent a long time in the car kissing,
he kissed all the bare flesh he could reach spending a
lot of time on her nipples.

He got her out and since the garage light had gone out
he trapped her on the hood of the car and bent her back
until she lay on it with her feet on the floor, being
kissed and fondled and his cock rubbing her cunt
covered by the thong. Sarah was whimpering, she wanted
to go inside and get him out of his clothes and between
her legs!

Finally he pulled her up and took her inside. She
wanted to freshen up and asked if he would bring her
little carry-all she needed the toothbrush. She had
finished the toilet and was waiting for him at the
vanity, blouse still hanging open and skirt around her
hips. She looked in the mirror and saw a woman ready to
be fucked, in fact she looked like she had just been
fucked. Charlie lost no time in getting her undressed
as she brushed her teeth, she finished with him
standing behind her cupping her tits and raining kisses
on her neck and shoulders.

Sarah got him started on his clothes and then they went
to the bedroom with their arms around each other.
Charlie had made himself a promise and he kept it. He
sat her on the bed and pushed her to a reclining
position and kissed her cunt licking it until he made
her cum. Sarah lay shuddering and deliciously happy,
she loved to made love to like that! Charlie helped her
get straight in the bed, there was no doubt in his
mind, he knew she would come to him anytime for she had
cum moaning and twisting on the bed within just five
minutes. She loved oral sex and she would want it all
the time.

When he lay beside her Sarah opened her arms and got as
close as possible so she could kiss him and give him
all of her body and he took all of it to play with as
she held his cock and gently squeezed it. She rested
for a few minutes enjoying the loving and the feel of a
fading cum. Sarah raised from Charlie's arms and still
caressing his hard cock turned and took his cock in her
mouth and then slid her leg over his chest and moved on
top of him sliding back leaving a wet trail of cum on
his chest until her cunt was at his mouth again.

Charlie didn't need a picture he pulled a pillow behind
his head for support and began kissing and licking,
when his tongue rubbed across her clit he heard a
muffled moan from Sarah's throat which vibrated his
cock head. It was a good feeling so he licked again
harder and she moaned again.

Taking a long and hard lick at her clit he traveled up
digging into the cunt slit and plunging into her wet
opening getting a long groan, when he pulled out he
went up the short distance and his tongue brushed
across her ass hole. Sarah almost swallowed his cock as
she stiffened and shuddered from the sensation. Charlie
loved it, he had her going crazy, she was like a
marshmallow on a stick, he could roast her any way he
wanted to she was his!

He licked her asshole again and then tried to put the
tip into her anal opening. He pushed, licked, almost
broke his nose trying to jam the tongue in but it
wasn't stiff enough to break through. He used his
finger to start in hoping to open it and loosen it a
little. At the same time he plunged back into her cunt.

Sarah was trembling all over she wanted it bad now, she
needed to be fucked in the ass! The memories of being
fucked by two men at one time sometimes three were
strong and appealing. And there was her refresher
course with Ben last night all combining to show her
that she was a ass slut, she might as well admit it and
give up. Charlie's finger felt good as it slowly worked
into her ass, she wasn't even sore back there!
Remembering that Charlie hadn't cum and he would take a
little while to recover she knew she shouldn't suck him
off but fuck him and they could both rest a little.

Sarah groaned again as he reached his finger's limit.
She raised up from his cock and pulled way from him.
Charlie thought he had messed up, she had come to her
senses and was disgusted, she would demand he take her
home immediately and call him a pervert! To his
surprise she quickly turned and straddled his hips
inserted his cock in her hot wet cunt and plunged down
on it, she just sat there shivering like a cold breeze
was hitting her damp body. She leaned down and kissed
his lips.

"Charlie, that was wonderful! Do you want to fuck my
ass? You kissed it and fingered it so I thought you
might want to fuck it, don't be embarrassed!"

"Yes, Sarah. I want to love everything you have but I
was to embarrassed to ask, forgive me."

Sarah smiled and kissed him again. "Everything I have
is yours, tonight." She raised up, moved forward and
placed his wet slick cock at her anal opening and
slowly descended down working it in until it pass the
resistance muscle and then was firmed encased in her
hot ass. Charlie was moaning now! His cock was being
ground into corn meal by the gripping, releasing,
gripping of Sarah's ass. He couldn't believe it she
gave it freely, almost gladly, to give him pleasure.

But she was getting pleasure also as she slowly began
to rock on him as the climax built in her and soon she
was flinging her head from side to side and his stomach
was getting wet from her secretions as she convulsed
through a series of cums. Charlie didn't last through
the first one and he was filling her ass with his cum,
and the more he came the deeper he seemed to go in her
and the stronger her ass muscles sucked on his cock.
Charlie was getting dizzy! He was sure that she was
milking the life force from his body, he was going to
die with the best hard on he had ever had and it deep
in the ass of the most beautiful girl he had ever seen!

Sarah's first climax was strong but was quickly over,
pushed out of the way by the second which was enduring
and went on and on, the third was short and weak but
good none the less. She sank on his chest and now they
both were wet with sweat. She could feel him beginning
to shrink and moaned for she would have to get up
before he came out or they would have a mess to clean
up and she wanted to enjoy the afterglow of sexual
satisfaction. She rested a minute and hustled to the
bathroom, suddenly she remembered that she had taken
his cock in her cunt for just a little while, a little
while was long enough sometimes though!

After using the toilet, she turned on the shower and
went to the bed to arouse a lifeless Charlie and told
him to come to the shower they needed to get the sweat
off them. He rose and followed her, he would follow
that beautiful ass anywhere. Sarah washed him and then
let him wash her. Soon they were back in bed where they
stayed all night, some of it sleeping.


Nobody got up early Sunday morning at either of the
three household. Sarah was the first, she was in a
strange bed and with a man, she wasn't used to either
but she was working on it. It was a comfortable bed and
the man wasn't going to hurt her that was for sure.

Charlie was sleeping like a baby, he looked so
peaceful, a slight smile on his face that she was
tempted to kiss him but she didn't want him to think he
had to make love to her again! That last time she could
tell he was in pain but she didn't say anything or let
on that she knew. She even asked him, after they
finished, if she could go to sleep that she was worn
out. He had been so tender helping her to clean herself
and getting her some cola to drink and making sure her
pillow was comfortable. He lay and stroked her leg but
went to sleep before she did.

She remembered that he had ass fucked her a second time
because she said he was so good at it! She had told him
that he should never let her drink shooters again, they
made her do strange things. He had asked if she had
ever made love like that before and she lied.

She found his coffee pot and some coffee and got a pot
going. Checked the refrigerator and found some eggs,
bacon, and ham. No grits or hash browns. So she mixed
up all of it for omelets with some cheese that was
really strong smelling so she didn't use much. Drinking
her coffee she heard the toilet flush and poured him
some and was going to take it to him when he came in
the kitchen. She smiled and gave him a hug and kiss.

"Sarah your cold let me get you a robe."

"I'm ok, Charlie. It feels good to be cool. If I get
cold I will get in yours with you where it's warm.
Unless you think I should cover up my nakedness."

"Please don't. I love it just like that."

They drank coffee and discussed the dinner last night,
Sarah told him to tell her when he was hungry that she
was going to fix omelets. She asked him if that was
alright and he said sure, he would help. They decided
that they were both ready to eat and started breakfast,
well Sarah did, Charlie was mostly in the way. He was
amazed at how easily she made the omelet turn over in
the pan.

He tried it one time but it turned into scrambled
something and he never tried again. She apologized for
them but couldn't find any bell pepper or any thing to
put in them. He did have some bread that didn't look
very old so they made toast. Being hungry made up for
the lack of stuff to put in them.

After eating, they brushed their teeth and Charlie
wanted to know what she would like to do and she said
nothing really just relax and take it easy. He
suggested that they sit on the couch but she said she
would feel funny sitting on the couch discussing
current events naked but the bed was okay but he had to
take off that robe. So they were on the bed propped up
with pillows looking at the paper when Sarah felt his
arm rubbing her breast. They were reading the same
section with him holding it. She smiled and raised up
the paper and he and she looked at his stiff cock
looking like a flagpole.

"Charlie, do you know what you're reading?"


"Do you care?"


"Charlie, you're a insatiable devil! Throw it on the
floor and kiss me."


Just by chance Emily and Kurt were also in bed, reading
the paper but they weren't horny. Horny visited them in
the shower and they dispensed of him on the shower
floor, then had breakfast and got on the bed to read.
They didn't have any plans for the day and didn't want


Chapter Thirty Seven

Harry and Julie were the last ones to wake up, they
were slow with breakfast and were still cleaning up
when Jimmy came home. They spent some time just talking
and making plans for the future even though they had no
idea what path the future might hold. They realized
that it was going to take money to get Jimmy through
school and college plus some of the better things they
hoped for. Julie said if Harry was going to be away
most of the summer she would get a job to earn extra
money and if she took the job at school that would mean
a raise and retirement funds.

Jimmy said he could get a job for the summer as soon as
baseball camp was over. Harry said he would talk to Mr.
Grey about letting Jimmy work with them as a utility
man. He kept after Jimmy to tell him about the movie
date. Did he hold her hand, did she feed him popcorn,
how did she dress, how short, how low, sit in the back-
way back? Did he think she would ever go out with him
again? Did he have any change left?

They read the paper and watched the baseball game,
Julie fixed some cookies for Harry to take with him and
did a roast with new potatoes and green beans in the
pressure cooker for lunch or dinner which ever it was.
They ate just before two o'clock and Harry started
getting ready to leave, he had to pick up Heather and
meet the crew at the shop by three. He and Julie spent
some time in the bedroom just talking and wishing that
this didn't have to be. But then it was time to go!

After he left she and Jimmy finished cleaning up the
kitchen and doing some other things around the house
and before they knew it five o'clock was there.

"Mom, the little store up the street has some cream
filled donuts and some glazed. Can I run up there and
get some? I'll make you a pot of my special coffee if
you let me, I got a craving for something sweet, real

"You didn't get any thing sweet last night, baby."

Jimmy caught her joke and laughed. "No mother, nothing
sweet since last week."

Julie nodded and when he said can I use the car she
shook her head, smiling at him. Jimmy asked if she was
ready to look at the presentation and Julie realized
that she had forgotten about it, she said yes, where,
here or there. He said lets do it here to make sure the
lap top can handle it away from David's desktop.

Jimmy called David and said he would be here in about a
half of an hour. He made the coffee and slipped in a
double tablespoon of a amber liquid from a small bottle
in his pocket. He rode his bike to the store and
returned with six cream filled and six glazed donuts.
The coffee was finished and he poured her a cup and put
the donuts and her coffee on the counter along with his
milk. Julie came to the counter and gave him a kiss on
the lips.

"Wow, now I don't need the donuts! But I sure would
like to have a couple of dozen of those!"

"Later, sweetheart. You have to eat one every time I do
so I won't feel guilty. Then you can have some real

"I missed you mom."

"I missed you too, baby. But we can make up for it, we
have all week."

Julie ate two donuts and he kept pace, she said hide
them until later, but we can offer David one if he is

"Baby do you want something for dinner? We ate lunch
late so I didn't plan on anything but I can scratch up
something if you want it."

"No, I'm okay, let me get you some more coffee!"

They talked and waited for David, he came a little
later when Julie was on her third cup of coffee. He had
his backpack on and it was stuffed with a laptop and
two computer speakers. They greeted and he asked if she
wanted to watch anyplace or was the counter ok? Julie
said anywhere that we can all three see how about the
dining table and we can crowd up together.

Jimmy said he would set it up and told David to get
some milk and have a couple of donuts. David didn't get
a stool he just got the milk and stood close to Julie
and ate the donut. As they talked about the
presentation he would touch her arm and brush against
her leg. Julie thought he must not have got anything
sweet last night either, obviously he was wanting some

Jimmy said it was set up and ready for them to come and
they crowded in front of the laptop. Julie was in the
middle of course and they were touching her on either
side. She was feeling better, she had been a little
depressed faced with a week without Harry and the
pressure of the presentation but she felt more at ease
now for she had Jimmy and David to help her. Their
energy and enthusiasm was giving her a boost.

The presentation started and she was floored with the
professional appearance, the title she had suggested
came sliding from the corner of the screen and floated
around until it settled in the center. The subtitle,
added by Jimmy and David, materialized from the
background and music from the movie, ‘Jaws' was
building the anticipation. Then they had credits for
those who had helped like the photography class, and
then produced by Julie Cole with technical assistance
by Jimmy and David. Then a photo of the school with a
few students and then the introduction.

They watched it with David controlling the amount of
time that the slide stayed on screen and they worked
out a signal by Julie without anyone knowing about it
when she was finished with that screen. When it was
concluded, they sat there, quiet, for a minute and then
Julie said, "That was fantastic! I knew it would be
good but that was better than just good. Honestly it is

"Did you see anything that needed changing or added,
Mrs. Coles."

"No, nothing. I think it is perfect just like that,
lets not change a thing,"

"Ok, I suggest that we make a back up CD just in case
something goes wrong. When do you think that the board
will meet? Let me pour you some coffee, mom. David do
you want some more milk?"

David shook his head. Julie explained that they needed
to show it to Mr. Hale and get him to arrange the
meeting with the board, they planned on him seeing it
tomorrow. Then they would have to wait. Julie said she
was so excited that she thought they should eat another
donut to celebrate! Both of the guys seconded that and
they went to the counter and ate two a piece which only
left one and they decided that it belonged to David but
he gave them a bite. Julie had drank all her coffee and
Jimmy refilled it for her.

David told them he would go and make the copy on his
desktop but Jimmy said he would go also because David's
mother wasn't feeling well and he make the copy or at
least start it and David could fix her some soup. Julie
asked did she need something and David no she is just
tired and needs to rest plus she has a touch of a cold
virus. Jimmy told Julie he would be back in just a
little while no more than thirty minutes. As they
gathered up the equipment she asked if they could take
the laptop to school tomorrow and show the presentation
if she got them out of class. They said sure then we
won't have to miss practice.

After they left Julie sat on the couch and flipped
through the TV channels but couldn't find any thing to
watch so she laid down with a magazine and fell asleep.
She was dreaming about Jimmy coming back and they had
took a shower together and were on the couch kissing
and undressing each other but she woke up to find that
it wasn't a dream. Jimmy was back and he was undressing
her, kneeling beside the couch unbuttoning her shirt!
Her nipples were hard as rock so he had been feeling of
them before he worked on the buttons.

"Baby, what are you going to do? What time is it? Oh,
my god, sweetheart, don't suck so hard you'll tear them
off! Yes that's better oh baby I missed you so much! "

"I want to get us naked and on the bed so I can love
you all over. Come on I can get you undressed quicker
in the bedroom."

"Sweetheart, I must go to the toilet first. Be right
there and will be naked."

"Ok, I'll be waiting."

Julie went to the toilet and Jimmy got her some coffee
and took it to the bathroom, telling her it was on the
vanity, then he went to the bed, turned it down,
undressing. Julie finished her toilet and went to the
vanity to wash, she drank some coffee and thought it
was getting better and better every day. When she got
to the bedroom Jimmy was laying on Harry's side and he
was ready.

She looked at his cock as she got on the bed and
believed it was growing for it was bigger than she
remembered, she wanted it in her cunt to see if it felt
bigger. But Jimmy had other things he wanted to do and
he kissed her and licked on her breasts, nipples, down
her stomach straight to her cunt and as she gasped he
kissed it then settled between her thighs and began to
feast on her cunt slit.

Julie moaned and gasped telling him to fuck her she was
going crazy! But he would just keep on kissing and
licking at her wet slit, spreading her legs, rolling
her to her side and stomach kissing her ass until she
began to beg for it. He kept on torturing, teasing her
with licks and small probes of his tongue in her cunt
and ass. Julie moaned in frustration, she was hot,
horny now wanting to feel something in her. Jimmy
rolled her over on her stomach and began to kiss and
lick her ass, she spread her legs as wide as possible
for him. She was going crazy with lust and passionate
need to be made to cum but she submitted to his will
and trembled, crying out with moans and groans.

Julie became aware that someone else was in the room,
she twisted her head and saw David standing by the bed
looking at her twisting body shining with a sheen of
sweat as he undressed. Maybe it wouldn't be long before
they gave her what she wanted and needed. Jimmy pulled
her up by the hips until she was in a kneeling position
with her head on the bed and she prepared herself to be
entered by a hard cock in the cunt or ass, it didn't
matter at this point.

Something touched her ass but it wasn't a cock it was
firm like a candle and felt tapered on the end as it
was slid around and probed gently at the anal passage.
Then it was going in her ass and she groaned as it
became larger the deeper it went until it was almost
painful. But then it got smaller and went in fast and
was held in by her own closing muscle ring. It felt
like it was about five inches long and quickly lost the
irritated feeling and became a comfortable but stuffed

She was pulled up at the shoulders to her hands and she
trembled for each movement sent thrills though out her
body radiating from her ass. Julie knew now it was a
butt plug, she had seen pictures of them and once had a
small one in her ass while posing for pictures, it was
small the size of a cigar this was bigger, much bigger.
Someone placed a black thick cloth over her eyes and
she could not see anything and felt helpless as it was
tied behind her head.

She was tugged and pulled gently until she stood at the
side of the bed, she could feel the warmth of both
bodies close to her and hear their breathing. Her hands
were held and she knew she would be bound but instead a
soft cuff was put around each wrist and pulled tight
and fasten. Then the two were connected by a small but
heavy chain allowing her hands to hang normally with
the chain touching her legs.

She realized that after each thing was done there was a
pause and now she faintly heard the click of a camera
shutter. Then her nipples were caressed, pinched, and
the nipple loops placed on each and pulled tight. Julie
lifted her head and rolled her shoulders back to give
her breasts center stage, she wanted them to take
pictures of her so she could see herself also. Many
pictures from different angles were taken, she could
hear the movement of feet around her. The chain on her
wrists was loosen and her hands placed behind her and
fasten again.

Then a collar was placed around her neck, it was padded
like the cuffs, pulled tight and buckled. Shoes were
placed on her feet, high heels, really high and she
toddled and could only stand still by placing her feet
apart. Again there were pictures and she was turned and
made to bend over so the butt plug could be seen. It
was wiggled in her ass and she gasped as the ache
started in her stomach, she was going to cum but they
stopped and took more pictures.

Julie was led, with one on each side holding her arms
so she could walk without fear of hitting something,
out of the bedroom and stopped at the counter. She was
given coffee to drink and drank thirstily emptying the
cup. Then they proceeded to the back door, Julie heard
barking but it was behind her and she hoped a stray dog
wasn't in the yard. When they were outside she was
posed against the wall, she could feel the warmth from
it, but the air was cooler so it must be dark or close
to it.

She was turned, moved, and made to take different
positions. Her hands were fastened over her head to
something and she was chained around a post which had a
decorative birdhouse on it. Each new pose kept her
moving twisting causing the plug to keep her at a high
state of arousal.

A trickle of moisture began to run down her leg showing
her readiness to be fucked and they made sure to get it
in pictures. A finger was rubbing her cunt and tickling
the clit helping create more and Julie helped by posing
as blatantly as she could, she hoped they would run out
of space soon, she was dying. Now she was wishing that
a stray dog was in the yard. She wanted Bravo but she
couldn't go there with David's mother at home!

Finally they took her back in the house, back to the
bedroom and released her hands and nipples, removed the
blindfold, leaving the cuffs and collar on her. She
went to the toilet and realized that the plug was still
in her, she had gotten used to it and it wasn't hurting
just a reminder to her that she was stuffed, a feeling
she loved. When she returned to the bedroom she was
immediately kissed and embraced by both Jimmy and David
and for the next twenty minutes they loved her body
with everything they had except that which she wanted
most, their cocks.

Julie was panting from the attention and she was
wetting her legs constantly as fingers were in her cunt
and hands wiggling the plug in her ass. Once she could
take it no longer and as they both sucked a nipple and
a finger was deep in her cunt with hand on her ass
wiggling the plug she lost it and came so hard she
almost couldn't stand and they had to hold her up until
she was finished.

They helped her on the bed and she lay still, shaken
and weak but not satisfied. Surely they were going to
fuck her now, she had been teased and tortured for
hours. Julie was still frustrated what more could she
do for them until they would let Bravo have her?
Realization flooded through her, she had to ask for
him! They had always forced her to say she wanted a dog
but now they were torturing her until she asked maybe
even make her beg for the dog to fuck her.

Tears came to her eyes, she could no longer pretend to
herself or them that she only did it because she loved
them, she had to admit that she wanted it just like her
mother had when she begged that first time when they
wouldn't let the dog in the house and she saw him at
the patio door whining for her and her whining for him.
She had to ask!

David sat down on the bed behind her and placed his
hand on the plug and slowly removed it from her, she
moaned from the losing of it stuffing her ass and felt
empty without it. He leaned over and kissed her cheek
seeing the tears on her nose asked her if she needed
anything. There was a long silence with Julie waiting
to see if he offered her an out, but he said nothing.
Julie whispered to him that she wanted to be fucked by
both of them at the same time front and rear, a long
pause and she added, then I want to be Bravo's bitch.
He asked did she want him to go and bring him here and
she answered yes, please. Would she make a movie for
them of her being a dog's bitch and do anything. Again
a quiet yes anything.

David asked her did she want to rest first or start now
and be a dog bitch as many times as he wanted her. She
said, now and yes as many times as he wants. Jimmy had
moved in close and he heard his mother asking for the
dog, she was committed. He motioned for David to lay
down and he helped Julie to straddle his hips and she
sank on his cock with a sigh. Jimmy got behind her and
entered her ass the butt plug had her stretched so that
he could go in on a single forward plunge.

They worked Julie slowly at first and she moved with
them with just an occasional moan when it was really
good but soon she was more active they picked up the
pace with her. When she began to fling her head about
making her long black hair fly around they began to
give her all they could pounding in both love holes
with abandon as she climaxed with loud moans of ecstasy
and this wasn't just one climax she was rising,
falling, and rising again multiple times.

But neither could last forever and filled her cunt and
ass with their hot cum and held her in vise like grips
as she slowly began to sink into satisfied stillness.
Jimmy had not been in her ass in a while and he was in
heaven. He loved being in her ass as much as she loved
him there. In fact there was nothing fuck able about
her he didn't love and she was the same.

David motioned for them to roll over and when his cock
popped out he got up and went to the toilet, cleaned up
and came to get his clothes and motioned to Jimmy that
he was going and grabbing his stuff leaped on his bike
and took off for home leaving them on the bed with
Julie enjoying Jimmy's cock embedded in her ass. David
reached home and found his mother sitting on the couch
reading, he kissed her and asked if she had dinner she
said yes she ate a salad, did he? He said he had a
snack and they were still working on the presentation
and he came to get something and had to go back; it
might take a few more hours. She said ok but be home by

David saw the CD was finished copying and put the
camera in it's stand to download and put the movie
camera and other stuff in his bag. He got everything
ready then went outside to check on Bravo bringing him
inside. He said he hadn't been exercised for a couple
of days so he was going to let him run along the bike
and stay in Jimmy's back yard until he returned. She
shrugged her shoulders. His mother hoped that he and
Jimmy would be here again tonight but she was tired
anyway and tomorrow was ok if Jimmy could come.

David got the camera from the stand and checked it, got
some more batteries for spares and put everything in
his back pack. He kissed his mom goodbye and she
whispered save me something baby and he smiled and
kissed her again. Some how she was aware of what was
going on he knew but it wasn't worrying her. He got
Bravo and put a leash on him and then he was biking
back to Jimmy's with Bravo trotting along.

He went to the back and put Bravo inside and went in
the back door. Julie was sitting at the counter
drinking fresh coffee and she smiled at him and her
eyes were smoky and smoldering. She had on a pair of
cut offs and that was all except for the collar and the
cuffs. Jimmy had fixed a old blanket on the floor of
the living room moving the coffee table to make room
for the activity.

He had Julie to get on her hands and knees to see how
much room she and Bravo would have with him and David
walking around as the living area wasn't as big as the
playroom at David's house. They had to move the couch
back a few feet but it was ok now. While Julie was
down, he slipped her cut offs down and gave her a
little bit of his cock in her cunt to keep her hot, he
didn't know that the knowledge and anticipation of
Bravo's arrival was keeping her ready already. But she
didn't complain for the short coupling.

They were ready with the cameras and had all the lights
on, all the blinds closed. They explained the scene
that was going to happen and reminded her not to look
at them and not to speak. To use her vision from the
corner of her eyes to see their hand signals like stay
there or go to next location. She said she understood
and was ready. David looked at Jimmy and they both
nodded. They had discussed that they would not use the
attractant to see if Bravo would take her with out it,
Jimmy went to the door and let him in. David started
the camera and the first test started.

Bravo came in and looked around, he spotted Julie and
ran straight to her and his nose went right to her
covered cunt and he licked across the fabric and then
liking her skin better he licked her legs as close as
he could. Julie almost came just from that! He was glad
to see her and was licking and wagging his tail, it was
obvious that he remembered her and it was obvious that
he remembered her cunt. Julie was laughing and petting
him rubbing his neck and back.

"Hello, darling did you have a good run, baby? Do you
want your bath now? Come on and let me bathe you
sweetheart. Oh my you're bold today, are you horny
baby. Do you want to play with me. Ooouuu, not now we
must take a bath first."

Julie could see David holding his hand up and then he
signaled ok and she started for the shower with the dog
licking her legs and butt all the way. She was wiggling
her butt and laughing. David followed and Jimmy was
close behind and when they got in the bathroom Julie
removed her shorts and Bravo immediately went for her
cunt and was licking it like he hadn't had any thing
all day. Julie knew she had to get him in the shower
but she was frozen for this was what she had wanted
since Thursday night. She wanted to get on her knees
right now and let him have her any way he wanted!

"Oh yes baby, that's so good, I want you too but we
must shower first. Oh my, your driving me crazy, lover.
Ever since you found me at the office and licked me to
submissive I have wanted you every minute. I belong to
you, you can have me any time you want me. We belong
together, sweetheart, I am your bitch, yours alone."

Julie broke away from that wonderful tongue and went in
the shower with the dog right behind her with his nose
in her ass. When she closed the shower door David said
cut and asked Jimmy if he was getting any good shots
and he answered yes and then whispered nothing to worry
about he certainly wants her again. David said yeah and
she wants him too, or she is a damn good actor.

They told Julie to just wet him a little and then to
start wiping him dry after she opened the door, was she
ready and she said just a minute and later said ok
ready. David said action and the shower door swung open
and Julie was having a hard time with Bravo as he was
licking her cunt and had his legs wrapped around her
leg humping all over the place his cock was hanging out
four inches already.

She tried to dry him and disengage from him and finally
made it out of the shower, she knelt down to rub with
the towel but he was trying to mount her. She wanted
him to mount her and his excitement at seeing her made
her even more hot but she wanted to get to the living
room so they could get their movie and pictures and she
could be his bitch and give him what he wanted. She
glanced in the mirror and saw David didn't have the
hold sign up so she decided to just go and let him
follow and they could come after.

Bravo was half across her back from the side and when
he got down she got up and grabbed his collar and they
half ran to the living room. Making it to the blanket
Julie bent over and dried his barely damp coat with the
towel and he was licking her legs and then around her
back and licked right up her ass crack and across her
puckered opening pushing hard with his nose. Julie
grunted like she was hit with a boxing glove and fell
to her knees stunned and then to her hands and Bravo
attacked her from behind and repeated his attack on her
ass digging as deep as he could with his rough tongue.

Jimmy and David moved in with telephoto lenses to get
close ups of the action. Julie cried out loudly with
every swipe and her head drooped lower as her arms and
will lost their strength. She was lowering her face to
the floor in complete submission, the movie and
pictures were forgotten she was giving her body to this
beast for his use.

Jimmy realized she had given up and she would be
mounted and fucked quickly. He waved at David with his
hand slashing at his throat to cut. And then he put
down his camera and grabbed the dog pulling him away
from Julie's offered ass, David asked what's wrong and
Jimmy said we have to get the legs pads on him, she's
to far gone and if he gets on her he will scratch her

David grabbed the pads from the coffee table where
Jimmy had put them so she could put them on him as part
of the movie and he put them on as Jimmy struggled with
Bravo who only had one thing in mind. When they got all
four on David grabbed his movie camera and said ok ease
him up, we can edit it, but stay back if you can. Jimmy
let Bravo down on the floor and he started scrambling
back to Julie.

She had heard what they were doing and was glad but she
wouldn't have tried to stop him without the pads. When
Bravo reached Julie's ass he returned to his attack on
her cunt and then her asshole. Julie's head shot up and
she screamed aaaggghhh so loudly Jimmy hoped no one was
walking by the house, they would have the police here
thinking a murder was under way. Julie lowered her head
and could see the legs and the pink cock of Bravo
between her tits, the cock was extended six inches from
the sheath and there would be more inside, she moaned
looking at it.

David was at a side angle and he saw Julie's expression
of absolute lust as she looked at the dog cock waiting
for her and then he saw her stomach starting to
convulse as she came, moaning. He got as low as he
could to show that and the trickle of moisture from her
cunt dripping over the extended clit, then back to her
face as she let the climax rip though her. Bravo found
the dripping cunt with his tongue and licked it ten
fast times trying to dig in to the source. Julie
screamed again causing all of them to shake in her

Bravo decided this bitch needed to be bred and she
deserved his puppies. He was on her back so quick
everyone missed it except Julie, the tongue left her
cunt and his body landed on her back, his fore paws
gripped her hips and his cock slammed into her cunt in
a nanosecond. Julie didn't scream, she didn't have
breath in her to scream.

The hotness of the dog cock and sudden embedding of
seven inches of cock plus the bang of the knot against
her cunt lips froze her breathing and all the air in
her lungs just swished out. But she didn't have time to
breath for no sooner did the dog get deep in her than
he was slamming her with jackhammer like blows intent
on encasing that knot inside his bitch's cunt and give
her a hosing with doggie sperm.

Julie thought he was already cumming as she could feel
the spurts hitting her womb centered directly on the
entrance but it was only pre-cum but it was hot! Now
her head was on the floor and she rocked with the
pounding the dog's hindquarters were delivering to her
cunt, she was mewing like a little kitten wanting milk,
constantly. David had a great shot of the knot hitting
Julie's cunt lips and spreading them as it was worked
into her cunt and she could feel it and her mewing was
getting louder.

David's telephoto shot was clear and the focus was
perfect and he was excited and wanted to encourage her
to take it but had to remain silent as the camera was
on sound record to catch her moaning and gasping. Then
suddenly the knot disappeared and Julie bowed up, her
ass in the air, her head up and straining, and her back
sagging she screamed. Bravo bowed his back and his
hindquarters moved in against Julie's ass and the
camera could no longer see any thing except a dog
fucking a woman.

David wide angled out just in time to catch Julie
sinking back to the floor and placing her head in her
hands as the force of the dog's hindquarters and the
pulling of his forelegs rocked her back and forth. The
camera could pick up Julie's whimpers of ecstasy and
her voice saying over and over, fuck me lover, fuck me
hard. Bravo couldn't understand her but he was doing it
anyway. That was the beast way, to take and take hard,
he didn't know that her cunt ached from the knot and
didn't care either. He was in her, had her plugged, she
was his bitch and he intended to fill her cunt full of
dog sperm.

Jimmy and David thought that they would fuck forever,
the only pictures they could get now was Julie's
expressions of lust and the dog slobbering on her neck
and hear the sounds of slapping balls and whimpered
whispers of passion and love. Julie was cumming again
about her third time and each one was long and hard her
stomach was aching from the convulsing and her cunt
ached each time he pulled back.

She could feel the end of his cock stabbing against her
womb and the walls of her cunt, he must be nine inches
long and every inch of it was in her hot and hard. Then
suddenly Bravo stopped humping and dancing around on
his hind legs he tried to work his cock deeper in her
cunt and Julie was just reaching the climax end when
she felt the cock stiffen and hot cum hit her deep

She raised up partially and gasped and immediately went
into a climax with him and she told the world she was
being fucked by a dog and loved it. She was talking to
Bravo now telling him she was cumming with him, to fill
her cunt with his hot cum and she loved it she loved
being his bitch. Any time, sweetheart, anytime just
come and take me, fuck me, fuck your bitch anytime.
Slowly Julie sank back to the floor and she was quiet,
resting or maybe passed out they couldn't tell but her
ass was still up in the air held up by her spread knees
so she still had some control.

Bravo was panting his tongue hung out of the side of
his mouth and dripped on Julie's back and he would lick
her back and neck then pant some more. David and Jimmy
sat on the couch waiting. Bravo slid over her back and
Julie gasped as the cock knot put a lot of pressure on
her cunt, his hind leg was hung on her ass but finally
he got it down and they were back to back and the cock
was still in her cunt but she could feel it slowly
coming out Jimmy got a great shot of the slit open and
half of the ball shaped knot emerging.

The next shot was flashed just as the knot popped out
and cum was running out. David got all of it and hoped
it was clear. Julie settled to the floor on her side
and Bravo after licking himself clean returned to Julie
and licked her cunt and ass to get her clean.

Julie lay on her side as he started licking and she
rolled to her knees again and let him have assess to
her cunt; when he was finished and walked away, she
sank back to the floor. Jimmy and David decided she
needed to rest. David got the towel she had used to dry
the dog and blotted the blanket and got her a pillow
for her head. Jimmy got some coffee and cooled it a
little and held her as she drank most of it before

Both guys went to the kitchen and got a cola and found
some chips and they were eating them and talking low so
as to not disturb Julie. They were discussing their
Saturday night date and what they did in the movie. It
got a little animated and Jimmy said lets go to my
room, Mom might not be asleep. They sat on the bed
eating and drinking cola and swapping war stories.

"Did you feel of her leg, Jimmy?"

"Yeah man, god it was smooth like silk. But she
wouldn't let me get under her dress, afraid someone
would see. How about you, I could see you trying?"

"The same, she kept holding my hand and wouldn't let me
do much other than rub over her skirt. God they both
had great tits."

"Didn't they! Those tube tops or what ever they were
sure did make them stick out. I was going to cop a feel
when we got out at her house but every light on the
porch was on, it looked like a concert stage."

"Their parents aren't fools are they? But we got a kiss
anyway and I think if we had been alone I could have
done a lot more."

"Well, we'll be able to drive, legally, soon and a
whole lot more can happen."

"Would you fuck Tammy if she is willing?"

"Nah man, daddy would kill me!"

"Her daddy or your daddy?"

"Both, dad has already told me that if I take a girl's
cherry we had better be married for that ruins a woman
for marriage. Boy that's old fashioned isn't it. There
aren't any cherries after sixteen."

"Damn, if we can't take a girl's cherry then how will
we ever get one, they all be gone by the time we get
ready to marry."

"Damned if I know. Maybe there will be one left, what
was that... noise."

Julie was dreaming or her mind was active as her body
rested. She thought she was dreaming that Jimmy and
David had her naked and hot when six couples of
teenagers came in and sat on the floor and watched them
fuck her. Then Bravo mounted her and tied with her and
got off, another dog came and began to lick her, it was
a large white dog, she begged him to mount her but she
wasn't high enough and he would lick and then put his
head under her try to lift her up so his cock would go
in instead of rubbing down her back. She was frustrated
and was moaning and trying to help him but something
was stopped her from raising up.

Then she was aware that she wasn't dreaming, she was
lying on the blanket and Bravo was licking her ass and
trying to nudge her up so he could get at her cunt.
Julie raised up by pushing back to elevate her hips and
ass for him to lick her clean. The dog put his head
under her and tried to help her get higher so she got
her knees under her hips and spread her legs to keep
balanced and raised up for him. Bravo licked her cunt
and she whispered to him that he was a good lover to
clean and love her cunt.

Bravo licked her for a couple of minutes getting his
and her cum that leaked from her vagina. Julie was
still enjoying his tongue and getting aroused, when
suddenly he mounted her and his cock was hot and hard
with pre-cum squirting from the tip all over her cunt
and she knew she was going to get fucked again by her
dog lover. When he hunched and missed she tried to
shift and that made him miss again but as she shifted
back his rapid movements caught her just right and his
cock plunged in her. Julie cried out, she was a little
tender but she was mostly overtaken by the long hard
hot cock slamming into her cunt.

Jimmy and David ran into the living room and saw Bravo
on Julie's back pumping away they walked to her and him
seeing it was to late and that her cries were not for
help but from passion they just stopped and watched.
Bravo had taken his bitch again and was well on the way
to knotting with her. Julie could feel the knot at her
cunt entrance, already inside the lips, and she was
pushing back against him. David whispered to Jimmy that
she wanted it, look at her helping him. Jimmy nodded,
he had already noted that! David went to the bedroom
and got their hastily deposited colas and returned, he
and Jimmy sat on the couch and watched the mating of
woman and dog.

Bravo fucked Julie for four minutes, steady and hard,
and she moaned, whimpered, and panted the entire time,
taking her dog lover's cock deep in her vagina and when
he knotted her she could feel the tip poking her cervix
right at the entrance and she wanted it to enter her
and fill her womb with sperm. She would push back
against him driving the knot deeper and rotating her
ass to wiggle more in, whimpering as she felt it
getting bigger and bigger around but not longer. This
was the biggest cock she had ever had in her, she was
grateful that it wasn't that big going in for it would
have been painful. But she would have taken it!

Julie came with Bravo and they swapped roles, he was
still, holding her hips, pumping her full of hot seed,
she was moaning, twisting, and humping back to him and
coating his cock with her cum. When they both were
depleted Julie sank down to her elbows and Bravo's
weight pulled him down her back tighter in her cunt.
She was shaking from passion overload and emotional
stress but he was still and resting on his bitch
licking her neck and the side of her face. Julie turned
her head to him and let his tongue kiss her lips like a

Julie was still shaking and she tried to ease down to
the floor by straightening her legs and moving forward
but her dog lover didn't want to lay down and more
pressure was put on her cuntal entrance and she moaned.
David went to them and got the dog's leg and pulled
them so he couldn't resist pushing his rump in to
relieve the knot pressure and she sank to the floor on
her side taking Bravo with her.

He couldn't get away or out of her so he just lay at
her back licking her. David got his camera for he had a
great view of her cunt and the bulge of the knot inside
which had the lips pushed back and he could get a great
shot when it came out. He sat only a few feet away on
the floor focused in on the stuffed cunt with just a
little of a red cock showing from the hairy dog sheath.
Slowly it was coming out and her cunt was bulging as it
did, Julie whimpered constantly lying still as her dog
lover's knot slowly decreased and his cock retreated.

David got some shot of her passionate face and realized
she was cumming from fiction in her cunt. Then he got
back to the knot and cunt as it came out and when it
was almost half way it popped out, cum gushed from her
cunt and she sighed. Bravo got up and did his duty he
licked the cum from her cunt lips and licked her
asshole a few times causing her to tremble and gasp.
Then he licked his own soaked cock walked away and lay
down looking at his bitch. A few shot of Julie with her
eyes closed a faint smile on her face and then close
ups of her dripping cunt and he cut off the camera.
Jimmy still sat on the couch, there was only one thing
on his mind, the words kept repeating themselves to
him, she's not acting she doesn't know we're are even
here she loves to be fucked by a dog.

Jimmy knew what he wanted, he wanted to lay Julie over
the coffee table and make love to her, he was jealous
as hell, he wanted to hear her moan for his cock as he
fucked her until she passed out again. He got up and
went to the bathroom and drew a tub of water for her to
soak in. She would be clean, smelling good, and rested,
she was always very mellow and very submissive after
being satisfied sexually and he could do most any thing
to her and have her do anything to him. He would make
sure she went to sleep with the memory of his cock in
her cunt. He went back and roused her, leading her to
the bathroom and into the tub, he washed her face as
she lay in the scented oil bath, kissed her and told
her to rest for a while.

He returned to the living room, David was looking at
the pictures on the still camera, he picked up the
movie camera and started it on replay. What he saw
shook him even more for he had missed some of the close
ups that David got, the expressions of utter lust on
Julie's face as she was pounded by her dog lover, the
joy she showed as she looked between her tits and legs
at the sharp tipped cock swaying as the dog tongue sent
her soaring. He was even more desperate now to remind
her that his cock could bring her joy and make her gush
cum also.

When they finished they gathered up their stuff and
decided to go to David's and Jimmy could download the
camera and start the movie to downloading before he
came home. David had to return Bravo and check on his
mother for he had not forgot his promise. He asked
Jimmy if he wanted to stay for a while but he said no
he needed to check on Julie. They looked around for
Bravo but he was gone, looking through the house he was
found in the bathroom sitting at the tub with his head
on the side and Julie was rubbing his neck and ears
relaxing with her eyes closed.

Jimmy told her what they were going to do and she said
ok, David kissed her and she kissed him, a good long
kiss with passion. As he rose from kneeling by the tub
Bravo was on the side with his paws and leaning in for
Julie's lips and she smiled and leaned to him for a
kiss on his tongue as it licked her face from chin to
eyebrows. Julie laughed and said I love you also,
sweetheart. Jimmy said see you later want some coffee
before I go? She answered coffee would be nice, baby.

When they reached David's, Jimmy went straight to the
computer room, David went to his Mom's bedroom and said
he was back then took Bravo around to the fence gate
checking his water and food before leaving. Bravo
lapped some water and a couple of bites of food, pissed
on the fence, relieved himself in the corner and then
with a running start jumped to the top of the dog house
and sailed over the fence like Santa's reindeer. He was
out of the neighbor's yard in a flash and running up
the street full speed. Reaching Julie's house he went
to the back but the fence was to high to jump but they
made the mistake of putting the a/c unit next to it and
he was over in a second at the back door scratching and

Jimmy started the camera downloading and when David
came in they went to the kitchen for a snack, the chips
had not satisfied their young man's appetites. David's
mother came in the kitchen and she got a cola and
helped them fix a sandwich and went to the living room
while they ate. She saw the light in the computer room
and went in, the program downloading the still pictures
was still working and she walked closer to see. The
picture that flashed up as just finished was of a naked
Julie blindfolded with her hands tied over her head by
a chain to the cuffs on her wrists and she had a collar
around her neck with a ring for a leash and a bright
round tag hanging from it, a chain hung between her
breasts and was fastened to her nipples.

The next picture flashed up and it was her chained to a
post not tightly just decoratively. She was stunning,
Connie (David's mother) had seen her and talked to her
a few times, she knew she was a beautiful woman and
very sexy as it seemed to ooze from her or radiate out,
but she didn't realize just how beautiful or sexy she
was until now when she could see her naked and
helpless. Next was Julie bending over with her legs
spread and the shot was from the rear and Connie sagged
against the desk looking at the butt plug in her

Connie knew what they had been doing now, sure working
on a presentation! This presentation was sure going to
blow the minds of the school board! If they were all
men it would pass unanimously, if might even be 100
percent if there were women on the board. Connie wished
she had been there to see it ! The next picture popped
up and Connie couldn't breath her heart had stopped and
so had everything else, frozen for her. The picture was
the first of Julie and Bravo. Connie stared at those
tits and obviously aroused nipples standing out an
inch, Julie's mouth was open in a shocked but thrilled
way as Bravo licked her cutoffs right over her cunt.

Connie's hand went to her dress and pulled the front up
until she could rub her cunt covered by panties. She
waited for the next picture when it came Julie was
running away looking over her shoulder at the dog who
was leaping at her ass with tongue out. David and Jimmy
had talked it over and Jimmy had agreed to stay for
twenty minutes as David's mother expected him to. They
went in the living room but she was not there and they
looked in the computer room and saw her standing
holding her dress front and playing with her cunt as
she looked at the computer screen. Just then the next
picture was displayed and it was of Julie standing in
the bathroom with her cutoffs laying on the floor and
her legs spread as the dog licked her cunt. She was
leaning on the vanity and her face was pink as was her
breasts and her eyes were filled with lust.

David quickly walked to his mother and reached around
her and placed his hand inside her panties and cupped
her cunt sliding a finger in her. Connie leaned back
against him but didn't take her eyes off the screen.

"Does he fuck her, David?"

"Yes twice."

"Did... Did she... like it?"

"Yes, she loved it, wanted more. We had to promise to
bring him back."

"No, it can't be!"

"Tell her Jimmy."

Jimmy had walked up and was rubbing Connie's tits
though the dress and her bra.

"Yes, it's true she loved it. At first she would do it
only because of the presentation, but once she tried it
she wanted it again. We haven't been lying to you it is
very strong and wonderful sex."

"Do you want to watch the movie, while we fuck you,
mom? Jimmy has to go home soon."

"You made a movie? Yes I want to see it."

"Take off your dress while I hook the camera up to the
monitor, Jimmy minimize the download and pull up the
movie program and then undress we will hurry."

Connie undressed completely and sat on the leather
couch waiting, they fixed the camera and got it playing
and then joined her all three naked, two young men and
one hot women.


Julie thought she was dreaming again she heard whining
and barking, Bravo was calling her. But she realized
she wasn't asleep for every time she dozed off her face
would fall in the water and wake her up it had happened
twice! She thought she should let the water level down
a little so she could rest until Jimmy got back or the
water got cool. Then she heard it again whining and a
couple of barks and it can from the back of the house.
A stray dog shouldn't be able to get back there! She
had better check if there was she would call Jimmy and
tell him to get home fast.

She got up and blotted her legs with the towel and
wrapped it around her breasts and tucked it in the
front to hold it together. She walked to the kitchen
and heard the whining at the back door. She went to the
foyer that led out to the back yard and turned on the
light she didn't see any thing but the door was a half
window only but suddenly she saw Bravo's head as he
reared up to look in!

"Bravo, is that you? What are you doing out there, how
did you get back there?"

Bravo heard the voice of his lover, his bitch and he
barked joyously. Julie went to the door and opened it
and he came bounding in and circled her wagging his
tail and licking her hands, legs, and feet. Julie shut
and locked the door cut the light off and closed the
door to the foyer, she and Bravo went into the kitchen.
She offered him some water but he didn't want water. He
was jumping on her and she was laughing and ruffed his
coat and rubbed his ears.

"God, you're glad to see me aren't you? Been a long
time hasn't it lover. All of twenty minutes, maybe. Did
you escape, baby ? Are they coming for you and you want
to hide here? "

Bravo dodged her hands by backing away and then lunging
around them and rooting under her towel licking her

"Uuuhhh, my god you're trying to seduce you devil. Is
that why you're here you want some more? You love my
cunt that much? Am I that good, sweetheart?"

Julie knew one way to find out, she pulled the towel up
and leaning on the kitchen counter spread her legs and
waited. She didn't have to wait, even a second, the leg
she moved out had hardly touched the floor and the dog
tongue was on her cunt licking hard and deep splitting
the slit and rasping across her clit. Julie groaned
that was her weakness and the damn dog knew it, she
knew she would be on the hard tile floor soon and he
would be on her back after he licked her into a
quivering mass of jelly. But there was no reason to
stop him! He wanted her to fuck and she wanted him to
fuck her again and again.

"Oh my, you know what it takes to fuck me don't you? No
fancy dinners, no flowers, no chocolates, no diamond
rings, just lick the bitch and she will fall to her
knees and beg you to fuck her. Damn it's going to work
again, baby but not on this floor and not on my knees.
You have to fuck me face to face again like you did

Julie led or more exactly went to the living room with
the dog following and leading and jumping all around
her. He smelled of everything in the living room and
found all the places that smell of his cum and hers.
Julie pulled the coffee table away from the couch and
put the towel on the floor at the end. While she was
bent over Bravo licked her cunt and up to her ass hole,
she almost shrieked when his rough tongue wormed over
her pucker. Not again, she thought, he is to smart for
me, he knows if he licks my ass I will give in to him
any way and anywhere he wants. She was standing and
trying to keep him in front of her and he was steady
licking her clit. Julie knew she was done for, her
reserve was leaving her and she just wanted him to get
it in her cunt now.

She wanted to get a thick towel to put on the coffee
table but didn't have time he was persistent that he
was going to fuck her and right now. She sat down on
the coffee table and he was burrowing in between her
legs before she could get them parted and he licked her
from her ass to her clit about ten times in four
seconds. Julie whimpered as she lay back on the table
she was whipped she was wanting him as she felt wetness
trickle down her slit and run over her ass hole.

"Fuck me baby, your bitch wants you. Take me like I
like it, hard, fast, and long. Give me your knot and
make me yours. Claim me as your bitch and give me your
sperm to carry in my womb."

Julie was almost babbling to her beast lover as he
drove her towards a climax. But he was ready now for he
had her down where he could mount her and take her cunt
to carry his seed. She was not on her knees but he
remembered it was ok this way too. She could rub his
ears as he fucked her! Bravo rose up and walked on his
hind legs forward and fell on her body. His forelegs
were across her breasts and shoulders pinning her down
and his tongue was directly over her face.

Julie gasped when the hot pre-cum hit her cunt and
legs, she was being prepared for his cock and he waited
for it to spurt two more times before he hunched
towards her and skimmed along her leg but Julie held
still as she knew he didn't need any help he was going
to fuck her his way! Another hunch hit her cunt but not
at the opening, a hot spurt with another hunch that was
to low and almost burrowed into her asshole. Julie
gasped she had thought about him in her ass but he got
so big last time she was afraid. The next hunch was the
last one necessary as he was in and several quick
jackhammer blows followed and he was in her and touched
her cervix. Julie groaned from the pleasure she got
from his long hard cock pounding in her and she
wondered about the knot it should be against her slit
trying to get in before it got to big but she couldn't
feel it.

Then she forgot about the knot as she was being swept
towards climax and she could feel the continuing spurts
of pre-cum against her cervix opening, hot against her
organs. She began to moan as she climbed the ladder to
the big blast and then it was there and she moaned
louder for she felt the knot forming inside her cunt
and putting pressure on her cunt walls as she rocketed
into her gushing cum. But Bravo wasn't near ready to
match her quickness for he was just getting adjusted
and still had to get his seed in her when she was
receptive to accept them and give them time to find her
eggs and start the puppy making.

When Julie finished her first cum, first this time, she
had no idea how many times she had cum today, she
relaxed realizing her legs were hurting trying to touch
the floor. She raised them and placed them on his back
locking her ankles as she would a man, this raised her
cunt and changed the angle resulting in a little deep
reach into her cunt and now the tip was pushing against
the opening into her womb. It couldn't get in but it
sure was a erotic feeling to her. And that pre-cum kept
coming preparing the way for the sperm to come later.
Julie was ecstatic, damn but animals were a lot better
at baby making than humans and dogs made a lot better
lovers too.

She was feeling to good and knew that she would cum
again shortly the slamming of the dog cock was just to
good it drove her from cum to cum without letup. Just
as she was approaching her climax Bravo's knot seemed
to double in size immediately and as she gasped from
the sudden pressure he pressed into her cunt as far as
he could and gave her his cum in multiple spurts that
went on for about two minutes as he lay on her licking
her face as she kissed his tongue disregarding his
drool. Julie had cum also but she tried to stay still
so she could feel his cum as it spurted in her. Even
after she thought he was finished she could tell that
some would run out the end of his cock as she could
tell by the hotness of it.

She now understood why the knot was necessary, so all
the sperm had an opportunity to find an egg and
impregnate it. But to her it just was a different
feeling, a good different feeling, one she didn't want
to give up. She was a dog's bitch and she was beginning
to be proud of it. She must be good at it look at
tonight Bravo came looking for her he was hooked on
fucking her just like she was hooked on being fucked by

Julie's legs were getting tired up in the air so long
but she couldn't put them down on the floor for the
pressure of the knot would be worse, right now it was
just a small ache from being stuffed so fully. There
was no place to put them she needed two hassocks to
rest them on. Or she could have a rope hung from the
ceiling to put them in like the time she was first
licked by a dog and almost lost her cherry to him. She
giggled and Bravo licked her lips.

"Lover, people would think I was strange when they
asked why I had a rope hanging in the living room,
wouldn't they, sweetheart? They would run when I told
them it was so I could better enjoy being fucked by my
dog lover. I'm going to move some to relax them but
don't get any ideas about getting off me for your
wonderful knot hasn't gone down a bit, baby!"

Bravo didn't understand any of it but the tone of her
voice told him she was happy and liked him so he licked
her lips and eyes causing her to giggle some more. But
when she started moving her legs up, down, and side
ways he misunderstood thinking she wanted more pumping
and he got his hind legs under him and gave it to her,
he just wanted to please her!

"Oh my god, you can't fuck me again, can you? Oh baby,
it's better every time. You are making me into a slut
for sure. Yes, yes lover give it to me, oh my, you're
big, sooooo big, you know don't you, you know that you
can make me want you if you fuck me like this. Ooohhh!
Lover I'm going to cum again for you. Make me cum! Let
me show you how much I love you, sweetheart. You can
have me anytime you want I will always be your bitch. I
will let you fuck me any time. I love for you to knot
me and make me your bitch. Here It Is This Is My Love
For You!"

Julie convulsed through another cum cycle and lay still
moaning as Bravo fucked her, she put her legs on his
back and rested them letting his cock in all the way.
She could tell that it was swelled bigger than normal
and his knot felt bigger for her cunt was sealed
completed and none of her cum or his had leaked out.
She was in a perfect condition to be impregnated with
fifty puppies, she smiled and said a silent thanks to
nature. Bravo was a long time building up to his cum
and Julie didn't seem to have any left so they just
fucked each other for seemingly hours. From the time
she let him in the door to now was steady fucking for
an hour but neither of them were aware of time passing.
Their only measure was the pleasure of their genital

Jimmy entered the door and quietly shut it behind him,
he stood looking at the scene before him. He was
worried all the way home but he got caught up in
watching the movie while Connie sat on his cock and
then he and David swapped and he fucked her tits while
David had her cunt. He panicked when he realized he had
been gone so long and hurried to check on her. Where
did Bravo come from and how long had they been fucking.
Julie was enjoying it he could hear her cooing and see
her rubbing the dog's ears and neck as he pounded her
cunt and licked her face. Julie nor Bravo gave any sign
that they knew he was there.

Julie felt a slight change in Bravo's cock, it was a
little harder and she thought he was building to cum
and she wanted to cum with him but wasn't sure she
could. But she could try after he had given her so much
tonight. So she tried to thrust back to him and wiggle
around to change the feeling and it worked as she felt
a small ache start in her cum filled belly. Bravo
responded to her movements and sped up a little making
it better for her but she was surprised when suddenly
she was cumming before he was. She moaned and fucked
against her dog cock and cried out to him.

"Oh yes, baby, I'm cumming for you again, take my love
sweetheart, take my cum like you take my cunt. I love
you, fuck me forever, fuck your bitch. Make me want
you, you know how to fuck me, you know how to make me
lay down for you. Take me anytime you want, come and
lick me. I will offer you my cunt for any thing at
anytime. Oh yes I feel you getting harder, baby this is
the biggest cock I have ever had in me god it's huge
fuck me with that hard big cock. I will beg for you
every day. I belong to you now. You have made me your
slut, your bitch."

Then Julie squealed as the hot sperm hit her cervix
opening and she rocked though his climax moaning,
groaning, and whimpering as her dog lover filled her to
capacity. Again they lay quiet as Julie could feel the
squirts into and against her cunt and cervix. Bravo lay
his head along side Julie's and he only licked her
occasionally as he was wiped out. Julie held his head
and kissed him and Jimmy could hear her talking to him.

"Good baby, thank you for coming to me and giving me so
much love. I hope you will come looking for me again
soon. Tomorrow would be great. You are the best lover
ever, I love for you to fuck me baby. You know how to
make me want to give myself to you. I'm your bitch
sweetheart. I'm yours."

Julie kissed him and then they lay waiting for the knot
to go down. Julie felt like she was truly possessed by
a lover that wouldn't ask her to do any thing except be
his to fuck and love. Jimmy wished he could get out so
they wouldn't know he was there and that he had heard
her love talk to her lover, a dog! As he stood there
just inside the door he realized that she was silent
and not moving so he took a chance and opened the door
and sneaked out. She never knew he was there, she was
only aware that Bravo's dog cock was slowing down and
the spurts of cum were getting farther apart and
diminishing in strength.

Jimmy found he could peep into a window directly in
front of Julie and Bravo as the blind was not wide
enough to cover the whole window but a person would
have to be close. He watched until Bravo started to try
and back off of Julie's body and she was holding him to
keep him from snatching his cock out of her cunt as it
was still big but going down. Finally she reached down
and grasped his cock and as it slowly eased out she
winced from the stretching of her cunt mouth. Suddenly
it popped out and she was holding it in her hand as the
cum gushed from her cunt on the towel. Bravo was
standing and he stood there as she continued to hold
the swollen dog cock so it would drip on the towel.

Julie slid the very edge of the coffee table and then
down to her knees over the towel, as she dripped onto
it she got a corner and wiped Bravo's cock, milked it
get all the cum out, and looked at it. She saw that the
knot would cut off the blood from the cock and make it
swell in size. She rubbed it as she looked it over and
thought to herself, wow what a weapon this dog is
carrying around. It goes in so easy because it is hard
and tapered on the end but once it is inside the knot
seals the cunt plus it causes the cock and knot to
swell that's why I feel so stuffed, because I am!

She wondered how it would feel to suck on that monster,
she took her other hand and jacked it a little but
Bravo didn't move, he would remain still once he had
cum in her cunt and then would be the best time to suck
it. She would have to try it! Sometimes. She had to!
Julie placed her fingertip on the tapered head and
squeezed with her hand holding the dog cock and milked
it until a large drop appeared at the tip smearing her
finger. She then brought it to her lips and tasted it
with her tongue. It was strong! Not like human at all
but it wasn't bad enough to make her retch. She decided
to wait, she needed to get cleaned up and call Jimmy
and tell him Bravo was there.

She went to bathroom and Bravo followed her. When she
disappeared in the bathroom, Jimmy waited a few minutes
and then went in the door and to the bedroom door and
called her.

"Mom, I'm home, sorry it took so long but we had a
little trouble downloading."

"Ok, baby. Every thing ok with the presentation I

"Sure the copy went off without a hitch. Why are you
showering Mom? Mom is that Bravo in there with you?
What is he doing here? David put him in his yard and
gave him food and water."

"I don't know how he got here. He was scratching at the
back door and I thought you had brought him back with
you so I let him in. He has been pestering me and I had
to shower and he just had to get in here with me!"

"How has he been pestering you? Do you mean that he ---
--- oh my god, again?? "

"Yes baby, I'm sorry, I couldn't keep him off me. All I
had on was the towel and he,,, he,, baby he raped me! I
didn't fight him, he licked me until I was almost
passed out and then he pushed me and I hit the coffee
table and sat down and he reared up on me and just
pushed me back and I couldn't stop him, I really didn't
want to stop him. I'm sorry baby, but you weren't here
and I didn't know if you would want me to give myself
to him without you to take pictures. I'm ashamed, baby,
I liked it, I want it, him, again."

"It's ok, don't worry about it. Where do you want to
be, on the coffee table again or on your hand and

"No baby, not right now. Take him home and I will be
clean for you when you get back. I'm sorry I wanted to
be ready for you when you got back. Where do you want
me, on the bed?"

"No, at the counter in the kitchen, naked and drinking
coffee, I will heat you some then take him home."

Julie pushed Bravo out of the shower where she had been
washing his cock off and playing with it until Jimmy
came in. Jimmy took him by the collar and led him to
the kitchen. He got Julie some coffee and heated it
until it was really hot and placed it on the counter,
there was enough for one more full cup. That was all
she needed tonight but he would fix some for tomorrow.
He told her he was leaving and would be right back. He
stopped in the garage and got a cord to tie to Bravo's
collar and rode his bike with the big dog running
beside him. He rang the door bell and David came to the
door after a delay, he looked at Jimmy and then saw
Bravo and he wanted to know what was happening.

Jimmy explained and as he did Connie appeared at the
door of the computer room she was holding her dress but
hadn't put it on as she recognized Jimmy's voice. David
took Bravo and took him back to his yard. Jimmy eased
to the door and saw that they had been looking at other
movies they had made of Julie being fucked by Bravo.
Jimmy walked over and clicked play and saw Julie laying
on her back on the bench with Bravo on her with his
cock in her cunt pumping madly and she was moaning and
whimpering as she clutched his neck and kissed his
tongue. Connie had walked to Jimmy's side and she
dropped her dress and got in front of him backing up so
she was against him and took his hand and put it on her
cunt which was wet. She watched Julie and the big dog
fucking as she leaned against Jimmy.

David came in and saw them and the DVD playing. He
walked beside his mother and rubbed her tits, she,
without taking her eyes from the screen, said, she
really loves to be fucked by Bravo. doesn't she. She's
not acting that's really her cumming isn't it? David
answered yes, she really wants it now and he wants to
fuck her also. Again she asked, does she take the knot
willingly, she begs for him to knot her, is it good?

David: it must be better than we realized. You should
try it, that could be you moaning and cumming! Will you
try? A long silence followed, the scene they were
watching was Julie fucking back at the dog cock in her
cunt as she was filled with dog cum, let me watch one
time and then I will try!

David said we will set it up so that you can watch
without being seen and then you can have him later. The
movie ended and Jimmy wanted to go home quick. He could
fuck Connie as she was wet and ready but he wanted to
go home and fuck his mother. He told them he had to go
check on Julie and see them tomorrow. Soon he was on
his way, pedaling hard as he feared that Bravo might
already be there! He put his bike in the garage shut
the door and went in the storage room door. Julie was
sitting at the counter, naked drinking her coffee, she
had a far away look in her eyes as though she had been

"Hello sweetheart, is everything ok now?"

"Yes Mom, everything is fine. I had to explain what
happened but David couldn't figure out how he could
have got out. Strange that he came here, I guess he was
looking for something. Are you ready to go to bed?"

"Yes baby, waiting for you to get back. Let me fix the
coffee for tomorrow."

"I'll do it for you. Here give me your cup and I'll put
this in it and heat it up, you must be thirsty!"

"A little, I'm getting addicted to coffee I think. It
seems to get better all the time. I'll go turn down the
bed be back in a flash."

Jimmy fixed the coffee, he had to run to his room for
the small bottle and put in a drop for each cup and two
extras. He warmed her cup and set it on the counter,
went back to put the bottle away and got the nipple
chain from his night stand. He undressed and went to
the kitchen, Julie was at the counter drinking, she
asked what he wanted for breakfast and he said let's do
cereal it's easy and it's Sunday. She smiled and he
remembered she was supposed to have Sundays off but
hadn't had one yet! This Sunday was more sex than she
usually had in three days. He stood beside her and she
looked at him and he could see she was ready from the
look in her eyes. He kissed her and cupped her tit and
she sighed.

"Do you want to go to the bedroom and finish your
coffee there?"

"Yes baby, make sure all the doors are locked and the
lights out."

When he got to the bedroom all was dark except for the
dim lamp and Julie sat on the bed and as he approached
her she handed him the nipple chain which he had left
on the counter and stood up for him to put it on her
protruding nipples. She still had on her collar and
cuffs that showed she was a sex slave and a dog's
bitch, now she was wearing her nipple chain that showed
she belonged to her son. Jimmy continued to stand in
front of her and she grasped his cock and slowly sank
to her knees to kiss the head, lick and suck it into
her mouth.

"You will wear the chain all day tomorrow for me."

"Yes lover, to show you that I am yours I will wear it
until you take it off."

Jimmy let her suck until he was rock hard and then he
helped her to the bed and laying side by side he kissed
her lips and gave her his tongue as she guided his cock
into her cunt. She whimpered when he began to fuck her.


Sarah got home about eight thirty that night. She and
Charlie had a full day! At least she was filled he was
empty. After they had made love with the paper
scattered across the floor where he had throw it, they
lay on the bed and talked a little, kissed a lot, and
he kissed her all over, sucked everything that he could
get his lips around and licked everything else. Sarah
loved it !

Finally at five o'clock she said she had to go home
after she realized he almost couldn't cum that last
time as they kept going and going until he finally gave
her a little bit of cum. When she went to clean up and
saw the time she was shocked as they had been fucking
for over an hour. What if he had died from a heart
attack! So she said she had to go would he please take
her home. Charlie said sure, but why didn't they get
something to eat first. She tried to argue with him
that he had already spoiled her and she wouldn't want
to go home if he fed her, next thing he knew she would
be wanting him to buy her clothes.

He said he would feed her three times a day and buy her
clothes and all the shoes she wanted if she would stay
for he didn't want her to ever leave. She said
seriously, that he knew that couldn't be, she wanted to
be with him and that he was a tremendous lover but she
couldn't live with him. She asked if they couldn't be
just good close friends and lovers and not worry about
living together. He said yes could his friend and lover
go eat dinner with him this afternoon as he was hungry
and didn't have a soul to eat with.

Sarah giggled and said you are a sly devil, Charlie.
Ok, I'll let you take me to dinner but you have to be
honest and tell me the absolute truth. He said good,
what is it? She said after we eat are you going to try
and get me back here and make love to me again before
you take me home? Charlie thought a minute and said
with a grin, well yeah, if I can think of someway to
persuade you. And are you going to play with my legs
and look at my breasts and make me hot and want you to
fuck me! He answered, hopefully, how many truths have I
got to tell? She smiled and said that's enough, sounds
like an ideal dinner date to me, I would love to go and
eat with you.

Charlie was convinced that he was the luckiest man
alive. He jumped up and said let's go! They dressed,
Charlie asked if she could leave the bra off and she
said no not until it was dark. Sarah kissed him and
told him he made her feel good and wanted, that she
appreciated it. Charlie said he sure did want her! All
the time! Dinner went well and they were hungry no
drinks on Sunday, but lots of food and dessert. It
wasn't dark but she took off the bra and rode with her
blouse unbuttoned half way and kept threatening to put
it back on if he didn't watch the road more. When they
reached his house they were naked on the bed within
five minutes and spent the first half hour exploring
like they never had seen each other naked before. Sarah
loved Charlie's cock for a long time and then he loved
her cunt until he had made her cum twice.

They rested and then Charlie got his condom and they
made love the old fashioned way for a long, long time.
Finally Charlie had been stimulated passed the point of
ever stopping his cum from flowing into Sarah's cunt.
And he was wasted, she cleaned up both of them, let him
nap for a half hour and woke him and he took her home.
They killed another fifteen minutes in the parking lot,
Charlie couldn't stop from kissing her and feeling of
those beautiful breasts. She wouldn't give him her bra
said he would look funny wearing it.

Chapter Thirty Eight

Julie was jarred awake by the alarm. She untangled
herself from Jimmy remembering that he had been like a
leech all night long, every time she had to turn over
she had to disengage his hands and get fingers out of
her and push him over so she had room in the bed. She
was sore and stiff. A hot shower while the coffee made
helped her a lot and she washed several times to make
sure she was clean plus let the hot water loosen up her
muscles. Donning a robe she woke him and prepared their
cereal and toast, drinking coffee she was feeling much
better when he came to the kitchen.

Of course he kissed her and put his hand in her robe to
feel of her breasts, she wondered if he was horny still
but he didn't try to go to far except he undid the belt
and checked her chain making sure it was not to tight
but tight enough to not fall off. They ate and Jimmy
said he was going to go to David and make sure they got
everything they needed to show the presentation to Mr.
Hale. Ok, said Julie, be ready when I get there. She
checked the house as he washed dishes and straighten
the living room making sure there wasn't any stains on
the carpet. Then she dried her hair and starting
getting ready.

Jimmy rode his bike to David's, sorry that he had
missed Emily's arrival but it couldn't be helped this
morning. David was ready and they discussed what they
needed and did they have everything and Jimmy put his
bike in the garage. He asked David if he had fed Bravo
and he said yes and he had checked and couldn't see any
way he could have gotten out unless he could fly. David
asked Jimmy if he heard his mother agree to try Bravo
if she could watch Julie let the dog fuck her. Jimmy
said yeah he heard it. David asked how they could do
that for he didn't think Julie would be happy with
putting on a show for her. They discussed possibilities
for a while but didn't arrive at a answer. Jimmy asked
if she was asleep and David answered most likely, she
was up late.

Emily came by and blew the car horn as they were
walking down to the sidewalk with their loaded back
packs, David said he sure would like to see her naked
and hot for him. Jimmy said, be nice wouldn't it and
why not Mrs. Bell also, while they were dreaming. They
laughed but not because it was funny, it was really a
kind of sad laugh. Julie was there in a second and they
loaded up and went to the school. Julie told them that
they should go ahead and set up the laptop and speakers
in the conference room and she would lock it and when
Mr. Hale was finished looking she would get it up and
take it to her office. She would try to get them out of
class to make sure it got started all right, then they
could return.

When they got inside, Julie saw Mel standing near the
office door, she waved at him and motioned for him to
come to her, he ran across the hallway. She told him
she had to go to the conference room and asked if he
minded taking her briefcase and putting it on her desk,
to tell Mrs. Lucas where she was and that she would be
there shortly. He was all smiles as she was talking to
him because she put her hand on his shoulder and gave
him the case.

Jimmy asked her was that another boyfriend of hers, she
said yes and he is the nicest one I have, he doesn't
make me wash his dirty clothes and cook for him. David
said, wow she stung you good, bet you shut up now!
Jimmy said he could never get the best of her she was
way to sharp. They showed her how to make the slide
show pause and go forward and get the sound louder or
lower. Then they left for class, they had arrived early
and she noticed that they went to the front and out to
the steps, she bet she knew why! As she was getting
ready to lock up Mel came in the conference room. He
said the briefcase was on her desk and then after she
said thank you he just stood there looking at her
waiting to see if she wanted him for anything else.

Julie sat down so he wouldn't have to look up at her
and told him that he was so nice to help her and to
open the door for her all the time and then she said
would it be all right if she gave him a kiss on the
cheek and it would be their secret. Mel's eyes were big
and he just nodded, Julie kissed him and said thank you
sweetheart. And he finally got his mouth unglued enough
to say your welcome and left for his room, his feet
hardly touched the floor.

Julie went to her office talked to the ladies a moment
and went to work after asking if they would tell her
when Mr. Hale came in, she needed to see him. Darlene
whispered to Mrs. Lucas asking if she saw those nipples
my god they were sticking out an inch. Yes was the
answer and she has on a bra, how far out would they go
if she didn't. Darlene said life's just not fair is

Julie's nipples were bothering her, as she was entering
data she would absent mindedly rub them until she
noticed that they didn't hurt just felt funny and
realized it was the chain. It was under her bra and not
pulling on them but they were aroused anyway. And she
had foolishly said she would leave it on until he took
it off. She might have to wear it until Saturday. She
was about half way finished with data entry when she
heard Mr. Hale's voice and he immediately appeared at
her door, smiling and his face beaming.

She told him that she was ready to have him review the
presentation but she would like to include Jimmy and
David so that they could feel like their work was being
acknowledged. He said he was ready let him get a cup of
coffee and he would be right back, she told him that it
was set up in the conference room. She went to get
Jimmy and David after getting the key from Mrs. Lucas.
When she returned to the conference room Mr. Hale, Mrs.
Lucas, and Darlene were all waiting for them.

"Should I get the phone while you are away, Mrs.

"No dear, I grabbed a senior girl and she will take
messages for us. I am so excited, I told Charlie that
if he didn't let us watch that he would be here all by
himself for the rest of the year, we would use all that
vacation we have been saving."

"Blackmail if you ask me, blackmailed by my best
friends. Let's do it, I am excited too."

Julie told David to start it. He moved it back so they
could all see better and asked them to sit close
together so they would be in front of the screen. When
they were settled he pulled up the folder and clicked
it and soon the room was filled with sound and the
screen was filled with a beautiful picture of the
school. They heard Darlene whisper oh, my god, that's
beautiful. Julie motioned for Jimmy and David to come
to her and they watched from a short distance away.

When the introduction started, after the credits, she
informed them that where the pages were she would be
saying the same thing to the board and they wouldn't
have to read it but instead of information she would
try to make it be a little more personal like one
person talking to another. She added but I won't bore
you with it. We will be able to pause and then move
from page to page as we wish and answer questions as we

Julie timed the running and it was exactly fifteen
minutes long, when it was over she had David stop the
laptop and she waited to see what they would say.

Mrs. Lucas finally said to Julie. "That is magnificent,
Julie, I can't believe how much talent you have in you!
I don't believe that there is any thing in this world
you can't do and better than anyone else. You should be
making big bucks for some consulting firm."

Charlie: "Hush don't give her any ideas, I live in fear
that she is going to leave us."

Darlene: "It is wonderful, it made me want to go to
school there. I couldn't read all the pages but it
seemed to cover the program well and yet not bore you
to death with details."

Julie: "Did you see anything we should change or delete
or add to ? We can make changes or start all over if it
needs it."

They all said no, nothing, don't touch it. The ladies
got up and gave Julie a hug, Mrs. Lucas patted her on
the butt and whispered in her ear that she loved her.
They also hugged David and Jimmy giving them red faces
like boys get when they have to hug mature women. They
left for the office, Julie looked at Charlie and he was
just sitting there looking at the wall. She told Jimmy
and David to pack it up and take it to her office, shut
the door as they left and go back to class. She watched
as they quickly unhooked and put it in the backpacks
again. When they left she sat down next to Charlie and
he turned to look at her.

"Charlie, is something wrong, you are so quiet. Do you
want to do it again or change anything? You are scaring
me. I don't think you liked it! If you don't we can do
it again. Talk to me, please."

"No, no Julie, I'm sorry. I loved it, in fact I think
it is the best thing I have ever seen and I been to a
lot of presentations. But I am just overwhelmed, when I
saw the professionalism that you have displayed and how
you presented this school as a place of educational
endeavor not just a place of ABC's and playgrounds,
well I was just over taken by pride and humbled to be a
part of it. Forgive me, I'm just an old softie, I got a
little choked up to be honest."

"Oh, how sweet, but you are a sweet man, Charlie,
that's what I like about you, your compassion. What do
you want to do?"

Charlie smiled and his face brightened a little. "Well,
I would like to take you to lunch and show you a nice
little cabin on a lake."

"Charlie, you devil, you set me up didn't you? That's
another thing I like about you, a good sense of humor."

"Let me tell you what I like about you!"

"No, I don't want to hear it. Don't say another word.
You can tell me tomorrow while you show me that cabin
on the lake that I have never seen! We need to discuss
this presentation, that's what we get paid for."

"Ok, I say let's go with it, I'm not good at those kind
of things but it looks perfect to me. It does what we
want it to do, present the teacher's weekly report
system for tracking individual progress. Plus it also
presents the school as a place of educational exchange
with high excellence, we look like a college, Julie,
not a high school. That's your magic working, I
remember you saying that we didn't want any pictures of
sports and cheerleaders, we wanted scenes of teachers
and students working together to further their
education. And you got it, on the button!"

They talked for a while and Charlie was to immediately
push for as early a meeting with the board as possible
and when they knew the date Julie would arrange for the
equipment to be set up. They left the conference and he
went to his office and the phone; Julie went to her
office to go back to work. Mrs. Lucas and Darlene
crowded in the little space and told her again how
impressed they were with the presentation. They hugged
her again. Julie told them what would happen next and
that she hoped it was done soon she was getting nervous
thinking about it. When they went out Darlene got
Julie's coffee cup and brought her a fresh serving. She
went back out and she and Mrs. Lucas gathered at the
coffee pot and talked about their favorite subject,
Julie and Charlie!

"Darlene, I know something is going on. But it may not
be between them. It could be another woman for Julie
told him he should develop a social life and not work
so much. But he has changed in just two weeks."

"She doesn't seem to be any different. Of course they
work together more and he relies on her a lot and he
trusts everything she tells him. But she doesn't seem
to be emotionally involved."

"That's right! Of course we know he is in love with
her, just like all the other men around here, but she
doesn't seem to have any different feelings for him
than always."

"Mrs. Lucas, is that love or just plain old lust?"

"Some of both, lust is more than fifty percent of it
though! But I can understand that, she has something
that makes me want to hug her, did you notice that when
she hugs she puts her whole body on you ? Those breasts
were like a warm oven against me."

"Notice! Who could stop from noticing! Wow!"

"And you were right she doesn't ever wear regular
panties, at least I don't think so. She either has on a
thong or nothing at all, you can't feel any thing but
her butt under that skirt."

"You been feeling of her butt Mrs. Lucas!"

"I give it a pat this morning to check it out and it
doesn't jiggle when you pat it either."

"Let's talk about something else, I'm getting upset. My
clothes get a little tighter everyday, Mrs. Lucas, that
diet isn't helping me at all. Soon I won't be able to
get in my little pantry door. My butt not only jiggles
it rolls around like a plastic bag full of water."

Julie was pleased with the results of this morning and
her data entry seemed to be easy and everything just
fell in place. She finished, made the necessary phone
calls to the software company, and saw it was time for
the morning break. She went outside and told Darlene
that she should go on break as she never went and a
break was necessary to keep from getting fatigue.
Darlene said thanks but she had just told Mrs. Lucas
that her diet wasn't helping and now she was drinking
coffee without sugar and she hated sugarless coffee.
Julie looked at Mrs. Lucas and she said no not me, you
go ahead, honey, I don't like to listen to twenty
people talking at once.

Julie went to the lounge and talked to Emily and Sarah.
Sarah said that Emily told her that Julie was dressed
again when she got there this morning, ruined her whole
day. Julie leaned to Sarah and said real low that she
should be careful when she was around Emily that she
had been diagnosed as a serial killer of blonde girls.
She cuts them up and cooks them in meatloaf. Emily said
I love you Julie. Then they talked about everything all
at once.

They got to discussing the cookout and laughing at the
antics of the men, Sarah said she wished she had
pictures of Bill looking at Julie with those love
struck eyes and Julie said hush girl don't even mention
that! Then they started on Emily and she threaten to
leave if they didn't stop it.

Suddenly Emily tried to change the attack to Sarah and
asked if she got Ben in bed by dark! Sarah blushed and
said oh no I was just kidding around with him and both
of you. They just looked at her and she looked away and
then looked back, her face getting redder, she looked
down at her napkin but there wasn't anything on it to
eat she looked around the room and then back at them,
she asked what did you do this weekend Emily?"

Emily said, "Uh huh, she did Julie."

Sarah blushed deeper she should have know she didn't
have a poker face. "Well," she said, "you know, well it
didn't hurt anybody, really! Julie said you don't have
to tell us anything, Sarah. We told you to do what you
wanted to, it's your life." Emily added that she was
sorry, she didn't realize that Sarah would be sensitive
about it otherwise she wouldn't have said anything.

"I don't know why, I feel guilty! I was ok until now
with you. Are you disappointed in me?"

"No sweetheart, we are both happy for you. Don't you
see that you are a different person? Was it good, if it
was then you have nothing to be guilty over with us ?"

They wanted to talk more but the bell rang and
everybody jumped up and scurried around to get back to
class. Julie went back to the office and helped Darlene
with her filing, sat at the phone while they went to
the lounge bathroom and just helped out in general.
Charlie was in and out several times making quick phone
calls and leaving to check something. He stopped at
Mrs. Lucas's desk where Julie was sitting and since
they were behind the counter he put his hand on her
shoulder and rubbed it, Julie didn't stop him or want
to, she loved affection and attention.

He told her, as he rubbed, that there was a possibility
that the presentation could be done tomorrow. There was
a work session scheduled for ten o'clock and maybe they
could get it in then. He wanted to and Mr. Coan wanted
to so they were calling all the members and principals
from other high schools to see it they could sit in.
Julie said oh my, that would be wonderful ! Would they
have to stay for the whole thing ? Charlie said no we
would leave after we finish, that he might have to stay
as they wanted principals there at the discussions of
the work sessions. But she could go as soon as they
were finished.

Julie said that's good for I have an appointment
tomorrow afternoon and I would hate to miss it. Charlie
smiled and said yes and I am going fishing and no way I
would miss that!

The rest of the morning passed without excitement.
Julie called the software rep. and asked if he could
have the equipment ready by ten o'clock tomorrow and he
said no problem just let him know. Twenty minutes later
she called him back and said it was firm and he said ok
they would be there thirty minutes early and set it up;
Charlie had received a call from the school board
confirming it was a go and Julie's contact had told her
the same and who was coming. Julie was late leaving the
school with all the phone calls and she had to struggle
with the two back packs to her car.

She stopped at fast food and got a ham and French bread
sandwich with a cola. She wanted coffee badly but she
knew their coffee was awful and she would wait until
she got home. Finishing she hurried to her car and went
home planning her chores ; washing and getting ready
for dinner. There wasn't any need to go to David's or
for him to come here so she and Jimmy would be alone
and she knew what that meant. She would have to get him
to go get a DVD from David, she hadn't seen hardly any
of the stuff she had been doing.

She pulled in the garage, shut the door, and locked the
car ; she didn't want anything to happen to the laptop.
When she was inside she put her brief case down and got
some coffee warmed up and sat, as she was taking her
first swallow she heard a noise from the back. She
listened and it sounded like she had hear last night, a
dog whining. She went to the inner door and opened it
and said ; "Bravo?" Immediately he barked from the
patio and whined. She went to the back door and when
she opened it there he was! Jumping and whirling
around, he was glad to see her, she opened the door and
said to come in but he was already inside and licking
her hand. His tail wagged so fast she could hardly see

"Sweetheart! You came to see me again! My, I'm
impressed, good boy, oooow, not so fast you can't just
run up and stick your head under my skirt, baby. Oh my
god, stop that licking of my legs. Easy now. You want
some water? Huh, water baby? Ok let me get some water
for you. Did you miss me? Wait now I've got to put
water in it first, there, man you were thirsty. Just
like a man, make a mess on the floor. Wow your tongue
is a foot long no wonder you drive me crazy with it!
That enough, don't take you long does it? No not time
for that yet. You only got one thing on your mind. Wow
stop that, your going to ruin my clothes, stop, stop.
Bravo sit!"

Bravo immediately sat on his hindquarters but he was
whining and looking at her eyes and her crotch. Julie
thought well he understood that he must have had some
training. She started for her coffee and he came with
her but when she stopped and turned to him he sat
immediately, she soon discovered that if she move he
would move also but sit when she stopped. She drank
some coffee and then went to the bathroom and he was
right with her all the way happily wagging his tail
when she got there he stopped and sat. She started to
the toilet and he came, she stopped and told him to
stay then she went inside and he stayed, looking at

"Are you going to watch me tinkle, baby? If I shut the
door are you going to bark and howl until I come out.
Well I won't shut it but it feels strange to tinkle
while someone who wants to fuck you watches. Yeah, I
know that's what you came over here for isn't it ? And
you don't even engage in small talk just run in and
stick your head under my skirt and start licking. All
you want is to get me on my hands and knees as quickly
as possible so you can ram that weapon in me. Just like
a man! That's all you ever think about!"

As she talked to him he would look and lick his jaws
and whine. Julie finished and came out and sat on the
vanity stool to remove her shoes. Bravo got right up to
her and sat down and licked her leg or hand which ever
and whatever he could get to. She got up to go put the
shoes in the closet and he got up ! She told him to sit
and he did then she said stay and walked to the closet,
he stayed but he was whining. She undressed and hung up
her clothes and came out with her bra and thong in her
hand and started for the laundry room. Bravo barked
like he was reminding her not to leave him there, she
said oh alright come on and he bounded to her and
licked her ass cheeks all the way to the laundry room.

Julie had a hard time getting the clothes out of the
hamper and in the washing machine with him licking her
and trying to get in front so he could get to her cunt.
She was laughing at his efforts but was also getting
horny with all the licking. She got the machine loaded
and turned it on and they came out shutting the door.
She went back to the bathroom and drank some more
coffee looking at herself in the mirror as he licked
her butt.

"God, girl, you're fucked and you know it. He's got you
hot now and soon he will have you down and licking your
asshole and you will be begging him. Might as well go
on and give it to him before he gets so big you can't
take it. He knows your weaknesses and wants your cunt,
and you know that you want it also, you want him to
fuck you senseless. You invited him last night and he
called your bluff, now you got to put up, well put out
is a better word."

She turned and he immediately was licking her cunt
trying to get low so he could catch all of it with each
swipe. Julie trembled and heard herself say, oh my god.
She made it to the stool, sat down and let him have it
fully and he took it fully, delving in as far as he
could with his rough tongue. When she felt like she
couldn't take any more she pushed him away with
difficulty, rose, grabbed two towels and went to the
living room.

When she bent over to move the coffee table Bravo got
his tongue in her ass crack and gave her a good one.
She moaned Uuggghh, and tried to put the towel on the
table as he continued his assault, she remembered that
a throw cushion would give her the right height and got
two one for her head and one for her hips then covered
it with the towel. She had to bend way over to get the
second towel spread on the floor and she was almost
overcome by the access that he took advantage of
licking her as her knees shook.

Julie turned and sat on the cushion and pulled him
forward until he was licking her breasts but he was
moving to fast and got his nose under her chain and
when he swapped to the other one he almost ripped her
nipple off. She yelled at the pain and Bravo stepped
back. Julie grabbed her tit and told him to sit, he
didn't want to but obeyed her then realized he could
still reach her cunt so he licked it as he sat. Julie
was trying to get the chain off and she finally did
laying it on the floor, her nipple was ok but her cunt
was being worked over good now.

"Oh baby, you want me bad don't you? You are crazy for
it and you're making me crazy too. Have you ever fucked
a woman before? You sure know how to turn me on! Your
frenzy makes me fanatic. Come here and let me feel of
your big hot cock baby. I never get to see it!"

She pulled him back to her tits and he licked them as
she felt under his belly finding his cock half way out
of the sheath. She closed her hand around the hot
tapered rod and he pumped into her hand like pumping
into her cunt. Julie could feel the beginning of the
swelling and knew it was his knot forming, she wanted
to get it in her before it got big and had to be forced
in, she wanted to feel it growing in her cunt. She lay
back and he backed off to lick her again as she spread
her legs and she whispered to him, come on baby, fuck
me now.

Bravo reared up and her eyes got big seeing him walk
forward on his hind legs and then he landed on her. She
caught his front legs as they mashed her breasts with
his paws across her shoulders pinning her to the coffee
table. She loved the feeling of being pinned under a
beast, helpless, and him taking her like a bitch. She
also loved to be mounted on her back and his legs
gripping her hips as he fucked her mercilessly. She
held his legs so she wouldn't get scratched until he
could get settled on her and kissed at his tongue as he
licked her mouth and sprayed pre-cum all over her legs
and cunt.

"Oh sweetheart, I don't need to be prepared, I'm
dripping now, you make me so hot that I am like a
boiling pot. Take me now. Make me your bitch again."

Bravo was going to do that but in his way, his instinct
was that she had to be sprayed with pre-cum inside and
out so the dog sperm wouldn't be contaminated before it
got to the womb. She was going to give him lots and
lots of puppies. And he was the only one, for he hadn't
smelled any other dogs on her or around her house. She
was his alone and he not only was filling her cunt with
cum, he was making her happy, he could tell by the tone
of her voice she loved it!

The tip found Julie's open cunt and she moaned as he
fed it into her, pre-cum hitting her cunt, the channel
and then her cunt walls and cervix. No sooner had he
entered and reached her cervix than he began the rapid
fire fucking that always thrilled Julie.

"Oh yes lover, fuck me, oh my goodness, it's so good.
Oh my! Yes as deep as you can get baby. Oh you're right
on my cervix opening, gooddd, it's so hot,,, your pre-
cum is hot as boiling water. Yes it almost went in that
time let me help!"

Julie raised her legs and put them over his back and
pulled him tighter against her with her heels and the
dog cock was pressing on her cervix opening and she
threw her head back and whimpered she knew it was going
to hurt but she wanted it. She kept pulling him against
her body and his sheath was mashed against her cunt and
then she spread her knees apart as far as they would go
and felt the tip slip in the opening she broke out in a
sweat and let him pump knowing he would lengthen as he
got more excited.

But she knew when he was ready to cum in her he would
swell and get bigger, to big to go in and would just
bang against it. On the next inward stroke the tip
entered her opening and at the same time a spurt of
pre-cum shot out into her cervix. It was so hot in that
tender flesh that she was cumming immediately, moaning
as she twisted and convulsed around the dog cock.

Thirty seconds later she was coming down from the
climax but Bravo was getting faster and faster and she
felt the knot enlarging in her cunt and it was pressing
her cunt from inside. She was so keyed up that another
spurt of pre-cum sent her into another climax and her
stomach knotted up. She was no longer holding Bravo's
legs, she had his neck and face in her hands and his
tongue was in and out of her open mouth. Just as she
reached the peak of this cum Bravo slammed into her
cunt and froze for a long second, then squirted her
with his first cum of the day. Julie was sent into
multi orgasms and she and Bravo came together for a
long time, him panting as he filled her cunt and she
whimpering with the joy of being fucked and made a
bitch again. She lay holding him close against her body
as he continued to spurt in her cunt and she was in
heaven feeling his cum in her and the pressure of his
knot inside her cunt.

She hoped he would take her again as he always did,
after he had rested a little while. Slowly her legs
came down and rested with her feet on the floor. She
rubbed his ears and neck talking to him as he would
lick her face.

"Oh baby, you are so good, I can't describe how
wonderful you are! Please don't ever find another bitch
to fuck, let me be your bitch every day, sweetheart.
Your cock is a miracle, it works magic on me, I love to
be fucked by you, you knot me and I feel like I belong
to you. I can't get away, not that I want to, but it's
like you have locked me to you and there's nothing that
can tear us apart until you want to let go. You love my
cunt don't you? You come looking for it and then you
make me give it to you! I can't help myself, when you
lick me I go to pieces, no one has ever licked my ass
the way you do. If I didn't give you my cunt you would
lick me until I passed out wouldn't you? But you can
have me anytime you want me, if you can't get out I
will come to you to be fucked."

Bravo had settled down on her body and his cock and
knot were still in her as she talked to him, rubbed his
neck, and kissed his tongue as he licked her. Julie was
satisfied but if he wanted her again she was ready, in
fact she looked forward to it. The second was better
than the first for she was not so horny and could lay
and experience all the feelings that his cock brought
to her. She could feel the tip of his cock probing her
cervix, she was in awe of the shape, the way the
tapered end got bigger and then smaller and then behind
that was the knot which she now knew swelled and
plugged her and created a lot of friction as he pounded
in her. And after his hot cum was in her she could lay
and enjoy the dull ache of his knot in her cunt until
it went down and he could pop it out of her. She was so
sensitive on the second time that she thought she could
feel the sperm swimming in her looking for eggs to

Julie realized that his knot was decreasing in size and
he would be getting restless soon. She had to keep him
interested or settle with playing with his cock as he
rested. She would try both and see which he preferred,
she was his bitch, he made the decisions for her. Bravo
began to lick her a little more and then he was
struggling to get his feet under him and raise up. He
was going to be turning soon and then they would be
stuck end to end or he would get it out. If didn't
matter what she wanted that was the way it was going to

She tried to pet him and kiss him and she rotated her
hips against his cock to give him friction and it
worked for a while as he would hump into her causing
her to oooouuuee and encourage him with more movement.
But the dog knew he wasn't going to be doing it for a
while until he reloaded with cum so why bother. If he
couldn't make puppies right now why go to the trouble
of fucking when twenty minutes would make a difference.
So he quit and Julie was disappointed but she could do
nothing but wait until he wanted her again.

Bravo turned and slid off her and his knot came out
causing her to whisper ohhhh my, as the cum ran from
her and her cunt slowly closed. She slid to the floor
sitting on the towel and watched him lick his cock
clean. She sat with her knees drawn up and her head
resting on them as she felt the cum draining from her
cunt. What a load he had put in her no wonder her
stomach felt tight when he was finished with her. Bravo
went and lapped up some water and then came back to her
and licked her draining cunt.

"Oh lover, you don't know what that does to me! I know
you are cleaning me and it's wonderful of you to do it,
but it also makes me horny again and want you to take
my cunt again. Or maybe you do know! Is that your way
of seducing me or just letting me know that I belong to

Bravo licked for a while and then he licked her face
starting at her lips. Julie said uuugghh. It didn't
taste so good now, she needed to be fucking so she
could appreciate doggie slobber, doggie cum, and her
cum mixed. Then he trotted to the front door and looked
at it then looked at her and barked. She asked him what
he wanted and he barked and looked at the door. She got
up holding the towel to her, the dry part, and walked
to the door. She asked him did he want to go out and he
barked and looked at the door. She opened it carefully
standing so no one could see her and he was out and
going down the street to his house.

Julie thought, well the least he could have done is
said he hated to fuck and run but he had chores to tend
to. She shut the door, locked it and went to get her
coffee cup in the bathroom. She sat on the toilet as
she dripped and drank it cold. She got her syringe and
cleaned herself out and washed her cunt with bacterial
soap. She was depressed a little and then she
remembered that he came to see her, he would come back
tonight or tomorrow. She was just being greedy, she
wasn't suppose to get everything she wanted, nobody

Julie put on a pair of gym shorts that she had for a
long time and went to the laundry room to put the
clothes in the dryer and start another load. She found
the dryer was full of dry things from last night the
old blanket and towels. She pulled them out and put in
today's and started it going and then she put in
another load and started the washer.

Next was coffee, this time heated, and she sat at the
counter drinking it and just smiling as she remembered.
She still was smiling as she folded the blanket and
towels. She looked the house over and straighten a few
things as she went around she was pleased with
everything. Checking the clock she saw it wasn't even
three o'clock and she had plenty of time to refresh her
memory on the notes of the presentation, even though
she didn't need to for she wanted it to be spontaneous
and not like a rehearsed speech.

She looked through her copy of the presentation and
made a few notes as reminders to herself on what to
emphasize. She wanted some more coffee. When she went
to pour some she looked and saw that she had about two
cups left and realized she had drank all of it except
for the cup that Emily got this morning. She didn't
understand why she was drinking so much and worse she
was beginning to want it like it was a habit. Must be
the caffeine maybe she had better cool it a little.
Suddenly she thought that maybe she should go put on a
shirt what if someone came to the door. She went to the
dresser and dug around until she found a sports bra and
struggled into it.

That will never do she realized as she looked in the
mirror, for the nipple chain was very visible, it was
outlined on the tight material and obviously went to
her nipples. She struggled out of it and looked for
something else that would look ok and still go with gym
shorts. Finally she came upon a t-shirt that was made
with heavy material that Harry had cut off and cut the
sleeve out of for her, well it was for him really but
she had to wear it. It did hide the chain, unless she
walked then the bottom would bump against it but it
wasn't to noticeable. But it didn't hide her nipples
they had the cloth pushed straight out.

She pulled the t-shirt up, inspecting the thrusting and
rigid nipples. They were ok, maybe a little red where
the chain rubbed them or actually stuck them whenever
it moved about. She rubbed the tips with her finger and
it felt so good that she didn't stop for a long moment.
She sat in the vanity chair where she did her makeup
and the rubbing turned into light pinching as she
looked in the mirror, her eyes slowly closed and her
mouth opened.

She whimpered softly as she knew what she needed again
and it was a long time until Jimmy would get home! She
gave up fighting the feeling and went to the kitchen,
looking under the sink for the beer bottle. While she
was on her knees reaching to the rear for it she heard
a most beautiful sound, a bark from the back door.
Julie scrambled to her feet and hurried to the door and
upon opening it was rushed by Bravo coming in fast.

"Baby, you came back! Oh I'm so glad to see you, where
did you go? Did you go back home and eat? You could
have gotten something here, sweetheart! But that's ok,
do you want some water? Ohhhh, you want to lick my
nipples, don't you? Yeah they are sticking out there
waiting for you aren't they and this slut doesn't even
have them covered up? Oooooo, the chain, I've got to
get it off, every time you lick it sticks in my poor
nipples, yes baby don't whimper like that, I'm

Julie got the chain unfastened and placed it on the
counter and stripped the t-shirt over her head and
grasping Bravo's collar she led him to the couch. He
immediately was licking her nipples the second she sat
down. She rubbed his head and neck with one hand and
sought his cock with the other as he licked and she was
beginning to tremble from his licking and wanted his
tongue on her cunt also. She grasped his sheath and
rubbed it feeling his cock inside, it was firm but not
big yet and she had to squeeze it and pull the furry
sheath back to get the tip out so she could feel it.

It was damp and a little sticky. She decided to play
with it until it extended but she wanted to clean it
first so she led him the bathroom and reached in the
shower for a wash cloth. Bravo licked her ass cheeks as
she was extended and she froze shuttering from his
tongue as it worked to get under her tight short gym

She was able to get to the vanity, warm the cloth and
then down beside him and place the cloth on his cock
tip and try to wash it as she trembled. He held still
and she cleaned it, rubbed it, and then ran her finger
over the tip but it didn't get any bigger or extend
from the sheath. When she stopped he began to lick her
nipples and face again.

"Sweetheart, you're not horny are you? You didn't come
back to fuck me again, did you? You just want to show
me that you love me! I love you also. Your tongue is
wonderful, ok you can kiss my lips but if you lick my
nipples like that I get hot! Oooohhhh, come on baby
let's go to the living room this floor is hard."

Julie raced Bravo to the living room with the wash
cloth and two towels, he was with her all the way,
licking her hand and legs. She threw one towel on the
floor and the other on the coffee table and stripped
her gym shorts off and sat down on the couch and spread
her legs for him. But he rushed in to lick her nipples
and face again, pressing his chest against her cunt.

"Oh yes, baby, I know you love me but your loving
tongue is driving me crazy, you're making me horny and
my cunt is wet for you, don't you want to lick it ?
Please lover lick it for me, I'm burning up for you to
make love to me, I need you, I need to be licked.
Sweetheart I need you to fuck me, take me for your
bitch and fuck me hard, fill me with your cock and
flood me with hot cum again, make me your bitch with
your knot, please fuck me!"

A desperately hot Julie finally leaned away from his
lapping tongue and lay back on the couch and raised her
legs spreading her knees. Bravo stepped back and
sniffed her cunt juices as she watched him whimpering
as she waited, he looked at her and then suddenly as if
he had got her hot enough, he licked the entire length
of her wet slit. Julie moaned as though she had been
touched with a red hot iron. In just a few delirious
minutes the beast had her near cumming and just as she
was feeling the beginning of a convulsion he stopped
licking and when she opened her eyes he was looking at
her and wagging his tale. She moaned in frustration.

"Why baby why? You are just like my men, you get me hot
and then play with me to make me beg for your cock.
What do you want from me? Please fuck me, I want your
cock in my cunt, hot and pumping me full of your sperm.
Is that what you want?"

Bravo didn't understand a word she was saying. He
wanted to breed her but she wasn't lying flat, her head
was on against the couch and he was waiting for her to
get in position so he could lay on her without his nose
being pushed against the couch back. He wanted to feel
her cunt milking his cock, she was the only bitch he
had ever had that did that. And he really liked the
good noises she made when he was slamming in her. He
liked to know that she was pleased and happy when he
was deep in her and giving her his puppy seed. He
barked at her and whined so she would get in position
so he could get started. But she just patted her cunt
trying to entice him to lick some more.

Bravo reared up and tried to get his legs across her
tits and shoulders but his head was against the couch
and he couldn't get his hind quarters close enough to
her cunt to touch her with his cock. He backed off in
frustration. But Julie had seen the problem and she
quickly got up and lay on the coffee table and he
followed her and licked her cunt as she was laying
down, making her gasp!. Before she could get her pillow
adjusted under her head he was on her, pinning her down
with his weight licking her face and lips and jabbing
her slit with a hot cock.

Julie lay still for him, in submission to his beastly
love making, willing to become his bitch again when he
entered her. He was successful and she moaned as the
hot rod slid in her cunt and he pumped against her
driving it deeper until she felt it probe her cervix.
She lay whimpering as her dog lover slammed against her
cunt and she was rapidly rising to her beginning
convulsion. She opened her mouth as his tongue tried to
lick inside her lips and let him have any thing he
wanted, kissing his tongue when he licked across her
mouth. Julie was cumming from the cock fucking her to
oblivion and she was taking all he gave her, she
belonged to him, she wanted his cock fucking her, she
wanted him to knot her!

Suddenly, Bravo stopped pumping and lay on her as she
was winding down from her climax. Julie lay with her
eyes closed and her cunt muscles automatically milking
his cock. She was surprised that he stopped but she was
more aware of the feel of his cock in her cunt, the
change in size from the taper probing her cervix to the
swelling knot inside her cuntal opening. The heat
seemed to increase without it moving and as it grew in
size she could feel it slowly pushing inside her cervix
to enter her womb.

She lay still, waiting, trembling slightly, not sure
what would happen but wanting whatever he did to her:
she was his bitch, she had given herself to him, she
would take his cock anytime he came to her, she would
take his knot joyously, he had taken her and made her
slave to his dog cock. She squealed a high pitched
sound when she felt the hot stream of what she thought
was cum hit her cervix opening and his cock jump inside
her cunt and it was followed by another and another
until she realized it was his pre-cum. He would fuck
her more when he had her ready to receive his dog

"Oh yes, lover, you are preparing me to be filled with
your wonderful cum, aren't you? It's hot baby! It's
burning me inside. But I want it and your cum also. I
will cum for you again, sweetheart, my love for you
will make me cum again to mix my cum and yours. Knot me
big, baby, keep me tied to you forever, I love to lay
with your knot in me like this."

And they did lay for a long time as the dog squirted
pre-cum in his bitch and she squirmed against his
haunches causing the tapered cock end to rub in her
womb opening, sometimes sighing in satisfaction,
sometimes whimpering in need. Finally he tapered off
and then begin to pump into her again. Julie came again
within five minutes, stronger this time, crying out as
she crashed the barrier. But Bravo wasn't finished and
he wasn't in a hurry to finish.

He stopped twice more and started again. Julie lost
count of her cums and just lay sprawled on the coffee
table no longer aware of any thing other than the beast
on her and the beast cock in her. She would mumble
words of encouragement to her lover as he continued to
fuck her ! Bravo had her ready now she was quiet and
unresisting and he could take her anytime he wished. So
he filled her with his load of cum and sealed it in her
with the knot she loved.

Julie was stuffed with cock, full of cum and pre-cum
and the knot had her cunt sealed with a dull ache that
made her want to have it in her all the time. They were
tied as one for about twenty minutes until he decided
that he wanted off and Julie had tears in her eyes
after he had pulled out of her, partly from the pain
and partly from the realization that it was over. Bravo
cleaned her with his tongue and that took another
little while as she was dripping quite a bit. Then he
ran to the door and barked to be let out.

Julie rose slowly, she was dizzy and her legs were
stiff. She got the towel and held it to her as she went
to let him out again, he licked her thigh as the door
was opened and ran out to the street turning towards
David's house. She watched him from the door, then
realizing she was naked with a towel held between her
legs she quickly shut the door. If anyone saw that they
would know she had just been fucked by a dog!

She went to the toilet and then showered, returning to
the kitchen she got out steaks and the veggies from the
refrigerator preparing them for dinner. She had decided
that she would stay nude for Jimmy as he would have her
naked real quick any way! She started the steaks and
veggies cooking and set the table. She heard Jimmy
fumbling with the lock on the door and he came in and
headed directly to her.

Neither said a word as they kissed and he felt of her
body, kissed her nipples and tugged on the chain. He
said he was glad that she waited for him naked, that
she looked great and then asked if she was horny and
wanted to fuck now. She said after dinner, baby, this
was just to give you a surprise, you asked to me to do
it about a week ago. I wanted to do it without you
having to ask.

They set the table and Jimmy made some coffee for her
and then he went to shower before eating. They ate with
his hand on her most of the time. She told him about
the presentation being set for tomorrow and that she
would request that they, he and David, go along to help
her. He told her that they had a game tomorrow
afternoon and would be late returning but should be
home by six o'clock. After dinner he poured her coffee
and they cleaned up the table and the kitchen with
Julie still naked and actually not even being aware of
it. She had been naked most of the time that she was
home! Naked and being fucked by her dog lover!

Jimmy turned out most of the lights, leaving the light
on the cook top on and as she sat at the counter with
her coffee, which was strong with just a slight sweet
taste, he caressed her breasts and rubbed the top of
her cunt slit right on the clit. Julie was surprised
with how quickly she became aroused again. It was like
she hadn't had sex in a couple of days!

"Mom, I going to fuck you from behind with you on your
hands and knees. Are you hot and ready?"

"Yes baby, I am always ready for you!"

"Finish your coffee and I will be right back."

As she drank it, he went to his backpack and came back
with the cuffs and collar and the black blindfold. He
led her to the living room and put a pillow on the
coffee table for her face, then he placed the cuffs on
her wrists and the collar around her neck. Julie was
breathing a little harder as she remembered last night.
He and David then Bravo twice, later Bravo twice again
and then Jimmy took her to bed, fucked her and slept
with her, once later in the night he must had taken her
for she woke with her cunt full of cum. Next was the
blindfold, she stood naked with cuffs on her wrists, a
collar around her neck, a chain hanging from her
nipples, and blindfolded. Jimmy thought she looked
liked the perfect slave, she stood patiently waiting
for whatever he had in mind for her.

Of course what he had in mind was to give her the best
sexual love possible so she would always look to him
for sexual satisfaction. He had to be her foremost
lover, she was his! He could make her fuck anybody or
anything he wanted to but she wasn't supposed to want
it more than she wanted him! All day he had thought
about what he could to her that she would love. He
recognized that she loved sex, loved to be stimulated
until she was on the verge of climax and then teased
until she begged to be fucked.

To be tied and bound tightly, to be fucked in the ass
and cunt, things inserted in her, made to expose
herself in situations where she might be seen. So he
was going to do all those things tonight, if he could
last ! The coffee should help, if she was hot she would
come quickly and he could move from one situation to
the next without losing his hard on. For sure he had to
get her to the point of passing out, like the first
time in the kitchen, then she would remember that he
was the one that could take her to that height and
would come to him wanting it again and again!

Julie stood waiting. She could hear him doing things
and wondered what he was getting or preparing but could
only wait for he wouldn't tell her if she asked.
Finally he embraced her from behind and she leaned back
against him as he cupped her breasts and rubbed her
body. He hadn't tied or chained her hands so she could
touch him and found he was naked also. Her heart beat
faster for she knew he was ready to fuck her! But when
he told her to lean over and helped her find the coffee
table with her hands to rest on, he rubbed her cunt and
asshole teasing her with his finger. He would insert
his finger just inside the two openings and wiggle them
and then remove them. Soon she was whimpering softly.

Suddenly after a brief pause, she was struck across her
ass cheeks with something wide and flexible, she gasped
from the shock and the loud smack of it on her flesh.
It didn't hurt but it made her ass sting and she wanted
to rub it but just wiggled it and stayed bent over for
she knew he would do it again. And he did after he had
made her put her feet together so her ass cheeks would
be compact. She couldn't help the moan that issued from
her mouth.

"Baby, don't mark me, please don't bruise me or make
red streaks on my ass. You can spank me anytime you
want but don't mark me."

Jimmy brought the strap down on her ass higher than the
other strokes and she flinched and her head shook but
stayed bent over for him, he rubbed her ass and her
cunt and just as she relaxed he hit her ass lower and
Julie moaned. She loved to be spanked it made her hot
but this was new, this wasn't spanking. She was being
flogged or something and she didn't know why he was
whipping her but she wasn't going to take much of this.
But as she waited she was surprised to feel moisture
run down her leg, she couldn't be turned on by this !
That would be insane! She whimpered not from the
stinging in her ass cheeks but from the realization
that she was actually turned on, she was hot and her
cunt was dripping!

Jimmy rubbed his mother's ass and inserted his finger
in her ass a little and wiggled it, she spread her legs
to give him access but he wasn't finished and moved to
her cunt and discovered her wetness. Damn she was a hot
slut! He got the bottle of oil and squirted some on her
ass cheeks and rubbed it in. He and David had got this
from the drug store for Connie and were amazed at how
it removed soreness from being tied and the rope marks
around her body. Julie felt the soothing of the
stinging immediately as he rubbed, he let a couple of
drops fall in her ass crack and it slowly ran down to
her asshole. His oily finger found the oily entrance
and slid in easily, Julie whimpered and squirmed back
against the invading finger to get it in her fast
before he pulled it out and he let her hump back
against it until all was inside her.

Jimmy stepped to her side and wiggling his finger in
her ass played with her breasts with his other hand,
massaging, squeezing, pinching the nipples, and then
rubbing her stomach. Julie was feeling her climax
building and she had forgotten the wide belt whipping
of her ass. But she moaned in despair as she felt the
finger being removed leaving her hanging. She felt
three drops of oil hit her crack and run down to her
anal opening with some continuing on to her cunt where
it slowly ran down the slit feeling good but driving
her crazy at the same time.

Then his finger was back at her anal opening and
rubbing but it didn't enter. Then something different
touched her there and was being pushed in. She
recognized the shape of the butt plug immediately. The
tapered end was in her and getting bigger, she was
still as it moved relentlessly in her ass. Then the
stretching was over and it moved in deeper and went in
fast where it tapered back down and her ass clamped
around it. She felt the flange fit snugly in her crack
and she had all five inches buried in her. Her ass was

Jimmy placed his hand on her breasts and raised her to
a upright position. Julie was dizzy from bending over
and from the butt plug causing her to breath irregular
and she turned and put her arms around Jimmy for
support and leaned her hot body against his naked chest
and held her head up for kisses, kisses of surrender.
Jimmy kissed her for a long time rubbing his hard cock
on her stomach and pulling her tight against him. After
a while of kissing he moved her away and put her hands
behind her, she expected to be tied but he just left
them there and removed the chain from her nipples and
rubbed them and pinched lightly.

Then he thumped one lightly and then the other, Julie
steeled herself for she knew the next thump would not
be light, after a small waiting period she turned
slightly and thrust her breast out for him and he
thumped it hard. She gasped and shivered as her ass
clamped around the plug, she was afraid she was going
to pull it into herself but couldn't stop it from
grasping the plug. Then she had to settle down before
thrusting the other nipple out for him, and when it was
thumped the whole process was repeated, plus the
wetness ran down her leg to her knee.

Julie's tits were tight making the nipples hurt worse,
the ache in her lower stomach was really getting bad
but she needed something to help her push over the
hurdle to a climax for relief. She needed a cock! She
wanted to beg him to fuck her and then get her dog
lover for her but she couldn't ask for the dog until he
fucked her then she would tell him that she would fuck
the dog for him if he wanted her to.

Jimmy thumped each nipple one more time and watched as
she shivered and shook from the pain but not
complaining or crying and the wetness was running
stronger, she was hot and ready to fuck anything that
was round and hard. He told her to wait and he would
get her some more coffee. She drank a full cup as he
held it for her, she kept her hands behind her back as
though they were tied.

He poured her another cup of the coffee in the cup and
set it on the counter for later. Returning to her he
rubbed her tit and she thrust it out but he didn't
thump it instead he reached to the couch for a small
riding crop and slapped her tit on the side with it.
Julie recoiled from the crop but it didn't hurt the
noise of it slapping against her flesh was the worse
than the slight sting. She thrust out her breasts and
let him hit each one several times but when he started
on her nipples she gasped and moaned each time he hit
one they were much more sensitive than her breasts.

But when he finished he kissed, licked, and sucked each
one and she loved it! Then he whipped her stomach with
several flat noisy hits and kissed it as she swayed
against his face. When he made her spread her legs she
was trembling and her stomach was knotted for she knew
he was going to whip between her legs and she wasn't
sure if she could take that. The first stroke was light
but still made her jump and cry out and after three
more she crumpled to her knees unable to stand as her
legs were shaking and lost all their strength.

Jimmy helped her up to sit on the couch and then he
gave her two more strokes right on her cunt displayed
between her wide spread legs, she was wetting the couch
and her legs as her cunt drippings were spattered from
the flat end of the crop. But then he was kissing her
cunt, licking, and sucking on her throbbing clit. Julie
came all over his face, she had finally been pushed
over the edge and she twisted and moaned as he worked
over her cunt with his tongue.

Julie had almost fainted as she gasped through multiple
orgasms but managed to hang on until he raised up and
kissed her with a wet kiss from her cunt cum. She
licked at his face to clean it. Jimmy arranged her on
the couch and got between her legs and inserted his
cock in her cunt and fucked her slowly until she gasped
into another large cum and then pounded her for about
five minutes until she lay still not fucking back as
she was drifting in a another world. He felt his cock
harden and get even stiffer and then he was spurting
his cum into his mother, his lover and slave slut.
Julie moaned softly as the cum was deposited in her but
did not move. After a few minutes Jimmy got up and got
a wash cloth and cleaned himself and her as best he
could, removed the plug then carried her to bed, she
murmured when he kissed her and told her good night.

Jimmy added coffee to the pot and put in water for the
morning, straightened up the living room and went to
bed also holding her breast and placing her hand on his
cock. Later when they turned over she cuddled close to
his back and found his cock to hold the rest of the

Chapter Thirty Nine

Jimmy, for some odd reason woke up before the alarm
went off, Julie was laying tight against his back and
her breath was gently teasing his hair, she had his
cock in her hand and it was so hard it hurt! He had to
go the bathroom but first had to get his cock away from
her grip, slide out of the covers and then turn around
to see the clock. It was twenty five minutes before
time to get up but he remembered he had forgot to set
the alarm anyway! He got up and used the toilet, went
to the kitchen and started the coffee pot. He also got
the cereal and bread for toast.

Returning to the bedroom he woke his mother and told
her it was time to get up. Julie looked dazed as she
moved to the side of the bed and sat there looking
around. He told her that he would bring her coffee to
the bathroom and then shower and start the toast. He
got on the floor in front of her and opened her legs
asking if she was ok. She nodded as he rubbed her tits
and kissed her. She kissed him but said she needed to
brush her teeth but they kissed anyway.

Jimmy laid her back on the bed and rubbed her cunt and
she sighed for she was ready to be fucked even though
it was really early. Jimmy crawled over her and said
that she needed a wake up call, Julie smiled and nodded
as he eased his cock in her. He fucked her for about
ten minutes steadily until she moaned as she came and
then he slammed into her until he filled her cunt with

They kissed a little while and Julie murmured that she
loved him. He said that she would be ready again by the
time he got home from the game, Julie smiled and nodded
again. Julie went to the toilet grabbing a bottle of
Summer's Eve on the way when she was finished she found
her coffee just as he had promised. She shaved her legs
and cunt, washed her hair, and used body wash with lots
of hot water. By the time she came out still damp to
apply lotion she was awake, alive, energetic, and in a
very good mood. Donning her short robe she went to the
kitchen and breakfast was ready.

"Baby, you are spoiling me rotten! Coffee waiting for
me, breakfast ready and I think I hear the washing
machine going! What did I do to deserve this princess

"You don't have to do any thing, mom. Just let me love

"Ooooo, you know how to make a girl weak in the knees
with your praise. Just for that lie I want to reward
you with a big sloppy kiss!"

"Can I see and feel those beautiful breasts at the same

"Of course, they are there for you anytime,

They ate after kissing and a couple of minutes of
touching and sucking Julie's nipples by Jimmy. They
talked about what the day's schedule looked like and
agreed that dinner would be at seven since Jimmy wasn't
sure when they would get back from the game. Julie said
she hoped to get a little sun this afternoon which
wasn't a lie but not exactly the truth either.

Her sunning would be at the lake with Charlie eating
her cunt as she lay on the pier, she liked the idea of
making love in the open like that and hoped he would
make her do it. Julie's nipples were tingling and
bullet like in her robe, she wished she could be awaken
up every morning by a hard cock wanting her, she missed
those days of mornings, lunches, and night time sex!
She was hot right now!

They realized time was moving fast and both hurried to
get ready, Julie told Jimmy to leave the dishes she
would get them while cooking dinner. She went to the
bathroom to dry her hair and get ready and he went to
his room and dressed in jeans and a shirt, he was
dressing a little neater since he was almost sixteen!
Jimmy returned to the kitchen and took Julie some
coffee then fixed a cup for Emily with a little extra
additive in it, checking the clock he went outside to
open the garage door.

He killed time until Emily drove up and went to open
her door, she showed him plenty of leg as she got out,
pausing with one foot on the ground and sliding out to
make her dress ride up. She smiled and held her hand
out and asked if he would give her a lift out. Jimmy
pulled her and she pulled back so he couldn't step back
and she was brushing up against him and smiling.

"Thank you, Jimmy. Can I also get a kiss good morning!
The service is wonderful here!"

Jimmy gave her a kiss full on the lips and pressed
against her breasts with his chest and one hand on her
hip. The kiss lasted a full thirty seconds and Emily
didn't pull away until he finished.

"My god, you know how to kiss! Wow, I'll start coming a
little earlier if I can get those every morning! Don't
dare tell your mother she would kill me !"

"Me too, it will be a CIA secret, same time everyday."

"Sounds like a winner."

"Coffee's on the counter."

Emily went in through the garage, Julie heard her yell
out, I'm here and yelled back, me too! Emily came in
with her coffee and said thank god you're naked. Maybe
this is going to be a good day for me. Julie said help
me decide what to wear I want to look professional but
not rigid, sexy but not cheap, and be comfortable at
the same time. Emily said my your coffee gets better
and better but you say it's just normal ground coffee
what's the secret?

"Emily don't change the subject, get in that closet and
find me some clothes, I don't want to hurt you this
early in the day!"

"Sweetheart, it doesn't matter what you wear! You look
ravishing in anything or nothing at all. Can I kiss you
before I start on a mission?"

"Come here and let me hold you for strength, I'm a
little nervous this morning. Kiss me before I put on
lipstick, but I can't put it on until you find my

They hugged and kissed, Julie's naked breasts against
Emily clad ones. And looked into each others eyes and
kissed some more.

"God, Julie I love you! I be so glad when school is out
and I can come over and we can spend the whole day
together like this."

"Yeah, me too. We should have plenty of time then, we
can tan, shop, and just sit around drinking coffee and
talking, you know just relax and have fun. Seems like
we are always in a hurry."

"While we are tanning, shopping, and drinking coffee we
are going to be naked, right ? That's what I'm looking
forward to."

"Of course, we can't go shopping with clothes on what
would people think! You're getting crazy, you need a
break. Find my clothes, you always look like a fashion
magazine, help me!"

"Can I kiss those magnificent nipples first, I'm
slobbering all over myself."

"No! Get my clothes, you're worse than Jimmy!" Julie
realized she had said to much, " Hurry, I can't be

Emily pretended not to notice: "Ok the way I see it, we
need to stick to solids. No flowers or lots of colors.
So we can go with a skirt and blouse or a dress either
would be ok. Oh here is a simple but beautiful dress,
it should be just the thing!"

"That's a little revealing, Harry bought me that and it
flashes the top and is a little short, above the knee.
You can see the bra a lot in that."

"No problem, don't wear a bra, you don't need it."

"I can't go in front of people with out a bra! It's to
thin! You could see my nipples sticking out!"

"We can pin it then, get a bra and let's see what it
looks like."

Julie went to the dresser and starting looking in her
bra drawer, Emily said a half bra holding the dress for
her. Julie slipped on a skin colored bra and then a
light pink thong and wiggled into the dress.

"See it's short that's a lot of leg and it get worse
when I sit down. Look every time I bend over it fall
away and you can see half my breast."

"God yes, and it's beautiful, you've got to wear it. My
god, I wish I could look like that, Kurt never makes me
wear sexy clothes his idea of sexy is naked and
sweating. Mind you I'm not complaining. Get some high
heels the highest you have, black would add to the
professional look but light blue would set it off like
a rocket, we put a pin like a broach right there and
that will hold the top a little."

Julie got her heels and put them on then changed to
black then to white then back to blue. She looked at
herself in the full length mirror and had to admit she
looked great. Emily brought her coffee and Julie's and
they took a drink downing it all, she gave Julie a tube
of lipstick and she applied the light pink color to her
lips. They stood looking in the mirror and Emily
whispered ‘ we've got a winner'.

"Are you sure, it's nice but isn't it a little to sexy
for a old married woman?"

"No, it's just right, you won't have to worry about
anyone going to sleep while you are talking. Just don't
ask them any questions. They won't be able to talk
their tongues will be stiff, not to mention that other
organ they have which will be stiff as a board. Just
joking, don't freak out on me."

"Well, I'm got to wear it now. No time to change!"

Julie grabbed her stuff and they went outside to the
cars and left for school.. Jimmy eased over and touched
Julie's breasts and said he couldn't resist she looked
like dynamite. They stopped and picked up David and his
mother was standing outside with him. She wanted to
catch a glimpse of Julie. She was impressed and went
back inside to watch a movie of her and Bravo,
marveling at the passion she saw.

When they got to school Tammy was standing in the edge
of the parking lot and headed towards the car as soon
as they parked. Julie looked at her with different eyes
today and wondered if she had on a padded bra, she was
bigger than she remembered. But as she got closer Julie
could make out the outline of her nipples and knew it
wasn't padded. She was a beautiful thing, she wasn't
the least bit shy in swinging those slim hips either.
Julie was looking at the competition!

She made it inside but first she had to be inspected by
David as he told her that he checked the backpacks on
the way and everything was there, but really he was
just getting his charge for the morning. Julie thanked
him and told him she would come for them or call and
have them sent to the office when she was ready to go,
which wouldn't be long. He touched her arm and when she
turned to get her bag he slyly put his hand on her ass
for just a second. She wasn't sure if he just wanted to
or if he was trying to distract her from seeing Tammy
trying to seduce Jimmy on the other side of the car.
Mel was next, standing at his post and smiling, she
took his hand as if she couldn't get in the door
without his help and gave it a squeeze.

She was stopped by Mrs. Lucas and Darlene as they made
a big fuss over her dress and how prefect she looked.
Mrs. Lucas already had excuse slips made out for Jimmy
and David, Darlene had her copies of the presentation
in a box for her, when she said that they were spoiling
her they laughed and said it was going to cost her

She didn't really have anything to do now so she got
some coffee and they drank together, they said they
were as excited as she was, maybe more. Also the word
had spread around the school and everyone wanted to see
the presentation when she had time to show it. They
remarked at how calm she was and if it was them they
would be throwing up. Julie said she was in shock and
wouldn't remember nothing when she got up to speak at
the meeting.

Charlie came in and asked her what time was she leaving
and she said just before eight forty so she could be
there and get set up by nine forty five. He said he
would be right behind her and expected to get there at
nine thirty. Then it was mostly small talk as the bell
rang for classes to start and the coaches came in for
their morning coffee and eyes filled. They took over
the conversation and since she was never out there when
they came in they wasted no time in engaging her in
jokes and congratulations and making sure they had good
angles to see every inch up close.

Julie finally had to excuse herself and go get Jimmy
and David, the coaches disappeared quickly, Charlie
went to his office. Darlene and Mrs. Lucas just drank
coffee and looked at each other, finally Mrs. Lucas
said it was kind of like starving loins devouring a
beautiful gazelle wasn't it? Darlene said yes, I'm
jealous but in a way I feel sorry for her, she never
gets a minute's peace maybe that's why she doesn't want
to work full time she needs time to be just a normal

Mrs. Lucas ended the talk so they could get to work by
saying I must be turning to a lesbian, I want to see if
those boobs feel as good as they look! Think she would
mind if I touched them? Darlene said with a grin, maybe
she would just get naked for us, I would like to see
the whole thing, it can't be that perfect, gotta be
some flaw somewhere.

Julie got Jimmy and David, they went to the office, got
the handouts and left. Charlie came out of his office
and stood looking at Julie's ass as she went out the
front door. He had a hard time believing that he was
going to see it again soon and without clothes, man he
was a lucky guy!

The ride was only twenty five minutes and the guys were
quiet, Julie was going over all the details in her mind
to make sure nothing was left out. When they arrived
they unloaded and carried all their stuff in one trip,
the young girl was ready and showed them to the meeting
room. She and Julie talked about the seating and Julie
asked if they could make a few adjustments which they
got accomplished quickly. The software men arrived with
the monitors and Julie discussed the meeting with Nick
who was in charge of sales and who she had been working
with before while the tech. men set up their stuff
discussing with Jimmy and David about the hook ups.
They made a few more adjustments and got another
monitor from the van to set up.

They went thru a dry run to make sure everything worked
and the sound was right, lowered some shades to cut
glare and then started the presentation and checked the
control. Everything was good so all they had to do was
wait. As they got some coffee in the break area one
tech. said to the other that he had said he didn't want
to set through a boring discussion but believed he
might change his mind. The other looked at Julie and
said I know what you mean, reckon they would hire her
to do presentations for us, he could travel with her
all over the country!

Board members began to drift in, Charlie came soon and
he took Julie around and introduced her to everyone.
Suddenly Julie became aware that the room suddenly
changed and she saw a tall silver hair man come in
followed by the superintendent and some other members.
Charlie immediately went to meet him and then brought
him to meet Julie. It was Mr. Coan, whom she had heard
about but never met. He was the chairman, in charge of
the meeting and it was oblivious that everyone knew it.
He held Julie's hand a long time after shaking it,
thanking her for her efforts in helping correct his
problem with his son's grades and her work with the

Julie tried to be modest but he said Charlie had kept
him up to date and he knew she was the motivating force
behind the success of the program. His eyes never left
her face but she felt like he was seeing everything
about her and everything going on at the same time. She
knew she was meeting a powerful man, and if half she
had heard was true he was a rich man also.

He looked around and said, "Well, we are missing two
members as soon as they are here we will start so you
won't get bored with us to soon. Charlie, I will make a
few comments and then let you introduce this lovely
lady and we can get out of here in time for lunch as I
know you want to go fishing. Julie, you don't have to
stay for the discussion afterwards, unless you just
want to. When you are finished we will take a short
break and then meet to set our agenda and discuss any
problems that need to be acted on tomorrow. Here are
our two ladies we can get going."

With that he told everyone to find a seat and as soon
as they were seated he told them the purpose of the
hurry up meeting and thanked them for coming an hour
early. He turned the meeting over to Charlie and he did
a good job but was very halting in his speaking as if
he wasn't sure what to say. He was like a teacher
trying to find a way to make them understand the
problem. He introduced Julie and said she will do a
much better job in explaining the program than he

Julie began by giving recognition to Jimmy and David,
introduction of Nick and his technicians for providing
the equipment. Then she explained what benefits the
program brought to the teaching staff and the tools it
provided to the school. Then she signaled David to
start the slide show. As the presentation progressed
she moved about behind the monitors to be in front of
everyone some of the time, speaking slowly and clearly
but maintaining a casual atmosphere like friends
talking to each other.

She kept looking at each person to have eye contact but
also to see if anyone was bored or losing interest and
she noticed that the two females members were leaning
forward in their seats very interested in the slides
and in her explanations. She remembered that they had
been teachers for many years before retiring. Charlie
was not looking at the monitor at all he only had eyes
for her and a wide smile on his face.

The other board members and principals were equally
interested in what she was saying. Even Nick and his
guys were leaning forward. When ever they came to a
slide which had embedded music they would smile as it
broke out and on one slide where Jimmy had embedded
eight seconds of fast rock everyone began to sway or
jerk and life their hands. When it ended they all

Julie had moved back to the end of the table where Mr.
Coan sat beside Charlie and as she turned to look at
him, making a point that no amount of data would ever
replace the value of the teacher who was supplying it,
she was taken back by the look in his eyes. She wasn't
sure what she saw there but when their eyes met she
definitely knew he was pleased with what he was
hearing, seeing, or both. She just wasn't sure what it
was he was pleased with.

Julie walked back to the center and turned pages in her
note book for she hadn't been keeping it on the page as
she talked. She got it on the page she was discussing
and looked up still talking about the program and saw
all the men's eyes were on her breasts not the screen.
She glanced down and saw nothing was out of place so
they were just checking her out and she was ok with

When she got to the last two pages she glanced at her
watch and realized she had been talking for twenty
eight minutes, it didn't seem that long but she was
glad the end was near for everyone would get bored real
quick if it lasted much longer. She gave them hope by
telling them there was just one last point to be made
and it was the most important. Five minutes later she
was finished and thanked them for their patience.

"In closing let me make it clear that we are not trying
to influence your decision to purchase or not purchase
this program or any program. If you make the decision
to purchase a program we are not suggesting that you
use any vendor, that is your decision! We put this
presentation together hurriedly at your request and
hope it helps you to reach a decision. Thank you for
you attentiveness. it has been a pleasure to come here
and present this information to you. We will answer any
questions you have."

One of the ladies said she didn't have a question but
would like to say that this was the most interesting
meeting she had attended in her six years on the board
and she would like to thank Mrs. Cole and Mr. Hale and
the two young gentlemen for their efforts. Everyone
applauded. Then Mr. Coan asked a question of Julie.

"Mrs. Cole, if the board recommends that a program be
installed in other schools, what would you recommend as
a course of action?"

"Mr. Coan, should the board decide to go further with
this program, I recommend that a preliminary study be
done to determine a cost estimate so the board will
know how much capital would be required and the period
of time involved in payment so they can study the
impact on the budget and then decide whether they wish
to involve all high schools at once or on a staggered
basis. Also some dialog needs to undertaken by the
board to explore the possible incorporation of
terminals in each class room so instance recording of
data can occur saving the teachers homework and getting
it down while it is still fresh in their minds. If that
is a goal then extensive wiring would impact the cost
either now or in the future."

"Once that is accomplished and a go or no go decision
has been reached the next step is the bid and award
process with installation and training of staff and a
principal analyst hired to compile reports and report
any problems seen. This process could take more than a
year possibly as many as three if funds must be

"I understand, thank you for your frankness Mrs. Cole.
Any other questions for the young lady?"

There were a few questions about data gathering,
meetings to discuss the reports, and were parents aware
of the reports. Julie answered all of them, Charlie sat
and nodded smiling. Then Mr. Coan spoke again.

"I have had occasion to see the value of this program
first hand, Mrs. Coan and myself met with Charlie to
discuss how we could improve grades of our son, to gain
an advantage in acceptance to college. Charlie was able
to point out which subjects could be improved easily
and some which were harder and we have already seen his
grade point average creeping upwards. Each of you know
how important just a few decimal points are in gaining
admission to prestigious schools. Charlie would you
like to add anything to that?"

"Well, yes I think I could. Normally we use the reports
as feed back to the teachers, and they look for areas
where borderline students might need help, providing
that help if possible or alerting parents if the school
is not in position to help. However in Mr. Coan's case
there was no danger, just the parental desire to see
their son excel. I relayed this desire to Julie, Mrs.
Cole, and she gathered the info. for me and pointed out
the areas where the most improvement could come and you
know the rest of the story. So the information can be
valuable in different ways."

Mr. Coan: "Mrs. Cole if you think we are ready then
wrap us up and we will take a break. On behalf of the
board I thank you and these two young men for the great
job you have done on this project. We look forward to
seeing more of you, not only at your school but in
working with the board, for one of our greatest needs
is good and precise information such as you have
provided today to enable us to make good decisions."

"Thank you Mr. Coan and the members of the board also.
It is a pleasure to work with this school system and I
hope our presentation helps you to arrive at a decision
that will enhance our efforts to provide a quality
education to all students in this district. I know Mr.
Hale joins me in inviting you to visit and look at our
students, teachers, and facilities as we work together
and endeavor to enhance our lives as we teach.. Thank

There was applause which surprised Julie and made
Charlie beam, he knew he had made the best decision in
his career when he asked Julie to do this presentation.
Fred Coan patted him on the back and said, "Charlie, I
knew I could count on you! Great job!"

As they filed out, going to the coffee counter and
looking for the donuts and pastries that were always
ready for their meetings, there were hand shaking and
words of thanks and praise for Julie. All the male
members had to get a hug as they praised her
presentation and the ladies waited until last and then
also hugged her, Charlie and Fred waited until everyone
left the room and then they also thanked her and
praised the presentation. Fred Coan said to her that he
knew now that Charlie had been hiding her talent but it
was out in the open after this. He knew where to go to
find help!

After he left Julie looked at Charlie as the tech guys
started unhooking the equipment and Jimmy and David
were packing up their stuff.

"Gosh, it went smoother than I thought, Mr. Hale. Did I
mess up or leave out anything?"

"Julie, my angel, it couldn't have been done better by
anyone. It was perfect! I am amazed at how easy you
make everything look, when I know the stress and
pressure you worked under."

Jimmy spoke from the table as he coiled cables: " You
hit a grand slam, Mom! You had them eating out of your

"Thank you baby! But there weren't many questions. I
expected a lot of questions!"

David: "That was because they recognized that you would
have told them of any problems before they asked, they
trusted you to give them facts not gloss over the

Julie smiled. She knew that these three guys couldn't
be trusted, they where her guys! They were to involved
in her to be objective, they would think a wart on her
nose was beautiful and kiss it as they slid their cock
in her!

Nick came over and they talked for a while as they
strolled out for coffee. He was also impressed as he
needed a presentation like this to help in sales. The
seminars they held were good sales tools but boring as
hell and suddenly he had seen how it should be done. He
asked could they get together some time and discuss the
possibility of showing this presentation to his
marketing manager. Julie said he should work that out
with Mr. Hale, that the presentation was property of
the school. Charlie said actually it was at the board's
direction so it was their property but they could look
into it. Nick said great, he would get in touch with
them and maybe they could go to lunch or even dinner if
they didn't want to hurry though their discussion.

Finally everyone was ready and the board went back to
the room for their working meeting, Charlie squeezed
Julie's hand and said see you later and went in also.
Nick and Julie went to their cars saying goodbye and
left. On the way back they talked about the meeting and
some other things to pass the time for the thirty mile
trip. Julie asked David if he would like to have dinner
with them, that she was just going to have salad and
pizza. He said sure he would, he loved pizza. She said
she had two frozen, one supreme and the other pepperoni
and she was going to cook both. They arrived at school
and the guys hurried as they had to have lunch and
dress out before loading on the bus.

Julie went to the office and was hit by ten questions
when she walked in, she said that the meeting went well
and Charlie was pleased. Darlene and Mrs. Lucas made
her tell them every thing and said they hoped that the
board would decide to at least start putting the
program in another school followed by the rest as soon
as money was available. Julie was thinking of other
things as they talked.

"Julie, you look tired, are you ok? "

"I'm fine Mrs. Lucas, just relaxing from being keyed up
this morning. I was worried about the meeting and
having problems with the equipment but everything
worked perfect and the people were so nice, so I
worried for nothing."

"Well honey, no one would ever have known you were
worried, Darlene and I both said we didn't see how you
be so calm and assured. We would have been throwing up
from fear. Why don't you go home, it's twelve minutes
until lunch and to late to start anything. Go home and
relax, take a nap you deserve it."

Julie said thank you, that she would do that. She had a
lot of things to do at home plus she would like to get
some sun this afternoon. She got her handbag from the
desk and left waving goodbye. Rushing home to put the
laptop and stuff away as she didn't want to leave it in
the car, she remembered yesterday and hoped that Bravo
wouldn't be there. She didn't have time for him and if
he got his nose under her dress she was a goner.

She didn't see him and sighed in relief as she put the
two backpacks in the living room, went to the toilet,
heated some the morning coffee and then back in the car
to go to the shopping center drinking the coffee as she
went. But as she drove she realized she was excited
just with the expectation that he might be there. She
smiled as she thought that he was just like a man, get
you wanting it then don't show up!

Julie parked and went inside, Charlie hadn't arrived
but she was a couple of minutes early and knew he might
be late getting out of the meeting. She got two glasses
of wine, took them to a table and then looked at the
glass encased counter of meats, cheese, and other deli
items, returning to wait for him. After five minutes
she went to the restroom adjusting her clothing after
finishing and checking makeup. Five more minutes passed
waiting until she saw Charlie's car veer around the
corner and in a parking spot moving in a hurry. He was
out and hurrying to the door when he saw her car and
smiled, slowing down a little he entered and came to
the table.

Julie had placed his wine glass on the same side she
sat on and he sat next to her, apologized for being
late and said he thought they would never stop talking.
Julie asked if they talked about the presentation and
he said hardly anything else. They were very excited
and no one was against it, so he felt like it would be
approved to explore costs.

"Julie, there was so much praise for you and the way
you did the presentation that I wished it was being
recorded for you to hear!"

"That's good maybe it will be possible to get it
installed at one other location this summer. Charlie I
got you a Pinot I hope you like a light wine."

"I love any thing you do Julie. In fact I love
everything about you!"

Smiling Julie said, let's eat I'm hungry. They went to
the counter and got sandwiches with meats and cheeses
and returned to their table and ate as they talked. The
sandwich was good she could have ate another, the wine
was good but she needed a toothbrush and a shower plus
another cup of coffee. Charlie didn't eat very fast for
a man and they finished at about the same time, she
asked if he would get her a coffee to go and rushed to
the restroom to check her teeth for food. He was paying
when she returned, they went to his car and Julie sat
close to him letting her skirt slid up her knees for
him. They were barely out of the parking lot before he
had a hand on her thigh moving the dress even farther

"That feels good Charlie. If I touch you can you drive
and stay on the street?"

"I'll try. I can slow down."

"No don't slow down, it would just take more time.
Charlie I would like to take a shower, you know, I
didn't sweat this morning but it was stressful and I
would like to be clean and fresh for you. Would you
turn on the hot water when we get there? How long will
it take to get warm?"

"Only about fifteen minutes, just about right for us to
have a cocktail and enjoy the view."

Julie twisted in the seat a little so his hand could
creep up a little farther. She reached down and
unbuttoned all the buttons from the bottom to her waist
and laid the dress open for him, then slowly opened her
legs laying her head on his arm. Charlie was trying to
look at heaven but not run off the road, he couldn't
speak as he was choked from the knowledge she was
offering herself for his pleasure.

"Julie, oh my god, Julie! You are the most wonderful
person in the world! "

Julie put her hand on his mouth, she didn't want him to
say that which he was going to blurt out. They rode in
silence, she sipped coffee and he explored. Julie
finally told him that she was going to be wet if he
didn't stop playing with her clit. He said he didn't
care. She gave him some coffee and he stole a quick
kiss, his heart was running at full speed, he couldn't
remember where they were as he was in another world. He
hoped he hadn't passed the turn that would be
embarrassing. But finally he saw the rising hill where
he would turn and it wasn't much farther.

Reaching the cabin he almost ran around the car to get
her door and as she slid over to get out her dress was
nowhere covering her lower half and she paused as he
held out his hand to help her out. Julie looked down at
her barely thong covered cunt as she spread her legs to
reach the ground, she did have a wet spot! She had a
smile as she looked up at Charlie and saw he was
looking also.

"Aren't you ashamed, Charlie! Teasing a girl and making
her wet, wanting you like this!"

"No proud actually!"

He helped her out and they went inside, he hurried to
turn on the water heater. Julie finished her coffee,
went to the bathroom and checked her makeup; he was
mixing a drink for them. He saw her legs flashing as
she had not closed the dress and it worked open as she
walked until he could see her from the waist down. She
took the one he offered her and they went out on the
deck, she kicked her shoes off but they only looked at
the view for a moment before Charlie was kissing her
and working on the buttons at the top.

Finally Julie stepped back and took his drink holding
it for him so he could use both hands. He opened the
dress all the way back to her shoulders and tried to
reach around her under the dress to undo the half bra.
Julie said it's in the front sweetheart, he looked
confused and then understood as he saw the clasp
between her breasts and got it undone quickly and out
of the way.

His mouth was over a nipple instantly and Julie gasped
as her stiff nipple was engulfed by his hot mouth, and
Charlie groaned as his tongue rubbed over the hard
throbbing tip. Julie's legs shook so hard she almost
sloshed the drinks out. She let him go from one to the
other for several minutes until she couldn't take it

"Charlie, please, you're driving me crazy, I love it
but I need you! Take a shower with me. I want to be
fresh for you. Let me bathe you and you bathe me!"

Charlie stopped sucking and saw her eyes were smoky
with lust, he just had to get her on the lounge and get
that clit in his mouth again and make her cum, then he
would fuck her for she was hot for it. When he took his
drink he said drink up and they downed the drink and
tossed the ice over the railing. He took Julie's glass
she removed her dress and blue half bra and they
returned inside.

As soon as they were in the door she turned and pressed
against him to get his cock against her stomach and it
was hard and fully ready. She said undress baby I'm
ahead of you. As he struggled out of his clothes she
went to the linen closet and got a sheet and fixed it
on the lounge just as he was finishing. They went to
the shower and spent fifteen minutes bathing and

As they dried off and Julie handled his cock until he
was almost crying, she went to the vanity and got some
mouthwash to rinse her mouth and took her bag to the
toilet. She wiped after using it and applied a light
cologne with a vanilla flavor to her cunt rubbing her
clit until it was extended. She went out to find
Charlie sitting on the lounge and his eyes devoured her
as she walked to him. He held out his arms for her to
walk into and when she did he kissed her stomach and
started down. Immediately Julie's knees began to shake
as she knew where he was going and she still remembered
last time as he sucked her clit and made her cum.

Charlie felt her legs shaking and he gloated as he
kissed in the hollow between her legs and cunt hair;
she would be like a quaking mountain of desire as soon
as he got her down and licked her clit a few times.
Maybe he could make her beg to be fucked! He turned her
around and slowly eased her down on the lounge and
spread her legs kissing from the knees upward as she
lay with her head elevated watching as he licked and
kissed his way to her cunt.

Julie was waiting, she loved to be licked and loved
like this, for him to capture her clit in his mouth but
glad he was taking his time to bring her to the brink
of climax. She knew now that which she really didn't
want to happen, he was in love with her! He didn't just
want a piece of ass, he wanted her to have all the
pleasure he could give her! He wanted her to fall in
love with his lips on her clit, cunt, and his cock in
her fucking her into blissful ecstasy.

She moaned from that realization, for she knew that he
would be successful! She would want him to fuck her,
she already did! She shouldn't any more than she should
want Jimmy or David or Bravo, but she did and she would
take them all ! She wanted each one or everyone of
them, she wanted them to want her, to make her want
them, she was a complete slut, always had been.

"Oh god, Charlie. Don't make me wait! Please do it to
me!" The words tumbled from her lips.

"What do you want me to do to you, Julie, my beautiful
angel? Tell me and I will do it."

"Ohhh, I want... I want you to kiss me... down there...
Like you did last time,, make me cum with your mouth on
my cunt. I love it, sweetheart, kiss my cunt and suck
my clit, please I need it so bad."

Charlie slipped forward and leaned down to her stiff
extended clit and kissed it on the tip and licked it
from the base to the end. Julie cried out aaaaggg and
murmured yes yes to him. He went to work on her cunt
and clit kissing, licking, and sucking as she twisted,
moaned, gasped and pulled his hair to get him tighter
and deeper.

"Oh Charlie, you're killing me with your loving, but I
want it, I need it, give it to me lover make me cum!"

Charlie sucked on Julie's clit until she started
slamming against his face as she reached her climax and
then he would lick her wet cunt and stick his tongue in
her as far as he could get it until she was finally
still, moaning. Slowly he crawled up her body kissing
every inch until he was at her face and then he told
her what he had been wanting to say.

"I love you Julie! I want you! I know we can't ever be
together as man and wife but I will want you and love
you forever!"

Julie didn't answer, she just pulled his head down and
kissed him opening her mouth to take his tongue; as she
felt him insert his cock in her wet slick cunt and
begin to fuck her. Charlie was slow and deliberate and
she came again in about ten minutes of his steady
fucking and then again as she was getting hotter and
hotter from his kissing of her lips and nipples and his
hand on her ass.

Charlie was playing her like a musical instrument and
she was loving it, she would respond to this all day if
he could hold out. Her heart sang out, he loves me, he
truly does love me! Charlie was proving it and she was
accepting his proof and when he spurted his cum load in
her cunt she came with him and she let him know as she
twisted against him kissing him feverishly.

"Oh Charlie you are so wonderful! You make me so happy
and contented, god, I could let you love me all day!
Can we lay here for a while and let me recover a little
before you take me again? "

Charlie loved the way she said take me again. That was
what he wanted, to be able to take her and fuck her and
her unable to resist. They lay and talked for a while
as he slowly slid out of her cunt but he didn't go down
to finger size even in a limp stage he was still fairly
big. Just as he was coming out Julie reached down and
held his cock in her hand massaging and squeezing it as
they kissed and talked. It was slick with his and her
cum but it soon dried and got sticky and her hand was
stuck to it and not able to make him feel good.

"Sweetheart could you get a washcloth for me? If I get
up I'll make a mess, you filled me with your hot cum
and it is going to flood out, it feels so good inside
me but it's won't stay in there."

Charlie got up and went to get a wash cloth, she held
it over her cunt and went to the bathroom. She returned
after awhile with a clean warm cloth and cleaned
Charlie's cock holding it and rubbing it along the
head. He was beginning to feed it stiffen and there was
a place that he wanted to be as he fucked Julie again.
He suggested that they get a cola from the refrigerator
and some fresh air and sunshine. Soon they were on the
deck but Charlie went back inside and came out with two
towels and taking her hand led her down the steps and
started for the pier.

Julie got excited again, she always got excited when
she was exposed in public. This wasn't exactly public
but she wasn't just showing some leg or part of a
breast either, she was naked, completely naked, she
didn't even have a towel he had both over his shoulder.
They repeated their washing like last trip and then
went to the pier and Charlie spread the towel for her
to lay on. She was wet as was he and the sun felt good
on her naked breasts and stomach.

They drank their colas and he was touching her
intimately, she reached out as she got hotter and
grasped his cock it was hard and full size again. Julie
thought now we have to walk back and hoped he would
hurry she wanted that in her hand in her cunt. She
could also suck it a little for he wasn't as quick
triggered as she would have thought, she was faster
than he was.

Charlie lifted her leg and rubbed his thumb along her
slit and slipped into her cunt. Julie sighed and closed
her eyes, he moved a little and she lifted her other
leg to give him deeper access and he moved away and his
cock was gone but the thumb went in deeper. Julie was
enjoying this, finger fucked in the wide open, the sun
on her naked body, nothing to worry about.

She felt Charlie shift again but didn't think any thing
about until his thumb eased lower and a finger touched
her asshole. She sighed a little deeper as a finger in
her ass was great almost like last time except he
sucked her clit then. She stiffened as Charlie's mouth
closed over the tip of her clit and sucked it out of it
protective hood. He sucked as his thumb went deep in
her cunt and his finger penetrated her ass.

"Charlie, baby, lover, oooooohhhh, it's wonderful, I
love it! Charlie! Yes baby, do it, do it to me. Fuck me
lover, I love you oooohhhh yes I love you to fuck me
like this, I love you..."

Charlie was in heaven she had said it, I love you! Sure
he knew she was speaking from passion, lost in the
delirious state of total ecstasy and she wasn't going
to move in with him and give him her life and give up
her family but she at least would want more of his
loving and cock from now on. If he played it smooth she
would be his lover! But first he had to make her cum
from his clit sucking. Julie was almost helpless. She
couldn't have stopped now if they were surrounded by a
dozen policemen with hand cuffs. She raised up on her
elbows and humped towards his hand and mouth as her
ache descended to her womb and then as she began to cum
she fell back with a thump on the dock, beating the
towel with her closed fists.

Charlie redoubled his efforts as she moaned again and
again, somewhere way off he heard a boat motor and as
he sucked he looked over her heaving breasts and saw a
small boat on the other side of the lake. He watched as
she continued to convulse flooding his hand but the
boat didn't turn. Maybe they didn't see them but then
he heard the motor slow and watched but it didn't stop
or veer their way. They saw but didn't come this way
and it slowly continued on to the bend and was going
around out of sight. He forgot about the boat as Julie
was suddenly quieter and she was laying flat and still
with only her hands twitching as she began to settle
down from her ecstasy high.

She still murmured endearing words to her lover as he
also slowed down his assault on her cunt, clit, and
ass. Now was the time to get his cock in her, he wanted
her to remember his loving and his fucking. Again as he
had inside he disengaged his hand removed his mouth and
moved up her body to kiss her lips with his cum wet
lips and felt her hand guide his cock into her cunt.
She wanted it! She was in completed submission and
would take whatever he wanted to give her and he wanted
to give her a belly full of cum. For many long minutes
they lay entwined on the dock, Julie had wrapped her
legs around his as soon as his cock was fully inserted
and held him as if she was afraid he might get up and
leave her.

Charlie wasn't going anywhere as this was right where
he wanted to be! But he did roll to his side taking her
over also so his weight wouldn't be on her and they
could move against each other. They were plastered
together and he moved in and out just enough to keep
her on the edge for he wanted to cum in her cunt but
not soon. They kissed and he played with Julie's
nipples as they fucked looking at each other.

Julie had one hand behind his head, the other on his
ass, and both legs wrapped around his and she would
kiss him on the lips, chin, and cheeks. Charlie was
pumping slowly and when he was all the way in she would
grind her cunt against his hairy crotch. His hand was
around one of Julie's tits with thumb and forefinger
clamped on a nipple, he rolled it between his fingers
and squeezed it lightly and occasionally he would pinch
letting his thumb nail dig into the firm flesh. Each
time he pinched Julie would moan and suck his tongue
into her mouth.

"Julie, sweetheart, this is so good ! I wish we could
do this every day all day long, you are the most
beautiful woman in the world."

"Yes, it is good, you really know how to make me want
you! You are the best, Charlie! Oh yes pinch it, make
me cum for you lover! Oh you know how to fuck me don't
you? You make me so hot, it's not fair the way you keep
me turned on, wanting you, you are driving me crazy!
You keep me right at the edge, just as I think that I
going to cum you slow down and then bring me back to
the edge again and again. You are an amazing lover, how
did you know I would like a little pain? How do you
know when to suck and when to lick? Oh god Charlie, I'm
almost there, let me cum this time, please,, you can
fuck me as long as you want, I love your cock in me...
Make me cum for you lover,, pinch it make me scream.
Fuck me baby fuck me!"

Charlie couldn't refuse Julie anything, he began to put
all his strength in slamming into her, pinching her
nipple and kissing her until she stiffened and fell
away as she gasped for breath and ground her cunt
against him cumming, whimpering, her cunt milking his
cock with incredible power until he lost control and
joined her cum and filled her with his sperm.

"Oh yes lover. Give me all of it, fill me with your
cum. Oh it feels so good to have you inside me cumming.
I know I am pleasing you when you spurt your cum in me.
Yes baby, yes, oh you are so good. Your cock makes me
happy, let it just rest in me, deep inside. I love your
cock, you are my lover you fuck me so wonderfully!"

Julie and Charlie were wet with sweat, they lay on the
towel but the dock was hard and the sun was beating
down on them and they were both flushed and breathing
hard but feeling great. They kissed and loved on each
other for a long time; kissing sweaty lips, licking
salty drops of moisture and looking into each others
eyes with love mixed with lust. Julie felt Charlie's
cock thicken and jerk in her cunt, he was growing

"Oh god Charlie, not again! You're going to kill me!"

"You promised I could fuck you as long as I wanted, I

"Yes sweetheart, but not here all day! Let's go inside
where it's cool, we're hot and I'm thirsty, you can
have me again, my body is yours until we have to go
home. I'm worn out but you are my lover and I want you
to love me until you are satisfied, take me inside and
then take my body again, please."

"If I said no it must be here and now what would you do

"Then you would take me now, here, I would let you fuck
me, you know that !"

"That's why I love you, Julie. That's why I want you.
Come on let's dip in the lake and cool off and go
inside, you know also that I can't refuse you

"We're two pitiful people aren't we Charlie?"

"I'm the luckiest man in the world, Julie. You have
made me that ! Come on!"

Julie gave him her hand and he helped her up but she
got dizzy and wobbled until Charlie wrapped his arms
around her and helped her into the lake the cool water
did make her feel better even though it was a shock
when she first went in and as they waded out to deeper
water she was shaking and chill bumps were covering her
body. Then they were in up to her breasts they stopped
and Charlie held her until she stopped shivering. Julie
was in his arms huddled against his chest and she could
feel his cock against her stomach getting harder.

She turned her beautiful face up to his and very
slowly, while looking at her eyes, he bent to her lips
and they kissed, not a lustful kiss, a kiss of love and
promise. Charlie hand slid down to her cunt and a
finger started in her.

"No lover, not in the water, it could start an

Charlie tickled along the slit and Julie closed her
eyes as she laid her face against his chest and just
let him play with her, making her hot again.

"Oh, sweetheart, if you keep doing that you will have
to carry me to the cabin. You make me weak. Your cock
is hard already, hot and feels wonderful against me.
You are to much for me. But I want it! Take me to the
cabin and fuck me again, let me just lay and enjoy your
strength and your hot cock in me. Please, don't torture
me like this!"

"Yes, Julie. I will take you and fuck you again. Also
make you take my cock in your mouth and suck it. Then I
want to fuck your beautiful ass, have you ever fucked
in the ass?"

"Yes, some times."

Charlie could feel her trembling and he wrapped his
arms around her tighter as he thought she was cold.
Julie was trembling because she wanted what he said he
wanted to do. She was a little afraid and a little
thrilled with the new Charlie, she had seen a little of
his masterful persona last week but today he was full
speed ahead and she wanted, needed, a man to control
her and make her his slut and Charlie was going to do
it if it killed her or him, maybe both. He began to
walk her towards the shore and then got the towels and
they walked slowly back to the cabin. Charlie would
stop and kiss her and touch her nipples, he was keeping
her hot. Julie was glad, she wanted to be hot, she was
hot thinking about being fucked in the ass.

Reaching the cabin Julie went directly to the toilet
and cleaned herself as best she could. She remembered
that she had put a tube of cream in her bag and applied
some to her cunt and ass. She needed a shower and he
did also but there wasn't time. Returning to the small
kitchen area where Charlie was holding a glass of cola
for her she drank most of it before noticing that he
didn't have anything. She offered him the rest and he
drank it telling her that they were out of drinks, he
had to remember to get some more.

Julie was putting the cream on her body as he drank the
cola and drank in the beauty of the naked woman before
him, getting ready for him to fuck her, she was so
submissive, so ready for his cock he could see it in
her eyes! The cream was making her breasts shine in the
sunlight coming through the windows and it had a great
aroma. He was getting bigger and harder looking at her
looking at his cock. Julie took his hand and backed to
the lounge sitting down and pulling him to her. She
moved him between her legs and placing her hands on his
ass kissed the head of his cock several times until it
was pointing straight out from his body right at her

Julie ran her tongue tip up the tiny slit in his cock
head bring a sigh from Charlie. Then she slipped her
lips over the head and pulled him towards her making it
move into her hot mouth deeper and deeper not stopping
until he was brushing against her nose and his balls
bounced against her chin. Charlie thought this was the
most wonderful feeling his cock had ever had but he was
the wrong! The most wonderful started when Julie's
throat muscles swallowed and his cock was massaged and
pulled deeper into her. Charlie moaned loudly and
continued as she repeated the action again and again.
She could feel his cock swelling in her throat and she
was having trouble getting air into her lungs and was
ready to pull up when he began to push her away.

Charlie didn't want to make her stop but he was going
to lose it and cum down her throat and he wasn't sure
how many cums he had left and he wanted her ass bad !
As she let him pull out she sucked and licked the
retreating muscle of love because she loved the feel of
it in her mouth and the taste of pre-cum he was
depositing on her tongue. When he was out she kissed
the tip and looked up at his face smiling.

"I love your cock Charlie. You are quite a man! You
have been fooling me, pretending to be unsure and
timid, wanting to fuck me but afraid that I wouldn't
enjoy it! You knew I would love it all the time you
were torturing me, telling me how much you wanted me
how you were suffering just having to be around me and
unable to touch me. Now you have me and you know I want
anything you will do to me! You are so passionate! How
do you do it!"

"You know why and how. It's because of you that I am
passionate and want you all the time. You are beautiful
and the most sexy woman ever, I want to fuck you all
the time, forever, make love to you every way possible,
do all the things I ever heard of but never thought I
would get the opportunity."

"Then do it Charlie, but be gentle and don't hurt me.
Take my ass with your cock, make me want you even more
than I do. I know I will love it for I love everything
you do to me! Make me your ass slut as well as your
lover and cock sucker!"

Charlie was surprised to head Julie use such nasty
words but the look in her eyes told him she was being
truthful, she was giving herself to him without
reservations, she would take anything he did to her!

Julie reached beside herself on the lounge and got the
cream tube and squeezed a liberal amount in her hand
and applied it to his cock as it bobbed a few inches
from her face getting the wet and red head slick. When
she finished she wiped her hand on the sheet and turned
to lay on her side looking back at him whispering, come
and take my ass, baby! Charlie had trouble. His
cockhead was so swollen that he didn't believe it would
go in the tiny asshole Julie had presented to him but
he slid close to her ass and when it touched her
crinkled opening she moaned in lust. He tried to just
let it slide in but it wasn't going in there without
some help and he had to hold it with his hand and push
with his hips to get it even started.

It felt like he was splitting the little slit, then
Julie rotated her hips just slightly and about half the
head entered, they moaned in unison. She pushed back
and slowly the head passed though the anal ring and
then it was easier going for him. He didn't know about
her but he knew it was the tightest hole he had ever
been in, he hoped she wasn't in pain but didn't plan on
stopping now.

Charlie had moved his now greasy hand to her hip and
Julie reached around grasping it and pulling it to her
mouth and sucked his middle finger. Reaching back again
she grabbed his ass cheek and pulled him against her
ass and the cock was firmly seated in her ass all the
way to the balls. She was hot inside and all kind of
ripples and squeezes were happening to his cock in her.

"Oh, god, Julie, this is wonderful, oh we should have
done this long ago! It feels so good, are you ok?"

"Yes, lover just be slow and gentle. You are so big I
need to adjust to you. I can feel every vein on you,
your burning me up in there! Oh baby, I can't believe
it, I'm going to cum again oooooooooohhhhhhh! Yes fuck
me, fuck my ass lover."

Charlie tried to be slow and gentle but it became
obvious that Julie didn't want slow and gentle she
wanted to be fucked and cum for him. Neither of them
realized how long they were able to go without cumming,
Julie didn't last long before her first but she slammed
back at Charlie so hard she compressed his balls and
that took away some of his lust fever and replaced it
with fear of being castrated. She came a second time
and tired and then he took over most of the action and
built up his passion again finally erupting into her
ass as she cooed and murmured fuck me, fuck me baby.

Finally they lay still and Charlie kissed her back and
neck but Julie didn't turn her face to him as she was
fucked out and could hardly move anymore. She wanted to
go to sleep! But Charlie kept messing with her,
kissing, feeling of her tits and pulling himself
against her ass trying hard to keep his cock in her
ass. But that was a losing battle for when he reached a
certain spot of depth her ass pushed him out quickly.
Charlie rolled over on his back almost falling off the
side and just lay there resting and smiling. She just
lay with her eyes closed and her last thought was, what
a mess I have got into, how will I keep this man
satisfied along with Harry, Jimmy, David, and Bravo.
She felt like it was her duty. She belonged to them!
She drifted into sleep.

Charlie wasn't sleepy, he was excited, elated, and
feeling majestic. But he was tired. Joints were sore,
hips felt like a truck had hit them, jaw ached, even
his feet were tender and his cock was shrinking into
his crotch hair trying to hide from the madman that
kept ramming it into a meat grinder. But he was smiling
! Slowly he rose up going to the bath room, for the
toilet needed him bad, and decided he should take a
quick shower for he was sweaty and his crotch felt icky
and would smell worse he was sure. He came out in ten
minutes feeling better after standing under the hot
water and saw Julie lying just as he had left her, also
saw that the clock was nearing four. They would have to
get going to make it home by five!

Charlie got a wash cloth and wet it and went to her to
clean her a little as she woke up. He looked at her
lying on her side with her face covered by the long
shiny black hair and thought how beautiful she was and
how great it would be to wake ever morning seeing that
in his bed! He had to admit that he wouldn't live very
long though! When he rolled her to her back she didn't
move but her eyes slowly opened and he leaned down and
kissed her lips.

"Wake up angel, we need to get cleaned up and go, for
time had left us again. Let me wash your face as you
wake up, you look so beautiful sleeping, I couldn't
resist kissing you. Do you feel ok?"

"Charlie, I think so, oh I'm so tired ! You have just
about worn me out, I feel so good but so tired. I can't
believe you are so tireless and virile you act if you
did this every day just for light exercise."

Charlie grinned at her and finished with her face and
moved down to her breasts rubbing them with the warm
wet cloth and then down her stomach to her cunt. Julie
spread her legs and let him rub her there, he was
gentle and slow. She didn't mention that she had just
washed it and he used the other orifice so it wasn't
dirty but it felt good to her and he seemed to like it
so she just lay and let him have it.

"Thank you Charlie, that is so sweet of you, I like to
be pampered. I need a shower after my toilet do you
want to shower also or have you already showered you
smell fresh and clean, how long did I sleep, what time
is it?"

"Nearly four no need to rush but we can't waste time
either, I already showered. I'll straighten up while
you are showering. Wish I had something besides water
and scotch to offer you."

Julie raised up and smiled at him and kissed his lips
and took the wash cloth to the bathroom with her. He
watched her ass as she walked away. But his cock stayed
hidden. Twenty minutes later he had straighten up and
had all the soiled linens in the washing machine except
for the towel and wash cloth she was using. He turned
off the water heater and the air conditioner and was
ready except there seemed like he was forgetting
something he walked around the cabin rechecking and
every thing was ready. So he shook his head and sat

Julie came in the room and saw him sitting, she stopped
dead still.

"Charlie you aren't dressed, did you intend to, make
love, again! Do we have time?"

"Oh my, I was reliving today I'm sorry,, doing it now."
He began to look for his clothes cursing himself under
his breath for being an absolute idiot, how in hell did
you forget to put your clothes on!!! Julie smiled and
walked to him and put her arms around him and kissed
him as he held his shorts.

"Wow, I hope it was good memories you where having I
haven't been a very lively person have I."

"You were fantastic Julie, this has been a perfect day
for me, morning and afternoon, you are responsible for
both. God, you smell wonderful."

"Thank you, sweetheart. I'll be ready in a minute.
Don't leave without me."

They were getting in the car at four thirty five and
left at four forty five. Julie forgot to button her
blouse, can you believe that, and Charlie had to help
her but his hands kept slipping inside. He had to drive
faster than he wanted to with one hand as the other was
holding her down in the seat by the thigh. As they
pulled into the parking lot Julie had her bags and they
exchanged a quick kiss and she went to her car. He
waited until she was pulling out before he left for


Sarah had not had a good Monday or Tuesday! After
arriving home late Sunday she did the normal things and
then went to bed to get a good night's sleep. She woke
up Monday morning and discovered that her period had
started and she had an appointment with the doctor at
three thirty to be examined and get her pills. She
called the office and explained her problem and they
said no problem it happened all the time, so after
school she made it to the office just in time. When she
was ushered in the exam room and undressed she was
mortified to find she had leaked in her panties and
when the nurse and doctor came in she was sniffling
with tears in her eyes.

The kindly old doctor chuckled and tried to joke her
into a better mood saying he had been in worse messes
so not to worry. Sarah said she was embarrassed she
never flooded like this! He checked her blood pressure,
temperature, and physical conditions killing time so
she would calm down a little. Finally he asked her why
she was shaking, that the exam wasn't going to be
painful and the nurse was right there with them. Sarah
said she was shaking because she was freezing to death
with nothing on but a thin little gown and embarrassed
to death lying on a table under bright lights knowing
he was going to be looking up her you know what with a

The doctor chuckled, the nurse said well honey you
still have a sense of humor, I'll get you a blanket.
Sarah lay with her eyes closed as the doctor stuck
things in her, cold things, he sat so his eyes were
level with her crotch and looked with a little
flashlight. The nurse had placed a blanket over her and
she felt a little better but the doctor kept looking
and poking.

Finally he let her sit up and took the blanket off her
and felt of her breasts, nipples, and all over her
body, looking in her mouth and all around her lips and
gums. He covered her and told her to lay down again.
The nurse had a tampon and he inserted it for her,
Sarah groaned and said this is so humiliating. The
doctor laughed and said we give full service but you
wouldn't think it was bad if I was forty years younger,
that's the curse of getting old!

He gave her some advice and wrote her a preion
and said take one each day starting seven days from
now, you will feel lousy for about a week until you get
accustomed to the hormones and you will have some
soreness in your breasts and nipples plus they will
increase in size a little. I see on your history that
you used to take these so they should be the right
strength for you. If not call and we will change, why
did you stop taking them were you trying to have a

Sarah said no, I just didn't need them then. And she
blushed. The doctor patted her on the knee and smiled
well that's good and the smart thing to do, if you
don't need them. You are a beautiful young girl and we
are happy that you came to us and look forward to
seeing you again. If anything comes up or you have any
questions don't hesitate to call. We need to do a
through physical on you but it's not something that has
to be done immediately, you call us when your body
adjusts to this and we will set it up. Ok?

Sarah went to the drugstore and got her pills and went
home, glad that was over! Tuesday wasn't much better
she felt nervous all day and was glad to get home. She
immediately took a shower for she had felt unclean all
day, then worked on her final exams.


Emily had a normal time except she was constantly
thinking about Julie and how the presentation was
progressing and then how did the meeting go. But Julie
was no where to be found.


Harry was tired by noon on Tuesday, he wanted to go
somewhere and lay down. It had been rough! Sunday when
they arrived at the motel checked in and everyone put
their stuff away. They met and went to the job site and
walked it over and he showed what had been done and
where all the pipes would be laid, the wires run, the
chill rooms built, one on each side of the plant.
Heather was walking with them and she was amazed at the
size of the site, she was being patient and finally
Harry got around to the front and showed her the
construction building she would be in but it was closed
of course.

Heather was disappointed, she thought she and Harry
would ride in his truck and could talk but one of the
other guys rode with them so the crew truck wouldn't be
so crowded and all they could do is talk about the
weather, sports, the job, and listen to the radio! But
she was pleased with her room it was clean and neat
plus it was next to Harry.

It was nearly dark and everyone was hungry so they went
to eat and had a few beers and by then it was time to
go to bed, they said. She wasn't sleepy and kept trying
to catch Harry's eyes and give him a smile to see if he
would smile back but he was involved in explaining that
they would have to work some overtime and he thought
they would rather work an extra hour each day and only
half a day on Saturday so they could get home before
dark. Everyone agreed. Then Harry looked at Heather and
asked if it was all right with her, that she wouldn't
have to work like they did but she would have to wait
for them. She said sure if you think that is best I'm
for it.

Harry smiled and said when we get to the motel let's
talk about what you will have to work with and if there
is any thing you need. You won't know maybe until
tomorrow but we can plan as best as we can. Meet me in
the little lobby. She smiled and said ok. Not a word
was said about anything but work as the man behind the
desk could hear everything but as they left she touched
Harry's arm briefly and he smiled and put his finger to
his lips and she heard him say ssshh. At ten o'clock
she was bathed and ready but no Harry. At ten thirty
she slipped, out after checking the walkway and not
seeing anyone, tapping on his door and he answered come

At two she made it back to her room. They had to get up
at six but she didn't care!

The next day was hot! The guys had to stay out in the
sun all day long except for the many trips to the water
cooler on the truck. Heather got her office set, called
Mrs. Grey, gave her the number and started her record
keeping of time. Harry was in and out, talking with the
construction boss, checking plans, and helping his crew
when ever he could. At dinner they were quiet and went
to bed early. Heather went to Harry's room early and
left late, he was sound asleep before she got out of
the bathroom.

Tuesday Harry was tired and didn't want to see Heather,
but he couldn't help it as she would come out to where
they were working and bring them Gatorade and donuts,
she was getting good at driving that big truck. He was
glad she was concerned about them but she was so full
of life, happy, and cheerful, and they were all dog
tired, hot and sweaty. All any one wanted to do was get
a shower and lay under the air conditioner. They were
eating later after resting a while so Heather would go
shopping or just looking, she was not fond of TV.


Julie got home and went straight to the coffee pot she
was needing some caffeine bad, she heated it just
little and drank it down like water, poured another cup
and headed for the shower. She took a long very hot
shower and washed herself twice! She dried her hair
quickly and went to the kitchen for more coffee, she
was feeling better now. She got the frozen pizzas out
and let them start thawing, made a salad, decided to
use paper plates and a bowl. By then it was six o'clock
and she sat down and drank coffee waiting for Jimmy and
David. She just had to smile as she remembered the
afternoon with Charlie, he was turning out to be much
more than she had expected!

She heard Jimmy talking loudly and excitedly as he got
out of the car so she went to unlock the door. He was
leaving the coach's car and starting for the house when
she got to the entry and waved at the coach. The car
was full of boy's and they all looked with envy at
Jimmy's mom. She gave him a hug when he got to the
steps and heard the coach yell out the car window that
he deserved two hugs! Julie looked at Jimmy's big smile
and he said ; "I hit a home run, Mom, in the ninth
inning that won the game!" Julie gave him another hug
and a big kiss and they waved as the car pulled away
down the street.

On the way inside and as he put his stuff away he told
about the game and what had happened. How they were one
run down and David got a hit and was on first, the next
guy struck out to make it two outs when Jimmy came up
to bat. He fouled off three straight pitches and then
the pitcher threw him a fast ball right down the middle
and he creamed it! His excitement got Julie excited
also, she was beaming with pride ! Finally he went to
take a shower and she got the pizza's in a flat pan.
She went to the bathroom door and asked him if David
was coming soon or at seven and he said so as he
showers. The phone rang. Emily finally got her!

"Where have you been! I called a dozen times since I
got home, worried sick that things didn't go well. Did
it? I know it did, it just had to! Did they ask many
questions? Are they going to put in the program at the
other school? Or are they going fire us all and make a
dance hall/whore house out of the building? Tell me
something! Talk to me!"

"How can I talk? You are just like Sarah, won't hush
long enough to let anyone answer!"

She told Emily all about the meeting and how it was
well received but she didn't have a clue on what they
were going to decide. They talked for a while and Emily
said oh god, there's Kurt and I don't have dinner
ready, I'll talk to you later, bye.

Julie hang the phone up and it rang again before her
hand got off it.

"Hello, Mrs. Cole, has Jimmy got home yet, this is

"He just got here a little while ago, he is in the
shower now, could I have him call you when he finishes

"Please, that would be nice."

"Does he have your number, Tammy ?"

"Yes ma'am, he does."

"Ok, I'll tell him. Good to talk to you. Bye."

As she hung up she thought well how about that ! Girls
these days aren't afraid to make a move ! I had to
stand and look pretty hoping someone would notice me in
my flared skirt and saddle oxfords. Now they wear next
to nothing and call, looking for studs. She smiled, she
knew she was just jealous.

Jimmy came out clean and dressed in shorts and a golf
shirt, she told him about Tammy's call and said he
should call her since she was nice enough to call him.
He hesitated a second and asked if he could take the
phone to his room, watching her eyes carefully. Julie
said yes baby it's a personal call, then added don't
worry I won't be jealous and snoop to listen, I know
you will have other girlfriends, just don't forget me!
Jimmy smiled and said how could he ever forget her.

David was there and she let him in, telling him Jimmy
was on the phone with Tammy and asked if he wanted
something to drink as she cooked the pizzas. He said
no, I'll just watch and sat at the counter. They
discussed the game and school and got dinner ready.
When Jimmy came in and hung up the phone he asked if he
could go to the movie with Tammy on Saturday night. She
said yes and asked how he could get them there, did she
need to take them. He said no, Tammy's father would
come and pick him up.

"Baby, did you make the date or did she?"

"She asked me."

"She asked you! My how times have changed."

"Well we don't live in the thirties anymore, Mom."

"Well to you too, I'm going to pretend that I didn't
hear that. Did you hear Jimmy say anything David ?"

"No, not a word. He is a good son, he wouldn't get in
trouble by smarting off to his mother. Of course his
mother is so young and beautiful that she wouldn't ever
to be thought of as more than twenty five."

"Well, guess who's going to get the biggest slice of
pizza ! Jimmy find us some drinks, it's almost ready. I
want iced tea. "

They ate both pizzas and all the salad talking about
the day and how it was a good one for each of them.
Julie asked what they were going to do after dinner and
they looked surprised. She asked if she forgot

"We thought you wanted to see the DVD's and pictures
and were going to show them to you."

"Oh, yes it slipped my mind, did you bring them David?"

"No ma'am, I thought it would be better if we watched
them on the larger screen of my desktop at the house."

"Oh, I see. Is your mother home?"

"No she went to visit her sister again. She won't be
back until after midnight."

"Ok, are we going to watch them together, all three of

"Sure mom, it should be fun, let me drive so I can

"That's scary baby."

"Aw, Mom."

"Ok, ok. Just kidding, sweetheart."

The phone rang, Jimmy got it and they could tell it was
Harry immediately. "Hi Dad, how are you? Fine. I'm glad
you called today we had our first game. Yeah, me and
David both, put us in the sixth inning. Dad, I hit a
home run that won the game! Honest! Sweet, man it was
sweet. Uh huh. I grounded out my other time at bat.
Ninth inning, we are down one run first man struck out,
David hit a single and stole second, next man struck
out, I fouled off three straight pitches.

"He was throwing me a over hand curve and I was
swinging under it because it didn't break down, he was
getting slower and slower but it wouldn't drop for him!
I was going to try and hit it level but then I
remembered you telling me about set up pitches and I
thought he would throw a fast ball off the plate to get
me to chase it but he threw a fast ball and it was
right down the middle and I creamed it! I thought for
sure it would bounce and hit the fence and I might get
a double and David would score to tie the game. But it
didn't fall it sailed over the fence about two feet!"

"Yeah, I jumped about ten feet when it went over, every
body was jumping up and down and screaming. Man that
was great! Yeah, Dad. Uh huh. Dad, thanks for all those
times you pitched to me and showed me how to field and
hold the ball to throw, and all the times we sat at the
TV and you told me about how the game was more than
catching and hitting that you had to think and look for
trends. It sure saved us today! Yes sir! I know, can't
be a hero everyday. Yeah she's listening. Ok, see you
Saturday. Love you, old man!"

Jimmy gave the phone to Julie and motioned for David to
come to his room. They went back because Jimmy had
something to tell him and so Julie could talk privately
with Harry. He told David about Tammy calling and said
she was going to call Lisa so they could double date
otherwise her parents wouldn't let them go, was that ok
with him? David said sure, was her father going to stay
at the movie. The answer was don't know, sure hope not.

Then they talked about how to handle tonight. Start
early or wait until they were at David's. They decided
to see what happened and how the coffee worked. Jimmy
said they were getting low on the mix and that the
shipment was late. Finally they eased to the door and
listened and then sat back on the bed, Julie didn't
sound like she was close to being finished.

They sat in silence, David was thinking and Jimmy was
impatient he didn't like to just sit and wait, he
wanted to be doing something.

"David do you think she will do it after tonight, after
she sees it first hand?"

"Yeah, she has been looking at those DVD's everyday and
horny as hell so she will, I think."

"Come on, we've got to start the ball rolling. Where
are the cuffs in your pack or mind?"

"Yours, since we are riding we can put all the
equipment in mind and leave yours here."

They went in the living room and saw Julie was leaning
on the counter and drinking coffee while talking to
Harry. Jimmy found the cuffs and collar and they
slipped the assortment of equipment in David's pack and
put it in the car. When they returned to the living
room Jimmy cut off some of the lights and walked to
Julie's rear and started rubbing her ass she looked
around at him in surprise but didn't protest. She was
telling Harry not to forget to increase his salt intake
and drink lots of water, no not beer, alcohol slowed
down the bodies cooling system. Ok just one.

She and Harry were saying goodbye with lots of love
you's and kisses. She clicked the phone off and laid it
on the counter.

"What are you doing, baby?"

"Sorry mom, but I'm excited and you look so good in
these tight shorts that I couldn't wait. We need to
warm you up."

Suddenly the lights in the kitchen were turned off and
the blindfold was placed over her eyes. She stood still
as he tied it behind her head, she was turned around
and her shirt unbuttoned and pulled away exposing her
breasts. Jimmy showed David the chain fastened to her
nipples and they pulled on it lightly. Her hands were
pulled in front of her and the cuffs were placed around
her wrists and secured. Next came the collar. She was
getting excited now! Jimmy kissed her and rubbed his
chest against her breasts, then David kissed her and
did the same.

She knew she was going to be stripped in a minute but
realized that she didn't know if it was dark yet, maybe
they would wait until it was before making her go to
the car naked. But it didn't really matter, she would
go! But they didn't strip her instead her chain was
removed and she heard it being placed on the counter.
The shirt was buttoned at least half way, she wasn't
sure about that. Unknown to her Jimmy got the rest of
the doctored coffee in a cup with a top on it to take
with them.

They locked up and went to the car helping her in the
front seat and over to the middle. She was between them
and both kissed her and rubbed her breasts before
starting the car, she knew the shirt wasn't buttoned
half way for her tits were hanging out. They drove
slowly and turned into the drive at David's, where the
blindfold was removed as Jimmy was parking. They went
in the front as the garage was closed and to the
computer room.

For the next hour she sat on the couch between them,
naked, watching the playback of her pictures from the
first to the end including all the still shots of her
impaled on the cock of Bravo. Jimmy and David caressed
her from head to toe the entire time. She was wetting
the leather couch with her secretions as she looked at
close-ups of the knot rubbing her cunt lips and then
the bulge of her cunt when it was in her.

Next was the movies and she whimpered as she heard
herself moaning as she came from the pounding cock in
her cunt. Gasping as she looked at the knot slamming
against her, entering and popping out as the dog fucked
her unmercifully and then twisting and fucking against
him as he pumped his hot semen in her. Julie wanted to
be fucked bad, she wanted them as she sat holding both
cocks in her hands but mostly she wanted the dog,
Bravo, her lover again, for the front and on her back
taking her for his bitch.

When it was over Julie lay her head on the couch back
with her eyes closed. Jimmy straddled her hips and she
let him slip his cock in her mouth as he put the
blindfold back on her. She didn't need to be
blindfolded but if they wanted her that way it was
alright, it seemed to magnify her feelings and make her
more sensitive. David's finger entered her cunt after a
while, he was away doing something. She had two cocks
again one in her mouth and one in her hand plus a
finger in her cunt and she was building to a climax.

Unknown to her, she also had a spectator watching !
Connie wasn't visiting her sister, she was in the
bedroom waiting for them. David had gone and motioned
for her to come and watch as Jimmy blindfolded Julie.
Connie was also wet as she had listened to the moans
and cries from the movies and she remembered each one
and what was happening as she had watched the videos
four or five times. She looked at the beautiful naked
Julie sucking Jimmy's cock and holding her son's cock
as he fucked her with his finger. Connie was naked and
had on cuffs and a collar also.

"Are you ready for all three of us now, mom."

Pausing her sucking, Julie replied; "Yes baby."

"Who do you want first, us or Bravo?"

"You and David at the same time and then let Bravo have
me for as long as he wants."

Jimmy wanted Connie to hear her ask for the dog cock.
"How do you want the dog to fuck you?"

"On my hands and knees first, then on my stomach. Then
anyway he wants me."

"You like for a dog to fuck you, don't you?"

"Oh yes, I love for him to mount me, ram his cock in me
and make me cum, then knot me and pump his hot cum in
my cunt."

Jimmy was rubbing his cock over Julie's lips she was
kissing it and trying to suck it, she wished he would
hurry up she needed Bravo now she hadn't had him today,
he didn't come to the house today. She imagined that
she could hear his knot and balls slapping against her
wet cunt and feel the hair sliding over her ass and her
back as he fucked. But they wouldn't give her to him
until she asked even begged for his cock.

"Please lover, don't make me wait, fuck me and then let
Bravo have me. I need you and David to fuck me and I
want Bravo to take me for his bitch. I need him now,

"You want to be his bitch, don't you?"

"Yes, I am Bravo's bitch. He claimed me with his knot.
He has made me his bitch, he came to the house
yesterday, waited for me, almost raped me and knotted
me twice. I belong to him, I crave his cock and knot in
me, please get him for me and let him take his bitch
again and again."

David touched Jimmy and nodded yes ok, then motioned
towards Connie standing against the wall with her eyes
closed and rubbing her cunt. Jimmy pulled Julie up as
he rolled over and she climbed over his legs to settle
on his cock sinking it deep into her wet cunt then felt
David behind her and getting against her ass. She
leaned forwarded to kiss Jimmy and remained as David's
long cock slid to her asshole and she felt the lube on
it as it entered her. She was moaning in seconds as
they settled into regular rhythm and to her surprise
she came quickly.

Connie had moved to the couch and sat on the floor
about three feet away watching as her son and Jimmy
fucked Julie. She was hot and wanted to touch those
swaying, swinging, and bouncing tits. She wanted to
suck Julie's nipples and feel her body, skin, and those
muscles rippling under her hands. She had never played
with a woman, didn't think she wanted to, she always
wanted a man to be her master, tie her and spank her,
whip her ass with a belt, clamp her nipples with
clothes pins, make her do wonderfully nasty things but
she suddenly wanted to love this woman even lick and
kiss that wet squishing cunt!

Julie was unaware of Connie, she was deep into her
erotic feeling of the just completed cum and the one
that was rising. She could feel the two cocks getting
harder and knew they couldn't last long once she
started to milk the two cocks in her and then she could
have the dog's cock in her. She moaned in anticipation.

"Oh yes, it's good isn't it Mom. You are so beautiful
and when you are being fucked even more beautiful! I
have been wanting this all day. You have been wanting
us to fuck you so you could have Bravo haven't you?"

Julie whimpered, she didn't want to say it but knew she
would have to sooner or later.

"Yes, I wanted you and David all day, I love to be
fucked like this and you will bring Bravo to take me
when you are finished. Make a movie so I can see it, I
want to see him knotting me again, it feels so
wonderful! It makes my cunt throb when his knot is
inside and pressing on me, it hurts but it feels so

"We will leave your blindfold on and tie your hands so
that you feel helpless and can't stop the dog cock from
taking your cunt. You will be at the mercy of an animal
and be his helpless bitch, Mrs. Cole."

Julie moaned again and she began to milk the two cocks
with her cunt and ass for she didn't want to wait any
longer. Jimmy and David felt the difference immediately
and their cocks felt the difference also, responding by
swelling in her and getting harder. Soon all three were
making various sounds as Julie worked to make them cum
and they worked to delay cumming. But nature has it's
way and two cocks are no match for a hungry determined
cunt and they came. David first as he was getting the
strongest action, then Jimmy and finally Julie, just as
she felt them beginning to melt. Connie had cum also
and David noticed the wet spot and it running down her
leg as she rose to her feet and padded noiselessly from
the room.

As soon as they rested a few seconds David withdrew
from her ass and got up to get a small length of chain
which he used to bind her hands. He and Jimmy helped
her up, retained as much of their cum in her as they
could, any that came out they let coat her cunt slit
and run down her leg as she stood trembling before
them, Julie felt like a fresh fucked slave made to
carry their cum in her, she was of course, and now she
would be given to a dog for him to add his cum in her
also. She trembled, not in fear or humiliation, from
anticipation and passionate longing, she wanted this!

Jimmy got the coffee and she drank thirstily, the
coffee helped her to stop trembling and feel calm but
increased her desire for Bravo's cock. She was led
through the house to the exercise room, she knew where
they were going now for she felt at home and placed on
her knees at the exercise bench. They helped her lay
down with towel under her and a cushion under her knees
and then changed her hands to fasten them to the bench

She could move but not get up. They left her and went
to the kitchen where Connie waited, as they sat down at
the counter she immediately went to David with a wet
cloth and cleaned his cock, that was one of her normal
duties. Next she went to Jimmy but instead of cleaning
it she leaned over and took the now limp organ in her
mouth and tasted it, she wanted to know what Julie's
cunt taste like, she already knew how Jimmy's cum
tasted. Then she cleaned it. Both boys noted that.

They had a cola between them and then David went to get
Bravo, he was chained to the dog house so that he
wouldn't get out and go to Julie's again until they
could get her first. Jimmy got the cameras and returned
to the exercise room, Connie followed him in and stood
away from Julie as she had been told. She could see the
cum shining on Julie's slit and down her leg, she
wanted to go and lick it but had to wait for them to
give her something as a reward for her letting the dog
fuck her. She was going to do it, she had already
decided but she wanted to see Julie take the knot, plus
it was so erotic to see her cumming on the dog cock.
She almost went crazy with lust when the knot was in
her and dog cum was pumping into her cunt.

David returned with Bravo, he must have smelled Julie
when he came in the back door for he started barking
and whining, Julie raised her head when she heard him.
When they came through the door David stopped a moment
to let Jimmy get the camera going to record Bravo
tugging at the leash and whining then he panned around
to record Julie's reaction and how she spread her legs
in anticipation.

David released Bravo and he ran to Julie smelling her
ass first and then all around her licking and wagging
his tail, he was happy to see his bitch! As he went by
her head Julie held her face up so he could lick her
lips and she could kiss his lapping tongue. He went all
the way around back to her ass and begin to lick or lap
at her cunt with his long rough tongue. Julie moaned
like she was shot. Connie quivered.

Jimmy moved in to get closer and David took close ups
and regular still shots with the digital camera as
Bravo cleaned his bitch's cunt and legs of cum. He
would move up and lick her asshole, sending shock waves
through Julie. She knew he always did that but it still
sent her higher each time and melted any resistance she
might have. She was his when he licked her asshole. She
spread her legs more and pushed back to make her ass
accessible to him. Connie felt moisture run down her
legs as she watched Julie being prepared for her dog
lover to fuck her. Obliviously willingly.

Bravo made one more trip around her when he had all the
cum he could find and then mounted her back and began
to hump looking for entry of his long sharp tipped
cock. Julie whimpered as she couldn't help him and she
knew that they wouldn't help either so she would be
frustrated until he could find the entry.

Bravo was way to eager and it took him a long time of
humping, jumping down, back up, running around her
until he mounted her and waddled up to her cunt and
drove it in on the first try. Julie cried out and
stiffened as the hot cock was driven in her cunt. Then
she grunted with each machine gun fast thrust, she
could feel the bulge, which would grow into the knot,
each time it passed between her cunt lips and went into
her. The hot tapered tip was bumping against her womb
where it would deposit the semen. She gasped.

"Oh yes lover, you have me,,,, you have your bitch,,,,
oh god, its so good, so gggooddd! Fuck me, give it all
to me, take my cunt, fuck me,, fuck mmmmeeeee! "

Connie walked closer and sank to her knees but she
couldn't see anything for the dog was plastered against
Julie's ass and humping like mad. She watched Julie
raise her ass a little and hold it there for him then
move to the left and down and over to the right,
changing the angle to feel the hot cock all over her
cuntal area. Connie could still hear the words ringing
in her brain, lover, so good, fuck me, she knew Julie
was loving the dog's cock in her cunt and she knew she
would too, now.

The dog was like a master, he took what he wanted, he
licked what he wanted, and he would fuck her until he
was finished, no matter what she wanted. Julie suddenly
raised her head and her ass lifted and tilted to give
him deeper access and she moaned as if pain was
shooting through her body, her head began to frail
whipping her long hair about, she gripped the bench
legs tightly, as she was climbing to a big climax and
it hit hard. She couldn't move her body but she banged
her forehead against the padded bench moaning

Connie was surprised she had cum so quickly, she was
must really be feeling this dog's cock! She waited to
see Julie's reaction when it was over for the dog
hadn't even slowed down. She heard Julie talking to
Bravo she was no longer aware of anyone except her dog

"Oh yes baby, I coming for you, you are so good, you
know how to fuck me better than anything. Oh I can feel
your knot growing in me. Knot me sweetheart, make me
yours, oh god, I can't stop, I just keep coming, I love
you, I want you in me all the time. Your cock is so
hot, so long, so powerful. I'm yours, your bitch, to
fuck whenever you want. Just come and take me, I will
let you have me anytime. Oh god, I can't stop cumming!"

Connie had lost track of time as had Julie, but David
and Jimmy were, the meter on the movie camera showed
twelve minutes. Connie was amazed, Julie was rocking
through another round of climaxes, they came one behind
the other, seeming to be unending. She thought the dog
is going to kill her! Julie would lay still for just a
minute and then she would start to breath in quick
gasps and moan as she convulsed again through another
shattering climax. Bravo lifted his head and slammed
hard against Julie and stopped humping. Julie screeched
through dry lips as the first hot spurt hit her womb
and murmured as another and another followed.

"Fill me lover! Make me carry your semen like the bitch
I am, oh it's hot, shoot it in my womb. Yes, its good
it gets better every time you fuck me. I'm cumming for
you baby, you make me cum like a volcano."

Slowly the two lovers, dog and woman, settled down. It
would be a while until Bravo stopped spurting in her
and longer until he could get out of her but this was
good for Julie also, she loved to lay with his knot in
her cunt, relaxed, feeling wonderful, and feeling like
she was still his to fuck again if he wanted to.

David and Jimmy knew it would be a while and they left
for the kitchen, Connie remained on her knees looking
at them coupled together, Bravo had laid his head on
Julie's shoulder along her face and she had snuggled
her face against his jaw, they were like two lovers
still joined by cock and cunt but to satisfied to talk
or kiss. They lay a long time but for a strange reason
Bravo's knot didn't shrink and he didn't really want to
get down, she was his bitch and he had been wanting her
all day but they kept him tied up. He was going to stay
and keep her on his cock.

After five minutes Bravo raised up, Julie didn't move
at all. He got up with his front legs on the bench and
when he moved his cock was pulled back until the knot
wouldn't move and he moved forward sliding back into
her about an inch. It felt good so he began to fuck
Julie again, not quite so fast or hard as before but
enough to stimulate his knot to get a little bigger.
Julie still was quiet and Connie realized she was not
aware that she was being fucked again.

Connie crawled to Julie's face and felt of it and she
was warm and leaning down she could faintly hear soft
breathing. David returned to check on them and saw his
mother next to the bench and Bravo fucking into a still
Julie. He waited to see what would happen. Connie
watched, looking at Julie and then at Bravo. She leaned
down, tried to see the dog cock but only could catch
flashes of it as he pumped into Julie.

Connie didn't realize that David was watching being
partially hidden behind the door, she leaned down and
kissed Julie's cheek. She rubbed along Julie's back and
neck then leaned and kissed her lips. Seeing that Julie
didn't react at all she began to kiss her shoulder and
her back. Bravo kept on fucking. When she moved back to
Julie's face to kiss her lips again she was surprised
when she felt Julie's lips kiss back and slowly her
head lifted and lips moved against her own.

David had the camera going, this was to good to not
record. Connie felt the smoothness of Julie's skin
against her face as they continued to kiss and when
they stopped Julie licked her lips and whimpered from
the cock moving in her and sought the lips again. Their
kissing got more and more urgent, Julie wasn't sure who
it was, she knew it wasn't Jimmy or David, and it
certainly wasn't Bravo. It was female she could tell as
the lips were smooth and gentle but it didn't matter,
she was being fucked more urgently now and Bravo's knot
was banging against her cunt wall from the inside and
she was hot.

Tired but still hot, her stomach ached from so much
cumming today and her cunt lips were getting tender,
but she wanted to feel Bravo cum in her again. It was
so hot against her cunt walls and he could cum a quart
of semen! She just wanted to be fucked by her dog lover
the second time proving he loved her, and the lips on
hers were adding to her pleasure, she would worry about
who it was later.

Julie opened her mouth and in few seconds a tongue
entered and she sucked on it and began to moan as she
felt the climax coming. Connie was hooked, she wanted a
dog to fuck, she wanted to fuck Julie and have Julie
fuck her she wanted to lick and kiss Julie's cunt and
suck her nipples but she couldn't do anything except
kiss those sweet lips. Now she had to wait until
tomorrow, no way Bravo would be up for any thing more

Julie was feeling dizzy, she wanted to be untied and
the blindfold removed before she passed out or got
sick, but she wasn't able to speak, the tongue in her
mouth was darting around like a snake in a fire looking
for a hole to get into. So she just lay and let Bravo's
thrusting cock rock her ass as her head drooped down
until she could no longer hold it up and the tongue
slipped from her lips.

She still was aware of the soft gentle hands rubbing
her body, Bravo panting as he steadily fucked into her
cunt, and the convulsing of her organs as she continued
to cum in small amounts plus she could hear her voice
mumbling to her lover that she loved him and his cock.
Connie heard her also. She leaned close to her face
kissing her cheek and asked if it was good to be fucked
by a dog! Julie heard the voice and tried to place it
but she couldn't concentrate but it gave her something
to focus on. She answered yes it was wonderful. The
voice asked if the dog fucked her everyday. "No," she
said, "but she would like for him to and would let him
if he would. Is he better than a man, yes much
better... Would she teach her how to fuck a dog, yes
all it takes is to let him have you."

Julie didn't know why they were whispering but she
whispered would you untie my hands, my shoulders hurt
and my breasts are hurting from lying on them. The
voice didn't answer but she felt hands fumbling with
her hands and the sound of a snap, the one on the other
side was harder but finally it was unsnapped and Julie
groaned as she raised up. She felt hands on the
blindfold and it slipped over her head and was removed,
she couldn't see any thing but a glare. She was holding
herself up and her breasts begin to tingle as blood
flowed smoothly through them, pushing farther up she
felt the hairy stomach and chest of Bravo and he
quickly wrapped his front legs around her hips and
gaining new leverage slammed into her harder.

Julie moaned as he hit a new spot inside her cunt which
was the opening to her womb and he was long enough to
enter it but only a half of a inch of each plunge.
Connie placed her hands on the tits swaying in front of
her and massaged them rubbing the nipples. Julie opened
her eyes and they had adjusted enough to see that it
was David's mother Connie that she had been kissing and
talking to moments before. She didn't understand,
surely Bravo hadn't been fucking her for that long,
after midnight. But she couldn't think she was cumming
again and it hurt her stomach. Connie saw her pushing
back against the dog cock to get more and knew she was
cumming again so she leaned in to her lips and kissed
them slipping her tongue into Julie's mouth again.

Julie whimpered from this action and the massaging of
her breasts and nipples as she was cumming from the
cock and knot of her dog lover. This continued for four
long minutes and when Connie removed her mouth from
Julie's lips they just looked at each other with their
faces only six inches apart. Now Julie had room to move
and she would rock forward and kiss Connie then push
backwards unto the hard cock of Bravo. But she was
giving out and knew she would be here until he came in
her again. Doubling her efforts she cried out to any
one who could hear her.

"Oh help me, I'm going to die! He is fucking me to
death, make him cum so his knot will go down. I can't
stop cumming but there is nothing left in me."

Jimmy had joined David at the door and he was
surprised, he didn't know that she was being fucked
again! He asked David how long this had been going on
and he looked at the camera time and told him more than
ten minutes. Can we get him off her, only after he cums
and the knot shrinks some. Jimmy was trying to think of
something he could do when Bravo made the decision for
him. He stopped and wobbled his rear legs to get closer
and pushed in as far as it would go and then lay on
Julie's back as he began to add his cum to the volume
inside her.

Julie cried out again as she felt the hot dog semen hit
her cunt walls and womb. She felt it spattering as it
was almost forced into her womb but she was cumming and
didn't care if she was going to have sixteen puppies.
Again she began to sink to the bench shaking with
exhaustion and passion overload. Bravo sank with her
and once again they lay on the bench coupled together
as he continued to spurt into her cunt, Julie felt like
she was pregnant again as her lower belly was full and
slightly extended. Connie looked at woman and dog, she
still wanted to see the knot as it came out of Julie
and she waited for them to uncouple.

Both lay still and David and Jimmy went to get more
cola. For ten long minutes they lay, and Connie was
getting impatient so she got up and went to the
kitchen, saw that both boys had large semi hard cocks
from watching Julie and Bravo, she took both of them in
her hands and began to stroke them to hardness, and
they begin to play with her breasts and cunt. Soon they
were taking turns with Connie with one fucking her and
the other standing with the camera watching, waiting
for Bravo to dismount Julie.

When the dog decided to move he moved quick and the
cock popped out with cum flowing like a faucet was
turned on. Julie moaned and then sighed as the pressure
in her stomach was relieved. She still lay and closed
her eyes, it had been a long and tiring day for her.

To be continued...

This is a LONG story, there are 4
more LONG parts to go after this one

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