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This is a true story of my first time
I was a 14 year old boy i wasent athletic but not fat and i hade a good reputation with the ladies. My dick was 5 and a half inches and i was ''5''7inches tall with brown hair and hazel eyes. I was on facebook like always talking to makinzie.

(me)Hey babe what you doing.

(Makinzie)Not much I'm really bored.

(me)Well thats no good what if i was to comover and give you some excitement.

(Makinzie)Yea right its like 12:30.

(me)Is that a challenge.

(Makinzie)Shere what happens if you dont show.

(me)What ever you want.

(Makinzie)hmm...I will have to think on that well what if you do.

(me)Well what if you give me a blowjob and we see where it goes from there.

(Makinzie)Fine but only if you come.

(me)Ok fine see you in a while.

(Makinzie)Love you

(me)Love you two

So after that I couldent just not go so I got dressed and jumped out of my window making shere to take my ipod so i could text her when i got there. So i stated the 7 mile walk to her house it was down a road with no side walks but i made it to my destination in a shorter time than expected. when i got to her house I texted her.

(me)Hey babe come out frount.

(Makinzie)Really you actully came.

(me)Yea theres a BJ in risk.

(Makinzie)Ok be right there.

So she came out frount was astonished that I actuly made the log jurney and we snuck up to her room. Where she was on the computor with her frinds and she keept typeing till I took my arm and pulled her into a liying position and started to kiss her slipping my toung into her mouth and then started to put my hand down her panties. She made a slight moan as I rubed her slit and then i put my finger into her wet pussy and started finger fucking her. She moaned ass i went faster and fast soon she took off her shirt to revile she wasent wearing a bra and i stopped kissing her and moved my assalt to her tits. First her right then her lift I founded that her left was her sweet spot so I started to suck her tits till I was so horny that I took my dick out she looked at it and the moved so her mouth was in possition and then she started to suck it slow at first then she went faster and faster till i couldent take it anymore and i came all in her mouth. She looked up at me a swallowed and then i went back to a full assalt on her tits and made out with her and finally as her beged for it i stock my dick in to her she moaned and that really turns me on so i went faster and faster till she was breathing like she hade run a mile. Soon after she cam which cuzed me to cum it felt so good that i actuly felt exsastied and as i rulled over she put her arm arounded me and we just lyed there for what felt like a short time. After that i got the idea to please her like she did me so i move myself for my face to positioned in her pussy and i started to lick it and then as it opend i moved my toung inside and liked it out till she came after which we lie in a daze till we hear and alarm its comeing from here moms room and she tells me to hide so i go into her closet and hear.

(her mom)Makinzie what are you doing up this early.

(Makinzie)Nothing i just hearded your alarm go off.

(her mom)Ok why are you naked?

(Makinzie)It got hot over night and i couldnt sleep with my clothes.

(her mom)Wow hunny you look more....grown up than i remember.

(Makinzie)Yea i gess so.

Then i saw her mom drop her rob and expose her naked body and then move forwored and push her into her bed and go on top of her and then start kissing her. Then she kisses her neck then her caller bone then he tit the down the belly till shes eating my girl friends pussy. I sit in the closet hidden and watching this happen and my pinis becomes rock hard and i start to rub it and then when she comes i do and i sperts in the air and gets all over the place but i dont care it was so hot and her mom says well was that good hunny well do that again soon but i have to get ready for work.

Buy the time her moms in the shower its 5:00 am and I have a short amount of time to get home so we sneak down the stairs and i go out the back door before i go i say.

This was the best night ever.

Well the thing with my mom and i really helped didnt it.

I dont know what your talking about i say.

Then i leave without a nother word it takes me a short time to get home it 6:10 when i get in and i can hear my parents in there room and i know that i made it just in time so i slip upstairs. I lie in bed thinking about the night and i whip out my cock and start masterbateing it dosent take long for the orasem and i feel good about my night and i turn and drift off i wake at 12:30 pm think it was all a dream when i get a text that says.

Last night was the best we need to do it again sometime and we did over the the next mounth we did it every chance we got and never got cought and she didnt get pregnet there were a fue scares but we where good. Then finaly the relation ship ended and wesaid are good byes forever.

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2012-03-13 16:53:12
we don't need crappy writers like you delete this trash and go away

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2011-09-06 12:38:23
guys leave him the fuck alone it was a good story

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2010-05-24 02:14:36
Hey mother fucker, I am not some geek when it comes to the computer, but I do know from all the computers that I have owned and used that they ALL have spell check. Even as computer illiterated as I may be, I do know how to use the spell check as well as the grammar and punctuation suggestion. I only got as far as the second paragraph before I could not take all the mistakes and had to stop reading. PLEASE, if you do intend to write another story, learn how to use your computer first.

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2010-04-11 22:56:52
I hope your sex life is better than this story. Do us all a favor, don't write anymore! If you must write, learn how to spell and proper grammer would help. 0 out of a 1000 rating


2009-11-21 23:19:58
dude the grammar and spelling suckd dick (pun not intended) and have u ever heard of a condom u fag

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