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A Poem
I want to bang you, bang you strong,
My cocks so hard, wide and long.
I want to bang you in the night,
Bang you hard with all my might.

I love your scent as you lie in bed,
I love the way you give me head.
With breasts so firm and pussy tight,
I'll bang you hard with all my might.

I'll bang you firm my little one,
Bang you again when I'm done.
Don't try to resist, don't try to fight,
I'll bang you hard with all my might.

It's a special night, a lot in store,
I'll bang you like my little whore.
I'll make you cry, scream and bite,
As I bang you hard with all my might.


Anonymous readerReport

2014-11-11 04:00:52
Please write more this was good


2012-10-29 02:44:49
Great rhymes. Good work! - Phoebe

anonymous readerReport

2012-09-09 05:52:59
There's nothing like the reilef of finding what you're looking for.


2012-05-16 01:27:17
I'm new to reading your stories as yet, but so far you manage to amuse me. I love your stories. I wish I had your imagination. Keep writing.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-07-01 07:27:12
It is breathtakin I will read it be for i fuck her tonight

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