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Several days had passed since Sally was introduced into the Jackson household,
Educating the girls

By anon y mouse

Chapter 14: Sally and the shopkeeper

Several days had passed since Sally was introduced into the Jackson household, she had fitted in quite well and even Amber and Rosie had taken to her. She did have her own room but mostly slept in Bonnie's along on occasions with Angela.

Conrad and Ruby had hardly noticed her presence she was such a charming, delightful child to have around. Conrad had made her as part of the family as he could and it had worked out better than anticipated. Ruby's fear was allayed and life went on.

Today Sally was due a visit to her mother, it would be the first time she had visited since that tragic day, Sally was excited at the prospect as much as she liked it here, it would be nice to go home and Uncle Mark was not around, although it was not purely for their sex games because she had that here.

Conrad caught Sally's attention and off they went to the hospital. As Sally walked into the Hospital she was welcomed to see Uncle Mark and ran up to him with big hugs and kisses. Mark had been waiting as soon as he received Conrad's call he had made his way in surprise.

The walk to her mother’s room seemed endless for Sally but she was happy on 2 counts, she was going to see her mother and Mark was here. Mark told them he was going in first to prepare Rita-sue for her daughters visit.

Sitting up Rita-sue smiled to see a familiar face as Mark walked over to peck her on the cheek; she still had bruises but the majority of the swelling had subsided and was able to see more clearly out of her eyes. Her speech was still a low whisper but she could converse.

Mark reinforced what the welfare people had told her and she was pleased that Sally was being taken care off. Mark then went to the door and motioned Sally and Conrad in. Sally's reaction was to run direct to her mother's side and was about to jump on the bed until Mark held her back.

Sally was disappointed; she wanted to hug her mom but Mark explained why and she agreed. Mother and daughter reunion was both joyous and tearful for Rita-sue.

Next was Conrad's turn to be introduced as Rita-sue was engaged talking to her daughter and finding out what had happened since she came into Hospital, did she like where she was, and all those concerned parent issues.

Sally informed her mom that she liked where she was, explained how she had her own room with toys and some new clothes. Rita-sue looked up at Conrad and smiled a thank you. The visit lasted only 20 minutes, as Rita-sue began to feel discomfort they made their exit and informed the nursing station.

Conrad did not know much about Sally's mother and deemed to find more from Mark as they walked back to the car-park. Conrad was not happy what he heard that Sally in order to pay her rent had taken to engaging in prostitution though in a mild way to enable her to get by.

It was one of these clients who had put her in Hospital and Conrad had deep concerns about what would happen upon her release. Keeping his musings to himself for now he made his way back to his car and Mark went to his.

Arriving back Conrad called a family meeting and explained Rita-sues' predicament. Bonnie, Angela and Sally were in the room upstairs before Conrad explained his idea. Ruby was not sure if Rita-sue would agree, Jerry concurred with Ruby whilst Beth had no opinion to offer.

It was decided that Conrad should broach the subject to Rita-sue in a further visit, but not inform Sally as yet. That out the way the next task was a visit to Joseph's shop he had requested they pop in for an informal chat and bring the girls.

There was time for a spot of lunch, Conrad informed the girls they were going for a ride, but did not explain why as per Joseph's wishes. Conrad was as much in the dark, so asking him questions would have been futile anyway.

Pulling up at the store both girls recognised it of course and giggled, they had fond memories of their last visits and were hoping more of the same was to follow. Sally of course was not sure this was her first visit so could not find any enthusiasm the place looked more run down than her mothers.

Joseph came scuttling out the back as soon as the door opened and shook Conrad's hand, as he did so a beam came on his face as he saw the newcomer.

“And who is this” he asked

“This is Sally” explained Conrad and as they walked through to the back, he told Joseph a little of her story.

Joseph was glad to see another pretty young girl, but saddened at her circumstance. He had the all seated and began his reasons why he had requested this meeting.

Joseph explained the camera club is just starting up again and they are looking for models to pose naked, the girls can choose whether or not to have sex during this session but the members take whatever photos they want.

There are 12 members per group and meet every Tuesday that is tomorrow and they would pay the model/s $20 for each photograph to be shared, as each member can take a maximum of 20 photos that is $400 per member or $4000 per session which lasts around 1 hr.

“There are 4 rooms and each room has the 12 members,” he finally continued “So I am looking to fill each group, if you are interested I would appreciate this is short notice but the membership got oversubscribed. I have 3 groups to find models for. You may do 1 or all 3 I leave that up to you.”

Angela and Bonnie were agreed they would do it, and Joseph was pleased. He asked Conrad if Sally was sexually active, and enquired if she too would be willing. Conrad explaining that Sally was indeed, Joseph took him out of earshot.

Sally was bemused at the idea of being paid to have her picture taken. Bonnie meanwhile was telling her about the times before when they had visited. Sally was amazed and jealous at the same time; Bonnie thought given a chance she would ask Joseph to take Sally a special photo.

Turning back to the girls Joseph turned his attention particularly to Sally; he explained what he wanted and Sally agreed.

Joseph left the room for a few minutes and reappeared with the 3 girls that Jerry had seen but not Conrad. The triples Taylor, Olivia, and Megan were introduced to the group, as Joseph’s granddaughters. Joseph left again for a few moments and reappeared with another man who had several film recorders.

Everyone stood around whilst the newcomer set up lighting and other paraphernalia that was in another set of boxes he had gone out to fetch. Once established the man introduced himself as Malcolm and asked the girls if they were ready. Assured they were he began to give instruction as to how the scene was to play out.

First Sally was to spread out on the cushions that had been scattered around, she was to pay no attention to the cameras, just follow instruction. Sally doing as told sat and looked around a few moments before pulling her panties down, not all the way off but partially as was being guided.

Sally then inserted a finger in her mouth to get it wet, then inserted it into her bald little pussy; playing with herself and at the same time appearing to watch to check she was alone. Conrad was watching all the time as was Bonnie and Angela. Joseph was amazed she had picked it up so quickly, he could tell they had another winner on their hands.

Sally was well into her role and had now started frigging herself with abandon as was instructed; she thought if this was film making this was so much fun. Just as she was getting into her role the triplets entered, and Sally as instructed had to appear to be caught in the act. The triplets having played this role many times, moved in on Sally to help her continue, and to take part themselves.

At this point the directing finished, and as the cameras rolled the girls were allowed to do whatever they wanted. Megan removed all her clothing and the other 3 began to lick and play with her body, Sally fingered Megan’s pussy as her sisters were massaging the nipples.

Sally moved over as Olivia moved in to suck her sister’s pussy, at the same time Taylor and Sally completely stripped and were exploring each other. Mouths on pussies and nipples and licking asses the scene continued to play out. Conrad had got himself an errection at the sight but was waiting his moment.

After letting the girls play out their scene, Conrad made his move as per the . He found the 4 girls lying naked and had to pretend to be annoyed. The girls played their parts to perfection as Conrad pretended to admonish them and send the triplets packing. Turning to Sally his hard on showed and she played her part in helping him out of his clothes.

Of course to the camera Conrad had to pretend to be shocked and annoyed , and all the emotions that Malcolm had talked him through beforehand. The cameras still rolling he threw Sally onto the cushions and pinned her down. Taking his cock he spread her legs wide and placed it in her entrance. Sally for her part acted the surprise and Joseph was in awe, he had seen acting before but the talent being shown here was for a 1st time whilst not quite polished showed a lot of potential.

Conrad continued by inserting his cock into Sally’s pussy and ramming her and pounding her hard. Sally squealed in her delight and Conrad soon ejected himself into her; the next part was for Sally to lick Conrad’s cock clean and lay exhausted until Malcolm called CUT.

The whole scene was over and as Joseph and Malcolm discussed the film Conrad sat up on the Cushions. Sally kissed him and as she stood Conrad patted her sweet little ass. Joseph came back and congratulated them on a job well done, Conrad started dressing as too did Sally.

Joseph settled them with a cheque and Conrad was well pleased the way things turned out. The triplets were still in the room naked, they were about to make another movie. Conrad and the girls left they knew they would be back the next day for the photo shoots. Conrad once again looked at the size of the cheque $400 for 45 minutes work was indeed good going.

The journey home was one of giggles from the girls, and wonderment from Conrad that this was something that might just change a whole lot of futures. How long it would last was anyone’s guess, but the time was right to take advantage of this opportunity, and he was sure the others would see it the same light.

To be continued.....................

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